February 98 Week 3


February 16
At his secret hideaway, Stefano tells Rolfe (over the phone) that he needs to vials of the cure immediately. Stefano turns on the TV and learns that Jennifer is dead and he wonders what in God's name Peter has done. Stefano decides to uphold his status as an upstanding citizen by paying his respects to Jen's family.

Celeste is stumbling through the park and she doesn't know what is keeping her in Salem. She mistakes another woman for Kristen and nearly attacks her. The women offers to take Celeste to a doctor, but she refuses. Celeste says the only person who can help her now is Kristen. Celeste goes to the DiMera mansion, but the maid tells Celeste that Kristen has left town. Celeste refuses to believe Kristen is gone, but the maid doesn't know where Kristen went. Celeste suddenly gets an attack and starts walking around and screaming Kristen's name. Celeste sees Kristen and Stefano laughing at her and telling her to check the cards. Stefano eventually finds Celeste and tells her to come with him because he will take care of her. Stefano takes Celeste back to his secret hideout place and gives her some water and tells Bart to get her some tea with a sedative and do not let her out of his site. Celeste asks Stefano if he knows what is wrong with her, but he dodges the question. Stefano says he will be back soon with a package which will help her. Stefano leaves and Celeste gets another headache. When Bart leaves to get her some aspirin, Celeste escapes.

Marlena is at the Horton house with John, Maggie and Alice are upstairs telling Abbey that her mommy has died. John tells Marlena that he recalls having to tell Sami, Eric, and Carrie that she died. Marlena says that she came back, but that won't happen for Abbey and Jack. Marlena and John go to hold each other, but Roman shows up and Marlena runs to him and hugs him instead. Carrie shows up and they all tell Mike how sorry they are for him. Alice and Maggie come downstairs and they all comfort Alice. Carrie tells Mike she's sorry for his loss, but Mike says that Jen will always be with them in spirit. Carrie tells Mike she will be here for them and as they hug, Austin shows up. Austin just heard the news and came over to tell Mike how sorry he is. Marlena is worried about Laura, who has been gone for a long time and they all hope Laura isn't out for revenge. Later, Carrie and Austin talk about how hard it must be for Marlena to chose between John and Roman. Austin says he's relieved that she (Carrie) didn't have to make that choice and that she married him. Mike begins writing a speech to give at Jen's service and Carrie gives him some words of encouragement.

At the prison, Jack is blaming himself for Jen's death. Laura tells Jack it wasn't his fault because he couldn't stop Jen from doing what she felt she had to do. Laura tells Jack that he must pull himself together and go on for Abbey's sake. Jack doesn't know how he will be there for Abbey because Peter is still a free man, but Laura tells Jack she will make Stefano, Peter, and Kristen pay for their part in Jen's death. Jack asks her not to use the gun she bought, but Laura tells him to stay strong and leaves.

Laura gets in her car and starts bawling. Laura says that she will not let Jen's death go unpunished and will make all the Dimara's pay, starting with Kristen. Laura goes to the DiMera mansion, but the maid tells Laura that Kristen has left Salem. Laura refuses to believe that and she demands to talk to Kristen and get a reason why her daughter had to die. The maid is sorry for Laura and Laura thanks her. The maid honestly says she doesn't know where Kristen went because Kristen wouldn't tell her. Laura thinks that Kristen must have heard about Jen and ran. Laura tells the maid that she will find Kristen and will not stop until she has destroyed every DiMera for what they did to Jen. Laura then returns home and runs to Mike and cries on his shoulder.

Back at the prison, Jack asks Abe to please let him go to Jen's memorial service. Agent Buyers refuses to let Jack out, but Abe and Mickey are trying to go over Buyer's head and work to get Jack out. Abe returns later and tells Jack that they are still working on a 2 hour release, but he can't make any guarantees.

All of Salem gathers at St. Lukes to say goodbye to Jen. Mike carries Abbey and approaches the coffin with Laura. Laura doesn't want to say goodbye, but Mike tells her he is there for her. Laura says goodbye to Jen and tells her how proud she is of her and how she will help Abbey follow in her footsteps. Abe, Jack, and Agent Buyers show up and Abbey races to her dad.

Kristen calls Susan and tells her that she knows where she is. Kristen tells Kristen tells Susan that she wants her baby back, but Susan says that she will never give her the baby. Kristen tells Susan that she has her sister and lets Mary talk to Susan. Mary tells Susan not to do anything Kristen wants no matter what it is. Kristen tells Susan that if she ever wants to see her sister alive again then she has to come back to Salem and give her the baby. Susan refuses, so Kristen threatens to kill Mary. Susan asks Kristen what she wants and Kristen gives Susan specific orders about coming back to Salem. Susan begins packing and she says she's going to put a stop to Kristen once and for all. Susan also hopes that God will forgive her, but Kristen must get a dose of her own medicine. As she is packing, someone knocks on Susan's door. Susan answers it and it is the mysterious woman who called her.

Back in Salem, Mary tries to persuade Kristen to save her soul. Kristen says she's leaving Salem so nobody will find her, but Mary says God will find her and she will rot in hell and nobody will save her. Kristen says that is were she is wrong because Susan will save her.


February 17
Celeste is suffering an attack of jungle madness and she keeps seeing Peter suffering a similar attack. Celeste wonders why she is thinking of Peter and why Stefano brought her to his liar. Celeste is back at her place and has showered and changed and has decided to go to the spa. On her way to the spa, Celeste sees visions of Susan. Celeste goes to the Java Cafe to get a cup of tea, but she drops it when she sees a cup full of maggots. Celeste senses danger between Susan and Kristen and somehow Laura is involved

Mary tells Kristen that Susan will never come back and give her the baby. Kristen tells Mary that she made it clear that she will kill her (Mary) if Susan doesn't return. Mary tells Kristen that killing another person is a mortal sin and she will rot in hell! Kristen takes some of Laura's tranquilizers and drinks wine. Kristen can't believe that Susan and Sister Mary actually think she would really kill Mary. Kristen prepares some drugged soft drinks for Susan and waits for her to arrive.

Susan goes to see Violet to tell her that she must rush rush rush back to Salem today. Susan explains the situation to Violet and she tells Violet that she is going to take care of Kristen once and for all. Susan's taxi arrives and Violet tires to urge Susan to call the police. Susan says she can't and she will settle everything tonight because she's taking a supersonic plane to Salem. Kristen calls Susan and Susan tells Kristen she's leaving now. Violet tells Susan she's worried for her, but Susan says Kristen is the one who should worry because tonight will be the end of Miss Kristan Blake. Susan hugs Violet and asks her to apologize to Edmund for her and then Susan leaves. Edmund returns to the pub and shows his mom the ring he bought for Susan. Edmund asks his mom for advice about proposing to Susan, but Violet tells her son that Susan is gone. Violet explains the situation to Edmund, who is worried about Susan.

An Indian man with a turban arrives at Kristen's place and when he sees a picture of Susan he tells her the deal is off. Actually, he tells Kristen that Susan is the ugliest woman he's ever seen and the deal is off. Kristen promises the man that she will look exactly like she does. The man tells her she better and Kristen tells the man she doesn't want to know where he is taking Susan or what he will do with her. The man leaves and agrees to come back later as planned. Kristen is thinking about everyone in Salem who hates her and she starts hearing all these voices telling her she's evil. Kristen starts freaking out, so she naturally guzzles down some more booze. Kristen starts spinning around and says all of Salem can dance on her grave and once she leaves with her son the rest of Salem can go to hell. Kristen takes yet another tranquilizer and begins stumbling around the room and screaming for her baby. Outside the house Susan has arrived and is dressed like Kristen, which Kristen instructed her to do.

Stefano comes over to the DiMera mansion to pick up Kristen for the funeral, but the maid tells Stefano that Kristen has left town. This angers Stefano and he wonders where she has gone.

Peter is in a cabin somewhere and is thinking about Jen. Peter looks at the mess the cabin is in and wonders if he did this. Peter can't recall anything except chasing Jen. Peter decides to try the radio and when he turns it on he learns that Jen is dead.

At Gloria Day Church, everyone in Salem has shown up for Jen's funeral. Lucas is feeling bad that he didn't spend more time with his half sister. Lucas tells Alice he wishes that he had told Jen that he loved her, but Alice tells Lucas that Jen knew that. John tells Laura that it's good that Stefano and Kristen had the decency not to show up today, but Laura says they didn't show up because they are responsible for Jen's death. Alice gives Jack a journal that was Tom's and hopes that some of the things Tom wrote about Jen will help him get through the day. Suddenly Stefano shows up at the funeral and Laura gives him the evil eye. John wants to pound Stefano's head in, but Lexie offers to talk to her father. Laura tells Marlena that she doesn't know how much Stefano played in Jen's death, but she does suspect that Kristen helped Peter. Stefano tells Lexie he is here to say goodbye to Jen, but Lexie says if he would have been honest about Peter then Jen never would have died. Lexie doesn't believe him when he tells her he doesn't know where Peter is, which hurts him. Stefano tell Laura that he is sorry for her loss and Laura tells him that the appropriate response is thank you for coming. John and Marlena are worried about Laura, who remained so calm with Stefano.

The ceremony begins for Jen and Laura has a fake flashbacks of Jen as a child and what little time she got to spend with her daughter. Laura remembers leaving Jen on a bus as a child and Jen visiting Laura in the sanitarium. Laura tells Mike she has to get some air and she leaves the church. Meanwhile, Peter carjacks someone and rushes to the church. Unfortunately for Peter, the car he stole runs out of gas. Back at the church, Mickey stands up to say some words. Alice and Maggie are worried about Laura, who is now sitting in the back of the church. Laura is remember promising Stefano that if Jen isn't returned safely she will make sure he enjoys his final breath (Something like that, it happened so fast that I couldn't type what she said) Laura says she made a promise and now she intends to keep it, so she gets up and leaves the church.

Laura storms into the DiMera mansion and begins searching for Kristen. Laura doesn't find Kristen, but she tells the maid she will find her and make her pay.

Back at the church, Jack gets up and reads some of Tom's journal to everyone. Jack reads a passage about Jen and he tells everyone how Jennifer changed his life. As he says goodbye to Jen, Peter storms into the church.


February 18
Celeste has found herself drawn back to Jonsey's townhouse. She tells herself she hasn't felt well since that night she and Kristen fought and she says she must find out what happened to her and what Kristen is up to now. Celeste gets yet another attack and sees visions of Susan and Kristen fighting and Mary screaming. Celeste says she's never had visions of Mary and that she must be in terrible danger . Celeste calls the convent to speak with Mary, but the nun tells her they don't know where she is and they are worried about her. Celeste suffers another attack, but this time she hears a gunshot!

Kristen is still taking tranquilizers with alcohol and bitching about how everyone hates her. She continues to ramble on and starts screaming for Susan to show up. Mary hears Kristen's ranting and fears that Kristen will kill her and possibly even Susan, if Susan shows up. Mary offers to give her life to God if he will spare Susan and her child. Mary also tells God that if she could get out she knows God would forgive her for what she would do. Outside, Susan has shown up and is dressed up like Kristen, which is what Kristen ordered her to do. Susan is frightened by what she has to do and begins to have doubts. Susan rings the doorbell and Kristen asks Susan where the baby is. Susan tells Kristen that she will not get near the baby until she knows her sister is safe. Kristen says Mary is safe, but Susan refuses to let her have the baby until Mary is free. Kristen tells Susan to come in and she does so when she learns that Kristen is alone in the house. Kristen offers Susan a drink, but Susan refuses to accept a drink from her. Susan asks Kristen to go get her sister, but Kristen proposes a toast to herself and her new life with the baby. Susan asks Kristen why she had to disguise herself like her (Kristen) and Kristen says it's so nobody would know she was in Salem. Kristen then recalls promising the man with the turban that Susan would look just like her. Susan takes off her coat and she is wearing the exact same dress that Kristen is. The phone rings and it's the man with the Turban. Kristen tells him that Susan is here and looks just like her, so the man tells her that he will be right over. Susan takes one of the sodas and drinks it because she thinks Kristen couldn't have drugged it. Kristen tells herself that once Susan is drugged up she will reveal where the baby is and then when she wakes up she'll be far far away. Susan tells herself that once she makes sure her sissy is safe then she will take care of Kristen once and for all. Susan and Kristen then start arguing about Susan's boyfriend. Kristen just laughs at the notion that Susan could have a boyfriend, but Susan tell Kristen that her boyfriend loves her for who she is and that you, Miss Kristan Blake, will never have that type of love. Kristen says she had that type of love with John, but Marlena took him away from her. Susan says that isn't true, she lost John because she became evil. Kristen then starts saying Susan ruined everything for her, but Susan asks her that if John loved her so much then how come he didn't know it wasn't her (Kristen) when he made love to her (Susan). Kristen tells Susan to shut up, but Susan tells Kristen that she isn't afraid of her anymore and she will not let her hurt anyone ever again. Kristen laughs at Susan, who says being in love with Edmund P. Crumb has made her strong. Kristen laughs and says Edmund must be the dufus with her in the photo. Kristen pretends like she's going to give up, but then Susan feels woozy and she can't believe that she has been drugged again. Kristen laughs at Susan and say she wins. Susan sees a knife/letter opener on the table and says Kristen will never get away with this. She grabs it and runs out to the patio where Kristen is standing. Susan threatens to kill Kristen if she doesn't tell her where Mary is. The next time we see Susan she is racing off in her car and praying that nobody finds out what she has done.

Laura is still driving around trying to find Kristen and Peter so she can off them. Laura thinks they are hiding at Stefano's hideout and decides to try and find it. However, Laura realizes that Stefano couldn't have a new hideout because the police are watching him and Celeste already revealed the locations of his old hideouts. Laura then wonders if Peter could be hiding in the secret room of his own house.

At the church, Peter has stormed into Jen's funeral and John and Roman have to hold Jack back. Peter pulls out a machine gun and proclaims that he's taking Jen with him and will kill anyone who tries to stop him. Stefano tries to talk to Peter, but he won't listen to anyone and he won't believe that Jen is dead. Peter tells Stefano this is his fault because he turned his back on him and Kristen when they begged him for help. Jack tells Peter that he is going to rot in hell and will never see Jen because she is in heaven. Peter tells Jack that if he hadn't broken out of jail and killed Travis then Jen wouldn't be dead. Peter aims his machine gun straight at Jack, but Alice tells Peter he has frightened Abbey. Everyone tries to get through to Peter, but he is too mad to listen to them. Stefano distracts Peter and both he and Bo try to wrestle the gun away from Peter. They fail and Peter starts shooting everything. Everyone drops to the floor and Peter approaches Jennifer's coffin and starts rambling. Suddenly Jennifer floats down from the ceiling in a white glowing outfit and everyone thinks they are seeing her angel. Jen tells Peter that they can never be together because of his actions. Peter says all he has ever done is love her, but Jen says all he has ever done is hurt her and the ones she loves. Jen tells Peter that the only way that he can save himself and find peace is if he admits the truth about what happened. Peter agrees to admit the truth to everyone and he tells everyone what happened. Peter swears he is nothing like Stefano and Kristen and he could have made her happy. Jen tells him she is not of this world anymore and she is now in a place of love and peace, a place he will never see unless he makes amends for what he has done. Jen tells Peter she will pray for him and if he does what she has asked then maybe he will see her again one day. Jen prepares to leaves, but before rising she asks Peter if he will do what she has asked him to. Peter asks her what he wants her to do and Jen tells him to put down his gun and turn himself in. Peter asks if she will forgive him if he does this and she agrees. Peter looks at Stefano, who tells Peter to do as Jen says. Peter drops the gun and Abe arrests him. Jen tells Peter God loves him and then she ascends into heaven. Everyone is left amazed with the miracle they saw today. Marlena ten realizes that Laura is missing.


February 19
Stefano is outside the church and is recalling Peter's shooting spree within the church and the angelic vision of Jen they all saw. Dr. Rolfe suddenly shows up with the Jungle Madness serum.

Back at the church, the priest decides it would be best to carry on. Marlena has looked everywhere for Laura, but she hasn't found her. The service concludes and they all head to the cemetery to bury Jen. Marlena tells Mike to go to the cemetery and she will look for Laura. Laura is out on the docks wishing she could have protected Jen. Laura then says that she will not rest until all the DiMera's have gotten what they deserve. Laura returns to the church and Marlena greets her. Marlena explains to Laura what happened with Peter and the angelic Jen. Laura then wishes she could have been there to see her that one last time. Marlena asks Laura if she went to see Kristen and Laura tells Marlena that she tried, but Kristen left town.

Peter has been brought to the station and Abe sets the wheels in motion to have Jack exonerated. When he is standing to have his mug shot taken, Peter slugs a guard and takes off. John and Roman run after him and manage to catch him. Stefano shows up at the station and wants to give Peter the cure, but they all think it's a trick. Stefano tells them he is willing to beg if that is what it takes to cure his son. Abe allows Stefano to give Peter the serum and Stefano gives it to Peter, who is now in a straight jacket. Peter thinks that Stefano has a plan to get him out, but Stefano tells Peter he loves him and says goodbye. Stefano walks out and John and Roman torment Peter about how he's finally seen the real Stefano.

Abe gives Marlena a call and asks her to come to the station to analyze Peter. Marlena tells Laura maybe she should go and sit in the church, but Laura says she would rather go home. Marlena goes to the station to question Peter and Laura shows up. Laura lets Peter have it and tells him about how she has to go home to poor Abbey, who will grow up without her mother. Laura tells him that this all could have been prevented and perhaps he could have redeemed himself in Jen's eyes, but instead he chose to follow in Stefano's path. Peter tells Laura that he loved Jen and can never get anyone else to understand what Jen meant to him and he is sorry for what happened. Laura says she'll take some comfort now that he's locked up and she hopes he, his sister, and his father all rot in hell. When Peter is left alone he says this is all because of the DiMera curse and he damns Stefano.

Everyone is now at the Brady Pub. Billie tells Shawn D. about the angel she saw when in Rome, the angel who saved her soul. Shawn D. asked who the angel was and Billie says it was Bo. Of course Hope overhears this and isn't very pleased with Billie. Hope and Billie do reminisce about the old times with Jen and Billie doesn't understand why Kristen couldn't at least come to have said goodbye to Jen. Sami is stuffing her face with ice cream and Franco suggest she have a salad in order to keep her body beautiful. Lucas tries to warn Sami about Franco, but she doesn't listen to him. Billie asks Franco about him and Sami. Franco tells Billie that Sami is just trying to make Austin jealous, but he can handle Sami. Billie and Austin then talk. Billie is worried about the drugs effects on the baby. When Billie says she hopes their mom never finds out about what really happened in Rome, Kate shows up and asks Billie what secret she is keeping. Billie lies and says she and Austin are working on a special Countess Willemina project. Bo arrives and Billie asks him to take her home because she's feeling queezy. Hope sarcastically says she hopes Billie feels better and Bo and Bille leave. Sami confronts Franco and asks him if he's being nice to her as part of Kate's orders, but Franco tells her he is not. Carrie worries about Mike, who hasn't eaten anything, and she takes him to get some food. Carrie tells Mike that she's going to take time off each week to spend with Abbey. Carrie and Mike hug and Austin sees this and can't help but wonder if something more is going on between them.

Jack is with Abbey and they have gone back to their house. Jack tells Abbey that he will be with her from now on. Abbey leaves to get her camera and when Jack wishes Jen could be with him, Jen appears and says she's right here. Jack thinks it's her angel coming to check up on Abbey, but she is very real. Abbey comes downstairs and runs into her mothers arms. Jack is stunned and Jen is hurt because they thought she was dead. Jen says that she and Jasper faked her death, but Jack tells Jen that Jasper has been in a coma for days. Jen explains to Jack about her plan and how the circus stagehands set everything up. Jen also says that Jasper was supposed to call Abe and let him know it was all faked. Jen decides she better let everyone know she is really alive. Jen wants to tell Alice in person and Jack says afterwards they will go to the pub because everyone is there. Jen and Marlena come home and when Laura sees Jen she faints.

Susan is driving off in her car and saying she has to get far far away from Salem. Susan arrives at the airport and calls "Colonel" Carver to report that Kristen kidnapped Mary Moira. At the Station, John asks Stefano where Kristen is and he tells him that Kristen has left town. John thinks that Kristen is trying to steal Susan's baby and Stefano offers to take them all to the secret room where Mary is probably hidden.

In the secret room, Mary is struggling to get out when she suddenly collapses. John, Roman, and Stefano, arrive at Peter's house (the one for Jen) and Stefano finds Mary stashed in the secret room. Mary faked her collapse and she decks Stefano when he tries to help her. Mary tells John what Kristen has done and Roman calls for an APB (can he do that?).

At the airport, Susan is trying to find her flight back to London.


February 20
At the pub, Austin spots Carrie hugging Mike and Sami thinks Austin is finally figuring out his wife's feelings for Mike. Lucas scorns Sami for thinking about Austin when his half-sister just died. Austin asks Lucas if Sami could ever tell the truth, but Lucas doesn't think so. Lucas realizes that Austin is asking this because of how close Carrie and Mike are today. Lucas tells Austin that they are just friends and that Carrie loves him. Later, Caroline tells Sami that she could allow herself to be loved by not acting so tough and show that she is vulnerable. Franco talks with Hope and Lucas rubs that into Sami and tells her now that Hope is free it looks like Franco has dropped her.

At Jen and Jack's house, Laura has fainted after seeing Jen. Marlena is also in shock, but she didn't pass out. Laura comes to and thinks she's dead or crazy. Jen says she's really here and Laura is so happy. Jen explains how they blew up the car and used a skeleton from the side show as the body. Marlena says they should go to the pub to let everyone know the happy news, so Jen and Jack leave. Marlena is so happy to see Laura so happy. Laura says it is because she has her daughter back and because the DiMeras are all paying for the hell they have put them through. Jack and Jen go to the pub and everyone is overjoyed to see that Jen is alive. Jen and Jack explain everything and everyone celebrates.

Billie and Bo return to the Kiriakis mansion and Billie asks Bo what he is thinking about. Bo says he is thinking about the Hortons and how he wishes he could be there for them. Billie thanks Bo for bringing her home and he tells her that he promised to be there for her and the baby, but he can't be there for her in the ways she would like. Billie tells Bo now that he feels it's over with Hope then maybe he could try to love her. Bo tells Billie she deserves to be loved by someone completely and will find that love one day. Billie wonders if Curtis was right when he said she doesn't deserve to be loved, but Bo tells her that is not true. Billie then begins to worry about her baby's health and the effects the drugs could have on him or her. Billie then runs to the bathroom because of night time morning sickness. Kate shows up and Bo confronts her about the lie she told him in Rome. Bo asks her why she told him that Hope was having a good time with Franco, when she was really trying to get the cure for Roman with John. Kate says that she just thought Hope was with Franco when he on went vacation because Hope wasn't in Salem. Kate then asks Bo a question about Rome. Kate tells Bo the story that Billie told Shawn D about the angel and she asks him what they are hiding. Billie listens in on their conversation and Kate tells Bo that she thinks Billie was back on drugs. Billie enters the room and tells Kate that she was indeed hooked on drugs. They tell Kate everything that happened and Kate is supportive of Billie. Hope then calls Bo to tell him that Jen's alive. Bo leaves and Kate is disgusted that Bo left his pregnant wife to be with his ex. Billie says he left to see Jen, not Hope. Billie then tells Kate that she wishes she could get Bo to fall in love with her so he could be there for their baby everyday, but she can't do that. Kate then lets it slip that she tried to make Bo love her by keeping him and Hope apart.

Bo shows up at the pub and he hugs Jen. Meanwhile, Sami apologizes to Franco for accusing him of working with Kate. He tells her that she needs to learn a lesson in friendship and he walks off, but not before telling her he's no longer her only friend. Lucas and Eric talk about love and Lucas asks Eric if he's ever been in love.

At the Blake House, Stefano is feeling sorry for Peter, but he says it's Peter's fault for not listening to him. John assures Sister Mary that Kristen will be caught and sent to prison with her brother. Mary explains to them all what Kristen has done. Mary then asks them how they knew where she was and they tell her they received a call, which they think was from Susan. They all go to the DiMera mansion and question the maid, who honestly knows nothing. John says they have to find her and make her pay. Roman then says he has an idea where Kristen might be. Roman says that Kristen is probably on her way to the airport. John agrees to stay behind in case Kristen or Susan return and Roman drives Mary to the convent. John starts yelling at Stefano for turning Kristen into a monster, but Stefano says it was his (John) rejection that sent her over the edge. Stefano gets angry with John and decides to leave. John then begins to blame himself for what Kristen has done because he feels he should have seen it coming.

Marlena calls about the station to find John and they tell her where she is. Marlena shows up and tells John about Jen and he is so happy. John then explains to Marlena what has happened with Kristen, Susan, and Mary.

Stefano goes back to his hideout to give Celeste the cure, but Celeste is gone! Stefano does not like this because if anyone finds out what has happened he will not only lose Lexie's trust, but all his plans will go up in smoke.

Back at Jack and Jen's, Laura says that justice has been served and all the threats to her family have been eliminated.

Susan is at the airport getting ready to leave, but she learns her flight has been delayed. Susan calls Violet and tells her that her sister is safe and Kristen won't be hurting anybody again. Susan asks about Elvis and Edmund. Violet tells her that Elvis is fine, but Edward has gone off somewhere. Later, Susan is looking at some pictures and thinking about what happened and she says that everything she did was for love. Susan's flight is called and she prepares to board it. Roman and Abe show up at the airport and Roman spots Susan.

The show ends with us seeing Kristen's body floating in a pool.

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