January 98 Week 5


January 26
Yup, Mr. Clinton interrupted the soap AGAIN! This is getting ridiculous! I've written what I was able to see.

At Johnny Angels, John tells Marlena that he fears she is slipping away from him. Marlena tells John that she loves him with all her heart. Marlena tells John she did love Roman, but Stefano's evil destroyed all their lives. Marlena goes on and tells John that she can't bear to hurt Roman with the news about their relationship. John then asks Marlena if she will ever be able to tell Roman the truth. John quickly apologizes, but then he asks her if she's changed her mind about them. Marlena says she hasn't and she still loves him with all her heart. Marlena tells John that he is right and she will tell Roman soon. John then tells Marlena he has a very special night planned for them.

Eric and Roman are goofing around in the park. Eric starts pumping his dad for information and he asks him if he's still going to propose to Marlena. Roman tells Eric he does intend to marry Marlena, but he has to wait for the right time to ask her. Eric tells his dad that he doesn't sound as confident as he once was and he asks Roman if something has changed. Roman just says he wants to make sure Marlena is sure about marriage and then he changes the subject. Roman tells Eric that he needs to think about making some new decisions about his life and what direction it will take. Roman then suggest they go to the Java Cafe for a smoothie. Eric and Roman arrive at the cafe for their smoothies and Roman spots John and Marlena holding each other at Johnny Angels.

At the townhouse, Jonsey tells Vivian that he can't marry her and she must leave! Vivian tells Jonsey that their love is special and she begs him to marry her. Jonsey breaks down and agrees to marry her, but he wants to marry her in his ancestral village in England. Vivian makes the arrangements and they all leave for England.

In the basement of Jonsey's house, Stefano is talking about his plan for his Queen of the Night. Stefano fears that Jonsey will slip up and somehow interfere with his plans. Suddenly Kristen calls Stefano and tells him that Peter has fallen for a trick of Laura's and sent him right into a trap.

At Jack and Jen's house, Laura and her gang are hoping that her trick to fool Peter has worked. Mickey shows up and asks them if they have any news. Laura smiles and says with a little luck Jack, Jen, and Abbey will all be home tonight.

Stefano returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells Kristen there is nothing they can do about Peter. However, Stefano tells Kristen that he has a plan for Laura. Stefano sent Laura some earrings with a monitoring device in them. The earrings were a present from "Jen" and Laura is so stupid that she bought it. Stefano then turns on the listening device and hears Laura tell her family that she is never taking them off.

At Jen's place, Mickey is suspicious of the earring Laura has received, but Laura is sure they are okay because they were special delivered to her. Laura and Maggie then tell Mickey that they are using Maggie's cell phone to contact Jen. Laura goes on and tells Mickey about her fool-proof plan to lure Peter to Dayton, Ohio, where the FBI will be waiting to arrest him.

Peter is on his way to Dayton. Unfortunately, Jack and Jen's circus has arrived in Dayton, Ohio as well! Jen calls Laura and almost tells Laura where they are, but Laura stops her because it's better that she doesn't know where they are. Laura then tells Jen about her plan to capture Peter, but she doesn't tell Jen that she's sent Peter to Dayton! Before Laura can thank Jen for the earrings, Jen hangs the phone up.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, Stefano fears that if Jen resists Peter then he could hurt her. At the Circus, Peter has arrived.


January 27
Eric and Roman see John holding Marlena and Eric tells Roman that Marlena is probably helping him with his marriage problems with Kristen. John is busy telling Marlena about his romantic surprise when Marlena looks over John's shoulder and sees Roman and Eric staring at them! Both Marlena and John invite Roman and Eric to sit down with them and join them. Roman says that they figured John was talking with Marlena about his relationship with Kristen. John tells Roman that it doesn't look like he and Kristen will work things out. Roman asks John if this has to do with Kristen's relationship with Stefano, but John says it's more then that. Roman tells John that all couples go through rough times and he uses his relationship with Doc as an example.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Stefano are in Salem Place and are watching the entire scene between Roman, John, and Marlena. Stefano is ranting about how John and Roman's struggle for Marlena will soon leave her vulnerable for his taking. Kristen approaches Roman and the others and starts saying how good it is to see Roman looking so well. John gets disgusted and walks off. Kristen says perhaps she shouldn't approached them, so she leaves as well.

Kristen runs after John and tells him how much she misses him. John tells Kristen to give it up because he wants nothing to do with her. John is angry with Kristen for trying to take Susan's baby. Kristen tells John that the baby would be better with them, but John says neither she nor Stefano will never get their hands on Elvis. Stefano shows up and tells John that he will find his son. Stefano then plays on John's emotions by telling him that he has indeed lost Marlena like he told him he would. John warns Kristen that Abe is looking for Peter and then he warns Stefano that if he makes one false move then he can kiss his pardon goodbye. With those words, John leaves. Kristen then tells Stefano that she wants him to find her baby. Stefano tells Kristen that it is HIS baby and he will not rest until he find his son. Stefano leaves and Kristen starts talking to herself about how happy she could make John. Kristen turns to leave and finds Eric standing right behind her. Kristen tells Eric that if she wants his parent back together then he's going to have to do some damage control. Meanwhile, Marlena is beeped by the hospital and leaves to take a call. Eric returns to Roman and he suggest they skip basketball game so he can spend some time with Marlena. Eric urges Roman to ask Marlena out on a date and he agrees. Marlena returns and Roman asks her out for the evening. Marlena tells Roman she already has plans and Roman asks her if she can cancel. Roman tells her they need some time alone together and when she sees how important it is to Roman, Marlena agrees to cancel her plans. Roman leaves and Marlena tells herself that she will tell Roman the truth tonight.

Eric returns to Kristen and tells her that he convinced his dad to ask his mom out. However, they both overhear John making plans at Chez Vous and become worried. Roman shows up and tells Kristen and Eric that Marlena has canceled her plans for tonight and they are going to go to Chez Vous!

Billie is at the station and is wondering where Bo could be. Bo shows up at the station and sees Billie waiting in his office. Abe tells Bo that Billie has been waiting for him for awhile. Abe thinks Bo is going to break it off with Billie, so Bo tells Abe the whole story. Abe tells Bo he is so sorry. Bo goes into the office and Billie asks Bo how he feels about the fact that she's carrying his child. Bo tells Billie that he's thrown by the entire incident. Billie says she is as surprised as he is, but she is happy about it. Billie tells Bo she loves this baby and now knows what unconditional love is. Bo tells Billie he will take full responsibility for the child and Billie tells Bo that she won't stand in the way of his future with Hope. Billie asks how Hope is doing and Bo tells her that Hope is thrown. Bo then confronts Billie with the fact that she told Hope what happened between them in Rome and then about the story that Max supposedly released to the intruder. Billie says she knows what she did was wrong, but she did it out of love and to hold onto him. Billie tells Bo to just go be with Hope because she knows that's what he wants. Bo says it is, but Hope wants nothing to do with him now. Billie tells Bo that Hope is the type of woman who needs complete and total love and she (Billie) will be willing to accept any love he can give her. Billie informs Bo that she think this child is a sign that they were meant to be together. Bo tells Billie that once he learned about Hope's situation things changed. Billie tells Bo that the bottom line is he broke his word and promise to stay with her. Billie goes on and says that this baby will be a lasting reminder of their love. Billie says they belong together and Bo tells her he'll be there for her and the baby, but he can't make any more promises. Bo tells Billie that he'll be staying at the pub. Billie becomes angry and asks Bo if he is the least bit happy about this baby. (I didn't hear what the answer was because of a weather advisory). Billie tells Bo that she will be going to see her doctor and she will call him with the results of some tests.

Hope goes over to Jack and Jen's place in hopes that Laura's birthday party will get her mind off of Bo. Mike lets Hope in and Hope tells Mike she was hoping to cheer Laura up with a cake that Alice made. Mike asks Hope what the deal with Bo is and Hope tells Mike that as far as she is concerned, Bo is out of her life for good. Mike asks her if she and Bo can't get through this, but Hope tells Mike that she feels betrayed by Bo. Laura comes down stairs to see Hope and Abe drops by. Abe is angry with Laura for taking police matters into her own hands, but Laura tells Abe this is the only lead he's got. Abe then asks Hope how she's handling the situation with Bo. Hope says she'll get by. Mike and Hope take a walk and Hope cries on Mike's shoulder. Mike tells Hope that he knows how she feels and he admits to Hope that he's still in love with Carrie.

Peter has arrived at the circus. In their trailer, Jen is telling Jack that Peter is going to be found. Jen tells Jack she is going to rehearse her act and she leaves. Back at the circus grounds, Peter shows a picture of Jennifer to a performer and asks her if she's seen this woman. Peter claims this woman is his wife and is on the run with their daughter. The woman looks at the picture and then says she does look familiar, but she changes her mind. The woman offers to show Peter a good time, but Peter says he'll check the circus tent. Peter starts flashing Jen's picture to everyone and Jack nabs Jen and Abbey and tells them they have to leave now! Jack takes them back to their trailer and tells Jen that there are cops searching the motel across the street. As they hide, Peter begins knocking on their trailer door! Peter looks into the trailer and when he thinks it's empty he leaves. Jack looks out the window and sees the cops and across the street and thinks they were knocking on the door.

Peter calls Stefano and Stefano tells Peter to come home immediately! Stefano warns Peter about Laura's trap. As Peter is getting ready to leave, he has an attack! Suddenly the cops begin questioning people about Peter!


January 28
Peter has a Jungle Madness attack, but he recovers. The flexible woman approaches Peter and she tells him that he looks like the Peter the cops are after. Peter tells Laverne (flexible woman) that his name is Charlie, not Peter. Peter tells her that he's here looking for his daughter, who was taken from him by his ex-wife. Suddenly the police approach Peter and tell him that he fits the description of the man they are looking for. Peter manages to talk his way out of this situation and Laverne suggests they go someplace private and get to know each other a little better. Peter tells Laverne that he really has to get back to Salem.

In Jack and Jen's trailer, Jack and Jen watch the cops outside and wonder how they found them here in Dayton. The police then begin to knock on Jack and Jen's trailer and orders them to open up. Later, Jasper comes and tells them that the cops where looking for someone else, but they have left. Jen decides to give her mom a call and find out what happened with the false lead.

At the Jack and Jen's, Laura is pissed off at Abe for not going after Stefano and Kristen, as well as Peter. Abe tells Laura that they have no proof that Kristen has been in touch with Peter, but Laura tells Abe "come on." Laura then calls Abe incompetent and accuses him of working for the DiMeras. Abe tells Laura that he is understands her anger because he is as angry and as frustrated as she is. Mike yanks his mom away to relax and apologizes to Abe. Abe tells Hope that he's worried that Laura is on the edge of loosing it. Later, Laura gets even more upset when Abe reports that Peter hasn't been found. When Laura accuses him of shotty police work, Abe walks out. Hope goes after Abe, who is very angry and upset with Laura. Abe just hopes this won't encourage Laura to do something more extreme.

Jen calls her house to try and talk to Laura, but Hope answers. Hope tells Jen about Laura's plan and Jen freaks when she says they are in Dayton. Laura grabs the phone from Hope and becomes even more upset when she learns what she has done. However, Jen says if Peter does come to Dayton then maybe they can catch him. Before Laura can tell Jen about the earrings, Jen hangs up. Back at the circus, Jack sees a man who could be Peter talking with Laverne. Jack questions Laverne about the man and when he realizes that it was Peter, he decides to follow him back to Salem. Back at Jack and Jen's place, Laura swears if Peter hurts any members of her family then she will make all the DiMera's pay.

John is in ecstasy because he's going to have Marlena all to himself tonight. Roman shows up and throws his "date" with Marlena in John's face. Roman asks why John looks so surprised and John says that he didn't expect Roman to miss the big game. Roman offers John his ticket, but John refuses and leaves. Roman tells himself that he hopes Doc will love him again like she loved him once.

Kristen is sulking because John hates her, but she refuses to give up on him. Kristen approaches John, who snaps at her. John tells Kristen that her plan is going to fail and he will be with Marlena. Kristen asks John why Marlena canceled her plans to be with Roman? John tells Kristen that the reason Marlena is having dinner with Roman is because she has to keep up the charade with Roman. Kristen suggests that maybe Marlena does love Roman, but she doesn't have the heart to tell him. John tells Kristen that she is the one without a heart. Kristen starts begging John for one more chance, but John tells Kristen that he can never love her again and she will probably end up living the rest of her life alone. Abe calls John and he walks off to speak with him. Roman saw Kristen and John's argument, so he offers his help to Kristen. Roman asks Kristen if she is all right and she tells him no. Kristen says she loves John, but she doesn't think they can work things out. Roman tells Kristen that he might be thinking of confronting Marlena with the truth. Kristen becomes angry and says if he does that then they will both lose any chance of getting their loved ones back. Little do Roman and Kristen know that John was around the corner and heard EVERYTHING!

Marlena is at home and is hoping that what she is going to do tonight is the right thing. However, Marlena tells herself that she has to call John and explain things. Eric is at Marlena's place and he thanks Marlena for agreeing to have dinner with Roman. Eric asks Marlena to give his dad a chance, but Marlena tells Eric that she's going to tell Roman the truth tonight. Eric tells Marlena that Roman could collapse and die if she tells him the truth, but Marlena doesn't believe that. Suddenly John calls Marlena about their dinner. John is angry and tells her that she has to chose which man she wants to be with. Before Marlena can explain, John hangs up. Eric starts going off on how John is trying to destroy there family again, so Marlena tells him to shut up! Eric tells Marlena he won't shut up because he doesn't want her to hurt his dad. Marlena tells Eric that she can't live a lie for the rest of her life and asks for some compassion for her. Marlena starts crying and says the longer they keep the truth from Roman the more it will hurt him. Eric apologizes to his mom for not thinking about what she wants instead of what he, Sami and Roman want. They both apologize and they hug. Eric tells his mom that he understands what she is going to do, but he's still worried about his dad. Marlena says that this is all Kristen's fault. Eric says he doesn't like what Kristen did, but he can understand why she did it. Marlena goes off on how Kristen doesn't understand the meaning of love and how she (Marlena) loves John and wants to marry him. Marlena goes on and says Roman will not be happy living with her if it's all been based on a lie. Eric asks Marlena if she could wait a little bit longer to tell Roman the truth, but Marlena says her mind is made up.

John calls Chez Vous and cancels his order for the private dining room. Roman then calls and reserves it. He also learns that John Black canceled his order, so Roman thinks that perhaps Marlena doesn't love John as much as she thinks she does.

Billie comes in to see Dr. Bader, who has been filled in on Billie's case by Mike. Billie tries to explain to Dr. Bader why Bo isn't here when all of the sudden Bo shows up. Dr. Bader starts questioning Billie about her past health, but when Dr. Bader asks Billie about drug or alcohol abuse, Billie clams up. Bo then tells Dr. Bader that Billie has been addicted to cocaine and heroin. Dr. Bader is troubled by this news because her drug use could have adverse effects on her fetus. Dr. Bader says the odds are in her favor, but she should be made aware of the possibility. Dr. Bader gets beeped away and Billie becomes upset that her drug use is coming back to haunt her. Billie begins to cry, so Bo comforts her.


January 29
Jack runs back to his trailer and tells Jen that Peter was talking to Laverne and is headed back to Salem. Jack asks Jen for the car keys because he wants to follow Peter. Jen refuses to give Jack the keys because she doesn't want to lose him. Jack changes his plans and calls the FBI claiming to be a reporter for the Spectator and he reports that Peter is heading back to Salem in a dark sedan with TRH as the first three letters of the cars license. Unfortunately, the car was a rental and Peter dumped it. Suddenly Jasper knocks their door and he tells them that they've got big trouble. Jasper gathers everyone together and tells them that the circus is deep in debt and he has to close it. Jack talks to Jasper about the circus and suggest they take the circus to Salem!

Stefano is yelling at someone on the phone about finding Susan. He also tells the person to take over spying on Laura because he will have his hands full with Peter when he returns. Peter returns home on a plane, which explains how he got home so fast. Peter says he's going to make Laura pay for sending him on a wild goose chase today. Stefano laughs and says that Jen and Jack really were in Dayton. Peter gets pissed and decides to go back to Dayton, but Stefano tells him that he has to stay here. Stefano warns Peter that if he chooses to leave then he can not count on him (Stefano) for help. Peter agrees to stay and accepts Stefano's help. When Stefano leaves to make some tea, Peter has another attack.

At her place, Marlena tells Eric that she is going to tell Roman the truth tonight. Eric doesn't understand how she could hurt his dad like this, but Marlena tells Eric that it is Kristen who caused this problem. Eric tells his mom that if she dumps his dad and goes back to John then he will go back to Colorado because won't have a family in Salem. Marlena tells Eric that she must tell Roman the truth and hopes he understands. Eric asks Marlena if she could wait until after dinner to tell Roman, but Marlena knows what she is doing. Marlena leaves and Eric says this is all John's fault.

Kristen is trying to persuade Roman not to tell Marlena the truth. Kristen tells Roman that she thinks Marlena still loves him and wants to be with him. Little do they know that John is around the corner and has heard everything. Kristen continues to work on Roman, who doesn't know if he can keep lying to Marlena. Roman leaves, but agrees to think about what she told him. Now that John knows everything he tells himself that he has to let Marlena know the truth before Roman returns home.

John calls the penthouse to talk to Marlena, but Eric lies and says she's not here and then he hangs up on John. John wonders where Roman and Marlena are having dinner, so he starts calling around. However, Chez Vous is busy. John wonders who else would know where they will be having dinner and then he realizes Kristen would know. John goes over to Kristen's place and he demands that Kristen tell him where Roman and Marlena are having dinner tonight. Kristen claims she doesn't know, so John confronts her with her lies. John yells at her and tells he that she is as evil as Stefano is. Kristen tries to turn John's feelings around and says it's Roman and Marlena he's really angry at. John yells at Kristen and tells her once again that she is evil. Kristen gets angry and says she's tired of being called evil when Marlena runs around cheating and lying. John tells her she is evil and she deserves to be alone. Kristen tells John she has lost everything and he doesn't even care, so she might as well kill herself. John says she doesn't have the guts and then he walks out.

Roman returns to the penthouse and has bought Marlena a dress for her to wear tonight. Roman gets dressed up in a tux and Marlena returns wearing the maroonish sequiny dress that Roman bought her. Roman looks at Marlena and tells her how much he loves her and how he would sacrifice anything for her happiness.

John starts calling restaurants in Salem Place when Eric shows up. Eric tells John that thanks to him, Marlena is going to tell Roman the truth tonight. Eric tells John that he is not going to let him destroy his family again and then he punches John!

Marlena and Roman go to the private dining room at Chez Vous and Marlena remembers Eric asking her to tell Roman the truth after dinner. Roman starts preaching to Doc about love, faith, trust, and honesty. Roman tells Marlena that he lost sight of trust and honesty and he tells her that he's been lying to her.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kristen decides she has no reason to live.

Jonsey, Vivian, and Ivan are all flying to England. Vivian is bitching to Ivan about having to fly coach because she can't get a drink. Jonsey is sitting next to Ivan and he's dreaming about Stefano's threats. Jonsey wakes up from his nightmare and he wonders where he is. Vivian explains to Jonsey that they are going to England to be married.

In England, Susan is remembering her lovely day with Edmund (No idea what the song is, it sounds like Harry Neilson). Edmund is also busy remembering the day and accidentally spills something on his shirt. Violet talks to Susan about her date with Edmund, which Susan raves about. Violet tells Susan that she's so happy that she's come into her sons life. Edmund returns with a new shirt and invites Susan on a ride with him on his motorcycle. Edmund takes Susan to a special place, some type of warehouse or shed full of pictures of old planes. Edmund tells Susan that he is a licensed pilot and even has his own plane, but he asks Susan not to tell this to his mom, because she would only worry about him. Edmund says that he'd like to take her up one day, but Susan says she barfs on roller coasters. Edmund promises not to do any fancy trick because he wants to her experience the breathtaking experience. Susan looks at Edmund and says that any experience with him is breath taking.

Jonsey, Vivian, and Ivan show up at Violet's pub. Violet recognizes Jonsey as an old friend, but Jonsey has no clue who she is. Vivian spots little Elvis and says that child looks familiar. Vivian looks at Jonsey and thinks he's dead, so she starts slapping him to see if he's alive. Jonsey eventually comes to and Violet tries to get them a Vicar to marry them. Suddenly Edmund and Susan return to the pub and when Susan sees Vivian she screams at the top of her lungs.


January 30
In England, Susan screams when she sees Vivian and she tells Edmund that they are vampires. Vivian assures Susan that she didn't know she was here and she only came here to marry Jonsey. Susan starts screaming that she'll have to find a new place to hide, but Edmund stands up and protects her. However, he doesn't do a very good job and falls flat on the floor. Vivian looks at Ivan and says that Edmund is a male version of Susan. Edmund gets up and warns Vivian not to try and take Susan's baby. Vivian explains to Edmund that she's only here to marry Jonsey. Vivian gives Susan her word that she isn't going to try and take her baby, but Susan says "Vivian's word don't count as much as a dead frog does." (???) Edmund tells Vivian that she better not be lying or she'll have him to answer to. Vivian assures Susan she has nothing to do with Kristen and Susan believes her. Vivian tells Susan that she'd like to marry Jonsey tonight and Susan says that because they aren't in Salem then this wedding might actually happen. Vivian explains her dilemma to Violet, who agrees not to tell Jonsey that he's dying. Violet tries to find the Vicar and Vivian asks Susan to be her maid of honor. The Vicar eventually arrives to marry Vivian and Jonsey, but Jonsey is on the floor and they think he's dead.

Kristen is sulking all alone in her big old mansion. Kristen realizes that John hates her and there is no chance that they will ever reunite. Kristen goes over her life and what she's done right and wrong. Kristen cries and rants about Marlena Marlena Marlena for the entire show.

Eric punches John, who refuses to fight Eric. Eric continues to attack John and demands that he fight him like a man. They continue to argue and Eric continues to try and attack John. John then tells Eric that Marlena won't have to tell Roman anything tonight because Roman already knows the truth. Eric refuses to believe John, who claims that Roman and Kristen have set them all up. Eventually Eric realizes that Kristen almost killed his father and he becomes more angry. John asks Eric where Marlena and Roman are and Eric tells him they are at Chez Vous.

At Chez Vous, Roman tells Marlena that he knows she is in love with John and that they were planning to marry. Marlena is stunned and Roman explains to her that he's known since New Years Eve. Roman apologizes to Marlena and asks her for her forgiveness. Marlena asks how he found out and Roman tells her he heard them talking on the plane. Marlena explains to Roman why they didn't tell him the truth immediately, but Roman understands. Roman then tells Marlena that the reason he found out that she was at the airfield was because Kristen told him. Marlena responds by saying "Oh that little bitch!" Marlena tells Roman that Kristen is a liar and is evil as Stefano is. Marlena says that Kristen only brought him back to break up her (Marlena) and John. Roman can't believe what he is hearing and he becomes even more angry that he was duped by another DiMera. Roman asks Marlena how long she and John have been together. Marlena tells Roman that they never stopped loving each other, but they were always kept apart because of Kristen's lies. Marlena then breaks it to Roman that the wedding he came home to was her wedding to John. Roman asks Marlena to be honest with him and he asks her why she agreed to marry him. Marlena tells Roman she only agreed to marry him because he was dying. Roman doesn't blame Marlena, he blames the DiMeras. However, Marlena tells him their evil managed to help them cure him. Roman tells Marlena he loves her and wants to marry, as does John. Roman says there is nothing to keep her from marrying John, but he asks her not to do it. Roman starts preaching to Marlena about how they are both the great love of each other's life. Roman goes on and tells Marlena that down deep she still has feelings for him and he asks her not to run away from them. Roman begs Marlena not to run back to John and he asks her for a chance. Unfortunately, time is up and John arrives.

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