February 98 Week 1


February 2
Hope and Shawn D have shown up at the circus because Hope got a call to meet a Bob there. Shawn D. is remembering how his mom and dad brought him to the circus last time and he asks his mom if they'll ever have good times as a family again. Hope tells Shawn D. that things are complicated and are standing in the way of her and his dad getting back together. Suddenly Shawn D sees Abbey, but Hope plays it cool and tells Abbey's friend that Shawn D. was mistaken. When Hope spots Jen, Jen takes Hope and Shawn D. to their trailer. Jack called Hope to come here, but he used his alias Bob. Jen takes Hope to the Big Top where she is happy to see Jack. Jack asks Abbey to show Shawn D. around the circus while the grown ups talk. Jack tells Hope that he has a plan to expose Peter, but he needs her help. Hope tells Jack that she'd be glad to help them. Jack tells Hope that the first part of his plan is to draw Peter out of hiding. We never hear the entire plan though. Laverne shows up and says she can't believe that "Bob" has friends in Salem. Hope says she doesn't know them, she was just looking to buy some tickets.

Peter is spying on Laura and is hoping that she'll let him know where Jen is. At Jack and Jen's, Celeste has shown up to see Laura. Laura tells Celeste about her horrible mistake when Maggie's cell phone rings. Laura hopes it is Jen as does Peter, but it's nobody.

Kristen is still sulking over how she has lost everything. Someone begins to franticly ring Kristen's doorbell and they refuse to go away. Kristen answers it only to find out it's Laura. Laura demands that Kristen tell her where Peter is, but Kristen says she doesn't know and she couldn't care less. Back at the town house, Peter is worried about his sister (he's listening through Laura's earrings). Kristen rants and raves in front of Laura and then she begins to laugh hysterically. Laura tells Kristen that she can't tell if Kristen is laughing or crying, but she is acting like a raving lunatic. Laura tells Kristen that she's suffering from a guilty conscious, which she can get over by turning in Peter. However, Kristen refuses to turn her brother in. Laura is sure that Peter is hiding here, so Kristen tells Laura to search the house. Laura goes down into the wine cellar and is trying to open the secret room. Kristen comes down and spares Laura the trouble of trying to figure out how to open it. Kristen opens the door, but Laura refuses to go in because she thinks Kristen will lock her in. Laura eventually goes in and finds a damp towel in the bathroom, which Kristen claims is hers. Laura leaves and Kristen drowns her sorrow in a bottle of booze.

Back at the townhouse, Stefano gets word that Rolfe has come out of his coma. Stefano has to leave Peter, but Peter assures Stefano that he will be fine. Nevertheless, Stefano decides to have Kristen baby-sit her big brother. Outside the townhouse, Celeste is staring at the house and is wondering why she keeps being drawn to this townhouse. Stefano calls Kristen and asks her to baby-sit Peter, and Kristen reluctantly agrees. Stefano gets ready to leave and then he notices that Peter is missing. However, Peter shows up and tells a worried Stefano he was taking a shower. Stefano tells Peter that Kristen is coming over to stay with him, but he must not leave this townhouse.

Celeste spots Laura walking home and they talk. Both of them are convinced that Peter is in Salem. Laura asks Celeste why she is staring at the townhouse and Celeste says she doesn't know. Laura theorizes that Peter may be hiding in there, but Celeste doesn't see how because this house is where Vivian and Ivan live. Laura suddenly gets a call from Jen, but Jen refuses to say where they are. Jen tells Laura that someone will be in touch with her tomorrow. Peter overheard this conversation and wonders what Jen is up to.

John shows up at the private dining room at Chez Vous. Roman admits to John that he knows everything, but John already knows that. John tells Roman that he doesn't think he knows how truly evil Kristen is, but Marlena tells John that she has explained everything. John asks Roman why he decided to come forward now and Roman says he didn't want to build a life with Doc that wasn't based on total honesty. John apologizes to Roman for having to lie to him and Roman says it's okay. However, Roman says he is not going to make the same mistake he made in the past, which is walking away from Doc. John and Roman begin to argue because Roman thinks Marlena still loves him. Marlena stops them and tells them she has something to tell both of them. Marlena yells at them both that she will not let them decide her future. John asks Marlena who is it going to be, him or Roman? Marlena tells them that she can't make a decision like this, so she leaves. John asks her where she is going and she says she doesn't know, but she has to get out of here. Marlena begins to search her soul to make a decision and she wonders why she didn't just chose John tonight.


February 3
Sami is busy redecorating her office when Eric stops by. Eric tells Sami that their dad knows the truth about Marlena and John. Sami is shocked and she blames John and Marlena, but Eric tells her that their dad has known the truth for weeks. Sami says that now that the truth is out there is nothing to stand in John and Marlena's way. Roman suddenly shows up and say that's not true because he is still standing in their way. Roman tells the twins not to worry about him because he will be fine. Roman tells them what happened and he is sure that Marlena hasn't made her choice yet. Sami tells her dad that she and Eric want him and their mom to get back together and Roman says that is what he wants too. Roman tells his children not to condemn Marlena for hiding the truth because they are both guilty of it as well. Roman tells Eric to figure out what he wants to do and he tells Sami to be a success and find a man to love. Eric has things to do so he leaves. Before Roman leaves, Sami asks him how you know when someone is interested in you.

Kristen is having a nightmare that she's old and all alone. When she wakes up Peter asks her if she is all right. Kristen makes Peter promise never to leave her, but he says once he finds Jen and Abbey he has to leave. Kristen tells Peter that Stefano is working on getting the cure, but the lab is destroyed and they need time to fix it up. Peter is angry and he tells Kristen that as soon as he learns where Jen is he will go after her, cure or no cure. Kristen tells him that Stefano wants him to stay put and she tells Peter he could hurt Jen and Abbey like he hurt her and Stefano, but Peter is sure he wouldn't hurt them. Peter tells Kristen that he knows she probably has better things to do then watch him and Kristen says she would like to find her baby. Kristen tells Peter that Marlena may have taken John from her, but she will not keep her baby away from her too. Kristen says that the only person who has ever loved her unconditionally is her baby. Peter tells her that he loves her and wants her to be happy. Kristen says it's too late for her, but she hopes it isn't too late for him. Later, Peter gets a call that Hope has shown up and Jen's place.

After Peter has left, Kristen prays to God to let her have her baby back. Suddenly Kristen realizes who can tell her just where Susan and the baby are.

At the circus, Jack tells Abbey that soon they may be able to go home. Shawn D. shows up and Abbey shows him around. Once they are alone, Jen tells Jack that she's concerned about his plan. Jack assures Jen that he won't implement his plan until he knows that she and Abbey are safe. Jack wants Jen and Abbey to return home and hide out, but Jen refuses. Jen goes to the big top to rehearse, but Ernesto comes down with food poisoning and Jasper says they may have to shut down if Ernesto can't perform.

Laura is at home and is upset. Mike wants Laura to take a tranquilizer, but Laura is too upset worrying about who is going to call her. Laura eventually agrees to take the tranquilizer, but she only does it because Mike badgers her into it.

Hope gives Shawn D. some tickets to the circus and as she is leaving to go help Jack, Bo shows up at her door. Hope asks what he is doing here and Bo tells her he's been assigned to find and arrest Jack. Hope is angry with Bo, but Bo says this is his job and he has to do it. Bo says there is a shoot to kill order out on Jack and he hopes that Jack will turn himself in. Hope says there is no way that Jack will go back to prison and leave his family unguarded. Hope says that Jack and Jen belong together and she'd like to see true love win out for once. Bo tells Hope that he feels they belong together, but Hope says that's not going to happen. Hope leaves and Bo decides to stay behind and visit Shawn D. Shawn D. talks to his dad and he tells him that he's going to the circus with mom. Shawn D. is depressed because he doesn't think his mom and dad will be a family again. Bo realizes that Shawn D. doesn't know the truth, so he tells Shawn D. that Billie is pregnant. Shawn D. says that is just great because now his parents will never get back together. Bo tells Shawn D. not to give up on his dream of his parents getting back together. Bo promises Shawn D. that he will find a way to get back together with his mom. Shawn D. makes Bo promise not to hurt his mom anymore then he already has. As Bo is leaving he gets a call on his cell phone from Jack.

As Peter as listening in on their conversation, Hope gives Laura some circus tickets. Hope doesn't say anything in case anyone is listening, but Laura persuades Hope to stay for some tea. Peter decides to go to Jen's place and follow Hope when she leaves. Peter follows Hope to the circus, but when he arrives he is side tracked by the lovely Lavern.

Back at Jen's place, Laura calls Celeste and asks her to meet her in Salem Place.


February 4
Sami asks her dad how she would know if a man is attracted to her. Roman asks Sami who the guy she's interested in, but Sami says it's a business associate that she didn't expect to have a relationship with. Roman tells Sami that if I guy is interested in her he will look at in a different way and will do unexpected things for her. Roman tells Sami that he's thrilled Sami is moving on, but Sami says she doesn't know if she can ever stop loving Austin.

Eric goes to Titan to find Carrie, but he has his head bitten of by Lucas instead. Lucas feared that Eric wanted a job at Titan as well and he says one Brady twin at Titan is enough. Lucas informs Eric that Sami will never give up on Austin, but Eric is sure that his sister is seeing Franco Kate approaches Lucas to give some stuff to pass on to Sami and Lucas suggest that they fire Franco. Kate informs Lucas that Franco and Hope are Countess Willamenia's star models, so they can not fire Franco.

Also at Titan, Carrie has arranged for a portion of the ticket sales of the circus to go towards Mike's favorite charity pediatric epilepsy. However, Carrie can't take all the credit because it was Hope's idea. Austin asks Carrie if she would like to go to the circus, but Carrie is spaced out. Carrie comes to and she says that she was thinking about how Tom and Alice to her and Jen to their first circus and she hopes Jen is okay.

Roman stops by to see Carrie and he tells Carrie that he knows the truth about John and Marlena. Roman tells Carrie not to worry because this is something that he, John, and Marlena will resolve. Kate shows up and Roman thanks her for giving Sami a second chance here at Titan. Roman leaves and Kate pities Roman if he ever finds out about the true Sami.

Franco shows up at Titan and he asks Sami if he could take her and Will to the circus. Lucas overhears this and says "over my dead body!" Franco leaves and runs into Kate, who wants to know what Franco is up to. Franco tells Kate that he honors their partnership, but Hope and Bo have broken up for good and their dealings are though. Back in the board room, Lucas tells Sami that Franco is just using her to keep his job, just like Sami uses people. Sami is hurt and she says Franco likes her, but Lucas says she is dreaming. Lucas says that her whole family would turn on her if they knew she hadn't changed. Sami cries that she has changed, so Lucas asks her to prove it by handing over the blackmail material. Sami tells him she can't do that, which doesn't surprise Lucas at all. Franco tells Sami she's kidding herself if she thinks anyone will ever love her. Lucas walks out and leaves Sami crying as well as wondering if Lucas is right. Suddenly a woman delivers a huge bouquet of flowers to her from Franco, which makes her believe that Lucas was wrong. Later, Sami sees Franco working with another model at a photo shoot and Sami doesn't look pleased with how Franco is kissing the other model.

At Salem Place, Kristen is on the phone with Bart because she wants to reach Stefano. Kristen tells Bart to have Stefano contact her immediately. After she hangs up, Celeste and Laura show up and they ask where Peter is hiding. Kristen tells Laura that she is really getting on her nerves, which causes Laura to become hysterical. Celeste pulls Laura aside and tells her that she must calm down. Celeste suggests Laura take a pill, so she does. Unfortunately, Laura drops the pill bottle while leaving and Kristen picks it up and decides to keep them. Kristen sees Mary Moira and she asks her about Susan and the baby, but Mary will not tell Kristen anything. She also tells Kristen that she will pray for her, unless Kristen doesn't mind spending eternity burning in hell. Later, Kristen sees Eric and asks him to have coffee. Eric tells Kristen that he never should have trusted her. Kristen plays innocent about her part in the New Years Eve incident, but Eric doesn't believe her. Eric tells Kristen that she is as selfish and as evil as the rest of her family and she deserves to end up alone. After Eric is gone, Roman confronts Kristen. Kristen tries to tell Roman that John is spreading lies about her, but Roman tells her to save it. Roman tells her that he knows everything and he told Marlena everything as well. Kristen tries to make him believe she really cares for him, but he tells her to shut up. Roman tells her she is just like all the other Dimera's and he's sorry to see her change from the good an honest person he knew. Kristen tells Roman that by being honest with Marlena he is going to lose, but Roman points out that she is the real loser. Kristen realizes that she has no friends left in Salem, so she must get her baby back.

Eric goes looking for a job and has a daydream about graduating from the police academy. Then he has another daydream about working with Sami at Titan. As he is reading the job listings, a mysterious figure appears behind him and we only see a a lady's gloved hands.

At the circus, Jasper is upset because Ernesto is sick with food poisoning. Hope shows up at the circus and tells Jen that everything is set and Laura has her tickets. Unfortunately, Jasper says he may have to postpone tonight's performance because Ernesto is their main attraction. When the animal handler has also come down with food poisoning, Jasper says that the circus is officially canceled for tonight.

Lavern is showing Peter aka "Charlie" around the circus. When Peter sees Hope he quickly ducks out of sight. Peter calls someone and tells them that he's going to keep following Hope, but when Peter looks back, Hope is gone. Peter hangs up and then asks Laverne to show him all over the circus. Lavern tells Peter that she's going to give him a free, backstage tour. In the big top, Peter spots Abbey. Meanwhile, Hope pays Jen a visit and before leavening she tells Jen that her mom loved the earrings. Jen is of course clueless about this. Peter spots Hope leaving, so he ditches Laverne and follows her.

Jack calls Bo and tells him that if he agrees to certain conditions, he (Jack) will turn himself in. Jack tells Bo that he doesn't want Jen to be prosecuted and he wants around the clock protection for Jen and Abbey. Bo agrees, so Jack asks Bo to meet him by himself. We never hear where and when. When we next see Jack he is at the big top and offers to take Ernesto's place tonight. Jasper eventually gives in and agrees to re-open the circus.

Abe is with the FBI agent, who is worried that he'll never catch Jack. Bo shows up and they all start arguing. When the FBI agent leaves, Bo tells Abe that he can't give him all the details, but when he says move tonight then Abe better move. Bo confronts Hope later and tells her that Jack has been in contact with him and is turning himself in tonight. Hope thanks him and tells him she must leave now. Hope heads for home and when Bo leaves her we see Peter hiding in the bushes and he is having another attack. Peter remembers attacking the tiger and FBI agent and then he grabs Hope and starts strangling her!

Back at Salem Place, Laura gives Celeste her tickets for the circus. Laura decides to call Jen, but she find that she left it at home. Laura also looks for her pills, but she can't find them either. Suddenly Abe shows up and Laura gets worked up into another frenzy. Laura goes to a pay phone and calls someone to ask for a favor. A man name Harry meets with Laura and she buys a gun from him!


February 5
Bo is in his car and is thinking about talking to Hope early in the day. Bo's cell phone begins to ring and he gets word of a prowler, so he agrees to check it out. Back at the Horton House, Peter has grabbed Hope and begins strangling her. Hope gets away from him and she sees that it is Peter attacking her. Peter throws Hope into a bunch of bushes when Bo shows up. Bo points a gun at Peter and tells him to freeze, but then Bo sees Hope. While Bo is busy checking Hope, Peter whacks Bo with a tree branch. Peter gets away, of course, and Bo picks up Hope and takes her to the hospital.

Peter gets back to his car and begins eavesdropping on Laura and he realizes she is at the circus. Back in Bo's car, Bo calls Abe and warns him about Peter.

At Titan, Sami is upset to see Franco flirting with another model as part of a photo shoot. After the shoot, Franco excuses himself and Sami quickly fires the female model. Franco returns and begins flirting with her. Sami accuses Franco of using her to get good jobs, but Franco tells Sami that he was a successful model before she came along. Franco asks Sami to the circus and he tells her that it is because of her.

Carrie goes to the hospital to give Mike some circus tickets. Mike isn't in, so she leaves them with Lexie. Carrie asks Lexie if Mike ever talks about her and Lexie just says he cares for her. Carrie continues to grill Lexie about Mike's feelings for her, but Lexie dodges her questions and is beeped away. A woman approaches Carrie and thanks her for raising money for epilepsy because it's helping her son. Carrie has a ton of free tickets that Titan bought and she gives some to the woman and her son. Mike shows up and he asks Carrie why she's come to the hospital. Carrie tells Mike that she came to give Mike some tickets for his patients. They talk and Carrie tells Mike that Roman knows the truth. As Carrie is about to talk to Mike about being open an honest about a person's feelings, Bo rushes into the hospital with Hope. Hope is unconscious and Mike orders a CT scan. Bo stays with Hope and he tells her he's going to stay with her until she's strong enough to kick him out. Unfortunately Hope's monitors start beeping and Bo yells for Mike. Mike gets Hope stabilized, but she's in serious condition. Later, Mike and Carrie have a few minutes alone and Mike asks Carrie what the question she wanted to ask him was.

At the circus, Jen is worried that Peter may have sent Laura bugged earrings, but she can't call her mom to warn her or he'll realize they are at the circus.

Austin has arrived at the circus and is waiting for Carrie to show up. Various Hortons and Bradys have shown up and Laura is still bitching about the stupidity of the police and the FBI. Maggie tells Laura she needs to take a pill, but Laura says she lost them. Laura tells herself that she will find Peter and she looks at the hand gun hanging out of her purse. Everyone goes into the big top and Austin and Lucas discuss the Franco and Sami situation, but Lucas says he could care less. Meanwhile, Laura is wondering if Jack, Jen, and Abbey could be hiding out with the circus. Sami and Franco arrive at the circus, but Sami is still wondering if Franco is using her. Sami takes Will from Lucas and Franco give Will a giant stuffed gorilla or something like that.

Jasper and all the performers come out to start the show. Abbey, dressed as a clown, gives Laura some flowers. Laura goes backstage to look for Abbey when Peter shows up. Peter goes with Laverne to her trailer and Jen comes to see Laverne to tell her she's up next. Laverne leaves and Peter continues to monitor Laura. Laura is still looking for Abbey and she eventually finds her. Abbey tells Laura that Jack and Jen will be performing the knife act, which Peter hears and now knows where to go.

Jack takes the stage and prepares to do the knife throwing act, but when the cloth is pulled off from the wheel the crowd gasps because Jen is not on it. Peter has snatched Jen and has taken her back to Laverne's trailer. Jen is unconscious and Peter is apologizing for what he did to her.

In England, Vivian is busy trying marrying Jonsey when he takes a turn for the worse. Ivan is concerned for Vivian and he confides in Edmund that he feels Vivian is making the worst mistake of her life. Edmund tells Ivan not to give up hope. Jonsey suddenly has a ton of spunk and comes hoping out of the room he was staying in. Vivian puts on some makeup and wants to continue with the marriage, but Susan insists she needs something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Susan gives Vivian her blue suede watch and says the band is blue, Elvis is old, the battery is new, and the watch is borrowed. Jonsey asks Ivan to be his best man and Ivan agrees, but he really doesn't want to. Violet's brother Tim shows up to take the wedding photos. The Vicar asks everyone to please take their places. The Vicar asks Violet to start with a song, so she poorly sings God Save the Queen. The wedding ceremony is performed and Vivian and Jonsey are pronounced man and wife. Jonsey says he has a beautiful gift for his bride and he runs off to get it. Unfortunately, while Jonsey is getting his gift the sound of a car screeching is heard. Jonsey is okay, but a car hit a sheep. Vivian wants Jonsey to write out his will, so she asks Violet to find a solicitor to help Jonsey fill out his will. Later, Vivian throws the bouquet and Susan catches it.


February 6
At the hospital, Mike asks Carrie what she wanted to ask him. Unfortunately, before Carrie can tell him a nurse shows up with new reports on Hope. Mike tells Bo that nothing has changed and that she is still in serious condition. Mike returns to Carrie, but she decides not to ask him and tells Mike to concentrate on Hope for now. They talk awhile about the spiritual connection that Bo and Hope have and how sometimes it can never be let go. Carrie asks if he's thinking of someone said from Bo and Hope and Mike tells her he's thinking of her. Mike says he meant her and Austin. Meanwhile, Bo sits and talks with Hope, who is having memories of their past together. Hope finally wakes up and sees Bo by her side. Bo tells Mike that Hope is awake and he comes to see her. Mike asks Hope if she remember what happened and Hope says she remembers being attack by a very strong man. Bo tells her it was Peter, but Hope can't remember that part. Hope tells Bo that for some reason she thinks there is something important she has to tell him, but Bo tells her it will return in time. Back in the lobby, Carrie remembers that she totally forgot about her date with Austin at the circus.

At the circus, Jack is introduced as Ernesto and when the drop cloth is pulled off of the wheel, Jen is not on it! Jasper says they'll continue the knife act later and Laverne comes out to perform. As everyone is watching Laverne, Lucas is watching Sami and Franco. Austin asks Lucas if he's jealous, but he says he's just concerned for his son. Lucas also says that Franco is using Sami, but he doesn't know what for.

Peter has Jen in Laverne's trailer and he tells her he's so sorry for drugging her, but he knows she will forgive him. Peter picks up Jen and carries her to the door, but there are too many people outside of the trailer car. Peter has another attack and suddenly Jen wakes up. She looks at Peter and then falls back unconscious. Peter starts talking to Jen about how happy she and Abbey will be living on the island he has for her.

The circus ends their performance and Austin wonders why Carrie hasn't called him and tell him why she stood him up. Austin realizes he forgot his cell phone, which may be why.

The Roberts, Reeds, and Franco return home and Carrie calls Austin to tell him about Hope's condition. Austin wants to be there for Carrie and Franco wants to be there for Hope, so they leave. Lucas and Sami start arguing about Franco's feelings. Lucas tells her there is no way she can compete with Hope. Sami says that Franco may love Hope, but he knows they can't be anything more than friends. Lucas realizes that Sami has fallen for Franco, but he'll never love her back. Lucas leaves and Sami wonders if she really is in love with Franco.

Jack is still searching for Jen when he runs into Laura and Abbey. Laura is upset and thinks Peter has found Jen. Jack asks Laura to take Abbey home and make sure she is safe. Laura leaves and Jack continues to search for Laura. While Jack is asking around about Jen, Peter hears Jack's voice outside his trailer. Jack then begins to knock on the door to Laverne's dressing room as Jack is about to go into Laverne's room, the FBI show up and arrests him. Jack tells them that Peter has taken Jen, but the FBI could care less. The other Hortons show up so Jack tells them that Peter is alive. The FBI still won't do jack, so Micky warns them if anything happens to his niece it will be their fault.

Back in Laverne's trailer, Peter puts the sapphire necklace he bought Jen around her neck. As Peter is about to leave, Laverne comes back to her trailer. Peter lets her in and he knocks her unconscious. Jen wakes up and is a little groggy and then she sees Peter. Jen yells at him that she hates him, but Peter doesn't believe her. Peter suddenly has another attack and when Jen tries to escape, Peter strangles her.

Mickey and Maggie go to Alice's place and tells Laura that Jack has been arrested and Peter may have Jennifer. Laura is utterly pissed off and Maggie says she needs a tranquilizer, so Maggie call Marlena to have her prescription refilled. While Maggie is doing that, Laura pulls out her gun and says there is something she can do. Jack is taken back to prison and he uses his call to phone Bo. Jack tells Bo that he's been arrested and he (Bo) has to find Peter. At the hospital, Hope tells Bo to go help Jack and Jen because they need him. Bo goes to the prison and tells Jack what happened to him and Hope. Bo tells Jack that Peter must be using drugs because he has super human strength.

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