January 98 Week 3


January 12
Edmund is helping Susan move into her new cottage because he feels bad that he ran into her at the "shoppe." Edmund tells Susan that it's tea time and he makes them some tea. Susan and Edmund sit down and talk about what Susan likes to drink, beer. Edmund tells Susan that his mom makes wonderful warm beer and Susan says "Eeeeew That's Icky!" Edmund bets Susan that if he can get her to enjoy warm beer then she will have to dance with him at the pub. Susan says that Edmund must join her for a spooky movie and a tub of butter popcorn. Later Edmund asks Susan where she is from and when she tells him Salem he asks if it's the Salem where they burned the witches. Susan says no, but she does know a witch and a vampire that could use a little burning. Susan changes the subject and asks him about his family. Edmund says that his family goes back to the war of Hastings in 1066. Edmund also tells Susan that the only time he's been outside this village was to see Mr Elvis Presley, the King of Rock'N'Roll. Susan is so excited and tells him that she even named her baby Elvis. Susan tells Edmund that she brought all her Elvis Presley records. Susan puts a record on and asks him to dance.

Stefano is wondering where Susan and his son could be, he still thinks the baby could be in Alaska. Stefano vows to find them though. Stefano then wonders were Peter could be. He wishes he could help him, but he can't endangers his reputation. Peter calls Stefano and Stefano tells Peter that he doesn't want to know what he is planning, it is better that way. Peter says fine, but he needs his medicine from Rolfe. Stefano says it's impossible, Rolfe was beaten into a coma by an ISA agent who was trying to find Peter.

Mike and Laura are talking in the hospital about Jack and Jen. Laura says she doesn't know anything right now. Carrie shows up and asks Mike how Roman is. Mike says that Roman is much better and if his blood pressure stabilizes he can go home. Carrie is overjoyed and hugs Mike.

Jack is talking with Abbey, who wishes she could call her grandma. Jack tals Jen Abbey watches a circus go by outside. Abbey asks her mom if they can go to the circus, which is being set up across the street. Jack goes over to the circus and inquires if there are any job openings. Back in the room, Abbey wants to call grandma. Jen thinks that the FBI couldn't be tapping the hospital phone lines, so she calls Laura. Laura is relieved that Jen, Jack, and Abbey are okay. Abbey talks to Laura for a bit. Back at the circus Jack, who says his name is Bob, gets a job as the assistant to the animal trainer. Jack goes back to the motel and tells Jen that he just joined the circus.

Peter is driving back to Salem and is wondering what happened thanks to his jungle madness. Peter thinks that once he gets to Salem he can get his pills and learn where Jen is through her family. Peter calls Kristen for help. Kristen says that the FBI and the Salem PD have the house staked out, so he has to be careful.

In Roman's room, Roman asks Marlena to take him home and she says of course she will. John leaves the room and Sami and Eric begin questioning him as to what happened. John tells Eric and Sami that Roman wants Marlena to take him home. Sami and Eric are pleased and John knows that news just made their day. Carrie tells John she's so sorry and knows how hard this is on him. John says it is and then he goes to get some coffee.

Mike goes in and talks to Marlena and Roman. Mike tells Roman that he can go home today if everything check out. Marlna takes Mike aside and asks him if they know what happened yet. Mike doesn't know and Marlena says that Roman isn't acting like himself. Marlena and Mike leave to get Roman checked out of the hospital. Roman recalls Kristen telling him to fight for Marlena and he decides to take her advice.

Sami is angry with Carrie for taking John's side. She rags on Carrie until Carrie threatens to deck her again. Sami tells Carrie to go catch up with John because she is obviously not a part of their family. Eric and Mike stick up for Carrie though. Carrie says that Roman, John, and Marlena need to decide what happens, not them. She also says that if Marlena chooses John then there is nothing they can do about it. Suddenly Roman shows up and he asks what is going on. Roman wonders what he interrupted and Carrie says that they were only talking about him. Roman says he'd like to talk to John before going home and Carrie goes to find him. Roman warns Sami that he saw that she was fighting with Carrie and he warns her that she better not be up to her old tricks. Roman feels that Sami is trying to alienate Carrie from their family, but Sami swears she's not. Roman makes Sami promise that she will not fall back to her old ways.

Kristen shows up at the hospital to see what is going on with Roman when Stefano calls her. Stefano wants to know if she's learned anything from John about Susan and his son and Kristen says now is not the time. Kristen tells Stefano about the situation with Roman as well. John finds Kristen and asks her what she knows about Roman's collapse. Kristen says she doesn't know what he is talking about and they start arguing. John gets fed up and walks off. Kristen is happy that Roman didn't tell John and Marlena the truth.

John confronts Marlena and he says that she is the only person stopping them from telling Roman the truth. Carrie interrupts their talk and tells John that Roman wants to see him. Roman asks his kids to excuse them while they talk. Roman says that this experience has been a wake up call to him. Roman tells John that the most important thing to him is to preserve his family and he will do anything to make that happen. Kristen shows up and is happy for Roman. They hug and Kristen tells him he's doing the right thing. Roman tells her that he'll take it day by day. Marlena gets ready to take Roman home and Sami plans to cook dinner for them. Eric asks Carrie to join them and she says she will. Everyone leaves John, alone with Kristen. Kristen offers to help John through his pain, but he just walks away.

Laura goes to the DiMera mansion to see Kristen, but she's not home. Laura wants to wait, but the maid slams the door in Laura's face. However, Peter manages to sneak into the house undetected.

Stefano looks at a picture of Susan and his son and he tells the picture that he will find them, they can not hide from him!


January 13
Stefano is on the pier and is talking with one of his men on the phone about finding Susan and Elvis. John shows up on the pier as well and calls Marlena. Marlena and the kids are bringing Roman home when John calls her. John wants to tell Roman the truth right now. They argue on the phone, but John apologizes for pressuring her. Inside the penthouse Sami and Eric are working on their dad about remarrying their mom. Roman tells them that he doesn't want to rush into marriage, he wants to take it one day at a time. Marlena and Carrie go into the penthouse and find Roman and the twins looking at old pictures. Roman asks Marlena who was on the phone and she tells him it was John and says that John hopes he gets well soon. Sami suddenly gets a great idea, she suggests they use the Christmas pictures to start a whole new album of family pictures now that Marlena and Roman are getting back together. The tension in the room is broken when Austin calls to speak to Carrie. Austin made reservations for them at Chez Vous, which doesn't please Sami. Roman says it would be great if Carrie and Austin had a child. That does it for Sami, who says Carrie should start her own family because she doesn't belong in this family. Roman asks Sami what in the hell she is talking about. Sami says that Carrie is always taking sides against their family and she says to ask Carrie about it. Eric breaks up the fight and Sami leaves for some air. Roman apologizes to Carrie, but she says she's use to it. Carrie leaves and Roman decides to have a talk with Sami. Roman tells Sami he is very disappointed in her. Roman says that this obsession with Austin is killing her. He tells her she must find someone else to love, but Sami says Austin is the only man she will love. Roman tells Sami that he loves her mom with his whole heart, but love can't be a 1 way street, it has to be returned. They talk about Marlena and Roman tells Sami that he believes that the man Marlena only loves is him, that's why he is here with her now.

Back inside Eric tells his mom he's glad that she didn't tell Roman the truth. Eric says even though John is a good guy, he'd rather see her fall back in love with Roman. Marlena tells Eric that she'll always love his dad, but she's IN love with John. Eric says he doesn't understand love because all it does is heart people and tear them apart. Eric says as far as he concerned love stinks and he wants nothing to do with it. Sami and Roman return and Sami suggests to Eric that they leave. Marlena tells Sami she loves her, and they hug. Roman tells Marlena that he wants all his kids to be happy, as well as her. Marlena asks Roman if he knows what caused him to collapse. Roman says that he thinks that the clean bill of health Mike gave him got him too excited and worked up before he had the energy to do too many things. Roman tells Marlena that he will not ask her to marry him again until they are sure it is right. He says that when he asks her to marry him again it will be because he knows she loves him and it's not because it's a dying man's request. Roman looks into Marlena's eyes and tells her that he loves her very much and he wants to make her and all his children happy again.

Edmund is busy eating scones while Susan puts Elvis to bed. Susan returns and Edmund asks her if she'd like some more tea, but it seemed like he wanted to ask her something else. The phone rings and Susan mistakes it for the front door. Susan is afraid to answer the phone, but she does. It's John calling from the pier. What John doesn't realize is that Stefano is hiding behind a crate hoping that John will let a clue drop as to where Susan is. John warns Susan to be careful and not trust anyone because they could work for Stefano. Susan then wonders if Edmund and his mom could work for Stefano. Edmund asks Susan what is wrong and she tells him he has to leave now and she shoves him out the door. Susan wonders what she is going to do, and she decides to stay put and hopes nobody finds her and Elvis. However, Susan says she really liked Edmund and he made her all tingly. Meanwhile, Edmund is talking to himself about Susan and he says he gets tingly around her as well.

Stefano confronts John and demands that he tell him where Susan and Elvis are. John tells Stefano that he will never find Susan or the baby. Stefano just laughs and says he will find them because he always gets what he wants. Stefano starts tormenting John about his precious Doc and he tells John that Marlena has chosen Roman over him. John and Stefano start arguing and John throws Stefano up against a crate and starts shouting "I know the truth!" John tells Stefano to go to hell and take his adopted kids with him. John walks off and Stefano says not only will he have his son, but he will have Marlena as well. Stefano says that when Roman and John are busy fighting each other is when he will make his move and take Marlena. Stefano then gets a call and learns that Susan and Elvis are somewhere in Europe. Meanwhile, John says he will fight Roman for Marlena if he has too.

Jack tells Jen about joining the traveling circus. Jack says it's a great place to hide, but Jen thinks he's lost his mind. Jack says that is the safest way to hide out, besides Peter probably knows that Travis is dead by now and he could be anywhere. Jen reluctantly agrees and Abbey hears this and is excited. Abbey asks if they are all joining the circus, but Jen says that only daddy will be working there. Jack leaves to work for the circus and learns he has to shovel elephant poop.


January 14
Jack is still shoveling poop when Jasper, the ring master, shows up and tells Jack he's doing a nice job. Suddenly a woman tells Jasper that she is quitting her job because the man she works with is an arrogant pig. Jen and Abbey show up at the circus and Abbey makes friends with a little boy clown. Abbey goes off with the little boy clown, he's taking her to meet the other clowns.

Back where the animals are kept, Jasper tells Bob, aka Jack, that he needs to take a shower. Jasper tells Jack to use his and they'll set him up with some nice clothes.

While Abbey clowns around with the clowns, Jasper spots Jennifer and thinks she could fill in for the woman who just quit. Jen thinks she's going to do some type of gymnastic event and says she'd love a job. Jasper hires her and then tells Jen what she's going to be doing. Ernesto the dagger thrower becomes upset that he has no partner, so Jasper wheels Jen out. Jen is strapped to a big wheel and Ernesto begins throwing daggers at her!

In England Susan is worried that Stefano's spies could be anywhere. Susan says she really doesn't like England, but she does like Edmund. Then Susan begins to worry that Edmund could be working for Stefano. Susan hides under a blanket and asks God whether there is anyplace on earth she and Elvis would be safe.

Violet asks Edmund what is troubling him. Edmund tells his mom that Susan kicked him out for some reason. Violet realizes that Edmund like Susan and she asks Edmund to call Susan, perhaps Susan was tired or needed to take care of the baby. Edmund wonders if she could be right, so he calls Susan. Susan screams at Edmund to never call her again and she hangs up. Susan says she feels bad for Edmund, but she'll never fall for one of Stefano's tricks again. Edmund tells his mom that he hoped he and Susan had something special, but now he feels so rejected. Suddenly a man shows up and shows Violet a picture of Susan and the baby and asks her if she's seen them.

Stefano calls Kristen and they talk about his confrontation with John. Kristen cuts the call short when she sees Peter. Kristen hugs her brother and she tells him he looks awful. Peter tells Kristen that he needs her help, but Kristen doesn't know if she can help him. Suddenly Peter is hit with a jungle madness attack, but he assures Kristen he will be fine fine fine fine..... Kristen asks what she can do and he asks her to hide him and watch Laura. Kristen says she will help him and he says thank you thank you thank you..... Stefano shows up and Kristen tells Peter to hide, but Peter reveals himself when Stefano asks Kristen what she is hiding from him now. Stefano and Peter hug and Stefano is glad to see him. Stefano apologizes to Peter for not being able to help him, but Peter understands. Kristen asks Stefano to please get Peter his medication, but Stefano says it can't be done until Rolfe recovers. Peter tells Kristen and Stefano that he has to find Jen and he wants to bug Laura's phone. Stefano tells Peter that he must calm down because it will take time to get a listening device. Peter says he doesn't have time and he says he'll find Laura and make her tell him where Jen and Abbey are. Stefano grabs Peter and stops him from leaving. Stefano tells Peter that he will help him, but they have to be smart about doing this or he will lose Jennifer. Peter than has a fantasy that he, Jen, and Abbey are all happy and together on some beach. Peter goes into the kitchen for some food and Stefano tells Kristen that Rolfe is Peter's only hope. Peter returns and has an attack of jungle madness. Peter shoves his sister down and punches Stefano because they try to stop him from leaving.

Franco comes over to the Horton place to see Hope. Hope tells Franco all about how Billie once again ruined her chance to talk with Bo. Hope tells Franco that Billie knows that once Bo realizes she doesn't need him, Bo will leave her. Franco says perhaps Bo really does love Billie, but Hope says she knows Bo still loves her and wants to be with her. Hope then fantasizes about Bo proposing to her. Later, Hope and Franco argue over whether or not Billie is faking all these incidents to hold onto Bo.

At the Kiriakis Mansion Billie is playing the hurt little lamb when Bo tells her that he is going to go take care of Max once and for all. Billie asks Bo not to go see Max because it could make things worse. Bo tells Billie that he'll go get a copy of the paper and if she is on the cover then he's going after Max. Bo leaves and Billie calls Franco, who is still with Hope. Franco assures Billie that the reporter he paid off won't double-cross them. Franco tells her this through a code so Hope won't pick up on what they are talking about. Bo returns with the paper and shows it to Billie, who is relieved that she's not plastered on the cover. Billie wants to show Bo how much she loves him, but he stops her and says he can't do this. Bo tells Billie they need to talk and he asks her to sit down. Bo and Billie talk about their relationship. Billie says that Bo promised her in Rome that he would love her forever. Billie asks Bo if his love for her is forever and Bo says he never should have made that promise. Bo tells Billie that he made those promise when he thought Hope was with Franco. Bo tells Billie that he wants a life with Hope. Billie asks if Hope knows this, but Bo says he hasn't been able to talk to Hope yet. Billie then asks if Hope knows they consummated their marriage and Bo says no. Bo tells Billie that he can't start thinking about a life with Hope until he knows that she (Billie) will be okay. Suddenly Bo is beeped and he has to check in with the station.

Hope tells Franco she knows exactly what she has to do and she asks him to watch Shawn D. while she's gone. Hope visits Max in jail and asks him not to exploit Billie to the papers. Max asks Hope what she's talking about and tells her he never spoke with a reporter at the Intruder. Hope tells Max she's sorry to have bothered him.


January 15
At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen comes to and Stefano tells her that he locked Peter up in the secret room. Stefano then gets another disappointing call about Susan and Elvis, but he says that it's only a matter of time before he finds Elvis. Stefano says that once he gets his son back he can continue with his master plan. Kristen thinks that once Stefano has Elvis back she will be able to use the baby to get John back.

At the Circus, Ernesto is throwing daggers at Jen, who is strapped to a wheel. Jen comes out unharmed and Ernesto tells Jaspar that she'll do great. Jack tells Jen she will quit this job now, but Jen tells him it's all an illusion. Jack doesn't want Abbey hanging around here because she could tip them off to someone. Abbey runs up to her mom with a clown wig on and tells Jen that her friend Adam has two names too! Abbey doesn't blow their cover, but Jack feels it may be best if they split and keep Abbey's contact with strangers down to a minimum.

Celeste comes to visit Laura and Laura tells Celeste that Jen and Co. are fine. Celeste says she is relieved because she was having very strong feelings about Jen and Peter. Celeste says that she would think Stefano would have more compassion for Jack seeing his own situation with Elvis and Susan. Laura is shocked and says she can't believe that Stefano has another child to carry on his Evil. Laura then apologizes, but Celeste says she is releived that little Elvis will be raised outside his father's influence like Alexandra was. Suddenly a man comes to see Laura and starts asking all sorts of questions about Abbey. The man knows that Abbey is with Jack and Jen, so Laura pleads him not to hunt them down like animals. Laura begs him not to shoot at Jack and risk hitting Jen and Abbey, but the man says if anything happens to them it is because Jack took them along with him. Laura tells the man that Jen and Abbey sneaked off with Jack. The man could care less what Laura or Celeste have to say about Peter, all he cares about is finding Jack. The agent gets a call and rushes off and Celeste says she wishes there was a way they could warn Jack and Jen that the FBI is onto them.

Back at the Circus the FBI show up and shows Jaspar the picture of Jack. Jack eavesdrops and learns that the FBI now know that Abbey is with him and Jen.

Bo goes over to the Horton house to see Hope, but he finds Franco baby-sitting Shawn D. Bo asks where Hope went, but Franco says he doesn't know. Bo gets angry at Franco and he tells him to stay away from Hope. Bo tells Franco that he and Hope are going to reconcile tonight and Bo walks out of the room. Franco says he and Billie will never let that happen. Franco tries to persuade Bo to leave and check up on Billie, but Bo says he isn't falling for any of Franco's tricks.

Hope now knows the truth that Billie set up the scandal to keep her and Bo apart. Meanwhile, Billie has decided that it is time Hope knew everything that happened between her and Bo in Rome. Hope shows up at the Kiriakis Mansion to have a talk with Billie once and for all. Hope tells Billie that she knows she faked the fainting spell and how she orchestrated the tabloid story. Billie asks Hope if she's going to take the word of a drug pusher over her and Hope tells her yes. Hope says she checked into things and learned that Max hasn't seen anyone in days. Billie tells Hope that perhaps Bo loves her, but Hope says that isn't true and they both know it. Hope says once Bo learns of this deception then he will leave her because Bo values honesty. Billie asks Hope if Bo has been honest with her about their (Bo & Billie) relationship. Hope say not yet because every time they try to talk she (Billie) comes between them. Hope tells Billie that Bo feels responsible for getting her (Billie) hooked on drugs and that is why he is with her now. Billie then tells Hope that while she and Bo were in Rome they became lovers. Hope tells Billie she's pathetic and has lied so much that she doesn't even know what the truth is anymore. Hope tells Billie that there is nothing she can say or do that will keep her and Bo apart. Billie tells Hope she should run along and ask Bo about for the truth. Hope leaves and Billie tells herself that Hope is the one living in a dream world, which will be shattered when Bo tells her the truth. Billie then says all she needs to do now is to find a way to make Bo come back to her after Hope rejects him.

Hope returns home and comes face to face with Bo. Meanwhile, Franco goes over to warn Billie about Bo's intentions to reconcile with Hope. Nobody answers the door, so Franco goes inside and finds Billie past out on the floor.

At the pub, Edmund tells the man with the photograph that he has not seen Susan or her child. Edmund says he'd remember a face as beautiful as hers. The man leaves Edmund his card and the picture of Susan and the baby. Edmund then suggests that the man search London for her, that is the most likely place she'd hide. The man leaves and Violet asks Edmund what he has got them mixed up in. Edmund explains to his mother that Susan told him that the reason she came here is to hide from a man who is trying to steal her baby. Violet realizes how much her son care's for Susan, but Edmund says the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual.

Outside the "Shoppe" the man notices Susan's cottage and decides to check it out. Susan is busy piling up furniture in front of her door and she's also convinced that Edmund working for Stefano. Susan the arms herself with a can of hairspray Suddenly the power at the cottage has goes out! Violet comes to the door with some scones and she'd like to talk to Susan about Edmund. Susan lets Violet in and tells Susan that an American man came looking for her. Susan becomes upset, but Violet tells Susan that Edmund stopped her from telling the man about her and the baby. Susan is overjoyed, but she's upset over the way she treated Edmund. Violet tells Susan that she will take care of the baby while Susan goes to the pub to see Edmund. Susan goes to the pub and smiles at Edmund.

Meanwhile Stefano's man calls Stefano and tells him he has found nothing. Stefano tells him to go to Scotland or Ireland then, but don't waste time searching a small village where nobody has seen Susan.


January 16
Laura is still ranting and raving about the FBI to Celeste. Celeste tells Laura that if she doesn't relax she is going to collapse, but Laura says she can't relax. Celeste tells Laura to think about how Alice would handle the situation. Laura manages to calm herself down, but Abe shows up and tells them that the FBI may have found Jack and Jennifer.

Back at the Circus, the FBI agents are showing Jaspar the photos of Jack, Jen, and their little girl. Jack warns Jen that the FBI is here and they know Abbey is with them. Jack tells Jen to take Abbey to the car while he listens in on what Jaspar tells the FBI. Jaspar doesn't answer the man and then the FBI agents spot Jack watching. They draw their guns on Jack and tell him to freeze. Jack makes a break for it and manages to lose them in the circus crowd. Upon getting to his car, Jack finds that the car won't start! Jaspar shows up at Jack's car and tells them to follow him. Jaspar puts a clown mask on Abbey and he tells them all to go to the big top because they'll blend in there. Jaspar and his son help distract the FBI and Jaspar asks Jack to tell him what is going on. Jack explains the whole long story to Jaspar, who believes them because he has a "sixth" sense. Jaspar's friends led the agents off on a wild goose chase and Jaspar and his son ask Jack and Co. to stick with them. They don't have anything better to do, so they agree to stay.

Peter is begging Stefano to help him find Jen, but Stefano has his hands full trying to find Susan and the baby. A man comes to see Stefano and brings him a package. Stefano shows the package to Peter and tells him that it will help him find Jennifer. Stefano shows Peter a device that they need to plant on Laura, but Stefano says Peter is on his own from here on out. Suddenly Peter has another Jungle Madness attack and Stefano helps him get through it. Stefano tells Peter that until they get the cure Peter must stay down here, he is too much of a threat to others.

Hope and Bo both tell each other they have something very important to say. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and he even told that to Billie. Hope is overjoyed that Bo still loves her and Hope tells Bo she never stopped loving him. Hope jumps into Bo's arms and they kiss. Bo asks Hope what she wanted to say to him and she says that she was going to tell Bo that she was willing to wait for him. Bo tells Hope he feels like an idiot now because he really thought she had fallen in love with Franco. Hope tells Bo she thought the same thing about him and Billie. Bo tells Hope there are some things she needs to know, but Hope tells him that knowing he loves her is all she needs to know. Hope tells Bo that she understands why he stayed with Billie, but she says Billie is as strong and capable now. Hope tells Bo that deep down she knew he always loved her (Hope) and never committed himself to Billie in any tangible way. Bo then tells Hope there is something he needs to tell her about Billie. Bo is just about to tell Hope the truth when Abe calls and tells Bo the feds are closing in on Jack and Jen. Bo has to go to Jen's house where Abe and the feds are now.

Bo shows up at the house where Celeste and Laura are plotting to find Peter. Celeste tells Laura she may have an idea where Peter is hiding. Celeste leaves and returns with letters to and from Stefano over the years and perhaps Peter is hiding out in one of these places.

Franco finds Billie past out at the mansion and Sami calls an ambulance. The paramedics arrive and take her to the hospital in an ambulance. Billie tells Mike she is fine, but Mike says he wants to run some tests. Mike asks Sami to call Bo, but Billie yells NO! Franco wonders why Billie isn't using this opportunity and Mike asks her why. Billie fears Bo may know the truth about what she did, so she just asks Mike to just find out why she fainted. Franco tries to convince Billie to call Bo, but Billie tells Franco that Bo dumped her. Franco tells her that if he knows she is sick then he may come to her. Franco calls Hope looking for Bo and Hope says he's not there. Franco tells Hope what happened with Billie and that she is at the hospital. Hope comes to the hospital to see Franco because she feels her fight with Billie may be what caused her to faint. Hope tells Franco that it's too late for Billie now because she (Hope) and Bo made up. Hope says Bo never stopped loving her and never betrayed her, that is the important thing. Mike goes in to see Billie and tells her that she's been fainting because she's pregnant! As Mike breaks this news to Billie, Hope comes around the corner and hears it!

In England Susan is drinking her warm beer and tells Edmund that he saved her life. Edmund says he wishes that his mom hadn't told her, but Susan says that she was relieved because she thought he was working for Stefano DiMera, who is the head vampire. Edmund asks why Stefano wants her baby, but Susan says that's a really long story. Edmund takes Susan's hand and tells her they must seal their friendship in the British way, a game of darts. Edmund throws the darts and Susan acts as his personal cheerleader. Edmund tells Susan that he'd like to take her on a drive in the country tomorrow. Susan gets excited and says she'd love to go with him.

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