February 97 Week 1


Feb 3 Today's Summary by Tracy

Sami has been moved to a regular room and Marlena is sitting with her (S is asleep). Caroline comes in and asks M how she is to which she replies that she is getting stronger every day but still is paralyzed from the waist down (why are they just now revealing this!!!) and can't remember anything. They talk about how sweet Sami is now. She wakes up and a nurse brings in breakfast with a magazine. Sami sits up to eat and grabs the magazine and starts freaking out. What's wrong? asks Marlena. After shrieking some more Sami finally gets it out that the magazine is 1997. She wants to know if this is a sick joke - after all it's 1993. Then it cuts to Carrie waking up and Austin is not in the bed with her. She goes looking for him and goes into the hallway to hear voices coming from his apt. It's him and Sami having supper (now come on Really we know this is not possible) yes - it's a dream -UGH!!!!! Carrie screams, wakes up and Austin is right there to comfort her. They head to the hospital to check on Sami and get there in time to hear Marlena trying to explain about what has happened to her. They talk about the accident and she wants to know how it happened. Austin wants to do the explaining and tells Sami she was walking and hit by a car - he tells her it was him and that she knew about the car problem but he didn't listen to her. She wonders why he would not believe (boy if she only knew). She gets more upset and M asks everyone leave to give her some rest. Outside the room, A & C talk to Mickey who tells them things do not look good with the annulment. Austin wants to jog her memory and has an idea so he goes running off. Later he comes back with Will but wants to talk to M before he takes Will in to see Sami. Kate (she showed up about the time A was telling S about hitting her) gets M to come into the corridor to discuss the situation. M is hesitant - she is scared it could be too much right now and upset Will if his mom does not know him. Austin tells her he cleared it with Sami's specialist. Then Kate says - I hate to be so negative but don't you think it's possible that Sami is faking it. Carrie agrees that Sami could stoop that low so Marlena agrees to let A take Will in. After all Sami cannot hide her feelings for Will. If she remembers they will see it in her eyes. So Austin heads in with Will and everyone behind him. Sami looks at Will and gets a smile on her face but she is only responding to the cute baby not her son. Will asks for "Mama" and Sami gets upset because the baby wants his mother and he should be with her. She asks if she should know him (Carrie told her earlier that A had gone to get something that might help her remember) and also asks Carrie is it is her baby (they should have lied and said yes!!! her ha ha). But C says no and when everyone realizes Sami still does not remember they leave. C & A go back in later and when they leave her this time Carrie turns on the tape that they were playing for her in ICU - thinking it may soothe Sami as she is really upset about the memory loss. Out in the corridor C & A are talking about how this is effecting their future when Mickey returns to get the briefcase he left behind. C & A asks him if their is another way to get the annulment because they don't think Sami will get her memory back. He tells them he knows of no other way (come on Mickey I thought you were the best lawyer around) but will see what he can do - at best it will be a looooong time. About that time C& A hear Sami screaming "I remember I remember" But what she has remembered so far is............her giving birth to Will with Austin holding her hand, her at Austin's apt talking to Will about how his Daddy should see his smile and her wedding to Austin. So for now it looks like it's selective memory!!!!


Susan gets home and puts the chain on the door when here comes Viv and Ivan. She answers the door but leaves the chain on so the door is just barely open. Viv tries to pass herself off as a census person. This scene is TOO FUNNY. The conversation is hilarious!!! You need to watch to appreciate it. One thing that's funny is when Viv asks her what her name is - she didn't catch it to which Susan replies - I didn't throw it to you!!! ROTFMLAS!!!!!! The whole conversation is like this. Finally Susan asks for ID but when Ivan can't produce anything Susan says she has to go besides she's not suppose to talk to anyone. Viv and Ivan are still in the hall (hiding) trying to figure out what to do next when Susan comes out to go to the store. She talks to herself and says she is going to get some chiiiickeeen and fiiiiisshh so she will get thin and then she will be a model.. Yes siree that's right and she walks off dancing a little jig. It's great!! So Viv and Ivan decide to break in (well actually Ivan didn't want to do this) to snoop around for something to like Susan and Kristen. While this is going on, John and Kristen are still at Salem Place when they are joined by Kate. They talk about Viv and how desperate she is to stay on at Titan and will do anything. Kate mentions that if you have any deep dark secrets Viv is just the person to find them. They tease about this and John admits he has one - he loves chocolate covered ants - ha ha. Kristen is getting uneasy about this and again John mentions to Kristen the "deep dark secret" thing. (is this a foretaste of what's to come). After Kate leaves, K gets John to get more hot chocolate while she calls Susan just to make sure everything is OK. She gets the answering machine (Viv and Ivan are there listening in) but K hangs up and doesn't leave a message. K joins J for hot chocolate (I see we've switched from tea) and just as they are getting ready to leave K's cell phone rings. It's Susan asking K to come quick she needs her. K thinks that Susan is in labor and tells J she needs to check on a friend and will see him later. So he decides to head to the hospital to check on Sami and K heads to Susan's to check on her. So at the hospital, John finds M who is upset that Sami did not even recognize Will and he offers her a shoulder to cry on. He tells her she is always there for everyone else and he wants to be there for her. You can tell she is thinking about telling him how she feels and has flashbacks of finding John's letter and then promising K not to tell J anything til the baby's born which makes her change her mind and she says she is just upset about Carrie and Austin and their "denied" love. John tells her she's not talking about C & A - he knows who she is talking about. Marlena asks if she is that obvious? Then we see Kristen rushing into Susan's apt asking what's wrong - is everything OK - are you in labor? Susan has her back to her and doesn't answer. Kristen yells at her again and Susan turns around - only it's VIV!!!!!!! End of show


Feb 4
Jack, Jen, and Abby play a game of checkers, and after Abby leaves to go up to bed and Jack tells Jen he's no longer going to plead guilty to Peter's murder. Suddenly Mickey comes over with news that the tabloids are printing more lies, and Jen tells Mickey that Jack has changed his mind about his plea. However, Jack sees the new tabloid news he says he's changed his mind again, he's pleading guilty. Jen tries to change his mind but he can't let this ruin the families reputation. Mickey files the papers and that they have been assigned a judge, James Cammeron. Later Jack makes arrangements for Jen and Abby to be taken care of while he's in prison. Jen asks him if there is anything he wants to remember before he goes away. Jack says there is one thing, and he kisses Jen.

In the hospital Sami remembers Will's birth, spending time with him, and marrying Austin. Sami shouts she remembers and Carrie and Austin her from outside and come running to see what she remembered. Sami says she remembers everything and Mike comes in to check on her. Sami tells him she feels okay, but she can't move her legs. Austin and Carrie leave to let Mike examine her and they both think they are now free to marry.

In another part of the hospital Marlena contemplates telling John everything, but instead she makes up an excuse about Austin and Carrie and John tells her he knows what she is really feeling. Marlena is overjoyed that he knows, but John doesn't know what Marlena thinks he does. John thinks that Marlena is hurting because her affair with him has been brought back up. A nurse then comes to get Marlena and tells her Mike wants to see her.

Marlena and John come to the ICU and meet Austin and Carrie and they tell them Sami has remembered. Carrie hopes that this experience has changed Sami for the better, and then Mike comes out of the room. Mike says that all she talked about was the baby and she wants to see him, but he warns everyone not to push her. Everyone goes into see Sami and Will is brought in and Sami hugs him and breaks down in tears. Austin asks her a few questions, and they find out that Sami thinks that Austin and her and married because they love each other. Sami then tells them she can't fully remember everything and begins asking Austin how the began dating, and how he propose, but before he can answer Marlena says they need to let Sami get some rest, so they leave. Outside her room Marlena tells them that playing the wedding tape for Sami while she was in the coma may have somehow partially jogged her memory, but there's no telling when it will all come back. Carrie goes to be with Austin, and John comes to support Marlena. Austin says there has to be a way to help Sami regain her memory, and Marlena says there is a way. Mike and Marlena suggest that Austin play the role of her happy husband, but Carrie says no way!

Kristen shows up at Susan's to find Vivian dressed up in the blond wig, and she tells Kristen she's on to her. Kristen tries to leave, but Ivan stops her and Viv tells Kristen to sit down. Vivian shows her a phone number she found that looks a lot like hers, and when Kristen denies it Viv calls the number and Kristen's cell phone rings. Kristen picks up her phone and Vivian then says "Kri-stan, it's Sus-an, I neeeeeed youuuu, get over here right awayyyyyy". Kristen says that Susan is just a friend, and that Vivian is wasting her time. Kristen tries to leave but Ivan stops her once again. Vivian asks Kristen about why Susan has Kristen's hair, her teeth, her wardrobe, and asks what's going on. Kristen says that Susan is just trying to be like her, but Vivian knows better and accuses her of faking her pregnancy and having Susan stand in for her. Kristen denies it and tries to leave and Vivian pulls her pillow out. Kristen asks what she wants, and Vivian says she votes for her she will expose her and John will return to Marlena, the woman he really loves. Kristen tells her not to threaten her or she will have Stefano to deal with. Vivian says Stefano is dead, and Kristen asks her if she want's to take that chance. Vivian tells Kristen she's bluffing, and she either helps her, or loses John.


Feb 5
Bo is alone on the docks when Billie finds him there. Billie thinks she may have a chance to be with Bo again so she approaches him. She asks Bo where he'll be living and he says he and Shawn D. will be moving into the pub. When Billie asks how long Hope will be gone Bo becomes depressed and frustrated about the situation and how he's messed up everyone's lives. Billie tries to comfort him but Bo can't see how his life could get much worse. Billie says that Hope just needs time and that she is here for him. Later John finds Bo on the docks and he tells him he knows what it's like being separated from the woman you love, and he admits to Bo that he is still in love with Marlena. John confesses everything to Bo, about Aremid and the letter, and he says that he hasn't told Marlena because he knows that Marlena only loves him as a friend. Bo urges him to tell Marlena but John thinks his place is with Kristen now. Bo asks if it is possible to love two women at the same time, and John says yes, and Bo wonders how you know whether your with the right woman. John tells Bo to follow his heart, because if he doesn't it might end up being to late for Bo just like it is for him. After John has left Marlena shows up to join Bo's party on the pier. Marlena fills him in on the Sami/Austin/Carrie situation and he tells her that he recalls what someone told him earlier, that true love will win in the end. When she asks who told him that Bo just says it's someone who isn't with the person they love.

At the hospital John calls Kate because she thinks Austin will need her support. However, the only thing on Kate's mind is keeping Sami from regaining her full memory and telling Vivian. At the hospital the nurse shows Sami a wedding video while outside Carrie refuses to let Austin play the part of the happy husband. Austin does not want to do this either, but Marlena says the only way to bring Sami to a full recovery is to play along. If Sami were to learn the truth about Will and their marriage it could harm her, and possibly make her forget everything again. Carrie brings up the possibility that Sami is faking, and Kate shows up and says she has to agree with Carrie on this but Marlena says Sami is showing no signs of faking. Carrie says it's just ironic she only remembers certain things and Mike says that it's not uncommon to remember the happy things first. Austin feels guilty that he has done this to Sami and doesn't know what to do, so her puts the decision on Carrie's shoulders (How gentlemanly). As they talk amongst themselves the nurse comes out and tells them Sami is requesting to see Austin. Austin goes into the room and everyone leaves Carrie and Marlena to discuss the situation.

In Sami's room Sami sees Kate looking in on them and she asks Austin what Kate is like. Meanwhile Kate tells herself if Sami reveals her secret she'll loose both Billie and Austin forever. Inside Sami asks if Kate likes her, but he only says she's the mother of her grandchild. They discuss the pregnancy and Austin just tells her that the pregnancy was a shock, but he loves Will. Outside Billie comes to the hospital and asks what's going on, and Kate says Sami is giving the performance of a lifetime. Kate begins to rant about how Sami is a lying little schemer and Billie asks why she feels so strongly about the situation. Just then Austin comes out from the room and Billie comforts him and tells her the person who needs sympathy is Carrie.

Later Kate goes in to see a sleeping Sami, and hopes if Sami is faking by the time she remembers Austin and Carrie will be married and Billie and Bo will be together. Meanwhile Marlena manages to talk Carrie into going along with this plan to pretend Austin and Sami are happily married.

At Susan's place Vivian asks Kristen if she will vote in her favor at the board meeting, and Kristen tells her to go to hell! Vivian says the two of them have similar situations, both are fighting for the man they love. Kristen says they have nothing in common so Vivian threatens to tell John, but when Kristen says to tell him because he won't believe her Vivian says maybe not, but Marlena will. Vivian goes to leave and Kristen stops her and says she will vote for her if Vivian can give her a guarantee she won't reveal her secret or use it to blackmail her in the future. Vivian says she has her word, and Kristen says if she ever threatens her again she'll have Stefano to deal with, but Vivian says her threat is empty because Stefano is dead and gone. Kristen agrees to vote for Vivian at the board meeting, but not to underestimate her power (Kristen must have joined the Dark Side). Kristen returns home to find John standing by the fire and feels remorse. Just as John and Kristen settle in Vivian appears at their front door!


Feb 6
At Jack and Jen's, Jen is pacing around the living room trying to keep her feelings for Jack buried, especially since he'll be leaving her soon. Jack then comes down and apologizes for kissing her, but he loves her and wants to spend his last night of freedom with her. Jen isn't sure about it, but she wishes he would change his plea. Jen tells Jack she sees now that he has changed and Jack thanks her for telling him that because it will keep him going in prison. Jen then says she doesn't think she can bare him leaving her again. The two of them begin to talk about their feelings, and Jack asks if they would have had a chance if he wasn't going away. Jen says that she knows his shooting Peter was an accident, but it's still hard to forget. Jack decides it's better if he left, and Abby runs downstairs and says she had a nightmare that her Daddy left her, and Jen tells Jack he should sleep on the couch for the night.

On the docks Marlena is pacing around when Kate shows up. Kate doesn't want Austin to have to play up this sham of a marriage to Sami but Marlena says it could be the only way for Sami to heal. Kate then suggests they let Sami remain the sweet girl she is now, but Marlena refuses to let her daughter lose 4 years of her life, and the two of them get into a fight over whether Sami is faking her amnesia or not. The two of them eventually quit bickering and make up, and when it begins to rain they decide to leave.

At Austin and Carrie's, Carrie is unsure whether to agree to the plan, though she knows Marlena wants her to, and suspects Austin does as well. Carrie eventually decides that she does not want him to do it, and Austin says he will abide by her wishes. However, when Will begins to start crying and Austin has to go attend to him she wonders if she made the right choice. When Carrie hears Will call for his mother she decides that it would be best if he did pretend to be married to Sami.

Back at the hospital Lucas shows up in Sami's room to find her awake, but Sami doesn't recognize him! Lucas explains to her he is her partner in crime, keeper of secrets. Sami honestly says she doesn't know him and Lucas asks if this is one of her scams, and if it is he can trust her. Lucas eventually realizes that she honestly doesn't remember, and then Sami goes off on how she is married and in love with Austin, and Lucas comments "That's what I call selective memory." Lucas tells her he knows that's what she thinks, but he's going to tell her the real story! However, before he can tell her anything Mike comes in and prevents him from telling her the truth, and explains everything to him. Lucas agrees to happily go along with the sham, and Mike warns him not to take advantage of the situation, what's important here is Sami. Lucas than has this fantasy of Austin leaving Carrie for Sami and Carrie looking to him for support, and Lucas swears to make it happen. Lucas later goes back in to see Sami, and when she asks about what he meant earlier about being in cahoots together and Lucas says he was just joking. Then Lucas goes off and fills her head with ideas that Austin loves her more than life itself. Sami then asks if Carrie has anyone special in her life, and he says no, but he likes her. Sami then says if there's anything she can do to help him she will.

At the DiMera Mansion Vivian shows up and tells John she wants to talk about Kristen's pregnancy. Vivian then begins provoking Kristen by touching the baby, and then says it's so odd why she doesn't like people touching her. John tells Vivian it's late and they want to go to bed, but Kristen tells John to just let her in, so he does. Vivian comes in and manages to get rid of John, and after he's out of the room Vivian begins to threaten Kristen again, warning her what the price will be if she doesn't vote her way tomorrow at the board meeting. Kristen says she can't support her, and when John returns Vivian decides to talk about the baby. Suddenly Kate and Marlena come in, and Kate accuses Vivian of trying to win votes. Vivian then coerces Kristen to show her the garden, despite the fact that it's raining and that nothing is growing. John thinks it's so odd and Kate warns John that Vivian has a way to worm her way into their lives. Outside Vivian says if she doesn't vote for her she'll have to present everyone inside with her little baby. Kristen says she'll think about it, but can't make any promises. Vivian tells Kristen she has until tomorrow, or else. When Kristen goes back inside Marlena becomes suspicious, and when John assures Kate they both will vote against Vivian Kristen says "you betcha."


Feb 7
At Jack and Jen's it's the day for Jack's sentencing and Abby asks Jack to pick her up after school, but he says he has an appointment. Jack tells Abby he loves her very much, and even if he's not here he'll always love her. After Abby leaves, Laura and Jen try and change Jack's mind but he refuses to change his plea. Everyone arrives at the courthouse, and Mickey has arranged for all reporters to be thrown off track. Jen asks if Mickey can sway the judge, and Alice says she wrote a very strong letter to the judge, who was a patient of Tom's. However once the hearing begins the assistant DA requests the judge remove himself from the case because of his connection with the family. However the judge refuses and the hearing begins. Both sides speak their cases, and Jack pleads his own case and the judge retires to make his decision. Mickey is sure that the judge is on their side, but when the judge enters his chambers Stefano is waiting for him!

At the DiMera Mansion Marlena is getting ready to go to the hospital and John is preparing for the Titan Board meeting. Marlena is hurting because today is the day for Carrie to announce her decision, and Marlena knows someone will end up hurt. Upstairs Kristen is at a crossroads and calls Stefano for help, but she only gets one of his goons. Kristen comes downstairs to see John holding Marlena in his arms, and she hears him talking about how he loves Carrie and Sami just like they were his own kids. Then John tells Marlena that if she wants she can move out, and when Marlena asks whose idea it was John says Kristen. Kristen then walks in, and the two of them get into a little tiff and Marlena decides to stay anyways. Marlena then leaves for the hospital, and John tells Kristen he has a priest coming over who is going to marry them!

At the Kiriakis Mansion Kate is so sure Vivian will be out of her and Victor's lives, and Victor talks to himself about how he wants Vivian gone, and he's going to fight like hell to get better. Vivian and Ivan return from a morning jog to find all their things packed and in the foyer.

Back at the DiMera Mansion John gets a call from Kate, Vivian has requested a voice vote to be removed from Titan, and she has the right to request it. John tells her there is no problem and they will be coming over soon. The priest then arrives, and Kristen thinks if they marry now she can get John to take her out of town and then Vivian will be dealt with. Unfortunately the priest can't marry them today, but tomorrow. The priest has only arrived to get their signatures, and Kristen is upset. When Viv gives her a call Kristen becomes distraught and tries to convince John to fly to Santa Rosa and get married today, but he reminds her she can't fly anywhere. John and Kristen then get ready to go to the meeting, and Kristen makes an excuse that she wants to change and suggests they take separate cars. John agrees because that way he can spend time with Victor, and Kristen contemplates not even showing up at the meeting.

John arrives at the mansion and assures Victor everything will be okay, and everyone arrives, but Kristen. John says Kristen is going to meet them there, and Vivian comments that she hopes she's not foolish enough to not show up. Back at the DiMera Mansion Kristen tries one more time to reach Stefano but he is unreachable. At the Kiriakis Mansion Kate decides not to wait any longer because John has Kristen's proxie with him. Vivian demands that they wait for Kristen, but when John goes to call her Kristen finally shows up, just in time to stop Vivian from telling John everything! They then take their vote, and everyone votes for Kate, but when they get to Kristen she votes for Vivian!

Carrie has a nightmare that ten years has passed and Sami has not remembered anything.

At the hospital Lucas comes to see Sami, and Lucas continues to play up Austin as her loving husband. Marlena shows up to see Sami, and Sami asks her to call Austin for her. Marlena calls Austin and Austin tells her he'll be there soon. Austin and Carrie arrive and Lucas runs into them and assures Carrie that Sami is not faking. Marlena comes out to hear Carrie's decision, and Carrie tells her they will go on with the plan. Marlena tells them once they begin they have to commit to it, and Austin understands. Carrie tells Austin to go be with Sami, and after he leaves she breaks down and asks what's she has done.

Inside Sami's room Austin and Sami watch the wedding tape and she says how she wishes she could remember everything about that day. Sami then asks where her wedding ring is, and Austin says that Carrie has it because they took it off when she went into the ER. Austin then goes outside to get the ring from Carrie, and she gives it to him. Austin returns to Sami's room and Carrie watches from the door while Austin slips Sami's ring on her finger. Then Sami asks Austin to do something, she wants to recreate their wedding.

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