February 2002 Week 4


February 25
Greta and Jen are out in Salem Place shopping, and Jack is following them and spying on them. Jack is concerned that Jen and Greta are getting too close, and that Greta may tell Jen his big secret. Jack knows if that happens it is over for him. Jen and Greta know Jack is following them. Jen and Greta argue about why Jack is following them, when Collin suddenly shows up and greets them. As Greta flirts with Collin, Jack ends up falling into a dumpster and making a fool of himself. Greta eventually goes to see Jack, and he asks who the man chatting with Jen is? Greta says he is some dreamy doctor who is interested in her, but he has a gorgeous fiancee. Greta doesn't understand why everyone flirts with Jen and not her! JAck asks her to go spy on them, but she refuses. JAck wants to know what is going on, but Greta says they'll just have to wait until Jen tells them. Jack says she won't tell him, but Greta says she'll tell her! Meanwhile, Collin talks with Jen about her cold attitude towards him and how she is hurting his feelings. As they talk, Elizabeth shows up and asks what is going on here? Elizabeth asked to be introduced, which Collin does. Elizabeth is quick to point out that she is Collin's fiancee. Elizabeth tells Collin that they really have to go meet the real estate agent, because she has a house for them to look at. Liz then quickly whisks Collin away from Jen. Jen approaches Jack and Greta, and tells Greta that they should go for tea. They then walk off and leave Jack standing there.

At Austin's, Kate has moved Lucas into Austin's apartment. Lucas manages to wake up and he recognizes his mom. Lucas goes back to sleep, and Austin walks into his apartment and is shocked to see Kate, Lucas, and the nurses and doctors in his home. Kate explains what is going on, and Austin talks to Lucas. Lucas wakes up and recognizes Austin. Austin asks Kate what the long term plans are for Lucas, he will be moved back to a long-term facility won't he? Kate says no, both she and Lucas will move in here so they can be close to Will, because that will speed up his recovery. Austin says this will be hard to explain to Sami. Kate could care less, she says all that matters is Lucas' recovery, which is going wonderfully. Kate asks Austin to go tell Sami the truth, but he says she will flip out. Kate says that should tell him something about Sami, if she was a decent human being then she would be happy he has his brother back, but she won't hold her breath. Austin says that Sami has been through a lot these past few years, she deserves to be happy. Kate says she's sorry if Lucas coming out of his coma makes Sami unhappy, but Lucas needs to spend time with Will. Austin thedan leaves to tell Sami.

At Sami's, Sami is telling her dad about her plan to move to Hawaii. Roman tells her that this dream is one of hers that won't work. Sami accuses her father of not wanting her to be happy. Roman says he wants her to be happy, but you don't get there by tricking your loved one. They continue to argue, and Sami says she is the good daughter, Carrie is the one who turned out to be the tramp of the family. Roman doesn't like Sami talking about her sister like that and wishes she would listen to him. Sami says she won't let anyone stop her from making her dreams come true, not even him! Roman points out that Lucas is coming out of his coma, so she shouldn't take Will away from his father. Sami says the rehab clinic is still over half of the country away, what difference does it make if Will sees him once a year, or less. Sami has no intentions of letting Will ever see Lucas again. Roman asks if Austin knows about this plan? Sami says of course not, and what Austin doesn't know won't hurt him. Roman says Austin will see through this plan, but Sami says she is only protecting Will. Sami then makes a deal with her dad, if and when Lucas wakes up she'll let Will spend time with him. Roman tells Sami that she doesn't have any idea what it takes to make a marriage work. He tells her that marriage is a partnership and is about honesty, because if she lies to him then the whole thing falls apart. Sami tells her dad that maybe he should have taken his own advice, he is a two time loser when it comes to marriage! Roman says it is not his fault that Anna left him, and he was never dishonest with Doc. Roman then tells Sami that she better make this engagement last a long time, because she is not ready to be anyone's wife! He also tells her that she should find a shrink and get some help, because she has a hell of a lot of maturing to do before he walks her down the isle. Roman leaves, and Austin shows up to see Sami. Sami realizes something is wrong. Austin tells Sami that she better sit down.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo tells Shawn that there is something he needs to know about his little brother. Bo tells him about the DNA tests John did on Isaac. Shawn still says JT is part of this family. Shawn tells them to forget about Isaac right now and let John go for custody. Hope says he can't, because the DNA tests proved that John isn't the father. Shawn asks them who is then? Hope says she wishes she could remember. Hope then has another white-out, but insists she is fine. Shawn says at least he and Belle no longer share a sibling, but he doesn't know Isaac, he only knows JT. Bo says it isn't up to them whether JT stays with them. Shawn says there must be SOMETHING they haven't thought of, some way to beat the system. Shawn suggests they take JT and run, but Bo makes him realize what a life on the run will be like for them. Bo assures Shawn that he will fight with all his might for JT, and they will make Glen see that JT belongs with them. Later, Shawn switches the subject and tells his parents that he has to tell them something. Hope becomes worried, and asks if this has to do with his friend Jan? Shawn says it does, and he tells her that last night he took Jan to get an abortion, but she didn't have it. Shawn tells them that he couldn't allow Jan to go through with the abortion. Hope tells Shawn that she is proud of him for being so sensitive to this girl's situation. Shawn says both she and the baby deserve a chance. Hope says one day he'll be a terrific dad. Shawn then admits to them that Jan is pregnant with his child. Both Bo and Hope are shocked.


February 26
This has not been proofed. I have so much work to do today it isn't funny, sorry
In Salem Place, Jen and Greta ditch Jack to go get tea. He is not happy about this, and once again begins to trail them. Jen wonders how to lure him into the next step of her little game. Jen gets Jack in trouble when she accuses Jack of spying on them, and a cop is nearby. The cop asks if this man is bothering them, and Jen says he is. Jen says that this man has been following them all over the mall, so the cop decides to arrest Jack! The cop is ready to take Jack off, until Greta saves him. The cop still drags Jack off, and Jen assures Greta that Jack will be fine. Jen then decides to prove Jack is not gay by seducing Jack and getting him to want to make love to her. Jen and Greta go to Barons, and Jen finds some sexy lingerie. Jack eventually shows back up and continues spying on them. The lady at the store thinks that Jack has a thing for the mannequins, and he gets Greta to try and save him. Jack claims to be gay, but the lady says no self respecting gay man would be caught dead in his outfit. Jen then walks out in her sexy lingerie, and Jack is very turned on by her. Greta then begins to finally get a clue.

At Sami's place, Austin tells Sami that his mother has moved into his apartment with Lucas. Sami is not pleased at all. Austin says if Lucas can get his life back he wants to help him, but Sami says the world is a better place without him and she wants them gone. Austin refuses and says he is standing with his family on this one. Sami says fine, and tells Austin to get out of her apartment! Austin refuses to leave, and Sami tells Austin that she will not let Kate steamroll Will the way she has him; and she says she has never been more disappointed with someone in her whole entire life!

In the hall, Kate runs into Roman and decides to try and manipulate him to suit her agenda, but he says he has no time for her right now. Kate tells Roman about Lucas living with Austin now. Roman is shocked and says Lucas should be in the hospital, but Kate says Lucas is strong enough to be home. Lucas wakes up sees Roman, and Kate talks to him about Will. Lucas slips back into unconsciousness. Kate then badmouths Sami to Roman, who is concerned how Sami is going to react to the news that Lucas is living here. Kate doesn't care, and begins planning activities for Lucas and Will. Roman tells her not to make promises she can't keep. Kate was hoping Roman would convince Sami to allow Will to see Lucas, but Roman refuses. Roman tells Kate that perhaps she should work on improving her own relationship with Sami. Kate says that Lucas has rights as Will's father, Sami has nothing to say about this and Austin will see to it. Later the doctors show Kate the exercises she has to help Lucas perform each day to stimulate his muscles.

At the Brady's, Shawn stuns his parents when he claims Jan is having his baby. Hope says this isn't making sense, and Bo asks Shawn if he is protecting the real father? Bo wants to know if he is sure he is the one who got Jan pregnant? Shawn says nothing, and Hope doesn't understand this because the only girl he's talked about is Belle and how much she means to him. Shawn says things just happened, and he promised to be there for her. Shawn says he has to go over and help Jan tell her family about this. Bo and Hope want to go with him, but he says that will make things worse, and he needs to do this alone. Bo refuses to allow Shawn to leave until they know exactly what is going on here, but Shawn says he can't right now and runs out of the house. Hope doesn't understand why all of this is happening to them now. Hope cries, and Bo says none of this makes any damn sense. Bo says that Shawn has never talked about Jan before a few days ago, and it wasn't until after they came back from Puerto Rico that he realized he loved Belle. Hope says it doesn't make sense that he would have slept with Jan, when he was so in love with Belle. Still, Bo wonders, because he remembers a conversation about sex with Shawn earlier on in the summer. Still, Hope says Shawn has not been walking around like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, which he would have been doing if he thought he got a girl pregnant. Bo says he may not have known until recently, but Hope says they are missing something here. Hope wants to believe Shawn is lying, but Bo says there son can't lie about drinking milk out of the carton. Hope wonders how Belle will handle this? Later, Hope has more whiteout.

At the Spears house, Jan's mother brings her some fruit to eat because she hasn't eaten anything today, and because the junk food is making her chubby. Jan's mother tells her that she doesn't want to be a chubbette when the new summer fashion line hits. Jan tells her mom that she'll make sure to work out before the summer. Jan's mother thinks something is up because she never agrees with her. Jan's mom says she is keeping something from her, and she wants to know what. Jan says she isn't keeping anything from her. Shawn calls Jan and says he's on his way and then they will tell her mom. Jan's mom ask who that was? Jan says it is a boy, Shawn, and he is coming over so they can talk to her. Jan's mom asks what he could possibly have to say to her? Jan asks her mom to wait until Shawn gets here, but Jan's mom refuses. Jan and her mom begin to argue, and Shawn finally shows up. Jan's mom asks him to leave, but Jan says no. Jan's mom asks him to say what he has to say and get out. Shawn asks if Jan's father is around, because this concerns the whole family. Jan then grabs the magazine Jan was clutching, and opens it to find the abortion clinic pamphlet. Jan's mother calls Jan a whore, slaps her, and then attacks Shawn! Shawn falls to the ground, and Jan runs to his side to see if he is okay. Shawn is okay, and Jan asks how she could have let this happen? Jan says she never loved her, so why should she really care? Mrs. Spears says of course she loves her, but she could never reach her, she is just like her father. Jan says she knows how she feels about her dad, he is a loser, so she must be to! Jan finally lets her mom know how it has felt to be treated the way she has treated her over the years. Jan's mother tells Jan not to think for one minute that she will support her or that bastard child she is carrying, and that the two of them are going to end up living in a gutter somewhere. Jan mom disowns her, and Jan tells her mom that she will never see her or her baby again, and she will hate her until the day she dies! Jan asks Shawn to get her out of her because she never wants to see her mom again. Shawn wants to help them work things out, but Jan says her mom would have to care first. Jan's mom says she does love her, but all Jan ever gave her was attitude. Jan asks Shawn to just get her out of here. Jan's mother then threatens to have Shawn arrested and charged with statutory rape!

At the penthouse, Belle talks to Brady and Marlena about Shawn and Jan, and that Shawn is getting in over his head with Jan. Brady doesn't like seeing his sister get overly concerned about this, but Belle says she loves Shawn, he is her life. Marlena says what she means to say is Shawn is a really important part of her life. Belle says Shawn means everything to her, and something really bad is happening to him and it scares her. Belle says SHawn makes her happy, and without him, life has no meaning. Brady tells Belle that Chloe and Phillip acted like they were each other's whole lives, and look what happened to them. However, Belle says Shawn will love him forever, and he told her that he will be in her life forever. She then accuses Brady of not knowing what it is like to love someone wholey and completely, he is afraid to do so. Brady asks her what she's talking about? Belle tells Brady that she knows he is crazy about Chloe, he is just afraid to admit it. MArlena calms them down, and tells Belle that she needs to accept that if she did lose Shawn her life would go on. Belle doesn't want to think about that, and Marlena says nobody does, but loss happens and they find ways to deal with it. MArlena says she enjoys having the two of them in her life and sharing in their lives. Brady says they love sharing their lives with her, mom. Belle is shocked that Brady called Marlena mom, but he says he knows something about love too. Belle tells them that loving Shawn could never take away her love for them, and she hugs them.


February 27
At the Penthouse, Brady decides to let Belle and Marlena talk, so he takes off. Belle then talks to her mom about Jan, and how she is just using Shawn. Belle asks her mom for some advice about Shawn and Jan, because she knows Shawn is keeping something from her. Marlena and Belle talk about unfaithfulness. Belle knows that Shawn would never betray her in that way. Belle and MArlena talk about teen sex and pregnancy, and Sami getting pregnant at a young age, and how she missed out on so much because of it. Marlena says that is why it is important she wait until she is sure it is the right time to have sex. Belle says she knows Shawn is the one, and some day they will be married and have a family. Marlena tells Belle to just wait, if she and Shawn are meant to be together then it will make it so much more exciting. Marlena tells Belle how glad she is to be her mother, and how proud she is of her. Belle tells her mom that she is also her friend.

At the Spears', Mrs. Spears accuses Shawn of using her daughter and decides to have him charged with statutory rape. Jan's mom goes to call the police, and Jan fights with her not to do this. Jan begs the cop on the phone not to send the police, and she hangs the phone up. Jan's mother thinks Shawn has her daughter hooked on him, but she says she will see him dragged off to jail by his pretty little earring. Jan says none of this is Shawn's fault, it is her fault she got pregnant. Jan's mom says nobody has to know, she can just have an abortion. Shawn says people already do know, he's told his parents, and Jan has chosen to have this baby. Mrs. Spears tells Jan that Shawn will never stay with her and help her raise this baby. Shawn defends Jan to her mother, so Mrs. Spears asks Shawn if he will marry her daughter? Shawn says they don't know what they are going to do. Jan's mother says this is just an accident waiting to happen, and she tells Shawn to get out of her house right now! Shawn refuses to go, but Jan tells him that it will be okay. Shawn goes to leave, and when he opens the door, he is shocked to see someone he knows standing there.

Brady is out driving and thinking about Belle's words that he is afraid to give himself to someone, and that he is crazy about Chloe. Brady thinks Belle is just nuts.

At the Wesley's Nancy and Craig are setting up the monopoly board, and Nancy is in a good mood because she and Chloe are getting along for once. Up in Chloe's room, Chloe sings to Sugar and realizes she is bored. She thinks about calling Phillip, but decides to let Phillip call her. Chloe goes downstairs to get ice cream, and offers them some as well. Nancy invites her to play monopoly, and she says she'd love to. Suddenly, Brady shows up! Much to Nancy's dismay, Chloe invites him in and offers him some ice cream. Chloe, the Wesley's, and Brady all play monopoly, and Chloe cleans house. Nancy opens her mouth and says that Brady doesn't think Chloe will make it professionally. Brady says he never said that, and Chloe says Nancy misunderstood what she said. Nancy asks Chloe to sing, and Chloe agrees, but only if Brady sings with her. Brady agrees, and they sing a song. Nancy and Craig applaud their performance, and Brady tells Chloe that musically speaking she had a small spark of passion, but she still has work to do. CHloe says she will go all the way, with or without him.

At Austin's place, Kate promises Lucas that he'll see Will every day. Roman warns Kate not to promise her things she can't deliver. Kate says Sami will lose if she goes up against her, but Roman tells Kate she is underestimating Sami. Kate and Roman continue to argue about what she is doing, The doctor tells Roman that Will would help Lucas recover faster. Kate begs Roman to go to Sami and convince her to let Lucas see Will. Roman agrees to help her, and they decide to go see Sami.

At Sami's, Sami and Austin continue to argue about KAte and Lucas. Sami tells Austin that she has never been more disappointed or disgusted in anyone in her whole life. Austin tells Sami that she is so screwed up, but Sami says he is in a coma for not realizing that Kate wants to ruin her life. Austin tells her that she is just so paranoid, and he tells Sami that she needs to stop being selfish and let Will get to know his father. Sami accuses Austin of only wanting Will to know Lucas because he never got to know his father, and he is just using her to get what he wants. Austin tells Sami that is her specialty, and he says he thought she had changed. Austin says they can never be a family if Will doesn't have his father in his life. Sami says Lucas is a drunk and a terrible father, but Austin says he can learn from his mistakes, and she has to learn to forgive otherwise they will have serious problems. Sami asks Austin if he will call off the wedding if she doesn't give into Kate? Austin says no, and they argue some more about Kate. Will comes out and says he heard yelling. Sami apologizes and promises not to ever let anything bad happen to him. Austin tells Will to go get some juice, and Austin asks Sami if she's going to tell Will that Lucas is here? Sami says no, and this is her decision to make, not his or her mother's. As they argue, Kate and Roman show up. Roman says they are here to talk about Will seeing Lucas. Sami tells them "over my dead body!"


February 28
At the penthouse, Belle is in her room worrying about Shawn. Belle thinks about everything going on between Jan and SHawn, and ponders what is really going on. Belle ends up calling Phillip and asks him if he might know where Shawn is. Phillip says no, and realizes he must be with Jan again. He tells her to stop worrying, Jan probably just needed a favor. Belle wonders why Shawn can't tell her about these things. Belle and Phillip decide to go to Dot.Com, where they think Jan and Shawn probably are. However, once Phillip picks Belle up, he decides to drive her to Jan's house instead to get her some answers.

At the Spears, Mrs. Spears demands Shawn get out of her house. Jan says it will be okay, and she'll call him later. Shawn goes to leave, and runs into Abe as he is leaving. Abe came because of the 911 call, and Shawn says it was a false alarm. Jan's mom shows up and asks who he is? Abe introduces himself and asks what the problem is? Jan says Shawn got his daughter pregnant, and she is under-age. She demands Shawn be arrested for statutory rape. Abe tells her that she is making a very serious accusation against a young man he knows, and he can't take any legal action until he gets the facts. Mrs. Spears swears she will have Shawn prosecuted for this, and Jan begs her not to take Shawn away from her. Jan's mom says she'll let this slide, if she has an abortion. Jan says she's having this baby, and if she tries to take Shawn away from her then she will walk out of this house and she'll never see her again! Jan's mother says "fine by me!" Abe says either they press charges, or he is taking Shawn home. Jan says she'll consult with her attorney and will contact him. Abe takes Shawn home, and Shawn is afraid to leave Jan with her mom because her mom is abusive. Abe says he'll try and do everything he can to help Jan because child abuse is a crime. Abe tells Shawn that there is nothing they can do for Jan right now, so they should sit down and talk to his parents. Back inside, Jan and her mom continue to fight. Jan's mother tells her that she is not keeping this baby and will not have anything to do with Shawn Brady! Outside, Belle and Phillip show up. After waiting for awhile, Phillip says they should go talk to Jan. Phillip decides he should go to the door, and Jan's mother calls him another sex crazed hood looking to sniff around her daughter, and to just get lost! Phillip knocks on the door again and insists he is not here to make trouble, he is just looking for Shawn Brady. Jan's mother tells him to tell Shawn to stay away from her daughter, the dirty deed has been done and she is going to protect her from him. Jan begs her mom to shut up because nobody else knows about this. Phillip demands to know what is going on? Jan asks Phillip to tell Belle that she is sorry, and Jan's mother slams the door on Phillip's face. Phillip tells Belle that this is really serious, he's never seen Jan so scared. Belle heard everything, and they wonder what is going on.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope continue discussing what Shawn has done. Hope says she has never heard anything positive about Jan, and Bo says he knows the Spears have some family problems. Hope thinks they should go over to Jan's house, but Bo thinks that is a bad idea. Hope decides to call Belle and get Jan's number, but Bo thinks that is also a bad idea especially if Belle doesn't know what is going on. Hope doesn't care and calls Belle, to ask if she has heard from Shawn. She says no, and Hope realizes Belle doesn't know. Hope asks for Jan's number, and Belle gives it to her. Hope then hangs up on her, and decides to call Jan's house. However, Abe and Shawn show up before Hope can call, and they explain what happened at the Spear's house. Bo says that consenting sex between minors isn't against the law, and Abe says he didn't want to tell Mrs. Spears that and make her more angry. Bo and Hope thank Abe for helping them. However, Bo has some more news, and Abe says he already knows what John did to LExie and Isaac. Bo tells Abe that the tests John did prove Hope is Isaac's mother. Hope says she is sorry, but Abe says nobody is to blame. Abe says he does love Isaac, and doesn't want to lose him. Bo then tells Abe that John is not the father, and it isn't DiMera. Suddenly, Hope has another white out, but insists she is okay. Abe decides to leave, and Bo and Hope talk with Shawn about what is going on. Shawn says everything will be fine, but Bo tells her nothing will be the same from now on. Shawn says he is doing the right thing by Jan, and he says he's going to tell Belle the truth tomorrow.

At Sami's, Kate and Roman show up and ask her to consider allowing Will to see Lucas. Sami refuses. Will shows up and asks about his dad, and Kate says he is closer than he thinks. Sami ends up putting Will to bed, and she says they'll talk about his daddy in the morning. Sami then goes and argues with Kate and Roman about Lucas. Will overhears that Lucas is Austin's apartment, and Sami demands Lucas be moved. Austin says Lucas can't be moved anywhere tonight. As they all argue, Will climbs out of his window, and sneaks over into Austin's apartment via the fire escape. Sami continues to rant and rave that Kate is trying to take Austin and Will away from her, that is what she's always been after and she doesn't know why her dad and Austin don't see this. Kate says she's not out to destroy her, and Austin tells Kate to stop this. Sami asks Austin to marry her right away if he loves her, but Kate says they can't! Sami says this is just proof that Kate doesn't want them married, but Kate says that isn't true. Sami asks Kate to prove it and tell Austin to marry her. Kate says she just wants them to wait for Lucas to get better before they get married. Kate asks Austin to consider what she has said, but Austin tells Sami that he'll marry her whenever she wants. Sami hugs Austin, and gives Kate an "I win look!" Sami then senses some thing is wrong, checks on Will, and finds he is missing and has gone out the window! Meanwhile, Will finds himself in danger on the fire escape when he falls through a whole. The doctor eventually hears Sami yelling for Will, and says he is all right and asks her, and the rest of the gang, to follow him. They find Will in bed with Lucas. Kate accuses Sami of being an unfit mother because there are no safety bars on Will's window. Sami says she's asked the landlord to do it, but he hasn't. Kate and Sami argue, bitch and moan. Kate tells Sami that she'll never let her stand between Lucas and his son again!


<B>March 1</b><BR>

<I>Not proofed, had 3 hours of sleep last night, I hope this makes sense</I><BR>

At the penthouse, Marlena finds John on the balcony being upset. John tells MArlena

that he is sorry,

he never wanted to be with Hope or the father of her child, but he feels bad because

he feels he has

lost something. Marlena tells him that it is only natural, he stepped in to help Hope

and JT when Bo was

away, then he had to step away when Bo returned. John still feels guilty, and tells

Marlena that he wants to

repair their marriage and get through this for their children's sake. MArlena says

for Belle it hurt her because

she realizes her dad is more human than she'd like him to be, and she doesn't want

Belle to be like Sami, walking around

for the rest of her life with an image of them on the conference table at Titan.

Roman wonders if this is payback for Roman loosing Belle to him years ago. John asks

MArlena for her professional

opinion about this. Marlena says that Isaac has bonded with Lexie and Abe, and Hope

doesn't know who the father is and that won't

make a good case. She also says if Hope does remember, he could want custody.

John can't believe this is happening. Marlena says she cares about Bo and Hope too,

but this is no longer their personal

problem and she would like it to stay that way. John says it will, and that even

though he doesn't remember most of his

life before her, he wants to spend the rest of it with her. John says even though

they have both been with other

people, for him it was always her. Marlena says Sami once said something like that a

long time ago, and then she remembers Sami's

fears that he might do it again, cheat on her that is. However, Marlena says she is

not worried about that,

but what she does worry is that he remembers so little of his past that he clings to

what he does remember.

John says he clings to her to get him through life, and he couldn't bare to lose her



At Bo and Hope's, Bo talks to Roman about John's DNA test on Isaac, and what he


Roman asks Bo if he's positive this isn't his son? Bo says he is.

Meanwhile, Hope dotes over JT, and then looks at a photo of Lexie and Isaac and can't

believe she never

knew he was hers. She wonders who his father is, and then has another whiteout.

JT wakes up, and Hope tells him that he has two brothers now, and she wants him to

grow up knowing

them. Hope wants all her children to be happy. Hope goes downstairs, and Roman tells

Hope that he is pulling

for them, and he says JT is a Brady, no matter who his father is. After Roman leaves,

Hope tells Bo that Isaac is her son, and she wants him, but so does Lexie. Hope wants

her child back,

but doesn't know how to ask her for him. Later, Hope has more white outs. She sees

herself dancing with a mysterious

man at the ball, and she tells Bo. Bo remembers the ball all too well. Later, Hope

remembers back to the hospital

when she thought her baby looked different, and she knew something was wrong even


However, Hope says Lexie was not acting suspicious then, so she couldn't have known

then. Bo wonders when that

changed, and why? Hope doesn't know, and Bo is upset because they are going to end up

sueing Abe, his boss and their friend,

for custody of Isaac. Bo says he does belong with them. Hope says she just can't

stand to have her son living

in that house, she wants to go there tonight and get her child! Bo says they can't do

that, they have to do this legally

by the book. Hope knows Bo is right, but says once she has that baby in her arms she

will never let him go!


At the DiMera mansion, Abe returns home and tells LExie that Shawn had some trouble


Lexie knows something else is bothering him. Abe tells Lexie that Isaac is Hope's


child. When Lexie doesn't react, Abe realizes she knew! Lexie says she's not

surprised, there was

always a chance, but Abe is furious and thinks she has already known! Lexie says she

didn't know,

and she says they raised Isaac and Bo and Hope should support them, Hope will get to

see Isaac.

Abe asks what if Bo and Hope lose JT? Lexie says that doesn't mean they should get

Isaac, and she says they

already have one son. Abe can't believe he is hearing this. Lexie says it doesn't

matter, they are Isaac's parents,

it doesn't matter if John or Hope wants him back, the court can't split him into

thirds. Abe then tells Lexie that

John is not Isaac's father!  Lexie is stunned, and thinks Stefano is the father, but

Abe says it isn't him either. Abe

says Hope has no idea who the father is, which pleases LExie because that is one less

person to try and steal Isaac from them.

Abe says John believes Stefano was involved in this DNA mix-up, but why would he want

John to believe a lie? Lexie says she has

no idea. Suddenly, Roman show up, and Lexie leaves them to talk.  Roman tells Abe

that he believes

Stefano was behind the baby switch, and that Lexie is involved somehow. Abe knows

they all suspect

that LExie has all the answers everyone is searching for, and Abe admits that he is

afraid they all might

be right about Lexie.  Abe says Lexie did have access to the nursery, she could have

done it, and Stefano could

have done it, but why? Roman says he didn't come here to make him doubt his wife, but

Abe says he's not.

Abe says Lexie has been acting suspicious for a long time. Abe is afraid Lexie used

drastic measure

to get and keep Isaac. Abe also knows this is close to ROman, because he lost Belle

and Marlena to another man.

Roman says he did, but it took him a long time to realize giving up Marlena and Belle

was the right thing to do.

Abe says he doesn't want to keep this child for the wrong reasons, or stay in his

marriage with Lexie for the wrong reasons.

Lexie goes downstairs to the secret room where Rolfe and Bart are. LExie informs


what is going on now. She demands to know why he is lying to her?  Rolfe swears he

doesn't know

who Isaac's father is. Lexie doesn't believe he would make a scientific error about


Rolfe refuses to give her any answers or help, because Stefano is his employer, not

her. Lexie storms

off, and Bart asks Rolfe what is really going on? Rolfe says he was certain John was

the father,

and that when he tried to switch the DNA results, he screwed them up by dropping

them. He says he knew Stefano

wasn't the father, so he fudged and made up that John was the father because he

honestly thought he was.

Meanwhile, Lexie goes to see Isaac and says everything she's done has been for him.


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