February 98 Week 2


February 9
Celeste is reading "De Cards" at the pub and she tells Caroline that evil is lurking all over Salem. Celeste feels that Peter is the one behind the evil and danger she is feeling. Celeste wishes she could help Jack and Jen in their search for Peter and then she realizes there is a way she can help.

Eric comes to the pub looking for his dad, but Shawn hasn't seen him since breakfast. Eric starts sulking over the idea that John maybe pressuring Marlena into choosing him, but Roman shows up and tells his son that he hopes he's wrong. Eric apologizes, but Roman says he could be right. Roman says that neither John nor Marlena are in Salem, so they could be together. Roman tells his dad and son that he's optimistic today because it is his wedding anniversary. Roman reads a poem that he read to Marlena on their wedding anniversary and he is sure that Marlena will return to him. Later, Caroline and Shawn are talking to Eric about girls. Eric doesn't think he has anything to offer a young lady right now. As his family talks to Eric about his future, a mysterious young woman is watching him from outside the pub. When an advisory about the icy roads is issued, Roman becomes worried about Marlena. Despite his parents warnings, Roman leaves because he has a feeling about where Marlena is. Eric leaves as well and a the mysterious woman with a cowboy hat follows him.

Marlena is busy thinking about her situation when John finds her. Marlena is hiding out in an inn where she, Roman, and John spent an anniversary. Marlena tells John that when they were here is was when they thought he was Roman and she points out that she spent her first anniversary here with Roman. Marlena explains to John that she needed time alone to think. John tells Marlena he loves her and she says she loves him as well, but she feels she's being torn apart like a prize. John comforts Marlena and he tells her that it will be okay. John tells Marlena that Roman seems to be handling the truth well, but Malrena is upset with the way Roman had to find out the truth. John tells Marlena that there is nothing keeping them apart now and it is time they decide what they want. John tells Marlena he wants to marry her right away, but Marlena says she has to be sure. Marlena says she's been on an emotional roller coaster the past few months and she says she wants to be sure that when she commits to him she must be sure it's right for everyone involved. John decides to prove to Marlena that he is the man she loves and he kisses her. Marlena pushes him away and says she can't do this until she has made a decision. Meanwhile, Roman has shown up at the inn and considers opening up the door to Marlena's room with a credit card. He decides not to and knocks instead and Marlena answers, Roman says he was worried about her because of the ice storms. Roman asks if he can come in, so Marlena lets him in and he sees John.

Kristen is returning to the townhouse and is recalling Roman's harsh words to her and is upset that everyone hates her. Kristen goes inside to check on Peter, but Peter is gone. Stefano returns with a syringe that contains the antidote for Peter. Stefano asks where Peter is and he learns that he is gone and Kristen doesn't know where he is. Stefano is angry with Kristen, but Kristen says she wasn't going to try and stop her super-human brother. Stefano starts screaming that Peter could be out there killing someone. Kristen tells Stefano that she wishes she never got involved with his plans because they brought her nothing but misery. Kristen goes to pick up the antidote and Stefano warns her that it will give her the Jungle Madness if she is injected with it. Suddenly Celeste has shown up at the townhouse and rings the doorbell. Stefano tells Kristen to get rid of whoever is at the door. Celeste is shocked to when Kristen answers the door because she expected Vivian or Ivan to answer it. Kristen claims she is here visiting a sick friend and Celeste refuses to leave until she has searched this house. Stefano hears Celeste and he hides. Celeste barges into the house and Celeste and Kristen get into an argument over Kristen and Stefano's evilness. Celeste sees a device on the table and Kristen claims it belongs to her friend. Celeste realizes the device is a listening device of Stefano's and when she tries to grab it she and Kristen get into a fight. Both fall onto the couch and the then floor. Unfortunately, Kristen accidentally stabs Celeste with the antidote! Celeste screams and she thinks that it was Kristen's fingernail that stabbed her, but Kristen knows what really stabbed her.

In Jail, Bo tells Jack that the police will let him out because he himself saw Peter tonight. Abe shows up and tells Jack that officers have been sent to the circus to find Peter, but he can't release Jack until Peter is caught. Abe questions Jack when Laura shows up. Jack tells Laura that those earrings are bugged and they are from Peter. Laura is distraught and realizes that every word she said was overheard by Stefano and Peter. Abe opens the earrings and find the bug inside them. Laura realizes she led Peter to Jennifer and she says they have to find him. Bo makes a call and tells the station to have every man on the street looking for Peter. As Stefano is listening in on the earrings, Laura tells Stefano to go to hell and she smashes them.

At the circus, Jen is lying on the bed after Peter has strangled her. She is alive, but is in pain. Jen comes to and escapes the trailer. Jen tells the other circus people that Peter is in the trailer and tried to kill her. Two strong men tell the others to call the police and they prepare to take care of Peter. Jen finds Jasper, who tells Jen they will protect her. Jasper gives Jen his car and she speeds away, but Peter is hot on her trail. Bo and Abe are now out on the road and witness Jen and Peter fly by them. They try to stop Peter, but he refuses to give up until he gets to Jen. In her car, Jen learns that Jack has been arrested again. Jen hears the sirens and realizes that Peter won't let the police stop him, so Jen decides to try and lose Peter. Jen manages to get far ahead of Peter and she turns off her lights so Peter won't be able to see her. Jen loses Peter, but she still keeps her lights of and continues to speed up. Unfortunately, Jen's car goes over the side of a steep embankment and explodes in flames!

Back at the prison, Laura tells Jack she will protect them from the DiMera's and she shows him the gun she bought. Laura tells Jack that she will never be Peter, Stefano, or Kristen's victim again and she won't hesitate to use it!


February 10
At the pub in England, Jonsey is ready consummate his relationship with Vivian, who isn't as energetic as Jonsey is. In private, Ivan asks Vivian if she will sleep with Jonsey. Vivian tells him she will if she has to, but not until Jonsey signs his will. Jonsey then shocks Vivian by saying how he'd like to live here in England. Vivian wants to go back to Salem to his townhouse, but Jonsey recalls Stefano ordering him to leave. Jonsey asks Vivian to retire to their haven of love, but Vivian refuses to have a honeymoon without a will. Jonsey asks Violet to call the solicitor.

Meanwhile, Susan tells Edmund all about her friends Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black. Edmund feels for Ivan because he is in love with someone who can't love him back. Susan says that she knows what it is like loving someone who doesn't love her back because of her previous marriage. Edmund is shocked and asks why Susan didn't tell him she had been married before. Susan explains the circumstances of her marriage to John, which confuses him. Edmund is still angry and he asks her to step outside so they can further discuss the issue. Edmund asks Susan if she is still in love with John and Susan says maybe just a tiny bit because of what he's done for her. Susan tells Edmund that the love she felt for Elvis and John are nothing like what she feels for him. Edmund tells Susan he knows just what she means and he takes her hand.

At the Inn, Roman sees John in the room with Marlena and assumes they were together. Marlena points out that she was not with John, he just found her there. Roman says that the fact that she came to this inn on their anniversary alone means that she may prefer to be with him (Roman) instead of John. John and Roman begin to bicker and they ask Marlena which one of them was the reason she came to this inn. Marlena tells them she came here because of the memories she had of the place, so both Roman and John apologize. Marlena tells them that she has feelings for both of them and she came here to sort them out. John asks her if she has done that and Marlena yells at them for rushing her to make a decision. Roman says he only came here to check on her safety and he accuses John of coming to force Marlena to choose him. John accuses Roman of coming to the inn to play on Marlena's vulnerability on their anniversary. Marlena once again yells at them and tells them they are doing it again! Roman and John realize that they are acting like kids fighting over the prettiest girl on the playground. John gives Marlena a peck and tell her he loves her and then leaves. Roman is about to open his mouth, but Marlena tells him not to speak. Roman decides to leave and Marlena says there is no point for her to stay, so she accepts a ride home with Roman because he has a four wheel drive car. Outside the inn, John is wracking his brain over the situation.

At Jonsey's place, Kristen accidentally stabs Celeste with the antidote. Celeste thinks Kristen just scratched her and she calls Kristen crazy. Kristen yells at Celeste to leave, which she does. Kristen recalls Stefano's warning about antidote causing Jungle Madness and panics. Stefano returns and Kristen plays it cool so Stefano doesn't suspect what she has done. Stefano then begins to rant at Kristen that if Peter is caught it will be her fault. Kristen has her own problems when she sees that the syringe is now empty. Stefano notices the syringe is missing and Kristen says Celeste kinda knocked it off the table and the cure got ruined. Kristen also tells Stefano that during a fight with Celeste the serum got injected into Celeste's arm. Stefano says that Kristen has not only given Celeste the Jungle Madness, but she's also killed her own brother. Stefano says she has failed him time and time again. Stefano then warns Kristen that she will never get near his son because he can't trust her at all. When Stefano tells her she will NEVER take care of his child, Kristen's eyes grow wide with anger. Kristen starts crying about how none of this was her fault. Stefano tells Kristen that he's no longer going to yell at her and thanks god that she is not a blood relative. Kristen cries about how she's lost everything she loves, especially her baby. Stefano tells her yet again that it is not her baby and he will never trust her with his son. Kristen is in tears and Stefano tells her to get out of his sight, out of his house, just plain go away. After Kristen leaves, Stefano makes a phone call to Bart about something.

Outside the townhouse, Celeste begins to feel some pains where Kristen injected her. As she tries to walk home she begins to see fire, tarot cards, and the DiMera's laughing at her. Kristen sees Celeste stumbling home and she feels bad about what happened, but she insists it wasn't her fault. Suddenly Kristen realizes who can help her find her baby.

At jail, Laura decides to get revenge on the DiMera's with her handgun. Jack tells Laura she can't do this, but Laura feels responsible for leading Peter to Jen. Laura stays with Jack and they both wait news on Jen and Peter. FBI Agent Buyers shows up and forces Laura to leave. Jack calls Buyers a heartless bastard and Buyers tells Jack if he has his way he'd spend the rest of his life here.

Out on the highway, Peter has lost sight of Jen, and Bo and Abe have lost sight of Peter. We then see Jen's car go over an embankment and explode! However, we don't actually see Jen IN the car when it goes down the embankment and explodes. Peter thinks that he has somehow past Jen and decides to double-back. Back in Bo and Abe's car, Bo and Abe are wondering about Peter and how he gained such superhuman strength. Bo and Abe get word of a car fire and head off. Peter sees the sirens and the smoke and is also wondering what has happened. The vehicle is totally destroyed and there were no survivors. Abe calls for a forensic team to come out and is then contacted by Jasper Ward. However, before Jasper can say anything he is grabbed by Peter, who demands to know where Jen is. Jasper tells Peter he doesn't know and Peter begins to beat him to a pulp. Meanwhile, Abe has traced Jasper's call to a pay-phone down the road and he and Bo head over there. Bo and Abe arrive and see what Peter did to poor Jasper, who is barely alive, and they worry about what Peter could do to Jen.


February 11
Edmund kisses Susan, who says the kiss nearly knocked her off her feet. Mr. Tibbins, the solicitor, comes over to Violet's place to help write Jonsey's will. Uncle Tim comes in and shows everyone how a photo he took of Vivian, Jonsey, Edmund, and Susan appeared in the paper. Susan decides that she wants to fax the photo to Marlena so she can see how happy and safe she is. As Vivian talks about all the wonderful things of Jonsey's she'll be receiving, Jonsey recalls Stefano telling him that nobody must know about the possessions he has accumulated over the years. Jonsey turns to Vivian and tells her there can't be a will. Vivian doesn't understand and Jonsey says that spelling everything out is so crass. Vivian tells him she wants to make him happy every night of their married life, so Jonsey says to proceed. The Solicitor tells Vivian that it will take a week to complete, which angers Vivian. Violet explains Jonsey's situation to him, so he agrees to speed it up. Violet goes into town to fax the photo to Marlena like Susan requested and Ivan gets Jonsey good and drunk. Jonsey goes across the street to make sure their "love nest" is ready and he ends up getting hit by a truck,

Edmund and Susan go back to Susan's house where Susan explains about the baby swap deal she had with Stefano and Kristen. Edmund eventually leaves and Susan thanks John and Marlena for placing her in the magic kingdom where her dreams have come true.

Roman is driving Marlena home and is telling her how the inn flooded him with memories about their marriage. Roman asks Marlena if it had the same effect on her, but she just says she likes remembering the happy memories. Roman tells Marlena he regrets walking out on her and for allowing Kristen to manipulate him. Roman tells Marlena that he knows if he hadn't returned she'd be married to John now, but Marlena tells him she isn't sorry he came back and has received a second chance. Roman says he hopes he has a second chance with her, but he will accept it if she chooses John. Marlena says it's not that simple and Roman says it's because she still loves him.

Kristen breaks into Marlena's penthouse and begins nosing around for clues about Susan. Kristen goes upstairs and Roman and Marlena return. Roman leaves and Marlena wonders if she forgot to turn the alarm on when she left.

John goes to the hospital to see Hope and tells her the situation Jack and Jen are in. John tells Hope what has happened with Roman and how he doesn't even know if he and Marlena have a future together.

Bo and Abe have also come to the hospital to bring Jasper in. Laura sees them and Bo and Abe explain to Laura what happened to Jasper and that it could have been Peter who attacked him. Mike shows up and Laura asks him how Jasper is. Mike tells them it is 50/50 and could go either way. Abe gets a call from the fire department, who tell him that the wrecked car has cooled off and they can examine it now. Laura hopes it is Peter's car, but Abe tells her it isn't. This worries Laura, who fears Peter could have Jen. Laura starts yelling at Abe for messing up this entire investigation. Abe tells Laura that he does care and walks off. Bo tries to calm Laura down when Hope and John come out to hear what Bo has to say. Bo tells Hope she should go back to her room and he can fill her in there. Laura tells John that she is scarred that she'll never see Jen again. Mike comes out and tells his mom that Jasper survived the surgery he had to undergo, but he's in a coma. Laura becomes even more upset because he may hold the clue to where Jen is. John tells Mike he'll call Marlena and ask her to come be here for Laura.

John calls Marlena, who leaves for the hospital. Kristen is relieved she was not caught and continues searching Marlena's pad. Suddenly the fax of the picture Susan had sent comes through and Kristen has found "her" baby.

Mickey comes to see Jack and tells him that the FBI won't let him out because he escaped and that Bo and Hope could have lied about seeing Peter. Abe returns to jail and tells Jack about the accident and that there is a possibility it could be Jen. Jack becomes frustrated because he feels so helpless, so Abe surprises Jack by allowing him to use a cell phone to call Abbey. Later, Abe gets a call from a state trooper about an ID on the wrecked car. Abe tells Jack that the car belong to Jasper and that the body of a woman burnt beyond recognition was found in it.

Marlena has arrived at the hospital and Bo gets a call from the state trooper.


February 12
This is kinda short today
At Salem Place, Abe and Lexie are having coffee and are talking . Lexie is worried about her mom, who never came home last night. Stefano is eavesdropping in on the conversation. After Abe leaves, Stefano approaches Lexie. Lexie is strict with her father and she tells him that she does not believe that he has no clue where Peter is. Lexie walks off and leaves Stefano stunned by how she treated him so coldly.

Celeste has spent the night in the park and wakes up confused. Sister Mary Moira sees Celeste and offers to help her, but Celeste runs away from her. Lexie finally finds her mom and tells her she looks terrible. Celeste tells Lexie that she's tired and hasn't been sleeping well. Lexie suggests that she go to the spa, but Celeste says Laura may need her. Lexie promises her mom that she will call her with any news on Jen, so Celeste says she will go to the spa. Lexie leaves and Celeste thinks a few days of rest is just what she needs. Celeste becomes woozy and starts seeing Kristen taunting and laughing at her. Stefano also appears and begins laughing at her as well.

John and Marlena spent the night at the Horton house with Laura. John slept on the couch and he and Marlena talk the next morning. John apologizes for pressuring Marlena, but she understands how he is feeling. Abe comes by to talk with John. Abe tells John that he is worried about Peter, who seems to have some type of super human strength. Laura comes down and hears them talking an becomes even more worried that Peter could kill Jennifer. A police officer brings an item from the crash over and Abe asks Laura if it belongs to Jen. Laura looks at the necklace and is overjoyed because she's never seen it before. Lexie drops by and learns the news that they all believe Jen wasn't in the car crash. John and Marlena talk outside a bit later on. Marlena is looking at her old house and says how it's filled with memories of her life with both Roman and John. John asks Marlena if she still has feelings for Roman and she says yes. Marlena tells him she doesn't know what to do, but John tells her not to worry because it will work out.

At the hospital, Alice tells Bo that she believes true love will win out for him and Hope in the end. Bo goes to see Jack in jail later and tells him there is nothing new to report yet, but the crashed car is being examined. Abe shows up at the jail as well and shows the necklace to Jack and asks him if it belongs to Jen. Jack looks at it and says it isn't Jen's. However, upon examining it he finds the inscription that reads "To Jen, All my love Peter." Jack realizes that Jen isn't with Peter, she was in Jasper's car and now she's dead.

In England, Susan is telling Elvis how much she loves Edmund and hopes he proposes to her. Meanwhile, a woman sees the picture of Susan in the town newspaper and feels compelled to call Susan. She tells Susan they must talk and then hangs up. Edmund drops by to give Susan a kiss. Earlier Edmund's mum told him he should go to London to shop for an engagement ring for Susan. Susan pulls Edmund into her house and they fall onto the couch, but their kissing session is interrupted by baby Elvis' crying. Susan gives Elvis a bottle and Edmund tells Susan that he has to go to London for the day. Edmund says when he comes back tonight he will have a surprise for her. Edmund leaves for London and Susan tells him to be careful.

Kristen now knows Susan is in England, but she has to find a way to get "her" baby back and keep Susan away from them. Kristen gets a brilliant idea, but Stefano shows up before she can leave. Stefano asks her if she's found Celeste, but Kristen says no and she really doesn't care. Kristen says she has things to do and leaves. Stefano doesn't understand how Kristen can be so selfish and wonders if she is up to something.

Kristen goes to Salem Place and sees sister Mary with some other nuns. Sister Mary sees Kristen and she tells the others to go on back to the convent. Kristen pulls a gun on Sister Mary and tells her to do as she says.


February 13
Kristen has kidnapped Sister Mary Moira and locked her in the secret room. Mary demands that Kristen tell her what she is planning, but Kristen says that's for her (Kristen) to know and her (Mary) to find out. Mary tells her it's not to late to save her soul, but Kristen says her soul is history. However, Kristen tells Mary it's not too late to save her twin sister. Kristen leaves and Mary prays to God for help. Mary finds a ruler and wishes she could use it to slap some sense into Kristen. Kristen returns with some food for Mary, who suspects it is drugged. Kristen recalls a trip with Peter when they were little and how they saw a man selling a women to another man for his harem.

At the prison, Jack reads the inscription on Jen's necklace and goes berserk and says that Jen isn't dead. Bo and Abe try to calm him down and they say they will do anything they can to uncover the truth. Bo returns later and shows Jack a purse that was found at the crash. The purse is Jen's and Jack is faced with the fact that Jen is dead. Jack thinks Jen may be with Peter, but Bo says they have video footage of Peter from an hour ago and he was in a car, alone.

Franco comes to the hospital and asks Hope if the reason she is smiling is because Bo was here with her. Sami comes to the hospital as well and sees Franco with Hope. Sami recalls Lucas warning her about Franco. Billie shows up for a sonogram (I spelled it wrong, so sue me) and Sami tells Billie how Hope was attacked and Bo stayed with her all night. Billie starts complaining to Sami about Bo and Hope when Carrie shows up. Sami asks Carrie why she has come to the hospital, but Carrie says she doesn't have to share a damn thing with Sami. Carrie has come to give Mike a check from the circus fund raiser. Mike is beeped away and Carrie and Billie talk about the baby. Sami goes back and continues to eavesdrop on Franco and Hope. Sami realizes that Lucas was right about Franco. Hope tells Franco she wishes he would find someone special who could return his feelings. When Franco says it's possible he has, Sami thinks Lucas was wrong. Sami then tells Billie to rub her pregnancy in Hope's face. Billie goes in to see Hope and Hope asks why she is here. Billie says that she came to have a sonogram and Sami told her that she was here. Hope tells Billie that Bo was here with her all night, so Billie says they really should try to get along because neither has the relationship with Bo that they want. Hope accuses Billie of trying to come between Bo and Shawn D. Billie leaves when Mike shows up to talk with Hope. Abe also shows up tells Hope and Mike about the necklace. A member of the circus shows up to thank Mike for doing saving Jasper. The man also says that Jasper let Jen use his car to get away from Peter.

At the Horton house, Laura is worried about Jen and knows she's in terrible danger. Abe returns to the house and tells Laura about the necklace. Laura tells Abe that he will not stop looking for Jen until there is proof that there is no longer a reason to continue. Abe leaves and Bo comes at the Horton house. Bo gets a call from Abe. Abe says the forensic team ID'd the blood and hair samples in Jasper's car as Jen's. Bo tells Abe he will tell the family. Bo tells Laura than Jen is dead. Mike and Carrie return to the Horton house and Mike is worried about his mom. Carrie hugs Mike and she tells him she will stay with him as long as he needs her.

Meanwhile, Laura has driven off in her car with her gun and she vows to make all the DiMeras pay. Back in prison, Jack doesn't know how to tell Abbey that her mom is dead and it is her dad's fault. Laura goes to see Jack and they cry together. Jack think Laura hates him, but she tells him she could never hate him. Laura tells him the only people she hates are the DiMeras and she will make them suffer.

Billie returns to the hospital and Abe tells Billie that Jen is dead. Abe is beeped and he has to go. Abe tells Billie that Bo was coming into see Hope and he tells Billie to wait for Bo. Billie goes into see Hope, both are devastated. Bo shows up and Billie hugs him right in front of Hope.

Franco and Sami go out to the Java Cafe and Franco wants to continue working on changing Sami's image. Franco and Sami go shopping and he helps her pick out some more business like cloths. Sami is sure that Franco likes her and Franco knows that his plan is working.

In England, Violet stops by to see Susan. Violet tells Susan that Jonsey was hit by a car, but he should be okay. Later, Violet takes Elvis so that Susan can have an evening alone with Edmund. Susan recalls the mysterious call she received earlier and wonders who the woman could have been and what they have in common. Susan ends up falling asleep and has a nightmare that Kristen, dressed as the wicked witch, shows up to take the baby. Edmund calls Susan and tells her not to worry because he will be back soon to protect her. Susan has another nightmare about Kristen, but this time Edmund, dressed in a superman like costume, shows up and rescues Susan. Susan gets another call and thinks it's Edmund. When she picks up the phone, Kristen yells surprise!

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