January 97 Week 2


January 13
Jen is panicked that Laura is missing again and has a terrible feeling, which Kristen shares. Lynn runs downstairs and says she thought Laura was doing okay and apologizes but Jen says that it's not her fault because she and Jack also let her slip by them. Jen and Jack go back to the park to see if Laura might be there but she isn't. Jen wonders if she is slipping back out of touch with reality but Jack says Laura took her car so she knows what she is doing.

At the Blake house Laura is in the room she was help in and remembers being handcuffed and chained to the chair and remembers being hit by the laser. As Laura screams Celeste wakes up and senses Laura's screaming and heads for Jen's house. Celeste arrives and is greeted by Lynn, but when Celeste asks to see Laura but when Lynn tells her Laura has disappeared. Jack, Jen, and Kristen return home and find Celeste waiting there. Celeste tells Jen she thinks she knows where Laura is and tells them to go to the house Peter built for her.

Back at the house Laura continues to have memory flashes of the events that went on and eventually faints. Kristen, Jack, and Jen show up and find Laura passed out on the floor. When she comes to she tells them she remembers being in this room and having terrible things done to her. When Jen suggests it was just a dream Laura looks at Kristen says she doesn't think it was.

On the docks Bo tells Billie he knows she loves him and he loves her too. Billie rushes to Bo's arms while Hope sits in the shadows and watches. Billie backs off and apologizes but Bo says it is okay. He tells Billie he read her letter and apologizes for being the cause of her pain. As the Bo and Billie hug Hope walks away. The two of them sit down on a bench and Billie tells him she knows that when he meant it as a friend and Bo tells her when he said he loved her part of it was as a friend but part of it was as something more. But Bo says that he's committed to Hope and Billie tells him she understands. Billie goes to leave and Bo buys her some roses for being so understanding and then Bo goes off.

Hope returns to the Alice's and runs crying into her Gran's arms. Bo shows up at Alice's as well and Hope tells Bo she needs to talk to him alone. Hope tells Bo that there is no way they can be together and that they are through. When Bo tries to change her mind but she refuses and gives him back the engagement ring. Hope tells Bo to leave and a rejected Bo returns to the docks.

Billie returns to the mansion and tells Kate that Bo said he loved her but is committed to Hope. When Billie says Bo is going to try and win Hope back Kate says she hopes she rejects him. Billie tells Kate it is wrong for her to route for Bo and Hope to break up but Kate sees nothing wrong in wanting her child to be happy.

At the hospital chapel Marlena prays to god to punish her and not Sami. As Marlena cries a flower next to her blooms open in a ray of sunlight and Marlena takes it as a sign. John walks into the chapel and Marlena thinks Sami is better but John tells her she is failing and doesn't have much time.

In Sami's room Austin, Carrie, and Will say goodbye to Sami. Marlena returns to Sami's room and Mike tells her he's done everything he could but Marlena won't accept the fact that Sami is dying. Austin still blames himself for Sami's accident but Carrie, John, and Marlena all tell him they know it was an accident, and that Sami probably doesn't blame him either. Austin and Carrie leave so that Marlena and John can say their goodbyes to Sami. As Marlena cradles Sami she tells her she's going home Sami is in a tunnel of bright lights and hear her mother telling her words. Mike comes in and says that all they can do now is make her comfortable, and if they want Father Jansen here in the end they should call him now.

Austin returns to the chapel to pray some more for Sami. Austin says he will do anything to save Sami and asks for a sign.

Father Jansen arrives and as he prays to her Sami responds a song on the radio, but they are unsure what the song was. Austin and Carrie return to the room and Marlena tells them the news that Sami responded to the music. John calls the station to try and find out the songs name and the others ask Austin to think of a song that she loves and may respond to. Austin thinks he knows and returns home to get it. Austin eventually returns to the hospital with what he believes will save Sami, but it could be to late because Sami is beginning to crash.


January 14Today's summary by Linda
Jen, Jack, Lynn and Kristen are with Laura in Peter's bedroom. She tells them she remembers everything. Jen notices how cold they are and Lynn said they should take her home and get her warmed up. Jack puts his coat on Laura and they leave. Kristen trys to excuse herself, but Laura Laura said she wants Kristen, as well as John and Marlena to be there when she tells everyone what happened

Celeste says out loud that she feels what Laura will say will change many lives. They bring Laura home Lynn goes up to run a bath for Laura. Everytime Kristen trys to leave, someone stops her. Laura is in the tub with water up to her shoulders (I need to get a new tub, every time I try to get mine as full as the one Laura was in, it gurgles and drains away). Laura remembers everything that happened to her at the church and in Peter's bedroom and is ready to tell. She also comments about everything she remembers will change lives. Jack is making tea and has to stop Kristen from leaving a couple of times. By the time Laura comes down from her bath, Jack is afraid the tea will be cold and he and Jen go to make another pot (by the way, they have the fastest tea kettle in town..watch how fast it whistles!! the first time he makes tea).

Jen and Lynn talk with Laura in her room after her bath. Jen goes downstairs while Laura gets dressed. Lynn gives Laura her pill (oops..shouldn't have taken it Laura). At the end of the show, Laura tells everyone she remembers everything, and EVERY ONE, from when she was missing and will now tell them all about it.

Lexie brings Abe a sandwich and soda. He's waiting for a big drug bust to go down and feels bad he can't be at the hospital. Abe remembers the letter he got for Lexie and gives it to her. Apparently it's from the bank about the jewels in safe deposit box. Lexie and Abe reflect they were going to wait a year before doing anything. Abe understands Lexie's not wanting to get rid of the jewels being they were something from her father, even if it was Stephano. (are the jewels still in the bank after Stephano got the key out of the fountain?) Later in the show we learn the drug bust didn't go down. Abe is dissapointed, but Lexie comments a lot of cops wives have lost a lot of sleep worrying about their husbands tonite and will be relieved to see them. Abe understands Lexie's concern as it was the happiest day of his life when Lexie decided to be a Dr. instead of a cop. He tells her he may have to be on the next drug bust. (I smell a new story line coming up)

We see John with his arms around Marlena. Jonah comes rushing in with the tv (vcr must be built in) and they throw the wedding tape in. Marlena recognizes the same music as was on the radio. Marlena and Austin are encouraging Sami to listen to the video and to fight to come back. We see Sami walking in the lights longer today. She comments about how warm, so wonderful, so welcoming the lights are and she's going home (NOT to Salem). She hears them talking and turns every once in a while to listen and think about what to do. Sami looks beautiful (Did she change her eyebrows?), Mike notices a little change, but not sure if it's from the video or natural. Mike asks everyone to step outside while he examines Sami. Marlena is desperate to help her little girl. (she is the best cryer..I think she does her best acting when showing her grief). Carrie and Jonah go to get coffee when Marlena has an idea. She goes to Austin and asks him to tell Sami he loves her. He's reluctant as it would be a lie, Carrie's the only woman he loves. But Marlena convinces him to as it may be Sami's only hope to come back to them..to have something to live for. Austin finally agrees and asks to have some time alone with Sami. Mike and the nurse leave and while watching the video, he tells Sami she's got so much to live for. She has to live for their life together and he needs her now and he loves her. (unbeknownst to him, Marlena and John turned around and Carrie slipped in the door with the coffee and overhears this). 1

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