January 2002 Week 2


January 14
My PC reboot during the show, and I lost a good chunk of my summary, so I had to fill in a lot from memory!

At Sami's, Sami is trying to plan their wedding, but Austin wants to get fresh. Suddenly, Will comes home from his playdate. Sami asks Will to help her and Austin plan their wedding, and he agrees. They talk, and Austin says he's going to buy them a house soon. Will wants a pony, but Austin says he doesn't have enough money to buy him a pony. Will tells him to get a new job, and Sami thinks he's onto something. Austin and Sami argue a bit, and Austin says they should change the subject. Will then asks to see his dad, and Sami makes excuses why they can't see him. Austin feels bad, and promises Will that they'll take him to see his dad. Austin tells Will that even though his daddy is far away, he knows when he is thinking about him. Sami and Austin tell Will that his daddy is still asleep, sorta like sleeping beauty. Will asks his mom if she can kiss daddy and wake him up.

At Victor's, Nicole is shocked when Victor tells her that he's kicking her out. Nicole wants to know what is going on, and then realizes Phillip wants her out of the house. Nicole thinks Kate is using Phillip to get to him, and sooner or later KAte will move back in here, and back into Titan! Victor says Kate had nothing to do with this, but Nicole doesn't believe him. Nicole says she thought she was finally involved with a real man for once, but she was wrong. Victor and Nicole argue for awhile, and Victor throws Paul in Nicole's face which hurts her. They make up, and Victor tells Nicole that she makes him happy, and he doesn't tell her that enough. Nicole tells him to show her, let her stay. Victor says he can't do that, he's sorry. Nicole is furious and tells Victor goodbye. Nicole vows to stop Kate, even if she has to kill her!

Greta daydreams about Jack, and how much she misses hanging out with him. Collin shows up, and Greta tells him that they have to get something straight. Greta says they have run into one another so many times, and she has yet to learn his name. Collin says he introduced himself once before, but she must have forgot. He says Collin Murphy, at her service. Greta asks him not to say at your service, she has a bad track record with men, and she knows he is taken. Collin remembers their conversation when she was drunk, and she is shocked by how much she told him. Collin begins questioning her about Jen, and Greta wants to know why he wants to know about Jen. She becomes silly and strange, and he accuses her of being drunk. Greta says she is not drunk, and bids him good day!

At Jack and Jen's, Jen continues to worry about Hope. Jack shows up and wonders what Jen is thinking about. Jack tries to make her jealous by pretending he is talking to Greta on the phone, but Jen catches onto his game. Jen tells Jack that Greta isn't remotely interested in him, and she knows they aren't romantically involved. Jack asks her how she knows? Jen says because people who are involved kiss each other and touch each other all the time! Jack asks "like this?" and grabs her and tries to kiss her. They begin to bicker some more, and Jen eventually leaves to go to the grocery store, but lets Jack believe she is going to meet Brandon. After she leaves, Jack calls Greta and says they need to become the hot love couple of Salem. Greta says yeah whatever, but first there is someone she should warn him about!

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope talk to Shawn about JT. Shawn asks if it is his health? They say no, it is more complicated. Hope tells Shawn that Bo is not JT's biological father. Shawn is devastated, and is confused. Hope tells Shawn that when she was Gina, she slept with John Black. Shawn becomes furious and screams "how could you let this happen!" After much arguing, Shawn asks them not to keep anything else from him. Bo and Hope then tell him that there is another problem, there is a good chance JT was switched with another baby at the hospital, and they brought home the wrong baby!


January 15
John arrives at work at Basic Black to find many a beautiful woman waiting to apply for the job of his assistant. John goes into his office and receives a call from Marlena to congratulate him on being officially open for business. Marlena tells him that tonight they'll toast the new office together. John asks her how her day is going? Marlena says she's trying to keep her mind on her work and her spirits up, but she's not having a whole lot of luck. Suddenly, Roman shows up at Marlena's office and offers to help her with that. Marlena and John say goodbye, as Kate has arrived to see John. Kate asks who all the girlies are? John says they are here to apply for the job of his assistant. Kate thinks she should narrow down the applicants so he only see the most qualified, but he says she doesn't know what he's looking for. They soon end up talking about Victor, and John asks Kate if she is okay with being in competition with Victor? Kate says she is more than okay with it. Later, Kate shows John the press write-ups about Basic Black, which has gotten rave reviews and has been compared to Titan. John tells Kate that if Victor is giving her a hard time for working here he will take care of it. Kate says it isn't a problem, the only problem they have is agreeing on what Phillip needs. Kate tells John that he's so lucky that he's so close to Belle. John admits that his family have been having their own problems recently too. Kate admits to John that the main reason she applied for this job was to get back at Victor, and John says he knew that, but he also knew she was motivated and hard working. She tells him that he is an unusual boss, and she hopes his family problems get better soon.

At Marlena's office, Roman talks to Marlena about Austin and Sami. Marlena believes they have a better chance of making it than Carrie and Austin did. MArlena is worried that this wedding might drive a permanent wedge between Sami and Carrie, but Roman thinks if Sami invites Carrie they can work it out. Later, Marlena and Roman discuss the JT situation. Roman isn't sure if Bo and Hope's marriage will survive this. Roman changes the subject and says he just came in today because today is the DNA test. Roman and Marlena hug, and Marlena tells Roman that she feels better after talking to him, and she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Roman says she'll never have to find out.

At the mansion, Lexie continues to worry about Cameron Reece. Rolfe tells her that Cameron will take their offer, but Lexie fears she will lose Isaac. Rolfe assures her that she won't lose Isaac. Cameron shows up to see Lexie and get this over with. Lexie tells her what choice she has made, to take the money or end her career? Cameron asks what they want her to do? Lexie says they want her to make Glen go away and put a stop to this DNA test. She also wants her help in stopping Bo and Hope from coming after Isaac. Lexie tells Cameron that if Glen takes JT from Bo and Hope, the boys life will be in danger because the Reibers can't afford to take care of JT and their own child. Cameron says that argument won't hold up in court, so Rolfe and Lexie tell her to convince the Reibers to leave JT where he is and just go away. Cameron says that will be almost impossible to do, Glen wants his son back. Rolfe tells her to do whatever she has to do persuade him that giving him up is the noble thing to do. Lexie says it shouldn't be too hard, Barb doesn't want to raise the kid anyway. They promise her 100,000 dollars if she does this for them. Cameron asks if Abe knows about this? Lexie says no, and he can never know about this. Cameron takes the money and says she'll let them know when Glen has agreed to give up his son. She says she can help them with the Reibers, but that won't be the end of their problems. Cameron leaves, and Lexie wants to celebrate.

Shirtless Glen and Barb celebrate the fact that Glen will be getting his son back. Glen puts a shirt on and tries to call Cameron, but she is out of the office. Barb says Cameron only makes time for those who have big bucks. Barb tells Glen that they have to be prepared for the fact that the courts still might let JT stay with the Bradys, but Glen doesn't want to hear it.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope tell Shawn that there is a chance that JT was switched with another baby at the hospital. Shawn refuses to believe that JT is not his brother, and blows up. Bo tells Shawn that Glen Reiber may be JT's biological father, and Marlo his mother. They explain how Glen had a DNA test done on JT when he took him, and it came back positive. Shawn can't believe they are accepting this, because he won't. Shawn refuses to listen to this anymore, he loves JT and he is not going to let him go! Hope tells Shawn that she love JT the same way she loves him, and Shawn says that is all that matters. Bo tells Shawn that it isn't that simple, Glen is back in town and has ordered them to comply with a DNA test. Shawn refuses to allow Glen and Barb to take JT. He says the only way they can take him is over his dead body! Hope tells Shawn not to talk like that, and Bo tells him to trust them to handle this. Shawn says he doesn't want to hear about trust, and he will fight for JT. Shawn says they should hide JT for awhile and wait for Glen to go away. Bo says Glen isn't going anywhere, and they have to get to the truth no matter what the cost. Shawn breaks down, and Bo and Hope comfort him. Shawn cries that he won't let them take his brother away. Bo tells Shawn that they will find away to keep JT, they will!


January 16
Phillip shows up at Basic Black to see his mom, but runs into Brady. They argue over Chloe. Phillip tells Brady that whatever he said to Chloe about him, she believed. Brady tells Phillip to do Chloe a favor and get on with his life, and let her get on with hers. Phillip asks why, so she can be his girlfriend? Brady tells Phillip that nobody stole his woman, he lost her, and he's going to make sure that he never hurts her again.

John is distant as Kate talks to him about his new assistant. Kate snaps him out of his daydreaming and tells him that they are going to make Basic Black sky rocket to the top with Carl Liszt behind them. Suddenly, Phillip shows up to see his mom, and they go out to lunch. Kate tells Phillip the good news about Lucas, he seems to be coming out of his coma! Phillip says that is great, and then tells his mom that Nicole has finally moved out. He then asks his mom if Nicole gets out of Victor's life completely, will she come back to them? Kate tells him no. Phillip is not happy, but Kate says she is just saying no now, but not never. Kate says she won't move in somewhere where she's not wanted, and the time isn't right. Kate says she won't go back until she gets everything she wants. Kate tells Phillip to be patient, because soon she will get her life back the way it was. Phillip eventually leaves, and Kate pours herself a drink. She says with her son's help, she is going to rise back to the top, and have Victor begging her to come back to him!

Meanwhile, Brady tells his dad that Belle is really hurting, and he asks how he could have sex with Hope Brady! John says it is complicated, but Brady says Belle still has to deal with the fact that he slept with Shawn's mom. John tells them not to blame their little brother for anything. Brady can't believe JT is his little brother, and says he hasn't had time to process that. Brady says he think he has a way to help Belle, but he needs his help. John says he'll do anything. Brady thinks the three of them should take a road trip and visit the schools that Belle has applied to for college, so she knows she has something to look forward to. John thinks it is a great idea, but there is something he hasn't told him yet. Brady asks how much more can this family take? John says they have just learned that a mistake might have been made at the hospital, and it is possible that Hope brought home the wrong baby. Brady asks if he is kidding him? John says no he's not. John says there is a good chance Abe and Lexie have Hope's child. Brady realize a custody battle is coming, and that when this scandal breaks, Belle's life will be a nightmare at school. Brady asks how he could do this to Belle! John says neither Hope nor I conceived JT! Brady says the press will make a farce out of this, and the public will go wild. Brady apologizes for being rough on his dad, he just wished he had told him the truth earlier. Brady wonders what this is going to do to their family, and John says he doesn't know.

Sami shows up to see her mom, and fears that Roman isn't happy about her marrying Austin. Marlena says Roman is happy, about her and Austin, but they are both concerned about her and Carrie. They talk about Carrie for a bit, and if Sami will invite her to the wedding. Sami says Carrie is in Israel so it doesn't matter. Sami then changes the subject to Will, and says he wants to see Lucas and he needs her help stopping him. Marlena says if Will is asking to see his father, then Will is ready to see him. Sami says she doesn't want Will to see his father because she doesn't want him to remember he is his father! Marlena tells Sami that she has to accept reality, Kate is a part of their lives. Sami asks how Kate is a part of her life? Marlena says John has hired Kate to work at Basic Black. Sami is furious and says John is no longer invited to the wedding! Marlena tells Sami to stop it, Kate has had a hard year and had to start all over again. Sami tells her mom that Kate is devious, and John is a man. Marlena says there is no way John would ever betray his marriage . . . . . Sami asks what is wrong, has John already been unfaithful? Marlena tells Sami about JT and that John is his father. Sami is shock, and asks how this happened? Marlena tells her that Stefano brainwashed them, but Sami says that is a load of crap and asks her mom how stupid can she be?

Glen and Barb show up at the hospital for the DNA test and meet up with Roman. Hope and Bo arrive with JT, and the blood samples are taken. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and tells Barb and Glen that he has to tell them something. Shawn tells them that they have to talk about JT, his little brother. Shawn talks to them about JT, and Glen says that he deserves a chance to be his own son's father. Shawn says it doesn't matter who his real father is, they are the ones he needs because he is sick! Glen says he knows he loves him, but if JT is his flesh and blood, he will take him. Shawn tells Glen that if he does that, he will kill him! Barb tells Shawn that was over the line! Barb and Glen leave, and Shawn can't believe he said that to them. Shawn tells his parents that he thinks he made everything worse, and he's sorry. Hope tells him that it is okay, and they all go home.


January 17
At Titan, Nicole and Austin are waiting for their next meeting with Carl Liszt. Liszt shows up early again, surprising them, especially Nicole, who didn't have time to get ready. Nicole is totally unprepared for him, and Carl Liszt takes off. Austin tells Nicole that he told Carl she had the flu and dragged herself out of bed to meet with him. Austin asks her what is wrong? She tells him that somehow his mother got Phillip to convince Victor to kick her out of the house! Austin gives Nicole some advice, and tells her to show Victor what she is made of and not let this get her down. Nicole decides to take his advice.

At the hospital, MArlena explains how JT was conceived, but Sami thinks that is a crap excuse. Sami tells Marlena that Kate wants John, and she is married to a stud! Marlena tells Sami that she doesn't know all the facts, she has known Kate since before she was born, and how hard she fought to be with her children. Sami says that is why Austin is loving, because he wasn't raised by Kate, unlike Lucas. Sami and MArlena argue about Lucas, and Marlena tells Sami that people learn from their mistakes, so maybe Kate and Lucas can too. She tells Sami she is an example, where would she be if people didn't give her a second chance. Still, Sami warns Marlena to get Kate out of her life while she still can. Sami tells her mom that Kate always has a plan, and she's going to walk all over John and use his company to get back at Victor. Sami says there was just so many woman who came through their door when she was growing up, but none of them mattered, because they weren't her. However, Sami says John is the kind of man that gives in when the temptation is big enough. Marlena tells Sami that she needs to think before she speaks! MArlena doesn't want Sami's protect or her advice, she loves and trusts John. Sami asks her how she can be sure John is faithful? Marlena blurts out "I don't know!" Marlena says she doesn't know how she can be so trusting, she just is. Sami says she just doesn't want to see her be hurt by Kate, that is all. Sami leaves, and John calls Marlena to check up on him. John tells Marlena he's going to have to work late, a dinner meeting. He says he is having dinner with Kate to discuss business strategies! Marlena is worried, but tells him to go and not to worry about her.

At Basic Black, Kate tells John that she has picked out who his new assistant will be. Kate flirts with John, and he tells her to stop wasting her energy. Kate tells John not to worry, she doesn't mix business with pleasure, except with Victor, but she learned her lesson. Kate tells him to just let her guess, she knows who he has hired, and she makes a bet with him. Kate has narrowed the field down to three final contestants, and she thinks she knows which one John will pick. Kate and John interview the job candidates. They meet a man, Mr. Kingsly; Paige, a brainiach; and then Jenny, a clutsy nerd. Kate gives John an envelope, which contains the name she thinks John will chose as his assistant. He opens it, and is shocked that Kate guessed correctly. John likes the last candidate, and that is who Kate chose. Kate says he now owes her dinner, so John agrees to take her out.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo tells Hope even if JT isn't her biological son, that doesn't mean the end of their family. Bo assures her that they will fight and do everything they can to win. Later, Roman shows up and tells Bo that he can't find any dirt on Barb or Glen. Hope overhears Roman damning John for what he's done to his family, and she is not happy. Hope thinks Roman is blaming her if they lose JT. Hope then tells Roman what is going on between her and Bo is not what happened to him, so don't blame John for . . . . . Hope realizes she is saying hurtful things, and apologizes to him because she knows he's only trying to help. Roman accepts her apology, and says that there have been only a few switched-at-birth cases, and it could go either way. Hope tells Bo that they have to fight to keep JT, and Bo tells her that they will.

Shawn calls up Jan to talk. Jan tells Shawn that she fears she might be too far along to end the pregnancy. Shawn tells Jan that they need to get more solid information on this, but he can't think right now because something has happened to JT. Shawn tells Jan that he knows one thing from JT, you can learn to love someone no matter where they came from. They continue talking, and Shawn tries to convince Jan to try and keep and love this baby. Jan says she has made up her mind about this. Shawn says he will stick by her and help her through this, no matter what she decides. Later, Shawn spends some time with JT.


January 18
Not proofed yet, have plans tonight. Sorry!
Barb and Shirtless Glen are at their hotel getting ready for their big day, the reading of the DNA results. Glen tells her that everything will work out for them, but Barb is worried that they can't support two kids. Barb says she doesn't want them to be in debt before their baby is born, but Glen assures her that they will get through this. Cameron Reese shows up to see Barb and Glen, and gives them a bill for 5750 dollars to continue keeping her in their services. She tells them that this is a very difficult case, and they have only scratched the surface. Cameron says sueing for custody is going to be an even larger financial commitment. BArb wants out, but Glen doesn't. Glen asks how much this could cost overall? Cameron says 100s of 1000s of dollars. Cameron suggests they think about this long and hard, and then get back to her. Barb tells glen that Cameron may be right, maybe they should forget the whole thing.

At the mansion, Lexie is positive that they can't lose now that Reese is in their corner. Suddenly, Abe shows up and asks Lexie who she is talking to? Lexie was on the phone with Rolfe. LExie says she was talking to Rolfe, he is helping them out with this paternity issue. Lexie says she thinks Glen may chose to give up JT, but Abe doesn't think so. Abe is not happy with Lexie for keeping him in the dark for so long, and he wants to know how long she has suspected they had Hope's child. Lexie acts shocked and says she shouldn't dignify that with an answer! She claims she just found out, but Abe doesn't believe her. Lexie spills a load of bull, and then begs Abe to promise her that they will do whatever it takes to keep their family together. Lexie says that as far as she is concerned, John and Hope threw their rights away, and she has a feeling that Glen and Barb won't pursue this.

At Sami and Austin's, Sami continues to worry about taking Will to see Lucas. She also worries about the threat of Kate and Nicole to her relationship with Austin. Later, Sami jumps Austin while he's in the shower. Afterwards at breakfast, Will once again begins asking about his daddy. Sami eventually agrees to let Will see Lucas, mainly to please Austin. However, she thinks she should take Will to see Lucas on her own. Sami says that if they were both their at once, and Lucas heard them both, it might be hard for him, so he could make a separate visit. Austin thinks Sami might be right, and what is important is that Will gets to see his dad.

At the penthouse, Marlena worries about Sami's words about Kate and John. MArlena asks John, who is on the couch, how supper was with Kate, because he got home so late. John says he just needed a distraction, he's worried about the DNA results as well as Belle. Marlena tells him that Belle will pull through this. Marlena asks John about the DNA tests, and what might happen if the babies were switched. John doesn't want to think about it, but John tells her that he has to consider it. MArlena says they need to think how far Lexie might go to keep Isaac. John thinks she would die before giving up that baby. John is positive Lexie was in on the baby switch, and that she has been lying to all of them, including Abe.

At school, Belle remains weirded out about talking to Shawn. She sees Shawn talking to some kids about a party. Shawn sees Belle looking at him, and he asks her point blank why she's avoiding him? Belle tells him that she doesn't know how to talk to him, and they discuss JT, and what their parents did. Belle fears their parents could still have feelings for one another, and that this could happen again. Shawn and Belle both feel their parents are liar and hypocrites, and as they talk, Shawn realizes Belle doesn't know the whole story. Shawn then fills Belle in on the baby switch possibility.

Meanwhile, Mimi stops Jan from sinking her hooks deeper into Shawn. Mimi tells Jan that they have janitorial duty, and head to the bathroom. Jan isn't feeling well, and Mimi demands to know what is wrong with her? Jan ignores Mimi, who begins to talk about how she is really packing on the pounds lately. Jan refuses to listen to this and says she's leaving, and Mimi asks her if she's going after Shawn as usual? Jan says Shawn is her friend, and if she wants to talk to him then she will. Jan gets another cramp, and Mimi realizes that Jan really is sick, so she tells her to just go.

Jan interrupts Belle and SHawn at a tender moment, and demands they talk. Belle tells Jan they are in the middle of an important conversation, but Jan says this is important. Shawn blows Belle off to talk to Jan, which doesn't make Belle happy.

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