97 Week 2

Summaries By Eeyore

Feb 10
On Monday, John can't believe Kristen actually voted for Vivian. He demands to know why [and Kristen babbles on about driving around on the way to the meeting and thinking about it and simply "changing her mind"], but then Victor keels over in a dead faint. Mike is called in [since he's apparently the only doctor on call in all of Salem]. He assures everyone that Victor is suffering from exhaustion and just needs some rest [seems to me like all he ever does is rest. Anyway, Kate is quite angry at Kristen for changing her vote, and Vivian, because Kate is _always_ mad at Vivian.] Later, John looks to Kristen for an explanation [but he goes to the hospital first to lend his support to Carrie.] Kristen is furious with Vivian for doing this to her, and vows to tell Stefano. [Vivian thinks Kristen is crying wolf, but she makes it clear that her threats are not to be taken lightly.] At the hospital, Austin and Sami renew their wedding vows. Carrie can't bear to watch and tries to go, but Sami insists that her best friend, sister, and maid of honor stay for the ceremony. Marlena feels for Carrie as Austin puts the wedding ring back on Sami's finger. [It's an informal ceremony -- no priest, just Austin and Sami repeating their vows. Carrie tries to keep in mind that she is doing this so Sami can regain her memory, and she knows Austin loves her, not Sami, but the situation still upsets her so much that she has to leave the room. Sami is concerned, and Marlena tries to explain that it's a very emotional time for all of them, and Sami agrees that Carrie was always the sentimental type.] Lucas congratulates them, and Sami promises that she will help him win Carrie's love. [Carrie is so upset that when Lucas offers his friendship and comfort, she takes it.] Stefano blackmails the judge into giving Jack life without parole [to the shock of everyone in the courtroom, who thought Jack would be freed], but the judge takes pity on Jack and allows him one last night with his family [to Stefano's dismay. Alice encourages Jennifer to make it a memorable night for Jack, but it's all Jenn can do to keep from crying.] Stefano calls Peter with the news that he has found a way to keep Jack away from Jennifer forever. [The judge believes Jack's appeal will overturn his ruling, but Stefano says "Don't be too sure." Kristen finally reaches Stefano but is interrupted when both John and Marlena demand an explanation for voting for Vivian.]

Feb 11
On Tuesday, Bo is distraught about losing his boat, his job, and most of all, Hope [how about not hitting the booze so hard when you're upset, Bo.] Caroline encourages Bo to talk to Hope [who is back from Santa Rosa. I have to say, large-breasted women should *not* wear shiny blouses. Yikes. Bo is being watched by some guy, by the way. This guy has been tailing Bo for some time now. Billie openly admits to Caroline that as long as she thinks there is a chance for her and Bo, she intends to fight for him.] Bo agrees [to talk to Hope, not that she shouldn't wear shiny blouses], but walks in just in time to hear Hope thanking Franco [who is fawning over Hope as usual, and presents her with a beautiful bracelet "because she deserves it". Franco leaves Bo and Hope alone to talk, but hangs around outside and eavesdrops.] Bo tells Hope that he lost the boat [and intends to do whatever he can to get it back], and he asks if they can go somewhere to talk. Hope is tempted but [knowing how emotional she still is over the situation,] declines. [Franco, realizing that despite their problems, Bo and Hope share an extensive past together, calls up his boss and says something must be done to the boat.] Bo returns to the docks just in time to see a dark figure running off. He gives chase and finds it's Billie [she claims she was running because she thought someone was following her.] Bo is surprised, and then he smells smoke. He rushes to the boat, but by the time he gets there, the Fancy Face is engulfed in flames. John and Marlena demand to know why Kristen voted for Vivian. Kristen, feeling trapped, [fakes cramps and] rushes to her room, hoping to find Stefano there. He is, and after a brief chat, Kristen returns to John and Marlena. She explains that she voted for Vivian because she's family, so with her mother and Peter gone, Vivian is about the only blood relative she has [through her baby, that is]. She now knows it was a mistake, but at the time she thought she was doing the right thing. John buys her excuse, but Marlena doesn't. [Once Marlena leaves, Kristen confirms with John their marriage plans for tomorrow. Everything is set. At Jennifer's house, Jack spends a final evening with Abby, and sadly puts her to bed and thinks of all the times in her life that he will miss. Laura wishes she could put together her fragmented Stefano/Peter memories, because then Jack wouldn't be going to prison. Later in bed, Laura gets flashes of Stefano and Peter in her mind again and can't sleep. She decides to go to Lynn for a sedative (hmmm, Laura is a doctor. Shouldn't she have her own?) Unfortunately, Lynn is being paid a visit by Stefano, and Laura freaks when she sees them. Downstairs, Jenn sits with Jack, wishing there was something she could do about the situation. Jack agrees it's unfair, but there's nothing they can do about it (what about the appeal?)]

Feb 12
On Wednesday, the Fancy Face is burned to ruins. Bo is devastated, and wants to know what Billie was doing on the pier before the flames were spotted. Billie swears she doesn't know how the fire started, and that she didn't see anyone near the boat. [Astute detective that Bo is, he doesn't notice the guy lurking around the corner. Now that the boat is gone, Bo realizes he has absolutely nothing to offer Hope. Billie suggests he buy another boat, but Bo knows he can't afford it, and he refuses Billie's offer to help him out. Franco visits Hope again and she's reconsidering talking with Bo. She wants to call him and be there for him since he's obviously hurting. Franco tries to dissuade her, reminding her that they have an early photo shoot tomorrow and she should get some sleep. Hope agrees, but then gets a phone call canceling the shoot. She gets another phone call from some bigwig who wants to talk to Hope and Franco about a commercial. He wants to meet with them at the Penthouse Grille in half an hour. Hope hesitates, but Franco reminds her of how much money she could make. Then she could buy the boat back (like Bo would let her? Talk about a blow to his ego.)] Billie visits Kate [at the Penthouse Grille] to talk about her chances with Bo now that the Fancy Face is no more. [Kate thinks (surprise!) that Billie should go for it. She's even more insistent when she notes Hope and Franco having dinner together. Perhaps if Bo saw that, he wouldn't be so reluctant to go out with Billie.] Bo begs Abe for his job back so he can buy a new boat. Abe agrees to re-hire Bo, but he must work his way up to detective again. [Bo whines about the cut in pay for being a lowly beat cop, but beggars can't be choosers.] Bo has no choice but to accept. His misery is witnessed by a drug kingpin, whom Abe released because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. The man, named Kane, finds Bo's situation very interesting. He calls the mystery man who has been tailing Bo, and orders him to find out if Bo can be bought. Later, Bo goes with Billie to Titan [after she convinced him to go out for something to eat, and falsely said few people are at the Penthouse Grille at this late hour.] Billie knows Hope is there with Franco. [In the elevator up to the restaurant, Bo thanks Billie for being so good to him. Feeling guilty, she stops the elevator and tells Bo that maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bo disagrees, and says he needs to get out and clear his head. Meanwhile, Mr. Hotshot Commercial Guy wants to see how Hope and Franco interact (he wants a passionate couple for his ad), so he asks them to dance together so he can observe them. Hope's heart isn't quite in it, but] When Franco sees Bo, he grabs Hope and kisses her. [Kate looks on and smirks as she watches Bo's reaction. Nothing like kicking a man when he's down. Feeling a breeze, Marlena goes into Kristen's room and finds the window open. Kristen's pregnancy padding is peeking out from under the bed, but Marlena doesn't notice. She's pacing and thinking, trying to figure out what happened between Vivian and Kristen. Then she gets a chill, as if an evil presence were there. Out of nowhere, she hears Stefano's voice. But there is no one there. Downstairs, Kristen is hopeful that she and John will get married tomorrow and nothing will go wrong this time. Third time's the charm, says John. He suggests they watch a movie on video, and Kristen's all for it until he mentions including Marlena. Then Kristen says she's full of energy and feels like dancing. They end up at the Penthouse Grille, where Kristen eats a pile of food (not very plausible at this stage in her 'pregnancy'). But John is just thrilled to see Kristen so happy. She feels that she is just about home-free. Jennifer and Jack continue to discuss his miserable situation, and he confesses that he considered running away. Then, someday, he'd send for Jenn and Abby and they'd all be a family again. But, realistically, he knows he killed Peter and is paying the price for it. Nothing short of a miracle can change that.] Laura sees Stefano in Lynn's room and passes out. [Stefano tells Lynn to put her back into her bed, and when she wakes up, she will think it was a dream. Before she can do that, Abby wakes up and goes looking for Grandma.] Abby finds her and screams for help [causing Jack and Jennifer to come running. Stefano is hiding. Jack tries to call Mike, but he's in surgery, so he calls Marlena, who hurries over. Laura wakes up and claims that she saw Stefano with Lynn, but it sounds absolutely crazy and Lynn denies it of course. Marlena tries to medicate Laura, but she refuses. She says she can't go on like this - she has to know the truth. And if she can remember what happened with Stefano and Peter, then Jack will be set free. Marlena agrees to help.] Lynn tries to give Laura more medication [to keep her memories buried], but Marlena says no. [She intends to hypnotize Laura again, and the meds might interfere. Lynn frantically tries to get Stefano's attention.]

Feb 13
On Thursday, Bo sees Hope and Franco and can't understand why she lied about not being able to see him [he thought she had to go to sleep for a photo shoot the next morning. He doesn't know it was canceled.] Billie feels guilty for bringing Bo to the Penthouse Grille, not realizing he would see Franco and Hope kissing, which was planned by Franco to impress their new client, Mr. Chasen [and Franco knew damn well that Bo was watching too. Well, it worked. Bo and Billie leave, and Mr. Chasen offers Franco and Hope a job. He comments on their chemistry, and asks if they're romantically involved. Hope immediately responds that they are not. Billie stops by the photo room at Titan to pick up something, and tries to stop Bo from going in because the walls are plastered with photos of Hope and Franco. Seeing them, Bo laments not being able to give Hope the things that Franco can, and he realizes that they're from two different worlds (this is nothing new, Bo.) Billie tells Bo that what matters is that he loves Hope.] Hope is anxious to see Bo and heads over to the docks [with Franco tagging along.] She's stunned to find the Fancy Face a charred wreckage. Her heart is broken, and despite Franco's attempts to stop her, Hope is determined to meet with Bo. [She doesn't know he is watching Franco comforting her by the remains of the boat.] The drug lord Abe is set on sending to jail meets with the mystery man who has been tailing Bo. They plot to see if Bo might be their dirty cop, and make arrangements for Bo to confront the mystery man doing something illegal. [They think he might be desperate enough to work for them. If not, they'll 'take care of' him. Bo is moping around on the pier when he notices something strange going on. He goes after the guy (this is the guy who was tailing him) and demands to know what he's doing.] Stefano gets Kristen alone and informs her of what happened at Jenn's. Then John learns of Jack's prison sentence on the radio, and Kristen suggests they go over to offer their support (yeah, Kristen, you wanted Jack to fry when you thought Peter was dead.)] Kristen and John arrive at Jennifer's just as Marlena is about to hypnotize Laura [actually, she is already hypnotized and things are becoming more clear to her. She describes seeing Stefano and Peter, weak in a wheelchair. There is also a woman there, but she can't make out her face. Kristen and John's arrival break her concentration.] Lynn tells Kristen to find a way to slip Laura her medication. If not, their goose is cooked. [Kristen delays things by announcing that she has to talk to Jack, and it can't wait. She tells him she forgives him for killing Peter. Jack and Jenn are grateful, and John gushes about how wonderful Kristen is while Marlena rolls her eyes. She encourages them to stay while she hypnotizes Laura again, believing what will be revealed will affect all of them.] Meanwhile, Stefano goes through a dress rehearsal with Susan. Confident that everything is going as planned [well, as well as can be expected given Susan's mental state, which is questionable at best], Stefano leaves. Then Susan goes into full-blown labor [OK, one contraction and she knows birth is imminent.]

Feb 14
On Friday, Laura is about to remember everything that happened to her at the Blake house when Kristen knocks a vase to the floor, breaking Laura's hypnotic trance. [Kristen apologizes for being so clumsy, and Laura and Marlena are frustrated because Laura was so close to revealing what she saw.] Kristen then uses the distraction [and delay to make some tea, and she takes the opportunity] to slip a pill into Laura's cup of tea. [Kristen knows she can't be the one to give it to her, and Lynn doesn't want to get involved (now this doesn't make sense, because you'd think Stefano would have her butt if she didn't cooperate). But then Jenn shows up and Kristen has her serve the tea (pointing out which cup is Laura's), since she's prone to being a klutz lately.] Laura drinks the tea, and it causes her memory to fade completely [wow, that was fast.] Kristen leaves, but forgets her cell phone. Marlena volunteers to take it to her [but Marlena is going to the hospital first to do some research to help Laura regain her memory], and then Susan calls to tell Kristen that she is in labor [unfortunately, Susan collapsed and was taken by ambulance to University Hospital instead of the private hospital Stefano had arranged]. Marlena takes the call and all she hears is a woman's voice on the other end screaming "It's coming!" [Hope returns home and tells Alice the tragedy of the Fancy Face burning. Despite this, Alice sees the return of a sparkle in Hope's eyes. Hope admits that she has come to her senses and thinks it may have been wrong of her to leave Bo like she did. She thinks they can try to work things out. She tries to contact Bo so they can meet and talk.] Bo busts the mystery man, who gives him a sob story about losing all his money in a poker game [allegedly, there was some high-stakes gambling going on, but the guy found out it was a scam. Desperate for money for him and his pregnant wife, he stole the pot.] He then tries to bribe Bo into letting him go. At first Bo refuses, but when the man runs off, leaving a bundle of money on the ground, Bo pockets the cash and [when he gets a call from the police station regarding the gambling in the area, he] doesn't report it. [Finally Hope reaches him and he comes to the Horton's to meet her. She wonders if he knows about the boat, and he admits that he does. Why was she there? Hope says she walked by on her way home from the Penthouse Grille. Bo is relieved to learn that the little scene he witnessed between Hope and Franco was all an act. When Hope says that she would like to pursue trying to repair their relationship, Bo is all for it. But he gets an important phone call and has to leave. It is the drug lord, and he asks an incredulous Bo to help him out. Bo is dumbfounded and refuses, until he is shown a videotape of him on the pier pocketing the money.] Sami begs Austin to tell her about their life together. Austin sees how desperate and vulnerable and sweet the new Sami is, and he is compelled to share memories of the past. But Austin doesn't say a word about Sami's horrible deception. [Lucas tries to comfort Carrie, and wonders if Sami is just being her old manipulative self and is faking her amnesia. Carrie gets upset and uncomfortable when Sami privately asks her about her and Austin's love life. Sami has no memory of it, and is nervous about going home soon. Since it is Valentine's day, Austin presents Carrie with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Unfortunately, Sami sees them. Back at Jennifer's house, Laura goes to bed, sad that she was unable to help Jack. Jack dreads spending the rest of his days without Jennifer and Abby, and asks Jennifer if she would do him a favor. She seems more than willing.]

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