January 97 Week 3


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January 21
In the hospital Sami opens her eyes and looks at Austin. Mike comes in and asks her how she feels, but when Sami goes to speak he tells her not to talk (duh? then why did you ask her the question). Sami suddenly goes back to sleep and Carrie is worried but Mike assures them it's normal. Shawn shows up and says Caroline will be coming as soon as she can and he is overjoyed that Sami is doing better. Later Carrie begins to worry whether she and Austin will ever be together and Austin assures her nothing will come between them. After Mike has examined Sami Mike tells them that Sami is doing much better and he's even taken her off the oxygen. Mike also tells them that Sami needs uninterrupted rest and tells them both to go home and get some rest. Austin and Carrie go to leave and Austin thinks that Sami will be a changed person after this, but Carrie thinks Sami could have a few surprises. As the leave a blissful smile comes over Sami's face.

Susan is on the hospital table being examined and trying to figure a way to escape. Meanwhile John is at home with Kristen and is calling Marlena, who is right outside the room Susan is in! Kristen panics and hangs up on John's end and says if there was a change with Sami Marlena would have called. Kristen then asks him to sit down to talk about getting married right away. Back at the hospital Marlena is waiting outside Susan's room when Dr. Robins comes out and talks to Marlena. He tells her he's going to set up a fetal monitor to make sure they baby is all right. Marlena asks if she could sit with Kristen, and when the doctor says it's okay she asks him not to tell her who it is, just to ask if a she'd like a friend to sit with her. The doctor agrees and instructs a nurse to tell Susan that a friend wants to see her but she says that she wants to be alone. When the nurse reports back to Marlena she is a little shocked. When she asks if the John has been called the nurse says they all assumed he was on his way. Marlena knows better so she decides to give John a call. Unfortunately Marlena can't get through because Kristen has unplugged the phone (only one phone in that big house?).

Back at the mansion John promises Kristen that they will be married, but she begins to doubt that. John tells her that to be honest, he wonders if Kristen even wants to get married because she never lets him touch her or hold her anymore. Kristen tells John she loves him and wants him to hold her but she's just been so nervous about the delicate pregnancy. John tells Kristen he's not complaining, just wondering and tells her he'll do what ever he wants to make the baby and her happy. Kristen then says "Lets get married now!" John agrees but he wants to get married in Salem because it's so close to the due date. Kristen wants a private wedding, but John wants to invite the Bradys, the Hortons, and Doc. Kristen objects and says that they should have the wedding in the house with the household staff and she says she will explain to everyone else later and John reluctantly agrees. All of the sudden Shawn arrives, he was on his way home to tell Caroline about Sami when his car broke down. John goes out with Shawn to look at his car and Kristen plugs the phone back in and gives Susan a call. All Kristen gets is her answering machine and she leaves a message that everything is going well.

As Marlena waits outside Susan's room Carrie and Austin show up and tell her the news about Sami. Carrie asks what she is doing on this floor and she tells her about Kristen. Marlena then decides to give John another call. Now that the phone is plugged in Kristen hears it ring (she's also drinking alcohol as well). Kristen goes to answer the phone but drops the glass of cherrie and misses the phone to clean up the "booze" cause she can't let John smell it.

Back in the hospital Susan is told by Dr. Robins that she is having a boy. A nurse comes out of the room and Marlena asks how it's going and she says they just found out the baby is a boy and Kristen is so excited.

Kristen goes to the church to see Father Jansen and to see about getting married and when he begins taking about a large service she tells him they want to be married in secret, nobody can know. Father Jansen suspects there is something she isn't telling him. Kristen says she'd like to make a full confession and start her marriage with a clear conscious so she decides to tell him everything.

Back at the mansion John has returned from fixing Shawn's car when Marlena walks in and asks why he's not at the hospital. John asks if something is wrong with Sami and she tells him Sami is fine, but Kristen might be in labor. John tells her that's impossible because he was just with her and only left her to check on the car. Marlena says that must be when she went to the hospital and John and Marlena rush off to the hospital.

Hope finds Billie at the airport and begs her to stay because if she leaves Bo will never be able to decide which woman he wants to be with. Hope tells Billie to stay and fight for him, and Bo who has come up behind them asks Hope what the hell she is doing. Hope asks why Bo is here and he goes to say he was going to say goodbye, but Hope thinks he was coming to stop Billie. Bo is angry that he's being treated like a door prize and asks Billie to talk some sense into Hope. Hope begins to talk about the accident and her death, and how Bo fell in love again. Hope says that Billie stepping aside was unselfish but wrong because they never ended their relationship, she just left. Hope tells Bo he needs explore his leftover feelings for Billie and play it out and she is willing to wait and see what happens, even if it means loosing him forever. Billie tells Hope this is crazy and Bo tells Hope that he cares about Billie but he loves Hope with all his heart. Billie says that's that and is going to catch her plane but Hope stops her and says they have to work this out. Bo tells Hope he knows how he feels, he wants her and he doesn't have to play these games to figure it out. A then ticked off Bo walks out on Hope and leaves the airport. Hope ask Billie to stay in Salem but Billie says it's to painful and Bo has made his feelings crystal clear. Hope tells Billie she can't force her to stay, but if she leaves the pain she feels will never be resolved. Hope then leaves Billie at the airport to make the decision herself. Billie is unsure what to do because she doesn't want to hurt Hope, and she doesn't want to get hurt herself by Bo's rejection. The show ends with Billie handing her ticket to the woman at the boarding gate.


January 22
In Father Jansen's office Kristen starts her confession with the usual "Bless me father for I have sinned" (should have been exorcise me father for I have become Satan's minion). Kristen tells Father Jansen that she lost her baby 6 months ago and the reason she kept it a secret is because she knows Marlena and John both love each other. She even tells him that she helped Stefano kidnap Marlena and payed for it by loosing her baby and her mom, and she just couldn't bear loosing John. She then goes on to tell him that Peter and Stefano aren't dead, that Laura was kidnapped and had her memory erased, and then tells him about Susan. She tries to make Father Jansen see she did this all for her love of John but he is disgusted by her actions. She wants to tell God she is sorry and beg for God's forgiveness but he can't believe the once kind and caring person he knew is gone. She asks for Father Jansen's forgiveness, but he tells her he can not do that until she tells John the truth about everything. Kristen says she can't tell John and Father Jansen tells her he can not grant her absolution. (Burn in Hell!) Kristen reminds him he can't break the seal of the confessional so Father Jansen says he won't marry her and John. Father Jansen leaves her alone to make peace with God, and she says she'll make her peace with God, just not right now.

John and Marlena are on the way to the hospital to see Kristen because they think she's in labor. John is disturbed that he didn't even see Kristen drive by Shawn's car or even that she didn't stop and pick him up. Marlena comments that she's behaved oddly since Paris and John says it's understandable with everything she's been through.

Back at the hospital the nurse refuses to let Susan leave without being seen by the doctor. While the nurse and doctor are out of the room Susan tries to sneak out but when the fetal monitor is disconnected an alarm goes off. The doctor comes back into the room and tells her nothing is wrong, and she isn't in labor. When Susan asks if she can leave he tells her he doesn't want her driving home alone and says they are going to call John to come get her. The doctor tells Susan that she can leave when John gets here, but that she can go into labor at any time and to call him immediately when she does. John and Marlena arrive at the hospital, but when they go into the examine room to see her Susan is already gone!

John and Marlena return home to find Kristen already there and they ask how she got home so fast. When Kristen asks what they are talking about Marlena says they know where she was and what she was doing. John and Marlena tell her about what went on at the hospital and Marlena asks why she left. Suddenly Kristen gets a phone call from Susan but hangs up on her and tries to switch the subject, but Marlena won't let her get out of it. Kristen tells John that she just didn't want to worry him if she wasn't really in labor, and of course John buys it, but Marlena doesn't!

Bo is at the Cheating Heart when he meets Abe and Bo tells him everything that went on at the airport with Hope and Billie. Abe tells them Bo that both women love him and he has to decide and tell them both which one he loves, but Bo says he's done that a thousand times. Abe suggests that if he does what Hope wants maybe it will prove to her it's over with and they can work things out, but Bo says Billie is on her way to Paris so it doesn't matter. Bo also pressures Abe to let him work on the drug case and Abe tells him he'll think about it. As the two of them continue to talk they are unaware that Franco is sitting at the other table behind a newspaper listening to their every word.

Later at the police station gym Bo gets into a fight with a smart mouthed cop who begins raging on him about Hope dumping him. Abe eventually come in and break up the fight and then tells him he isn't so sure that giving Bo the drug case is such a good idea anymore. Bo pleads with Abe for the case and he gives it to him and then goes to call someone, but realizes he doesn't have anyone to call. When Abe asks who Bo was going to call Bo says Hope and asks why he would ask such a thing. Abe just says after tonight he didn't know if he's call Hope, or Billie.

Hope is pacing back and forth on the docks, nervously waiting to see what choice Billie has made. As she walks back and forth Kate shows up and the two talk and Hope tells Kate about her proposed plan to let Bo and Billie date. Kate tells hope it's too late now because Billie's gone, but Hope says Billie hadn't left when she left the airport. Unfortunately for Hope Billie has chosen to leave Salem and board the plane to Paris, and she has no intentions on ever returning.

Back on the docks Hope gets word Billie boarded the plane and left Salem and Kate becomes bitchy with her because Hope is still planing on rejecting Bo. Kate walks off and Franco shows up. Back at the Kiriakis Mansion Billie shows up much to Kate surprise, and she has decided to stay and fight for Bo.

Hope begins to cry when she tells Franco her plan didn't work and he takes her in his arms and comforts her. They sit down and talk and Franco tells Hope he also can't be happy until he has his love Angela truly and completely. Before Hope leaves Franco gives her a kaleidoscope to cheer her up. Suddenly Hope gets a call from Billie, who has decided to stay in Salem, which pleases Hope. After Hope leaves Franco calls his employer and says he'll do his job by staying with Hope and he has to keep Bo away from him.


January 23
January 23
Jennifer expresses her concerns over the things Laura said the other night but Jack says she needs rest and medication right now. Up in Laura's room Laura continues to dream about Stefano and Peter and the laser surgery they performed on her and that Kristen is not really pregnant. Laura wakes up and realizes she's home and she remembers everything now! Jen comes up to see Laura and she begins to tell Jen what she remembers but Jen refuses to believe it (Damn it! tell her Kristen isn't pregnant!). Laura then decides to take her medication but Jen comments that Lynn wants to do it to keep track of it. Laura snaps at Jen because she's a doctor and is capable of giving herself her own medicine. Jen leaves Laura to take Abby to the bus and Laura continues remembering what happened.

John brings Kristen breakfast in bed as a surprise and Marlena catches him before he goes into the room. Marlena comments about Kristen's odd behavior but John tells her that he think he knows why she's acted the way she has. When Marlena asks why John says that he thinks Kristen went into false labor because of the things Laura said to her. Marlena asks what things she said and John recounts Laura's words and Marlena decides she needs to go see Laura right away.

In her room Kristen calls Susan and scolds her for her mistakes and warns her not to screw up again. She then asks Susan if anything important happened she needs to know about and Susan says there was something, but she can't remember it right now. Kristen tells her to call her when she remembers and hangs up the phone as John comes into the room. John gives her the breakfast and asks how she is, and Kristen says she is fine. Then John tells Kristen Marlena is heading over to see Laura and Kristen isn't to happy about that. Kristen panics and says that he must call Marlena and stop her because Laura needs rest but John tells her that Laura will be very safe with Marlena. John tells Kristen to eat her breakfast while he takes a shower, and the minuet John leaves Kristen calls Lynn. Lynn is sleeping and she scolds Lynn for not watching Laura. She tells Lynn that Marlena is coming over so she needs to give Laura the substitute pills now! Lynn assures Kristen she will, but after she hangs up Lynn goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile Marlena has arrived at the house and Laura and Marlena talk. Laura tells Marlena when she first came home she remembered everything, but then she became confused and disoriented. Marlena asks her how she feels now and Laura says she feels clear enough to remember and asks Marlena to help her. As they are about to begin Lynn comes in and asks Laura if she's had her pill, but Laura says she was about to take it but forgot, so Lynn gives her one. Marlena then asks Laura to relax and think back, and Laura says she sees Stefano, Peter, and Kristen. Outside the room Lynn listens in and panics that the pill may not take effect soon enough. Suddenly the pill kicks in and Laura begins to loose the images, but then she remembers she was in Peter's house. Marlena says how odd because Celeste said that's where she was and when they arrived they only found Kristen there. Suddenly Laura begins to hear voices in her head and looses it, which is a relief to Lynn. Laura then panics and begins to think Marlena thinks she's mad but Marlena says she think's she is not mad. Laura can't understand why she is getting these images of dead man and her fixation on Kristen. Marlena says maybe she's fixated on Kristen because of her own suspicions of Kristen. Marlena begins telling Laura about Kristen going to the hospital and as she talks Laura begins to get sleepy. Marlena promises to come back soon but she needs to get some rest.

Downstairs Mickey comes over to try and convince Jack not to plead guilty but Jack refuses to put Jen, Abby, and Laura through that kind of bad publicity. Little does Jack know Jen is listening in on them and overhears Jack say he cares to much about his family to do that to them. Mickey agrees and says he will file the guilty papers in a few days so that he may have time to change his plea. After Mickey leaves Jen comes down and says she heard everything, and that if he loves her and Abby then he will change his plea to not guilty. Jack refuses but she begs him to change his plea and hugs him, not knowing that a man is outside their window taking pictures.

Back at the mansion John comes out from the shower and sees Kristen hasn't eaten anything. Kristen makes an excuse that the "pillow" baby is pushing on her. John then tells her that he has a surprise planned for her downstairs, it has something to do with them getting married. He tells Kristen to get dressed and meet him down there. Downstairs John has called over Father Jansen and says he and Kristen have something very important to discuss with him. John and Father Jansen talk about the fact that Kristen came to see him and he thinks it's odd she never mentioned it. Kristen comes in on them as they are talking, and John asks why they she went to see Father Jansen without telling him and she says they were just talking. Father Jansen asks John why he was called over and when John asks him to marry them Father Jansen refuses. John asks why he can't marry him but Father Jansen says he can not say and just leaves. John wants to know why and Kristen tells him she knows. Kristen says that Father Jansen won't marry John probably because he was a priest, but John doesn't think so. John wants to go after him to talk to him but Kristen stops him.

As Father Jansen leaves he runs into Marlena and tells her never to loose faith for she will prevail in time. Marlena walks in and overhears John say he can't wait to see if they have a boy or a girl, and Kristen says she doesn't know but she can't wait to find out. Marlena exclaims "What are you talking about, you know!"

At Salem Place Bo tells Caroline that Hope wants him and Billie to start seeing each other again because they didn't have any closure. Bo tells his mom that that can't happen because Billie is in Paris by now, but Caroline says she doesn't think so and Billie shows up much to Bo's dismay.

Hope wakes up and realizes her plan may not be that great after all because she now realizes she stands a strong chance of loosing Bo to Billie. Franco gives her a call to meet for breakfast and the two of them meet, where else, Salem Place. Franco asks Hope to go out of town on a modeling job with him, but she is unsure about leaving until she sees Billie with Bo.

Back over at Bo's table Billie tells Bo she thinks Hope is right, that they should see if there is a chance for them again but Bo tells her he doesn't want to hurt her but he loves Hope. Billie says she has no expectations, she's just doing this because it's what Hope wants.

Billie walks off and Hope approaches Bo. He asks if she's reconsidered this crazy idea of hers but she hasn't. She then tells Bo he needs to watch Shawn D because she's going on a modeling job with Franco, but Bo tells her no way! Meanwhile Franco arranges with his boss for Bo to get a call about the island murder case, a suspect has been arrested. Hope tells him that just proves Franco is innocent and she asks him to work through his feelings for Billie why she is gone.

Meanwhile Franco bumps into Billie and tells her he and Hope are going out of town and now she and Bo can renew their love, but Billie isn't so sure. Once she sees Hope walk away from Bo she decides it's her turn to have Bo.


January 24
At the Kiriakis mansion Vivian has just found out that she's being kicked out of her luxurious Titan office to a rat trap in the basement. Kate comes in and gloats that she's the one responsible and that she has all the backing she needs by the board members to have her ousted. Vivian throws some wine on Kate and a cat fight follows but Ivan steps in and stops them. The two of them argue over Vivian's reputation at Titan but Kate doesn't care how much she's done, people are afraid of her. Kate calls Vivian a looser and Vivian threatens to use Sami against Kate and that when Sami wakes up they will take her down together. Kate tells Vivian to just try it, and after Kate leaves Ivan tells Vivian they should pack up and move back to Europe.

At the hospital Sami is awake and Carrie and Austin are anxious to see how she is doing. Carrie and Austin go into Sami's room and Sami looks at Carrie and says "Austin is mine, and I'm never going to let you have him." Carrie begins to panic, but then wakes up to find out it was all a dream. Austin comforts Carrie and tells her that it was only a nightmare, and that Sami will have changed from her near death experience. Carrie decides to jump in the shower and while she's in there Austin calls Mickey to set up an appointment to talk about the annulment. Mickey comes over to Austin's as soon as he can, and Mickey foresees no problems to proceed with the annulment when Sami is awake. Carrie walks in on them talking and Austin tells Carrie the good news about the annulment.

Back at the hospital Sami is still unconscious, but okay. Vivan and Ivan come in to see Sami after Mike and the nurse have left the room. Suddenly Kate shows up at the hospital to see how Sami is progressing, and when she hears that Sami is getting better and could be awake within a few days Kate is just blooming with joy, NOT. All of the sudden Kate hears some odd music coming from Sami's room and Mike and Kate go into the room to find Vivian and Ivan playing cabaret music. Mike orders them out and tells them they can't do this in a hospital, but Vivian and Ivan say they only wanted to help. Carrie and Austin show up and hear about what Vivian and Ivan tried to do and Vivian apologizes to them and leaves. Kate tells Austin not to let Vivian to see Sami but Austin doesn't understand because Vivian could do her no harm. Kate decides to go get them some coffee and when she passes Sami's room she sees Sami is beginning to stir awake. Vivian pops up behind Kate and tells her it's only a matter of time before Sami wakes up and they destroy her together.

Suddenly Sami begins to stir awake and Mike is paged. Mike warns Austin and Carrie that Sami may be confused, so take it easy with her when they talk to her.

At the DiMera Mansion Marlena overhears Kristen tell John she doesn't know the sex of the baby. Marlena tells Kristen she knows the sex of the baby and demands to know why she is being dishonest to both of them. Marlena tells John that while Kristen was at the hospital she had a sonogram to find out the sex of the baby. John becomes hysterical and asks Kristen what is it, and Marlena just stands back waiting to hear Kristen's answer. Kristen then says that it isn't the time or place but John says everyone knows but him, and Kristen is saved when some blue wrapped baby gifts Marlena bought were delivered and John knows he's having a son. Kristen begins to cry and say that she needs to be alone because she wanted it to be a surprise and now Marlena has ruined it. John begins to go through the baby gifts and Marlena is still puzzled by why she kept the sex of the baby a secret. Marlena says that for a moment Kristen was almost surprised by the news herself, but John just things the surprise was that her secret was out of the bag.

Meanwhile back at Susan's place Susan is trying to remember what she needed to tell Kristen. Kristen suddenly shows up Susan's apartment and asks why she didn't tell her the baby was a boy. Kristen then tells Susan that Marlena almost blew it all and that she has to be better prepared in the future or their plan is through. Kristen tells Susan that the new plan is for Susan to have the baby in a private hospital across town, and John and Marlena will only be called after the baby is born and they have switched places. Once Kristen has switched places with Susan that is when Susan will be given her ticket out of town and her money. Kristen thinks that everything has been taken care of, but the only foreseeable problem is their different blood types. Susan says that the doctor only took her blood, so Kristen thinks she may be in the clear. After Kristen has left Susan begins talking to a small baby doll and cuddling it as if it was real, yes folks she's lost it.

Back at the mansion John begins to worry that Kristen has been gone so long, but he is relieved when she comes in. Marlena apologizes for letting her secret out and Kristen says it's okay. John then says he and Marlena were going to the hospital to see Sami and Kristen decides to go with them. John, Marlena, and Kristen all go to the hospital, and they happen to run into Dr. Robins. While he has her there he wants Kristen to come down to lab to take some blood to do a check on her but Kristen says she can't. John says what's wrong and Kristen says that she's just so queezy plus she really wants to see Sami, but the Dr. tells her this test is very important and he promises it won't take but a minuet.

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