January 2002 Week 1


December 31
Sami comes home to find Austin hard at work. She tries to seduce him, but he turns down sex! Sami is not happy at all, and thinks they should move. Austin says they can think about moving when they have enough money to do so. Austin turns Sami away so that he can work, and she vows to make sure Austin's job is history. Roman drops by to see Kate and they argue about Sami and Austin's marriage. Meanwhile, Abe drops by to see Faye to talk about Paul, and Lexie. Belle meets up with Shawn, and they discuss their future, together. Glen and Barb head to the mansion so that Barb can try one more time to get the money, but she tells Glen that she's going to try and convince Lexie to do the right thing. At the mansion, Brandon shows up to try and work things out with Lexie. As they talk, Barb shows up. Brandon hides, and Barb tries one last time to get the money from LExie. When Lexie says she doesn't have it, Barb lets her know that Glen now knows the truth and is going to fight for JT. Barb walks out, and Lexie faints. Brandon helps Lexie, who kicks Brandon out of her house and screams that she will not lose her baby! At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope talk and agree to work things out. Later they call John and Marlena to talk about telling the kids the truth.


No SHow


January 2
At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen argue over the people they are seeing. Jack is hurt when Jen tells him that she doesn't think he and Greta have any chemistry, or are even doing anything at all. She thinks he is only using Greta to make her jealous. Jen says she has a date, and walks out on Jack. At Titan, Austin and Nicole plan their meeting with Carl List, the owner of permalash. List surprises them by showing up early. Austin begins to blow the account, but Nicole saves the day with a sexy Maralyn Monroe outfit. At the hospital, Sami tells Brandon that she is engaged, and he says he his happy for her. She is heartbroken that he is not pining away for her. Brandon says he loves her, but as a friend, and he hopes they can stay friend. Jen shows up to go to lunch with Brandon, and Sami and Jen take shots at one another. Glen and Barb meet with Cameron Reese and discuss strategies to get JT back. MEanwhile, Abe finds Lexie at the mansion in tears. Lexie finally tells Abe the truth, all except for the fact that her father was behind the baby switch. Lexie wants to run, but Abe refuses. Lexie ends up trying to run without Abe, and gets caught at the door by Abe and the cops, who take their passports. LExie is furious that Abe is playing by the books, and vows to leave Salem with Isaac somehow. Meanwhile, Roman shows up at the penthouse to see Marlena, only to be greeted by a hostile Brady who accuses him of still loving Marlena. As they argue, a judge calls Roman to have him escort a team who needs to do a DNA test for a custody case. Roman heads to the station, and is shocked when Cameron lets him know that JT and Isaac Carver were switched at birth.


January 3
From NBC, Dustin is gone (vacation!)
When John and Marlena arrive at Bo and Hope's house, they are stunned to hear that Bo agrees with them -- the children must be told. Hope is heartened when Bo admits that it'll be hard, but he's going to do what it takes to make his marriage work, for the sake of his family. Roman is shocked when Cameron Reese reveals that JT is Glen's son and that Roman must break the news to his brother. Later, Roman and Cameron arrive at Bo and Hope's and stun them with the revelation that JT could be Glen's son! Lexie is desperate to flee Salem with Isaac and nothing Abe says can persuade her otherwise. Rolf steps in and informs Lexie that leaving the country would make things worse, it's better to stay and tie Bo and Hope up in court for years. By then Isaac will be so attached to Lexie and Abe that no judge would ever take him away. Lexie is convinced, but Abe struggles with his morals. Sami, Austin and Will are having lunch at the diner when Nicole comes flying in. Nicole informs Austin of a business emergency. When Sami objects to Austin's leaving, Nicole subtly manipulates Austin by saying that she just needs the research, she can handle the work on her own. She takes her machinations a step further when, after blasting Fay, she pretends to take Austin's advice to be nicer to her mother. Fay and Nicole fight over Paul and Sami and Austin fight over Nicole.


January 4
From NBC, Dustin was on vacation
Hope is in denial about the possibility of a baby switch. Bo admits that he's suspected this all along, but JT's biological parents (John and Hope) won't hear of it. Tensions run high as John is forced to defer to Bo and let him handle Cameron. Roman informs them that they have 48 hours to comply with the court ordered DNA test. Roman and Cameron leave and Bo puts in a call to Mickey Horton. John stuns Marlena and Bo by revealing that he performed his own test on JT that proved he was JT's father. Bo questions how John's test can say one thing and Glen's another. He strongly suspects Stefano's involvement in all this. John tries to reassure a badly shaken Hope. Lexie lays it on the line for Abe: either he's with her or against her. Abe assures Lexie that he'll do whatever he (legally) can for his family. Abe is torn between his love for his family and his duty to his job/friends. Rolf details their court case, stressing the need to depict John as negligent (for giving up his son), Hope as a liar (for keeping the truth from Bo), and Bo as uncaring. Lexie is all for it, but Abe is unsure. Sami and Austin take Will to the Brady Pub for ice cream where Caroline gushes over Sami's ring. Austin isn't pleased when Sami talks about planning the wedding and admits that he'll defer all party planning to her. Sami sees Shawn and Belle across the room and goes to speak with her sister. Austin reveals to Caroline that he wishes that Sami and Kate would make peace before the wedding. Shawn and Belle are discussing their future and are psyched to go to college together in California until Shawn remembers JT. He just can't leave him. Belle understands and says that the only thing that matters is being together. Sami interrupts them and Belle congratulates her sister on her engagement. She's thrilled when Sami asks her to be in the wedding. Belle wonders if Carrie will be invited and Sami dodges by saying that the guest lists are far from being final. When Sami returns to Austin, he brings up the subject of his mother. Sami feeds him the line about the guest lists not being final, but it's obvious that she has no intention of calling a cease fire with Kate
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