January 97 Week 1


January 6
In the hospital Marlena spots Kristen in Laura's room on the phone and walks in and demands to know who she's talking to. Marlena grabs the phone from Kristen and asks who's on the phone but Kristen hangs up on her. Marlena asks who was on the phone and when Kristen says it was a friend of Laura's Marlena calls her a liar and she reminds Kristen she will expose her once the baby's born. Kristen attacks Marlena for going at her when she should really be concerned about her daughters who's fighting for her life downstair. Marlena leaves the room and Kristen tells Laura that the procedure has to have worked, and she leaves. After Kristen is gone Laura begins to call Kristen's name and has flashes of Kristen adjusting her padding at Peter's funeral. Laura gets up out of the bed and says she has to tell them what she knows and walks out of her room.

At Jill's Bo demands Jill tell him why she lied to Hope and accuses her of hiding Franco, who is in her closet. Jill tells Bo he's crazy and Hope tries to get Bo to leave but he refuses. Bo accuses Jill of working with Franco to destroy his and Hope's lives. Hope tells Bo that doesn't make any sense but Bo says he will get to the bottom of it. Bo tells Jill to look at Hope and tell her the truth for once and Jill says she'll tell the truth. Jill begins to say some kind words about Bo but she insists she saw in his eyesthat night that he loves Billie. Bo grabs Jill and Hope tells Bo to face the fact that Jill is right about him still loving Billie. Bo begins to go over the discrepancies in Jill's case when Bo hears a noise come from elsewhere in the apartment and suspects Franco of being there. Bo walks over to the closet where Franco is and goes to open it but all he finds is Jill's mother's cat. Bo then tells Jill that Franco will go to jail and when he does Jill will too, but if he helps her now they can make a deal. Jill says she can't help Bo and asks them to leave when Bo gets a call from Abe telling him about Sami. Bo and Hope both leave for the hospital but Bo warns Jill he will be back. After Bo and Hope have left Jill finds Franco on the fire escape (How the hell did he do that?). Franco tells Jill she has to leave now and she prepares to leave and invites him to go with her. Franco refuses to go and she wonders what is keeping him here and when he begins to talk about how Bo doesn't deserve a woman like Hope Jill realizes Franco is in love with Hope. Franco eventually admits that he is probably in love with her and he tells her at one point he began to feel guilty when he saw Hope hurting so, but he realized that once Hope is free he can make her happy and love him as much as he loves her.

At the hospital Billie returns to the waiting room after donating blood for Sami and Kate talks to her about Bo. Billie says that she honestly thinks that Bo belongs with Hope no matter how she feels, or about some silly superstition about being with the one you love at midnight on New Years. Kate tells Billie that she has to tell Bo how she feels because it could change everything about the situation, and she tells her to think about Sami and how precious life is. Billie still feels she doesn't have the right to get back with Bo but Kate tells her she does have the right because Bo still loves her and everyone knows that, even Hope. Kate says that if she can't tell him how much she loves him than she should show him by being there for him during the situation with Sami. Billie refuses to take advantage of the situation and Kate tells her she didn't mean that, she just meant that she shouldn't hide her sympathy. Bo comes into the room and asks about Sami and after Kate fills him in Billie puts her arm around him and her head on his shoulder as Hope watches from afar. Bo looks around for Hope and Kate tells him that she saw Hope go towards the OR. Bo goes off to find Hope and Kate tells Billie that she thinks it's time to force the issue to find out how he feels about her. Bo eventually meets up with Hope but she gives him the brush off to go call Alice. Kate tells Billie that it's over between them and she should go to Bo because he needs her. Franco shows up to comfort Hope and she tells him he's an incredible guy to support her after Bo's accusations.

Down in the OR Sami is being prepared for surgery when she has a seizure. Lucas continues to blame Austin but John tells them to focus on Sami now. Marlena comes down to the OR in scrubs and says she has to be there for Sami. The surgery goes off well but near the end when they are about to close Sami goes into fib (sp?). Marlena tells Sami not to give up and the manage to shock her back.

Marlena comes out of the OR and is grief stricken. Austin thinks Sami has died but Marlena says she's alive but they almost lost her. Marlena begins to feel guilty that Sami may never know how much she loves her and John comforts her. In the background Kristen watches with hate and says that once a she and John are married nobody will come between them. All of the sudden Laura shows up in the waiting room and says she has to tell them that Kristen is a liar and a fraud. Marlena asks Laura what she is talking about and Laura says she knows things about Kristen and that she has to expose the lies and deceit. Just as Laura says "Kristen is not..." she goes down but John manages to catch her. Everyone thinks she has past out but Marlena realizes that Laura was actually sleep walking! Marlena takes Laura back to her room and John wonders why she would say those thing about Kristen and Kristen suggests that it was probably because she was the first person she saw when she woke up on Christmas. As they talk Lexie comes into the room to get Marlena, the doctor wants the family together to talk to them.

Austin goes off to the hospital Chapel to pray and Carrie follows him in. Austin tells Carrie he wishes he could take back all the things he said to Sami before and he feels so ashamed. Carrie tells Austin she understands and that when she saw Sami in the OR she remembered how much she really loves Sami no matter what she's done to them. Carrie puts her arm around Austin and Austin asks God to give Sami the strength to live. Carrie leaves Austin to pray when Abe comes in to get Austin, the doctor wants to see him.

Back at the waiting room Dr. Walker tells everyone Sami is stable but that she is in critical condition and the slightest complication could be fatal. Mike tells them that they have dealt with the head wound and ruptured spline but they can't do anything about the spinal cord injuries at the time. Austin wants to see Sami but Mike tells him he can't let her have any visitors. Carrie shows up and gives him a picture she has of Austin, Sami, and Will and Austin looks at the picture and says that Sami has to fight for her life for Will.


January 7
Austin and Carrie stayed in Sami's room all night and Austin is still feeling guilty. Marlena, who is still in scrubs, also stayed the night at the hospital. Marlena tells Mike she wishes there was something she could do and Mike tells her all anyone can do is pray. She asks Mike what is going to happen and Mike tells her the longer Sami stays in the coma the greater the chance she won't come out of the coma. Mickey shows up to comfort Marlena and send Alice's regrets. Mickey also tells Austin that the annulment hearing which was scheduled for today has been postponed. Marlena goes in to see Sami alone in hopes of encouraging her to fight. Later Marlena remembers that music sometimes helps coma patients and that they should try it with Sami. Carrie arranges for a radio to play in Sami's room and she brings Will by to see Austin. Austin takes his son in his arms and hugs him, but Will only calls for his mama. Austin thinks that perhaps taking Will into see Sami might do some good and Mike says it's okay but make sure to monitor his behavior because if he has a negative reaction it could cause problems for Sami if she can sense Will's upset. Austin brings Will into see Sami and when Will calls Mama Sami manages to smile.

Jen comes to see her mom who is being looked at by Lynn. Laura is agitated and Lynn tells Jennifer about the scene last night between her mother and Kristen. Jennifer is confused about why Laura would do such a thing and thanks Lynn for taking care of her. Lynn tells Jen she really likes her mother and that the Hortons are such good people. Lynn has to leave but tells Jen to hit the call button when Laura wakes. Meanwhile Laura continues to have terrible dreams about Peter, Stefano, and Kristen and wakes up shouting Kristen's name. Jennifer is now gone and Laura hits the call button. When Lynn shows up she tells her she needs to talk to Marlena immediately. Lynn gets Marlena, who is reluctant to leave Sami's side. Laura tells Marlena she remembers dreaming but can't recall the dreams or last night. When Marlena tells Laura what she said to Kristen Laura has no idea why she would have done that and she's afraid that she's loosing her grip on reality. Marlena tells Laura she believes Kristen is triggering something in her mind and she will help her find out what it is. Laura sees that Marlena is exhausted and Marlena tells Laura about Sami. Laura tells her she needs to be with Sami but Marlena wants to stay and talk to Laura, she says she has too (Maybe too keep her mind off Sami?). Laura says Marlena she has to know what happened to her and Marlena tells her she will help her find out.

Kristen is panicked about Laura and calls Stefano for help but gets no answer She finally gets through to one of Stefano's henchman but he tells her that Stefano can not return to Salem. Kristen becomes angry and tells him to tell Stefano to return to Salem or else and hangs up. When there is a ring at the doorbell Kristen hopes it is help from Stefano, but it's Jen and she wants to talk about the horrible things her mother said to her last night. Kristen asks if Laura has woken up or said anything else but Jennifer tells her no. Jen uses Kristen's phone to check on Laura and when she learns her mother is awake she ask Kristen to go with her to see Laura in hopes of jogging her memory. Kristen makes excuses to get out of it but Jen doesn't give up and Kristen gives in and agrees to go see her. When they get to the hospital Marlena is out of the room but returns soon after. Laura asks Kristen if she knows why she was calling out to her and saying such awful things to her but Kristen says she has no idea. Marlena suggests they go through things one step at a time and Laura says she remembers everything up to the service at Peter's funeral . Marlena asks Kristen if she saw Laura after the funeral and she says no, and that she didn't know Laura was missing the next day. Kristen suggests that perhaps Laura has been calling to Kristen because she's associating him with Peter but Marlena doesn't think so. Kristen and Jen leave Marlena to talk with Laura and she tells Marlena she has to remember what happened to her and suggests Marlena hypnotize her or try the drug they used on Rachel. Marlena tells Laura it's worth a try and she'll do it.

Jonah and Wendy live! Wendy asks Jonah where he was last night and Jonah says he stayed at Sami's surgery all night, and it's not looking good. They both realize how lucky the two of them are and hope Sami pulls through.

At the Kiriakis Mansion Vivian is reading the papers and complaining about Kate and how she will fix her. Kate gets ready to go to the hospital when Vivian confronts her and starts an argument. Kate is about to tell Vivian about Sami but she decides against it because she's afraid she'll just use the information and situation as a weapon and walks out on Vivian. Vivian is outraged and is determined to find out what it is Sami has on Kate and decides to pay Sami a visit.

Kate shows up at the hospital to be there for Austin but she can't help but think about how Sami is blackmailing her. Kate tells Austin that if Sami doesn't recover Carrie will be there for Will but Austin can only think how he spent his childhood without his mother and is determined see Sami get better. Kate continues to think about the envelope Sami is using to blackmail her and decides to search Sami's place for the letter. Kate then makes an excuse to stop by his place and pick up some clothes for him and also get some things for Will to drop off at the pub.

Vivian goes to Sami's apartment and bangs on the door. When Wendy passes by she informs Vivian of Sami's accident. Vivian decides to sneak into Sami's apartment from the fire escape and Ivan asks her is she has any other special skills he doesn't know about. Vivian comments that she does but Ivan will never find them out! As Vivian snoops through Sami's things Kate is outside Sami's door preparing to unlock it and snoop around herself.


January 8
In the hospital Marlena tells Laura hypnosis is a big step and could be painful but Laura insists she can handle it. Kristen and Jen comes into the room when Laura says she can handle it if it means regaining her memory and Kristen demands to know what they are speaking about. When they tell her they are thinking of hypnosis Kristen begins making excuses that she may not be able to handle the trauma and Marlena and Laura remind her that Rachel was much more fragile when they hypnotized her and Jen says that if the both of them say it's safe she sees no reason not to do it. Marlena says that she will go check on Sami one last time and then they will begin. After Marlena leaves Kristen tells Jen she needs to make a phone call and leaves.

Kristen paces up and down the hallway thinking what to do when she sees Dr. Kay's name on the hospital directory and thinks he can help her. Kristen goes to see Dr. Kay and tells him Laura Horton is regaining her memory and they need to do something about it. Kristen tells him that Marlena is planning on hypnotizing Laura and the Dr. says that Laura will likely remember everything if the laser surgery didn't erase her subconscious memory. The Dr. suggests they both leave the country but Kristen says she has another plan.

Austin is hopeful that Sami's smile means she is recovering but Mike tells Austin and Carrie he doesn't think so. Austin wants an explanation and Mike tells them that her vitals show no sign of improvement and that the smile was most likely an involuntary muscle reaction, but Austin still takes it as a sign Sami is going to recover. Austin wants to prove that Will made her smile and he brings Will back into to the room but Sami refuses to react to him this time.

Marlena goes to see Sami and Austin tells Marlena Sami smiled and Marlena says they have to be hopeful. Carrie asks if Marlena has spoken to Roman or Eric but Marlena says she hasn't been able to reach either one. Carrie later asks about Laura and Marlena tells her they are going to try hypnosis and Carrie tells her she should go back to Laura and she will call if there is any change. Marlena leaves and when Austin and Carrie leave Mike looks at Sami's condition and sees that her vitals are dropping.

Marlena returns to Laura's room to begin the hypnosis. Laura asks Jen to please wait outside because Laura will be more uncomfortable opening up with Marlena alone. Before Marlena puts her under Laura makes her promise to tell her everything she says, no matter how traumatic.

Kristen returns to finds Jen in the waiting area and Jen fills Kristen in on the situation. Kristen then spots Dr. Kay and makes up a lie about how she read an article on him and how he's done some research on brain trauma and memory loss and she thinks he may be able to help her. Jen goes over to him and manages to convince him to see her mother and possibly help steer Marlena in the right direction. The three of them return to Laura's room as Marlena is putting Laura under. Kristen and Jen introduce the doctor and he begins asking Laura some questions about the situation and concludes that hypnosis could cause some damage because it doesn't sound like a memory problem but a brain trauma. Marlena doesn't agree with him as does Laura but Jen is unsure and doesn't want her mother to go through with the hypnosis so Laura agrees not to go through with it for now. Kristen and the doctor leave them to talk, and Marlena is called away by the nurse. Laura is upset and wants to go home but Jen says no way because her and Mike both work and can't give her the attention she needs. As the two of them argue Lynn overhears them and offers a solution to their problems. Lynn tells them she has no place to stay and is only working at the hospital part time and offers to take care of Laura at home in exchange for room and board. Laura is reluctant to agree but does so because it means she can leave.

Outside Dr. Kay tells Kristen this is only a short term solution and Laura could remember everything at anytime and advises her to leave the country just as he is going to do.

At Sami's place Vivian is looking through Sami's things to find what Sami has on Kate. As they search the place Kate comes into the apartment and catches them. Kate demands to know what Vivian is doing in Austin's apartment and Vivian claims to be there to bring Sami a pillow and tea and when Kate tells her that Sami is unconscious Vivian makes a big tado that she needs to go see her good friend. Kate decides to calls the police on Vivian but Vivian stops her by saying she knows what information Sami has on her. Kate thinks Vivian is bluffing but Vivian manages to out bluff Kate and she hangs up the phone. The two of them begin to argue when Jonah and Wendy return with news that Sami's condition is worsening.

Kate and Vivian both rush to the hospital to see Sami but Vivian is not aloud to see Sami because she is not family. Kate meets up with Austin and Mike tells the nurses to call Dr. Evans and the rest of the family immediately. Once everyone is there Mike tells them that Sami is weakening and is loosing the battle and they should call Father Jansen to give Sami her last rites.


January 9
Jack stops by Alice's place and sees Hope who tels him that he will be found innocent at his trial. Jack thanks her and encourages her not to give up on Bo, but Hope says it's over. Jack returns home and meets with Mickey and Jack tells Mickey that he is still going to plead guilty. Mickey thinks if they attack Peter's character he could get off but Jack is afraid that the tabloids will attack Jen and he doesn't want that. Jack wants to plead involuntary manslaughter and get 3-5 years, this way he'll be out of Jen's life (which he thinks she wants) and he'll be doing what she wants for once.

Bo is at the station and has just learned that Jill has split town. Bo is sure this proves someone is paying her and Franco to break up him and Hope and when Abe asks who would do that Billie walks into the office. Bo asks if Billie is here about Sami but she says she doesn't know about Sami, so Abe says he'll go see Lexie and report to Bo. Bo tells Billie that Jill skipped town and that Hope has called it quits Billie asks Bo if it is over for him too and he says it doesn't matter what he feels because Hope has given up on him. Billie feels it's her fault they are apart but Bo says that emotionally, Hope can't get passed the fact that he moved on after he thought she was dead. Just then Abe gives Bo a call about Sami's condition and Bo and Billie both go over to the hospital.

Laura agrees to allow Lynn to be her private nurse at home and she feels that at home she may find it easier to remember. Jen doesn't want Laura to push it but Laura insists she has to know what happened. Laura becomes upset and suddenly gets painful images of Kristen in her head. Lynn comes in the room and gives her a pill for the pain and insists she must take her medication on time. Jen comments that is why she is so worried because Laura didn't have her medication while she was missing but Laura mumbles she was taking it. Jen asks Laura how that could be and she says she's just confused. Lynn goes to get the release papers for Laura and Jen takes Laura down to see Marlena.

Kristen and Dr. Kay are arguing on the hospital terrace and Kristen gives him an ultimatum, he either stops Laura from remembering or pay the consequences. The doctor doesn't fall for Kristen's threat and walks out on her.

Mike wants the family to call for Sami's last rites but Austin refuses to accept that Sami is going to die. John shows up and a tearful Marlena tells him they need to call for Sami's last rites. Lucas and Kate show up at the hospital and when John tells them they need to call a priest Lucas looses it. Lucas runs into Sami's room where Austin and Carrie are and damns Austin for doing this to Sami. Carrie asks him to please stop because her sister is dying, and he apologizes. Carrie and Austin leave let Lucas have a moment alone with Sami and as he begs her not to die and leave him alone a tearful Kate listens in.

Kristen returns to the ICU and asks John to speak with him but he tells her it's not a good time. Kristen asks what's wrong and John tells her about Sami's condition. Shawn and Caroline show up and Jen and Laura show up as well and John tells them all that Sami is weakening and a priest has been called. Kristen learns that Laura is going home and is determined to find a way to keep her for remembering. Marlena breaks down into John's when she thinks about Will not having a mother and Kristen sit back and watches with hate.

The priest arrives for Sami he administers her last rites as the family stands around her bed. Marlena falls faint but John manages to catch her. John wants Marlena to see a Doctor but she begs not to be taken away from Sami.

Hope shows up and walks over to Bo. When he asks why she didn't come inside during the last rites she doesn't answer and he tells her she'll always be a part of the family. Hope tells Bo she needs to be going and will say a prayer for Sami.

Billie goes to Bo after Hope leaves and comforts him with kind words. As they talk Marlena screams No! and everyone rushes into Sami's room. When they ask what is wrong Marlena tells them they are losing Sami.

Outside all Kristen can think about is preventing Dr. Kay from leaving and finds him in his office. Kristen tells him if he runs Stefano will find him and he will pay for deserting Kristen. Dr. Kay eventually agrees to help her and gives her some pills which will prevent her from remembering what happened.

Laura, Jean, and Lynn arrive home where Jack and Mickey are discussing the trial and Abby gives her grandma a welcome home hug and kiss. Mike comes home a little later (Shouldn't he be at the HOSPITAL) and is upset that Laura left but is okay with it when he learns about Lynn. All of the sudden Laura gets a flash of Peter's face and says "Peter's not dead." Laura thinks she's beginning to loose it but Mike tells her she's been through a serious trauma and these flashes are probably just side effects. Laura then notices some flowers on the table and when she asked where they came from Jennifer says Kristen sent them. Laura then gets painful flashes of Kristen and begins to whimper and pout. Jack asks why the flowers upset her and she breaks down and starts crying that she only has bits and pieces of memories and begs God to let her remember. Mike and Jen manages to calm down Laura and Mickey decides to leave. Jack sees Mickey out and reminds him not to say a word to Jen about his guilty plea. Lynn takes Laura up to bed and Mike tells Jen he needs to get back to the hospital (he says he left only to let Sami's family have time with her alone). After Mike leaves Jen asks Jack if they were discussing the trial, and when he says yes she asks when the trial will be. Jack changes the subject but Jen senses he's keeping something from her. Jen finds a paper on the table and reads it and learns Jack is planning to plead guilty and demands to know what this is about.

Upstairs Laura continues to dream of Stefano and Peter and the laser surgery. When she wakes up the only thing she can remember is the Blake House.

Back at the hospital Mike has arrived and asks everyone to leave while he examines Sami. As Mike looks over Sami Marlena asks God to have mercy on Sami and let her live.


January 10
Jen asks Jack about his guilty plea and Jack tells her the shooting was an accident but there is no way to prove his version of the story. Jen demands to know the truth and he says he's taking the smart way out but she suspects he's keeping something from her. Jack storms out of the room and Jen follows him demanding answers.

Laura wakes up from her dream of Peter and Stefano and remembers the Blake house. Determined to remember what happened to her Laura puts on her robe and manages to sneak out to the Blake house.

At the hospital Dr. Kay gives Kristen some medication to block her memory from returning, but she has to switch them with Laura's current pills and get them to her before her memory returns.

Kristen comes over to Jack and Jens and says she was hoping to visit Laura. Jen says her mom is sleeping but when Kristen manages to smooth talk her way into a visit Jen goes upstairs to see if Laura is awake. A few minuets later Jen comes downstairs and tells them that Laura is gone, she's nowhere in the house!

Meanwhile, at the Blake house Laura makes her way to the room where the laser surgery took place. As Laura looks around the room she finds a key on the floor and remembers being handcuffed to a chair, and being hit with the laser as Kristen watched.

Kate encourages Billie to be there to comfort Bo and give him the love he needs. Billie goes to Bo and asks if there is anything she can do for her or there family but Bo says he needs time alone. Bo walks off and Kate tells Billie to go after Bo and she says she will go to him now, and tell him how she feels. Billie finds Bo out on the hospital terrace and he talks about how special Sami was to the family. Billie says it's this type of tragedy that makes you realize you have to reach out to the one you love. Bo agrees with her and Billie is glad and says she has something to say but Bo tells her that he just realized he has to go find Hope and tell her they can't let their love slip away. Bo rushes off to find Hope and Kate comes out to see what happened and Billie tells Kate Hope is who Bo loves, and she always will be.

Billie and Kate return to the Kiriakis mansion and Billie tells Kate she's leaving Salem tonight to go back to Paris. Billie asks Kate to say goodbye to Bo for her but Kate refuses. Instead Kate gives Billie a pen and paper and tells her if she can't say what she feels she should tell him on paper. Billie writes a letter but she thinks she sounds like a fool and crumples it up and throws it away. Kate returns and asks if she finished the letter but Billie says she's not going to mail it to him. Billie goes up to say goodbye to Victor and Kate retrieves the letter. Bo shows up at the mansion on his way to talk to Hope and he wanted to pick up a book of poetry before he saw her. Kate tells him she'll go see if she can find the book and leaves Bo alone in the room, with Billie's letter which he reads! As he reads the letter Bo remembers back to his wedding with Billie. Bo asks Kate about the letter and she tells him that Billie was going to throw it away but she's glad he found it because know he knows how much Billie loves him. Bo tells Kate he has to go and rushes out of the mansion, leaving Kate to wonder if he's going to Billie or Hope.

Alice tells Hope to go over to the hospital to be with the Brady's because she's one of them. Hope tells her she thought she was, but when she got to the hospital Bo was with Billie and she thinks she's the one Bo needs and wants. Hope tells Alice she knows know that his heart is divided and that she won't settle for anything less than what she had before, so it's better if she steps back and give Billie an Bo a chance. Later Hope decides to listen to her heart and talk to Bo, but she is determined to get on with her life with or without Bo.

Bo finds Billie on the docks thinking and he tells her he and know she loves him and that he loves her too. What Bo doesn't know is that Hope is listening in on them and breaks down when Bo tells Billie he loves her too.

At the hospital the family has been unable to contact Roman about Sami. Mike tells Carrie and Austin that Sami is going to die, and they need to be prepared. Carrie, Caroline, and Shawn tell Austin to go home and get some rest but he refuses to leave Sami's side but agrees to go home only to spend time with Will.

Austin returns to Sami's Apartment and visits with Will. When he turns on the TV he sees the tape of Austin and Sami's wedding in Paris playing on the VCR. Carrie comes in to find Austin watching the tape and he tells her he thought it was one of Will's cartoon tapes. As Carrie and Austin talk they get a phone call from the hospital, Mike thinks they should come back.

At the hospital Mike tells everyone that Sami doesn't have much longer and that they should begin to say their last goodbyes to Sami. Austin, Will, and Carrie go in to see Sami first.

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