February 98 Week 4


February 23
Billie asks Kate what she meant by working to keep Bo and Hope apart. Kate tells Billie that she misunderstood her, but Billie doesn't believe her. Billie asks her mom what exactly did she do to keep Bo and Hope apart and if it involved Franco. Kate tells Billie that all she did was to give their love a few innocent nudges. Billie then asks her mom why she lied to Bo in Rome when she called. Kate says she didn't want Bo to walk out on her again and that is exactly what Bo would have done if he knew that Hope wasn't with Franco. Kate says that she thought is Bo spent some time with her he might fall back in love with her. Billie knows her mom meant well, but it didn't work. Kate tells Billie that isn't true and she says that Billie has to use her baby to hold onto Bo. Billie says that the only reason he would be with her would be because of the baby and she says a part of his heart will always belong to Hope. They argue about Hope and Kate says they have to find a way to get Hope out of Bo's life for good. Billie can't believe what her mom is saying and Kate says she's sick of Hope's manipulations. Billie tells her mom that she appreciates her support, but she needs to fight for Bo on her own. Kate hopes she intends to win and Billie assures her mom that she will do anything to keep Bo's love.

Bo and Hope are in the Horton kitchen and are talking about Jen and Jack. They are both happy and Bo thinks that Hope's calling him with the news first is a sign that they belong together. Hope tells Bo that they can't be together again, but Bo won't accept that because they love each other. Bo tells Hope that they belong together, but Hope says his baby with Billie is standing in their way. Bo tries to explain to Hope why he committed himself to Billie and he tells her how he confronted Kate about her lies. Bo tells Hope that he'll always love her no matter what happens.

Mike returns home and talks with his mom. Mike asks Laura where she went when she left the church. Laura tells Mike that she needed some fresh air and she also says that he has to trust her to do what is best for herself. Mike talks about the funeral and he doesn't understand why Kristen didn't show up to pay her respects to Jen. Laura says Kristen is too selfish to care about her friends and that she will get her just reward just like Peter.

Stefano is yelling at Bart because he let Celeste escape. Stefano fears that Celeste will do something horrible like Peter did. Bart realizes that Stefano doesn't know the truth and he tells him that Jen is alive. Stefano orders Bart to go find Celeste and Bart leaves.

Peter is in jail saying how sorry he is that he caused Jen's death. Peter gets the shock of his life when Jen shows up and is very much alive. Jen tells Peter she is happy to see him where he belongs. Jen also explains to Peter how she faked her death. Peter tells her that he's so happy to see her and Jen says that is because if he had killed her he would be facing the death penalty. Peter tells Jen that he will work hard and will get out of jail so they can be a family again. Jen then tells Peter point blank that she loves Jack and they will be together for the rest of their lives. Jack shows up and tells Peter that what Jen said is true, they will be together forever. Peter tells Jack to get lost, but he won't leave. Peter still thinks he won't go to jail and he will be a free man sooner then they think. Peter claims everything he did was because of his disease and he will get out of jail. Jack and Jen go to leave, but Peter begs Jen not to go. Jen tells him that she is very sad for him because he let the DiMera curse take over the good side of him. Once she is gone, Peter says he will get out and win back Jen's love. Stefano shows up and tells Peter that he has made arrangements for him. Peter thinks Stefano is going to get him out, but Stefano tells Peter that he can't perform a miracle. Stefano says that if Peter pleads guilty the judge will reduce his sentence and send him to a federal penitentiary in Omaha. Peter agrees to take the sentence when Stefano urges him to. Stefano hugs Peter goodbye and Peter is taken off to jail.

Jack and Jen return home and Jack gives Jen a foot massage. They then toast to their future and fall onto the couch kissing. Laura is up in her room and she says now that justice has been served she can sleep like a baby.

Roman and Abe find Susan at the airport getting ready to leave. Susan is acting very strange and pretends like she doesn't know what is going on. Abe and Roman tell Susan what Mary said and they ask Susan if she came to Salem to make a deal with Kristen. Susan explains what happened and why she had to come to Salem. Abe asks her if he gave her baby to Kristen, but Susan says that Elvis is safe back in England.

Marlena is still with John at the Blake House. Marlena is worried about Susan, so she calls England. Violet tells Marlena that Susan returned to Salem to take care of Kristen once and for all. Marlena and Violet talk and Violet tells Marlena that she has the baby. Marlena asks Violet if Susan mentioned Kristen and Violet says that Susan told her that Kristen wouldn't ever harm anyone again. When Marlena asks Violet what she thought Susan meant, Violet says she thinks that Susan called the police on Kristen. Marlena says goodbye to Violet and then she and John talk. John and Marlena beginning looking around the place and they find the newspaper fax and realize that is how Kristen found Susan.

John calls Abe, who is still at the airport with Susan. John tells Abe that Jen is alive and both he and Roman are happy. Abe tells John where he and Roman are and how they are with Susan. They end their call and Abe begins to question Susan again. Abe asks Susan if she has seen Kristen since returning to Salem and Susan dodges the question. When her flight is called she tries to leave, but Abe stops her and tells her that he wants an answer.

Out in the pool, Kristen's body is floating face down. Marlena notices that the patio doors are open and she walks over to them to close them. Marlena sees Kristen and screams. Back at Jack and Jen's, Laura screams at the same time.


February 24
Carrie and Austin have returned home from the pub and are still shocked that Jen is alive. Austin then talks with Carrie about his dream for their future, which includes babies. Carrie says she isn't ready to have a baby right now and Austin says they can have one when she is ready. Carrie and Austin go to bed, but Carrie can't get Mike out of her head. So what does Carrie do? She jumps Austin's bones of course.

Jack and Jen are making out on the couch when Laura wakes up screaming. Everyone races upstairs to check on Laura, who says she had a nightmare about Jen really being dead. They ask her if it is the dream or something else which upset her. Jen says she knows Laura left the church during the funeral, but Laura said she just needed some time alone. They make Laura some tea and a snack, which Laura thanks them for. Jack goes to check on Abbey and Jen and Mike talk. Mike tells Jen about how the hospital is looking for a new chief of staff and he says a professional challenge might help him keep his mind off of his personal problems. Jen and Mike talk about Carrie and Mike thinks that Carrie only loves him as a friend. Mike decides he will try for the chief of staff position after all. Jen tells Mike that if two people are meant to be together then they will be together. Jen goes up to bed and Mike fantasizes about Carrie. Upstairs, Jack goes in to see Laura and they talk for a bit. Jen also comes in to see Laura, who tells them both to get out and enjoy their first night alone in some time. Jack and Jen go to bed and Jack still can't believe he's a free man.

Stefano is in his hideout and is trying to figure out where Kristen has gone off to. Stefano is worried about what Kristen might have done and he also feels bad about how he lost his temper with her.

At the Blake House, Marlena and John have discovered Kristen's body floating in the pool. John jumps into the pool and gets Kristen out, but she's long dead.

At the airport, Abe and Roman tell Susan that she has to answer their questions before she leaves. Abe asks Susan if she saw Kristen while she was in Salem, but Susan continues to stall and dodge his questions. Suddenly John calls Abe and tells him that he and Marlena found Kristen's body at the Blake House. Abe tells Susan that she is going to have to come with them because she may have been the last person to see Kristen alive.

Back at the Blake House, the police and ambulance have arrived. John is shaken up because even though he despised Kristen, he did love her once. While Abe is investigating the case, Roman can't help but see how troubled Susan is and he asks her what is wrong. Susan says that she just can't believe that Kristen is dead. Roman and Susan go out to the patio and Marlena hugs Susan because she's so glad that she is all right. The coroner shows up and Marlena takes Susan into the house so he can examine Kristen. Abe, John, and Roman all start talking about the case. John thinks there was more than one person here and Abe orders his men to search the house. Roman asks Susan once again if she saw Kristen here earlier tonight. Susan says she wasn't here and she can't answer all of these questions. Marlena offers to get something from the hospital to help Susan sleep, but she says she doesn't want anything. John says that Stefano needs to be notified and Marlena offers to do it. Marlena calls Stefano, who is hoping it is Kristen. Marlena asks Stefano to come over to the Blake House right away. Stefano agrees and he wonders what Kristen has done now. Out by the pool, Abe asks Roman to head up this investigation and Roman accepts. Abe says there are a lot of questions to be answered, but Roman believes she was murdered. Stefano shows up and asks Marlena if Kristen has been arrested. Marlena says she hasn't been arrested, she's dead. Stefano doesn't believe it's true, but Marlena tells him it is. Stefano storms out of the house and goes out to the pool. Susan comes out of the bathroom and Marlena offers to take her back to the penthouse. Roman tells Abe that something is wrong and he believes that Susan isn't telling them everything that she knows.

Stefano goes back to his hideout and puts on some opera music and cries.


February 24
Carrie comes over to see Mike and she asks him if he is in love with her. Mike tells Carrie that he does love her and he's loved her for along time now. Mike tells her how much he loves her and then he kisses her. Alas, it was only a dream that Carrie was having and when she wakes up she wonders if the dream was true. Austin brings Carrie some breakfast and he tells her how wonderful last night was. Austin wants to do something special, but Carrie says she has a new client she's meeting with and she really wants to go for a run. Carrie kisses Austin and then goes out running.

Sami is hugging a picture of Austin and saying how she has to get Austin back. Lucas comes into the room and tells her that she never had him to begin with. Lucas tells Sami that there is nothing she can do to break up Carrie and Austin. Lucas then goes on to tell Sami that Franco is using her. Lucas suggests Sami just pack up and leave, so Sami says fine and she tells Lucas to say goodbye to Will. Lucas tells her she is NOT going to take Will. As they argue, Austin eventually calls. Austin wants to come over to see Will and Sami says that is fine. After she hangs up, Sami tells Lucas that Austin is coming over to see her.

Austin shows up and they talk. Austin tells Sami that he's glad that she's is moving on with Franco because he's happy to see she's gotten over her fantasy of them being together. Austin plays with Will and Lucas rubs it in Sami's face. Sami tells Austin that seeing him with Will reminds her of when they were a family. Austin says they were never a family. Sami asks if he misses having a child and he tells her yes, that is why he and Carrie are going to start their own family real soon. Sami sulks about this news because a baby would bond Austin and Carrie together forever.

Alice has come over to Jack and Jens place to see Mike. Alice wants Mike to apply for the chief of staff position, but he doesn't know. Mike says it would keep his mind off other things and Alice says he means Carrie doesn't he. Mike says he wouldn't do anything to come between Carrie and Austin and Alice says that she knows that. Mike kisses Alice and goes out for a run and Alice waits for Laura.

While she is jogging, Carrie continues to think about Mike. Mike is telling himself that he has to stop thinking about Carrie. Mike jogs some more and ends up jogging right into Carrie. They sit down and talk and Carrie tells Mike about how Austin wants a family, but she wants to wait. Mike says that is good and then adds because he wouldn't want there to be tension between them. Carrie asks if that is the only reason.

John has a dream that Marlena has finally made her decision and she chose him. Marlena wakes John up, who was sleeping on her couch. Marlena asks John what he was dreaming about and he says that she chose him. They start kissing, but Marlena says they shouldn't be doing this and he shouldn't even have been here. John asks about the investigation, but Marlena hasn't heard anything from Roman or Abe. John looks at the paper and can't believe that Kristen is dead. They start talking about how Kristen didn't even bother to come to Jen's funeral and then Marlena recalls that Laura left the church during Jen's funeral.

Over at the Blake House, Roman and Abe are waiting for the coroner's report. Abe wishes they had someone to question, someone who saw Kristen. Roman says he has a gut feeling that Susan saw Kristen last night. Roman also says that he finds it odd that Susan would leave Salem not knowing Sister Mary was safe, unless she already knew she was safe. Roman looks down in the snow and he finds the letter opener that Susan was holding to Kristen's throat. Roman has it bagged, but there were no stab wounds on Kristen's body. Later, Abe gets word that the letter opener was covered with Susan's fingerprints.

Back in England, Violet tells Edmund that she expected Susan to be home by now and she's getting worried. Violet asks Edmund where he was last night, but before he answers she says she know he was probably working on his plane. Edmund is shocked and Violet says she has known about it for years. The phone suddenly rings and it's Susan. Edmund takes the phone and asks her when she's coming back. Susan says she doesn't know because Kristen is dead. Susan asks about Elvis and Edmund tells her that he is fine. Edmund suggests that he come to Salem, but Susan says that she thinks she'll be returning to Salem really soon. Susan says she doesn't want to run up the phone bill and she hangs up quickly. Edmund tells his mum that there is something wrong with Susan. Violet tells Edmund to call Susan back, so begins to. However, Edmund remembers telling Susan he would be there to protect her and he leaves the room. Violet see her son about to leave and Edmund tells his mum that he's going to Salem to protect Susan.

Susan is remembering how she told Kristen she was in love with Edmund P. Crumb and telling Roman and Abe that she never saw Kristen. Susan goes downstairs to see John and Marlena. They all discuss Kristen's death and John says Stefano might learn Susan is in town. Susan panics, but John tells her everything will be all right because she told the police she never saw Kristen. Susan goes back upstairs and Marlena is worried because she fears that Stefano will have all the more reason to go after little Elvis now that his adopted children are out of his life. Marlena asks John to hold her and when he does, Roman and Abe walk right into Marlena's penthouse. They talk and Roman tells John and Marlena that they have new evidence which places Susan at the scene of the crime. Marlena and John don't think that Susan could have killed Kristen and Abe says they aren't accusing her of anything. As they talk, Susan stands at the top of the stairs and listens in on them. Roman tells Marlena and John that they have to take Susan down to the station to find out what really happened.


February 25
Austin is still at the Kiriakis mansion playing with Will. Sami is recalling Austin telling her how he and Carrie are hoping to start a family. Sami tells herself she has to stop that from happening. Sami remembers Franco telling her that men don't want a woman who throws herself at a man, they want a challenge. Sami approaches Austin and tells him that she has some incredible news to tell him about her and Franco. Sami tells him that she and Franco are growing close, but Austin tells Sami that he thinks is another one of her schemes. Austin says that he would never feel envy for anyone who is in love with her. Sami says that she's trying change and turn her life around. Austin then asks her why Kate gave her the job at Titan and Sami says because Kate knows she is capable of change. Austin tells Sami that is bull because he knows she is blackmailing Kate. Austin says if she really is trying to change then she should tell him what she has on his mother. Sami says she has nothing and Austin says she's the same lying and conniving witch she's always been. Austin goes on to say that if he was Lucas he would do anything to get Will away from her. Sami asks how he could say that when he loved her once, but Austin says he never loved her and he couldn't care if he never saw her face again.

Franco is in Salem Place and tells himself that he has to make Sami feel secure about herself. Franco buys Sami a gift as a make up present for being so mean to her.

Franco goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Sami, but he finds Austin instead. Austin tells him that Sami is gone and he's not sorry. They begin to argue about Sami and Franco says that Sami is insecure and doesn't know what real love is. Austin says that perhaps Franco could be the one to bring the good out in Sami, unless this is a scheme. Franco laughs and tells him it's not a scheme. Franco asks Austin to tell Sami he stopped by and will return again later. Austin talks to Will and hopes that Sami will find the happiness she deserves, even if it is with Franco.

Mike and Carrie are now at Johnny Angels and Carrie asks Mike if he is concerned about her as a friend or something more. Mike asks her what she means and Carrie asks Mike if he feels more then friendship towards her. Mike says he would like to make a confession about the married woman he's in love with. Mike tells her that there is no married. Mike says he made it up so Carrie wouldn't try and pressure him into a relationship. Carrie says she feels like a fool because for awhile she thought that she was the married woman he was in love with. Mike tells her that they have a very special friendship and he does love her, but as a friend. They both make a ton of promises and Mike says he has something to tell her that could change his life completely. Mike tells Carrie that he's thinking about applying for the position of chief of staff at the hospital. However, Mike thinks he may not have a chance against some of the other applicants. Carrie tells Mike to go for it, so he decides to go for it.

Sami is also in Salem Place and trying to think of a way to undermine Austin's confidence in Carrie. Franco shows up and tells Sami to forget whatever she is thinking.

Jack, Jen, and Laura are having breakfast together. Jack is so happy to finally be free and Laura is glad that the DiMera's have gotten what they deserve. Laura tells them that she wants them to get remarried as soon as possible, but Jack says it's a little premature to start planning a wedding yet. Laura wonders why and Jack says there is something he must do first before he and Jen can be married. Jack asks Abbey to come into the living room and Jack makes a speech about being with Jen forever and he proposes to her. Jen accepts and Jack puts the ring on her finger. Later, Jack reads the paper and learns that Kristen is dead. Jen is shocked, but Laura casually sips her coffee. Jen wants to call Abe, but Laura says that Kristen got exactly what she deserved. Laura leaves and Jen can't believe how calm her mom was.

At Marlena's penthouse, Roman and Abe are telling John and Marlena about the evidence they found that places Susan at the Blake House. Upstairs, Susan is listening in on their conversation about her. Roman and Abe say that they need to take Susan down to the station to question her. John goes up to get Susan, who has is on the bedroom terrace. Roman tells Susan they need to take her to the station to get a statement from her and John tells her they will all come with her.

John, Marlena, Abe, Roman, and Susan all go down to the station. Susan is frightened, but Marlena tells her she has no reason to be frightened because she has done nothing wrong. John and Abe go down to forensics and Roman talks to Marlena about Susan. Roman wonders what Susan is afraid of and Marlena tells him that Susan is terrified of the DiMeras, especially Stefano. Roman swears that he will personally see to it that Stefano never gets his hands on Susan's baby. Marlena bring Susan some tea and Roman returns to question Susan. Roman tells Susan that they know she was at the Blake house and she has to tell them the truth because it is very important.

Edmund is flying to Salem and is thinking about how he can't wait to get to Salem to be with Susan. Edmund calls his mom from the plane and asks if Susan has called. Violet tells her no and Edmund swears to protect Susan. Edmund arrives in Salem and rushes to the police station as Roman is about to question her. Edmund storms into Abe's office and tells Susan not to say another word. Marlena asks Edmund who he is and he says he's Edmund Crumb, Susan's fiance.

In England, Jonsey is still alive despite being hit by a truck. Vivian asks Violet were Susan is and Violet explains the trouble going on back in Salem. Vivian is shocked that Kristen is dead and Vivian decides she wants to fly back to Salem to clear Susan because Vivian knows Susan will be a suspect. As Vivian talks with Ivan about being forced to marry Jonsey, Jonsey returns from his nap and hears this. Jonsey asks Vivian what she meant by being forced to marry him. Vivian says he misunderstood, she says she was forced by her love for him to marry him. The solicitor arrives with the will for Jonsey to sign. Vivian asks Jonsey to sign it, but he wants to read it first. Jonsey looks over the will and he remembers Stefano warning him about how nobody must ever find out about his collection of goods. Jonsey eventually agrees to sign the will and he does. The solicitor then takes the will to make it legal. Jonsey then tells Vivian that he's done what she asks and now he wants to begin the honeymoon. Vivian tells him they will have a honeymoon night, but not until they get back to Salem. Jonsey then tells Vivian that they are not going back to Salem, not now and not ever.


February 27
Today's Summary is by Linda, Dustin had to go out of town
Sami & Franco
Sami and Franco continue their conversation after she sees Mike and Carrie hug at Salem Place. She tells him she gets enough criticism at home and doesnít want to hear it from him. He apologizes to her for his attitude and gives her a present in token of their friendship. Sami opens the box and finds he had gotten her business cards with her name and title on them. He tells her sheíll have a bright future. She does know that Austin is too much in love with Carrie with to be jealous of her dating anyone (finally!!). She does know that Mike loves Carrie and she has feelings for him too, but sheís too much of a goody two shoes to admit that. Besides, Austin & Carrie are talking about having a baby. So, Franco, you donít have to hang out with me anymore. Franco tells Sami to appreciate what she has, not what she doesnít have. He advises her to feel good about herself and sheíll be a lot more attractive to people.

Carrie & Mike
Carrie is really excited about Mikeís applying for the Chief of Staff position. And sheís positive the board will approve him. Mike warns her there are other applicants and it may all be a waste of time. (yeah, right!) She continues on with how his grandfather had so much to do with the hospital and if he doesnít try, heíll never know if he could have pulled it off! He agrees to try. She hugs him in happiness. He realizes he needs to go clothes shopping. She asks flannel plaid shirts and he said, yeah. She says NO, if you want to be a serious player, you have to dress like one. He groans and asks if he has to go to the responsible adult store to get serious player shirts and she nods and says ties too. She then decides she doesnít trust him and decides to go along with him.

In a menís clothing store, with a new, faster version of HOW DO I LIVE (Trisha Yearwood?) playing, Carrie hands Mike different shirts, ties and a grey suit jacket to hold up to see how they look. Gee, I had to watch it a few times (what Iíll do for you guys, hehe) to catch all that goes on. Mike doesnít try on any of the clothes being heís in his sweatshirt (guess they want to bowl us over when he wears them). She takes away a dark sport coat and hands him a lighter grey one. She hands him a yellow shirt and she takes away the tie he picked and holds up a red tie instead. We donít hear them as the montage is playing, but he tells her NO to the red tie. She goes to put it away, but changes her mind and sneaks it under the other clothes (after making sure the cashier sees it), while Mikeís pulling out his credit card. They walk out of the store arm in arm and laughing with each other. Itís a cute skit where they both get into it and you can tell theyíre having fun doing it. Mike tells Carrie he wished heíd gone back to get his MBA as being hospital chief of staff you really need to know the business part of it. Other applicants have PR firms doing their resume highlighting their strengths. Carrie tells him he can have that too. PR is what she does and sheíll help him. He gives her a loving look. He appreciates her offer, but having a PR person is pretentious. In Tomís time it might have been she said, but after hearing others are doing it, itís not..so he said sheís hired.

Eric & Austin
Eric orders an espresso and lunch at Java Cafť and finds thereís a new waitress there. Heís still being followed by a mysterious person. He gets a copy of the Salem Tribune to have while eating and sees that Kristen is dead. Eric and the waitress discuss Kristenís picture. She said Kristen was always so moody when she came there. Eric asks the waitress her name and she says Nicole. Austin joins Eric (calls him buddy boy?) and they also discuss Kristen. Austin asks Eric if he has any idea who killed Kristen and Eric said the suspect list must be a mile long (no kidding!). Austin tells Eric that he and Carrie are considering a baby, but donít go rushing out to buy any baby gifts as it wonít be for a while. They talk about what theyíd like to be in life. Eric said he has no direction. First he wants to be an astronaut, a professional pitcher, a cop like his dad, or a cattle rancher. Austin said he was a musician, a professional fighter and now a corporate executive, go figure (yeah, weíre still trying to figure that out too Austin!). Barely able to speak (literally), Austin tells Eric about his music background and how he got into boxing again for the money. Eric says Sami wrote and told him about that and he called Carrie while she was recovering. Eric asks if Austin is ok with being a corp. executive and he said itís ok, not what he thought it was though. As long as heís got Carrie, life is good.

Lexie uses the payphone to see if Celeste has checked into the spa yet only to learn she hasnít. (poor Celeste, where ARE you?) She calls Abe and tells him sheís worried that Celeste still hadnít gotten to the spa yet. Abe tells Lexie that the coroner hasnít released Kristenís body to Stephano yet.

At his home, Stephano has been up all night. Bart is concerned and tells him he should get some rest. He tells Stephano at least he gave Peter the antidote for the jungle disease (jungle madness Bart, get with the program!). Stephano worries that heíll screw up his chances with Lexie if she finds out what happened to Celeste. AHA, we see Celeste. She wakes up in the snow (in the park?) sleeping on some newspapers. She sees blood on the newspaper and and realizes itís her own blood (forehead is cut) and wonders WHATíS happening to her. Stephano ponders what happened with Kristen. Did the baby drive her over the edge? Kristen always trusted him to get her out of every situation, but he says he canít rescue her from death. Bart calls for Stephano and he yells I TOLD YOU, but then Bart leads Lexie into the room. She came to offer her condolenses about Kristen. She didnít like some of the things Kristen had done recently, but she like the old Kristen. He tells her it means a lot to him for her to come at a time like this and she takes his hand. Stephano asks Lexie how Celeste is doing and she said she hasnít talked to her. Sheís worried as the last time she saw Celeste she wasnít feeling well, maybe just tired. Lexie asks if he knows something about Celeste. He tells her he hadnít seen her in a while (liar) as she doesnít want anything to do with him. He then said that John and Marlena are doing their best to alienate his family from him. Although heís lost Peter and Kristen, heís happy he still has her, sheís a good person. She tells him to stop his obsession about control and she knows that deep inside of him thereís some goodness. He says thatís sweet, sheís one of the few people that believes that. If she ever learns that he hurt someone she cares about, sheíll never have anything to do with him again and he tells her he understands. He knows he has to find Celeste before Lexie finds out what happened to her.

Susanís dilemma
Back at the cop shop, Edmond introduces himself and then Susan introduces him to Abe, John, and Marlena. He remembers Susan telling him she was just a teeny weeny bit in love with John Black still and protectly puts his arm around Susan. As he asks if Susan shouldnít have a solicitor there while they question Susan, Marlena tells him sheís not a suspect, so itís not required. Edmond says he would like a moment alone with Susan then and they all have this amazed look on their face (like how did Susan catch this nice looking smart person??)

At the convent we see Sister Mary praying. Another nun brings her some tea. Sheís worried about Susan as she hasnít heard from her. Celeste has visions of Susan and Kristen again yelling for the baby and her sister. She has strong feelings of dread and decides to go home. We see her walking through Salem Place holding her head as Eric and Austin are talking. She shows up at the convent and asks Sister Mary for help.

Ironically enough, Edmond asks Susan if her sister is ok and Susan realizes she hasnít called her sissy to find out. Marlena offers to do it on her way out of the office when they leave Edmond and Susan alone. Edmond tells Susan how worried he is about her. As soon as the door is closed and theyíre alone, Susan admits it was a lie and she did see Kristen the night before. He tells her she should tell the truth and wished she had waited for him before coming to America. He had promised to protect her from that mean, mean, mean woman, didnít he? She nods and agrees he did, but she had to get back to save her sister though and he understands, he knows what a good woman she is. Thatís why he lied to the man in the village Kristen and her vampire father had sent to look for her. He admits he had driven past her cottage several times a night after that to make sure she was safe. She asks if he really did that and he said heíd do anything to protect her and they hug. Edmond gives her some tea and they run the scenes of their picnic together that arenít corny. He tells her mum knew about his plane all along. The morale of the story was itís better to just tell the truth and he encourages her to do so as he knows sheís guilty of nothing. Susan doesnít say much during this conversation and just watches and listens (is that a clue to us?). He goes to bring the inspector back in so she can tell him the truth and we see Susanís face with her eyes bouncing all around in her nervous style. Roman starts interrogating Susan and she finally admits she was at the Blake house, but Kristen was alive when she left there, honest! She tells them about having to come protect her sister and leaving the baby in England with Violet. Edmond tells them thatís his mum and Marlena said yes, sheís spoken with her. Susan says she could never hurt anyone. She says that Kristen asked her where the baby was when she got to the house and how Kristen was mad at first, but then was calm and asked her into the living room. Kristen offered her a drink, but she took a can of soda knowing that was one thing she couldnít drug. She started getting woozy and realized Kristen had drugged the can of soda, just like when she had done it before. She was doing everything she could to get her willpower to overcome the drugs to stop Kristen from doing anything. Roman asks what happened next. She went out to the terrace with the letter opener they found and threatened Kristen with it. They fought a little bit and the letter opener went flying. She got scared and ran to her car and drove away as fast as she could straight to the airport, called them about her sister and wanted to go home to Edmond. Watching her, she asks them if they think she killed Kristen and the credits rollÖ.

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