January 98 Week 4


January 19
Roman is talking to himself about how he's not going to give up on Marlena. Roman looks at a picture of him and Marlena and wonders if she can love him again. Suddenly Marlena shows up and sees Roman holding a picture of them. Roman tells Marlena he was thinking about old times when the phone rings. A nurse from the hospital is calling to tell Marlena that one of her patients is on a ledge and is about to jump. Marlena rushes off and Roman wonders if she is really going to see her lover, John.

Kimberly shows up to see Roman and she asks him what is wrong. Roman tells Kim that he knows the truth about John and Marlena. Kim is shocked and she hugs his brother, who thinks John and Marlena are only having an affair. Kim asks Roman if he's going to confront Marlena, but Roman says no because knowledge is power and he will fight for Marlena this time. Kim looks at Roman and Roman realizes that Kim doesn't think he will win. Kim tells him that John and Marlena share a very special bond, but Roman says they also shared a bond once. Roman tells Kim he has to fight for Marlena and he intends to win.

Marlena arrives at the hospital to find a man threatening to kill himself because his wife left him. Marlena councils the man on the ledge and tells him to think about what he will be doing to his children, so he comes down.

Bo finds John on the pier and Bo tells him about Jack, Jen, and Abbey and he also tells John about how he and Hope are together. John is happy for him, but Bo hopes that Hope will understand what really happened with Billie in Rome.

At the hospital Hope overhears Mike tell Billie that she is pregnant. Billie is ecstatic and Hope rushes off when Franco and Sami find her standing in the hall. Mike tells Billie perhaps she should tell Bo, but Billie isn't sure she wants to tell him. Billie asks Mike not to tell anyone about this until she can tell Bo.

Carrie and Austin are at Chez Vous having dinner. Billie calls Austin and tells him that she needs to talk to him and she asks him to come home. Austin tells Carrie her has to go to Billie, but he tells her he needs to go alone. Carrie tells Austin it is okay and she says she will wait for him. On the way out Austin runs into Mike and he asks him to keep Carrie company. Mike says he's supposed to be meeting Ali but she hasn't arrived yet, so he'd be happy to sit with Carrie. Some song comes on (I think it's New Kids, er Backstreet Boys, later it's the How Do I Live song) and Mike and Carrie dance to it. Ali shows up and sees them dancing and she is NOT pleased. Franco and Sami show up and they see Mike and Carrie dancing as well. When Ali goes to see Mike, Carrie excuses her self to go to the bathroom and Sami follows her. Sami asks Carrie if she's going to tell Austin that she has the hots for Mike, or should she (Sami) do it? Sami and Carrie argue, Sami claims Mike is dating Ali to make her jealous. Carrie tells Sami that is her style and points out that she is using Franco to make Austin jealous.

Austin comes home and Billie tells Austin that Bo dumped her for Hope; however, Billie tells Austin that she's pregnant with Bo's child! Austin tells Billie that she has to fight for Bo and use the baby to keep him.

Austin returns to the club where Carrie is now out of the bathroom and is sitting at the table. Sami and Franco are on the dance floor attempting to make Austin jealous. Franco even kisses Sami, which really sends her for a loop.

Hope goes to the pier were John finds her. He asks her what is wrong and she tells John that she's lost Bo forever. Hope tells John that she was so careful about giving her heart to Bo again and she believed that nothing happened between between Bo and Billie. Hope rambles on and on and finally tells John that Bo made a real commitment to Billie in Rome. John tells Hope that they can get through this, but Hope says that they can't because Billie is pregnant with Bo's baby. Hope cries and John comforts her. Hope tells John that she knows that Bo would never had made love to Billie if he didn't love her. John tells Hope that it's possible to love two people, but on different levels. Hope says it doesn't matter because once Bo learns Billie is pregnant he will not leave her. John tells Hope that he's there for her partner (hey that's Abe's nickname!). Hope leaves and John has a flashback about seeing Marlena on the pier so long ago. Marlena shows up for real and they hug. John ask her what is upsetting her and she tells him about her patient, which reminded her of Roman. They talk awhile and both agree not to give up on their relationship. Marlena tells John that Roman has been acting strange and she wonders if Roman knows about them. John says that if Roman knew about them then he would confront them. John says perhaps Roman realizes she doesn't love him, or does she? John apologizes and says he just doesn't like these doubts and insecurities he's having about her. Marlena tells John she loves him, but she has to get back to Roman before he starts wondering where she is.

Bo goes to see Alice and he tells her about Jack and Jen and then about Hope. Alice is overjoyed and they both wait for Hope to return. Hope shows up and she tells Bo that it's over. Bo doesn't understand and he tells her what has changed. Hope says she knows the truth that he and Billie were lovers.


January 20
Kim is still at Marlena's penthouse attempting to talk to Roman, but his thoughts are elsewhere. Roman tells Kim about Marlena's emergency patient and he wonders if it could have been John. Kim asks Roman to just confront them, but Roman says he wants to fight for Marlena. Roman truly believes Marlena loves him and that he has to make Marlena realize these feelings before she's pressured by John into telling him the truth. Roman tells Kim that he has to find a way to show Marlena how happy they were before John came into their lives and he's going to start showing her tonight. Marlena returns home and Kim makes herself scarce. Marlena tells Roman about her suicidal patient and Roman tells Marlena that a wife and children are definitely worth fighting for. Roman starts questioning Marlena why she was gone for so long and she tells him that she stopped of at the pier to think. Suddenly a man shows up and delivers a movie to Roman that he ordered, "All Our Tomorrows", which seems to be a favorite of Marlena's. Marlena cries after the movie is over because she loves a happy ending, and Roman tells Marlena that he hopes they can have a happy ending and he kisses her. Roman apologizes and decides to turn in for the night.

Austin returns to Chez Vous and dances with Carrie. Franco is still dancing with Sami and he plants a big'ole kiss on her. Sami is shocked, but Franco says it was to make Austin jealous. Carrie sees Mike dancing with Ali, but Austin is focused on Sami and Franco. All three couples sit down and order some food, but Carrie can't keep her eyes off Mike and Ali and Austin wonders if Ali could be the perfect woman for Mike. Austin asks Carrie if she ever found out who it was that Mike was in love with, but she says she didn't. Carrie then starts watching Sami and Franco and she talks about how she can't think of anything worse than loving someone who can't love you back. Austin and Carrie decide to call it a night and they say good night to Mike and Ali. Mike starts staring at Sami and Franco and is wondering what Sami's doing with FrRrRrRranco! Ali says perhaps Sami has wised up and moved on, but Mike doesn't believe that. Ali says that if you love someone who doesn't love you then you have to move on, but Mike says sometimes that is not possible. Franco tells Sami that it's getting late and he has a photo shoot in the morning, so Franco takes Sami home. Before leaving Franco tells Sami that their relationship is strictly business. After Sami goes inside Franco tells himself the more attracted Sami becomes to him, the easier it will be to use her without her knowing. Back at Chez Vous, Mike realizes that Ali is just another Debra and he can't get over Carrie. Mike also tells himself that he has to hide his feelings so Carrie will never find out how he feels about her. Back at her place, Carrie wonders if she could be the woman Mike loves.

Billie is at home and is going over Bo dumping her. Billie tells herself that she hopes Hope will reject Bo and he will return to her. Kate shows up and Billie cries to her mother that Bo dumped her. Kate tells Billie she must fight and Billie says that she sunk to a new low and schemed like Sami. Billie then tells her mom that she is pregnant with Bo's child. Kate tells Billie she must use this baby to keep him, but Billie says she doesn't want Bo to stay with her out of an obligation. Billie says this is the same thing Sami tried to do with Austin, but Kate says the situations are different because Bo loved her once. Billie tells Kate that she can't use the baby to stay with her. Billie says that Bo will be a good father to this child even if he's not with her. Kate tries to convince Billie that she belongs with Bo, but Billie doesn't believe that. Kate eventually gives up, but she makes Billie promise to tell Bo about the baby before he tells her it's over.

At Alice's place, Bo tells Hope he was trying to tell her that he made love to Billie in Rome. Hope asks Bo to leave, but Bo refuses to go until they straighten out this misunderstanding. Hope tells Bo that she knows he wouldn't have slept with Billie if he didn't love her. Bo tells Hope he does love Billie, but not the way he loves her. Bo goes off and tells her that he never meant to keep any secrets from her and he did break it off with Billie. Bo asks her who told her and Hope tells him that it was Billie. Bo is sorry she had to find out about this from Billie, but they have to put Billie behind them and move on. Hope tells Bo that Billie will never let him go and she will play on his guilt and obligation to hold onto him just like she did tonight. Hope informs Bo that the story the Intruder was going to print was a lie that Billie orchestrated to hold onto him. Bo is shocked and Hope tells Bo that Billie is desperate to hold onto him. She then tells Bo that Billie will need him more than ever now because she's pregnant with his child. Bo doesn't believe her but Hope says it's true. Bo still can't believe it and Hope tells Bo why not, he obviously didn't take any precautions when he slept with her. Bo admits they didn't think about birth control and Hope says that means that Bo didn't only commit to Billie physically, but he committed to her emotionally as well. Bo tells Hope they can still be together, but Hope says they can't. Hope says she doesn't even care if he goes back to Billie, but she knows he will because he has a commitment to Billie. Bo tells Hope that his first commitment is to her and Shawn D., but Hope tells him they have managed to go on without him and they will be fine. Hope tells Bo it's over and asks him to leave. Bo leaves, but outside he says he will fight for Hope.


January 21
Sami, who now has her hair really really curly, is looking at some photos of Franco and Hope and is also thinking about Franco's kiss. Austin shows up at the mansion and hopes "she" is home because he can't stop thinking about her.

Upstairs Billie wakes up to find Bo standing by her bed with flowers. Bo starts telling Billie how he loves her and his future is with her. Billie hugs Bo, but then she wakes up from her dream. Billie hugs one of her pillows and starts crying.

Austin knocks on the door and Sami lets him in. Austin has come to see Billie, so he goes up to her room. Meanwhile Sami says Austin does love her and those feelings will surface soon. Suddenly Franco shows up and Sami is thrilled that he is here because she wants Austin to catch them making out. Franco tells Sami that is too obvious and she must follow his lead, but she can never betray his trust. Sami promises not to tell anyone what she knows and Franco informs Sami that he must have Hope and he will have her.

Austin goes up to see Billie, who is upset and crying. Billie doesn't know that Bo knows the truth and she doesn't think he will come back to her. Austin tells Billie that she has to tell Bo, but Billie says she doesn't want Bo's pity. Billie then spills her guts to Austin about how she and Franco tried to scheme Bo into staying with her. Austin doesn't seem to be bothered by this and he tells Billie to tell Bo about the baby. Billie agrees and Austin says that he feels that she'll never be alone again once she tells Bo about this good news.

Back downstairs Franco and Sami are smooching, but Sami doesn't understand why he kissed her. Franco tells Sami that practice makes perfect and he leaves as Austin comes down the steps. Austin then asks Sami if he could have a minute of her time. Sami says sure and they go into the sitting room. Austin tells Sami that he doesn't want to see her get involved with a man that is going to hurt her again. Sami says that's very sweet of him and that he must really care for her.

Hope is sulking at Alice's place and is thinking how happy she could have been with Bo if he hadn't slept with Billie. Hope calls Titan and tells them that she won't be coming in for her photo shoot today. Alice comes downstairs and she is thrilled that her and Bo are getting back together. However, Hope informs Alice that it is over between them. Hope tells Alice what happened, but she says it doesn't make her love Bo any less. However, Hope says it's no longer about their love now that there is a baby involved. Alice asks Hope if she's going to just give up on Bo and Hope says it's over for good.

Bo spent the night at the station and he can't get over Hope dumping him last night. Roman comes in to see Bo and he notices that Bo looks troubled. Bo tells Roman about how his life has fallen apart now that he learned Billie is pregnant. Roman tells Bo that he got himself into this mess and he has to take responsibility for it. Later we see Roman screaming at someone on the phone about trying to find Peter instead of Jack. Roman and Bo return to their previous conversation and Roman tells Bo that he shouldn't make any further decisions without talking to Billie.

Billie comes into the station to see Bo, so Roman excuses himself. Before Billie can tell Bo the good news, Bo tells Billie that Hope already told him about the baby. Billie is upset because she wanted to tell him. Bo asks Billie how she is feeling and Billie says she feels like she got the best news in the world at the worst time. Billie tells Bo that she doesn't want this baby to change anything and she tells him that he's free to be with Hope. Bo tells Billie he doesn't want to talk about Hope right now, he wants to talk about them. Bo asks Billie why she didn't call him about the baby and Billie says she didn't want him to feel obligated. Billie tells Bo she only came here to tell him she won't stand in the way of him and Hope. Billie walks off, but Bo stops her and says they have a lot to talk about.

Franco shows up to pick up Hope for the photo shoot, but Hope tells Franco that she's not going. Hope tells Franco about Billie and how it's over for her (Hope) and Bo.

Celeste, sporting a long blonde wig, is with Laura and they are going through all Stefano's old letters. Celeste tells Laura that they will find Peter.

At the circus, Jack has a nightmare that Peter found them and during a struggle he (Jack) was shot and killed. As they have breakfast, Jen wishes she could call her mom and wish her a happy birthday. Later, Jen gets a brilliant idea and calls her Aunt Maggie. Jen says she needs her Aunt Maggie's help getting something to her mom without the FBI knowing.

Maggie comes over to Jen's place to deliver Laura's birthday presents from Jack, Jen, and Abbey. Maggie gives Laura her cell phone so that Jen can call her, the FBI aren't tracing her phone. Maggie then gives Laura her and Mickey's gift, a day at the Salem Spa. Celeste tells Laura that she should use the gift certificate today because if she is relaxed it may help her think more clearly on how to find Peter. Suddenly Laura says she just figured out the perfect way to find Peter, she should supply him with false information. Maggie isn't so sure that Laura should try and trick the DiMera's, but Laura says it's worth it if the plan works. Laura tells Maggie and Celeste that she wants them to join her.

Back in the secret room, Peter tells Stefano he can't stay hold up forever. Stefano tells Peter that if he had an attack he could hurt someone, but Peter doesn't care. Peter tells Stefano either he helps him get his Jen and Abbey back or he's leaving now. Stefano tells Peter that the police and FBI are looking for him, but Peter couldn't care less. Peter knows that Jen will be calling her mom to wish her a happy birthday and that's why Peter must get the bug planted at Laura's. Stefano tells Peter he can't just go bug Laura's house, he has to plan these things carefully. Stefano calls Lynn and asks her to find out what Laura Horton's schedule is and Lynn agrees to do it. Lynn calls back and tells Stefano that Laura has taken the day off to go to the spa. Peter tells Stefano that he will take it from here, but Stefano tells Peter to please follow his instructions on how to go about planting the bug.

Back at the Circus, Jen is practicing with Ernesto. Ernesto is a real hot head and yells at Jen for sneezing. Jack becomes angry and tells Ernesto that nobody speaks to his wife like that. Jack demands Ernesto to apologize to his wife, which he does. Jaspar then tells Jack he just repayed the favor, he's never seen anyone cut Ernesto down to size the way Jack did.


January 22
Today's Summary is by Laney. Sorry guys, I (Dustin) made it halfway through the show only to be interrupted by the President's press conference

The show opens with Vivian and Ivan (remember them??) at Jonesy's place. Vivian is pacing around worrying about Jonesy's health. Dr. Woo is examining him. Vivian is worried that if something should happen to him, he doesn't have a will. Ivan questions her whether she is even sure that everything even belongs to Jonsey. She comments that they haven't seen anyone else since they have been there (except for Celeste, Sister Mary and that crazy Susan). Later, Vivian is still pacing around wondering what is going on. Dr. Woo comes out and tells them that Jonsey will be lucky to see springtime. When Vivian questions him he says the regimen seems to be having a reverse effect now. He may have only a couple of weeks....maybe even only hours left. Vivian comments that it doesn't give her much time and wonders how to get him to sign everything over to her. She decides that she must make the marriage legal and Ivan worries about this plan. Jonsey wanders in and overhears her say that they shouldn't let him know. When questioned, she skirts the issue and says that she has found there was some kind of problem and that their marriage isn't really legal and he passes out. When he comes to, she tells him that there was a problem at City Hall with the license and he proposes to her again. (Ivan rolls his eyes) She accepts and wants to get married ASAP. She volunteers to handle everything and says she needs to be beautiful and decides to spend a day at the spa. After she and Ivan leave the room, Jonsey realizes that Vivian thinks he is rich and decides it is best to NOT tell her the truth. Ivan badgers her and says he can't believe she will go through with it. Vivian tells Jonsey to get some rest and she will see him later. As she and Ivan leave, she tells Ivan that NOTHING will go wrong this time...as you see Stephano's (unmistakable) shadow profile on the wall. Inside, Jonsey can't believe that a woman as beautiful as Vivian would want him. He hears a noise and turns to see Stephano (Jonesy calls him Master).

Earlier (at DiMansion) Kristen wanders to the cellar to visit with Peter and is shocked to find him missing (be sure to check out her black mini-skirt). Stephano comes in and she informs him that Peter is missing. He tells Kristen he let him out and about their plan. She is furious and says that Stephano is out of his mind. She reminds him of Peter's last run-in with Laura (flashbacks of the laser surgery). Kristen says that Peter has lost his mind and who knows what he will do...she blames Stefano if anything goes wrong. She says that everything will fall apart and all three of them will end up in jail. He tries to reason with her and says that they must all stand together, but this is no comfort to her...she says they will end up in jail...or DEAD. He tells her to just trust him as she sulks. Kristen rubs his nose in the fact that he hasn't even found Susan yet...and how he was outsmarted by a dimwit. He has to fight to keep his cool with her and tells Kristen that the baby is safe...Susan will take care of him. Kristen keeps on and says that SHE is the only one fit to raise him. She worries about Peter having one of his fits and how all of Salem will find out how she has been hiding him. (She says it's only a matter of time before Laura remembers the secret room). Finally Stefano agrees with her and says he must find another hiding place. He suggests that Kristen go to the spa and keep an eye on the situation. After she leaves, he decides the needs an alternate plan in case Peter does fail and that they also need a new hiding place.

In England, Susan shows up at the pub (no stocking cap...but she has her hair up with red, orange, blue, burgundy and yellow ribbons...ROFL). She asks little Elvis if she looks okay (if only that child could talk!) Inside, Violet asks her if she wants something to eat, she says no, but Elvis sure likes those little meat pies. Violet asks her if she likes it in England and she says yes...maybe for ever (as Edmund comes in the room). They make goo-goo eyes at each other. He invites her to go on a picnic with him and she agrees (he kisses her hand...insert more goofy faces here). Edmund asks Violet to watch after Elvis and she obliges. Susan tells Edmund and Violet that she is so glad they don't work for that Mean, mean, mean Stefano DiMera. Edmund tells her she will be safe and not to worry as long as he's around her. Outside, (REALLY...it IS outside scenes) Susan asks where his car is, but he doesn't have a car...he has a motorcycle (with a side car). She isn't so sure it's safe, but he assures her. She has to let her hair down to put on her helmet (backwards, no less) and goggles. After Edmund helps her in, we see Violet and Elvis waving bye-bye as she tells him that Susan looks just like Amelia Earhart (ROFL). Susan waves to her sweat pea and yells that Mommy loves him. Edmund takes off and the side car comes loose...leaving her sitting in the dust behind...as she calls for him. He comes back and apologizes. After reattaching the side car, off they go (Susan looks scared to death). Inside the pub, Violet tells Elvis that she believes it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

At the circus, Ernesto is practicing his act with Jen. Jasper tells Jack that he will be a hero once word gets out about how Jack stood up to him. Jack is still worried about Jen being in the act, but Jen says that knife throwing is nothing compared to what Peter would do to them. Jen and Abby talk and she goes to play with Adam. After she leaves, J&J talk about how well she has adjusted. Jack is upset about Maggie and Laura getting involved in their plight, but Jen assures him that they are family and just want to help. Later, Jen returns to their trailer and is surprised by Jack (who has lovin' on his mind) She tells him not to forget to remind her to call Laura and they begin to kiss. They are interrupted by Abby and Jen tells her to get cleaned up. She thanks Jack for reminding her what it feels like to be in love again. She hopes that Maggie was able to convince Laura to go to the spa and relax. Later (before the show), Jack and Jen see Abby and Adam dressed as clowns. When Jack asks who that little clown is, Abby sticks out her tongue at him. Abby begs to be in the show and Adam promises to watch out for her. J&J agree, but tells Adam he must clear it with his dad and the kids scamper off. Jack reminds Jen it's time to call Laura (who has Peter's hands all over her back around this time...see below).

Laura, Maggie and Celeste are enjoying themselves at the spa and Laura thanks Maggie for lending her the phone. They discuss their plan of tricking Kristen (giving her false information). Peter is lurking around (in a blond wig, blond beard and glasses). He pulls out the tracking device (looks like a tube of lipstick) to plant on Laura. He has another attack, but it passes. Laura gets something in her eye and gets out her compact and swears to Maggie and Celeste that she saw Peter in the reflection. They all agree that her imagination is working overtime and Laura agrees that she must be obsessing about Peter. Laura finds out that her regular masseuse is not there and that she will have someone else, Chris (Look out Laura!) as we see Peter sneaking into one of the massage rooms. L, M & C discuss how she must be careful when talking with Kristen and not let her become suspicious. They call Laura for her massage and she thanks both of them for all their help. In the massage room, Peter comes in and pretends to be Chris (Laura is lying on her stomach and never sees him). He is upset that she doesn't have her purse or clothes with her, leaving him nowhere to plant the device (I am NOT even going to touch THAT one!) She asks him to work on her lower back and he begins the massage. He begins to have one of his attacks and begins to get a bit rough with her. She complains and he apologizes. Meanwhile, out in the lobby, Kristen shows up and Maggie and Celeste see her. She sees them and makes a face at them and turns on her heel and heads the other way. They are excited that Laura will get her chance to put the plan in motion. Celeste asks Maggie if they should let Laura know that she is there, but Maggie says they should just let Laura enjoy her massage. Vivian and Ivan also show up at the spa for "the works" because she is getting married today. Upon hearing this, M&C whirl around...eyes and mouths wide open. Meanwhile, Kristen is sneaking around looking for Peter and/or Laura. Back in the message room, Peter's head is throbbing (as is mine...wish they'd lose the pounding drum effect) as he reaches for Laura's neck....and the credits roll.


January 23
Today's summary is by Laney. Yup, Mr. Clinton ruined the soap again
The show opens with Susan and Edmond puttering down a dirt road on the motorcycle (with her in the side car). They stop and get out. (Her aviator cap/helmet...whatever you call it....gets stuck on her head). He wants to show her his favorite spot. There in the grass under his favorite tree (along with the cows and sheep) they go through a series of comic mishaps. He has champagne (which really excites Susan...cause it makes her all tingly). When he pops the cork, you hear a bird squawk and see feathers floating down. While eating strawberries and cream (must've learned that from Marlena) they end up with the cream all over their faces. Edmond pushes her on a swing and flies out of the swing...right over a tree limb! Later he picks what looks like ragweed for her and she has a sneezing fit. She goes to pick some for him, but when she bends over a sheep rams her in the rear end. While walking, she tags him and says "you're it" and it shows him chasing her (in fast motion...ala Benny Hill). They see statues (in someone's garden) and she wants to know who all the "nekked" people are. They go out in a boat on a pond and Susan reaches out for a lillypad and turns the boat over. The two see each other across a meadow and go running to each other (as they do in the movies) but run right into each other and both fall. Then they share a kiss. Later, Edmond reads a poem for her and Susan is really touched by it (especially when he tells her he wrote it for her). Most of these scenes are montages, set to music. If you are a Susan fan...these scenes are a must (and a keeper).

Back in the "real" world...Peter is giving Laura her massage and daydreams of strangling her (I thought he did at first). (I don't know, but if it were me and I were getting a massage and began to hear all that heavy breathing and huffing and puffing going on, well, I'd think something was going on besides a massage.) Out in the lobby, Kristen sees Maggie and Celeste staring at her and want to know what their problem is. Celeste says that she senses that something is wrong with her to which Kristen retorts "Well, that's your job isn't it Celeste? Sensing things!" (ROFL!) Maggie and Celeste are filling Vivian in on what has been going on with Susan and Kristen (trying to get the baby back and how J&M sent Susan away). They also inform Vivian that Stephano was the baby's father (much to Kristen's dismay). Maggie's cell phone rings and it's Jen. Celeste takes the phone to Laura (but Peter turns his back on them and they never see his face). Laura and Jen talk for a bit, but the line has all this static and they get cut off. Realizing that Kristen is eavesdropping, Laura keeps on talking and asks where they are. She says "Dayton, Ohio" loud enough for Kristen to overhear. After Laura leaves, we learn that Kristen realized it was a scam, but Peter (also eavesdropping) fell for it...so he's off to Dayton!

At Jonesy's house, Jonsey swears to Stephano that he has let no one in the house. Stephano finds a tea cup with lipstick on it and questions him further. Jonsey breaks down and tells Stephano that a lady friend of his comes by once and a while...but no one else. The doorbell rings and Jonsey is terrified that it is Vivian. He answers the door and it's a girl scout selling cookies and he is rude to her. Stephano gives him the money for the cookies and Jonsey gives it to the little girl, but won't take the cookies. He tells her to just leave. After she leaves, Stephano tells Jonsey that he will have to leave and gives him a wad of money and thanks him for his help. Stephano retreats to the basement. He is standing looking at something (we don't see what) and says something like "Someday, my queen". Oh, good God...don't tell me he has that bird cage down there!! Shortly after, Vivian and Ivan come back...Vivian tells Jonsey she's all ready for the wedding. Jonsey tells her he can't marry her.

At the circus, Jasper informs everyone that the circus isn't doing well, so they are packing up and moving on. He tells them that they are going to have to play bigger cities. The first stop?....You got it....Dayton, Ohio!! (Wow, good going, Laura!)....and the credits roll.

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