January 2002 Week 4


January 22
Jen shows up at the hospital and runs into Brandon, literally. Brandon says he has called her, and left some messages on her machine. Jen says she has just been really busy lately. Brandon tells her that if she doesn't want to see him then he'll back off. Jen says that isn't it, and she tells him about the problem with the babies. Jen says there may have been a baby switch at the hospital, and now Bo and Hope may lose their baby. Brandon acts shocked, like he hadn't heard. Jen and Brandon then chit chat for awhile, and Brandon asks her out on another date. Jen says she'll talk to him soon, and as she is leaving, she runs into Collin! Jen disses Collin, who asks why she is so upset with him? SHe tells him to figure it out!

Nicole arrives at Greta's place. Greta asks Nicole what she wants? Nicole tells her to let her in and she'll see. Nicole asks Greta if she has heard from Eric? Greta says no, and they argue about the men in their lives. Greta tells Nicole that at least she didn't have to sleep with her boss to get to the top! Nicole asks her why everything has to be about sex, there is more to life then sex, she of all people should know that! Nicole eventually cuts to the chase and hands Greta a piece of paper, which is why she is here. It is the sub-let agreement, and it basically states that the original tenet may take the apartment back with three days notice. Nicole tells Greta that she wants her apartment back, and gives her 72 hours to get out! Greta is not happy at all.

At the mansion, Lexie promises Abe that she won't let Bo and Hope get Isaac, he is her son and it will stay that way! Abe asks her if she has done something to make sure it stays that way? Lexie tells him to stop giving her the third degree, she is only being protective of their son. Abe says he loves Isaac too, but they have to teach Isaac about morals and justice, if they don't then they aren't good parents. Abe leaves for the office. Meanwhile, Reese meets with Rolfe and assures him that the wife will convince the husband to drop the case. Later, Rolfe tells Lexie that Cameron is on their side now, and she's going to do everything she can to convince Glen to drop the case. Lexie hopes Abe will go along with all of this, but Rolfe says hopefully Cameron Reese will convince the Reibers to drop the case before they have to bring out the big guns. Rolfe tells her that if John and Marlena become a problem, they must be eliminated! Lexie understands, and says God help anyone who tries to stop her!

At the penthouse, John talks with MArlena about Belle. Marlena tells John that Belle just needs time, time and love. Upstairs, Belle talks to Shawn on the phone. Shawn asks Belle if she wants to go to the station with him? Belle thinks it would be better if she goes with her parents. Shawn says he understands. Belle comes downstairs and overhears her parents talking about Stefano. Belle doesn't want to hear them blame Stefano for her dad having a one night stand with Shawn's mom. Belle lets all her anger out, and tells her dad that when the kids find out about this they will have a field day with this info. Belle tells her dad that he ruined her life! Belle says she was so happy at Christmas, she and Shawn were planning their futures together, but now that is over. Marlena assures her that in time those kids will grow tired of gossiping, and her true friends will be there for her.

Bo and Hope drop JT off with Alice while Bo and Hope go to the station. Shawn talks to ALice about JT, and she assures him that Tom is watching over JT for them.

At the station, Barb and Glen want the results now, but Roman refuses to release them until everyone is here. Barb takes a walk, and tries to get the results from the man who has them, but he refuses to give her any information. Reese shows up and works to convince her how much time and energy she will have to devote to Glen's sick baby. Barb asks Reese whose side she is on anyways? Meanwhile, John, Marlena, and Belle show up; followed by Bo, Hope, and Shawn. Before the results are announced, Hope tells Glen how much she loves JT, and how much a part of her he is. She begs him not to take him away from her. Barb shows up and tells Hope to leave her husband alone! Hope tells them that if they take JT away from her, it will break his heart because she is the only mother he has known! Mickey shows up to help Bo and Hope, and Abe also shows up. Roman warns Abe that if Glen takes JT, it will be only a matter of time before Hope wants Isaac tested to see if he is her son. Abe says he knows that. Eventually, the man with the results comes in to announce them. The man announces that the biological father is Glen Reiber. A spying Abe lets Lexie know what is going on. Suddenly, Glen demands his son be handed over to him now!


January 23
not proofed yet, sorry! First day of classes, lots of work to do!

At the hospital, Collin asks Jen why she is mad at him? Jen tells him that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Collins says he thought they were friends, and Jen says so did she. Collin wants them to still be friends and pick up where they left off. Jen tells Collin that he is a two-face, has he forgotten about Ireland? Collin says Ireland wasn't a good time for him. Collin says he's sorry he couldn't explain why he was abrupt in Ireland, so Jen asks why he doesn't explain now? Collin says it is difficult, and Jen has had it and walks off. Collin begins thinking about his times with Jen, and the things he said to her in Africa and in Ireland. He wishes he could tell her why he treated her that way, but he can't.

Greta shows up and Jack and Jen's place. Jack answers, and Greta begins ranting. She then tells Jack about Collin asking about Jen. Jack recognizes the name, and asks what this Collin wanted to know. Greta says he wanted to know if he and Jen were back together. Greta then tells Jack that Nicole has thrown her out of her apartment due to a ridiculous clause. Greta hates that every time she gets attached to something or someone, it gets taken away from her. Jack tells her that she is wealthy, she can buy a mansion. Greta tells Jack she made that place her home and she loves it. Greta says that she feels safe there, for the first time of her life she feels safe somewhere. Jack and Greta continue talking, and Jen arrives home and wonders what Greta is doing here. Greta talks to Jack about re-marrying Jen, and says she doesn't understand why he'd want to live a lie, but oh well. Jack wants to clear something up with her, but she says it isn't necessary. However, she does say if he was straight, she would definitely give Jen a run for her money! Jack becomes awkward, and as Jen spies on them, she realizes there is no way they can be lovers if Jack squirms when Greta tries to touch him. Jen walks in on Jack and Greta, and Jack squirms some more. Jen asks what Greta is doing here, and Jack claims they were discussing her moving in. Greta thanks Jack for the offer but doesn't think she could move in. Jen knows Jack is trying to make her jealous, and asks Greta to please move in with them. Jen starts talking about how much fun it will be, and that they should go get some of her stuff right now! Greta is shocked, but takes Jen up on her offer.

At the station, Abe calls Lexie and tells her the test came back positive. Abe feels bad for Hope, and Lexie claims her heart is breaking for her. Lexie tells Abe to listen closely and find out what is going to happen next. John catches Abe talking to Lexie.

Hope and Bo are devastated by the results. Glen demands JT be handed over to him, otherwise he says he'll go take them. Bo warns him not to go near JT. Cameron and Mickey say that they have to follow legal procedures her. Cameron and Mickey begin looking at the papers and making phone calls, which upsets Glen who thinks he should be able to just take his son. Shawn tells his parents that he and Belle are going out for some air, and then he tells Belle that they have to go do something. Later, Cameron and Mickey say the next stop is to sign up a meeting with a judge, and set up a court appointed social worker. Mickey tells Hope that until custody is appointed, Glen will have visitation rights. Bo fears Glen might kidnap JT, but Glen says he can't kidnap his own son. Glen accuses Bo and Hope of knowing JT was his, and that is why they didn't press charges last time. Bo tells Glen that he means nothing to JT, they are his parents. Glen says he is not a monster, all he wants is his little boy and to be his dad. When Glen gets in Hope's face, Bo jumps him! A huge fight ensues, and Roman pulls Bo away from Glen. Glen says he'll never leave his son with a violent man like Bo, never! Cameron tells Glen to calm down, and says she has to explain some things to her client about how this whole situation will play out. Cameron takes Glen and Barb into an office to talk, and Hope begs Bo to stay calm and not lose his temper again. Bo says he won't let that creep take their son! Meanwhile, John thinks DiMera is behind this, and that Lexie knows about it.

Back at the mansion, Rolfe tells Lexie that they have to prepare for phase two. Rolfe says if the decision is made to give JT back to Glen, they will abide by it because they are good people, and then they will come after Isaac. Abe comes home, and he assures Lexie that they will do everything they can to protect Isaac.

Shawn and Belle go back to Bo and Hope's place, where Alice is watching JT. Shawn wants to check on his brother, but Alice says he is sleeping. Shawn says it will just take a minute. Shawn also tells ALice that he can watch JT, so he can take her home. Alice realizes Shawn is up to something, and wants to know what. Shawn admits he is going to take JT, for at least a week, and he wants to teach him to say "I won't go" so they can't take him away. Shawn and Belle grab JT, and decide to run for it. Unfortunately, Bo and Hope show up as they are about to run.


January 23
Sami shows up at the penthouse to see Marlena, but runs into Brady who is screeching on his guitar. Brady asks Sami if she is in trouble again? Sami says no, she is getting married and wants her mom's help with the wedding. Brady tells Sami that she is being selfish, Marlena's life is falling apart and she is talking about her wedding. Sami and Brady begin arguing, and when Sami mentions Saint Isabella, Brady becomes very serious. Sami tells him to get over Isabella's death, he hardly knew her. Brady calls her a soulless bitch! Brady and Sami continue to sling insults, and Sami tells Brady that he has no soul either and recounts how much he hurt Marlena. Brady says he and MArlena are working on things, and then he tells her that when Austin realizes he has been duped he will end things with her. Brady tells Sami that Austin will NEVER say I do! Sami says she will marry Austin, she will get the whole shabang! Brady tells her that Austin doesn't really love her, he is only marrying her to be Will's father! Brady says Austin will come to his senses and ditch her. He then begins talking about how smart and hot Nicole is, and the more time he spends with Nicole, the less he'll want to marry her! Brady says that Austin will give in one night when he's working long and hard with Nicole. Sami damns Brady for spoiling her good mood, and she says he'll get his when he's rotting in hell with nobody to love him. Sami leaves, and Brady realizes Nicole is the key to bursting Sami's bubble.

MArlena and John show up at the DiMera mansion to see LExie and Abe. Lexie starts talking about how shocking it is that Hope slept with Glen, but John tells her to stop it because she is spewing crap! Abe tells John not to take this out on his wife, she is under a lot of stress too. John says she has put herself in his situation. Marlena tries to play peacemaker, but John continues to accuse Lexie of knowing more than she knows. He tells her that he had his own DNA test done, and he thinks Stefano messed with the results. John says after that all the weird things started happening, and he starts naming them. He recounts everything that happened at the party, such as Hope turning into Gina again and Barb constantly huddling around LExie. John says everything points to her hiding a big secret! MArlena and John accuse Lexie of knowing about the baby switch and kept it silent. MArlena asks Lexie how long she has known she had the wrong baby? Lexie says she didn't know, she would never keep Hope's baby knowingly! Abe can't believe they are accusing them of this. Lexie continues to say Hope could have slept with Glen, but John says they can't argue with the facts, the DNA matches and there was a baby switch! Lexie begins putting on a crying show, and Abe tells John and Marlena "Shame on you!" John tells Abe that Lexie is playing him for a fool! Marlena says this is all Stefano's doing, he has hurt them all. Lexie says her father loves her and his grandson, but Marlena says only Stefano could be behind this. John says why would Stefano switch the baby, why would he wants her to raise Hope's son? John demands Lexie tell them why. Abe tells them to stop this now! Abe says his wife is a wreck, but John says HOPE is the one who is a wreck. John says that Lexie may not have known from the beginning, but she found out, and that is when she started acting weird. John says the only reason he can think for the baby switch is because Hope's child is family! John says after the switch, Marlo disappears, and they move into the mansion so the DiMera staff can take care of baby Isaac. John then says that perhaps he isn't the only one who slept with Hope when she was Gina! John says Stefano switched the babies because Stefano is really Isaac's father!

Bo and Hope arrive home, just as Shawn and Belle were planning to run with JT. Belle thinks there plan isn't going to work, but SHawn says it will. Bo and Hope go inside and talk with Alice, who tells them that things will turn out for the best. Hope just wants to hold her little boy right now. Hope goes upstairs to see JT, and screams for Bo. Bo goes running, and Hope says JT is missing, and so are his clothes and medicine. Bo says that he was just here with Shawn and Belle, and they look outside to see the truck going down the road. Bo and Hope try and take the other car, but learn he has slashed their tires so they can't follow! Alice then tells Bo and Hope about Shawns plan, and she thought she had taken Shawn out of it. Hope realizes Shawn's plan is a good one, but Bo thinks Shawn can kiss his future goodbye and ruined any chance they have of keeping JT! Bo says they are supposed to meet the judge in an hour, but Hope says they weren't told to bring JT! Mickey shows up, and Bo and Hope inform Mickey what Shawn has done. Hope is still for Shawns plan, and thinks it is there only chance. Mickey decides to call the judge and try and postpone the meeting. While he does, Hope says a prayer for Shawn, JT, and Belle.

Belle, Shawn, and JT get in Bo's truck and take off. As they are driving, Jan calls Shawn and asks to see him. Shawn says he is a little tied up, and asks her to wait before she does anything! Jan asks Shawn if he is okay? He says he is, it's just a family thing. After the call, Belle asks what is going on with him and Jan? Shawn says it is complicated, and he can't talk about it. Belle can't believe Shawn can't trust her considering what she is doing for him. Shawn says that Jan has just had a rough year and is thinking of running away. Shawn and Belle go to the only place they can think of to hide and get help, the DiMera mansion!


January 24
Lots of interruptions today, and local school bus was taken hostage!

At the mansion, John comes out and says that Stefano arranged for the babies to be switched so that LExie could raise his son. John says that Isaac must be Stefano's son! As John rants, Belle, SHawn, and JT hide outside and listen in. Shawn is disgusted by the thought of his mom sleeping with Stefano. Back inside, Lexie claims that Hope's baby could have been switched with someone else's baby, and they will never get their hands on Isaac! Lexie ends up hearing something outside, and goes to investigate, but claims there was nothing out there. John accusing Lexie of being a liar, she claimed something might be out there to stall. John says the more Lexie talks, the more likely she is to screw up, and she knows this. Lexie says she is telling the truth, and tells him to get out! Abe tells john this isn't getting them anywhere, and John tells Abe that he can't believe he can't see how Lexie is becoming a DiMera. Abe doesn't understand John, and he thinks maybe John is out of control. John tells Abe that he used to be a good cop, but he can't even see what is going on in this house, Stefano's house! This infuriates Abe, and Lexie orders them both to leave. John says he won't leave until he has the truth. Lexie says the truth is that Isaac is her son and he will stay with her forever! LExie demands John and Marlena leave, so Abe says maybe it would be best if they leave. John says he has found out what he needed to know, she is only pretending to be their friend, but behind their back she has become a true DiMera. John tells Lexie that her daddy would be proud of her. Lexie tells Marlena that she is her friend, so how can she believe such horrible things about her? John assures Lexie that the truth will come out, all of it! John and Marlena leave, and Lexie begs Abe to promise that they will keep their son. Lexie and Abe talk about their friends, and Lexie tells him that they have been betrayed by the people they considered friends, but they still have each other and Isaac. Abe heads out, and Rolfe shows up to counsel Lexie.

Back outside, Shawn and Belle take JT back to the truck. Shawn hopes his mom did not sleep with Stefano, and Belle wonders if LExie knew the truth? Shawn says he doesn't know, but he knows Lexie will help them because she doesn't want to lose Isaac. Belle tells Shawn that if what her dad is saying is true, then Isaac is his brother! Shawn tries to teach JT to say "I won't go," and after he sees John and Marlena leave, he, Belle, and JT head for the mansion. Shawn wants to talk to LExie, and he says he heard everything John and Marlena said. Shawn tells Lexie that he's come to her for help. Belle and JT show up, and Shawn begs her for help.

John is furious with Lexie and Stefano for screwing with their lives. Marlena doesn't think they should blame Lexie for everything, but John says Lexie has become a full blown DiMera. John says Lexie is afraid, but Marlena says that is because her child is being threatened! Marlena says maybe LExie didn't know, but John says she did and she won't get away with this! John says he's going to have to find out if he really is the father of the baby Hope gave birth to. Marlena says if Stefano was Isaac's father, then they'll all be wishing they never found out the truth.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo fills Roman in on what has happened with JT and the kids. Roman is not happy to hear this, because he has to report this as a kidnapping. Bo begs him not to do that. Bo says the only thing he will say is that Shawn took his brother out for ice cream. Meanwhile, Hope talks to Alice about Shawn, and how proud she is of him. Hope hopes Shawn's plan works, and that JT will be able to stay with them. Later, Roman talks with them all, and they organize a plan to find the kids.

At Jack and Jen's, Jack refuses to allow Greta to move in. Jen says they are going to help Greta because she is their friend. Jack says that Greta is HIS friend, but Jen says she likes Greta and thinks they may get to bond more while she's living here. As they argue, Greta thanks them both for being concerned but doesn't think living here will work out. Jen tells her that she is staying, but Jack says no she isn't! Greta asks if she has any say, and Jack and Jen say no! Greta tells them both that it is very obvious her, despite everything, that they are still very much in love. Jen claims the reason she wants Greta to move in is to straighten her out and see what living with this man is really like. Greta says she can't take anymore of this, and is out of here! Greta leaves, and Jack and Jen get the door slammed in their faces, literally! Jack and Jen are forced to tend to their bloody noses.


January 25
Sami catches Austin picking up WIll's toys, and she asks why he isn't at the office? Austin says he decided to take the day and spend some time with her and Will. Sami says that is how it should be, and they soon end up in an argument. Austin says if he has to choose between work and her and Will, then maybe they aren't ready for marriage. Sami tells him to slow down, and she tries to work things out with him. Suddenly, Will shows up and asks Austin when he will take him to see his daddy? Sami is furious and says she agreed to take Will to see Lucas, and he is her son so she decides what he can and can't do! Sami demands Austin explain this to her! Austin says he'll see her later and walks out. Will then tells Sami that it was his idea to have Austin take him to see daddy. Sami realizes she has made a huge mistake. Sami goes over to Austin's to apologize, but Austin says he wants to go to bed. Sami says they need to talk about this, and Austin says he will as long as she keeps her promise to take Will to see Lucas. Sami agrees, but later says she has to find a way to get out of taking Will to see Lucas without getting Austin mad at her.

At Dot.Com, Phillip confronts Brady and tells him that he knows he wants Chloe, what he needs to know is what CHloe wants. Brady says he hasn't seen Chloe for awhile, and that he doesn't have a thing for Chloe. He says he does not chase after girls, they chase after him! Phillip then asks Chloe what he did last summer with Chloe when they were spending all that time together? Brady starts making up stupid stuff they did, which Phillip knows is a bunch of crap. Brady eventually tells him what they really did. Brady says all they did was hang out because she was bored out of her mind. Phillip asks Brady if he would date her if he had the chance? Brady says he likes Chloe, but he would never ask her out. Brady tells Phillip that if he plays it smart, he can have Chloe back. Phillip buys into Brady's game, and thinks he was wrong about him. Brady, however, is counting on Phillip not playing it smart!

At the Wesley's, Chloe remains confused about Phillip and Brady. Nancy comes to see Chloe to have a little girl talk about what is going on in her life. Chloe says she doesn't know how to talk about what is going on, because she doesn't understand it herself. Nancy thinks this is about Phillip. Chloe says she has agreed to meet him and talk about their relationship, but she hasn't gotten the nerve to do it. Chloe says she is scared, and afraid Chloe will end up right back in the same vicious relationship again. When Chloe mentions Brady, Nancy asks what he has to do with this? Chloe says he treats her like a dreamy eyed teenager who is throwing away her musical future for a romance for Phillip. Nancy asks if he is right, she and Craig never hear her singing anymore. Chloe says she loves music way too much to give it up. However, Chloe says she no longer feels like she is good enough, and neither does Brady. This infuriates Nancy, and she tells Chloe to dump both guys! Nancy tells her to just be happy with her friends, and concentrate on her musical future. Chloe gives Nancy a hug for the advice. When Nancy leaves, Chloe says she thinks her MOM is right.

At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen laugh over their bloody noses. Jen says they shouldn't be laughing about this, they have just played tug-of-war over Greta's life. Unfortunately they soon end up arguing once again about Brandon and Greta, and their love lives. Jack insists he and Greta are very hot and heavy, but Jen says she can't even imagine him kissing Greta!

Nicole meets up with Brandon, who thinks what they are doing might be illegal. Nicole tells him that it isn't, so he says lets get this over with. Meanwhile, Greta shows up at her apartment, and hears people whispering. She thinks people have broken in, and suddenly Jack and Jen show up behind her. Greta says she thinks someone has broken into her home. Jack, Jen, and Greta charge into the apartment and jump the burglars, who end up being Nicole and Brandon! Nicole says she decided to help Greta pack, and Greta can't believe this. Jack tries to make Jen see what a slime Brandon really is. When Jen starts arguing about Jack's relationship, or non-relationship, with Greta, Nicole eventually tells them all to shut up! Nicole says that Brandon did not go through Greta's private things, which has her upset, and she also says it is high-time Jen know what is really going on between Jack and Greta. Nicole tells Greta that she has a princess complex, she wants to be worshipped but not touched, that is why she picks the guys she does. Jack defends Greta, and Nicole then tells Jack that he is obviously jealous of her brother and showing off for her ex, he is a big wuss! Jen defends Jack and says he is a strong and brave man. Greta and Nicole then end up in a fight over her stuff.

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