January 2002 Week 2


January 7
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Hope is adamant that JT is her son and that no one will take him from her. Bo tries to prepare her for the inevitable by pointing out that the baby switch makes sense, considering JT's fetal alcohol syndrome. Hope refuses to consider this possibility. John tells Bo that John's being JT's father is actually a good thing because of the DNA test John performed. Switch or no switch, John took the DNA sample from JT AFTER he was brought home. Bo is not reassured and reiterates that anything's possible since Stefano was involved. Mickey arrives and advises Bo and Hope to have the DNA test done, and drops the bombshell that Glen wouldn't bother with a test if he didn't plan to sue for custody. Hope/Bo/John/Marlena worry about Belle and Shawn. What do they tell them first: that JT could be taken away or that John is his father? Roman drops in on Abe and Lexie and informs them of the possible baby switch. Lexie completely freaks out and accuses Roman of threatening her son. Lexie kicks Roman out, much to Abe's chagrin. Nicole visits her mother and forces her to watch the raw footage of Locker Room Lolita which shows a teenaged Nicole being drugged and forced into sex by Paul. Fay is still in denial and asks Nicole why she's doing this. Nicole gets in her face and hisses that because of Fay (not protecting Nicole from Paul), she'll have to live with these memories forever, and now so will Fay. Sami finally arrives back at work and runs into Larry coming out of Brandon's office. She inquires as to Brandon's whereabouts and Larry says he doesn't know. Sami snidely comments that he's probably trying to make a play for Jennifer Horton. Brandon, unbeknownst to Sami, comes up behind her as she goes on, telling Larry that Brandon should dump Jennifer and fast. Sami spins around as Brandon snaps that he wants to see Sami in his office. Now! Brandon reads Sami the riot act about Jennifer and says that he doesn't think he wants to be Sami's friend anymore. Sami, in a rare moment of honesty, apologizes and admits that she was feeling jealous of Jennifer. They rehash the fact that Sami dumped Brandon for Austin, and that Brandon is not the kind of guy to pine away for a girl he can't have. Brandon eventually forgives Sami, who almost blows it again by making some comments about Nicole. Brandon tells Sami that if Austin wants to keep his job, Sami should stay out of Austin's business life. Sami replies that Nicole should stay out of Austin's personal life. After she leaves, Brandon mutters that if Sami messes with Nicole, she'll be sorry.


January 8
From NBC. I was out of it again, and only learned later I didn't have enough tape in the VCR. I'm so sorry about this, I do hope to be back to normal tomorrow! A disbelieving Mickey is informed by Marlena that Bo is not JT's father, John is. Hope implores Mickey to help her keep her baby and John tells Mickey all the sordid details. Mickey tries to reassure Hope by telling her that even if JT isn't her son, there are still legal avenues they can pursue. He gets her to agree to a DNA test. Roman arrives and fills them in about Lexie's reaction. Hope begs Mickey to do whatever he has to, just make Glen go away. Hope runs up the stairs in tears and Bo follows. Hope begs Bo to make it alright. Austin and Nicole are working late and Austin manages to get Nicole to open up to him a little bit. He tells her that he wants to get to know the part of her that only Brandon knows. Austin's words really touch her, and she admits that she had a fight with her mother. It's obvious that Nicole and Austin's relationship is growing, and Nicole tells Austin that she truly wants him to be happy, even if that means marrying Sami. Sami takes Brandon out for a drink at the Blue Note. Brandon reminds her to stay out of his personal life and she agrees. They dance and Sami finds a cute guy she'd like to set Nicole up with. Sami later admits to Brandon that she's worried Nicole will use Austin to get back at her. Brandon replies that Nicole wouldn't do that, besides she doesn't go for "good guys". Sami reminds Brandon about Eric and vows to keep an eye on the situation. Abe and Fay run into each other outside of the diner. Abe confides in Fay abou t the mess with Isaac. Fay encourages him to do whatever it takes to keep the boy. Abe notices that Fay, too, is upset and she breaks down and tells Abe that she never knew Paul and now her oldest daughter is suffering. Fay asks Abe if he ever really loved her and he says that he did. Abe believes that if Fay hadn't gotten pregnant with Brandon, she would have left Paul and they would have been together.


January 9
At the Kiriakis' place, Nicole, Victor, and Phillip have breakfast. Nicole tells Victor about her and Austin's successful meeting with List, and she says Austin is supposed to drop off some notes. Victor is unhappy that she is conducting business at his house instead of the office. Nicole says it won't happen again. Austin shows up, and Nicole quickly tells him that there has been a change of plans, they aren't working here. Phillip comments to his dad that this wouldn't be a problem if Nicole didn't live here. Victor says they aren't going over this again, but Phillip won't drop it. Phillip accuses Nicole of taking over his mom's job, her role in Victor's life, and now her house! Phillip accuses Nicole of having an agenda, she is here to advance her position at Titan. Phillip claims she is only pretending to care about him to get on his good side, and he says she is pathetic hanging around someone as old as her grandfather to get what she wants. Victor tells Phillip that is enough! Victor tells Phillip that one day he will have a child of his own and he will give him everything, only to have him spit in his face! Phillip says that people are gossiping about him living with Nicole, and are comparing him to the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing. Victor tells Phillip that he's not about to drop dead anytime soon. Phillip accuses his dad of using Nicole to get over Kate, because he did the same thing with Cynthia and Chloe, and Cynthia is just like Nicole, nothing but a whore. Victor demands Phillip keep his mouth shut and never talk about Nicole like that again! Victor defends Nicole to Phillip, and Phillip becomes unhappy and thinks that Nicole is more important to his father than he is, so he threatens to be the one to move out! Phillip grabs his backpack and storms off to school.

Mmeanwhile, Nicole walks Austin out, and he demands an explanation. Nicole says Victor doesn't want them to hold business meeting here anymore, and then she wonders if Kate is behind this. Austin refuses to listen to this, but Nicole says that he needs to be enlightened about Kate Roberts. Nicole says that Kate is going to use John and his company to get Victor and Titan back. Austin says that is not true, so Nicole tells him that he does not know his mother at all! Austin thinks he does know his mother, better than she does. Nicole says whether he believes it or not, Kate is up to something, and she has to find out what. Nicole hears Victor yell for her, so she goes to see him. Victor tells Nicole that she's going to have to make new living arrangements.

At the penthouse, Brady, John, and Marlena are preparing to tell Belle the truth. Belle won't get off the phone, and Brady continuously bugs her to please hurry up. Belle finally comes downstairs and asks what the big emergency is. Before Belle lets her parents talk, she says she has something to say first. Belle tells her parents that she's been thinking a lot about college lately, and she has an idea that is a little bit of a change. Belle says she wants them to move to California so she can go to college out there. She says she can't bare to be without them, so she thought they could all go out there. Brady asks if this has to do with Shawn Brady? Belle says he may have mentioned something about studying marine biology, and then she says by the looks on their faces this must be a bad idea. She rambles on and on, and then asks them if the way they are acting has something to do with what they wanted to tell her? She demands to know why everyone looks so serious. Marlena says it is serious, and it involves her and Shawn. Belle says Shawn is waiting for her at school, she just talked to him. Marlena realizes that shawn hasn't been told. Belle says "told what?" John begins to explain about the brainwashing he and Hope both went under. He explains how when they were under Stefano's influence, they had no control over what they did, and they also did not know who they really were. John says there is no easy way to tell her this, so he blurts out that he is the father of Hope's baby, JT is his son! Belle says this doesn't make any sense, Bo is JT's father. John says he isn't, and Bo has known all along that he's not JT's father. John says Bo made a decision to accept JT as his own and didn't tell anyone. John says both he and Hope remember how the baby was conceived, and everything came out at the party. Belle can't believe this is happening. Belle refuses to believe this is true, and thinks it is a nightmare, but she doesn't wake up. Belle backs away from her dad when he approaches her, and she asks her mom how she can stand this? MArlena says they are all trying to deal with this. John assures Belle that he loves her, and he loves her mother. John says he didn't want this to happen, this is all a sick game of Stefano's. Brady tries to convince Belle that their Dad is the innocent one, and give MArlena credit for standing by him. Brady says everything will be okay, but Belle says things will never be okay again. Belle asks if Shawn knows? MArlena says probably not yet, and that she should let his parents tell him. Brady tells Belle that Chloe knows, she overheard at the party, but promised not to tell anyone. Belle says she has to go to school, despite Marlena begging her to stay. Before leaving, Belle says if you really love someone, you would never want to be with someone else, and she tells her dad that his love for mom should have been more powerful than any kind of mind control! Belle says she won't tell Shawn, and leaves.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope discuss JT. Hope says they are JT's parents, nobody else. As they are about to start breakfast, Barb and Glen show up! Hope tells Bo to get rid of them, and runs off with the baby. Bo asks Glen and Barb what they want. Glen says they aren't here to cause trouble, but a mix-up in the hospital could have caused them to be raising his son. Barb says a little boys life is at stake, so they should be communicating instead of leaving it up to lawyers and judges. Bo invites them in to talk, and Glen and Barb says the DNA test will happen. Glen says he has to know if he is his son or not. Hope says he isn't, so Glen shows them the DNA test they did on JT. Hope and Bo are shocked, and Hope says this can't be true! Glen says he is not the bad guy here, he just wants his son back because his son is wanted by one of his true parents. They says the reason JT has problems is because Marlo didn't care and drank and got high while pregnant, but he does care about that boy, and he is his son. Hope blows up and says JT is her son and they aren't taking him away from her! Barb tells Hope that she can't begin to understand how hard this is for her, but on a positive note, if JT is Glen's child, then Abe and Lexie have theirs. Hope says no, JT is her son, she has raised him for almost 2 years! Glen says his son deserves to know the truth, that he was not abandoned, and he wants to spend time with his son. Bo warns Glen that he is getting ahead of himself, nobody said anything about him seeing their son. Barb defends Glen and says he is a wonderful man, and they are only here to make sure Glen gets him back. Glen says that is not true, he is also here to thank them for taking care of his son and for being wonderful parents, he knows that JT wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for their love. Hope says that is right, that is why JT is alive, so he should drop this. Glen says that his son has to know that he was wanted by his father. Glen and Barb leave, and Hope makes Bo promise to protect their son!


January 10
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Jen tries to take care of Hope, but Hope is trying to keep herself busy. Jen talks to Hope and tells her that she has taken excellent care of JT, and that will count for a lot, but she is going to be watched and the courts will want to see how she handles the DNA test. Jen tells her if she agrees to the test it will make her look better in the eyes of the courts. Hope says that JT is a special needs child, and she knows all about JT and how to take care of him, but these people know nothing! Hope says even if the babies were switched, it is too late now. JEn is shocked and asks Hope if she really thinks that Lexie has her son? Hope tells Jen about all the odd coincidences that happened between her, Lexie, and Isaac over the past two years. Hope thinks that Lexie has been lying to her for a long time, and knows that Isaac is her child. Jen asks if this is true, what will she do? Hope says she will fight Glen for JT. Suddenly, Hope looks upstairs and runs. Hope knew something was wrong with JT, she felt it, and ran to help him. Jen is shocked that Hope knew something was wrong with JT.

Bo talks to Roman at the station about the whole Glen/Barb/Baby thing. Bo says he can't be angry with Glen, because if he was in Glen's shoes, he'd be doing the same thing. Abe shows up and wants to settle things between them, but Bo doesn't want to deal with Abe right now. Abe tells Bo that they have to think about the kids and not themselves. Roman tells Abe that they all have to stay calm until the DNA results come back. Bo says that Roman is right, they should wait until the results come back before the battles start. Abe asks if they can all agree they don't hurt one another. Bo accuses Abe of trying to protect his wife. Abe asks Bo what he is saying? Bo tells Abe that the night of the hospital, there is a possibility their babies were switch, and he thinks Lexie knew! Abe says Lexie was an officer, she is his wife's best friend. Bo says that was Lexie, now she is DiMera's daughter! Bo accuses Abe of acting brain dead about Isaac's adoption. Bo lays the facts out for Abe about Lexie. Abe refuses to believe this, but Roman does point out that nothing means more to LExie than Isaac does. Bo says if it turns out that JT is Glen's son, it will break their hearts. However, he says whatever happens to them, will happen to his family. Abe asks if Bo is threatening to take Isaac from him and Lexie? Abe says he can't believe what he is hearing, especially when Bo was the one who urged him to go through with the adoption. Abe says now that he has bonded with Isaac, he wants to take him away! Abe says that Isaac is his and Lexie's life. Roman thinks they can come up with a fare solution, but Abe says there is nothing fair about taking Isaac away from the only mother and father he has known. As they continue to argue, Abe blurts out that is John hadn't slept with Hope then they wouldn't be having this argument. Roman is shocked and asks Bo what Abe is talking about? Abe tells Roman that John is the father of Hope's baby!

At the mansion, Barb discuses a new plan with Lexie, whose hair is looking a lot like Kristen DiMeras. Cameron Reese shows up, and she demands to know what this is about? Rolfe had summoned her, and Reese does nothing but poke fun at his accent. Reese vows to prove that Glen is JT's daddy, and then Hope will come after Isaac. Reese tries to walk out, so Rolfe asks if her law partners know about her past and her crimes? Rolfe tells her to shut her mouth and sit down while he explains how she is going to do what they want. Cameron thinks they are bluffing, so Rolfe and Lexie show her the proof they have. Cameron opens the briefcase they place before her, which contains 50,000 dollars! They offer her this money, and protection from her past being exposed. Rolfe says if she agrees to help them, there will be more money where this comes from. Roman asks Bo to tell him that this is not true! Cameron refuses the money and says she has to think about this and decide if she can trust them before they do business. Cameron leaves, and Rolfe tells Lexie not to worry, she will take the bait.

At school, Chloe talks to SHawn about his parents and how they are dealing with what is going on. Shawn says his parents marriage are rock solid, they will get through this. As Shawn talks about how tight his family is, he begins to feel bad for CHloe, who didn't grow up with her family. She tells him not to worry about that. Shawn then begins speaking about his little brother and how much he means to him. Chloe asks about Belle, and Shawn says she is great and they hope to go to school together next year. Chloe is shocked because she didn't realize he was that serious. Shawn says they are, and he worries sometimes that something might come along and ruin things. Chloe thinks she might like to join them in Malibu. Shawn talks to Chloe about Brady and Phillip, and he advises her that she needs to clear things up with Phillip once and for all. Shawn tells Chloe that she needs to either make-up or break-up. When Chloe says that is what Brady said, Shawn points out she is always talking about Brady, so why doesn't she date him? Suddenly, Jan shows up and asks to talk to Shawn, she says it is really important. Shawn and Jan talk, and Shawn asks her what is wrong? Jan tells Shawn that she thinks she is pregnant!

Phillip sees how Belle tried to dodge Shawn, and he wants to know why. Phillip asks if Shawn hurt her? Belle says no, Shawn would never hurt her. Phillip asks her to let him help her. Belle tells Phillip that she never realized how hard it was for him when his parents split up. Phillip wonders how they got on this subject? Belle says something is wrong at home, and unfortunately she can't tell him right now. Belle asks Phillip if he thinks his parents will ever get back together. Phillip says no, they hurt each other too much, just like he hurt Chloe. Belle says she may not be able to help him with his parents, but she can talk to Chloe. Phillip doesn't want her to because he thinks there is no hope for him and CHloe, because if Chloe still loves him, she won't admit it. Later, Chloe shows up, and when Belle asks to talk, she blows them off because of Phillip. Phillip tells Belle that it is useless, Chloe has let him know how she feels.


January 11
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Austin rushes home to see Sami because she said it was urgent. He thinks something has happened to Will, but Sami says that Will is fine. Austin asks what is so important than? There is a knock at the door, and Sami tells him that he's about to find out. Audrey, the wedding planner Sami has hired, shows up to meet Sami and Austin. Austin isn't thrilled at all by Audrey, or her ideas. Austin eventually becomes fed-up and tells Audrey that she is fired, from now on he and Sami will handle the wedding arrangements! Sami can't beleive how rude Austin was to her. Austin asks Sami exactly how far would she go to hold onto him? Austin recounts all the things she's done to him. Sami points out that Carrie hurt him more than she ever did. Sami says Carrie changed for the worst, and she has changed for the better. Austin tells her that he knows she has changed, otherwise he wouldn't be marrying her. Austin makes a deal with her to cooperate with the wedding plans if she promises not to use that woman again. Sami says deal, and Austin says he has one more request. Austin asks her to include Belle and her mom in the planning of the wedding, because this is something they should do as a family.

Belle comes home from school and finds her mom waiting for her to talk. Belle still can't get the image of her dad and Hope in bed together out of her head. Marlena comforts Belle, who doesn't know how she'll ever face Shawn again. Belle thinks her parents might split up, but Marlena tells Belle that she loves her father, and she trusts in his love and knows this will not shake it. Belle says she doubts love now, and it is not real anymore. Belle says she doesn't want to be in love, not anymore! Marlena tells Belle that what has happened shouldn't change who she is, she is good and full of love. Still, Belle doesn't understand how her dad could be so completely brainwashed that he didn't know he loved her. Marlena says it took her time to understand that to, and that all relationships have problems. Belle asks her mom if she and dad will get a divorce? Marlena says no they aren't. Belle asks if this problem is worse than she is letting on. Marlena tells Belle not to lose faith in her parents, her family, and not to give up her faith in love. Marlena wants her to find a wonderful man, to have a great marriage, and a great big family. Marlena tells Belle not to give up on her dreams. Belle says right now the thought of going out with Shawn makes her feel icky, and she thinks Shawn will feel the same way when he learns the truth. Belle thinks Shawn will probably never want to see her again, but Marlena says that is not true, he will want to see her and he will want to work it out. Belle says that she is going out with a guy who she is practicaly related to! Belle thinks this is a sign that she and Shawn were never meant to be. Marlena urges Belle not to give up on Shawn, this does not change who she is. Belle says she wants to go to her room and be alone for awhile.

At school, Shawn talks to Jan about her latest dilema. Jan tells Shawn that she might be pregnant. Jan tells Shawn that she desperately needs him. She begs him not to tell anyone else about this, but Shawn says he can't keep this a secret, it isn't right. Shawn thinks she should go to a doctor, but she says she can't. Jan says she did a home pregnancy test, and it said she was pregnant. Shawn thinks she needs to tell someone, but Jan throws a fit and refuses. Shawn says fine, he will do whatever she wants. Jan tells Shawn that she wants to have an abortion. Shawn tells her that she can't make this decision on her own, but she throws a huge temper tantrum and says she has made up her mind. Jan says she doesn't want anyone but him to know about this, and she just wants him to support her through this. Jan asks Shawn to drive her to Chicago for the abortion. Shawn doesn't know about this. Suddenly, Jan gets a call from her mom. She is ordered to go somewhere. She tells Shawn that she has to run, and takes off. Shawn is uneasy about the whole abortion thing, but Jan runs off before they can discuss it further.

At the station, Roman is shocked to learn that John is the father of Hope's baby. Bo explains what happened to Roman, and then Bo asks Abe how he knew? How much do he and Lexie know about this? Abe tells Bo not to take that tone with him! Bo asks Abe, as his friend, how much does he know about this whole thing. Abe says he's known for some time, and Lexie found out from Marlena and Hope. Roman asks Bo how he found out? Bo says he found out at Lexie's party, and explains what he saw. Roman can't believe this and says Marlena deserves a lot better than this. Roman warns Bo that the child John and Marlena had together tore him and Marlena part, he doesn't want to see the same thing happen to him and Hope. Bo says he believes his wife when she says that she only kissed John because she was cought up in her memories of being Gina, and he knows that Lexie was in on it. Abe tells Bo not to blame his wife, Lexie loves Hope and his family. They all argue, and Bo eventually decides to go find Shawn and tell him the truth before someone else does. Bo leaves, and Roman tells Abe that a lot of people are going to be hurt, and he thinks Bo is in denial about his wife and John, this is not over.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope continues to talk to Jen. Jen thinks Hope should rest, but Hope says she has to hold it together for Shawn's sake. Jen says that Shawn will understand, but Hope says that she doesn't know if he will. She also says Bo saw her with John, so this must be killing him too. They soon start talkinh about Glen, and Jen says even if Glen is JT's father, he might decide to do what is best for the baby and leave it with her. Hope doubts that because he has been searching for his son, she doesn't think he'll just leave him be now that he has found him. Jen tells Hope that Glen and Barb aren't going to know how to care for JT, they aren't going to be able to afford to take care of JT, they don't have the connection with JT that she and Bo do. Hope says Glen was saying thismorning that he knows how much they care about him. Jen also points out that Barb is pregnant, so they may realize they can't raise a new baby and a special needs baby, so Glen may let JT stay with them. Jen also suggests that maybe they can work out of some kind of visitation schedule with Glen. Hope thanks Jen for giving her hope. Jen tells Hope to talk to Glen, let him see how much they all love JT, and what a great kid Shawn is. Hope says Shawn is such a blessing, and such a great kid. Jen also reminds Hope what Gran always says, "Love always wins in the end." Shawn comes home, and Hope tells him that they need to talk. Shawn doesn't want to talk right now. Bo shows up, and tells Shawn that they need to talk. Jen leaves, and Shawn asks what is wrong? Shawn sees something big is going on, so he tells them to just tell him.

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