February 99 Week 4


February 22
Austin is telling Will how much he loves him and will never betray him. Sami realizes how much Austin is hurting and is convinced that he saw Carrie and Mike. Sami tells Will, who is drawing a picture, that it's time for him to go to bed. Sami puts him to bed and Ausin dwells on Mike and Carrie's kiss. Sami sees him and wishes there was something she could do. Sami tells Austin that she thinks they should return to Salem so she can face her sentencing, but Austin tells her that there is nothing there for them. Sami is concerned abut his marriage, but Austin says he's only concerned about her and Will. Sami asks him point blank, what about Carrie? Sami tells him that Carrie must feel like he chose her and Will over Carrie. Austin says we all make choices, I can live with mine if she can live with her's. Sami is positive that he saw Mike and Carrie together.

At the lodge, Mike is so happy to be able to tell Carrie that he loves her, and he's waited so long to hear her say it to him. He tells her that they can't go back from here. Carrie knows that, but is torn up inside. Mike tells her that he believes their love is meant to be. Carrie says she believes that too, but the love comes at a high price. Mike refuses to let Carrie feel guilty because she hasn't done anything. Mike tells her that Austin is the one who left her, which leaves her free to love him. He tells her that he's not going to walk away from her this time, he's going to fight for her this time. Carrie asks what he means by this time and Mike tells her that he stepped back and let her marry Austin, even though he asked her to give her decision to marry Austin some time. Mike promises to put her love above everything else in his life, she deserves that, and he knows they can make it through this. Carrie asks Mike to just hold her. The two lie down in bed and Carrie falls asleep in Mike's arms. Mike makes his way to the window and says that he refuses to stand back from Carrie any longer, he loves Carrie too much to let her go.

At the townhouse, Vivian is tearing the place apart and finds a locked box hidden in the fireplace. Vivian hands the box to Ivan to break it open, and he does. Inside is Jonsey's will, an old one he drew up years ago. Vivian looks for the beneficiary and finds out that it's Stefano! Vivian asks how they can be connected and Celeste tells Vivian that Kristen and Peter were here a year ago, which means they were here because of Stefano. Vivian realizes that this townhouse and everything was originally Stefano's. Vivian says this explains everything that has gone on, he wanted to drive her insane so he could get his possessions back, and that's why he married her. Ivan doesn't understand why Stefano went to so much trouble when he owned this stuff. Vivian reminds him that Jonsey made a new will, leaving this stuff to her. Celeste says that Jonsey was obviously Stefano's front man, which shocks Vivian even more because these treasures are stolen. Ivan tells Vivian if that is discovered, she could go to jail. Vivian is furious with Stefano. Celeste tells her now she sees that Stefano will do anything to get what he wants. Vivian looks at Celeste and says "and you think I won't?"

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano is wondering why Gina has done very little work and hopes she isn't up to her old tricks. Rolfe calls around trying to find her, but can't. Stefano begins to worry and fears she may be trying to relive her past with Greta and John. Stefano decides that he has to find out where Gina is. Stefano says that the last time this happened was when she (the original Gina) learned John was gone, she lost her passion and protested to working for him, and that was when he lost the original Gina. Rolfe says that she did everything so perfectly, dance, played, loved . . . Stefano sternly asks Rolfe "who did Princess Gina love?" Rolfe says it's not a question of whom she loved, but who loved her. Stefano laughs and says everyone love her, but he never knew her to be in love with one man. However, Stefano has doubts, and wonders if Hope/Gina will be able to tell them who she might love. Bart calls Stefano and Stefano is furious because Gina is with John and Greta. Rolfe says maybe she had to go to play Hope's role, and Greta won't know who she really is. Stefano says that it is not Greta he is worried about. Rolfe doesn't think John will remember, but Stefano says he hasn't come face to face with Gina since they erased his memory.

At the Tuscany, Gina enters in the red dress and draws everyone's attention. John recalls dancing with her and the two lock eyes. Lilly tells Lucille that Gina is back! Bo wonders why everyone is staring at "Hope". Greta tells Bo that isn't "Hope", that's her mother, Princess Gina. Gina silently tells herself that John will remember her. Bo tells Greta that her mom is dead, this is Hope. However, Greta says "just look at her," and that the dress is the one from her memory. Bo approaches "Hope" and she tells him that a few aspirin have made her feel like a new person. "Hope" says Greta looks beautiful and thanks Bo for everything he's done for her. Marlena tells John that "Hope's" dress is pretty and John says the only time he's seen her look like that was when she was pretending to be Gina in Lugano. "Hope" tells Bo that John and Marlena look happy and Bo tells her that John was about to make an announcement before she showed up. "Hope" a goes to see Lilly, who tells her that if she didn't know better she'd says she was the real Princess Gina. "Hope" orders some expensive champaign, which worries Bo. Meanwhile, Lilly tells Lucille that Don Ruina (sp?) 88 was Gina's favorite Champaign. Lucille tells Lilly that Gina was only a role Hope played, but Lilly says she'd stake her life on it that Hope is Gina. Bo pours the champagne and toasts to Greta. "Hope" tells Greta that she's so proud of her. Greta tells her that she's so glad she came tonight. When they are alone, Greta tells "Hope" that her dress is an exact replica of a dress her mom owned, one she wore when she taught John how to dance. Greta asks "Hope" why she is trying to be Princess Gina? Marlena saves Gina, because she wants to talk with "Hope." Marlena tells her that Bo is concerned about her, and she is too. "Hope" says she's having problems dealing with her past and Marlena says she understands because John is having problems too. "Hope" quizzes Marlena on what John has remembered, and then tells her that she believes she could be very helpful to her. Marlena is thrilled and tells "Hope" "anytime." John looks at Gina and says "it can't be!" Gina sees John looking at her and knows that he remembers her. Bo tells "Hope" that he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him. They talk about loving with one's entire heart and soul, and "Hope" says John loves that way as well. Bo says he does, he loves Marlena that was because she is his one true love. Bo kisses "Hope," who is thinking of John. Bo asks if he might dance with Greta again, and she tells him of course he can. While they dance, "Hope" plots to make John remember her. Marlena excuses herself and Gina talks with the music man, and then talks with John. John apologizes for staring at her, but her dress is so familiar. "Hope" asks if he remembers it, and John says yes. "Hope" asks him what he remembers, and John tells her that he remembers a dance with Princess Gina, but he's not sure if it was a real memory, or one conjured up by the power of suggestion. John tells her what exactly he remembered, including feeling that he was with someone very important. "Hope" tells him that she was very important to him. John asks "Hope" how she could know that? "Hope" says that she was just going by what Greta told her, he was extremely important to her and her mother. John apologizes for snapping at her. Marlena returns and then leaves again to get some champaign. Marlena talks with Bo and tells him that she talked with "Hope" about helping her out and she think "Hope" will be willing to talk to her. Marlena then goes to check on Belle and Brady. The Viennese waltz plays, thanks to Gina, and Greta tells John this is the waltz that her mother taught him to dance to. Gina drags John onto the floor. John says that he's no good at waltzing, but Gina tells him to let the music move him. The two dance, and lock eyes. Greta tells Bo that she swears "Hope" is her mother, but Bo refuses to believe that. Greta tells herself that "Hope" knows a lot more about Gina than she's admitting to. Stefano shows up and sees Gina dancing with John and is furious. Back on the floor, John tells "Hope" that "dancing is easy when you have the perfect partner like you, Gina." Hope is thrilled and says "Oh John, you remembered!"


February 23
At Titan, Lucas can't stop thinking about Nicole. He's got the report on Nicole in his hands and thinks that it will get him Nicole. In her office, Kate asks her PI why he hasn't faxed her the report on Nicole. She asks where it is, when Lucas walks into the room and tells her that he has the report. They end up arguing over the entire Franco/Sami incident again. Lucas tells his mom that the stuff in Nicole's report doesn't come close to what they've done. Kate reads the report to see what it says. Kate asks Lucas if he's not shocked by what Nicole has done, petty theft, fraud? Lucas says that Nicole was never convicted, besides, her past (his mom) is just as bad as Nicole's, and he asks if she'd like to be judged by her past? They keep arguing and Kate tells Lucas that if he marries Nicole, Sami's lawyers can find the same info on Nicole and use it against him. Lucas becomes fed up and tells his mom she's a no good meddler and walks out. What Lucas didn't tell his mom is that he took a page from the report, one that would have made her go ballistic. He tells himself that Nicole has him to protect her now.

At the station, Roman is upset that Austin didn't show up at the lodge to see Carrie. Billie tries to comfort Roman, who fears what could happen to Sami if she's not back tomorrow for her sentencing. Later, Billie catches him with a file on her mom, and she's not very happen with him for investigating her mom. He tells her that Kate might have information that could clear Sami. Roman gets a phone call and gets a lead on Sami. He finds out that she might be hiding out on the Blue Ridge, and someone is helping them. Roman calls Kate to badger her about Austin and whether he has friends on the mountain. Kate says he doesn't, but it's not like he'd believe her anyways. Roman continues on searching for a lead on his tip and Billie tells him he's wasting time. Roman asks Billie if she knows something she's not telling him? Billie, of course, denies knowing anything.

At the cabin, Sami feels bad for Austin because she knows what it's like when the person you love someone who doesn't love you back. Austin decides to head back to town to try and look for more evidence to set her free. Sami tells herself that Austin has sacrificed his future with Carrie for her future, and she feels extremely bad about that. Tracey calls Sami from a pay-phone at the market to see if she needs anything. Sami says no, but tells her that Austin has gone to Salem.

Austin is driving back to Salem and telling himself he was so blind. Austin calls Eric, who is still at Nicole's, and tells him that he's heading back to Salem and asks him to meet him in ten minutes. At Nicole's place, Eric and Nicole have just finished another round of love making, when Eric gets the call. Eric tells Nicole that he has to go out. Nicole asks Eric why, and who was on the phone. Eric blows the question off and leaves. Lucas calls and tells Nicole that he really needs to talk to her, but she says not now, she'll call him tomorrow, and then he hangs up. That pisses Lucas off, who says Nicole is about to see how far he will go to get what he wants. Later, Nicole feels bad and calls Lucas up and tells him to come over, which cheers Lucas up. Meanwhile, Kate refuses to let Lucas marry Nicole. Kate shows up at Nicole's before Lucas can to have a chat with her.

Eric and Austin meet up and Eric wants to bring Billie in on the plan. Eric calls Billie, who is at the station. Billie tells Eric that Roman is on his way to check out a lead on Sami. Eric asks Billie if she can meet him and she says yes, she knows he's with Austin. Austin asks Eric what Billie says and when he tells him, Austin calls Sami to warn her about her dad. Billie meets up with Eric and Austin and they tell her their plan, which we don't hear, and Billie agrees to do it. Austin tells Billie that they need her to get info on the hit-man from Roberto. Billie gets the feeling that something else is bothering him. Austin tells them both that he just appreciates their help.

Back at the cabin, Sami tells herself that no matter what, she will support Austin when he returns. Meanwhile, Roman finds Tracey and tells her that he'd like to ask her some questions.

At the Tuscany, Gina is thrilled that John remembers her and calls her Gina. John wonders why he called her Gina. Gina tells him that all the wonderful times they shared will come back to him, and she asks him to tell her that he remembers. John asks her why this is so important to her? She tells him that if they hide from the past, Stefano will control them. She tells him that she desperately wants to know what Stefano stole from them.

Bo and Marlena are at their table and are watching John and "Hope" dance. Greta is uneasy watching them dance, and Stefano is furious. They all sit back down at the table and Lilly Faversham says hello to Stefano. He's surprised to see her here. She tells him that Gina invited him. Stefano says she means Hope. However, Lilly says it's difficult to tell them apart nowadays. Stefano approaches their table and tells Greta that she is a vision tonight. "Hope" pulls Bo onto the dance floor, and a young man asks Greta to dance. Stefano asks John if something is wrong. John is remembering his past and tells Stefano that something is wrong. John tells Stefano he's concerned about his aunt and knows he took her to the Cheatin' Heart. Stefano laughs and says that isn't a problem at all.

Bo and "Hope" continue to dance, and the young man asks Greta Von Amburg if he may call her sometime. Greta says yes and returns to the table and Stefano says it's a shame Gina isn't here to see this. Greta then says maybe she is, and asks Stefano if her mom has been reborn in Hope? Marlena asks Greta why she'd say that, and Greta says ever since "Hope" visited her in the hospital, she's reminded her of her mom. John leaves for some air and a family friend asks Marlena if there is any news on Sami, and then asks Greta to dance. Back on the dance floor, Bo tells "Hope" that Stefano will pay for what he's done to them. Gina tells herself "if only Bo knew the truth." Marlena leaves to freshen up and "Hope" decides to do the same. Bo then tells Stefano that he will pay for robbing him and Hope of a past they should have shared, and tells him that nothing will tear him and Hope apart. Stefano silently laughs at Bo and says he's already done it.

Gina joins John on the terrace. John is upset and wishes he hadn't dug into his past. John asks "Hope" why she's wearing that dress tonight? Gina tells him that she was hoping it would jog his memory. John tells "Hope" he appreciates that, but has decided not to focus on his past. He tells her that Gina is dead and he doesn't want to remember. GIna becomes upset and yells "No, she's not dead!" John asks her what she means and he says Gina lives on in Greta and Lilly's memory. John says he doesn't care, he doesn't want to risk losing the woman he loves, the woman he's meant to be with. Gina tells herself that is exactly what he's doing. Gina asks him if he's not curious about what he did for Stefano? John says he thinks he's better off not remembering. John returns to the table and Stefano leaves. John then decides to make an announcement, he announces that he and Marlena will marry in the spring. Bo asks Marlena that when she throws the bouquet to aim it at Hope. Bo wonders where Hope is. Back on the terrace, Stefano gives Gina a lecture. Gina says she had to come, but Stefano asks if she had to do it dressed as Gina? Gina says that is who she is. Stefano tells her that he needs to know he can trust her and that nobody must know there secret. Bo walks out onto the terrace and hears Stefano telling "Hope" that nobody must know their secret.


February 24
I'm sorry this is so late, I was bogged with school work most of the day, and wanted to watch the Grammys when I got home to cheer on Madonna and Alanis.

Lucas arrives at Nicole's building and is looking at a cover of Bella, Nicole is on it, and tells Nicole that he's going to marry her, and neither his mom nor that wimp Eric will stop him. Lucas tells Nicole that he will make her forget about Eric and fall in love with him. He then has a fantasy of Nicole dumping Eric for him.

Kate shows up at Nicole's place and she tells Nicole that she knows all about her dirty past. Nicole is angry that Kate ordered an investigation on her. Nicole asks what she's ever done to her? Kate says nothing, and that's how she wants it to remain. Kate tells Nicole if she wants to keep her secrets, she has to stay away from Lucas. Nicole says she's dating Eric and has no interest in Lucas. However, Kate accuses her of being a gold digger and says she will dump him for Lucas so she can further her career. Nicole tells Kate that she understands her perfectly, and asks her to leave. As Kate is about to leave, she runs right into Lucas. Lucas is furious and finds out that Kate came here to blackmail Nicole. He tells his mom to stay out of his life. Kate says she just wanted to make sure she and Nicole understood one another, and then leaves. Lucas apologizes to Nicole and says he will protect her, he already got rid of the most damaging part of the report. Nicole realizes that Lucas knows her horrible secret, but he promises he won't tell anyone. Lucas tells Nicole that he wants to be a part of her life and he will protect her. Nicole is touched and Lucas tells her he'd do anything for her. The two hug.

Kate goes home and gets a visit from Roman. Kate tells Roman that she is terrified for Austin and Sami, and saddened for him and Marlena. Roman asks if her conscious is getting to her? Kate tells Roman that Sami has brought this all on herself and tells him good night. Roman wonders if Kate hates Sami so much that she'd let her die?

Roman stops Tracey outside the market to question her and she asks if this is about Sami. Roman asks her how in the hell she knew that? Tracey says she saw him on TV appealing to Sami to turn herself in. Roman tells her that the longer Sami stays at large, the more likely she will be shot and killed by a trigger happy bounty hunter. However, Tracey says she thinks Sami is safer where she is. Roman asks Tracey if she's seen his daughter. He even shows her a picture of Sami, Austin, and Will, but Tracey swears she hasn't seen her or Austin. Roman begs her for just one clue, but she tells him that she can't help him and has to go home. He asks where she lives and she says she lives alone in the mountains. He tells her that she has a whole lot of food for one person. Tracey tells him that she has to stock up because of the storms. He asks where she lives and she tells him on Green Mountain. Tracey tells him that she can't help him, but doesn't think Sami's guilty either. Tracey leaves and Roman knows she's hiding something.

In Austin's car, Eric tells Austin and Billie about Roberto and his mob friends and where they hang out. Austin agrees to drop them off at the Blue Note and then he has to get back to Sami. Austin drops them off and sees Roman questioning Tracey.

Up at the cabin, Sami damns Carrie for betraying and hurting Austin. Sami then begins to worry about being caught and tells God that she doesn't want to die. Austin shows up and tells Sami that they have to run, Roman was questioning Tracey back in town. Suddenly, a car pulls up outside. Austin and Sami hide, but it's only Tracey. She tells Sami that her dad is a nice man, but she was careful and nobody followed her. Austin promises Sami that he will free her. Sami says he's all she has now, and Austin says she's all he has now too.

Eric and Billie go into the Blue Note and see Roberto's mob friends. Eric offer to buy them drinks and they say only if his lovely lady will join them. Billie starts speaking Italian and tells them a guy she worked with, Franco taught her, but he won't be teacher her anymore. One of the guys says the SOB deserved to die anyways. They quickly cover and say they heard about him from the trial on TV. Billie flirts with Joe and he gives her his card. Billie and Eric then hit the dance floor. She tells Eric that things are going well, Roman taught her everything she knows. Eric tells her that he didn't know she worked with his dad. Billie says it was a long time ago. The two begin to talk about his relationship with Nicole when Roberto shows up. They spy on them and realize that Roberto is best friends with the mob guys. Billie tells Eric that she know just how to get Roberto to talk.

At the Tuscany, Greta asks John if he and Marlena have set a date? John says no, they are focusing on Sami right now. Greta says she forgot and will say a prayer for her tonight. Greta changes the subject to "Hope" and tells them that "Hope" is behaving exactly like her mother. John tells her that "Hope" is determined to find out the secrets of her past and he says she should just focus on the future. Greta tells him that she can't give up, and neither can he!

Out on the terrace, Bo tells Stefano to back away from "Hope." Stefano tells Bo that he and "Hope" were just talking about how lovely she is looking. Bo doesn't buy it and says he heard them talking about a secret. Stefano says he misunderstood, "Hope" was talking about Maison Blanche. Bo doesn't buy that either, so Stefano keeps shoveling lies about how he warned her to keep what she knows about Maison Blanche to herself. "Hope" tells Bo that it is the truth. Bo wants to talk with "Hope" alone and tells Stefano to take a hike. Stefano leaves and Bo asks "Hope" what is going on between her and Stefano. Bo wants to know why she confided her memories to him, but he doesn't believe her answer and asks what she's hiding. "Hope" is insulted that Bo thinks she's lying to him, so she leaves and goes back inside.

Stefano goes back inside and overhears Greta telling John and Marlena that Lilly had to leave, but she congratulates them on their engagement. Stefano offers John and Marlena his congratulations and wishes Marlena the happiness she deserves, but he'll always think of her as the queen he could never capture. John asks Marlena if she'd like to dance and Marlena says "please lets!" They leave and Greta realizes Stefano is still in love with Marlena. Stefano says there will always be a part of him who loves her, but he knows she loves John and he wants her to be happy. Greta doesn't know if she can believe him, so he uses her love for Bo, but her wanting him to be happy, as a comparison.

Gina enters and sees John and Marlena dancing and is hurt. Bo follows and Stefano leaves. Gina learns John and Marlena are getting married and tells them "no you can't!" Bo asks why and Gina says that they have to wait for Sami. John says they are. Gina says she's not feeling well, and runs out. Bo doesn't understand why "Hope" isn't being honest with him, and he tells them about the incident on the terrace. Bo decides to go to Europe on his own. Greta and John both offer to help him, but he declines because Greta has a new life and John has to focus on his family.

Gina goes outside and sulks and recalls John telling her that Gina is dead and he doesn't want to search for his past. Gina wishes she could tell him that she is alive and longs to be with him, to love him again. However, she says he will soon remember because her John could never have forgotten what they shared. A man comes out and flirts with Gina, but she tells him to leave her alone. When he doesn't give up, she twists him and puts him in a choke hold and threatens to break his neck! Gina says that Stefano taught her well, but he won't keep her from reclaiming her life with JOhn and Greta.

Stefano goes home to Rolfe to see how his cure for Vivian is progressing. Rolfe is still working and asks Stefano what happened with Gina. Stefano says he found her immersed in her role as Gina with John. Rolfe says it is a pity he couldn't keep them together, he could have accomplished so much more. Stefano says seeing them together makes him wonder about how deep there relationship is. He is afraid John and Bo will learns she's no longer Hope, which is why he needs to get Gina out of Salem and finish his mission. Rolfe asks what that is, but Stefano decides to keep him in the dark for now.


February 25
At the penthouse, Marlena has just gotten out of bed. John is comforting her, today is Sami's sentencing. Marlena wishes Sami would come home and plead her innocence, but she realizes Sami could be sentenced to death. John tells her that Mickey can appeal, but Marlena says there is no evidence to prove Sami's innocence. She's also angry at Austin and thinks the longer he's on the run, the more likely Carrie will turn to Mike. Marlena says that Carrie went to Green Mountain Lodge to think and hopes she comes back determined to save her marriage. John tries to change the topic of conversation and starts talking about their marriage. Marlena changes it again and asks about his hypnosis, but John says he only wants to think about the future. They then talk about "Hope" and Marlena wonders if "Hope" is having Gina's memories. John thinks it's impossible because he knew Gina before Hope was pretending to be her. However, Marlena says Stefano might have given her all of the real Gina's memories, just like he gave him Roman's. Marlena says that Bo suspects Stefano is behind Hope's flashes and Marlena fears that Hope could die just like Gina did.

At the cabin, Austin has a dream about trying to win Carrie back. He wakes up saying her name, and then remembers seeing her in Mike's arms. Sami comes out and asks Austin what is wrong. Austin says this is all starting to seem like a bad dream. Sami suggests she return for her sentencing, but Austin refuses to let her. Sami asks Austin if he's willing to give up on Carrie to save her? Austin gets cranky and says she should just concentrate on her innocence. Austin stomps out of the room and Sami says what she wouldn't give to be alone with her sister. She vows to make Carrie pay for hurting Austin.

At the lodge, Mike tells Carrie that he went back to his room when she fell asleep and says he wanted to be with her. He gives her a kiss and they hug. Carrie starts coughing and tells a worried Mike that she has a cold. Mike decides to feed her cold and surprises her with breakfast. Carrie is upset about how they are going to deal with all this. Mike realizes she is still committed to Austin, but Carrie says that Austin has made his choice. Mike suggest they talk to a third party who could help them break the ice. Carrie asks who and Mike says Mr. Snowman. That makes Carrie smile, which was Mike's goal. She hugs him and tells him that he is an amazing man.

Mike and Carrie head back to Salem, Mike insisted on driving Carrie home because of her cough and he says someone can get her car later. Mike tells Carrie that he loves her and she says she loves him too. As their song plays on the radio, "How do I Live" they talk about what they are going to do. Carrie continues to cough and Mike, who checks her temperature, doesn't pay attention and hits some ice, and they slide off the road.

At the hospital, Ali is waiting for Mike to return so she can give him a gift. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy are searching for evidence that Mike has gone off with Carrie so Ali will sue Mike. Craig finds Ali in Mike's office sorting his mail for him while she waits for him to return. Craig tells Ali to figure it out, Mike is with Carrie. Ali refuses to believe that and tells him she knows he's just trying to get her to sue Mike. Ali asks Craig if he thinks Mike is in love with Carrie. He tells Ali "what do you think?" Craig eventually convinces her to go see Gregory Charmain, just for a consultation. Craig calls Gregory, who lets him talk to Ali. Gregory tells her that he can get her 3 million dollars and asks her to drop by to talk. She says she'll be over immediately. Meanwhile, Marlena shows up and Nancy starts telling her that she's very worried about Carrie and Mike, neither one seem to be around. Marlena calls Laura to ask her if Mike is home, but Laura tells her that Mike has been gone since last night. Marlena wonders what Carrie has done.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks Vivian where she was last night? She says she was having mood swings again and was feeling disoriented. Stefano tells her that she will be well soon and he's sure she'll have no more mood swings. Vivian is sickened by his so called love for her. Vivian asks Stefano where he went and he says he went to the Tuscany and bumped into John and Marlena, they are going to be married. Stefano tells Vivian that he is happy for them because they belong together. Vivian is suspicious, but Stefano assures her that his love for Marlena is in the past, he loves her now. Vivian asks him to prove it and sign over the Titan stock. Stefano says it is a long and difficult process and he has to go to and appointment. Stefnao reaches in his pocket for his remote to change her mood, only to find it gone. Vivian calls Celeste and tells her that she needs to bring the remote back ASAP.

At the townhouse, Ivan is pacing around worrying about Vivian while Celeste calmly sips her tea. Celeste tells Ivan that at least Stefano doesn't know she's onto him, but Ivan thinks it's only a matter of time before he does. Ivan starts worrying that Vivian might die at any minute, but Celeste doubts Stefano would let that happen because all her treasures would go to them.

Celeste goes to the DiMera mansion to return the remote, but Stefano wants her to leave immediately. Vivian refuses and drags Celeste into the living room, so Stefano decides to watch them closely. When Stefano has to leave for a second, they try to figure out where to hide the remote, but Stefano catches them and asks what they are up to?

Gina wakes up at the Horton house and realizes she has to go finish Stefano's paintings so she doesn't give her relationship with John away. Greta comes in with groceries and then asks Hope if they can talk. Greta tells "Hope" that she's treating Bo horrible. "Hope" says Bo understands, but Greta thinks she knows the truth. Greta tells "Hope" how much in love Bo is with her and how much she wants them to be together, but she's changed lately. Greta asks "Hope" if she's in love with someone else? "Hope" says Bo is the only man for her. Greta tells "Hope" that she wants her and Bo to be happy like John and Marlena, but "Hope" quickly says that John will never be happy with Marlena. Greta asks her how she can say that? "Hope" says Stefano won't let them be happy, and John won't be happy without knowing the truth about the past. Greta asks "Hope" why he can't give up his search, but she can? "Hope" says she hasn't given it up, she's just delayed it. Greta thinks Stefano has something to do with this and asks her why she is trying to be Princess Gina, how much does she know about Princess Gina? "Hope" tells her that this is none of her business and tells her an old English proverb about scalding one's tongue, and walks out. Greta says her mother used to say that to her. Gina calls someone on the phone and tells them that they have to talk. Meanwhile, John shows up and Greta tells him they have to talk, and they race after Hope.


February 26
At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks Celeste and Vivian what they are up to? Suddenly, Vivian collapses. Vivian comes to and asks what happened? Stefano tells her that she should take more of her medicine, but Vivian says all she needs is his love. She hugs him, and while doing so hands the remote to Celeste, who sticks it in a drawer. Celeste leaves to make Vivian some tea and Vivian tells Stefano that something is terribly wrong with her. Celeste brings Vivian her tea and Stefano asks her to watch Vivian while he takes care of a meeting Stefano leaves and Vivian says her husband is going to get exactly what is coming to him. Stefano searches for the remote and eventually calls Rolfe, but he doesn't answer. He decides to check the townhouse and then remembers to make sure Gina stays away from John and Greta.

Gina is walking around Salem Place trying to meet someone. Greta and John are on her tail. Gina wants a smoke and pulls one out, despite Stefano warning her that Hope doesn't smoke. However, she spots John and Greta and quickly puts it away. She confronts them and asks why they are following her? Greta says she was worried about her and decided to ask John to check on her. John tells "Hope" that he's concerned about her actions, he wants to help her. Gina asks John why can't he remember? John asks what she wants him to remember? She tells him the truth, her life as Father John with Princess Gina. John tells her that he is giving up his search to be happy, but he will always wonder what he did for Stefano and how Princess Gina died. Gina says she can help and suggests they go to Europe. John says he can't right now, he is planning his wedding and has to be there for Marlena and Sami. Gina apologizes for being selfish and says she just doesn't want him to stop trying to remember his past. She says if they did go to Europe, he is sure he would remember. John doubts that because it didn't happen the last time, but Gina tells him that she can help him now. Gina says she has some errands and tells them both to enjoy their time together. She says she's glad their close, it's the way it should be because they're all connected by Gina. Greta doesn't understand why "Hope" won't go to Europe with Bo, but she will go with him. She also says "Hope" looks at him like her mom looked at him, and she feels her mom is alive again inside of Hope. Stefano shows up and tells them that they are looking nice and cosy. Meanwhile, Hope meets with Rolfe, who lectures her about the risks she's taking. Gina says she is the best and Stefano needs her, but right now, she needs him.

Eric and Billie are conspiring at Titan when Kate confronts them, she knows they've been talking with Austin. Billie says they haven't talked to Austin, they were just talking business. Eric leaves to get his camera and Billie and Kate start arguing. Billie tells her mom that she's the one who is keeping secrets! They go into Kate's office and start arguing about how she's keeping secrets about the night Franco died from Roman, and how what Austin is doing is wrong. Eventually, Billie asks her mom why she always sides with Lucas over her and Austin? We never get to hear the answer, the next time we see Kate she is asking Marie if Lucas has shown up. Billie goes down to the lab and she and Eric plan to make a trip to the strip club to see Roberto. Eric is concerned about her, but she says she learned from his dad, and he's the best. Billie tells Eric that she cares for his dad and wants to help him by helping Sami.

Roman shows up at the hospital and tells Marlena that he had Carrie followed at Green Mountain Lodge. He tells Marlena that Carrie wasn't alone, she was with another man. Roman asks her if she knows who it is. Marlena doesn't say anything, but Roman figures out that it is Mike. Marlena tells Roman that she doesn't think Carrie would betray her marriage vows because of what happened to them, but she is confused. She just hopes history doesn't repeat itself. They begin talking about Sami, and how they wish Sami would turn herself in. Marlena hopes that Sami is on her way home right now. Roman tells Marlena that he suspects Austin may have contacted Eric and enlisted his help. Marlena says he could also contact Billie. Still, Roman thinks Austin is working with Eric, which upsets Marlena. Roman and Marlena go to Titan and find Billie and Eric getting ready to run off.

At the cabin, Austin decides to give Sami as surprise to take her mind off of what today is. Tracey tells Austin that she's glad he's devoted to Sami and Will, but what about his wife? Austin says that he doesn't think Carrie cares anymore. Meanwhile, Sami is with Will and is telling him how she treasures these moments she has with him. She laughs that this is actually the happiest time of her life, and vows to pay Carrie back for what she's done. Austin asks Sami to come out into the living room and she's surprised with the sixties party from hell, which includes a game of twister. Sami tells Austin that she loves him for doing this for her. Austin tells her that he'd do anything for her and Will.

Mike's car hits a patch of ice and goes off the road as he and Carrie are driving back to Salem. Carrie and Mike are all right, Mike gives Carrie a quick test to make sure she's okay. Mike and Carrie go searching for help and Carrie develops a fever. Mike spots cabin and they make their way to it. Mike knocks on the door and asks the guy if he could use his phone, or warm themselves up, but the crabby man who lives their yells at them to take a hike. They continue on moving and see Tracey's place. Mike knocks on the door, and inside, Austin and Sami run and hide. Mike tells Tracey, who answers the door, that his car ran off the road and his friend is very sick.

Maggie meets with Lucas, who she is proud of for staying sober. Lucas says he is doing everything to get custody of Will. Maggie tells Lucas that he has to prove to the judge he's ready to be a full time dad. Lucas knows that and says he's head over heals for Nicole Walker, and he plans on marrying her. Maggie says she thought Nicole was dating Eric, but Lucas says he and Nicole have a lot more in common. Lucas sees how Maggie is looking at her and says his mom gives her that look. Maggie tells him that she's just worried about him. Maggie has to go because Sami is being sentenced today. Maggie leaves and Lucas says he can't let Sami be sentenced to death.

Lucas goes back to Titan and tells his mom that she forgot to tell him Sami was being sentenced today. Kate says she didn't have the chance. They then start arguing about lying again, and her digging up dirt on his "future wife." Lucas tells him mom that he will marry Nicole, and she can't stop it. Lucas tells his mom that he's sick of her manipulating him.

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