January 99 Week 2


January 18
Summary by Grant Elam
At the Brady Pub, Eric tells Roman he still has the lucky silver dollar Roman gave him and that the waiting for the trial is killing him. Roman replies that the longer they have to wait, the better for Sami. Shaun says he has some Irish whiskey for when Sami gets home. Roman asks Mickey if the jury has reached a decision. Austin overhears Craig talking to Ali about the jury's decision. Sami tells Lucas she wants to save her peace before it's too late. At the hospital, Carrie sees Mike and Ali hugging after Greta's surgery. Carrie then interrupts them and tells Mike she needs to speak with him. Bo once again shows Shawn D the engagement ring; Shawn D insists on calling grampa, Doug, and Julie about the news. Hope stares at the picture of Stefano and her and says she can't believes she was so close to Stefano. Lilly walks in and she says Hope looks as if she saw a ghost. Back in the DiMera mansion, Rolph tells Stefano they only have a brief window of opportunity for the transformation.

John gives camillians for Greta after her surgery. Greta says thank you to John for talking her in to the surgery. She says how a woman as vibrant as her mother is hard to forget. Greta tells John she wants to retrace Gina's past which was John's plan exactly. Greta fears what Marlena will say about them going to Europe. Mickey tells everyone to not set their hopes to high and to think realistically. Sami insists for herself to come clean before it's too late; Lucas agrees and asks for a time and place. At the Brady pub, Austin demands Craig to tell him what the verdict is. Carrie takes Mike out on the hospital terrace and tells him how Ali would not give up on Mike and wouldn't except anything less than a marriage proposal.

Shawn D heads over to Mrs. H's to pack Hope's things; Bo mentions he'll make a stop associated with Hope's past. Hope tells Lilly she must go and leaves without explanation. Rolph tells Stefano the storm is growing worse. Stefano revieves a call from Bart (probably that Hope left). Stefano tells Rolfe everything might work out after all.

Austin feels he must find a fast way to prove Lucas shot Franco. Kate interrupts Lucas from making a "truth pow-wow" with Sami. Kate tells Sami says to stay away from her son. Kate insists to Lucas that she prevented him from making a big mistake (once again). Sami tells Will her last hope is gone.

Marlena tells Roman she is to blame for Roman's happiness; he gets mad for John not being there at Marlena's side. He adds that the present and future are the only things that should matter. John tells Greta not to worry about Marlena. Bo comes to surprise Greta at the hospital before he leaves home. John agrees to keep a close eye on Stefano while Bo is gone. Hope is shown driving in a blizzard and remembering being an art thief and foreger (sp?). Hope convinces herself she needs to get to Bo. Stefano gets mad at Rolfe for not being able to do anything about the weather.

Mike talks about how Ali maybe confused because of him. He then adds he found the perfect girl, but he can't have her. Nancy tells the baliff they have reached a verdict. Sami reads a book to Will "Love You Forever" and gets emotional. Kate argues with Lucas about telling Sami or anyone else he killed Franco. Austin enters and wants to talk to Lucas.

Bo says goodbye to Greta. John prays Hope remembers everything about her life as Gina so he and Hope can solve the mysteries of their past. Lilly mentions that Gina left and was quite distraught. Rolph points out the satellite and will transmit the chip in Hope's brain. Hope looks at the picture in her hand and has more flashes of her and Stefano dancing together. Hope takes her eye off the road and loses control of her car.

Carrie can't say anything except she's sorry. Mike says he can't help having feelings for her and must hide them better in the future. Mike then touches Carrie's hand to guide her inside and then both agree not to be alone ever again. Greta mentions she always wanted to be Father John's daughter as she loved him very much. She says she still loves him just as much as Marlena starts to walk in. Austin finally is able to get Kate out of the room so he can talk to Lucas man-to-man. He gives Lucas one final chance to tell the truth that he killed Franco. Lucas tells Austin he has told everything he knows to him and Roman. Lucas says he's the man who will raise Will. He reemphasizes Sami will be in jail after tonight. Austin then leaves the Kirakis mansion as Kate approves of what Lucas said to Austin. Austin then leaves the Kirakis mansion and says he knows what he has to do. Mickey answers a call that says the jury has reached a verdict.

Sami says she will always remember him as he tucks Will into bed. She says she will always love him. Even if she dies, she will always be his mommy and he will always be her precious little boy. Sami gives him one last teary-eyed kiss to Will as she rests down next to him. Kate says she is so proud of Lucas for standing up to Austin. Kate and Lucas listen to a broadcast says the jury has come to a decision; Kate exclaims she wants to go down to the courthouse to see this. Bo doesn't find Hope on the boat, but decides he'll have more time to prepare for it. Hope is bleeding down the left side of her face as she gets out of the car and then falls down in the snow. Stefano agrees to do the honors and pushes the button to transform Hope into Gina. Rolph then counts down...10...9...8. Hope has flashbacks of being in many gowns and then being with Bo and Shawn D as they show her Fancy Face II. Bo begins to wonder where Hope is as he thinks he'll have more time for her surprise and nothing will go wrong (when have we heard that before?). Rolph continues to countdown...7..6..5...4. Hope remembers jumping over a wall, stealing the painting, her first marriage to Bo, and drinking with Stefano. Rolph says..3..2...1. Rolph then tells Stefano to push the button. Stefano says for Gina to come back to him. Rolph says they must wait to see if the signal penetrated through the blizzard. Hope has flashbacks of being both Hope and Gina: dancing with Bo and Stefano, painting, delivering Shawn D, sharing her baby with Bo, seeing the picture of her and Stefano, and furiously outraged at Stefano, kissing Stefano, and seeing Bo. The sequence repeats going faster and faster before Hope opends her eyes.


No Show


January 20
Marlena comes to see Greta in the hospital. John is still with Greta, whose face is bandaged. John tells Marlena that it was nice of her to come see Greta, but Marlena tells John that she came to get him. Greta doesn't want John to leave because he promised he'd stay. Marlena says she understands, but her daughter's jury has reached a verdict. Greta apologizes and says she didn't know. John asks if they know what the verdict will be and Marlena says she doesn't think it's good. She cries in John's arms and says she can't bear saying goodbye to Sami. Marlena tells John she needs him with her and Greta tells John he must go with Marlena. Greta says she understands because she lost her mother when they were separated and she'd do anything to have her back again. John damns Stefano for everything he has done to them. Greta tells Marlena that she's sorry for being selfish and tells John to go with Marlena. John and Marlena leave, but before they do, John tells Greta that he'll always be there for her.

Austin shows up at the hospital to see Carrie and Ali tells him she's with Mike, as usual. Austin can't find them and Ali says they must have left the hospital. Ali says that she was spending time with Mike when Carrie barged in and demanded that they speak, and of course Mike left with her. Ali tells Austin she wishes Carrie would focus on her own life instead of hers and Mike's. Austin tells himself that he hopes Carrie understands what he's about to do and writes a note. Austin turns on the TV and sees that the jury will give it's verdict in one hour. Austin recalls Craig talking with Nancy and how Craig gave it away that she was found guilty. Austin gets in his car and drives to the pub. On the way he has horrible visions of Sami being torn away from Will by a prison guard.

Mike and Carrie are outside the hospital. Carrie tells Mike that she wants to continue working with him, but she needs to stop feeling the way she feels for him and keep her commitment to Austin. Carrie attempts to leave, but Mike asks her not to go. He then apologizes and says that when she walks through the door, they'll never be alone together again. Carrie says she has to commit to Austin and Mike understands. Mike gets beeped to the OR, so he leaves with Carrie.

Ali talks with Craig and asks why he's so happy. Craig says that Nancy comes home tonight. Ali says she feels like she's been convicted of Sami's sister Carrie. Ali says her plan to befriend Carrie failed, but she won't give up on Mike. Carrie and Mike show up and Ali tells Carrie that her HUSBAND was looking for her. Carrie says that is odd because she thought he'd be with Sami.

At the pub, Roman decides to go find Sami because the verdict has already come back in. Eric is upset because he knows Lucas killed Franco and it's not fair that Sami is going to be convicted for it. Roman goes to see Sami, who is with Will, and he tells her that a verdict has been reached and they have to go. Sami realizes she's going to jail and has accepted it. She swears she didn't kill Franco and Roman tells her he knows, that is why he won't give up on her. Roman tells Sami they have to go and Will calls for his mommy. Sami doesn't want Will to see her crying and was hoping he'd be asleep when she left. Roman tells her to stay with him until he goes back to sleep and he'll come back to get her. Roman goes downstairs and Eric tells his dad that this is so messed up, once Sami goes to jail, Lucas will get custody of Will. Eric says now that Lucas' true colors are out he understands why Sami was trying to change Will's blood type and he's sorry she didn't get away with it now. Roman is appalled and tells Eric that what Sami did was wrong, it was a criminal act. Eric apologizes and says he just feels so helpless. Roman says that Mickey will file an appeal, which will give them time to get the evidence they need to acquit Sami. Roman says that perhaps Lucas isn't the killer, it may be an older enemy of Franco's who did it. Back upstairs, Will falls asleep and Sami tells him goodbye and that God will always be with him. Sami sees Austin banging on the window and she opens it for him. He tells her to pack her bags and get Will because they are getting out of here. Sami doesn't understand and Austin explains that he heard Craig talking to Nancy on the phone and it sounds like she's been found guilty. Furthermore, Lucas has drawn up custody papers and is going to file them the minute she is in jail. Suddenly, Roman knocks on the door and tells Sami that it's time to go. Sami tells her dad she wants to say one last goodbye to Will and she'll be downstairs. Austin tells Sami they should go, but Sami says she doesn't want to do this, she needs to face her punishment. Austin says she can't let herself be convicted of a crime she didn't commit. Sami says she'll have to put her faith in Mickey and her dad to prove her innocent of the crime, plus she doesn't want him to get in trouble. Austin says he doesn't care about the risks involved, he won't let Will be raised by a drunken killer. Back downstairs, Marlena and John show up. John tells Roman that if there is anything he can do all he has to do is let him know. Eric goes up to get Sami, and later rushes downstairs and exclaims "Sami is gone! Austin and Sami are on the road and Austin tells Sami that no matter what, he will make sure she is never separated from Will.

Bo is waiting for Hope on his boat. He doesn't understand why she's late, so she calls Lilly. Lilly says Hope left, but was very upset. Bo thinks maybe she's taking it slow because of the storm and both promise to contact one another if they hear anything. Bo calls the police to get accident reports, but none are of Hope's car. He begins to worry as to where she could be.

At the DiMera Mansion, Rolfe and Stefano watch as the satellite goes into position. Stefano says over and over "come back to me!" Rofle tells Stefano that the signal has been sent, now they have to wait and see if it has penetrated through the blizzard. However, Stefano is positive that Hope has become Gina again. Stefano tries to call Bart, but nobody answers his cell phone. Stefano starts to worry and then realizes Hope could have been alone when the signal was activated. Stefano asks if the signal would be more powerful if she was outside and Rolfe says yes. Stefano says that means Hope could be completely Gina now. Rolfe says that if she is Gina, she should also have Hope's memories as well.

Hope is lying at the side of the road and is having all sorts of mixed memory flashes, pieces of her life with Bo and pieces with Stefano. Hope wakes up and says Stefano, but then collapses again. She then starts to moan Bo's name, as well as Stefano's. Later, Hope is found by a highway patrolman.

Hope is brought into the hospital and Mike recognizes her. Carrie tells Mike that she'll call Bo. Carrie calls Bo and tells him that Hope was just brought into the hospital, she's been in an accident. Bo tells Carrie that he'll be right there. Bo shows up and goes to see Hope and tells her that he loves her and wants her to come back to him.

Ali tells Greta that her friend Hope was just brought in, but she should be okay. Greta begins to think about her mother when Ali mentions Hope. Later, ALi sees Carrie with Mike and vows to get Mike back, no matter what she has to do!


January 21
At the hospital, Carrie tells Mike she has to go to the courthouse for Sami's verdict. Mike suggests she go with Austin instead of by herself, but Carrie says Austin was already here and left because he couldn't find her. Carrie says that no matter what the outcome of the trial is, she has to try and make amends to Austin for not being a good enough wife. Mike tells Carrie that she is not the only one to blame in this situation, Austin is guilty as well. A nurse gives Carrie a note from Austin and Carrie exclaims "oh my God!" Carrie asks Ali to excuse them for a moment and she shows the note to Mike. She then decides to call her dad. Mike and Carrie go to his office and Carrie tells Mike that she thinks this was Sami's idea. Carrie fears Austin will be behind bars and won't be able to protect his precious little Will, all he's done is made things worse. Carrie then realizes Austin has deserted her, he chose Sami. Mike comforts her and Carrie cries on his shoulder.

Ali goes to Craig and whines how unfair it is that Carrie and Mike have been huddled together all night and Carrie won't let her be with Mike. ALi says she won't let that arrogant little bitch treat her this way! Ali tells Craig that one way or another she will end up with Mike and Carrie seems to be the only thing standing in her way.

Lucas and Kate are watching the trial on TV and Kate is positive that Sami will get life. Kate can't wait to see Sami taken away in shackles and Lucas can't wait to see the look on Austin's face. Kate and Lucas prepare to go to the courthouse and Kate tells Lucas not to make a scene. Lucas says he just wishes Sami had come clean. He's also upset with the way Austin is treating Kate. Kate says that she hopes one day they can all reconcile, but Lucas refuses to love Austin like a brother after he's turned his back on everyone.

At the pub, Eric tells the family that Sami and Will are gone. Eric, John, and Roman go out to look for Sami, but return empty handed. Roman is furious, but Eric says that Sami is just afraid. Roman says that what Sami did just made the situation worse. Roman gets a call from Maggie, Mickey wants to talk to Sami before goiong into court. Roman decides to try and buy time because when Mickey learns that Sami is missing, he has no choice but to tell the court.

At the courthouse, Mickey is questioned by reporters when he tries to enter the court. Marlena, John, Roman, and Eric are waiting for him and try to stall for Sami. Marlena tells Mickey that no matter what happens, they are grateful for what he's done. Kate and Lucas show up and it sickens Roman. Kate realizes that something other than the verdict is bothering Roman. Roman gets a call from Carrie, who tells him that Austin, Sami, and Will have run off. Court begins and the judge is unhappy that Sami is not present. Marlena finally tells Mickey that Austin, Sami, and Will are gone. Lucas overhears this and is angry. Mickey says the verdict will be rendered without her present and she may be declared a fugitive. The judge reconvenes and says Sami's absence will not stop her trial from going on with it's conclusion. Nancy stands up and says that the jury has found Samantha Brady guilty. The judge asks all the jurors if they have voted guilty and they all say yes. Kate is thrilled, but Lucas says it no longer matters because Sami and Will are gone.

Austin, Sami, and Will are driving out of Salem when Sami hears her case on the radio. Sami wants to go back, but Austin refuses to let her die for a crime she didn't commit. Sami asks how he knows what the verdict is and Austin tells her that he overheard Craig talking with Nancy on the phone. Austin swears to Sami that he will prove she didn't kill Franco, but Sami wants to know how he's going to prove it? Austin tells Sami to have faith. Sami says it won't happen, but Austin promises to make Lucas admit the truth. Sami is grateful to Austin for doing this and is also grateful to Carrie for letting him do this, but then she realizes Carrie doesn't know. Austin says he left her a note and she'll understand. Sami tells Austin that he's the only one who truly believes in her and that means so much to her. Sami turns on the radio and learns court is in session and that she is not present. Later, Sami learns that she has been found guilty and is on the run and is to be considered a fugitive. The FBI and state patrol has been called in to find her, but Austin tells her that he will protect her. Suddenly, Austin notices a roadblock ahead and the cops are behind him.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano is already celebrating Gina's coming home. Rolfe tells Stefano that the storm and cloud cover could have prevented the transformation, but Stefano is confident that he has his Gina back. Stefano says once he has Gina back, he will put her to work restoring his paintings. He says he will set her up in the townhouse to do her work. However, Rolfe has his doubts and fears Hope will remember everything about both of them and they will both end up in jail. Stefano decides to contact Bart to get an update on where Bo is. Suddenly there is someone at the door and Stefano races to it, thinking it is Gina. However, it's Bart. Bart tells Stefano that Hope is in the hospital. Stefano is furious and warns Rolfe of what will happen to him if anything has happened to Gina.

At the hospital, Bo kisses Hope on the forehead and asks his Fancy Face to wake up. Bo asks a nurse if Hope should have regained consciousness by now. The nurse tells Bo that she has a slight concussion, but should come to any minute. Hope begins to have memories of her life as Hope and as Gina, and then she wakes up. Bo asks her how she feels and she says her head is hurting and asks what she is doing here? Bo tells her that her car went off the road in the storm. Hope asks for some tea and Bo says he can do that, and he'll see about getting her released. Bo tells her that she gave him a pretty big scare. Bo continues to talk to Hope, telling her how they can still sail away when she's better. Hope asks him where they will sail to? Bo reminds her they were going to sailing and Hope remembers that Shawn D was kidnapped. Bo leaves to get her tea and check her out, but before leaving, tells her that he has a surprise for her at Mrs. H's house. After Bo leaves, Hope continues to have Gina's memories. Bo returns later and tells Hope that everything is set for her to leave. Bo leaves to let her change and runs into Stefano. Bo asks what he's doing here and Stefano says he was visiting a friend. Stefano "learns" Hope is here and wants to see her, but Bo tells him "yeah right, get the hell away from Hope and stay away." Hope comes out of her room and she and Stefano lock eyes. Stefano approaches her and tells her that he's sorry for her accident and asks how she's feeling. Bo returns and warns Stefano to stay away from her. Hope tells Stefano that he may have kidnapped their son, but that is the last time they leave their guard down around him. She tells him to leave them alone. Bo and Hope walk off and Hope remembers the picture of her in Stefano's arms. Bo asks Hope is something is wrong and she tells him that she has something to tell him later.

Bo takes Hope home and plays there song. Bo holds her and tells her that there was a time when he thought he'd never have a second chance with her. Bo recites a poem to Hope and asks her if she'll marry him? Hope just smiles at Bo.

Stefano goes home and tells Rolfe that Hope is still Hope. He wonders if there is some kind of delay going on, but Rolfe tells him if the signal reached Hope, she would have become Gina instantly. Stefano says that Hope even warned him to stay away from her. Rolfe says that may be a good sign, maybe Hope has no memories of Gina whatsoever.


January 22
At the courthouse, the reporters question Marlena and Roman about Sami. They tell them that they hope Sami will return. Roman decides to go to Kate's to see if he can find out where Austin took Sami. John tells Marlena not to worry, Austin will return when he realizes he made a mistake. Marlena wants to see Carrie, so John says he'll drive her to the hospital.

Kate and Lucas are furious that Austin took off with Sami and Will. Lucas says Sami has Austin snowed and they have to get his son back. Kate tells Lucas there has to be a clue as to where they went and they have to find it. Kate and Lucas go home and Kate learns that Austin took the four-wheel drive vehicle. Kate realizes that Roman put an APB out on the wrong vehicle. Roman shows up to talk with Kate. He tells her that if Austin returns in 24 hours, no charges will be filed against him. Kate is relieved and tells him that Austin used her four-wheel drive to escape.

Back at the hospital, Carrie is crying on Mike's shoulders about what Austin has done. Carrie is positive that Sami convinced Austin to do this. Carrie asks Mike if he believes Sami is innocent and he says he doesn't know. Carrie fears that Austin may never come back. Mike tells her that she can always count on him and she thanks him and says she doesn't know if she can't count on her husband anymore. Ali interrupts them and Mike asks her to wait. Ali tells herself that she will get Mike's attention somehow. John and Marlena show up, Marlena goes to see Carrie, John to see Greta. Marlena goes in to see Carrie and tells her that she shouldn't be leaning on Mike. Marlena reads the note and thinks Austin was the one who decided to run off, but Carrie think it was Sami's idea. Marlena says that if Austin returns within 24 hours no charges will be filed. Carrie cries that if she was only here when Austin dropped by he could have stopped her, but now she may never see her husband again. Later, Marlena has a talk with Mike about his closeness to Carrie. Mike tells Marlena that he intends to be there for her, unlike her husband.

Marlena calls Roman and tells him she thinks she knows a way to bring Sami and Austin home.

Out on the road, Austin hits a roadblock and the cops are behind him. Austin tells Sami to cover herself and Will up. The officer pulls them over and tells them that the road ahead is closed. The officer lets them go, but when he returns to his car, he hears the APB out on Austin and chases after them. Austin turns his car around and tells Sami to hold on. Austin smashes through the roadblock and keeps on driving. Sami turns on the radio and hears the reporter say that they believe Sami is on the run with her brother-in-law Austin Reed. The announcer says they have a special announcement for Sami. Marlena and Roman come over the radio and ask Sami to please return to Salem. Roman tells Sami they will appeal the conviction and won't stop until she is acquitted. Marlena adds that they won't let her lose Will. Roman also has a message for Austin, if he brings their daughter home, he will not be punished. Marlena tells Austin that Carrie needs him and wants him to come home. Austin asks Sami what she wants to do? Sami wants to go back, but Austin tells her that he made a promise to protect her and wants to keep that promise. Sami tells Austin that this is no life for any of them and that he should take her back.

Rolfe and Stefano are at the hospital talking about how they lost Gina. Stefano remembers his Gina and how everything would be perfect if he had her back. Rolfe goes back to the house and Stefano decides to pay Greta a visit. Stefano goes in to see a sleeping Greta and talks to her until she wakes up. Stefano tells her to relax, he just came by to see how she is feeling. She tells him that there is a little pain, but nothing like it was before. Stefano tells her that when her bandages come off she will look as beautiful as her mother. Greta doesn't think so because her mother is very beautiful. Stefano tells Greta that her mother meant a lot to him, they were very close. Greta asks him how her mother died. John walks into the room and tells him to tell her. Stefano says he doesn't know how she died, but he would have done anything to prevent the tragedy. Stefano says he should go, but will be back to visit her. He kisses her and wishes her a good night. Greta tells John that she doesn't trust him and John tells her that she's right not to.

At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian is receiving poka music through her teeth when Celeste shows up. Celeste tells Vivian that she's brought her her will. Vivian tells Celeste that she has to sign this will tonight and have it notarized. Stefano returns home and Vivian shows him her will. He tells her this is ludicrous and tears it up. However, Vivian gets another copy and makes Stefano sign this one. Stefano says he can keep the will in his safe, but Celeste says she will take care of it. Vivian and Celeste leave and Stefano becomes angry and says he will not accept defeat. Stefano tells Rolfe they must make sure Vivian's will is lost before she files it. Rolfe apologizes for failing him, but Stefano vows to find another way to turn Hope back into Gina.

At the Horton house, Bo asks Hope to marry him. Hope hugs Bo and then Bo kisses Hope. When Hope recalls the picture of her in Stefano's arms she pushes Bo away and slaps him! Hope apologizes and says she doesn't know why she did that. She tells him she can't think about the future right now. Bo pushes her for answers, but she tells him she's just not ready for this. She says she wants to rest and gives him the engagement ring to hold onto. Bo asks her why she is doing this and Hope just tells him that she needs to be alone and asks him to go. Bo refuses to leave her like this because he's worried about her. Hope tells Bo that she needs to be by herself right now. Bo looks into her eyes and tells her that he cares about her and wants to know what is going on so he can help her. Hope tells him that the only thing he can do is give her some time and space. Bo tells her that she will wear this ring one day, and then he leaves. Hope tells her Gran about Bo's proposal and how she rejected it. Alice doesn't understand and Hope snaps at her Gran. She then apologizes and says she didn't mean to snap, she's just tired. Alice asks Hope if she is having more flashbacks? Hope says yes, but she can handle them. Hope tells her Gran that she can't move on with Bo until she knows what she did as Gina and that she shouldn't worry about her. Hope tells Alice that she has to go out and puts on a new hat, the fur hat she's always wearing in her Gina flashbacks!

Bo goes to the hospital and runs into John. Bo tells John about Hope's mood change and the accident. In her room, Greta has a dream that her mother comes to visit her and we finally see her face, it's Hope's! Meanwhile, Hope goes to the DiMera mansion! Hope hands Stefano the picture of them and asks if it looks familiar. He asks her where she got this and she say the only thing that matters is that his game is over, she knows everything. Stefano tries to say he doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells him to save it and says she knows she stole Lilly's paintings and now he will get what he deserves!

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