February 97 Week 3


February 17
At the Dimera mansion John gives Kristen an amethyst charm, which is the birthstone of their baby. Kristen is so happy and tells him she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him, and John tells her once they are married tomorrow he'll never go back on his wedding vows. As they sit and discuss the wedding plans John realizes that Kristen could go into labor at any minuet and he says he has plans to arrange. Kristen asks what plans John says he has to have the car filled and bags packed so that he can be ready when she goes into labor.

Susan calls Kristen's phone from her hospital room and says "It's comin, It's coming" and then drops the phone. Unfortunately Marlena has Kristen's phone and is confused by the call. Marlena thinks maybe she should call Kristen, but she doesn't know what she'd say to her. Back in the hospital room the nurse tells Susan that the doctor has been called, and they will also be calling John.

Back at the DiMera mansion John leaves to go upstairs when the hospital calls and leaves a message for him on his machine that "Kristen" is in labor. Kristen hears the message and panics, she doesn't know what to do! Kristen calls the hospital and patches through to Susan's room. Kristen tells Susan she will be there as soon as she can, but as they talk John comes into the room and asks who's on the phone. Kristen says she was calling for take out but they don't deliver. She then asks John to go pick her up some food from various places across town, and John agrees.

Outside of Sami's room Austin and Carrie kiss, and inside Sami seems to be looking outside her room through the window in the door as if she can see Austin and Carrie. Carrie sees Sami looking at them, and Austin thinks maybe he should just be honest with her but Carrie says no, they have to stick to the plan. Carrie gives Austin the roses he gave to her and tells him to give them to Sami and say that Carrie was just admiring the roses. Austin goes into Sami's room and when she asks why he gave the flowers to Carrie, but Austin says she was just admiring them because they were for her. Outside Marlena comes to see Carrie, and she tells her about the odd phone call she got on Kristen's phone. Austin then comes out of Sami's room and talks with Marlena, and they tell her about their plans to have dinner at Chez Vous.

Sami dreams of having a romantic evening with Austin at Chez Vous.

After Marlena has visited with Sami she runs into a nurse who tells Marlena that her friend Kristen Blake is in labor. Marlena rushes to the ER with the nurse and is shocked that John isn't there with Kristen, so she calls home and leaves a message on the machine. She then decides to call his cell phone and reaches him and tells him to get there ASAP. As Marlena tells John Kristen shows up behind her disguised as someone else.

At Jack and Jen's Jack asks Jen if she would go out to dinner with him since it's Valentines Day. Jen is reluctant to say yes so Jack tells her to forget he asked. Later Jen comes down dressed in an evening gown and asks Jack if he still would like to go our to dinner. Jack and Jen then go out to Chez Vous for a night of dinner and dancing. When Jack asks the people to play Crazy for You Jen becomes upset and runs out. Carrie decides to go after Jen and Austin talks with Jack. Jen tells Carrie it's not fair that Jack has to leave because he's finally become the man he always wanted him to be. When Carrie asks if she still has feelings Jen says she can't afford to feel anything else for Jack because it's to late now. After talking for awhile Jen and Carrie return to their dates. Jack asks Jen if she wants to leave, but she says no. Jack thanks Jen and says it's important for him to be there with her since he's going away, and Jen says Jack may not physically be with her, but she knows his heart is.

At the warehouse on the docks J.L. King shows Bo the tape of him pocketing the money and he wants Bo to break into Abe's office and find out what evidence Abe has on him. Bo refuses to be J.L.'s stooge and tells him to take his job and shove it. J.L. tells Bo that if this tape gets out everyone he loves and likes will despise him. Bo agrees to do the favor for him but only if J.L. agrees to give him all the copies of the tape. Bo leaves and on his way back to Mrs. Horton's he meets up with Abe, the entire thing has been a setup! Bo asks Abe if they can talk tomorrow because he has to go see Hope, but Abe tells Bo there is no way he can see Hope tonight. Abe says for this plan to work effectively he has to keep this sharade up that he gave up his old life, and if he tells Hope anything he could be putting her life in danger.

Hope is waiting for Bo to return to Mrs. Horton's house so they can reconcile but Bo doesn't show up.


February 18 Summary by Tracy
Billie is at The Cheatin Heart playing pool (by herself) when Franco comes in. BTW Billie is wearing a very loose sweater so they can do a full camera shot. Franco tells B that Hope is going to try and work things out with Bo and she concedes that there's no chance for her and Bo now. But Franco doesn't understand how she can give up so easy on the man she loves - he would never give up on Hope. Yep he admits to Billie that he has fallen for Hope. They talk some more about their "lost love" and leave the bar to got for a walk. In the meantime Bo tells Abe he's not going to go through with the plan if it means not telling Hope what's going on so they can get back together. Abe says he has no choice - he can't get back with Hope. So Bo says he quits and storms off to see Hope. Hope comes in on Gran getting ready to sew a button on Shawn-D's coat when she offers to do it (at least she'll try) so Gran heads to bed and Hope reaches in the coat pocket to get the button and pulls out a joint. She's upset and heads outside when Shawn-D joins her (he hasn't seen her since she returned). She kissed him and asked if he had anything he wanted to talk about. He said no and heads inside but then changes his mind. He says he stole something from a friend today - and proceeds to tell her about the joint and his friend. He talks about how easy it is for his friends to get drugs. He is able to keep people from forcing them on him when he tells them his parents are cops but he knows that won't last for long. Bo has arrived in time to hear this (with Abe following) and Abe tells him it's up to him to decide what he wants to do. Hope & S-D go inside and Gran comes out to find Bo there. She tells him Hope is waiting for him but he tells Gran he's confused and needs to leave. Gran comes in to tell Hope (who just told S-D they may get back together) so Hope goes looking for him. She finds him on the pier and tells him about the drugs and S-D and tells Bo they need to get the supplier of the drugs not the sellers and that this is a chance for them to work together. Bo realizes they are being watched and tells Hope he thinks she was right in saying they needed to have time apart to think - he needs to explore his feelings for Billie. Hope is shocked and says but you said you loved me all along. She says well she doesn't want to see him again then and leaves very upset. Bo says under his breath I love you Hope and leaves just as Billie and Franco hear all this and are estactic (sp?) that there may still be a chance for them to get the people they love.

At the hospital, Kristen manages to get into scrubs and puts a mask on her face along with the glasses to disguise herself. She is seen stuffing "lumpy" into a trash can saying she won't need this anymore. She gets in to see Susan and demands she get up they have to go to the private hospital and chastises Susan for not going there to begin with. Susan tries to explain what happened but K just tells her she had to get up and out before their plan blows up. Outside the ER room is Marlena who has been joined by Laura (she couldn't sleep) and Laura is excited for M - now she can tell John all about K. M asks the nurse if she can go in to see K til John gets there but K overhears this and has S say no she doesn't want anyone in there. K is panicking especially knowing that John is on the way. When John does arrive, M & L greet him and then he heads in to be with K. In with S/K, John is all excited as S has labor pains. He tries to help her focus and get past the contraction and then S says she is hot so J tells her to think of a cool place - she likes the mountains - think about skiing. She says she doesn't like the mountains (oops - K just about sh**s) but John says yes you do tell me about going skiing with Peter. Peter?? she says - boy she just about blows it but thinks quick and says he mind is so foggy all she can think about is the pain. So S/K get through this crisis. John realizes there's a nurse in there (it's K) and speaks to her but she doesn't say anything. John asks why she has a mask on and S comments that she has a cold (well if that's the case she shouldn't be there!!). Then Dr Robbins comes in (M & L call him David) and he talks to S and says he wants to do an exam to see how things are progressing. He asks the nurse (K) for a speculum (not sure if that's the right word - women know what I'm talking about) and K fumbles around and drops a pan. She hurries out and Dr R apologizes for the nurse and also asks why the mask. Again S says she has a cold and the doc says she shouldn't be there if she's sick and he will get a new nurse. S says no she likes the nurse and wants her to stay. John leaves and speaks to M & L about how excited he is about the baby coming. M says she knows how he feels - she felt the same at her children's birth. M & L realize there is not much they can do now and go to M's office for what else - TEA!!! M comments that at least K did not get J to marry her - she just knew that she would try (it wasn't for the lack of trying). K is back in with S and fusses at her again about almost screwing up earlier with J. S says she's sorry and that John is so wonderful (you could tell in the earlier scenes that she was taken with him) and no wonder she loves him so. S starts moaning again when a contraction hits and says she just wants to be knocked out until after the baby's born. K says she'll have an epidural and will be numb from the waist down but S says she wants more than that. K tells her she can't be knocked out because they would have to put a tube down her throat (revealing the false teeth) and check for contacts (again revealing them) and her wig would probably fall off and she hasn't come this far to be caught. She basically calls S a wimp and says the pain is nothing. (well I've never had a baby but I think K would be singing a different song if she were the one in labor). Back in M office she and L talk about the situation again and are both happy that this will be over soon - then M realizes how devastated J will be when he finds out the truth but tells L that will not stop her from telling him. Now back to the ER, John comes in and says look K who I found in the hall - the priest that was suppose to marry them. Now he says I can marry you before the baby is born like I promised!!! S & K both panic as John says this.



February 19
Jack and Jen's continue their romantic dinner at Chez Vous, and later take a walk on the pier. After they return home Jack gives Jen some gifts for Abby, and then Jack tells Jen he has set up an account for Jen to use to buy presents for Abby in the future. As Jen and Jack sit down to talk the police arrive to take Jack to prison.

Carrie and Austin also continue their dinner at Chez Vous. In hopes of lifting Carrie's hopes Austin gives Carrie a gardenia as a symbol of his undying love and as a promise to make all her dreams come true (Oh lord, don't turn this into another promise ring segment!)

Sami dreams of Austin back in the hospital, but when she wakes up she is in terrible pain and shouts for help. Marlena is fantasizing about being able to tell John the truth when she gets a phone call and rushes out of her room to Sami's room. Sami want's Mike to give her some pain killers, but Mike says the medication is extremely addictive and she has to be off it before she can go home. Marlena tries to calm Sami down but all Sami cries for is Austin. Marlena calls Austin and he and Carrie both come to the hospital. Sami sees the gardenia and assumes it is for her and takes it and says it's the best husband she could ask for. Carrie leaves the room, and Austin follows her and tells her he's so sorry.

In Susan/Kristen's room John has brought father Braxton in to marry them before the baby is born. However, Susan says she can't be married right now, and John asks why she's changed her mind. Susan says she's not ready and tries to delay John by asking to freshen up for the wedding, and John agrees because he has forgotten the ring and has to go back to the house to get it.

Vivian and Ivan show up dressed as the white rabbit and queen of hearts, they were at the governors Valentines dance, and asks to see a doctor because she was hit in the eye by a champagne cork. When Vivian is told to wait in a cubicle she overhears the nurses talking about Kristen needing an epidural so she rushes into the room to find Kristen and Susan there, and is shocked by their identical appearance. Susan asks Kristen to make them leave before the wedding, and Kristen is forced to tell them everything. Vivian than says she has a plan, she should let John marry Susan and everyone will think it is her. Kristen doesn't want to go with the plan, but she really has no choice.

Meanwhile Marlena gives John a call and asks if anything new has happened, and John pauses and considers telling her about the wedding but doesn't. Marlena tells John she'll be with Sami if anything new happens, and then hangs up. As Marlena goes to return to Sami she runs into father Braxton and asks him what he is doing at the hospital at so late an hour, and he just makes up some lame excuse. Later Marlena and Carrie talk about the men they love. When Sami seems to have fallen asleep Marlena decides to go check on Kristen.

Back at Susan's bed Vivian and Kristen tell Susan she will marry John, and Kristen leaves because she could jeopardize the plan. Susan doesn't want to go along and Vivian tells her to just stay quiet and John will never find out. Unfortunately John has returned just in time to hear Vivian's comment and asks them what he won't find out. Vivian then makes up an excuse that he won't find out she's nervous about the labor. When John asks why Vivian is there she tells him that she came to the hospital for medical attention when she saw Kristen and Kristen asked her to be a witness at their wedding. John asks Susan/Kristen if she really wants Vivian to be a witness, and when Susan just says "Whaell" John says he'll get Doc because she'll be glad to be a witness. The real Kristen comes out from behind the curtain she was hiding behind and gives Susan a look, and Susan then says she'd rather have Vivian.

As the wedding begins Marlena arrives at the cubical Kristen was in. Marlena asks the nurse where Kristen is, and she tells Marlena that she's been taken up to the delivery room. Marlena says "so she's about to give birth" and the nurse replies "let's just hope they can finish the wedding ceremony before the baby comes!" Marlena asks what she means by a wedding ceremony, and the nurse says Father Braxton is upstairs marrying John and Kristen right now. Marlena rushes to the elevator and says the only thing to do is to tell John everything now!


February 20
The police show up at Jack and Jen's to take Jack to prison. Jack tries to reason with the police officer but he refuses to give Jack more time. Maggie shows up to deliver some papers for the appeal, and when Maggie learns about the situation she calls Mickey. Jen then tells the police officer that he's not taking Jack to jail, and if he is it will be over her dead body. The police officer agrees to wait for Mickey, and Jack thanks Jen for everything she's done for him. Mickey shows up and tells the officer not to take him away till 6 AM, but the officer tells Mickey the order only has a date on it, not a time so he's taking him now. Suddenly Abby runs into the room and asks why the mean man is going to take him away. Jack assures Abby he isn't going anywhere right now, and Jen has Maggie take her back upstairs, but not before Abby makes Jack promise to be here in the morning. Mickey tries to reason with the officer and he eventually agrees to come back at another time. Later Maggie confronts Jen and asks if she is still in love with Jack. Jen tries to avoid answering the question by saying she can't forget that Jack shot Peter and walked out on them. Maggie reminds her that Jack has changed greatly and is giving up his freedom for the Horton family. Maggie tells Jen she thinks she loves Jack whether she wants to admit it or not. Mickey and Maggie decide to leave so Jack and Jen can be alone. Jack asks Jen what is wrong, but before she can answer Abby comes downstairs and asks Jack to read her a story. Later Jack and Abby fall asleep and Jen looks at them and can't believe Jack is leaving.

In Sami's room Sami has finally fallen asleep but Carrie is troubled by the attention Austin is giving to her. Carrie and Austin argue about the situation, but no matter what Austin says Carrie feels she's going to lose him forever to Sami. Austin promises to leave so they can continue their evening, but Mike convinces Austin to stay with Sami because he's the only one who can calm her down. Austin agrees to stay, and an upset Carrie runs out of the room. Sami wakes up and is in terrible pain but Mike won't give her anything for the pain so Austin tries to calm her down. Austin tells Sami he's there for her, so she asks him to lie in bed with her and hold her!

In another part of the hospital Marlena is trying to get on the elevator while upstairs Father Braxton is marrying Susan/Kristen and John. However Susan hesitates to say the vows, but she eventually says "I do." Suddenly a nurse comes in and says the contractions are coming closer and she asks the priest to please hurry up the ceremony, so all the wishy-washy stuff is skipped and they go right to the rings. As the priest pronounces them husband and wife Marlena walks in too late. Kristen and Marlena both watch in pain as John kisses Susan, and boy does Susan like to kiss John!

Marlena leaves and ends up running into Carrie, who confesses her fears to Marlena. Carrie tells Marlena she's lucky that she'll be able to be with John, but Marlena tells Carrie she can't because John just married Kristen. Marlena is torn up about the fact she trusted Kristen's word, and Carrie tells her she must tell John everything Kristen has done now! Carrie says true love will win in the end, and Marlena needs to go to John and she needs to go to Austin. Carrie then walks back to Sami's room, only to find Austin in bed holding Sami in his arms!

Back in Kristen/Susan's room to make the marriage legal they have to sign the wedding license. When it comes to Susan's turn she panics and Vivian says that the drugs must be effecting her so Vivian offers to help her sign her name. John walks the priest out and Kristen begins crying about how this was supposed to be happening to her. Vivian tells Susan she best forget everything that went on today, and Kristen asks for the wedding ring so she can wear it for a minuet. John then comes into the room as Kristen admires the ring on her finger, her back towards John and John asks what the hell is going on. Vivian then butts in and says that the nurse is just wearing it to hold onto it during labor, and John buys it. John then leaves to get a nurse because the contractions are growing closer, and Kristen asks to talk to Vivian in private. After they have left Susan goes off on how her husband is so cute and such a good kisser, and soon she'll be the mother of his child! Outside Vivian and Kristen talk and Vivian says Marlena will never find out about this.

Later John sees Marlena and tells her about the wedding, but Marlena refuses to congratulate them. As Marlena goes to tell John the truth a nurse yells to John that the baby is coming, and he runs off. Marlena decides that she is going to follow Carrie's advice and fight for her love.


February 21 Summary by Linda

Show starts with Hope in bed, asleep. As she's sleeping, Bo comes into the room and tells her he loves her and last night was a mistake. He has no feelings for Billie and tells Hope he loves her only. Next scene we see them in bed together. Of course, that's when Hope wakes up and Alice walks into the room. (yea, I thought it was for real too). Alice and Hope talk about Bo and there must be a logical explanation why he said what he did when he came back last night. Hope wondered if the call on his cell phone had anything to do with it. (uh oh, there is a brain working in Salem) She told Alice how differently he acted before and after the call. Bo goes into station and harasses a couple of uniforms, calling them girls and giving them a hard time. Abe comes in and calls Bo into his office and asks what's all that about? Bo tells him it's part of his bad cop routine. Bo finally convinces Abe to let Hope in on what's happening as she was a good cop and knows how to work undercover. Reluctantly Abe agrees, but tells them to be careful..(hello, in Salem??) We see Max and Mr. King talking about Bo and if he can be trusted. Max tells Mr. King about Hope (Bo's achille's heel). He tells him that she was a cop that got suspended and is a model now. King thinks she's maybe undercover doing that and puts 24 hr tail on her. At the end of the show, Bo and Hope accidentally meet on the pier (where else?). Bo tells Hope that they put a couple uniforms at S.D.'s school and she's relieved. She then tells Bo she knows something is up and it looks like he starts to tell her what (on the pier .. where they video'd him before and have been watching him???).


At Jen's house we see Laura and Jen watching Jack and Abby asleep on the couch. Jen is worried how Abby will grow up without a father and overhearing this, Jack wakes up telling Jen and Laura he's counting on them being strong for Abby. Abby asks what's going on and Jack tells her he's hungry and is going to make french toast with sprinkles for her like he promised. They go off to kitchen and we hear a loud "I love you Daddy" from Abby. Laura can't handle it and tells Jen she's not good at goodbyes and leaves. (Some shrink, huh?...just tell your patients to leave and not face their fears Laura??). Jen and Jack have breakfast with Abby. He takes her into the living room and gives her the doll house which she loves. He then gives her the cross necklace. Abby asks why, it's not her birthday, but Jack said it's to protect her and to remind her how much he loves her (sniff, sniff). Jen then takes pictures of Jack and Abby and Jack asks Jen to send him copies. Abby asks if Jack's leaving and he tells her he's going somewhere to think and she asks if she can go too? The sheriff's office calls to tell them they're on their way. Jack and Jen were going to tell Abby he's leaving, but by time she comes down from getting dressed, the sheriff is there. Abby asks "Mommy, why is that policeman here again?". Jack asks sheriff not to handcuff him in front of his daughter and he agrees. He tells her to go finish getting ready for school and she goes upstairs. (Where's Lynn????, Laura's off to hospital by herself.) Jack and Jen hug goodbye, both with tears streaming down their faces..(pass the kleenex please) as he's taken away.


Marlena is asleep on her office couch, holding photo album pages of her and John. She dreams of Kristen/John getting married in hospital and Kristen turning to her and telling her she lost and John's all mine with John caressing her and kissing her watching on to this conversation (oh P.N., you're going to love that scene). Marlena then wakes up.

Laura comes to Marlena's office. When M asks how Jack was, L said she doesn't know, she didn't see him?? (oops, she just did..was this a result of various tape dates?) M tells L how untrustworthy K has been, about NY Eve and then the wedding last night. L said John won't recognize it being a JOP in hospital w/o witnesses, but M told her it was by priest and Viv and Ivan witnessed it. M tells L it was suppose to be the "happiest day of my life" when she could tell John the truth. M gets a call that the baby is coming and they rush out.

Susan is still in labor with John at her side. Viv and Kristen talk in hallway and Viv asks K if S is still coherent after being in labor all night. John comes rushing out for the doctor as something must be wrong. Dr. R goes in and comes out to tell J that baby has turned sideways and they may need to do a C-section. Kristen overhears and panics about the scar. She and Viv talk about it and Dr. R. comes out and tells John baby turned and she's ready to have baby anytime, get back in room. K is relieved, but wants to be there when HER baby arrives, and Viv tells her the room next door is empty and has an adjoining bathroom..so they go to watch from there. Isn't it nice being allies Kristen?

They watch the baby being delivered thru the glass in door from hallway (whatsupwiththat..a door where ANYONE could watch a baby being born..not this girl!!!!). Susan delivers a perfect baby boy..K is frustrated as it should have been HER having John's baby. (No multi-racial baby here as speculated) Dr. R. gives K (er Susan) the baby to hold and she and John look lovingly at it. Later S is asleep and John strokes her face and kisses her, telling her he can't wait to have them home and steps out to call everyone to tell them about their son. K and V talk about how they love their men and would do anything to keep them (now THAT'S an understatement, haha). K is anxious to swap places with S and be with her husband and baby now. K hears Dr. R. tell Susan she can go home the next day, but they're moving her to a private room now. After they move her into a private room and she's alone, K goes in to see Susan. Susan tells K about her baby and K said it's MY baby..with Susan telling K "I gave him life". Angrily, K rips off Susan's wig and tells her she's out of there right NOW!!! I see trouble brewing between S & K..

After the baby is born, Laura convinces M to tell John the truth as a good marriage is not based on deception. Outside, as John was ready to go back into the room, Marlena stops him in hall. He tells her about the baby and asks Marlena to come see K and baby. Marlena tells John she wants to talk with him.


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