January 98 Week 1


December 29
At the hospital, Eric convinces Roman not to tell Marlena about his checkup today. Eric claims he doesn't want to get his mom's hopes up if Roman's not recovering as fast as he should be.

Sami is marching around her office when Kate storms in and asks Sami what she wants. Sami says it's been 15 minutes since she summoned her, and Kate tells Sami she will not be "summoned". Sami tells Kate that she wants an invitation to Carrie's New Years Eve party for Mike's favorite charity. Sami says it will be the perfect opportunity to get Mike and Carrie together. Kate refuses to aid her ludicrous fantasy. Kate tells Sami she has more to lose than anyone if she releases the blackmail information, Lucas would take Will from her, her father would realize she hasn't changed, and blackmail is illegal. Sami gets pissed off and yells "get out!" when Roman walks in. Kate excuses herself and Roman tells Sami that he just sensed a whole lot of tension and hopes she's not butting in places where she doesn't belong. Sami plays miss innocent and says that she just wanted to make her Daddy proud. Roman says he's surprised by the size of her office and asks how she got it. Sami claims that Kate gave it to her because she want's Will to be proud of his mommy. Roman starts lecturing Sami on making a new life for herself without Austin, and Sami starts crying. Roman asks her what is wrong and Sami says he shouldn't tease her about finding a man since it's never going to happen. Roman says that if she gave guys a chance they'd be knocking down her door, but Sami says everyone only falls in love with Carrie. Sami says no guy has ever fallen in love with her, and Roman comforts her.

Franco runs into Kate in the hall and Kate tells Franco about Sami's scheme. Franco encourages Kate to let Sami have her way so his cover won't be blown. Kate doesn't want to let Sami have her way, but Franco tells her they have no choice.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen is talking to her lawyer about the custody hearing when Peter comes up through a secret passage. Kristen tells Peter he looks very bad, but Peter says he's fine. Peter says his first priority is to get to Jen and Abbey and he needs her help. Kristen says she can't because it would jeopardize her plan to get back together with John. Peter gets angry and tries to storm out, but Kristen hugs him and says she wishes she could help him. Peter says Jen is probably back in Salem, he just has to find where she is. Peter says Laura may know and he asks her to call Laura and try to find out. Kristen says okay and calls the hospital claiming to be Mike's secretary and says she's looking for Mike's mother. The woman tells Kristen that Laura has the day off and she's in Salem place. Peter thanks Kristen and runs off.

At Alice's place, Jack is stuffing his mouth full of Alice's donuts when Jen and Abbey come down with some New Years Eve party favors so they can celebrate it together. Jack tells Jen she needs to go back home and lead the FBI off, but she refuses and says "end of discussion!" Jen gets an idea to call Kristen and see if she's heard from Peter, but Jack doesn't want her to take that risk.

At the hospital, Mike is talking to Nurse Bobby, who just got engaged. Mike wishes her his best and she hopes he finds the girl of his dreams. Maike sees Carrie approaching and says he already has. Carrie asks Mike about the news on Jack and Jen, but he doesn't know anything. Carrie tells Mike she has some news that may cheer him up. Carrie tells Mike that she set up a party to benefit pediatric epilepsy and Mike hugs her for what she's done.

Laura is shopping at Salem Place and stops to make a call to someone to confirm a meeting that Jack set up. Laura leaves, and a man follows her. The next time we see Laura she is talking with Mike. Laura tells Mike that she has only heard from Jen and Jack, who says they are hiding out. Mike wants to stop by Alice's place, but Laura says no because Alice is resting. Mike notices something and asks Laura to walk around the corner. Laura does and Mike nabs the man who is following Laura. Laura returns and the man identifies himself as an FBI agent who has been assigned to follow Laura. Laura tells Mike it's okay and then leaves. After Mike and Laura walk off, Peter shows up disguised in a lame costume that makes him look like a stalker (black trench coat, baseball cap, and glasses).

Mike goes to Alice's place anyways and finds Jen there. They hug and Jack comes out to see Mike as well. Jen excuses herself to get Mike some turkey and stuffing and Mike asks Jack why he looks like he doesn't want to stay here. Jack says he doesn't want to put his family at risk, but he has a plan he hasn't told Jen about. Jack tells Mike his plan, but of course we do not hear it. Laura returns and she tells Jack that she met with his man and got what he needs, fake IDs, disguises, and a car. Laura tells Jack that she parked the car behind the Wilson's house and took all the measures she had to to get the FBI off her trail. Jack decides it's now or never and he tells Laura that he and Mike already have a plan. Suddenly Jen shows up and asks what plan they are talking about. Jack just tells Jen that he's making sure she and Abbey are being protected. Jack hide when the FBI agent knocks on the door, he's going away to check on a tip they got about Jack and Jen being on the other side of town. Jack thanks Laura and Mike for what they did and he runs off, without Jen or Abbey.

Peter, who followed Laura, figures out that Jen and Abbey must be at Alice's along with Jack. Peter decides to go check out Alice's place, but suddenly gets a jungle fever attack.

Jack gets into the car and drives off, not knowing that someone is hiding in the car with him.

Eric runs into Carrie at Salem Place and asks her to please help him keep Marlena from telling Roman the truth. Carrie says she can't do that because it's not fair, John and Marlena are deeply in love. Eric says that John should step aside and allow Mom to be with Dad. Carrie tells Eric that this is Marlena's decision and they have to accept her wishes. Eric tells his sister that he'll never accept it!

Susan receives the summons and says she is not giving up her baby. The man tells her if she doesn't appear in court than she will be arrested, but she yells at him to get out. Susan grabs one of the nuns and tells her that she needs her help really really bad. Susan claims she wants to become a nun, but the nun says that would take a long time, the process is a complicated one. Note: This summary was written by Dustin Cushman for use on his Days Page, please ask permission before distributing elsewhere.

At the penthouse, John tells Marlena they can't go on letting Roman believing she has a future with Roman, unless she wants one. John tells Marlena that she has to decide who she wants to marry, him or Roman. Marlena says she's sorry for this situation and she's sorry for hurting and lying to people (she never really says she wants to marry John or Roman). John pulls out the engagement ring and she says she loves him. John tells her that if she loves him to stay with him tonight. As they are about to kiss the phone rings. Marlena answers it and it's Susan begging for help. John and Marlena go to see Susan and she explains what is happening and Marlena tells Susan that she and John will be over right away. Marlena and John arrive at the convent and Susan shows them the subpoena and asks what she can do. John and Marlena tell Susan that she can't sign away custody of her baby without the father's permission. They ask her if Stefano is the father, but she says nothing about no one. John decides to call Mickey and Mickey says Susan has to make an appeal. Mickey agrees to meet them in court, but John wonders if Stefano could be behind this. Susan knows Stefano isn't behind it, but John and Marlena wouldn't put it past Stefano because this way he can get the baby without spoiling his new image. John suddenly realizes what they have to do to fool the judge hearing Susan and Kristen's case.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, the lawyer tells Kristen that Susan received the summons and looked terrified. Kristen wonders if Susan may leave town, so she decides to head over to the convent and check up on her and the baby. However, the lawyer stops her and tells her that this could make Susan freak and complicated things further.


December 30
Carrie arrives at the hospital at talks to Lexie about the benefit, everyone is going to come to it. Carrie tells Lexie she's doing this for Mike as a way to show him as a way to thank him for everything he's done for her and Roman. Lexie and Carrie talk about Mike and Carrie asks Lexie if she knows who this woman that Mike is in love with. Lexie knows Carrie is the woman, but she tells Carrie that Mike never talks about his personal life.

Laura and Mike arrive at the hospital and discuss their stories in case the FBI does catch them. Laura asks Mike if he will be okay going to the benefit with Carrie and Austin and Mike says he's fine, any chance he had with Carrie disappeared when Carrie married Austin. Mike tells Laura that he has to get over Carrie and decides to make it his New Years resolution.

Carrie and Lexie approach Mike and Laura and they talk about the party. Carrie tells Mike that the response she's gotten is overwhelming, small businesses are donating things to help and one place is going to raffle off a sports utility vehicle. Carrie and Laura leave to go back to work and Lexie tells Mike she can see that he is still in love with Carrie. Mike admits that he's still so in love with Carrie and he doesn't know when it even happened. They talk about the circumstances and Mike tells Lexie he never wants Carrie to know that he loves her. Lexie asks Mike where Carrie got the idea that Mike was in love with a married woman who worked at the hospital. Mike says he made it up to keep Carrie from finding out that she is the woman he loves. Mike then says he's doing a lousy job covering up his feelings and it's only a matter of time before Austin or Carrie figure it out as well.

At Titan, Kate is marching around her office huffing, puffing, and reflecting on her little confrontation with Sami yesterday. Kate tells herself she can't take anymore threats from that damn little girl. Austin comes in and sees how upset his mom is and asks her what Sami has done now. Kate just says she has a lot of things on her mind, but Austin doesn't buy it. Kate says that Sami working at Titan is the best thing for her right now. Austin and Kate talk about Sami's obsession with him and Kate says that Sami will never get over him unless another man sweeps Sami off her feet. According to Kate, no man will ever sweep the deceptive witch off her feet. They start to bicker about Sami, Austin says he wishes Sami would show her good side a little more because she might be able to find another man to love her.

Franco is in Salem Place and reflecting back on seeing Sami crying to her dad about how no guy has ever loved her. Meanwhile, Sami is busy shopping for a dress for the New Years Eve party. Franco goes into the store where Sami is and says he's here to buy a present, but he decides to help Sami pick out the right dress. Franco suggests a very sheik and sequiney (I know I spelled that wrong) dress and he tells Sami she looks beautiful in it. Sami then has a fantasy about Austin seeing her in the dress and telling her that she is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Carrie shows up and asks Austin to dance, but Austin tells Carrie he wants to dance with Sami instead. Franco awakens Sami from her fantasy and Sami says this new image will defiantly get Austin's attention.

Later, Sami bumps into Austin at Salem Place and they talk. Sami tells Austin that her New Years resolution is to change and make herself into someone he can respect. Austin tells Sami that's great, but he married Carrie and she has to find another man to love. Austin sees Carrie and leaves, and Franco watches and sees what happened. Franco approaches Sami, who is watching Austin and Carrie falling all over themselves. Franco tells Sami that if she wants to have a relationship she has to act mature and not like a love sick teenager. Franco suggests that the best way to get Austin's attention is to make him notice that someone else is interested in Sami as well.

Austin and Carrie talk about Eric. Carrie says Eric refuses to accept the fact that Marlena loves John more than Roman. Carrie admits that as much as she loves her dad, she can't ask John to just walk out on Marlena. They switch the topic and talk about the party. Carrie promises that she'll make room for him at the event to be together and Austin says that is good because Sami has this idea that she was going to "bond" with him at the event while Carrie is working. Carrie and Austin talk about Sami, Austin thinks one day Sami will leave them alone. Carrie doesn't agree.

Kate is still marching around her office huffing, puffing, and wishing she could get the blackmail information away from Sami. Suddenly something comes to her and she wonders if maybe there is a way.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen is getting ready for the hearing and is saying how John will come back to her once she gets her baby back. Kristen decides to get going, but she's held up when John comes to her door. John tells Kristen he came to talk about Little Elvis and how he (Little Elvis) has a right to be with his birth mother. Kristen says she has a very important appointment this afternoon and John informs Kristen that he knows that. John tells Kristen he knows all about the hearing and that is why he has come here to stop her. Kristen tells John that she has custody and that Susan knew exactly what she was doing when she signed those papers. Kristen starts going off about how she loves that baby so much and how much they both bonded with the baby and how they could become a family again. John tells Kristen if she has any hope that he will return then she won't take Susan's baby. John tells Kristen that this is her chance to prove that she isn't like the DiMeras and that she can still be the woman he fell in love with.

Marlena and Susan are at the court house. Susan is panicking and Marlena tells her to just stick to the plan. Mickey shows up and they go in to see the judge hearing the case. To their surprise, Kristen is not here and her lawyer asks if they could wait a few more minutes for Kristen to show. The judge becomes irritated when Kristen doesn't show, so the judge asks Susan to state her part of the case. Susan starts wailing and crying about how she loves her little Elvis and Mickey asks for the judge to please let Susan and Doctor Marlena Evans talk in private first, Susan is overcome with emotions. The judge agrees and Marlena and Susan leave the room, Susan continues to wail like a banshee.

Kristen comes into the room and asks where Susan is. The judge says Susan was overcome with grief and Doctor Evans will speak on Susan's behalf. Marlena begins to speak but Kristen interrupts and asks to please speak first. Kristen talks about how she loves that baby as if he was her own, but he's not. Kristen says she knows now that the baby belongs with Susan and she wants to withdraw the custody papers her lawyer filed. The judge declares the papers null and void and orders Kristen to pay Susan's legal fees. Kristen's lawyer becomes outraged with her and tells her that he never wants to see her or any of the DiMeras ever again.

John shows up with Little Elvis and Susan takes out the Kristen teeth and tells John that it really really really worked! Kristen arrives at the courthouse and goes into see the judge and ends up finding Marlena sitting in his chair smiling.


December 31
Billie and Austin are in Salem Place and they buy some pearls for Kate. Billie says Victor always got mom something nice for New Years so she thought this would be nice. Billie says if she had one wish it would be for Victor to recover. Austin asks what about herself and Billie says she wished Bo loved her like he loves Hope. Austin asks Billie about her relation ship with Bo and he asks her what happened in Rome. Billie explains to Austin what happened. Billie says she wants more then a promise from Bo, she wants a connection. She also wants his eyes to light up when he sees her. They talk about Hope and Austin tells Billie that perhaps it is time that Hope knows what really went on in their bedroom.

Bo is down at the docks missing the Fancyface and Hope. Bo says even though he made a commitment to Billie, he shares a son with Hope. That bond is special, and he can't get Hope out of his heart. Bo says he's sorry to Billie, if he had known the truth about Hope he would have never...... Bo wonders how he will tell her the truth.

Roman and Eric come to the hospital because Roman has come to get his checkup. Eric hopes his dad is better, but he asks Mike to hold off telling Roman the truth. Mike tells Eric he can't do that, it's not fair to Roman. Eric asks for just a little more time to convince Marlena she and Roman could be happy, but before Mike can answer Roman comes out of the dressing room in his sharp looking hospital gown. Roman gets his check up and Mike goes to get the results of Roman's test. Eric begs Mike for a chance to reunite his parents, but Mike tells Eric that there is no way they can know if Marlena and Roman will reunite. Eric tells Mike if they aren't given time then they may never no. Eric goes in to see his father, who tells Eric he hopes he will find a girl to make him as happy as Marlena makes him. Mike comes back to the room with Roman's test results, he's cured. Roman is ecstatic and says he is going to celebrate with Marlena. Roman asks them to keep this news a secret, he wants to surprise Marlena by proposing to Marlena tonight!

Stefano pays Lexie a visit and tells her that his New Years resolution is to make Lexie proud of him. Abe shows up and tells him that if he wants them to be proud then he should tell them about Peter. Abe and Stefano start arguing about Peter and Lexie breaks it up and says she doesn't want to start the New Year off this way. Abe and Stefano continue to argue and Abe tells Stefano that they will find Peter eventually. Stefano says he understands they have to arrest his son. Lexie says she has to go get ready for the New Years Eve party, and Stefano wishes her the best. Abe leaves as well and Stefano calls Susan, but is told she is at the courthouse. Stefano asks why she's at the courthouse, but we don't know what the person told Stefano.

At the Penthouse Grill, Carrie notices the table cloths they are using aren't the ones she ordered. Sami shows up and says she told them to use it. Carrie tells Sami she has no right to order any changes and tells her to get out. Kate shows up and Sami asks Kate who is in charge of the decorations. Kate says Carrie is, it's her event. Kate then tells Sami to stay out of the way. Note: This summary was writen by Dustin Cushman for use on his Days Page.

Franco tells Hope he's made a New Years resolution, he won't say anything negative about Bo. Franco loves Hope, but he tells Hope that he wants her to be happy with Bo. Later, Hope overhears Austin and Billie talking about telling Hope the truth about Rome, and Hope asks the truth about what? Billie says she misunderstood, they were talking about Marlena and John telling Roman the truth. Hope leaves and Franco grabs Billie and tells her that Hope is planning on telling Bo she wants to reunite with him tonight!

Meanwhile, Bo decides to tell Hope the truth about making love to Billie. Bo shows up at the party and Billie is glad to see him, she was getting worried about him because it's almost midnight.

Lucas shows up with Lynne and Sami asks Lucas how he could be here with her! Lynne tells Sami that ratting her out to Kate is nothing compared to lying to Austin about Will's true father. Lucas tells Sami that she hit a new low by blackmailing his mother. Later, Sami wishes Austin a happy New Year, but Austin says it will be happy if she would stay out of his and Carrie's lives.

Mike shows up at the party with Ali, a nurse from the hospital. Eric shows up and talks with Sami, both are having a crummy New Years.

Kate starts the countdown to New Years. Austin hugs Carrrie, Mike stares at Carrie, Lucas is with Lynne, and Sami is alone.

John and Susan are back at Marlena's penthouse. Susan goes to check on Elvis and John tells himself that as soon as Roman gets a clean bill of health then he can put the engagement ring back on Marlena's finger. John starts fantasizing about marrying Marlena. Susan returns and asks John what happens if they find out what really happened. John assures Susan that she will be safe, a limousine is going to take Susan to the airfield where she will get on a plane and fly off. John says only he and Marlena will know where she is.

At the courthouse, Marlena tells Kristen that the hearing is over. Marlena tells Kristen that she was here earlier and told the judge she was wrong about the custody papers and wanted them withdrawn. Kristen asks Marlena what in the hell she is talking about. Suddenly Kristen realizes what happened, Susan impersonated her. Kristen says that she won't get away with this! Kristen tells Marlena she had no right to take John and her baby from her, but Marlena sets her straight about John and Elvis. Kristen calls Marlena a bitch and she says she will never give up that baby. Marlena says she will never see Elvi or Susan again. As Marlena goes to leave, Kristen tells Marlena that she will be sorry.

Stefano shows up at the courthouse and asks Kristen what is going on. Kristen says she was trying to protect the baby from Marlena, who is sending Susan and Elvis far away. Stefano is furious and rushes off to try and stop Susan from taking his child away. After he's gone, Kristen says it's about time Marlena gets knocked off her pedestal.

Marlena returns to the penthouse and hugs John. Susan gets packed and gets ready to go. Susan tells Marlena she'll miss her and asks Marlena to say goodbye to Roman for her.

Stefano makes some calls and learns that John has filed a plane trip to Alaska. Stefano goes to the airport and catches John, Susan, Marlena, and Elvis and he tells them they are not leaving Salem!

Kristen goes to Salem Place and sees a picture of Marlena, Roman, Santa, and the kids hanging on a wall. Kristen tears Marlena out of the picture and throws it in the trash can because that's where the bitch belongs (so Kristen says). Roman shows up and sees Kristen is upset and he tells her he'd like to help, ao they sit down and talk. Kristen says another woman stole John away from him. Roman tells her that he fells her pain because he felt that way when he lost Marlena to John. Kristen decides to get revenge on Marlena when Roman asks her who came between her and John.


No Show


January 2
Everyone is celebrating New Years at the Penthouse Grill. (Note: the song is Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan). Billie kisses Bo and Hope kisses Franco (pecks), but both Hope and Bo can't stop looking at each other. Abe tells Hope he knows it must be hard seeing Billie and Bo together, but Hope says they won't be together for long. Hope tells Abe that it looks like Billie has fully recovered, so she's going to tell Bo how she feels tonight. At the same time, Bo decides to tell Hope the truth about what happened with Billie in Rome.

Lucas and Lynn try to cheer up Eric, but he's too worried about his dad and mom. Sami and Eric talk later. Sami says she feels like the only lonely person in the room, but Eric says you can still be with someone and feel lonely as well. Sami and Eric are both worried about their dad and what Marlena is going to do to him. Sami says she hates the fact that Roman will be alone, just like she is. Eric tells Sami that she'll meet someone one day. Sami asks Eric about his own love life, but he claims there is not much to tell. Eric and Sami both resolve to find real love this year.

Lexie talks to Mike, who is worrying that Carrie caught him staring at her. The odd thing is, Mike thinks Carrie is just as affected by him than she is by her.

Kate asks Franco why she is charming Sami and he tells her he's trying to control Sami. Later, Kate tells everyone that it's time for the raffle drawing and introduces her daughter Billie Brady, who is going to pick the winning number. The winning number is 422 and some woman wins.

Carrie gets up in front of everyone and talks about how wonderful Mike is. Mike gets a chance to speak and he thanks everyone for contributing to this charity. Mike speaks about his grandfather Tom Horton, and he tells everyone that by honoring him they honor his grandfather. Mike also thanks Carrie Reed for putting this night together.

Bo approaches Hope and they go off to talk. Billie tells her mother that she thinks she knows what they are going to talk about. Lucas sees Franco and Sami talking and decides to ask Sami to dance, but Kate tells him no because she wants to dance with her son first. Franco is telling Sami about how she must change herself to make Austin see she has changed. Franco kisses her and tells her happy New Year.

A photographer wants to take some pictures of Mike and Carrie together for a story. They even ask Mike to hug Carrie and then to dance with her.

Billie watches Bo and Hope talk outside on the terrace. Bo tells Hope that he wants to be open and honest with her about how he feels about Billie and her (Hope). Billie walks away, but she becomes woozy and passes out.

In Salem Place, Roman asks Kristen to tell him who the woman is that came between her and John. Kristen says this is hard, but she wants him to know. Kristen notices that Roman has a box in his hand and he tells her that it's a ring. Roman says he plans to propose to Marlena later, but Kristen knows that will never happen. Roman starts telling Kristen that perhaps she's just imagining there is another woman with John, but Kristen says she knows it. Kristen starts crying and says that when she brought him back to Salem she really wanted him to marry Marlena again. Roman says he wants that too, but he's concerned about Kristen and doesn't want her to give up on John. Kristen tells Roman that she knows it's over for John and her, and that means her life is over too. Roman tells Kristen to keep it together, but she says her life is a dull, empty, void. Kristen tells herself that she'll do anything to make Marlena's future as miserable as her own.

At the Airport, Stefano tells Susan she is not leaving town. John and Marlena tells Stefano they are helping Susan protect her baby from the DiMera curse. Stefano tells them they have no right to say what Susan and the baby do, but he does because Elvis is his son. Stefano says that he is the baby's father, but John and Marlena tell Stefano that no judge would ever give him custody of the baby. Stefano claims he loves the baby, but Marlena says he only knows owning. Marlena lectures Stefano about how he raises his children to be like himself, and she (Marlena) will not let him ruin Susan and Little Elvis' lives. Marlena tells Stefano he is a monster for what he did. Stefano says Susan was a very willing participant, but Susan says he's a liar and he tricked her into it. Stefano claims the baby was conceived by love, but Marlena tells him he doesn't know the meaning of love. Stefano tells Marlena she is very wrong, and one day she will see how wrong she is. John tells Susan to get on the plane and he tells Stefano to leave. John asks a guard to remove Stefano, but Stefano knocks the guard out and takes his gun. Stefano finds the pilot to the Alamain Jet and he orders him at gunpoint to take off his clothes.

Stefano boards the plane and John and Marlena have a laugh at his expense. Marlena and John tells Stefano that Susan and Elvis are on the other jet that just took off. Stefano yells at them and says they can't hide his child from him. Stefano tells them to enjoy their victory because they will lose the war!

Stefano calls Kristen, who is still in Salem Place, and Stefano tells her what is up. Kristen asks Roman to get some coffee and Stefano tells her everything that happened. Stefano tells Kristen that this is all her fault, but Kristen could careless because she's too involved in getting revenge on Marlena. Stefano tells her to give it up, Marlena and John are on the Alamain Jet having a romantic triste. That is all Kristen needed to hear and she decides to give Roman the shock of his life. Roman returns and Kristen tells him that he should use the Alamain Jet to propose to Marlena up in the air. Roman says that Marlena is already there seeing Susan off, and he thanks her for the great idea.

Onboard the Alamain Jet, Marlena and John enjoy a bottle of champaign. John turns on some romantic music and they dance. At the same time, Roman shows up at the airport. As Roman walks out the plane he sees Marlena and John kissing in one of the plane's windows.

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