97 Week 4


February 24
At Jack and Jen's house Jen recalls Jack being taken away by the police officers and she says she loves Jack as she remembers. Maggie comes down stairs after Abby has fallen asleep and comforts Jen. Later Jen goes to the jail to visit Jack, who is glad to see her. Jen came to drop off a picture of them together as a family, and Jack thanks her and is then taken away. Jack is put into a holding cell with others and Jack is confronted by a man but is later saved by another guy named Travis. Later Travis talks with Stefano on the phone and tells him everything is going as planned.

At J.L. King's warehouse J.L. wonders if Bo is undercover and orders Bo to be brought in for questioning and to keep an eye on Hope. Meanwhile, on the docks Hope asks Bo why he pushed her away and she needs to know the truth about what he is up to. Bo is tempted to tell Hope and to make up with her but he remembers Abe's warnings and refuses to talk to her. Hope asks Bo if he wants to be with her and be a family together and asks what has happened to change his mind. Unknowing he's being listened in on Bo tells Hope she pushed him away to many times and now his life has fallen to pieces, and now it's too late. Hope asks if the problem is Billie, and Bo says no, that he just needs time alone right now. A hurt Hope walks off thinking Bo no longer wants her anymore. Later Bo is confronted by one of J.L.'s goons who says King wants to see and Bo is taken to J.L.. J.L. warns Bo that if he is undercover he will kill him, but Hope will be first in line to be hurt. Bo asks J.L. what he wants and J.L. tells Bo he wants any and all evidence Abe has on him.

Later Hope and Jen meet on the docks and Jen confesses that there was a chance for her and Jack to be back together, but that chance is lost for good now. When Hope tells Jen about her situation with Bo Jen tells her there is still a chance for them to work it out, but her and Jack are over with for good.

In the hospital Susan is fawning over "her" baby and how beautiful it is and Kristen becomes angry and orders her out because her services are no longer needed. Susan looks at Kristen and says "John married me" and refuses to leave. Susan says she just wants one day with her baby, and Kristen says it's her baby now and she needs to forget about everything and leave. Kristen then warns her about the consequences if she backs out of this deal and tells her to leave.

Marlena has confronted John in the hall and tells him there is something about Kristen he needs to know. John interrupts her and tells her he thinks he knows what Marlena has to tell him and thinks that it is that she is sooooooooooooo happy for him. John then realizes she hasn't seen the baby yet and drags her to Kristen's room to see the baby and Kristen. Before they enter Kristen's room Marlena tries once more to but John just can't stop talking about the baby and his marriage to Kristen. As John babbles on Marlena fantasizing about what it would be like being married to John again. John tells her she is an important part of his life an means so much to her, but he won't give Marlena a chance to speak!

Back in Kristen's room Kristen has changed into the hospital gown and has ordered an orderly to take Susan away. As Kristen puts on her wedding ring Susan begins to cry because it's so hard leaving everything behind. Marlena and John then show up outside Kristen's room and see her inside her room talking to the baby. John thinks they should give her time alone with the baby, and Marlena thinks she has her chance to tell John everything when a scream comes from Kristen's room. When John and Marlena go into the room to see what's wrong Kristen's baby is having problems breathing. Marlena calls for a doctor and Kristen slips up and says "I can't lose this baby too!", but did anyone hear her with all the commotion? Marlena says there is no time to wait for the doctor so she and John rush the baby up to the pediatric ward. The baby needs heart surgery, and is rushed into the OR and Kristen demands to be there for her baby.


February 25 Summary by Tracy

It's morning and Carrie comes to the hospital wondering why Austin did not come home during the night. She arrives at Sami's room to see Austin still in bed with Sami and as she goes to walk in she hears Austin say "I love you" to Sami. She is deviated and turns around with her face in her hands when Kate shows up. K asks what is wrong and Carrie tells her what's going on. Kate says she hates to say it but she still wonders if Sami is faking the amnesia. In Sami's room, she wakes up when A says this and says oh she loves him too. Just then A wakes up and realizes he was dreaming of Carrie. Sami says she was dreaming of him and A says he was dreaming of the woman he loves. (he got around that one for now). C & K come in the room when Sami realizes that A was not with the person he cares about last night. Everyone tenses up wondering who Sami is talking about when she mentions Will. Seems Kate is keeping him and he's just fine. Sami also realizes that A might be hungry - the nurse will bring her food soon but what will A do. K suggests that he go get something and that Carrie keep him company. Kate uses this time to question S to see if she knows more than she is letting on. S wants to look good when A returns so K offers to brush her hair. S comments that they must have gotten along well - yea right!!! K mentions that they did have some papers that they shared and she is wondering if S might remember where they are. S says she doesn't remember anything and that maybe A will know about them. K says no that it was a surprise they were working on for A. So S says she will try to remember where they are so they can do the surprise for Austin. So no luck here. Outside the room A tells C what happened and she is relieved to know what happened. Later Mike finds A/C/K talking and says S needs some more test and will schedule them for tomorrow. Kate suggests they be done today so that A & C can spend some time together being that S will be tied up for a while and won't need A. This gives C & A time to spend together at the apt. While they are there, Kate goes back in to see Sami when she starts having a lot of pain again. She asks for Austin so Mike calls for him. Carrie says it's OK for him to go because she knows that A loves her and she will not lose Austin to Sami.


Kristen joins John at their baby's side (who still remains nameless). Mrs H is in the room with them and assures them the best doctor is tending to the baby (aren't they all "the best"). M is in her office when Laura comes in wanting to know if she's talked to John. M explains about the baby and that she needs to wait. L says OK but says that as soon as the baby is stable she must tell John. So they go to find J. They find that the baby is stable so L tells J & M they have something to talk about. John grabs M and hugs her for comfort as K watches. She comes flying out to interrupt and John goes to get K something to drink leaving M & K alone. M offers her concerns and K replies that she doesn't give a dam about her baby. M says that's not true and they get into a squabble about K lying and marrying her. M says she tricked J and K says it was J's idea to marry - he choose her. M says J didn't know he had a choice but when the baby is better he will know and have a choice. K threatens M and says she will never get John from her. John walks up about then but does not hear any of the conversation. He does sense some tension but nothing is said because K starts complaining about being tired. (she is walking like she just had a baby). Later when J & K are waiting for the baby to return from test a nurse comes to K and says she has a call. I thought it was going to be S because K had just been thinking to herself that S was out of her life and once the baby was OK she was never going to deceive anyone again (I believe that one too!) But it was Lynn saying the L got out of the house before she could give her medication. K says she's at the hospital and to get here right away and give her her med. In the meantime L tells M that she is remembering again but things are still a little cloudy. M asks if she has taken her med and orders her some from the pharmacy thinking this will help with her memory lapses. Just as she about to take it Lynn shows up and gives her an excuse that she needs to take HER pill - she is a stickler for keeping up with giving out med. So L does take her pill - oh so close!!!! M shows up and they are talking when J & K show up too then the doctor shows up and says the baby is stable and doing fine. End of show - told you it was not very exciting.


February 26
In prison Jack meets his new cell Mooney, and when Mooney tries to tear up the pictures of Jen and Abby Jack grabs him by the neck and threatens to break it if he doesn't drop the photographs. The fight is broken up by a guard, and Mooney gives Jack his pictures back, but tells him he's made a big mistake. Jack then warns Mooney he'll kill him if he ever comes near his stuff again. Travis pays Jack a visit and fills him in on what the days are like in prison, and then gives Jack a tour of the place. Travis tells Jack he'll look out for him, then leaves Jack to take care of business. Travis meets with a guard to arrange a transfer to Jack's cell, and if he doesn't get it the guard will have to answer to Stefano. Later when the guard and another man return to Jack and Mooney's cell the crooked guard pretends he found a knife hidden under the sink (he really brought it into the cell himself). Jack says it's not his, and Mooney says the same, but then accuses Jack of planting the knife. The guards say they'll check the blade for prints, and Mooney tells Jack he's made himself one powerful enemy. When the crooked guard returns he says that Mooney's prints are all over the knife and they take him away, but Mooney warns Jack he'll be back. Later Travis is transferred into Jack's cell, which Jack thinks is a good thing. Little does he know Travis is working for Stefano.

Bo is planning to go spend some time with Shawn D. at Alice's, but Abe warns him not to make up with Hope while he's there. At Alice's Hope tells her Gran that she wants Bo back, but he is backing away from her. Hope suspects something is going on, and she's going to find out what it is. Alice tells Hope she knows God will make everything right for both Hope and Jen. Bo shows up and asks Shawn D. about the joint he took for his friend, and Bo tells Shawn D. he's proud of him. Bo also tells Shawn D. both his parents love him, and not to blame himself for their breakup. Shawn D. leaves for practice, and Hope and Bo talk, mostly about Shawn D. Hope tries to switch the topic to them, but Bo refuses to talk about the situation, until Hope tells him she wants to work with Bo and on the drug case. Bo tries to play it off that he isn't a part of it, but Hope says she knows he's going after the big guy now that it involve's Shawn D. Bo plays her off and acts like he's a changed man now, and when Hope asks where she fits into his life now he tells her he doesn't know right now and leaves.

At Jen's house Abby makes a card thanking her Daddy for a cross he gave her, but she also asks when he will be back home from his "trip". Later Jen gets a call from Alice, who's checking up on her and Abby. Hope decides to pay Jen a visit to see how she's holding up. Jen tells Hope she doesn't know how she's going to break the news to Abby that her daddy isn't coming back. She also tells Hope that now that Jack's gone she really realizes how much it meant to her to have him around. When Jen asks Hope about how things are going for her and Bo, Hope says she thinks she's really lost Bo this time. Hope also tells Jen that she suspects Bo is in on the drug case, and she is going to be in on it whether Bo likes it or not!

Later Bo meets with Abe and asks him to put Hope back on the force so she can work with them, but Abe refuses. Bo senses Abe is holding something back, and Abe tells Bo there is another danger involved!

At the hospital John and Kristen learn "their" baby is going to be okay, and Marlena decides that now is the time to tell John everything. However, before Marlena can say anything she is interrupted by the doctor who has found a heart defect in "their" child and he'll need surgery. Dr. Robins comes in on the conversation and tells Kristen he needs to examine her, and when she can't get out of it she begins to panic and runs off. John doesn't understand why she ran off, and he asks Marlena if she knows something, but she says she doesn't. When John, Marlena, Laura, and Dr. Robins arrive at Kristen's room Kristen has locked herself in! Kristen eventually opens the door, and says she only wanted to be alone. The Dr. then tells her he would like to examine her, but she refuses and says she needs to be with her baby now, and storms off. John decides to go off and see what is bothering Kristen, and Marlena goes with him. John asks Kristen to please let the doctor to examine her, but she says it's a waste of time because the baby is all that matters. John then asks Marlena to watch Brady for the night because he's going to stay at the hospital. Laura confronts Marlena and tells her that she feels like telling John the truth herself, but Marlena says the time isn't right and she can't tell him.


February 27
At Titan Vivian is busy wooing a client when Kate makes her look like a fool by telling him to fax any and all contracts to her. After the client leaves Kate and Vivian have a mini showdown and Vivian says in the end she'll have Victor and Kate will be out of Titan and Victor's life.

Franco comes by Titan to see Billie, who is putting the photo of Hope and Franco on the cover. Franco then goes into his old routine of how Bo still loves her and she can win him back. Later Kate stops in and tells Billie she should listen to Franco and make Bo want her as much as she wants him. Billie decides to take her mothers advice and decides to go all out for Bo.

Lucas comes to visit Sami and ends up supporting Carrie who is having a tough time dealing with all the attention Sami is getting from Austin. Inside Sami's room Austin assures Sami nothing is more important than her getting better, and Austin tells her she will walk again. Outside Lucas gives Carrie a gardenia to cheer her up, but it only reminds her of the ones Austin gave her on Valentines Day. Lucas sees how much Carrie is hurting, and he offers to sit with Sami so that Austin and Carrie can spend some private time together. Mike gets some test results back about Sami, and it's not good. Sami's paralysis is due to spinal injuries, and their is a very real possibility Sami may never walk, or get her memory back again.

Later Kate comes to see Sami about the "papers" Sami has of Kate's, and Kate tells her to not tell anyone about them, but if she recalls to tell Kate where they may be. Kate asks Sami to try hard to remember, and as she is urging Sami on Lucas walks in and asks her what she does she think she is doing. Lucas drags Kate outside Sami's room and scolds his mom when Vivian shows up with a gigantic teddy bear for Sami. Lucas takes a stand and orders them both to leave, and they do, but Vivian says she'll be back. When Lucas returns to Sami's room she is in a great deal of pain so Lucas goes to get Mike. Austin and Carries private time is interrupted by Mike, who tells them Sami needs Austin because she is in pain.

Hope, Alice, and Maggie meet to talk and Hope tells them Bo has changed, and she can't figure out why. She says that Bo's no longer interested in getting back together with her, and he no longer has the old desire to bust the drug dealers, so she's decided she will go after them herself! Maggie and Alice tell her that is to dangerous, and she should just focus on getting Bo back. Hope decides that she will try and get Bo back, and she will do anything she can to get him back. When Franco stops by to try and make a lunch date with Hope, Hope says she can't because she needs to start her campaign to get Bo back. Franco then mumbles to himself that Billie must win this war.

Both Billie and Hope go to the same clothing store to buy dresses, and they are trying them on in the dressing rooms that are right next to each other! As each of them tries on their dress they have fantasies about Bo's reaction to them. Both Hope and Billie come out of the changing rooms and end up running into each other! Hope asks Billie why she is buying a new dress, and when Billie says she bought it for no special occasion Hope tells her to be honest. Both Hope and Billie tell each other that the reason they have bought their dresses is because they are planning on going after Bo. They then get into a ladylike quarrel, and they both decide to give it their best shot. Hope makes a comment that she will fight for Bo even though Billie has an edge right now. When Billie asks what she means Hope tells her that she has an edge because Bo is dating her again. Billie tells Hop they aren't dating, and Hope wonders once more why Bo is pushing her away.

Back at Titan Franco receives a large sum of money in a briefcase. When Billie returns with her dress Franco is pleased that she took his advice and is going after Bo.

Bo and Abe meet under the pier, and Abe tells Bo there is a new glitch that could get him killed. When Bo asks what the problem is Abe says that the DA has Abe's office guarded by a police officer with orders to shoot to kill, and inside the office a laser beam motion detector has been installed. Abe gives Bo the blueprints and Safe combo and tells him to be careful. Because only Abe and Bo know about the undercover operation he can't give Bo clearance to the files, so Bo has to steal them. To make things worse if Bo gets caught and no charges are brought against him King will suspect something is up and go after him anyways! Bo understands the risks and says he can do it, and Abe wishes him luck.

Abe locks up his office and turns on the laser beams and then orders the guard to shoot if needed. Meanwhile one of the other cops at the station is on Kings payroll and is looking out for how Bo will get the evidence, if Bo just walks in they'll know it's a set up. Up in the air ducks Bo is crawling around until he is right over Abe's office, and then prepares to make his decent down. Down on the other side of Abe's office the crooked cop manages to get rid of the guard at Abe's door so Bo can get the evidence easier, and she tells King that she heard noises coming from the ceiling and thinks Bo is breaking in through the air ducts. Back inside Abe's office Bo begins working his way through the lasers to the safe, when Hope shows up to see Abe! Hope is stopped by the guard and is told Abe isn't here, so she says she'll leave a note. Meanwhile inside Abe's office Bo is in trouble, the lasers have begun to move, and one of them is heading right towards Bo!


February 28
At the hospital John is with Kristen, who is scarred about the outcome of "their" child's surgery. John decides to go check up on the surgery when he returns he tells he everything is going well and on schedule. Kristen then tells John she needs him and asks her to make love it her. John wants to, but he is concerned about her health and asks if Dr. Robins should check her out first. Kristen tells him he is fine, but John can't go through with it because the baby is on his mind right now.

At the hospital Marlena awaits good news on the baby's condition so she can tell John everything. It looks like Marlena's prayer has been answered, John approaches her and says the baby won't need surgery, and Marlena goes to tell John everything Kristen has done. Kristen shows up and tries to stop Marlena from telling John, but Marlena tells John she loves him anyways, and explains what Kristen has done to keep them apart. John believes every word Marlena has said, and John tells Kristen he's going to annul their marriage as soon as he can! Unfortunately the entire sequence was a dream Marlena was having, and she asks God to let the baby be well so her dream can come true. At the DiMera Mansion Marlena spends time with Brady, who asks if she will still love him now that Kristen is his mommy. Marlena tells Brady she will always love him and gives him a hug. Later Lexie shows up to pay a visit to Marlena and fill her in on the baby's condition. Marlena is happy at the news, and slips up and says now she can tell John the truth about Kristen. Lexie asks what things she's talking about, and Marlena slips up and says "Let's just say she's truly Stefano's daughter." Marlena apologizes to Lexie and Lexie understands. Marlena then fills Lexie in on the details, and she says that at least the marriage can be annulled since they haven't made love. Lexie then tells Marlena when she was leaving she saw John and Kristen in bed, and it looked intimate. Marlena is outraged and asks Lexie to watch over the kids for a bit while she has it out with Kristen once and for all. Marlena shows up in Kristen's room and finds a sleeping John in her bed, and to her surprise he reaches out to her and kisses her!

Later Vivian comes to show Kristen her support and to help her out of the problem she is facing.

At Titan Billie shows off her new dress to Franco and says that Bo will be hers, and that he will win Hope's love. Billie tells Franco he's very confident and asks if he has a plan to win Hope's love, but he says he doesn't want to jinx it by talking about it. Billie leaves to try and find Bo, and Franco calls his boss to report that he is going to go after Hope with his newly acquired wealth.

At the police station Hope is stopped by the police officer from going into Abe's office, and he explains about the security system. Inside Abe's office Bo hears Hope outside and wonders what she is doing there. Back on the outside Hope sees the odd light shining inside of Abe's office and asks what's going on. The guard tells Hope about the security system, and as Hope slips a note under Abe's door she becomes curious as to what is going on. Meanwhile the crooked cop informs J.L. King about Hope showing up, and J.L. says if anyone gets in his way, including Hope, they will be dead!

Bo manages to snag the files he needs and gets out of Abe's office. Bo calls Abe to tell him everything is fine, except that he suspect Hope is getting to close to the case so Abe agrees to try and throw Hope off track. Abe returns to his office and finds Hope waiting for him. They go into Abe's office to talk, and Hope begins to ask questions about Bo and what's going on with him. Hope asks Abe point blank if Bo is undercover but Abe says he's not, mainly because Bo has changed and not for the better. The two of them talk about Bo's grim outlook on things, and when she wants to help with the drug case Abe tells her to let the cops handle it, and the best thing she could do is stay out of Bo's life.

Meanwhile Bo phones one of J.L. Kings goons and he tells him to bring the evidence to the Snake Pit club. The goon also tells Bo that they know about Hope showing up at the office, and if she somehow gets to close to what's going on something serious will happen to her.

Later when Hope returns to Titan to see what's on her schedule she confides in Franco what is going on with Bo. Hope then comes up with a plan, but needs Franco's help. Hope wants to go to the snake pit to try and catch some of the drug runners, and Franco reluctantly agrees to go.

Billie goes to see Bo, but finds out Bo has gone to the Snake Pit. Curious as to what Bo is doing at such a place she decides to find out for herself. Billie shows up at the Snake Pit, unknowing that both Bo, and now her are being watched by J.L. King. Billie approaches Bo, and Bo tells Billie she needs to leave. Suddenly Hope walks into the place with Franco, and as J.L. King watches he prepares to set a trap for Bo, to find out if he's undercover once and for all.

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