July 00 Week 1


July 3
At the pub, Shawn and Phillip are still arguing about Chloe. Shawn wants to know what Jason and Phillip have planned, but Phillip swears he doesn't know. Shawn tells Jason that the only time he feels good is when he is ragging on someone else, and he's the real looser. Jan tries to make peace between Jason and Shawn, and they call a truce. However, Shawn says if Jason causes any trouble for Chloe, he will break him! Jason, Jan, and Phillip go outside, and Jason says the prank is still on. Phillip says he doesn't want to know what they are planning, he's going to get a haircut and then to get dressed. Phillip leaves and Jason tells Jan it is too bad they couldn't clue him in so he could protect himself. Shawn comes storming out of the pub and wants to know what Phillip needs to protect himself from? Jason says that he was just telling Phillip that if anyone rags on him, then he and Jan will come to his defense. Shawn warns Jan and Jason that he'll be watching all of them tonight. He then tells them that he is going to the dance with Belle and Mimi. Jason thinks he is taking Mimi because Belle wouldn't go anywhere with him alone, but Shawn says he invited Mimi to be nice. Shawn tells them that tonight he wants to see everyone, especially Chloe, having a real good time.

In the park, Nicole talks to Austin about her father. She says that she would have done anything to make her dad happy, to make him proud of her. Suddenly, Rex shows up and tells Nicole that he's glad he ran into her because they have to talk, he knows where he remembers her from! Austin asks Nicole who this man is? Rex says they do business together, and Nicole says Rex is Titan's new European contact. Austin says his sister works at the Paris office and asks Rex if he knows her, but Rex says he doesn't. Nicole suggests Austin scoot along home, but Austin refuses to leave until Nicole agrees to meet with him tomorrow to talk more about her health. Austin leaves, and Nicole lays into Rex about how their relationship is supposed to be private. Rex apologizes but says he was just so happy to remember her, and he used to fantasize about her all the time because she lit up that screen. Rex says that was one of the finest porn movies he's ever seen. As he talks about the movie, Nicole tells him that person is dead! Rex says she isn't, he met her in his office and she is even better in person. Nicole tells him it is all in the past, but Rex says no it is on tape and can be rediscovered at any time. Rex then blackmails Nicole for sex in exchange for his silence. Nicole threatens to tell Victor what type man he is. That scares Rex, so he says he was just joking.

Eric is walking around Salem Place thinking about Nicole the porn star. He decides he must get the out takes of Nicole's porn film. Austin runs into Eric, and the go to the pub for a drink. Austin tells Eric about walking into Nicole, and how he thinks something is really wrong with her medically. Eric says he knows about it. Austin asks why he sounds so callous? Eric says it is because he's getting to know the real Nicole and she is nothing but a manipulative, untrustworthy little . . . Austin asks what Nicole did to him lately? Eric tells him to forget it, but Austin says he can't forget about her, despite the little games she plays with him. Eric thinks that Nicole is probably addicted to sex. Eric tells Austin that the next time Nicole comes onto him then he should respond to see how serious she is. Austin can't believe what he's saying. Eric says he is just angry and to ignore him. Austin has to leave, so he says goodbye to Eric. Eric also leaves to find out more about Nicole's past.

At the Brady House, John is shocked when Hope says she's missed him. Hope tells him that they share a very special connection. John asks her what she means? Hope says they share an experience no one else understands. John says if she's talking about being Stefano's pawns, that is the past. Hope knows that is how he feels, but she tells him that she must know the truth. Hope and John sit down, and Hope tells John that she feels Gina's spirit is still inside of her, and it scares her. She fears Gina is trying to take over. John tells her that isn't happening and it won't happen again, but Hope says he can't promise her that. SHe asks him to tell her what happened during the time she was Gina because then she will have control and be able to rid herself of GIna once and for all. John tells Hope that nobody understands her confusion, fear, and pain better than he does, but she must forget about what happened when they were under Stefano's control. He tells her that if she pursues the past it will only cause more trouble. He tells her to trust him and let it go. Hope tells John that she can't, and she's sorry. Suddenly the baby begins crying again, so Hope excuses herself to tend to him. She returns after the baby stops crying. She is happy because this is the first time the baby stopped crying when she picked him up. She and John continue talking, and Hope tells John that next to Bo she trusts him more than anyone else in this world. John gives her a hug and says he'll always be here for her, and then he takes off. Shawn shows up and gets ready for the dance, he's wearing black jeans, a blue dress shirt, and a black jacket. Hope tells him that his daddy used to dress like that when he was younger. Shawn heads out to pick up Belle and Mimi, and slams the door on the way out, which wakes up the baby. Hope rocks the baby and manages to get him to go back to sleep.

At the penthouse, Marlena is upset by the letter she has received. Marlena calls the hospital and makes arrangements for another doctor to cover her patient load while she is out of town. Then she calls the writer of the letter and is troubled by what he tells her. John comes home and Marlena shows him the letter she got. John reads it and asks what she wants to do? Marlena says she doesn't have much of a choice. The letter was from Bill Horton, who needs help for the thousands of refugees in the camps there. Marlena says she called Bill, and talked to Jack and Jen, and she told Bill that she would be coming to help him. John understands why she has to go, and that is one of the reasons he loves her. Marlena thanks John for understanding, and she knows Belle and her other children will be in good hands if they need anything. They hug, and JOhn decides to give her her birthday present a little early. He gives her a jade heart necklace with a J and M on it, and the heart has been cracked and mended as a symbol of how their love will never be broken again.

Meanwhile, Belle asks Mimi why she's covered in dirt? Mimi claims she was helping her mom in the garden and forgot what time it was. Mimi goes to take a shower, and Belle knows Mimi has lied to her. Later as Mimi tries to put on her make-up, Belle notices she is shaking. Belle asks her what is wrong? Mimi says she is just feeling the tension of the problems at home, that is all. Mimi changes the subject to Chloe and Phillip. Belle hopes Phillip is nice to her because she deserves to have something good happen in her life. Mimi says it will be interesting because she heard something big is going to go down. Mimi says that Jan and Jason are planning something big, so Belle wants to call Jan and find out what. Mimi tells her that Jan will never tell her because she and Chloe are friends, and they are probably just plotting to have Phillip crowned king. However, Mimi thinks that Shawn and Belle will be the ones to be crowned king and queen. Belle and Mimi go downstairs to show off their dresses. Belle is wearing a purple silky thing and Mimi has on an orange nightmare. MArlena shows Belle the present her dad gave her, and then Shawn shows up to pick them up.

At the Wesley's, Craig stops Chloe from calling Phillip and canceling her date. Chloe claims she was calling Phillip to let him off the hook, but Craig says he knows the real reason she was calling him. Craig thinks that Chloe is scared, but she says she isn't scared of anything. Craig tells her these feelings are normal, every young person feels this way on their first date. Chloe asks how he knows this is her first date? Craig says Nancy told him, which upsets Chloe. Craig tells her that Nancy is crazy about her and wants to help her, but she feels she is always shutting her out. Craig says that is why he is here, and he thinks she'll be a smash hit. Chloe says not at the dance because she's not going. Craig says fine, be a smash hit in life. He tells her that she is so talented that she will be famous one day and find all the happiness she desires and deserves. Craig says whatever she decides about the dance is okay with both him and Nancy, and then he leaves. Craig goes downstairs, where Nancy is a wreck. She prays Chloe will go to the dance, and Craig assures her that she will. Phillip shows up to pick up Chloe, and Craig invites him in. Back upstairs, Chloe still hasn't decided what to do. Back downstairs, Craig goes over the rules for dating Chloe, and rule number three is if he makes Chloe cry, then he'll end up crying too. Nancy calls up to Chloe that her date is here. Chloe shouts that she'll be right down. Chloe comes downstairs in a black hooded cape with glasses, but she is wearing make-up. Nancy wonders why she isn't wearing the dress she bought, but Craig grabs her and tells her to zip it. Phillip is not pleased, and he and Chloe take off in the Kiriakis limo.


July 4
At the strip club, Sami is working the joint and is making a ton of money. A guy comments to Sami that his lap is empty, so Sami dumps a drink in it. Everyone cheers Sami on, and one of the other waitresses tells "Lola" that she is a natural. Meanwhile, Brandon is talking to the manager about Roberto's girlfriend. Brandon is surprised that he is telling him all this information. The guy says he has no problem telling him about Angela. BRandon asks why, is she dead? He tells her no, she's in Paris. Brandon warns him that he better not be lying to him. The manager says he's not stupid, he wouldn't lie to him. He calls a waitress over who verifies the manager's story. She says that the girl got messed up on drugs and was kicked out of the country and is back in France. Brandon asks how she could afford to move to Paris? The waitress said that Angela managed to get her hands into his newfound money. Sami overhears this and thinks that Kate payed Roberto off on his death bed, and this is the money Angela got a hold of. Brandon thinks they should head to Paris, but Sami doesn't know if she can just drop everything and go to Paris. Brandon asks if holding hands with Austin is more important than Will? She says of course not, so he tells her to prove it.

Victor meets with his lawyer, who tells Victor that he can hardly tell he had a stroke. His lawyer says he and his wife have been waiting for an invitation to his and Kate's wedding, but Victor says there won't be a wedding. His lawyer is shocked because he and Kate are more married than most couples he knows, but Victor says Kate is just an employee. The lawyer asks Victor why he wanted to see him? Victor says he needs legal advice on his situation with Kate, what he owes her, etc. The lawyer asks Victor think about this first, but Victor says he needs to know how messy it can get if he kicks Kate out of his house and fires her from Titan. The lawyer says he'll look into it, but before he leaves, he swears that Kate was absolutely loyal to him, shouldn't that count for something? Victor tells his lawyer to just do his job.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas is worried about Nicole, which upsets Kate. Kate asks Lucas what Nicole has done now? Lucas says Nicole is missing and he can't find the name of her doctor. Kate jokes that Nicole is a little young for plastic surgery. Lucas tells her not to joke about this! Kate hopes Nicole takes her time coming home because when she finds out what happened between her and Victor she will just gloat. Lucas asks what happened? Kate tells him about how they are now living in separate bedrooms. Lucas says at least he didn't kick her out of the house! He also says there is such a thing as a common law marriage, so she has to have a leg to stand on. Lucas asks his mom if she even loves Victor? Kate says of course she does. Lucas tells her that Victor has to remember how she was there for him through his strokes, and then there is Phillip. Kate says that Phillip loves her, and he wouldn't stand for his mom being thrown out. Lucas hopes his mom kissing her boy toy was worth it, because if Victor throws her out then Sami will come after him for Will. Kate points out that if Victor throws her out, he'll also lose Nicole. Lucas tells his mom not to bring her into this. Kate then gives Lucas more bad news, Sami is definitely up to something. Kate decides to drink, and hopes this doesn't bother him. Lucas remembers the note Nicholas wrote to Kate, and he shows it to her, but says he couldn't decide whether to give it to her since he's ruined both their lives. Kate yells "give it to me!" and grabs it from him. Victor arrives home, and Kate tries to be civil, but Victor tells her it isn't becoming of her. Victor asks Lucas if he is aware of what is going on, and Lucas says he is, and thinks he's blowing it out of proportion. Victor says he sees it as a betrayal, nothing less. Lucas starts some major butt kissing and tells Victor that he always admired his marriage to his mother, and he thinks that their relationship is valuable and worth saving. Victor tells Lucas that he doesn't want to hear marriage advice from him. Kate tells Victor that all that happened was a kiss. She says she knows it was a mistake, but she will do whatever it takes to make it up to him. Victor tells Kate he may forgive her, or he may not, but he's putting them both on notice from now on, his boat is no longer their boat. He then announces he is bored with this topic and wants to eat.

In the limo, Phillip stares at Chloe, and she doesn't like it. Phillip says usually a guy likes to see his date's face! Chloe screams "Stop the car!" and the car comes to a screeching halt. Phillip asks what she thinks she is doing ordering his father's chauffer around? Chloe says she wants to talk. She says that if he had asked her to this dance in private then she would have thought it was a joke, but since he did it in public she thought he was his sincere. She says she wanted to thank him for asking her. Phillip starts in on Chloe's outfit and says he doesn't want to sound conceited, but she does have a date with the captain of the baseball team, so he thought she'd want to use it to her advantage. However, she has chosen to wear a shroud instead, which he supposes is some kind of statement about their generations choice in clothes. Still, he says she is part of that generation, so it is time she acted like it. Chloe asks Phillip if he is really concerned about her, or himself? Phillip just doesn't understand why she wants to commit social suicide, and what she wears reflects on him. She says she is sorry, but she tries to live her life as honestly as possible. Phillip says he can't argue with that, and asks the driver to continue.

Shawn, Belle, and Mimi arrive at the Last Blast Dance. Jason tells Mimi that she looks great, and Jan asks if Phillip and Ghoul girl have arrived? Mimi says no, but they'll know when they do. When Belle and Shawn overhear Jan and Jason telling Ghoul Girl jokes, Belle tells them that she has a hard time believing they were friends. Shawn and Belle walk off, and Jason tells Jan that they are not going to be happy about their prank on Ghoul Girl. Jan says who cares, everyone hates her and they will be heros. Jason reminds her that they are the elite, and if they wanted, they could turn others again them. He asks her if she is ready for that?

Craig and Nancy show up at the dance to chaperone it, and Belle insists she, Shawn, and Mimi say hello to them because her mom would be disappointed in her if she didn't talk to them. Shawn and Mimi put on fake smiles and say hello to Nancy and Craig. Nancy tells Mimi and Belle they look lovely, and ask if they have anything planned for the summer? Belle says she is going to be working for habitat for humanity, and Shawn says he is going to be doing some baby sitting. Mimi says she is hungry, so they all take off to find some food. Later Belle starts questioning Mimi about what is going on at her house, but Mimi tells her to respect her privacy and drop it!

Elsewhere, Jan and Jason plan their prank. Jan asks Jason if he really wants to do this to Phillip? Jason says Phillip claimed he would dump her the minute they got to the door, but if he still wants to hang out with her at the dance, then he deserves to be trashed with her. Meanwhile, Chloe and Phillip show up, and before they go in, Phillip asks her to take off her glasses. She does, and he tells her that he doesn't understand why anyone would want to hide eyes like hers. Phillip and Chloe walk in, and the music stops and everyone stares at them. Mimi comments about how there she is, a vision in black. All the kids start chanting "Ghoul Girl!" over and over. Nancy wants to help, but Craig refuses and says that Chloe has to sink or swim on her own. Chloe suggests to Phillip that they leave, but Phillip says no way, she planned this, so she has to deal with it. Chloe asks Phillip to remove her cape, but he says why, does she have a black sweater on underneath? She tells him to shut up and help her off with the cape! Phillip takes it off, and underneath is a stunning red dress. Everyone shuts up, and there even a few whistles. When she lets her hair down, everyone applauds, led on by Belle. Phillip can't take his eyes off of her. Phillip tells her that she is beautiful, she's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Phillip and Chloe then share a dance as everyone watches. Mimi can't believe that is Vampira, but Shawn and Belle say it is her. Mimi doesn't think it is fair that Ghoul Girl should get a happy ending. Jason and Jan are furious because Ghoul Girl is all of the sudden popular. Jan thinks they'll have to cancel their prank, but Jason says they are going through with it all the way to the end. Jan thinks that if they do this, they may be the outcasts. Jason says that will never happen and that witch in black will never fit in. He knows that after tonight, she'll never show her face at Salem High again. A couple guys approach Chloe and ask her to dance, but she says she can't because Phillip is her date tonight. Meanwhile, Mimi continues to sulk. Shawn reminds him that she is his date, but she knows she is just a pity date.


July 5
John and Marlena are enjoying an evening together before she has to leave for Africa. Marlena wants to go to the dance to say goodbye to Belle, but John says he really doesn't want to chaperone a school dance tonight, and he thinks that Belle will be home before she has to leave. John then tells Marlena how proud he is of her. They soon end up talking about Bo and Hope's baby, and what could be wrong with it. Marlena says that if Hope was drinking in her first two trimesters, it could be awhile before they know if the baby is out of the woods. John asks if this could affect the child for the rest of his life? Marlena says she's not sure, which is why Dr. Bader is monitoring the baby closely.

At the mansion, Kate and Lucas are at each other's throats. Lucas tells Kate that she should talk to a lawyer, but Kate fears nobody could beat Victor at this game. Kate asks if her life could be anymore of a mess. Lucas tells her of course it could, they still don't know what Sami is up to! Kate suggests Lucas ask Nicole what Sami is up to, unless his wife is against helping her husband. Kate then tells Lucas that everything went wrong with Victor the minute he married Nicole! Lucas apologizes for being her son, and she says she didn't mean it to come out like that. Lucas tries to calm Kate down and says that nobody but the two of them know the truth about Franco's murder, but Kate fears Roberto might have told someone the truth. Lucas says if that happened, then Sami could find out! Henderson happens to overhear them, and comes clean about what he told Sami and her brother about Roberto being elsewhere on the night Franco was killed. Kate asks how Sami reacted, and Henderson says she seemed interested. Kate and Lucas are not pleased, and Kate tells Henderson goodnight. After he leaves, Lucas looks at his mom and says "We're dead!" Lucas fears that Sami has evidence that he killed Franco and he fears they are going to prison! Kate tells her no they aren't, not if they take care of Sami first!

At the Strip Club, Sami tells Brandon that if she flies off to Paris with him then she will get fired from her job, and she'll have no way to support Will! Brandon tells Sami that she just isn't the woman he thought she was. He and Sami go home, and Brandon tells Sami that he'll return the rest of the clothes she didn't wear. Sami feels bad that he spent a lot of money for nothing, but Brandon tells her that she and Will are not nothing. Brandon tries to convince Sami to go to Paris, and then thinks perhaps she doesn't want to go to Paris with him. Sami says that isn't it, she is just afraid, this is her son on the line. Brandon says that is why he cares so much. Sami says she is afraid of going to Paris with him because they don't know much about one another. She suggests they go out and talk, but Brandon wonders why they can't stay here? When he accuses her of being afraid to be alone with him, she tells him that he doesn't know her at all. She grabs his hand and says let's go!

Sami and Brandon go to the Blue Note, and are spotted by John and Marlena, who wonder what they are doing together. Marlena wants to say goodbye to Sami, but John yells her she might be interrupting something. Sami and Brandon are talking about Paris. He tells her that this is the only evidence that has surfaced in two years, is she willing to let it get away? Brandon excuses himself to make a call. He calls Benny and tells him that he will be out of town for awhile. While he is gone, MArlena approaches Sami to talk to her. Meanwhile, John is glad that Marlena is leaving because she won't be around to find out what he is up to. John says he must make sure Hope never remembers that the baby could be his.

At the dance, Chloe runs out, and Jason, Shawn, and the others approach Phillip. Jason congratulates Phillip for ditching Ghoul Girl so fast. Phillip tells Jason to shut up! Nancy confronts Phillip and asks what he said to her daughter to make her leave? Phillip says he didn't say anything, and he doesn't know why she ran out. Nancy says that her daughter was right about him, he is a coward, a creep, and a jerk! Phillip tells Nancy that the only thing he told Chloe was that she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Nancy doubts that, but Craig believes him. Craig then lectures Nancy about what is happening to Chloe right now is a very good thing, and he thinks she doesn't like that her poor little wallflower is starting to blossom. Nancy tells Craig that he's right, she doesn't want her daughter to be gorgeous, successful, or happy. Craig urges Nancy to let Chloe be, but Nancy refuses and walks off.

Belle runs after Chloe, who is outside panting. Belle thinks she knows what is wrong with Chloe, and says there is only one cure. Belle tells her to come back inside to that dance. She tells her that she agreed to come to the dance, and she picked tonight to show everyone this new side of her, and there is a reason Phillip is paying attention to her. Nancy runs up to Chloe and asks if she is all right? Chloe is furious and asks what she is doing here? Belle leaves them, and Nancy says she and Craig are chaperoning. Chloe is glad Craig is here because he can take Nancy home, now! Chloe tells Nancy that she has gotten used to not having a mother, and now that she has one, she is spending her first day with her mother! Craig shows up and tells Nancy that they should go home and let the prettiest girl at this dance have some fun. Chloe smiles and tells Craig that she'll see him later. They leave, and Nancy cries to Craig that Chloe will never learn to love her. Craig tries to calm her down with jokes, but she is not amused. She doesn't understand how he can be so sensitive to Chloe and so callouse towards his wife. She thinks that he enjoys seeing her suffer! Craig tells her that she needs to go home and rest so she can gain some perspective.

Back inside, Mimi asks Shawn where Belle went? Shawn says that she went after Chloe. Mimi wishes everyone would shut up about the beautiful Chloe, but then apologizes. Shawn offers to get her a soda, but she says she needs to make a call and asks to borrow a quarter. Shawn gives her some change, and she runs off to the phone. Shawn then catches Jason and Jan plotting, and he tells them that Chloe is off limits to them!

Belle walks in on Mimi on the phone telling someone that she has to get those drugs, she doesn't care how much they cost! Belle lays into Mimi and says that she gave Chloe and her hell, but Chloe was right all along, she is on drugs! Mimi claims that it isn't like that, her brother Connor needs medicine, he's very sick, and that is what she was talking about. Mimi walks off, but Belle looks like she doesn't totally believes Mimi.

CHloe goes back into the dance and approaches Phillip. She tells him that Belle urged her to be honest with him, so she will be. Chloe says she feels very exposed tonight, like she was the night at Shawn's party, and she doesn't like people to see that side of her. Phillip says that she just exposed herself to him, and he feels honored. He also tells her that he won't make her do anything she doesn't want to do, he only wants her to have a good time. Chloe thanks him. Shawn shows up and waits with Chloe as Phillip goes to get them something a drink. Belle sees Shawn looking at Chloe and telling her that he always new she was something special, and this upsets Belle. Phillip returns, but Shawn can't stop looking at Chloe. Belle tells him "HELLO!" Shawn says he was looking for her, and Belle says good because she thought he forgot she was his one of his dates! Shawn apologizes and tells her what he fears Jan and Jason are up to. Belle doesn't want to warn Chloe because she might leave the dance. She asks Shawn what they should do? Mimi shows up and thinks she has been excluded because Shawn refuses to tell her what is going on, so she says she is leaving. Belle tells Shawn that was rude and asks why they couldn't clue her in? Shawn says because Mimi hates Chloe and has been acting very weird.

Jason and Jan mix up some disgusting concoction which they plan to dump on Chloe ala Carrie. Meanwhile, Phillip and Chloe dance to Leanne Rhimes' "I need you" as everyone watches. One of the kids comments not to bother voting, the king and queen are already on the dance floor.


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