January 2002 Week 5


January 28
At Nicole's, Jack acts like a jerk in his attempts to protect Jen and prove that Brandon is slime. Nicole says this is her apartment, and she is not here to steal anything. Greta says her sublet isn't up just yet, so she had no right to come in here! Brandon tries to get everyone out and talk about this like grown-ups. Jack eventually says he's going to call the police, and Jen accuses Jack of trying to make this worse. Jen thinks Jack is just stirring up trouble so Greta doesn't have to move in with them. As Nicole and Jack continue to fight, Jen and Brandon slip away and decide to go have a drink. Jen tells Brandon that she admires him for keeping cool and not taking Jack's bait. Jack, Nicole, and Greta continue to argue, and when Jack refers to Greta as his woman; Greta says she is not his woman, Jen is not here so he can cut it out! Nicole knew something odd was going on between them, and she asks Greta if she can't find someone better to fight her battles for her? Nicole accuses Jack of using Greta, but Greta says Jack is honorable, she is the one who uses people such as Victor. Greta then asks if she wanted to move in here, or did Victor kick her out? Nicole says her relationship with Victor is none of their business, and they all continue to argue. When Jack tells Nicole that she probably flunked out of high school and has no fine points, Nicole begins crying and says he is right. She talks about her horrible childhood, and Greta tells Jack not to fall for this, but he does. Nicole ends up telling Jack how much she needs a man, and then she kisses him! Jack says he is shocked that she just forced herself on him. Greta becomes furious and tells Nicole to get out! Nicole eventually leaves, but tells Greta not to mess with her stuff. Greta asks Jack for his help, but he is too absorbed in being called a weirdo to listen to her. Greta becomes fed up and pushes Jack over! Greta asks Jack if he ever thinks about anyone but himself! She then tells Jack to leave, get out of her life, and don't come back!

Jen and Brandon go out to the Blue Note, and Jen orders a Cosmo to be like the girls on Sex in the City. Brandon asks her what is going on with Greta anyways? Jen tells him that it is bizarre, and he doesn't want to know. Brandon says okay, but then Jen spills the whole story about Jack and Greta, and how something weird is going on between them. Jen knows nothing is going on between Jack and Greta, because they have no body language. Jen then says she called Jack's bluff, and invited Greta to move in with them. Brandon is shocked, but Jen is convinced she can get their big dirty secret out of her. Brandon is disappointed in Jen for agreeing to go out with him, she is way to involved with Jack still. Jen doesn't know why she can't let go of the whole thing, and she thinks it is because of the games he plays. Brandon tells Jen that he can't keep dating her if all she is going to talk about is Jack. Jen apologizes and doesn't know why she is obsessing about this. Brandon tells Jen that she needs to talk to Jack about this. Brandon gets up to leave, and she begs him not to go. Jen promises him not to bring up Jack's name in his presence again, but Brandon says that is not practical because he is the father of her child. He tells her that she deserves better than Jack. Jen says he (Brandon) is good for her, and asks for another chance. He says okay, but hopes she won't bite Jack's bait next time.

Kate shows up at Austin's place because he called her. Austin asks her how things are going at Basic Black? She says fine, but asks why he really called her. Austin says he wants to talk about family, which Kate thinks means Sami. Kate thinks Austin is having trouble, and she says she warned him. Austin says he and Sami are fine, he wanted to talk about Lucas. Kate tells Austin about her visits with Lucas, and how she talks about them. Kate says that when she talked about Will, Lucas moved! Austin asks if it is scary when she visits him? Does he look bad? Kate says he looks fine, so Austin asks if Will could handle seeing Lucas? Kate asks if he wants to see his father? Austin says Will wants to see him. Kate says this could help Lucas tremendously! However, when she learns Sami wants to take him on her own, Kate says Sami will not take Will to see Lucas, she will come up with an excuse! Austin refuses to back Sami into a corner and force him to go with them, because then she will feel he doesn't trust her. Kate says if Lucas doesn't see Will, he may die of a broken heart! Austin tells her not to put this on him, he promised Will that he would get his visit with Lucas. Kate asks Austin to let her know when they are going, because she can arrange a nice long visit with Lucas. After Kate leaves, she says she plans to be there when Will arrives and makes sure everything goes the way SHE wants it to!

At Sami's, Sami isn't having a good night. Roman shows up to see her, because she paged her. Sami tells her dad that Austin is about to ruin everything! Sami says Austin wants to take Will to see Lucas, and Roman thinks that is a good idea. Sami says no, she wants Will to forget Lucas even exists! Roman can't believe he is hearing this, and says she is going to do serious damage to Will if she tries to erase Lucas from his life. Roman tells Sami that she should take Austin and Will to visit Lucas as a family, and to stop being so damn selfish, self absorbed, and grow up! Sami is not happy, and orders her dad to leave! Roman tells her never to treat him like that again! He also tells her to listen when he makes a suggestion to her, not only because he is her father, but because he is smarter. Sami apologizes, but Roman leaves anyways. Roman then gets a call from Bo, and heads out. Sami tells her dad, who is leaving, that she loves him, but he is WRONG! In the hall, Kate runs into Roman.


January 29
Roman talks with Kate, and Kate asks Roman how he feels about them being one big happy family? Roman says it doesn't matter what they want, this is what Sami and Austin want, they don't have to act like or be a happy little family. Kate wonders why Roman is in such a foul mood, what kind of number did Sami pull on him? Roman tells Kate that perhaps they should talk, and asks for a few minutes to make a couple calls. Roman calls Bo, who is out searching for Shawn, but not making any progress. Afterwards, Kate tells Roman that she knows Will wants to see Lucas, and Sami won't let it, but she's going to do whatever it takes to get Will to Lucas. Roman tells Kate that he agrees, Will should be allowed to see Lucas, the sooner the better. Kate is shocked that he has defied the all might Sami, but thanks him for the support. Kate claims she would like to work on things between Will and Lucas, and herself and Sami, but perhaps they should start with their relationship. Kate swears she did not want Sami to die, and she hopes he believe her. Roman asks Kate if she wants he trusts, he wants to know what Sami is holding over her head in order to get WIll? Kate says it is something Lucas did, she was only trying to protect him. Kate claims she saved Sami's life by getting Roberto to confess for murder, and gave Will back, what else does she have to do? Roman tells her to give it time, but Kate says Lucas may not have much time left, only Will can give him a reason to live. Roman says he'll think about helping her.

Austin continues to think about what his mother told him about taking Will to visit Lucas, and not to trust Sami. He realizes he has to do what is right for Lucas and Will. Meanwhile, Sami can't believe that her own father is against her, and she doesn't understand why nobody can see how right she is. Austin shows up to talk to Sami, and she apologizes for the way she behaved earlier. Sami says it is a struggle for her to allow Lucas back into her life, and Austin says he understands. He says he thinks her fears, hatred, and resentment of Lucas is justified, but he is his brother and he does care for him. Austin thinks Will should be able to see Lucas. Sami tells Austin that she can't forgive Kate and Lucas for what they did to her, and if he doesn't see that, then they have no future! Sami says that she's no longer going to play games with him, she won't say or do anything to hold onto him. Austin tells Sami that he finally hears her, and he understands Will is her son and she wants what is best for him, and he doesn't understand what she went through in prison. Austin realizes that she is Will's mother, and he can't force her to do something for Will that she thinks is wrong. Austin realizes that relationships are work. Sami thanks Austin for understanding, and she says he is the only man she has ever loved. Sami then tells Austin that she will take Will to see Lucas, soon. Sami also asks Austin to come with her, and he says he will take care of everything. Austin becomes excited, and later, Sami says she will do whatever it takes to hold onto Austin, she will not lose him!

Bo and Hope search for Shawn and JT, and they hope that Glen never finds out. Bo says this could not only make them look like un-fit parents, it could ruin Shawn's future. They think about where he could be. Hope says he has no money, so he can't get very far. Bo says if Shawn is anything like he was at that age, he's working on it now.

At the penthouse, John talks to Marlena about the possibility that Stefano is the father of Hope's baby. She says she has lived with the idea that he was the father for almost 2 years, and now all that has changed. She hates what this is doing to them, and that it never seems to end. Marlena refuses to worry about this, or Lexie, she wants to worry about her own family for a change. Marlena goes up to see Belle, but she is not there. Suddenly, Bo and Hope show up and ask if Belle is here. John and Marlena tell them no. Bo and Hope inform them that Shawn has taken JT, and they suspect Belle may be with him. Bo tells them about Shawn's plan, and they all agree that neither Shawn nor Belle has the money to go on the run for long. The wonder if there is anyone Shawn may be able to turn to. John decides to join Bo with his search, and Hope stays behind with Marlena. Hope and Marlena talk, and MArlena admits that sometimes when she looks at her she still sees GIna. Marlena asks Hope what she remembered at Lexie's party when she was kissing her husband?

At the mansion, Shawn begs Lexie for money to get out of town with the baby, only she can help them. Lexie tells Shawn that this is crazy, he needs to go back home. Shawn informs Lexie that if they get to keep JT, she gets to keep Isaac! Lexie eventually agrees to see if there is something she can do to help them. Rolfe shows up to be of assistance to Lexie, and Lexie says she trusts Rolfe completely so they can talk in front of him. They all go into the living room, and Rolfe asks how they can be of help? Lexie takes JT off to get a bottle from Eliana, and then they all talk. Rolfe asks what Shawn's plan is? Shawn tells Lexie his plan to teach JT to say he won't go. Rolfe congratulates them, but says they will eventually be caught if they continue to run, especially with two police officers in their family. Rolfe offers them an alternative, and suggests they hide here! Lexie says no, she can't hide them from Abe, but Shawn and Belle suggest they hide in the secret room. Rolfe and Lexie play dumb, until Shawn and Belle tell them that they found them the night of the party. Still, Lexie doesn't think she can do this, but Rolfe convinces her to. Rolfe says he'll take them down to the room. Shawn thanks Lexie, and says she is saving both of their families. The kids head down to the secret room, and put JT to bed in a crib. Back upstairs, Lexie hopes Shawn's plan actually works.


January 30
At the Blue Note, Jen promises Brandon that there will be no more talk about Jack tonight. Suddenly, Greta walks into the Blue Note and sits at the bar. She orders the best bottle of wine they have. Brandon and Jen end up dancing, and a guy flirts with Greta. When he starts calling her her highness, and asks if he should kiss her hand, she tells him to kiss off! She then realizes he was trying to be cute, and says she is sorry. Jen and Brandon's dance is cut short when Jen sees Greta and how upset she is. Jen goes to see Greta, who is crying over Jack. Jen tells Greta that it is all Jack's fault, none of it is hers. Greta talks about how selfish Jack is, and that they both know why JAck isn't available. Jen says that he is a complicated guy. Greta tells Jen that Jack doesn't want her to know, that she knows, so she is telling her that she knows. Jen is confused, and suggests she join her and Brandon, but Greta says no. JEn manages to convince her to sit with them, and she cries about how she has no home. Brandon and Jen try to cheer her up, and Greta asks Brandon if he ever gets lonely living alone? Brandon says he does, but he is happy. Greta says she didn't want to move until she got married, but now she has no choice, and she really wants to knock Nicole's lights out! Jen tries to tell Greta that Jack does care about her, but Greta says Jack is mean and selfish. She goes to the lady's room, and Brandon scolds Jen for trying to find out the secret she and Jack are keeping when she is so vulnerable. Jen says Greta does need a place to live, and she is hurting! Jen says whatever this secret it is it involves her, so she has no other choice.

Jack heads to the Cheatin' Heart (yes, it is still around!) and remembers playing pool there with Jen a long time ago when she was pregnant. Nicole comes into the bar and orders a drink, and Jack pays for it. Jack and Nicole sit down, and Jack basically continues to goat Nicole and make her angry. Nicole slings insults back at Jack, and calls him a jerk and to stop lecturing her about how to get ahead in the business world when he is a nobody. Jack tells her that he's not talking about business, he's talking about how horrible she treated Greta. When he starts pointing out what a horrible person she is, and talks about Eric leaving her, Nicole throws her drink on him! Nicole goes to walk out, but Jack begs her to please let Greta stay at least one more day in her apartment. Nicole tells Jack not to tell her how to treat Greta when he treats her like dirt, and maybe he should just run and apologize to her.

At the penthouse, Marlena grills Hope for what she remembered when she kissed John. Hope asks why she wants to revisit this now? Marlena says that she wants this all to be over, and she wants to know if that is what Hope wants? Hope tells Marlena that they have to stop doing this to one another, and asks for them to just stop talking about this.

At the mansion, Rolfe tells Lexie to think how to use this situation her maximum advantage. Lexie thinks they should let the parents know they are okay.

Down in the secret room, Belle tells Shawn that he is a great brother, and he will also be a great dad. Shawn wishes he could get his brother to speak, and he so wants to hear him say that he loves him. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him, and so does JT, and he'll get to hear them say that to him forever. Later they talk about what will happen to them. Belle thinks his dad will take care of them, but Shawn says he may not have any say in the matter. Shawn feels bad for dragging Belle into this mess, and suggests she have Lexie take her home. Belle refuses, but would like to let their parents know they are okay. Suddenly, Rolfe shows up and says he has a present for the two of them. He presents them with a phone to call their parents, and assures them that it can't be traced. Belle calls her mom and says she's okay. Marlena lets Shawn talk to Hope, and he asks her not to be mad. Hope tells Shawn that she loves him and what he's trying to do, but he has to come home. Shawn tells her not to worry, they have a place to stay and food. Rolfe eventually disconnects them. He tells them that they talked long enough, and wishes them a goodnight. He closes the door, and locks them in! He then tells them through a speaker to sleep tight! Belle begins to freak out, and Shawn tries to calm her down.

Rolfe returns to Lexie, and tells her tomorrow she will play hero and will be the one to find the children and turn them over to their parents. Rolfe says this will make her look like she is Bo and Hope's friend, even if she isn't. Lexie loves this plan, and thinks fate is on her side.


January 31
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At Sami's place, Austin and Sami tell Will that they will take him to see Lucas. They talk to Will about Lucas being asleep and not being able to wake up, and he says he understands. Will goes to get ready for school, and Austin tells Sami that they should probably call the rehab center and let them know Will is coming. Sami tells Austin that he can handle that, and he tells her to start packing because they are leaving thisafternoon! Sami is shocked that they are leaving on such short notice, and is forced to call the hospital and say she won't be in tomorrow. Sami asks Austin if Kate will be there, because she will make her life miserable. Austin assures her that Kate is busy with her job, she won't be there. Still, Sami says even if Kate knows they are going it will be a problem. Austin tells her not to worry and pack. Later, Sami and Austin tell Will that they are all going to see his daddy today.

At the clinic, Kate shows up to visit Lucas, who is still in a coma. The nurse tells Kate that Lucas is making progress, his burns has healed and the skin grafts worked. Kate talks with Lucas, and tells him that Will is coming to see him, and it was Will's idea. Kate tells Lucas that Will misses him so much. As Kate talks about Will, Lucas squeezes her hand. When Kate tells him to be prepared because Sami is coming, Lucas squeezes her hand even harder! Kate promises to protect him and Will, and she says Sami hasn't changed at all and is now going to marry Austin! Kate begs Lucas to please wake up, and to help him convince Austin what Sami is really like, and then to get Will back with him where he belongs! Kate says she will wait for Sami, and when she sees her, she will make a mistake, and Austin will see her true colors!

Lexie drives over to the penthouse while she chats with Rolfe. She tells him that this is a wonderful plan, and thinks it is going to work. Rolfe assures her that Isaac won't be going anywhere! At the penthouse, Hope sleeps on the couch. She wakes up and finds a note from Marlena, who has gone to question Belle's friends. Bo and John return, and have not found the kids. They all discuss Lexie and her lies, and how she isn't the friend they thought she was. Unfortunately, they left the door open, and Lexie has arrived and pretends to be hurt by their gossiping. John asks why she is here, does she want to tell more lies? LExie begins crying and asks them all to take their bests shots! Lexie says all she wanted to do was keep her son with her, and she reminds Hope how she has been there for her through all JT's hard times! Hope says she knows she has been there for her, and it breaks her heart to think they may not have that anymore. Lexie says she knows this is a nightmare, but it will be over soon. Lexie says she is here to help them, because she knows where the kids are. Lexie says the kids are at her house, they spent the night there. Lexie tells them that they showed up late, and she gave them a place to stay. Bo asks her why in the hell she didn't call them last night? Lexie says it was late, but Bo says she had to know they were worried. Lexie says she had to sleep on it and figure out how to handle the situation. Lexie says she promised them not to tell anyone where they were, and as much as she doesn't want to betray them, she decided to let them know. Lexie says their children trusted her, when all they can do is accuse her of lying. John says she is still lying to them, or worse! Lexie continues to cry about how they are hurting her, but Hope says they don't want to hurt her, but the fact is their babies probably were switched. Hope says there is a good chance that Isaac is her biological child, but Lexie says he is her child! Hope says she feels the same about JT. Lexie says she is sorry she betrayed Shawn and Belle, but says if they want their kids they can come and get them. John and Bo leave for the DiMera mansion to get the kids, Hope stays behind to wait for Marlena to return. Hope begins to realize that Isaac may really be her son.

In the secret room, JT is crying, and wakes up Shawn, but not Belle. Shawn tends to his brother, who he thinks is just hungry. Shawn realizes JT needs to be changed, and he gets Belle to do it for him! Later, the kids try and teach JT to say "I won't go."

Rolfe calls Cameron to make sure she convinces Glen to give up JT Brady. She tells him that she hasn't convinced him yet, but Glen isn't going to like this at all, he will be very upset. Suddenly, Glen and Barb show up, and Glen asks what he will be upset about? Cameron hangs up on Rolfe, and Glen demands to know what is going on? Cameron says she was just talking with the court clerk, and he doesn't know what the judge's schedule is and when they will have the meeting, and she says that would make her client very angry. Glen thinks someone is trying to pull a fast one, but Cameron insists they will have the meeting today! However, Cameron Reese says while they wait, they need to discuss her fees, which are escalating with all the hours she is putting into this case. Barb tries to convince Glen to forget about JT because they can't afford this. Cameron suggests Glen keep an open mind about this and think it through. Barb tells Glen that he always gets so upset when someone suggests they drop it, and he really should think this through. Barb tells Glen that this baby is sick, and he won't get a whole lot better because there is no cure for what he has. Reese tells Glen that he should think about this and consider his options, and how this will impact their lives. Reese lets Glen and Barb talk, and Barb tries to persuade Glen to give up on trying to get custody of JT. Barb tells Glen that he need to look at what getting custody of JT will do to their lives, and begins crying about how much she loves him. Glen doesn't know what to do.


February 1
Jack is having bad dreams in which Greta is calling him selfish. Greta and Jen wake Jack up, and Jen tells him that they have teamed up to bring him down! Greta tells Jack that he should be afraid. Jack wakes up from his nightmare, and thinks it was just that, neither Jen nor Greta could hate him. Jack takes a shower, and talks to his teddy bear afterwards about Greta's behavior. He also gets a lecture from his mirror reflection about all the lies he has told Greta. After some very odd talking to himself, Jack smells bacon, which Jen used to make when she was hot-to-trot. Jack thinks his plan to make Jen jealous must be working. Downstairs, Greta sets the table, and Jen explains to Abby that Greta will be staying with them for awhile. Jen can't believe Greta made them such a wonderful breakfast, and Abby goes to get her dad. Jen says Jack will be surprised, and Greta wonders why she didn't tell Jack yet? Jen says Jack keeps plenty of things from her. Greta says she doesn't want to pay Jack back by moving in here, and she doesn't want to live where she isn't wanted. Jen tells her that she thinks they can make this work, and that they can help her and Abby will love having her here. Abby goes upstairs, and gets her dad to chase her downstairs. Jack is shocked to find Greta there, and she and Jen laugh at Jack and his teddy bear. Jack eventually realizes Greta has moved in, which she did last night. Jen says she also knows his big secret! Jack doesn't believe her, and Greta tells Jack that she didn't tell her about you-no-what, but she doesn't understand why she is keeping this a secret at all! Jen tells Jack, once they are alone, that she will get Greta to tell her this secret, because she will crack once she realizes she is such a selfish, egotistical maniac! Jen gets ready for a breakfast date with Brandon, and she takes Abby to school and takes off. Jack tells Greta that her living here is going to make it more difficult for him to get Jen back, but Greta doesn't care because she likes it here. She also doesn't understand why he doesn't want Jen to know that she knows he is gay. Jack laughs, and Greta realizes that JAck hasn't come out to Jen. Greta tells Jack that he has 24 hours to come out of the closet to Jen, or she will tell her the truth!

At the Brady Pub, Nicole meets up with Brandon. Nicole tells Brandon that his love life is about to get really messed up. Brandon tells Nicole to leave it alone, but Nicole says she has to warn him about Jack. Nicole says Jen must be nuts to get involved with Jack, so he should dump her! Brandon says he's not dumping her. Nicole says he needs to be with a girl who is not hung up on another guy. Brandon says he wonders if Jen is over Jack, so Nicole tells him to take her to bed if he really wants the answer to that question. Brandon refuses to play games with Jen, he respects and trusts her. He also says he feels bad about what she did to Greta, but Nicole says she is the richest person in Salem and can move anywhere she wants, and she'll take trouble with her. Nicole leaves, and Jen shows up to meet Brandon.

At the mansion, Shawn and Belle take JT on a tour of the mansion. Meanwhile, LExie calls Rolfe and says their meeting went just as planned! Lexie says she had Bo and Hope feeling sorry for her, but John wasn't buying it. Rolfe reminds her to look very surprised when they end up on her front doorstep. Elsewhere, John and Bo drive to the mansion. Bo can't helpe but wonder why Lexie is helping them? John says Lexie is only helping herself, not them. Lexie returns to the mansion, and John and Bo approach her outside and say they are here for their kids. John and Bo go inside, and Shawn is furious that Lexie told on them. Bo and John want to take JT home, but Shawn says he will never let them take him! Bo tries to reason with Shawn, and tell him they could lose JT because of what he did. Shawn accusses his dad of not caring because JT isn't his real kid. Bo tells Shawn that JT is as much his as he is, and tells Shawn to never say that to him again! Bo tells Shawn that he does not want Glen to take JT, and Shawn cries and says he just doesn't want to lose him either. He begs for more time. John asks Shawn not to give his dad a hard time. Shawn tells John that he'll never talk to him again, he doesn't even know why his dad is talking to him. Shawn appologizes, and says he is just scared. Meanwhile, John goes and grabs Isaac and looks into his eyes. Lexie catches John with her son and says she has tried to be a friend to all of them, and she just wants to do the right thing. John warns her that he's onto her games, and if he finds out that she knew about this baby switch the whole time, he's going to run her out of town like he did her old man! Lexie says she is just trying to be a decent person, and demands he give her her son. John says this could be his son, and if so, he won't allow it to be raised by a DiMera! Meanwhile, Belle takes JT from SHawn, and gives him to Bo. Bo takes JT, and Belle tries to talk to Shawn. Lexie apologizes to them both for turning them in, she only did what she thought was right. LExie urges them to talk to their parents and convince them that both families have to hold onto the babies they have loved and raised since birth. The kids leave for school, and Rolfe tries to calm Lexie's fears that things may not go the way they planned. Lexie says she will do anything to keep Isaac!

At school, Cynthia asks Phillip if he wants to get together tonight? Phillip tells Cynthia that he can't see her, and he doesn't want to be seen with her! Cynthia asks Phillip if he thinks he's too good for her? Phillip says he wants Chloe, not her, and walks off. Cynthia says he just made a big mistake. MEanwhile, Mimi asks Chloe if she knows where Belle is? Chloe says she doesn't, and Mimi fears something has happened to her. Mimi asks Jan if she's seen Belle, and she says no and she hasn't seen Shawn. When Mimi says maybe they ran away together, Jan says he better not have because he promised to help her! Phillip approaches Chloe and hopes they can talk soon. Chloe says she's just not ready yet. Phillip starts telling Chloe how much he misses her, and asks if she misses him? Chloe says she wouldn't be human if she didn't miss him, but being apart is good for them. Phillip says not for him, she made him a better person. Later, during class, Cynthia begins tells Chloe lies about what she and phillip did. Chloe doesn't believe they had sex, and Cynthia says they came damn close, she was nude and ontop of him! Chloe says she doesn't believe her, she believes Phillip. Later, Shawn and Belle show up, and Jan runs up to Shawn and says she needs his help right now!

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