January 99 Week 4


January 25
Austin turns the car around to take Sami back to Salem. Sami tells him that he is doing the right thing by taking her back. She assures Austin that everything will work out, she will be freed eventually. Austin tells Sami that if she goes to jail, Lucas will get custody of Will. Austin turns around again and tells Sami that he can't take her back to Salem. Austin tells Sami that he refuses to let Will go through what he did, being raised by an alcoholic father. Sami tells Austin that he will end up in so much trouble. Austin tells her he's made up his mind about what he's doing. Sami tells him to think about Carrie. Austin says that Carrie would understand why he's doing this and would support him. Sami tells him that he could end up going to jail with her as well. Austin doesn't care and tells her that he is going to keep her safe. Austin tells Sami that he needs to find a phone to call Carrie, but Sami says he'll be recognized. However, Austin says he brought disguises. Will says he wants to go home, but Sami tells him they can't go home just yet. Austin starts slowing down and Sami asks what is wrong? Austin heads off the road and finds a cabin built into the decide of the mountain. He tells Sami that they'll hide out here. Sami thinks they should be further away from Salem, but Austin says they need to stay close so he can get in and out of Salem.

Nicole is at her place with Lucas talking about Sami. Outside her door, Eric shows up and gets a phone call from Carrie. Carrie tells Eric the latest news. Eric asks Carrie how she's holding up and Carrie tells him that she doesn't know yet, she fears Austin may never come back. Back inside, Lucas tells Nicole that he will never forgive Austin for doing this. Nicole feels sorry for Sami, which upsets Lucas. Lucas tells her not to feel sorry for Sami. The doorbell rings and Nicole answers it. Nicole invites Eric in and he becomes upset when he sees Lucas is here. Eric tells Nicole to ask Lucas to leave, but Nicole refuses because he's her boss. Eric tells Nicole that he can't stomach being in the same room as him, so if Lucas doesn't leave, he will. Lucas asks Eric if he has heard from Sami and Eric says no. Lucas says he can't believe Sami did this. Eric says he understands and then tells Lucas he should find something to do because they have plans. Lucas tells Nicole that he'll see her tomorrow and set up an interview with the movie agent. Lucas leaves and Eric asks Nicole how she can be so nice to that creep, he's getting away with murder? Eric then tells Nicole he doesn't want to talk about Lucas anymore and he kisses her. Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't want him to leave tonight.

In his office, Ali talks to Mike. Mike tells ALi that he cares for her, but he can't give her what she wants. Ali says that's not what she wanted to hear. Mike knows that and says he didn't intend to use her, he honestly thought they would be more than friends. Ali says he's broken a lot of promises and wants to know what changed, was it something she said or did? ALi says she doesn't mean to make him feel uncomfortable, she just wants to know what she did wrong. Mike tells her that it is nothing she did or didn't do. Ali tells him that she may be able to help him sort out his feelings if he comes over to her place. Mike tells her that he can't do this and leaves.

Nancy shows up at the hospital and schemes with her husband. They both realize that Austin running off with Sami will push Carrie right into Mike's arms. They both talk with Carrie to see how she is doing. Carrie wishes Austin would just call. Craig and Nancy both tell Carrie that they are there for her if she needs anything. Carrie remembers her wedding and wonders how Austin could do this to them. Mike talks to Carrie a bit when Lucas shows up and tells Carrie that he needs to talk to her.

Mike walks to his car and finds Ali badly beaten in the garage.

In the hospital corridor outside Greta's room, Bo tells John that Hope is acting very strange lately and he suspects Stefano is behind it. Bo then tells John he proposed to Hope tonight, but she refused and even slapped him! John doesn't understand and Bo tells him that Stefano is behind it. However, John doesn't see how Stefano could have pulled re- brainwashing Hope off while she is still in Salem

In Greta's room, Greta has a dream that her mother came to visit her. Princess Gina tells Greta that she is very much alive and would never leave her. Greta wakes up and Bo and John come in to see her. Greta tells them that she had a dream about her mom, she's alive and in Salem. Bo and John tells her it is probably the pain killers. Still, Greta says it was more than a dream, she felt her presence and smelled her perfume. Greta tells them that her mom called her her little cabbage in french, which was her nickname for her. Greta tells them that she can't shake the feeling that her mother is alive and in Salem. Greta says that she never attended her mother's funeral, so it's possible there never was one and she is still alive.

At the DiMera mansion, Hope tells Stefano that she knows he made her steal Lilly's collection and paint over them to hide them. Stefano tells her that is ridiculous and denies Hope's accusation. Hope tells him that not only does she remember what she did, but she knows where the masterpieces are hidden. Stefano still pretends to know nothing and Hope tells him that she knows the paintings are at Vivian's townhouse. Stefano says that is preposterous, but Hope says she knows he left the paintings to Jonsey, who left them to Vivian, which is why he married Vivian. Stefano asks her what she wants and Hope says she wants him to pay. Stefano tells her that he warned her about snooping into her past. Hope tells him that he's underestimated her again, she's told Bo everything! Stefano loses control and begins to strangle Hope. Hope breaks free and then begins to laugh. Stefano asks her if she is mad and GINA says she fooled her creator, the great Stefano DiMera. She asks if he is going to welcome her home? Stefano hugs her and is so glad Gina is back. Gina tells Stefano that she's so glad he saved her from being Hope. Stefano pours some champagne and they toast. Gina says she enjoyed paying him back for taking her away for the life she so enjoyed. Gina picks up Vivian's diamond necklace and they reminisce about the time they met a king. Gina tells Stefano that she wants to return to Europe now, but Stefano tells her they can't leave Salem. Gina is upset and says there is no bacra, no opera, no art festivals here, she can't stay in a town where the only culture is grown in a petri dish. Stefano tells her that they have work to do in Salem. Gina starts tickling Stefano and saying "Steffie's Getting Stuffie" over and over,

Elsewhere in the mansion, Celeste hears the voices coming out of Vivian's mouth, which relieves Vivian because she thought she was crazy! Celeste says that it is strange that she only started hearing these noises after moving in with Stefano. However, Celeste realizes that the music and voices were coming from the radio. Celeste still thinks that Stefano has done something to her, but Vivian doesn't believe that. Celeste says that Stefano must want something from her, but Vivian says she was the one who married him for the Titan shares. Vivian tells Celeste to take her will to her attorney and when Celeste leaves, Vivian picks up more radio signals. Vivian goes downstairs and catches Hope/Gina tickling Stefano and demands to know what she's doing with her husband!


January 26
At the DiMera Mansion, Gina is tickling Stefano when Vivian walks in and asks "Hope" what she is doing with her husband! Gina stops tickling Stefano and Vivian asks "Hope" what is going on here? "Hope" says that she still hates Stefano, but she was trying to get him to let his guard down to get some answers. Vivian tells "Hope" that she doesn't believe a word she says. "Hope" offers to leave, but Vivian leaves so they can resume their tickle war. Stefano goes after Vivian, who won't listen to his explanations. Vivian tells Stefano that she doesn't know if she can trust him and has to think. Stefano goes to see Gina and tells her she has to be careful not to let others become suspicious of her. Gina becomes angry and says she doesn't want to be Hope, she wants to get back out and see her friends and daughter. Stefano tells Gina to stay away from Greta, he doesn't want her anywhere near her! Gina says she hasn't seen her daughter in years and misses her! She asks if she can see her as Hope, but Stefano says that Greta will sense something is wrong. Stefano tells Gina that she has to keep up her act as Hope and convince everyone that she is Hope , especially Bo. Gina tells Stefano that Bo proposed to her, but she rejected him. Gina says she's tired of being Hope and wants to go back to Europe, to her old life as a princess. She tells Stefano that she is still royalty. Stefano says he knows that, but he needs her to help him get his art collection back first. Gina tells Stefano that she doesn't like being told what to do and she tells him that he needs her more than she needs him! Stefano promises not to keep her here for long because he has his eye on the last Rennet painting. Gina tells him that it's hard working alone after all those years with a partner (hmmmm), but Stefano insists she can do it on her own. Gina asks Stefano what did happen to her partner and Stefano tells her that is of no concern. Gina tells Stefano she wants to get whatever he needs her to do done so she can get back to the good life. Stefano tells her "all in good time." Gina leaves and Stefano tells Rolfe that Gina is back! Stefano say once he has his art collection back, he and Gina will go back to Europe. He confesses to Rolfe that he doesn't want Gina to come into contact with Greta. However, Rolfe says that Greta shouldn't be able to sense that Hope is gone.

Mike finds Ali in the garage badly beaten. He asks her what happened and she tells him that she was jumped from behind. ALi says she had heard about a prowler, which is why she wanted him to walk her to the car. Mike apologizes and wishes she had told him that. Ali tells him that she didn't think it would happen to her. Mike helps her up and takes her into the hospital.

In the hospital, Lucas questions Carrie about Austin. Carrie doesn't know anything. Lucas blames Sami, but Carrie says she doesn't think it is all Sami's fault. Lucas then recalls telling Austin the minute Sami was sent to jail he was going to take Will. Lucas then tells Carrie that he feels this is his fault, he pushed Austin to do this. Carrie asks why he thinks that and Lucas tells her about his fight with Austin earlier. Carrie tells Lucas that he is not to blame, Sami has convinced Austin to do this. Lucas comments "what is Austin going to do, leave you for good?" Carrie tells him she doesn't know, she hasn't heard from him. Lucas tells Carrie that Austin doesn't deserve her. Carrie wishes she could just talk to Austin, but Lucas convinces her that even if she could talk to him, he wouldn't listen to her where Sami is concerned. Lucas continues to question Carrie about where Austin and Sami have gone, but Carrie says she doesn't know.

Mike brings Ali into the hospital and Carrie asks what happened. Mike fills her in and Carrie says she hasn't heard of this prowler, but she will go check on it. Mike tells her that he will do it, but Ali begs him not to leave her. Mike has to leave to report this and Carrie stays with Ali. She asks about the prowler and Ali says she overheard some of the nurses talking about the prowler. Carrie continues to question Ali and becomes suspicious. ALi picks up on this and asks Carrie if she accuses her of lying? Later, Mike tells Carrie that the security camera's didn't pick up Ali's attacker. Carrie tells Lucas that she thinks Ali set this up to get Mike's attention. Lucas tells Carrie he's going to go check out some ideas on AUstin and Sami's whereabouts and Carrie asks him to keep her posted. Meanwhile, Mike leaves ALi to get her a cup of tea and Ali calls someone and tells them they did a great job, but she needs one more favor.

Bo and John talk to Greta in her room about her mom. Greta assures them that Gina is somewhere in Salem. John tells Greta about how Stefano turned Hope into Gina and maybe that is why she is confused. Greta recalls being with Hope at Maison Blanche and thinking that she was her mom then. She tells John and Bo that they are right, if her mom was still alive, Hope could not have taken over her life. John tells her that he knows she misses her mom, but her mom is gone. Greta says that she knows they are both right, but the dream felt so real. Later, Greta tells John that she knows her mom is dead, but it would be so wonderful if she was still alive.

Gina goes for a walk and says she can't wait to get back to Europe. She remembers dancing and playing bacra with Stefano. She says Princess Gina is back and she's here to stay! As she dances around in the snow, Bo spots her and looks very worried.

Vivian shows up at the hospital and tells John and Bo that she no longer trusts Stefano. She tells them both that Hope was acting very friendly with him earlier, and she won't stand for it. Vivian leaves and Bo wants to see what is wrong with Hope, but John tells him that Vivian isn't well and has been imagining things for weeks. Vivian runs into Celeste and Ivan and tells them that she no longer trusts Stefano and wants to see a doctor. Celeste offers to set up an appointment, but Vivian insists on seeing her own doctor.

Vivian goes to Doctor Wu, who screams at the sight of Vivian. Ivan and Celeste tell him that Vivian is very sick and needs his help. Vivian begs him for help and he agrees, knowing he'll regret it. Dr. Wu talks to Vivian and says he sees nothing wrong with her. She tells him that she has a pain in her mouth and he takes a look inside and exlaims "what is this!"

Austin and Sami hide out in the cabin in the cave. Sami wonders how he knew about this place and Austin claims that he read an article in a magazine about people who built homes into caves, but leave for the winter. Sami is sceptical because the door was unlocked. Austin tries to call Carrie, but the phone is dead, so he tells Sami he has to leave to find a phone to call Carrie. Sami doesn't like that idea, but Austin convinces her that they are safe. Austin tells her that he'll be back, but she isn't to go outside. Austin leaves and Sami tells herself that Carrie will never understand him for doing anything for her. Austin goes out to the car and switches the plates, hoping that will fool the cops. Sami turns on the radio at the cabin and listens to the radio broadcasts about her and Austin. Outside, a mysterious person with a gun approaches the cabin.

Out on the road, a man finds Austin by the side of the road and Austin tells him that he just has a flat. The report about Sami comes over the radio and they talk about it a bit. The man tells Austin to drive careful and leaves. Austin realizes he has to find another way to reach Carrie, the phones will be tapped. Austin makes it to the garage and waits by Carrie's car for her to leave. Carrie goes to the garage and is attacked by a mugger.


January 27
Mike brings Ali some tea and she asks him to please take her home. Mike wants to check on Carrie first. This upsets Ali and she tells him that she's already left. ALi apologizes for being cranky and says she's never going into that garage alone again. Ali asks Mike to please take her home and make her feel safe again. Mike takes ALi home and she gets ready for bed. She tells him every time she closes her eyes she sees the man who attacked her. She asks Mike if he can hold her, and he does. She then asks him to stay with her, as friends, because she'd feel safer. Mike agrees, though he doesn't look happy about the idea as they hug.

Carrie is mugged in the parking garage and the mugger forces her to the ground. Suddenly, Austin jumps out from behind the car and beats the hell out of the mugger. The mugger leaves and Austin tries to explain things very quickly. He tells her that he loves her and runs off when the cops show up. Carrie goes back into the hospital and Nancy checks on Carrie. Carrie admits to Nancy that when Ali was attacked, she suspected she lied to get Mike's sympathy, but now she feels terrible. She comments that she couldn't imagine what would have happened if Austin . . . . . . Nancy asks if Austin was there and she says she meant if Austin hadn't shown her defense moves. Nancy asks Carrie if she knows where Austin is and Carrie says she doesn't. Meanwhile, Austin promises to return later on to talk with Carrie.

At her place, Nicole is kissing Eric and tells him she wants to be with him tonight. Eric wants the same thing. However, Nicole tells Eric she can't, she's changed her mind. Eric decides to leave, but when he goes to leave, Nicole saunters out in a red negligee. Eric says he thought she changed her mind? She says she did because she wanted their first time to be very special. Nicole tells Eric that she knows it's taken him awhile to trust her again and she wants there to be no more secrets. They kiss and then fall down onto the couch and make love.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas sees a bottle of alcohol his mom left out. Lucas starts telling himself that he only needs one little drink. As he goes to pour a glass, Billie walks in and tells him not to even think about it. Lucas says it's no big deal, but Billie says it is a big deal. She tells him he can't go anywhere near alcohol again because it controls him, just like cocaine controlled her. Lucas vents to try and make himself feel better. Lucas tells Billie what Austin did was wrong, but Billie says he's only doing what he thinks is best. Lucas asks why everyone freaked when he kidnapped Will, but nobody is freaked by Austin doing it? Billie says that neither was justifiable. Lucas is positive that Austin will return to talk with Carrie, and that's when he'll get caught. Lucas decides to call Nicole to talk to her. Billie says isn't she Eric's girlfriend and Lucas tells her "not for long!"

Nicole answers the phone at her place and Lucas is on the other end. Lucas tells her that he really needs to talk to her tonight. Nicole tells him she can't, but she's alone. Eric, who had gotten up and left (went to the bathroom I guess) overhears her tell the person on the other end that she's alone. She tells him she's busy and says she'll talk to him later.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Billie tells Lucas he shouldn't be trying to steal Eric's girlfriend. Lucas says he doesn't care what she or his mom say, Nicole is the right girl for him and he will get her away from Eric.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano is talking with Rolfe about Gina. He tells him that she even fooled him. Rolfe is skeptical that everyone will be fooled and Stefano says that Bo will be the only problem. Stefano changes the subject to Vivian. Dr. Rolfe tells him that Vivian is running out of time and soon, her system will start rejecting the serum. Stefano is furious and tells Rolfe to find a cure because he can't worry about her right now, he needs to focus on his art collection. Rolfe isn't sure that Gina will be able to pull off his plan, but Stefano says she can because she is the creme de la creme. Stefano starts praising Gina's spirit and joy. He tells Rofle that he and Gina are so close. Rolfe asks if he's talking about the real Gina or Hope/Gina? Stefano laughs and says it is confusing, even to him. He tells him that when the real Gina died, he was grief stricken. Stefano says he was lonely and missed his princess, he wanted her back. Rolfe tells him that Hope is not really Gina. Stefano says he doesn't think of her as a counterfeit, but a continuation of the real Gina. Rolfe warns him not to pick up where he and Gina left off so quickly because if Bo ever found out, he'd be skating on thin ice. Stefano says he dealt with Roman, so his little brother should be no problem. Rolfe says Bo is a hot head and Stefano thanks him for the character analysis. However, Stefano agrees not to party with Gina like he used to, but only because there is no time. He tells Rolfe that he will get Gina back to work on the forgeries with no distractions.

Bo sees "Hope" dancing in the snow and he asks her what she's doing? "Hope" says she came out to get some air. Bo doesn't by that and says she looks happier then she's been in a long time and has a different look on her face than usual. He asks her what type of game she's playing? "Hope" says she's always loved the snow, he knows that. Bo says yes, but a little while ago she was devastated, now she's happy. Bo says he doesn't understand what is going on, especially her slapping him. "Hope" tells him that when he put that ring on her finger the only thing she could think about was him making love to Billie. "Hope" tells Bo that the trust between them hasn't been fully mended yet. Bo asks why they have to go over this again and "Hope" says because it is important, it's the reason she couldn't say yes. Bo suggest they go away to Europe together to get away from things. "Hope" tells him they aren't going to Europe, she is going alone. Bo asks why he is pushing her away, does it have something to do with Stefano? She says of course not, so he asks her why she was over at the DiMera mansion tickling Stefano? "Hope" tells Bo that Vivian is out of her mind! Bo says Vivian may be exaggerating, but she was alone with him. Bo asks "Hope" if she's going to Europe alone because she is afraid of something? "Hope" says nothing is wrong, and furthermore, he is not her boss! "Hope" reminds Bo that they aren't married yet. Bo asks her if she wants to be and she tells him yes, but she needs time. Bo tells "Hope" that he loves her and would move heaven and earth for her. "Hope" says she loves him too, she just needs time. Bo tells her that she has her time, and he'll make up for the pain he caused her. "Hope" tells him there is so much pain to make up for. Once again, Bo asks why they are going through this again and once again "Hope" says it is important. "Hope" says they never dealt with her rejection. Bo says then they will deal with it, but he won't let his mistakes ruin their future. Bo pulls out the engagement ring and asks "Hope" if she will wear it? "Hope" says she wants to and Bo tells her it doesn't have to stand for an engagement, just a symbol of their love. "Hope" tells Bo she loves him and says she just needs time. Bo says he'll give her the time, if she stays away from Stefano. "Hope" agrees and Bo tells her that eventually she will wear his ring with total commitment from her heart.

At Dr. Wu's place, Dr. Wu is looking into her mouth. Vivian tells Dr. Wu that she's been hearing voices in her head and it all started after her fall from the balloon. Dr. Wu tells Vivian that he's no dentist, but he thinks the tooth is infected. Celeste and Ivan start asking Dr. Wu if Vivian could have been brainwashed? Dr. Wu doesn't have an answer for them. Celeste and Ivan tells Vivian that Stefano wants something from her and he is behind all her problems. Dr. Wu takes some of Vivian's hair and thumbnail to examine under the microscope. After looking through the microscope, Dr. Wu says nothing looks wrong. Vivian says she feels horrible and asks Dr. Wu to get something to make her feel better! Suddenly, a comedy show comes on in Vivian's mouth and she looks at the others and points to her mouth.


No Show


January 29
At the Blue Note, Roman runs into Billie. Roman sees her looking into Gina's compact and asks her if there is something special about it? Billie says no. Roman asks her what she's doing here and Billie says she feels sick because Bo and Hope are engaged. She damns Hope for doing this, but then says she promised to stop blaming Hope. Billie asks Roman if there is any info on Austin, and Roman tells her no. Billie thinks this is Sami's fault, but Roman tells her it looks like it was Austin's idea. He also tells Billie there is a big part of him that hopes they don't get caught. Billie is shocked, but Roman says this buys them time to prove she's innocent. Roman mentions Kate and Lucas being involved with the murder, but Billie can't believe that. Billie asks Roman how Marlena is doing and he says she's putting up a strong front, but he knows deep down she is still scared. Roman admits that he still loves her and he'll probably always love her, just like she'll always love Bo. They start talking about Paris and Billie says that was one of the most memorable points in her life. Roman takes Billie back to his house (the one he shared with Marlena) and the two begins to kiss and rip each other's clothes off.

At the hospital, Greta is nervous because her bandages come off tomorrow. John tells her not to worry because she is going to be beautiful. Greta says she'll never be as beautiful as her mother was. John tells her that beauty has many levels. Greta says she can't shake the feeling that her mother is in Salem and she asks John if he can feel her presence too? Marlena shows up and asks John if they may go. Greta thanks Marlena for letting John spend time with her, but John says he will always make time for her. John tells Marlena that Greta is having strange dreams about her mother. Marlena thinks it is the drugs, but Greta is positive she is alive and in Salem. Greta asks Marlena if she will hypnotize John again. John would like that, so they decide to do it right here and now. Marlena asks Greta to tell John about a certain memory. Greta tells John about the time Gina and John returned from one of their trips and gave her a necklace. She asked what they did for so long and Gina said she had many parties to go to and many people to dance with. Greta asks John what he does at these parties and he tells her he watches and sips his wine. Greta doesn't understand why a priest would go to parties and John tells her that it is her job, he raises money for the church at the parties. Greta says she understands now, the people give him donations. Gina starts smoking and Greta wishes she wouldn't. John has to leave and Greta wishes John was her real father. Gina tells her never to say that, Father John is a priest and nobody must know how much time they spend together. John comes out of the session and wonder why Gina didn't want them to know they spent so much time together. John and Marlena decide to leave for the night, but John says he will be here in the morning when her bandages come off. Greta starts talking about her mom out loud and wonders if there was anyone who really knew her mother. At the penthouse, John and Marlena climb into bed. Marlena is still worried about Sami. John thanks Marlena for putting him under tonight. Marlena fears Gina's secrets and John says whatever they are, Stefano knows them. Marlena tells John that she's afraid what he might discover about his past and the uncertainty of Sami's future. John tells her to let go of her fears tonight and concentrate on his love for her, and the two begin to kiss.

At the town house, Stefano is looking at his masterpieces and tells Rolfe that tomorrow he will have Gina start copying them. Rolfe asks "What about Ivan and Celeste?" and Stefano says he'll find a way to get rid of them. He is worried about Vivian though, she is hearing voices. Rolfe tells Stefano that Vivian could be terminal. Stefano refuses to believe that Vivian will die and he tells Rolfe that he's confident he'll come up with a cure. Rolfe says he can't believe that he risked Vivian's life for these paintings. Stefano tells Rolfe that he knows how important these paintings are to him. Rolfe says yes, but he's taking a great risk with her, just like he is with Gina. Rolfe is glad Stefano will never have to use the device again, and hopes she doesn't have major dental surgery. He says after Vivian recovers, nobody will ever take her serious again. Stefano begins to talk about his dear Gina, the one who has never let him down. Still, Rolfe is not convinced that Gina can fool everyone into thinking she's Hope.

At Dr. Wu's, Jay Leno start coming out of Vivian's mouth. The others wonder where the noises are coming from and Vivian says it coming out of her mouth! Eventually they finally realize the voices are coming out of her mouth. Dr. Wu doesn't understand why her mouth is receiving TV signals and Ivan says it must be Stefano. Dr. Wu looks in her mouth and decides to remove a cap on one of her teeth. Vivian begins to remember the weird dreams she had when the chip was implanted in her. Dr. Wu manages to yank the chip out of Vivian. Dr. Wu tries to figure out what it is. Suddenly, Vivian begins to remember all the crazy things she's done and realizes Stefano put it in her to make her appear crazy! She remembers Stefano drugging her and says that must be when they put it in her. Vivian is furious and says nobody gets away with doing this to Vivian Alamain Jones DiMera and she will make him pay for this.

Up at the cabin, Sami is worrying about Austin and praying that he's okay. Austin is trying to get back to Sami, but his wheels are stuck, so he has to walk. On his way, he comes across a hungry mountain lion. Austin returns to the cabin safely, with some food and supplies. Sami tells Austin she thought she heard someone outside earlier. Austin goes out to investigate and sees no one, but someone is in the bushes with a shotgun. Sami is worried this is someone's home, but Austin says he's sure this is a summer home. Austin tells Sami that he thinks he knows a way to prove Lucas killed Franco. Sami asks how and Austin tells her Lucas will let his guard down now that she's gone and when he slips up, he'll be there.

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