January 98 Week 2


January 5
Jack is driving back to the Grand Canyon wearing a fake mustache and he asks God to forgive him for leaving Jen again. Suddenly Jen and Abbey pop out from under a blanket in the back seat. Jen tells Jack that they want to be with him. Abbey asks if daddy is playing dress up and he say yeah, kinda. Abbey goes to sleep and Jen and Jack argue over what she and Abbey did. Jen is sure they can both out smart Peter.

Peter is following Jack and wondering why Jen and Abbey would run away with a dangerous man like Jack? Peter says he has to get them away from him. Peter starts rambling on and on about how he loves Jen and how he knows she still loves him. Peter says when Jack stops for some reason he'll make his move.

Back in Jack's car, Jack thinks the car following him might be the FBI. Jack tells Jen that when the first opportunity comes along he is going to drop them off. Jen says no and Abbey wakes up and asks why they are fighting. Jack says just because they don't agree with each other it doesn't mean they don't love one another. Abbey says it's hard to sleep in the car, so Jack tells her they will stop at a motel soon.

Peter's car tire blows, which lets Jack get away from him. Jack, Jen, and Abbey find a hotel and check in. They use the aliases Bob and Vicky Mitchel, Andrea is their daughter. The hotel manager says Bob looks familiar, but he doesn't know from where. Jack, Jen, and Abbey get a room and Jack worries that it's only a matter of time before the manager figures out who he is. Peter also checks into the hotel as well, and he gets the room next to Jack, Jen, and Abbey's room!

At the Penthouse Grill, Celeste is dancing with Abe. Celeste is wearing a red "Little Orphan Annie" type wig. Celeste tells Abe that she feels this year is going to be more treacherous than the last for John, Roman, and Marlena.

Mike and Carrie are still dancing. Carrie senses something is wrong with Mike, but she thinks he's worried about Jack and Jen. Mike says Jack and Jen are safe, which allows him to concentrate on other things. Carrie asks if one of these other things is his date.

Franco and Sami are dancing as well. Sami can't figure out where Austin went, but Mike and Carrie look very happy together. Sami tells Franco this is going to be a year for both the Brady sisters to remember.

Kate, Lynn, and Lucas are watching Sami dance with Franco and wondering what Sami is up too.

Austin interrupts Bo and Hope's talk to tell him that Billie has fainted. They all rush to Billie, who is still on the ground. Austin pries Mike away from Carrie to check on Billie. Mike looks her over and when Franco asks Hope what happened, Hope says that's what she'd like to know. Franco asks Hope if she thinks Billie is faking. Hope says she doesn't want to believe that. Billie wakes up and asks what happened and Bo tells her she fainted. Billie says she's a bit woozy, but embarrassed. Mike wants to take Billie to the hospital, but she says know and asks Bo to take her home. Bo gets a moment alone with Hope and tells her he is sorry. Bo then takes Billie home. After they are gone, Hope tells Franco that she thinks Billie did this to keep Bo and her apart. Hope says she's tired about worrying about Billie's needs and decides it's time she fights for what she wants.

Billie and Bo go home and Billie tells Bo that she needs him so much and asks him not to leave her tonight.

Kristen shows up at the party. Kristen gives "Doc" a happy New Year wish and says she's asked for it. Eric shows up and asks her what evil games she's playing with his mom's life now. Kristen says she hasn't done anything to Marlena. Eric and Kristen argue, Eric says that Marlena is caught in this lie because of her (Kristen). Eric goes off on the "If John would butt out" issue and Kristen says "you hate John don't you?" Eric replies that he just wishes John would back off of his mother. Eric walks off and Kristen says that the real villain keeping his family apart is his self-righteous mother.

Kate starts bragging to Hope about Billie and Bo, and how Bo is the best medicine for Billie. Hope goes back out to the terrace and wonders what Bo was going to tell her.

Lucas confronts Sami and accuses Sami and Franco of conspiring. Sami says she is insulted and asks if he could give her the benefit of the doubt for once. Lucas says no way, but if she wants him to respect her then she should destroy the blackmail she has on Kate. Sami says she can't do that, so Lucas tells her to write him off as a friend. Franco talks with Kate and he tells her that he can control Sami just fine.

On the plane, John and Marlena are still kissing and Roman is spying on them from behind a curtain. Marlena thanks John for being so patient, but John says patient he is not. John says he doesn't no how much longer he can wait, but Marlena says it won't be much longer. Marlena tells John that as soon as Roman gets a clean bill of health they will tell him the truth. Marlena goes on to tell John she loves him so much and she never stopped. John pulls out the engagement ring and says he was hoping to put this on her finger tonight. Meanwhile, Roman asks how she (Marlena) could lie to him like that. John tells Marlena nothing will stop him from marrying her. Marlena says she feels guilty about lying to Roman and she hopes he understands and will forgive her. John says he's sure he will and one day he might even be grateful. Roman say "Grateful? Like Hell I Will!" Roman thinks that the whole thing was just an act, Marlena just wanted to get rid of him and marry John. John asks Marlena to stay with him tonight, but Marlena says she can't. Marlena has to go to the benefit to meet Roman, so John offers to drive her. Roman tells himself "not until you explain to me why you lied," and suddenly he starts breathing heavy and grabs his chest. Roman calms himself down and walks into the plane cabin to confront Marlena and John, but they are gone. Roman picks up the glass Marlena was shipping champaign from and starts trashing the cabin. Roman says this is all going to end tonight.

John shows up at the party and sees Hope and they have a drink. Marlena shows up as well, but she doesn't see Roman. Kristen sees that John and Marlena have arrived and thinks something must have gone wrong. Eric asks Marlena where Roman is, and Marlena is surprised and asks if he isn't here yet? Marlena and Eric asks Sami where Roman is, but she bites Marlena's head off because she was supposed to be with Roman. John shows up and Sami storms off, Eric follows but not before telling John not to count on being with his mother this year.

Sami walks out to the alley and is grabbed by a man in a black mask.

Roman shows up at the party and he sees Marlena with John, he doesn't look very happy.

The song at the party is 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls.


January 6
Laura pays Alice a visit at her house. Alice tells Laura that Jen and Abbey are gone. Laura says this is unexpected because Jack tried to sneak out without Jen and Abbey. Alice tells Laura that she thinks Jack is the only one that can protect Jen and Abbey from Peter. Laura is still upset because Jack has a shoot-to- kill order out on Jack and she can't believe Jen would put herself and Abbey in such danger.

In the motel room, Jack not only has a mustache, but his hair is dyed brown as well. Jack and Jen are still bickering over whether Jack is going on without Jen and Abbey. Jen tells him they are staying together end of discussion. They kiss and wish each other happy New Year and Jack leaves to get some sodas.

Peter is in the next room and he is crazy as a loon. Peter intends to meet Jack at the Grand Canyon because he thinks Jack is trying to set a trap for him. Peter says Jack is the one who's going to walk into a trap and then Jen will be all his. Peter looks out his window and sees Jack getting a soda and he laughs when he realizes Jack, Jen, and Abbey are next door.

Peter climbs through the window in Jack's room, but Jen hears him hit the shower curtain. Jack returns and Jen tells him that someone is in the bathroom. Jack checks it out but nobody is there. He says the window is closed, but he felt cold air. Jack doesn't want to take any chances so he plants some security device on the window that will allow them to hear anyone breaking in.

Peter has returned to his room and is upset that Jack came back so soon, he almost had Jen and Abbey. Peter listens to the wall and waits to make his move.

Back in the other room, Jack leaves to get some sandwiches. Peter tries to get into Jen's room, but he's stopped by happy and drunk partying people. Peter gets a jungle fever attack and pushes one of the party people. Peter comes to and apologizes to her and hugs her, but only because Jack is coming back. Once Jack is inside, Peter takes off.

Jen decides to call Laura and before she does, Jack puts a scrambler on the phone. He tells Jen she can't stay on too long though and he times her. Jen calls Laura, but she outside the Horton house the FBI is already tracing the call. Jack tells Jen not to mention Abbey, so she says that Abbey is with her friend "Alicia." Jen tells her mother that they are fine. The FBI gets a trace on the call, but it's coming from Madrid! They don't understand what is going on and say it must be a mistake. They realize that there is a scrambler and Jack grabs the phone from Jen and hangs it up. Jen asked if they got a trace, but Jack doesn't think so.

Meanwhile, Peter purchases a gun.

Sami is attacked in the alley behind the Penthouse Grill, but Franco comes to her rescue. The man gets away and a scarred Sami faints in Franco's arms. Franco takes Sami back to the Kiriakis Mansion and Sami thanks him for what he did. Sami wants to call Abe, but Franco tells her they shouldn't because they can't identify the man. Sami says she has had a feeling she's been followed for awhile now. Franco asks her if she has any enemies and Sami says "yeah, half of Salem." Sami asks him why he helped her, he should hate her for what she's done to him. Franco tells Sami he'd never give up an opportunity to help someone in trouble and he tells her that she has a lot of things to offer to others. Sami wonders if that is so then why she doesn't have any friends. Franco tells her that it is because she lies and manipulates to get what she wants, but she can change. Sami tells Franco that if he thinks he's going ti sweet talk her into handing over the blackmail material then he can just forget it! Sami says that material is what is keeping her at the mansion and keeping her job at Titan. Franco tells her that he understands that, but she can be committed to Titan on her own. Franco urges her to return to the woman she once was, the woman everyone loved.

At the Penthouse Grill, Kristen is wondering what happened with John, Marlena, and Roman. Since John and Marlena are here and they aren't freaking out, Kristen thinks her plan didn't work. Suddenly Roman comes in and Kristen sees that he is very upset. Kristen thinks her plan must have worked after all. Roman approaches Marlena John. Marlena looks at Roman and tells him they were worried about him and she asks him where he was. Roman says he got sidetracked and before he can say anything Carrie, Eric, and Austin show up to wish him a happy New Year. Carrie wants to dance with her father, but Roman says he wants to talk with John and Marlena. John and Marlena wish Roman a happy New Year, but when Marlena tries to give him a little kiss he pushes her away. Marlena asks Roman what is wrong, but Roman suffers an attack and goes down. Marlena screams for Mike, who rushes to Roman. Kristen realizes that Roman must have seen John with Marlena and that if Roman dies it will be her fault. John looks at Kristen and asks her what she is up to now. Kristen says she hasn't done anything and they argue. John tells Kristen that he knows Stefano is the baby's father and he helped her steal the baby. Kristen says she took the baby on her own, but now that the baby is gone and Stefano will be looking for him. Kristen tells John that she couldn't escape Stefano's influence but she can help keep Stefano from influencing Little Elvis' life. They begin to argue about the baby and Kristen tells John that Little Elvis is going to grow up to be just like Stefano and it's because of him and his precious Marlena.

Kate comes home to the Mansion and tells Sami that her father collapsed. Sami rushes off to the hospital and Kate asks Franco what Sami and him are up to. Kate knows he has a plan and she wants to know what it is. Franco says he's not up to anything and he isn't going to Romance Sami on Kate's behalf. Kate offers to pay him more money, but Franco tells Kate that he's tired of her schemes.

Franco meets the man that attacked Sami in the alley behind the Penthouse Grill and pays him for a job well done.

At the hospital, Roman's family are gathered and waiting for news. Eric asks his mom where she was earlier, but Eric can tell from the look on her face that she was with John. Marlena tells Eric that she was with John and they were helping Susan and the baby escape, nothing happened. Marlena says they have conducted themselves honorably and she resents his suggestions. The doctors come out to speak with the family and Mike tells them that Roman's blood pressure is dangerously high and he needs to recheck the test results he took earlier. Marlena goes in to see Roman when John shows up and sees her standing by Roman's bed. Eric approaches John and gives him the evil eye. Eric tells John that if his dad dies he's (John) home free. John tells Eric he risked his life to get the cure for Roman and he doesn't ever want to here him suggest that again.

Sami shows up as well as Kristen. Kim asks why Kristen is here and Kristen says she is concerned for Roman. Kim tells Kristen that insane people can't be concerned.

Franco shows up to comfort Sami, and Austin and Carrie wonder what is going on with them.

In Roman's room, Marlena asks Roman if he can hear her. Roman tries to talk to Marlena, but he is unable to. Mike comes into the room and tells Marlena he needs to run more tests, it's too soon to tell anything. Marlena leaves and Marlena and John go off somewhere private. Eric goes in to see his dad and Mike. Eric asks Mike why his dad collapsed, but Mike doesn't know. Roman stirs in his sleep and says "Doc No No No No!"

John and Marlena talk about Roman's test results, and they wonder what could have caused him to collapse. Marlena says Roman looked so serious tonight and wonders if he could have saw them. John tells her not to jump to any conclusions.


January 7
The FBI agents talk to Abe about Jen's call to her mother. They say they just got some new technology which will let them zero in on their real location.

Hope and Laura are at Alice's place. Hope doesn't understand why Alice asked her and Shawn D. to stay at the pub. Laura comes clean and tells Hope that Jack and Jen were hiding here, but they left. Hope tells Laura that what she did (helping Jack) is a criminal offense, but Laura says the police are more concerned with finding Jack then they are with Peter. Laura says that she just hopes they can elude the police until Peter is found. Abe shows up and Laura tells him that he knows why he's here. Abe tells Laura that the FBI did trace Jack and Jen's call to her and agents are being sent to get them right now. Laura yells at Abe and asks him why the FBI isn't tracing Kristen and Stefano's calls. Laura tells Abe that thanks to him and his associates, Peter is going to get away again. Abe tells Laura that he cares about what happens to Jack and he told the FBI agents to be careful when using their guns and he alerted them to Peter's whereabouts.

Peter barges into Jack and Jen's room with a gun, but it was just some fantasy of Peter's. Peter tells himself that he'll take care of Jack and then Jen and Abbey will be with him where they belong. Peter has another attack of Jungle Madness.

Jack and Jen are arguing once again about whether Jen and Abbey are going to come with him. Jen tells Jack that nobody knows where they are and they have a really good chance of catching Peter.

Meanwhile, the FBI have shows up at the motel and starts questioning the motel manager. Peter decides to go out for some air in hopes it will relieve his Jungle Madness, but when he leaves he sees the FBI and realizes they are looking for Jack. Peter calls the FBI agents and tells them that Jack is in room 103. The agents find room 103 and prepare to bust down the door. Inside the room Jack, Jen, and Abbey are all sleeping.

The FBI kick in the door and yell "FBI Freeze!" However, the room is already empty. Jack, Jen, and Abbey all escaped because Jack heard voices outside their room.

Back is Salem, Abe tells Laura and Hope that Jack and family managed to elude the FBI.

Peter listens in on the FBI agents conversation outside of his room and he learns that Jack escaped and now they are searching for him (Peter). Peter gets another attack when all of the sudden the FBI knocks on his door.

Peter calls Kristen and tells her that he needs her help. Peter asks Kristen to get the medication he left at the compound. Kristen says she'll see what she can do, but she can't make any promises.

Franco shows up at the hospital to comfort Sami. When Sami goes to see her dad, Franco tells Austin about what happened to Sami in the alley. Austin checks up on Sami, but when Sami starts playing needy he tells her to stop it, he knows what she is trying to do. Austin tells her that he is here to comfort Carrie, his wife.

John and Marlena are together and Kristen is spying on them. John and Marlena are just talking about what could have happened to Roman.

In Roman's room, Roman is mumbling "No Doc No Doc" in his sleep. His monitor starts beeping fast so Eric tells a nurse to call Mike Horton. Kristen looks through the window into Roman's room and realizes that Roman did see John and Marlena together.

Mike gathers the family and tells them that Roman's blood pressure is way up and his heart rate is elevated. Mike says he doesn't know why this has happened, but it may not be related to the cure at all. Kristen tells herself that she knows what caused the relapse and she can't let any of them find out what she has done. Kristen tries to sneak off, but John catches her and asks her what she is doing here. Kristen says she's just here to check up on her friend Roman, which is more than Marlena and him can say. John and Kristen start arguing, John tells Kristen that she's going to upset Doc. Kristen tells John that Marlena will never leave Roman to marry him. Kim breaks it up and tells John that there is no point in arguing with someone who has mental problems!

John goes into see Roman and he hears Marlena telling Roman that she can't lose him again. Eric asks John to leave because this is a family matter. John tells Eric that he will leave when Marlena asks him too. Mike gathers the family once again and he tells them there is no sign of the disease returning, Roman is still fully cured. Mike tells them something made him collapse and he has called Roman's cardiologist. Mike tells them they just have to keep his blood pressure down. Sami asks Marlena if she can stay with dad, but Marlena says she should get some rest. Sami says okay and goes to leave when Franco tells her he wants to see her home because he's afraid something else might happen to her.

Franco takes Sami home, but when he tries to leave he is stopped by Kate. Kate tells Franco that she's been watching him and Sami all evening and they have to talk. Kate says that Franco seems to be making Sami very happy and she offers money to him once again. Franco says he's not taking money from her to romance Sami, end of discussion. Back in Sami's room, Sami has decided to use Franco to make Austin jealous.

Carrie and Austin return home. Carrie is thinking about Mike for some reason when Austin comes up behind her. They kiss and Austin carries her to bed.

Back at the hospital John and Marlena are still talking about Roman. Marlena says if this is how Roman reacts to good news than she can only imagine what bad news will do to him. John says they have to be honest with him because it isn't fair to him. Eric gets mad and tells Marlena he's going to sit with dad and asks her if she's coming. John tells her to go and he says he'll catch up with her later. Marlena goes in and talks to Roman, but all Roman can think of is what he overheard on the plane. Eric asks Marlena if she plans to tell him the truth. Marlena says no and Eric hugs her. John overhears this and he isn't a happy camper.


January 8
Bo goes in to check on Billie, who is still sleeping. Billie wakes up and tells Bo that she's so glad that he's still here. Bo is glad that Billie is feeling better, but he wants her to see a doctor. Billie says the only medicine she needs is him, and she starts kissing him. Bo tells Billie that he can't stay because he has to go to work. Bo leaves and Billie starts remembering how happy she was with Bo in Rome.

Hope is at Alice's and is wondering if Billie faked her fainting spell at the party. Franco shows up and talks with Hope. Hope tells Franco her doubts about Billie's fainting spell. Hope also says that the one thing that puzzles her is how Billie knew she was talking with Bo about their future. Hope rags on about Billie and how she was really working the room last night and didn't look sick at all.

Franco goes over to see Billie and tells her that Hope thinks she was faking last night. Billie tells her that she really did faint, but she doesn't know why. Billie says she's been under a lot of stress since she came back because she feels that Bo is slipping away. Franco tells Billie that he thinks it's time to stop breaking up Bo and Hope and try and keep Bo and Billie together. Franco tells Billie they still have a powerful weapon to use, her vulnerability.

Bo goes into the station and talks with Abe about Jack and Peter. Bo is angry and says there has to be a way to tap the DiMera phones. Hope calls the station and talks with Bo. Hope and Bo chit chat, nothing really important. Hope wants to continue the conversation they were having the other night, but work interrupts Bo and he has to cut the call short. Bo takes a call that Abe told him about, it's Kim and she tells Bo about Romans state. Later, Hope and Bo run into each other at Salem Place.

Stefano is going over the memory of seeing Susan leave Salem with his son. A man comes into the room and Stefano asks him if they found Susan and the baby. The man hasn't found Susan and his son and Stefano orders the man to find them, NOW! The man leaves and Stefano says that his master plan depends on getting his son back.

Kristen is sitting home all alone and is sulking over the loss of John and "her" baby. Kristen tells herself the only satisfaction is the fact that Marlena is just as alone as she is. Stefano shows up to see Kristen and starts blaming her for the loss of his son. Kristen then tells Stefano all about what she did to Roman. Kristen and Stefano begin arguing about the baby and Kristen's stupidity. Kristen tells Stefano that once Roman tells John and Marlena he knows the truth then they will be too devastated to worry about hiding Susan. Kristen says Marlena deserved this for sending her son away with Susan. Stefano tells Kristen that Elvis is HIS son, not hers! Later, Kristen tells Stefano that once Roman tells Marlena he knows the truth, Marlena will feel too guilty to marry John. Furthermore, Roman will want nothing to do with Marlena and Marlena will be left all alone. Stefano looks at Kristen and tells her that she is a true DiMera after all.

Roman is hooked up to all sorts of monitors. Marlena spent the night with Roman and John comes in to see her. Roman begins to stir and sees that John is with Marlena. Roman's heart rate starts to go up again. John and Marlena leave and Marlena tells John she fears that Roman will never be well enough to learn the truth. Back in his room, Mike tells Roman he's going to give him some more medication to help his heart rate. Mike goes out to talk to the family while Roman continues to go over Marlena's lies in his head. Kim comes in to see Roman, but John is in there with him. John tells Roman that he loves him like a brother. Roman tells himself that he will never give John and Doc his blessing to be happy, never again! Roman just wishes he could get out of this bed a shut him up for good. Roman starts to speak and tries to squeak out Doc. Marlena and Kim are talking in the hall when John comes out and tells Marlena that Roman was calling for her. Eric shows up and he gets into the same old arguement with John. Later, Eric tells his father that he will make sure all his and mom's things are moved into the old house in time for him to come home from the hospital. Roman starts getting angry and his blood pressure goes back up. Outside Roman's room, John and Marlena are bickering over what Marlena told Eric (she said she'd never tell Roman the truth if there is a present risk to his health.) John asks Marlena what will happen if there is always a slight risk? Marlena tells John that if they did tell him and he suffered a major relapse then they would always feel guilty. Back in Roman's room, Roman asks to see John and Marlena. John and Marlena go in to see Roman and he tells them that he feels better that they are here, together.

In England, Susan goes into a "Shoppe" and is confused by the food items the shop sells. A man comes in an orders some goods and Susan is very confused, she can't understand a word these people are saying. Susan asks the woman behind the counter if she speaks english. The woman realizes Susan is a "yank" and Susan tells her she is not, she is from the south! The woman behind the counter says she meant that Susan was an American. Susan asks what language she and that man were speaking and the woman tells Susan that it was the Kings English, which causes Susan to realize she's in England. The woman introduces herself as Violet Crumb. Susan says she needs some baby diapers, which the English calls nappers. Susan also wants some food, but the store only seems to sell various parts of sheeps. Susan is upset to learn that there are no pizza parlors around for miles. Violet then asks Susan what she is doing here? We never hear Susan's answer. Susan starts talking to Elvis and promises him he'll never see his mean mean mean father again. Susan sits down and Violet gives her a scone. Susan loves it and orders 12. Violet asks if she wants anything else and Susan asks for some mace or pepper spray to get rid of intruders. Violet laughs at her and tells Susan that this little village is very isolated and safe. Elvis starts crying so Violet takes him and sings a little song to him. Suddenly a man carrying a ton of boxes runs into Susan. Violet introduces Susan to her son Edmund. Susan and Edmund's glasses are both knocked off, but when they find them and put them back on it's amore!


January 9
Jack and Jen check into another motel, which looks a lot like the last one they were in. Jack tells Jen that Abbey and her are going to drive home tonight! Jack tells Jen that he can't afford to keep paying for her and Abbey to come on the run with him. Jen begs Jack not to make them go and she says they are much safer with him. Jack tells Jen that he's begining to think that Jen and Abbey are better off without him, but Jen says they are nothing without him in their life. Later, Abbey tells her mom and dad that she had a dream that they were getting married and they all lived happily ever after. Abbey, Jen, and Jack play a trivia game and have a good time. Abbey goes to bed and Jack tells Jen that he is afraid what will happen to Abbey when they meet up with Peter.

Peter wakes up in his hotel room and finds an FBI agent on his floor. He's not dead, but bleeding. His partner knocks on the door and when she gets no response she shoots the lock and kicks in the door. Peter manages to escape and the female FBI agent runs to her partner's side. Peter has another attack and tries to get to his car. Peter tells himself that he needs to get back to Salem and try and learn where Jen is through her family.

Billie and Franco are at the Kiriakis Mansion and Franco tells Billie she needs to use her vulnerability to keep Bo. Billie doesn't want to be so manipulative, so Franco tells her that Bo and Hope are as good as back together then. Franco and Billie argue over whether Billie should be devious and manipulative. Franco tells Billie that Bo will always feel responsible for Billie and he tells her that is why she must play her "worried" card. Billie says that if Bo ever found out that she was manipulating him he'd be angry. Franco tells her that won't matter if she can get 100% of Bo's love again.

Bo shows up at Alice's place and runs into Hope. They go inside and decide to finish the conversation they had at the party. Right as Bo is about to tell Hope the truth about Billie, Shawn D. shows up. Shawn D. tells them he'll leave them to talk, but is happy to see them together. Bo tells Hope about being in Rome with Billie and what Max did to her. Hope says she knows this and understands it, but Bo tells her that she doesn't know what really happened. Bo tells Hope about nursing Billie through her withdrawal when Carrie and Austin arrived. Bo tells Hope that from what Carrie told him, he thought she (Hope) had moved on without him (Bo). Bo says that thought caused something to happen and he hopes she understands why. Suddenly Billie calls and asks to speak with Bo. Hope gives the phone to Bo and Billie starts playing all panicked. Billie tells Bo that Max spilled everything to the Salem Intruder and now everyone will know the truth about her. Billie is a mess and Bo tells her that he will be right there. Bo tells Hope about the Intruder's story and he apologizing for having to leave without finishing their conversation.

Hope is angry again and refuses to give up on Bo. Bo goes back to the mansion and argues with a man from the intruder on the phone. Bo agrees to give the man information on another big story if they will drop the story on Billie. The man agrees and after the phone call with Bo is over, Franco pays him for going a long with this! Billie hugs Bo and says she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

At the hospital, Sami and Eric are talking about Roman's condition and John and Marlena's news for Roman. Kristen spies on them and fears that Roman will tell everyone that it was her idea for him to go to the plane. Eric tells Sami that Roman will be fine, but Sami is afraid what will happen when Roman learns the truth.

In his room, Roman looks at John and Marlena and starts telling himself that they should have thought everything through before making fools of themselves. Roman also damns John for taking his wife. When Roman tries to speak his blood pressure spikes and John runs to get Mike. Mike manages to get Roman's blood pressure down and they wonder what made Roman's pressure go up. Roman tells himself that he can see it in Marlena's eyes that she still cares for him.

Marlena and John leave the room while Mike looks over Roman and Marlena explains what is happening to the twins. John tells Marlena that they need to talk and he drags her away. John and Marlena argue over who she loves, Marlena assures him that she loves him and that he is her life. John wants to tell Roman the truth now, but Marlena refuses! Marlena says it would be bad enough that they would break his heart, but they might kill him. Marlena tells John she can't tell Roman the truth until he is stronger. John apologizes and they both hold each other and cry.

Sami and Eric go in to see Roman and they talk to him about their wonderful family Christmas. Sami shows Roman the picture of them they had taken at Salem Place. Mike comes in and has to cut their bonding short. After they are gone, Kristen sneaks in to see Roman. Roman tells Kristen that everything is wrong and she is the only person he can talk to about this because she understands. Roman tells Kristen that the "other woman" is Marlena. Kristen pretends to be devastated by the news. Roman tells Kristen what he saw at the airport and he says they are both the victims in this situation. Kristen asks Roman if he confronted them, but Roman says he will once he's better. Kristen tells Roman that he must never tell them that he knows the truth. Kristen tells Roman he must fight for Marlena and if they keep this news to themselves they still may be able to wind back the ones they love. Roman doesn't understand and Kristen tells Roman that Marlena does love him still and everyone around her, even John, can see it. Kristen tells Roman that he just has to make Marlena realize that she still loves him. Kristen asks Roman to think about what she has said, and then she leaves.

John and Marlena go back in to see Roman. Marlena asks Roman how he is feeling and Roman hesitates to answer. Marlena asks him if something is wrong and he says yes. Roman tells Marlena that he wants to go home. Marlena hugs Roman and Roman gives John the evil eye.

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