January 97 Week 4


January 27 Todays Show Summary by Laney (I (Dustin) have classes all day and wouldn't get this up till 9)
Jack & Jenn
The show opens with Abbey and Jack playing hide and seek. She finds him and it is followed by a touching scene where she asks him to promise to never leave again, while Jenn is listening on the stairs (Jenn's getting good at that). After Jack sends Abby to the kitchen for milk and cookies (is that all that kid ever eats?), Jenn comes down and tries to change his mind about his guilty plea by putting a guild trip on him. As they are talking, Laura is listening on the stairs (I guess if you want to know anything in that house just hang out on the stairs!). She also tries to change Jack's mind (yea, right like anyone would take her advice). After Jack leaves, Laura tells Jenn that she has a plan, but it depends on how far Jenn is willing to go. She tells her that if she wants to change his mind, she has to play on his feelings for her. Jenn doesn't know if she can do it because she feels guilty about Peter. As Jack wanders the park (at least it's not the docks) he has flashbacks about him and Jenn bringing Abbey home from the hospital and thinks how much he loves them. Jenn comes rushing up and tells him that she loves him (oops! dream sequence). But then, Jenn REALLY does rush up and says they need to talk. She tells him that there are many reasons for him to change his mind, but if he goes to jail they will have no chance at their relationship. Just as she is about to tell him that she loves him, a RUDE couple walk up with a rag mag talking about them and staring. (J&J's picture is on the front). Jack is furious and says he is going to put a stop to this by pleading guilty...this is exactly what he was afraid of.

At the hospital, Mike, Carrie & Austin are trying to get Sami to talk. Elsewhere in the hospital, Kate, Vivian & Ivan get the news that Sami is awake and Viv tells Kate it's just a matter of time before Sami spills the beans about her "secret". As Viv walks off, Kate thinks if that happens, she will lose everything and rushes after them. Sami recognizes Mike but she begins to cough. C & A leave the room and A tells C now that Sami is awake, they can proceed with the annulment and they can finally get married (wouldn't hold my breath Austin). K/V/I arrive and Viv cross-examines C&A about Sami's condition and Kate is verrrry worried. Mike comes out and gets C/A/K and tells them that Sami is ablt to talk now. They go into ICU and Viv follows, but Mike stops her and practically slams the door in her face. She waits outside with her ear to the door. Sami recognizes Mike and Carrie and tells C that she loves her (I was expecting C to drop dead!). Then she asks for mom. As Carrie rushes for the door, she also says get dad too...he is probably at work at the Station, but she wants to see him too! (jaws drop all around) Ivan is trying to get Viv to leave, but she won't. J&M rush in and Mar is bewildered about S asking for Roman. They step out of ICU and Mike tells them she's just confused or could be amnesia...have to run some tests. John says it's a miracle that she's even alive, shouldn't expect too much too soon & all agree. Kate is really sweating it out. Mike tells them that Sami has remember something and Viv tells Kate she bets it's about her! As everyone crowds around Sami's bed, she tells them of an incident between her and Roman...that happened four years ago! (according to Carrie) (Again, jaws drop all around...so many in fact, you could almost hear it!) Vivian stomps out and Kate follows and gloats and tells her that she bet all her money on one spin of the wheel...and LOST! Sami asks Mike if she will be better in time to go to the prom! Then she recoginzes Austin and asks why he's there (after all, they just met) She tells John/Marlena/Carrie she loves them all so much. Mike tells them (outside of room) that it may just be temporary and she will likely come out of it. Marlena tells John to go be with Kristen. Marlena goes back in with Sami and she asks where Roman is. Carrie wonders how all this will affect the annulment.

Dr. Robbins drags Kristen into his exam room to take blood. She keeps trying to weasel out of it, but is unsuccessful...they do it anyway. Afterwards, she is a bundle of nerves. She tries to talk John and Marlena to go see Sami. Just as they are about to leave, Dr. Robbins comes in and tells them that her blood doesn't match previous samples...if he didn't know better, he'd swear it was from 2 different people. Dr. says it must've been a bad test kit, as it has happened before. They will need another sample, Kristen refuses and stomps out of room. All are bewildered at her behavior. Kristen calls Susan but gets answering machine. John coaxes her to come back and finally she agrees. Then Dr. Robbins gets called for an emergency and Marlena volunteers to take the sample (After all, she says, I AM a doctor). As they are getting read, a nurse comes in and tells them that Carrie is looking for her, so she and John rush off. Kristen calls Susan again (answering machind) but leaves message to call immediately...EMERGENCY! S calls and K chews her out. Susan doesn't want to have to put on all the make up, but K talks her into it. (After she gets off the phone, Susan tells her teddy bear that Kristen is soooo mean to her and accuses him of stealing her mascarra!) Kristen is pacing the floor and the nurse tells her she is almost ready. Right after that Susan comes into the room (with a paper bag...another set of clothes so she can leave as "Susan) waving at Kristen like a doofus. Kristen chews on her again (too much blush) and gives her instructions. S says she'll do her best and Kristen says, "Yes, that's what I'm afraid of" (Geez, she is hateful to her today) After blood is drawn the nurse notices that "Kristen" is wearing a different blouse then leaves. Kristen (hiding in closet) comes out and jumps Susan again (says she spilled something on the other one). Then K throws the paper bag at her. Meanwhile, John is outside the exam room and the nurse tells him they are finished, he can go on in!


January 28
Hope and Franco arrive in Santa Rosa for the Photo Shoot and are greeted by Carmen. Carmen asks where Bo is and Hope says he's back in Salem with Billie. When Carmen asks why they never got married and Hope tells Carmen that Bo and Billie need to end their relationship before she will take him back into her heart. Carmen gives Hope the Room of Eternal Love because the room will give her the strength she needs to be reunited with Bo. Once inside Hope tries to call Shawn D., but there is no answer. She then gives Caroline's place a call and learns Shawn D. is staying the night there. When she asks why he's not at the boat and where Bo is Shawn D says Bo had to go out, but not for work. Hope wonders where Bo could be and Franco says that perhaps he's with Billie. Hope and Franco have dinner in Hope's room and Franco decides to turn in so he can get up early for the photo shoot. After he leaves Hopes room Franco says he can never let Bo choose her over Billie.

Sami still believes she is 16 again and keeps asking for Roman but Marlena continues to make excuses why Roman isn't there yet. Sami senses the tension in the room and asks what is going on, what aren't they telling her. Before anyone can answer Kate comes into the room to see Sami, but Sami doesn't recognize her. Mike also comes in to check on Sami and everyone leaves to let her be examined. Austin thinks maybe showing Sami pictures of Will will help her remember but Marlena says they need to wait and see Sami's test results before they try anything. Kate leaves to make some phone calls and Carrie and Austin decide to go get a cup of coffee. Vivian then shows up and is determined to get in to see Sami because she thinks there is a possibility Sami could be faking. Vivian and Ivan go into see Sami, but she does not recognize them. Kate comes in and catches them in there and laughs at them because Sami isn't faking her amnesia, and even if she did have something on her they'll never know now.

John goes in to see Kristen, who is in the exam room with Susan. Kristen shoves Susan into a closet before John comes. John gives Kristen the news about Sami and Kristen convinces him, to go check up on Sami again, so the two of them leave the room. After John and Kristen leave Susan ends up having to leave dressed as Kristen because she overheard a nurse tell another nurse to restock the supply closet! However Susan's bad luck doesn't end there, Susan's car has broken down and she is forced to walk home.

John and Kristen meet up with Marlena and Kristen tells her that the last blood test went fine, but Marlena is still skeptical. Suddenly Vivian shows up to see her nephew to ask for his support at the board meeting. However John refuses to help her because she has dug her own ditch and he refuses to side with her against Victor. Vivian then turns to Kristen because she owns stock in Titan, but she refuses to go against John.

To calm Kristen down John takes her to the nursery to look at the babies. John goes off ranting how their baby will be a perfect mix of himself and Kristen and she begins to break down. John asks her what is wrong and she says she's just so emotional these days. John then promises her they will be man and wife before the baby is born. As the two of them kiss Marlena walks by and sees them. Later Marlena goes to talk to Carrie and expresses her fears that Kristen will find some way to keep them apart.

Later Mike gets the results of the tests on Sami and they show that Sami suffered the most damage to the area of the brain that hold memories. Mickey shows up and asks how long Sami could be amnesiac, and when Mike says he doesn't know Mickey says this poses a problem for Austin and Carrie.

John leaves Kristen to go check up on their pre-registration and Father Jansen shows up and lectures Kristen on her lies. Kristen refuses to tell John but she promises to get pregnant again and give John his own child. John eventually meets up with Kristen and she says she needs some fun and asks John to take her to the Salem Club.

Lexie and Abe are having a nice dinner at the Salem Club when they see Bo drinking at the bar. Abe goes over to talk to Bo and asks if Bo wants to join them, but he turns it down. Abe compliments Bo on his good work today but Bo tells him they're off duty right now. Abe asks Bo what is bugging him and Bo tells Abe that Hope went off with Franco. Abe tells Bo he needs to go home and get some rest but Bo doesn't want to take orders from Abe. Bo tells Abe to just leave him alone but Abe refuses and continues to lecture Bo. Bo doesn't listen to anything Abe says so Abe leaves Bo and returns to Lexie.

Outside of the Salem Club Billie sees Bo inside drinking his sorrows away and decides to go in and check up on him. Billie asks him not to do this, and if he doesn't care about what he's doing to himself he should care what he's doing to his son. Bo tells Billie his drinking and his son are his business and to just leave him alone. Kate then shows up and sits with Billie, and Billie tells Kate that Bo is there busy getting drunk to ease his pain. Kate tells Billie that she needs to go after him and help ease his pain.

Vivan and Ivan end up in the Salem Club as well, and Vivian refuses to leave just because Kate is also there. As the two of them drink Susan, still in the "Kris-tan" costume, comes in to change thinking that nobody would know Kristen here.

Abe returns to see Bo and tells Bo he thinks he should stop drinking. Bo tells Abe to get out of his face, and the two begin to argue and when abe tells Bo he's going to take him home Bo slugs hit.


January 29
Laura comes in on Jack and Jen talking about Jack's guilty plea. Laura thinks Jack has decided to plead innocent and hugs him but becomes angry when she learns he is still planning on pleading guilty to Peter's murder. Jack shows Laura the tabloid and tells her this is why he has to plead guilty. Abby then calls for Jen, but Jack goes because he wants to spend as much time with her. While Jack is upstairs Laura gets an image of Peter and says he's still alive, but Jen refuses to believe her. As they talk Lynn comes down the stairs to take Laura out for a walk. Laura and Lynn leave and Jack comes back downstairs. Alice, Mickey, and Alice drop by to see how they are doing after that awful Intruder article. They all try to persuade Jack not to plead guilty but he refuses to do it because all he's done is let them all down and this way he can finally do right by them. Mickey asks Alice to testify, which she agrees to, and when Jack asks Mickey how long he could get Mickey says at the least he could be out in three years. Alice, Mickey, and Maggie all leave and Jen tells Jack she hasn't realized how much he's changed till now, and that she is proud of him and is glad Abby has him as a father.

On the way to the Salem Club John tries to feel Kristen's pillow-baby but she quickly snaps at him to keep both hands on the wheel. As they continue on Kristen begins to bitch and moan about Marlena, and then thinks to herself what an idiot Susan was not telling her about the baby. At the Salem Club Susan is in the womens room getting out of her "Kris-tan" disguise. Meanwhile Vivian is on the outside of the bathroom door pounding on it because she wants to persuade Kristen to vote in her favor at the Titan Board meeting. Back out in the main club floor Abe tries to get Bo to leave the Salem Club and go home and Bo decks him. The two of them get into a huge fight. Ivan tell Vivian there is a huge fight going on, but Vivian doesn't care, until Ivan tells her it's Abe and Bo Brady (Note: If you have this show on tape watch this scene! It's hilarious!). That news sparks Vivian's interest so she runs to see the fight, and Susan manages to slip right by Vivian while she's not watching! Suddenly John and Kristen come into the club and John breaks up the fight. Vivian walks over to Kristen and asks how she got out of the bathroom so fast, and Kristen tells Vivian she just got there. Suddenly Kristen begins to wonder if Vivian could have seen Susan.

Kristen sits down with Abe and Lexie and Vivian continues staring at her. Vivian walks over to talk with Kristen alone, and Lexie and Abe decide to dance. Vivian tells Kristen to vote for her at the next Titan meeting but Kristen refuses to do so. Vivian then notices the band-aid on Kristen's arm and when she learns Kristen had her blood drawn Vivan says she saw another woman with a band-aid on her arm and a University Hospital bag. Kristen then becomes fed up and walks off and begins to panic. After Kristen has left Kate sits down and tells Vivian to face the fact she's lost.

Kate urges Billie to go after Bo and talk to him, but she thinks Bo doesn't want to see him. Meanwhile Bo tries to get another beer and John tells him he's had enough. Bo decides he wants to fight John now and they take it outside. The two of them go outside and Bo doesn't want to fight John and the two talk. As they begin to argue the smart-ass cop from the station listens in on them. Bo becomes sick of John's big brother act and tries to go back in to get another drink, and when John stops him Bo almost fights him but comes to his senses. Bo says that ever since Hope left with Franco he's been so angry. John then tells Bo that maybe if he tries to resolve his relationship with Billie one way or the other maybe things can finally work out with him and Hope. Suddenly Billie shows up in the parking lot to see Bo and John leaves them to talk. Billie notices the cut above his head and he says he doesn't care about it, or much of anything anymore. Billie says he is not acting like the man she knows and he tells her thanks, but he doesn't need any help. Suddenly Abe shows up and says Bo needs all the help he can get. Abe tells Bo he went to far tonight. Bo then tells Abe that he won't apologize for what he did off duty. Abe asks Bo to give him one good reason why he shouldn't take him off the drug case. Bo tells Abe he can't do that, and he can't find a reason to stay on the force either. Bo gives Abe his badge and says he doesn't need anyone but Hope, and he can't have her.

Kristen goes to the pier and calls Susan to scold her and Susan tells her everything that happened. After Kristen hangs up and gets ready to leave she bumps into Lynn and Laura who are still on their walk. Laura tells Kristen she's glad they ran into each other because she has something to tell her. However, before Laura can say anything John shows up. Laura then says that she's glad he's here and she apologizes to both of them for what she said, and Kristen tells her they both understand. Lynn then says it's time for Laura's medication and she gives Laura a pill. Kristen and John return to the club, and Laura and Lynn return home.

Vivian begins to think something is going on with Kristen and she won't stop until she finds out what it is.

Back at Susan's, Susan's mental state continues to slip more and more as she thinks her babydoll is a real baby.


January 30
In the hospital Carrie and Austin ask Mike about Sami's memory, but Mike says the amnesia could be temporary, or it could be permanent. Mickey then shows up to check on Sami's memory and when he hears the disappointing news he fears what he must tell Austin and Carrie. Austin decides to go check on Will and Mickey approaches Carrie and tells her that the annulment can't go through because Sami is not in the right mind. Mickey apologizes and asks her to tell Austin. Carrie then says if only Sami could remember, and at that moment Sami is wheeled out of the room and asks what she needs to remember. Carrie just says she needs to remember before the accident, and Sami promises to try for her sister. Austin then shows up and he and Carrie go out to get something to eat.

Meanwhile Bo is at Cheating Heart drinking yet again and talking with the bartender. Bo is then approached by a guy he put away 3 years ago and he makes Bo and offer to play pool for money, but he doesn't realize the guy has this all planned out. Bo wins the first game and decides to play another one. Bo goes to the bar to get another drink and Billie shows up and tells him he's being hustled and he should leave, but Bo pushes Billie aside and returns to the table to play. The man eventually end up hustling Bo out of his boat, and also makes some phone calls to another person (could he be working for Franco's boss?). Austin and Carrie come into the Cheating Heart right as Bo looses the boat. Billie has no idea what to do, so Carrie decides to call Hope in Santa Rosa because she's the only one who can help Bo now. Billie tries to buy the boat back, but the man refuses her offer. Bo says he'll move his stuff out tonight and the boat is his in the morning. Bo leaves to clean out his boat and Billie follows him. She tries to make Bo buy back his boat, but Bo can't afford it. Bo says he's sick of being the good guy, the honest cop, and now it's time for him to return to his old risk taking life where he followed nobody's rules. Suddenly the guy who one the boat shows up to make sure Bo isn't taking anything that's his. After Bo leaves Abe shows up and learns what happened from Billie. Meanwhile the man who hustled Bo out of his Boat makes another call to his boss and says they'll have to keep a real close eye on Bo.

Across the ocean in Santa Rosa Hope can't sleep because all she thinks about is Bo. Franco comes to Hope's room to talk to her because he saw her light on. Hope begins to think breaking up with Bo was the wrong thing to do, but Franco says it was the right thing to do. Franco then tells Hope he has something he has been wanting to tell Hope for so long, and when Hope asks what it is Franco tells her he loves her. Hope tells him he doesn't mean that, but Franco says he loves her with all her heart and she needs to choose between him and Bo. Hope can't believe that he felt this way and to show her how he feels he kisses her, but then Franco wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream. Franco can't get back to sleep and decides to go for a walk, and he runs into Hope in the hall. Hope tells Franco she couldn't sleep as well because she can't shake the feeling Bo's in trouble. Hope then decides she needs some time by herself and goes to the beach to be alone, but she still can't get Bo off her mind. For old times sake's Hope goes skinny dipping, but is unaware that Franco is watching her from the bushes. After she gets out of the water and begins to dry off Franco "Accidentally" runs into her while he was going to take dip as well. Franco apologizes and leaves, but he is sure one day she will be his.

Upon returning to her room Hope get's a call from Carrie, who tells her that Bo has done nothing but drink the past few days, and that he even lost the boat in a pool game. Hope tells Carrie she'll handle it and decides to go back to Salem, but Franco won't let her. Franco says that she needs to let Bo and Billie spend some time together, and then begins to put doubts in her mind saying if she goes back now she'll probably end up with him and never know if he fully loves her.

Austin and Carrie return to the hospital in hopes of making Sami remember. Austin wants to tell Sami about what's happened, but Mike says if they push her it could harm her.


January 31 Today's Summary by Tracy
The show begins in Santa Rosa where Franco is wandering the halls looking for Hope. She doesn't answer to the knock at her door and then Carmen walks up. She says she has not been able to reach Hope all night and maybe she went back to Bo where she belongs. She tells Franco he may have feelings for her but Hope loves only one man - Bo. (this whole story is getting OLD!!!!) Carmen opens Hope's door and the room is vacant and the bed still made up. F now believes that Hope did go back to Bo but after Carmen leaves Hope walks up. She could not sleep and has been walking the beach all night. (that's not good for bags under the eyes and isn't she there for a photo shoot?) She says she's not sure what she should do but F changes the subject and mentions that Keith and the camera are waiting if she wants to get to work and her mind off Bo. Bo (he slept on the boat) in the meantime is dreaming that Hope has come home (another one of those trick dreams). Billie shows up and Bo thinks it's Hope but all that happens is he grabs her leg (which she practically threw on him) and starts kissing her hand and mumbling Hope's name. Billie wakes him and tells him it's not Hope. (for you B/B haters no lovemaking so no baby). She tries to get him to talk to Kevin and get the boat back but Bo tells her to leave him alone. So she leaves and next thing you see her at the Cheatin Heart trying to buy Bo's boat back from Kevin (he still at the club?). He tells her he'll think about it if she throws something personal in. She refuses and he also refuses the money. He asks her what is so special about Bo that he has 2 women falling all over him (I'm thinking the same thing right now) and then he starts coming on to her and says he knows what kind of woman she is. When he grabs her she slaps him and he gets more aggressive. (that other guy is in the background again). About that time Bo shows up and starts fighting with the guy and then asks Billie what is she doing. Bo had just come from a confrontation with Shawn-D on the boat. He told his Dad he had not done anything he had promised, etc. and they argued about the whole situation. So Shawn-D calls Hope who is in the middle of a shoot w/Franco and begs her to come home - Dad needs her. She again explains that it's not that easy (same old stuff!!!) After she gets off the phone, F suggests they get lunch but she wants to make a call first. She calls Bo's cell phone (which is in his jacket that he left at the Cheatin' Heart when he left) so Billie answers it. Hope realizes it is B and doesn't say anything. Then Bo comes back in realizing he left his coat. Hope overhears Kevin teasing Bo about losing the boat and Hope and now he could lose Billie. Hope never responds to Billie's asking who's there and hangs up before Bo gets the phone. Another one of those missing understandings TIIC think is so great!! Franco comes back to check on Hope as she says to herself that she has her answer.

This next part is the only thing that makes the show worth watching. Ivan comes in to wake Viv with an old family cure for a hangover. (funny scene) She remembers the board meets tomorrow and she has to figure out the deal with Kristen. They head to the hospital in search of answers. Posing as a doctor and nurse they manage to get into the room where the computer is that keeps the blood test information. Viv comments about no file cabinets and how unfeeling a computer is (I didn't know that file cabinets had feelings? ha ha). Anyway they find that Kristen was tested by Dr Bader several months ago and compare it to the test she just had. The blood types don't match (now why couldn't Dr Robbins do that?) and wonder what is going on - after all your blood type never changes. They get caught but manage to get away before the security get there. They go running to Salem Place where John and Kristen have been shopping for the baby. Kristen and John talk about different things but one thing K mentions is asking Marlena to move out of the house. After all she needs to spend time with Sami and K is doing fine and doesn't need M to look after her anymore. He comments about how caring and concerned K is for M's problems and hesitant to do this and K asks him why. He says he doesn't want to hurt M's feelings and her feel like she is being thrown out. Then the subject changes to them getting married and John says he'll find a judge to marry them and invite M and the family. Kristen says she wants to be married by priest and their marriage sanctioned by the church Whatsupwiththis?? He wonders why but says they'll work it out and before the baby is born. He then teases her that no deep dark secrets better come out before then. (if he only knew!!) They go to Johnny Angel's for a bite to eat and K sees Susan sitting at another table. She lies to John that she thinks she left a package at the Toy Store and gets rid of him so she can approach Susan. She chews her out and reminds her she is not suppose to be out it's too risky. But Susan says without the props no one will know who she is. K tells her she doesn't care and to get home - she does allow her to finish her sandwich. When John returns without the package K realizes she had it all along. John mentions he doesn't know where they will put everything but K says they can use the room M is in since she will be leaving maybe even by tonight. K is in a hurry to get out of there and as they are leaving they bump into Viv and Ivan. Viv starts in about getting their votes and both J & K say no way (boy K is going to have some explaining to do when she changes her mind at the board meeting) and John reminds her the only reason she is still around is because Vic is still ill. Viv says she did it for love and she would do anything for Vic. Something is said about being honest and truthful (can't remember if John or Viv said it) and K gets a funny look on her face which Viv noticed. She questions K but K just brushes her off. (somewhere in the middle of all this John again comments to K that she better not have any deep dark secrets) After J & K go back to get some hot chocolate, Susan leaves and Viv sees her. She says she looks familiar and realizes it's the same girl she saw at Salem Club. So she and Ivan are off the follow her and see what they can find.

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