January 2000 Week 4


January 24
Eric shows up at the Kiriakis guest house to talk with Sami. Sami thinks Eric got the dirt on Nicole, when suddenly Austin walks in and becomes upset when he hears Sami's comments. He tells Sami to lay off of Nicole! Sami tries to change the subject, but Austin refuses to leave the room until she explains herself. Sami admits to trying to get dirt on Nicole because she is a drunk and didn't marry Lucas for love. Austin tells Sami that what she is doing is wrong, but Sami thinks she has a right to know. Eric tells Sami that the reason he came here is to tell her that Nicole isn't saying anything to him, and he doesn't want to dig up dirt on Nicole or anyone. Eric says that he doesn't think Nicole broke up with him because she was forced to, she did it because she felt she had to for some reason, but she won't tell him why. Austin tells Sami that there is a lot Nicole isn't telling any of them. Sami can't believe what she's hearing and she says that Nicole has gotten to both of them. Austin says there are reasons for Nicole's actions towards Will and her drinking, but Sami says she doesn't want to hear the rough childhood excuse. Austin thinks Sami should have compassion and finds it odd that Nicole never talks about her past. Eric tells Austin that when he was with Nicole he wasn't thinking about her past, and Sami says that is because he was madly in love with her, and she thinks he is still in love with Nicole. She accuses Eric of not being interested in Greta because he wants Nicole back. Eric denies that and says that he only wants to know why Nicole dumps him. Austin tells both Eric and Sami that they are conceded and are treating this woman like she has no feelings. He tells them that Nicole was hurt when she was young and she has not gotten over it yet. Eric says he'll take a walk and let them get ready for the service. Austin asks Sami to try and talk to Nicole, but Sami refuses to make nice with her. She tells Austin that she thinks Nicole is a complete loser and she wants nothing to do with her. Austin tells Sami that he's very disappointed.

At Titan, Nicole is positive that Greta will rent her old apartment. Brandon shows up and wonders why she is so happy? Nicole tells him that she's started a new project, and she's confident that it will pay off. When Brandon asks her what project, she'd rather not say. She then asks Brandon how mom the martyr was? Brandon says it was nice, and the two argue about their mom. Nicole tells Brandon that she will always trash their mom, and he will always defend her, so they should drop it. Brandon says he can't because he brought her here. Nicole's mom walks into the room and is happy to see her. She approaches Nicole, puts her hand on her cheek, and says it is so good to see her. Nicole says hello to her mom and reluctantly hugs her. Her mom tells her that she can't believe her office and how her little girl is so successful, she never would have believed . . . Nicole closes the door, and her mother tells her that nobody saw her walk in and nobody will know she is her mother. Brandon says Nicole is not concerned about that, but their mom knows better. She remembers coming to see her at her first job dressed in her waitress uniform and Nicole made her pretend she was a customer. Nicole's mom tells Brandon that maybe they should go, and Nicole says maybe they should. Brandon refuses to leave and tells his mom to get some coffee. He then tells Nicole to try to be nice, but Nicole says her mom is an embarrassment. She tells Brandon that she gave her mom money, but she continues to dress like a loser for sympathy. Nicole's mom says she really has to leave because she has stew in a crock pot and she doesn't want it to burn. She then tells Nicole that she still makes leftovers and freezes them just in case she comes to visit. She tells Nicole that she'd love it if she brought her husband over for dinner one night, and she promises to fix the house up and make herself presentable. Nicole says she will talk to him, and she'll call her mom. Nicole's mom hugs Nicole and tells her that she loves her, and then she leaves to find the ladies room before going. After she leaves, Brandon knows Nicole won't call their mom because she'll hate her until the day she dies. Nicole says that there mom is the one to blame for all the pain. Brandon says dad was the one who beat her, but Nicole says that she provoked him. Nicole tells Brandon that he is doing exactly what she wants, he's feeling sorry for her. She says that when the police came to break up the fights she used to play on their sympathies. Brandon says the police didn't help things. Brandon and Nicole's mom returns, and she and Brandon leave.

At the penthouse, John is having a nightmare about being found by Stefano on the sub. In his sleep, John says that he's been disloyal and he's going to pay. He wakes up and says "I'm a dead man, DiMera will destroy me!" John suddenly wonders where he is and what is happening. He remembers being on the sub with Hope and DIMera, and how he wanted to kill DiMera. Then he lets out an "Oh my God," and he remembers being with Hope when she was Gina. He tries to tell himself that it never happened and it was all a sick dream. He then realizes who he has to see.

At the Horton house, Greta is busy feeding Alice and cleaning up her kitchen for her. Alice tells Greta that she had a dream that Hope came to her and she was so happy, so real. Greta feels bad for her, but changes the subject to moving out. Alice tells her that she'll miss her, but Greta feels she needs a place of her own. Alice leaves to get ready, and John shows up and gets physical with Greta. He grabs her and demands to know what "Hope" confided in her when she thought she was GIna. Greta says that "Hope" did a lot of things and she doesn't know where to begin. John asks Greta is she ever mentioned any specific encounters involving him or Stefano? Greta remembers "Hope" telling her who her father was. Greta tells John to stop it and go now! John knows she's not telling him something and he grabs her harder. Greta screams that he's hurting her! Suddenly, Alice shows up and asks what is going on here? Alice demands to know why John was yelling at Greta. John says he doesn't know and he says that everything that has happened has just gotten to him. Alice then gets a call from the police, who are trying to find Bo. The police say that someone at the crematorium is claiming that the body in the casket is not Hope's! John and Greta both decide to go over to the crematorium.

Out on the sea, Bo, Shawn, and Roman are still sailing. Bo is thinking about "Hope" and how happy she was to be back in Salem the last time she went to the Horton cabin. Roman tells Bo that they've arrived at their destination. Bo says this is the perfect place to scatter Hope's ashes, but he doesn't want to go back just yet. Bo tells Roman that he wants to go by the Horton cabin because it was the last place he and "Hope" connected, so Roman says he'll change courses. Shawn wishes he had someplace to go to connect with mom, and Bo tells him he's already there. Shawn then reminisces about how his mom used to make him where a lifejacket, and she wrote super-Shawn on it and convinced her that even superman wore a vest like this.

On the shore, Julie is waiting on the docks for Bo to return. Julie then decides to ask the coast guard to help her, when she runs into an old friend named Mac. She remembers that Mac has a helicopter, and she asks for his help. Julie finds Bo's boat and she shouts down to him, with a megaphone, that Hope needs him and he has to come back to Salem and stop the cremation. Bo wonders what she is talking about. Julie drops a ladder, so Bo climbs up. Shawn wants to go with him, but Bo tells Roman to take Shawn back to Salem. Bo gets into the chopper, and Shawn disobeys his dad and climbs the ladder. Suddenly, Shawn becomes dizzy as he remembers being forced on top of the ledge at the Penthouse Grill by Gina. Bo screams down to Shawn to hold on. Bo climbs down and grabs Shawn right before he falls. Bo lifts him into the chopper, and Shawn tells them how he spaced out. Bo asks Julie what this is about, so she explains everything Lily told them about Gina and her appendectomy. She tells Bo that only he can stop this cremation so they can search the body, and she asks Bo if he will help them.

At the crematorium, "Hope's" casket is about to be burned. Suddenly, Doug shows up and tells the men that they have to stop the casket from being cremated. Doug pushes it off the rolling belt to keep it from being burned and he tells them that he is Hope's father, and this woman might not be his daughter. The workers think he is just having a hard time accepting his wife's death, and he tells them that this woman's husband wants her cremated, and they are going to carry out his wishes. Doug tries to explain to them that he's not trying to stop this out of grief, and he explains to them about Princess Gina. One of the morticians tells Doug that he needs help, so Doug decks him when they try to drag him out of the room! One of the guys says they should call the cops, and Doug tells them to do that because he should have done that from the start. Doug hopes by time the police leave, Bo will be here and the body will be saved. One of the morticians tells him no way, that body is being cremated now and those ashes will be delivered on time! The morticians turn on the belt again, and the casket starts heading towards the flames. Suddenly, Bo shows up and pulls the casket out of the fire. He grabs a wrench and opens up the casket to look inside.


January 25
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After they argue about Nicole, Austin stuns Sami by admitting that he feels like they are already married because of their many arguments. He then pulls her to him for a passionate kiss and boasts that the only way for their relationship to work is if they stop living together. Still upset at her brother for bringing their mother to Titan, Nicole argues with Brandon about their childhood. When she claims that Abe helped their mother every time he was called to their house, Brandon argues the opposite is true. Upset to hear that Victor is trying to find Stefano, Kate warns him about the danger he's facing. He insists that he must do this and suggests that if she can't allow him to do what he wants, then she should reconsider his proposal. She becomes more upset when Victor decides to consider Vivian's new business proposal. Nicholas tries to calm Kate down as he escorts her back to her office and asks her if she's decided to end things with Victor. Bo examines "Hope's" body for a scar from an appendectomy but fails to find one. Though he now believes this is Hope's body, Greta examines the body herself and finds a protrusion that may be a scar after all.


January 26
Nicole goes to the Titan Photo lab and finds Eric working. She asks him why he's here so late? Eric says that "Hope's" memorial service has been postponed, so he decided to get some work done setting up for the next shoot. He asks her why she's not home with her husband? Nicole says she wanted to be alone, and she'd rather be anywhere but home. Eric asks if she's having problems with Lucas? Nicole says Lucas isn't the problem, it's all the other people in that house trying to run her life. Eric asks if she can blame Kate and Victor for keeping an eye on her? Nicole says she can handle Kate and Victor, which makes Eric realize that Sami is the problem. Nicole says that Sami won't let up on her. Eric defends his sister and says that if it wasn't for her marrying Lucas, Sami and Austin would have custody of Will. Nicole then asks Eric how well he knows Austin? Eric says he's known him awhile and he's a great guy. Nicole asks Eric if he thinks Austin and Sami have a future together? Eric refuses to give all the answers without getting anything in return. Nicole tells him that she'd be glad to give him something, and she asks him what he wants? Eric doesn't know what he wants, and he asks what she wants? Nicole says she just wants a straight answer about Austin, is he interested in Sami? Eric thinks she is interested in Austin, but Nicole says that Austin is interested in her. She says that all Austin does is lecture and preach to her about how she should be more forgiving and understanding about her mother. Eric is hurt that she's talked to Austin about her mother, her family, and when she was a kid. Eric can't believe that she would open up to Austin, but not to him. Nicole tells Eric that she had a good reason why she didn't tell him, and an even better reason why she told Austin. Nicole tells Eric that she confessed to Austin because he already thought the worst of her as is, and there was nothing she could have said to make him think less of her. She tells Eric that she couldn't tell him because he would have thought less of her, but Eric says that is not true. He tells Nicole that there was nothing about her that he couldn't have accepted, but Nicole doesn't think that is true. Eric tells Nicole that she didn't give him or their love a chance. Eric tells her that she destroyed what they once had. Nicole admits that she did, but only to spare him the pain and disappointment which would have come if they had stayed together. Eric can't believe he's hearing this, but Nicole assures him that his happiness is important to her. She says that is why she got Lucas to hire him back at Titan, and she even did Greta a favor. Eric wants to know what she did, but Nicole says that Greta should be the one to tell her. Eric says he has to go, but Nicole stops him and tells him that she only wanted him to be happy, and he has given her memories that she'll cherish forever. Eric tells Nicole good night, and then he leaves. After he's gone, Nicole tells herself that she is so good and she can't wait for Eric to find out what she did.

Nancy and Chloe are out walking. Chloe thinks her mom should be home and resting, but Nancy says that being out and about is just what she needs. Nancy says she wants to be out and about with her beautiful daughter. Chloe tells her that nobody is supposed to know she is her daughter, and she doesn't know her well enough to call her beautiful. Nancy tells Chloe that she doesn't have to know her to know she's beautiful. However, CHloe says true beauty comes from within, and the fact is they are strangers. Chloe tells Nancy that they are two different people, she has had a hard life and Nancy was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Nancy tells Chloe that she's making a lot of assumptions about her life, and she doesn't know anything about her either. Chloe tells her mom "touche, you got me there." Nancy says they should head inside to Dot.Com to get those CD's she promised her.

Marlena and Belle are at Dot.Com hanging out after their day of shopping. Marlena thinks the place is amazing and is a far cry from the soda shops she used to hang out at. Belle asks her mom why "Hope's" service was postponed? Marlena says she doesn't know, but she imagines that people from out of town who wanted to be there couldn't. Belle tells her mom that "Hope's" death made her realize how lucky she is to have both her parents in her life. Later, Nancy shows up and she tells Chloe all about Dr. Marlena Evans, her husband, and their daughter Belle. Nancy tells Chloe that Belle is very popular at school and she is the kind of girls she should be friends with. Nancy decides to introduce her to Dr. Evans and her daughter, but she's shocked to learn that Chloe and Belle already know one another. Belle and Chloe go to look at CDs, and Nancy sits down to talk with Marlena. Nancy tells Marlena that Chloe's mother was her best friend, and she adopted Chloe after she died. When Marlena calls Nancy and Craig parents, Nancy says it sounds odd to hear her and Craig described that way. Marlena asks why, did she and Craig not discuss having a family? When she sees the look on Nancy's face she apologizes and says that was not an appropriate question to ask. Nancy says that it is all right, and that she and Craig never had time for a family. Meanwhile, Belle is ranting and raving about the Backstreet Boys and how hot they are. She asks Belle who her favorite group is? Chloe tells her that she likes the Three Tenors, and she dreams about singing a duet with Placido Domingo every night. Suddenly, the brat pack from Salem High shows up and starts calling Chloe "Ghoul Girl." Nancy sees them making fun of her daughter and says she's going to bash those bastard's brains in! However, Marlena tells Nancy not to do anything because Chloe must handle this herself. The kids continue to make spooky ghoul noises, and then they ask Belle if she's going to the Salem High basketball game Friday night? Belle says she doesn't know, puts her arm around Chloe, and says she'll only go if her best friend will come with her. The kids laugh at her and ask her to be serious. Belle says that she and Chloe have a lot in common, they both like the same kind of music. The kids leave, and Belle tells Chloe not to let them get to her. Chloe says she didn't. Belle then tells her not to worry about thanking her. Chloe says that she wasn't going to! Nancy is glad that Belle got rid of the jerky kids, and Marlena is proud of her daughter.

At the crematorium, Doug and Julie are hoping they will get their Hope back. Shawn D asks his dad what they will do next? Bo says DNA testing is the only way to be sure the dead woman isn't his mom, but if this is Princess GIna, where is his mom? Bo tells Doug and Julie that he knows in his heart that Hope is still alive, and he will find her. Julie asks if Gina was alive, how did Hope take her place? John says it was obviously Stefano's work. The mortician thinks this all sounds too unbelievable, but Doug says he has no idea who they are dealing with. The mortician offers to contact his friend, who is a DNA specialist, and try to convince him to come down here. The family appricates the offer, so the man and Doug leave to make the call. John tells Bo and the others that all the evidence is pointing to the fact that this isn't Hope, the lung cancer and appendectomy scar don't match up. Shawn says that Hope never smoked, but Greta says her mother smoked her entire life. Julie thinks that John is right, Stefano must have Hope. Greta once again starts feeling guilty and she tells them that even thought that might be her mother in the casket, she knows that Hope is dead. Bo asks her why she thinks that? Doug returns after going with the mortician to call the DNA guy, and he sees the look on everyone's faces and asks what is wrong? Greta explains to him, and them all, that her mother told her that the real Hope was dead. She tells them the story about how her mother claimed to have met Hope on a bridge in Paris, and she flipped and killed herself. Greta tells them all how sorry she is, but Bo thinks that her mother was lying to force her to accept her impersonation of Hope. John says that he bets Gina told her that taking over Hope's life would spare everyone in Salem from the news of Hope's death. Greta says that is exactly right! John thinks he's finally beginning to see how far Gina would go to get what she wanted. Still, Julie asks "What if Hope did kill herself?" Bo refuses to believe that because the woman he left in Paris was tired, not frightened or confused. Bo tells Greta that her mother manipulated her and the rest of them up to the end, and everything she told her was a lie to serve her own selfish needs. Greta remembers her mother telling her who her father was, and she tells Bo that her mother never would have lied to her on her death bed. John asks her what she means, and what was the secret she almost took to her grave? Greta says that is between her and her mother, it has nothing to do with Hope. Bo wonders why Gina never told them she was dying. John says that Gina was deeply disturbed, and Gina probably didn't even know where Hope really was. Bill, the DNA guy, shows up to perform the tests. He takes a sample from the body, Shawn, and Greta. Bo asks how long till they have the results? The man tells them it will be in a couple of days. John offers to pay the bill, and the man promises that the results won't take any longer than necessary. Bo says that the longer they have to wait, the more danger Hope is in.

In France, Kurt tries to call Gina, but she still isn't answering her phone. He begins to worry about her because this isn't like her at all. He wonders if something could have happened to her. Kurt paces around the room thinking about how Hope told him that he can't spend the rest of his life taking care of her and Stefano. He realizes that she is right, he can't spend his life taking care of them like they were animals in a cage. He begins to wonder if Princess Gina plans to come back. He becomes angry and can't believe that the Princess would abandon him after all that has happened. He tells himself that he can't lose faith in Princess Gina. He looks at the fire, and then decides to go check on his prisoners.

In the turret, Hope leaves the bathroom after becoming sick. She wonders what is wrong with her because she can't keep any food down. She ends up sick once again, and makes a run for the bathroom. Afterwards Hope pours herself a glass of water and then wonders if Kurt is poisoning them? Stefano is still snoring, and Hope realizes that Stefano doesn't have the symptoms she does, so there must be something else wrong with her. Later, Hope thinks that perhaps being sick is her way out of here. Kurt shows up at the sliding metal panel in the wall behind the secret passage to check on them, and Hope hobbles over to him. She begs him to help her because she's afraid she's dying. Kurt says that he's taken very good care of her. Hope says she's not blaming him, but something is very wrong with her and she's scared. She says that Stefano won't help her and prefers she die so he can have all the food and water for himself. She tries to tell him that they are all victims of Stefano. She begs Kurt to let her out and take her to a doctor. Kurt tells Hope that he can't let her go, so Hope asks for some antibiotics of some sort. She then runs to the bathroom to get sick. Kurt closes the metal door and he wonders if Hope's infection has come back from her fall into the river, or what if this is another trick. Hope lays down to rest and asks God not to let her die here.


January 27
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Eric drops by the Penthouse at John's request. John tells Eric that Marlena and Belle are still upstairs, and he wants to wait until they come down so he can give them the news all at once. He tells Eric that something happened last night with "Hope." Eric asks if it has anything to due with the reason the memorial service was postponed? In the other room, Belle comes to see her mom to get some advice on her outfit. When Marlena tells her it is cute, Belle is upset because she was going for sleek and sophisticated. Marlena wonders what this is about, why the sudden rush to grow up? Belle tells her mom that they are planning on putting metal detectors in her school, which is upsetting to her. Marlena asks Belle if she has a reason to feel unsafe at school? Belle says no, and she guesses it is just general anxiety. Marlena tells her daughter to come straight to her if she ever feels unsafe, and she tells Belle that "Hope's" case was a unique one. Belle asks her mom about her dad, and if it is possible the same thing could happen to him? MArlena assures BElle that could never happen because she knows who she married. Belle is relieved when Marlena tells her that her dad's mental health is just fine. Belle asks her mom if "Hope" will go to heaven after what she did? Marlena says they are all praying for her soul, and she believes that God is very forgiving. Belle thanks her mom for their talk, and she likes that she doesn't talk down to her or judge her. John and Eric show up and John tells them all that they now have reason to believe that the woman who died was not Hope, but Princess Gina! John fills them in on everything, and Eric realizes he needs to be with Greta when the tests come in, so he leaves. Marlena asks John how Doug and Julie are holding up. John says they are praying that the woman is Gina and that Hope is alive. When Marlena asks John what he thinks, he says he doesn't know. As Belle and Marlena talk about Princess Gina and Hope's switch, John remembers more about being with Gina on the sub. He wonders if he was making love to Gina, or Hope? Belle eventually has to leave for school, and Marlena tells John that she never thought she was dealing with the real Gina and not just a Gina persona. Marlena remembers what Gina told her under hypnosis and she tells John that if that woman was the real Gina, she was plain evil! She tells John that perhaps what she was saying about getting him away from her on their honeymoon was true, Stefano could have taught her how to brainwash people! She says that could explain why he doesn't remember what happened, and whatever he did, he couldn't be responsible for. Marlena questions John once again as to whether or not he remembers what happened during the honeymoon. John says that whatever Gina told her could have been a lie, and they should concentrate on finding Hope right now, if she is still alive.

At the Horton house, Maggie calls Alice to see if she has any news, but Alice doesn't. Greta is feeling bad that she turned her back on her mother, who she believes is in that coffin, but she let Eric talk her into thinking it was Hope in the coffin. She feels like she broke her mother's heart when she needed her the most. Alice tells Greta that the woman in the coffin could still be Hope, but Greta says there are just too many unanswered questions about that woman. Alice says if that woman really is her mom, where is Hope and is she really dead? Greta wishes she knew. Alice is certain that if the dead woman isn't Hope, then Bo will find Hope. Greta tells Alice that she's just angry with herself for not telling her mother how much she loved her when she had the chance, but Alice assures Greta that her mother knew and there are some things that need not be spoken. Greta tells ALice that she has to find something to do, so Alice suggests she go upstairs and clean her room out if she's going to be moving. ALice asks Greta if she's going to rent the apartment Nicole showed her? Greta doesn't know and thinks Eric should see it first, but Alice tells her that this is a new millennium and she doesn't need his permission. Still, Greta wants to let Eric see it first. Suddenly, Nicole shows up and tells Greta that her friend needs to know if she want the apartment right away. Greta invites Nicole in, and Nicole tells Alice that it is so glad to see her. She says she and Lucas are glad to have her in their lives. Nicole then tells Greta that her friend has another potential renter, but Greta gets first shot at it if she wants it. Greta says she will take the apartment. Nicole leaves, and Greta decides to surprise Eric with Alice's help. Eric shows up to see Greta after learning about her mother. Eric feels bad about convincing her that the woman wasn't her mother, but Greta says she knows he didn't mean to hurt her. Eric suggests they take a drive to the mountains to be alone, but Greta has a better idea. She wants Eric to come someplace with her, but he must wear a blindfold! Alice provides Eric with a sleepmask, and the two leave.

Greta drives a blindfolded Eric across town , and Eric jokes that everyone must think he is pretty dumb looking. They eventually arrive at the apartment, and Eric is shocked when he learns that Greta has rented Nicole's old apartment! The apartment brings back the first time he and Nicole ever made love. Eric asks Greta if this is a joke?

BRandon meets his hacker in Salem Place. The hacker is late and apologizes to Brandon for being late as he claims he overslept as a result of staying up all night trying to hack into Salem PD's computer. The hacker has the info he wanted, but he makes Brandon pay him before he hands over the envelope. The hacker leaves, and Brandon reads the file. Brandon eventually finds the dirty information he's been looking for. Suddenly, Nicole sneaks up on Brandon and startles him. She wonders what he is reading? Brandon says it is private, but Nicole thinks Brandon owes her a secret. Nicole sits down and Brandon talks to Nicole about Abe. Nicole remembers that Abe was a nice guy, but Brandon knows otherwise. He shows her the file and she is shocked by what she reads. However, she asks Brandon to let go of his hatred for Abe and just move on. Brandon says he can't because it was his job to protect mom, and he failed. Nicole tells him that he was only a kid! Still, Brandon felt he could have kept Dad from hurting mom, and Abe out of their house. Nicole says that Abe was only trying to help, but Brandon tells Nicole that she is wrong about Abe. Nicole asks Brandon why he hates Abe so much? Brandon says that Abe did not protect their mom, he sent their dad to jail, and every time he got out he beat dad even more. Nicole tells Brandon to blame the system, which angers Brandon. He can't believe she is defending their dad and holding onto this anger for their mom. Nicole tries to make Brandon a deal, she'll tell him her plans if he drops his obsession. Brandon refuses, so Nicole leaves. Brandon tells himself that all he has to do is find the guy in the report to make sure that Abe gets what he deserves.

In France, Stefano finally wakes up and asks a sick Hope if she is all right? Hope apologizes to Stefano for waking him, and she tells him that she's still sick, but has been sending the SOS signals out still. Stefano fears that if the authorities can't trace the signal then this turret will become their tomb. When Hope starts stumbling around the place, Stefano insists she lay down before she falls down. Stefano tells her that she needs rest and nourishment, but Hope doesn't want to waste food because she can't keep it down. Stefano tells her that he'll make her some tea instead. Elsewhere. Kurt tries to call Gina once again, but she won't answer, because she's dead! He wonders about Hope and whether she is really sick. He fears that if it is real, and she dies, he'd be responsible. Kurt goes to check on Hope, who asks him if he's brought medicine or come to take her to the doctor? Stefano yells at Kurt and tells him that he has to do something for Hope. Kurt tells himself that he has to help Hope, and he hopes the Princess will forgive him. Kurt brings Hope the last of the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed Hope the last time she was ill. Stefano tells Kurt that Hope can't keep any food down, so she needs some type of bland clear broth. Kurt agrees to see what he can do, and he leaves. Stefano gives Hope a pill and gets her some water. Suddenly, Hope comes to a shocking realization as to why she might be feeling this way. While Stefano works on the SOS, Hope write Kurt a note. She slips him the note when he brings the broth for Hope's tea. She tells Kurt not to let Stefano find out about this favor. Kurt reads the note, which indicates that she wants a pregnancy test!


January 28
At Nicole's apartment, Eric looks around and then asks Greta if this is a joke? Greta apologizes for renting a place without him, but she is the one who has to live here and she thinks she did a good job for her first apartment. Eric asks her if she really rented this place? Greta says she did, and asks why? Eric says this place wasn't in the classifieds, and Greta says she knows that, and the best deals usually aren't. Eric asks Greta if Nicole told her about this place? Greta is shocked and asks how he knew? Eric tells Greta the truth about the apartment, that it was Nicole's old place. Greta doesn't understand why Nicole lied to her, did she think she wouldn't take it if she knew it was hers? Greta says this is a great place and would have taken it anyways. Eric remembers making love to Nicole, and Greta asks him what is wrong? She then realizes that he's thinking about Nicole, and he still has feelings for her. Eric says he does have feelings for her, but not in the way she thinks. Suddenly, Greta gets a call about the DNA test results, so she and Eric head over to the funeral home.

At the Horton house, Doug, Julie, and Alice are waiting by the phone for the results of the DNA test. Alice says they have done enough sitting around and suggests they bring a cell phone and follow her. Alice takes Doug and Julie to the cemetery to see Tom Horton's grave. Alice remembers scenes from the first episode of Days in which Alice was looking at the pictures of her children on her mantle. She tells Tom that soon their last child will be married and out of the house, which makes her sad. Alice then remembers soon after that conversation, Julie was arrested for shop lifting. Alice laughs, but Julie doesn't think it's a very funny thing to be remembering. Doug takes his own trip down memory lane as he remembers his wedding to Julie. Back in the present, Julie tells Doug that she's not afraid to die, but to lose their Hope is unbearable. Alice remembers Bo and Hope's wedding after hearing Doug and Julie remember theirs. Alice says she was so looking forward to their remarriage, but Julie says it may still be. Doug remembers when Hope was born, and he and Addie named her Hope to symbolize their hope for a life together. Doug begins to cry and says he can't lose Hope. Julie comforts Doug and she asks God not to take their daughter away. Later, they remember when Addie passed away after being hit by a car while saving Hope. Alice told Tom not to question it, but Tom did. Alice said that Addie was prepared to die and she lived every day to its fullest. Back in the present, ALice tells Tom's spirit that she's grown used to being alone because she knows he's always been in his heart. She wishes he could be here with her, and she asks him to say a special prayer. ALice then remembers the passage from Ruth that Tom recited to her on their wedding day. Alice begins to cry, so Doug sings to her. Suddenly, Julie gets the call about the DNA tests, so they head to the funeral home.

Bo and Shawn stop by Victor's place to see if he has any leads on DiMera. Victor tells Bo that Stefano is keeping himself hidden well, but his men are looking diligently for him. Shawn tells Victor that he has to find DiMera because it is possible that he has his mom with him. When Bo tells Victor that it is possible that Hope is still alive, Shawn tells his dad that he knows she is. Bo explains everything to Stefano, but Victor tells Bo that Stefano has gone deep underground. However, Victor does have some information for him, and he hands him a piece of paper. The paper indicates that Stefano left Salem on a private jet a few days before Salem, and he's trying to find out who he left with. MEanwhile, Nico has kidnapped the pilot of Gina's plane and is demanding answers about Stefano, or he will rearrange his face! Back at the mansion, Nico calls Victor will the answers he needs. Victor puts Nico on speaker phone, and Nico tells them that he flew Stefano and a woman, Princess Gina Von Amburg, to Europe, but only Gina returned to Salem! Shawn tells his dad that he is a great cop and can solve this, but Bo tells his son that he's never had a case this important. Suddenly, the man with the DNA test results calls Bo. Bo asks Victor to call Marlena and John and have them meet them at the funeral home. After Bo leaves, Victor tells Nico that he can't let Bo down, they must find Stefano and Hope!

At the penthouse, Marlena finds John having a fit. He's remembering sub-sex and wonders if the woman he made love to was Gina or Hope. John turns around and finds Marlena watching him. She tells him not to act like everything is all right, she knows he is tormented and he wont' tell her what it is abut. She asks him what he's hiding from her? John says he's just concerned about Hope, but Marlena says this is more than just concern for a friend. John admits that she is right. Marlena tells John that she knows he thinks he is protecting her, but nothing is worse then not knowing. John tells her that he's not so sure about it, and that it could all be a lie for all he knows. Marlena assures John that she can handle this. John makes Marlena promise that he won't lose her. She promises, and John hugs her. John agrees to tell her the truth. He starts with Bo and "Hope's" wedding when he got mugged, which he no longer thinks was a mugging. He says that he believes that something was inside that cut on the back of his neck, and he thinks he saw a shiny object fall out of his neck. He goes on to say that after that happened, he began having nightmares. MArlena asks what type of nightmares, did he have a memory? John doesn't know if it was a memory or a hallucination. Marlena asks John to tell him everything he remembers and they will sort it out together. John paces around the room and tries to find the words to break the news to Marlena about what he and Hope/Gina did on the sub. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by a call from Victor, who tells her that the DNA results are in and Bo wants her and John to go to the funeral home.

At the funeral home, everyone gathers to hear the results of the DNA test. Greta tells them all that she knows they want this to be her mother, and she knows the terrible things she may have done, but she still wants her mother to be here with her now. The DNA specialist shows up and tells them that this woman is unlikely Shawn's mother. However, she is Greta's mother! Greta lets out a cry of pain, tells Eric that he was wrong, and races out of the funeral home. Marlena tells John that they should leave and give the family some private time. Bo, Shawn, Doug, and Julie rejoice because Hope could be alive. Bo vows to find her.

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