February 2002 Week 3


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February 19
At the mansion, Nicole surprises Victor at breakfast in a skimpy little workout outfit. MEanwhile, Kate calls Phillip before he runs off to school and tells him about Lucas' breakthrough. Phillip says everything seems to be going their way, and he tells his mom that Victor kicked Nicole out! Kate says that is great, and Phillip says soon they will be a family again. Kate says she will be moving back into that mansion before he knows it. Phillip asks when she is coming home? Kate says she'll be here a little while longer, but to be sure to tell his father that Lucas is getting better. Phillip thinks she should tell him herself, it might bring them closer together. Kate likes the way Phillip thinks, and Phillip interrupts his dad's breakfast with Nicole. Phillip tells his dad that he has a phone call, but won't tell him who it is. Victor leaves, and Phillip and Nicole begin arguing. Phillip says he doesn't care what she tries to pull, she isn't moving back in! Phillip starts telling Nicole that his dad is talking to his mom, and that they are talking about Lucas who is coming out of his coma! Nicole is shocked. Phillip says Victor loves Lucas like a son, so this will bring them back together, and he tells her not to even pretend that she cares about Lucas. Nicole can't believe how Kate has turned him against her, and she says she remembers when they used to be such good friends. meanwhile, Victor is delighted by Kate's news, but she says she has more news that isn't so good. Kate says Austin is in trouble and she needs his help. Kate says Austin is going to marry Sami, and she wants his help to stop this wedding. Victor tells her to conspire and plot on her own, he won't help her. Kate tells him that Sami will make their whole family suffer, including Phillip. Later, Victor walks back into the dining room just as Phillip tells Nicole that Kate and his dad will get back together. Victor tells Phillip not to be ridiculous, Kate isn't moving back into this house or into his life. Phillip and Victor argue for a bit, and when Phillip realizes he's not going to get his way, he storms off. Nicole tells Victor that he set himself up for this one, by forcing her to leave he gave her hope. Nicole assures Victor that Kate is using Phillip and won't rest until she is back in this house and life. As Nicole begins to badger Victor about how Kate is planning to take over his life and wait for him to die, Victor blows up and tells Nicole that she is turning into Kate! Nicole can't believe what he is saying, but he says everything she does is calculated to get her exactly what she wants! Nicole gives Victor back her set of keys and says he can give them to Kate! She then storms by Phillip, who asks "leaving so soon?" Nicole says yes, and this time for good. She then warns Lucas that if he lets Kate do anything to Victor he'll answer to her!

At the rehab center, Sami's heart breaks as Will continues to ask his dad to wake up, but Lucas doesn't respond. Sami tells Austin that they can't keep putting Will through this, and she tells Will that it is time to go. Will, however, refuses to leave! When Kate returns from her phone call, she is pleased to see Will throwing a temper-tantrum demanding to stay with his father. Austin and Sami manage to calm Will down when they say that he'll be able to visit Lucas again real soon. Austin tells Sami to just calm down, and then takes Will to the cafeteria to get some snacks. Kate tasks advantage of Austin leaving Sami alone to push her buttons some more. Kate and Sami argue about Lucas, and whether he will or will not come out of his coma. Kate assures Sami that when Lucas comes to she will lose Austin and Will! Kate says she can wipe her out of Austin's life anytime she wishes, and the time is right now! Sami pushes Kate's buttons by threatening to take Lucas out right now, and playfully, but sadistically, covers his face with a pillow. Kate and Sami continue to fight and bitch each other out, and Sami assures Kate that she will bring both her and her pathetic son down! Kate promises Sami that Lucas will wake up and they will take Will away from her, far far away from her! Sami says Austin will never let that happen, but Kate says when she is through with Austin he'll never want another thing to do with her again! Sami tells Kate to kiss Austin and Will goodbye, because when they leave here she will never see them again. Kate sees Austin returning, and begins putting on the waterworks to make Sami look bad. Austin drags Sami out of the room, and scolds her for not even attempting to get along with Kate. Back in the room, Kate tells Lucas that they will soon be living in Victor's mansion again, with or without him, and she knows that very soon she will marry Victor, and then they will have the Kiriakis fortune.

At the penthouse, Belle continues to wonder what is going on with Shawn. Meanwhile, John gives Marlena a lesson on what to do today. He wants her to take one of Hope's hair from her brush, and they will then test it. Belle finds out her parents are going to Bo and Hope's, so she tags along to talk to Shawn. MArlena is worried about Belle tagging along, but John says she'll be a distraction and make their job easier.

At Bo and Hope's, BElle visits Shawn, and she knows this thing hanging over them has to do with Jan. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and never wants her to doubt that. Shawn then tells Belle that Jan is pregnant, and he's the father. Shawn then wakes up from his nightmare, and wonders if he can go through with this. He realizes there is no way out of this, and that Belle will be hurt. Meanwhile, Hope wakes Bo up, he over slept. Later, John calls Bo and tells him that he and Marlena need to see him right away, it's very important. Bo says this isn't a good time, but John says it can't wait and they are on their way. John hangs up, and Bo is puzzled. Hope thinks maybe they have found out something that can help. Before Hope races off, Bo fills her in on what is happening with Shawn. He says Jan is pregnant, and he's helping her out. Later, Shawn tells his parents that they need to talk. Before Shawn can tell them that he is the "father" of Jan's baby; John, Marlena, and Belle show up. Bo asks John what is so important? John says they have come here to support them. Bo says they could have done that over the phone, so John says they came to see JT, and Marlena says they brought them some food in case they didn't feel like cooking today. Marlena and Hope go to check on the baby, and Bo asks John why he is really here? John says they are just hear to support them, but Bo doesn't buy it. Elsewhere, Marlena and Hope change JT, and Marlena spills something on her blouse so she can stay behind and wash her shirt, when in reality she steals some of Hope's hair from her brush. After she finishes, Marlena talks with Hope a little more. Hope is beginning to think Isaac could be her biological child, and she just wishes this wondering would all end. Marlena says it will be over soon, and Hope asks her what she means? MArlena says she just meant they are getting closer to the truth. Hope says the truth has brought them nothing but pain. meanwhile, Belle asks Shawn if she has done something? Shawn says no, so Belle begs her to tell him what is going on. Belle knows this has to do with Jan. Shawn says he knows this hasn't been easy for her, and he can tell her now, but right now isn't a good time. Belle says it is never a good time. MArlena returns, and John and Marlena decide to head out. Belle stays behind to talk with Shawn. Shawn tells Belle that he does love her, which is all she wanted to hear. Shawn suggests they spend the day not thinking about Jan, but just spending it together. BAck inside, Hope and Bo realize JT is sick, and something is wrong with him. They take care of him, and Hope says can't lose her baby now. Meanwhile, John and Marlena go to a clinic and wait for the DNA sample to come back.


February 20
Due to time, work, and illness, I've built upon NBC's summary today

John and Marlena get the DNA test results back, which confirm that Hope is definitely Isaac's mother. John says they have to find out if Stefano is the father, but doesn't know how without DNA. Marlena has an idea, but she says it could be dangerous. Marlena and John sneak into the hospital record roomto compare Hope and Stefano's blood types with Isaac's. Marlena looks in all three files and is shocked by what she sees. She tells John that they need to inform Bo and Hope of their findings right away. At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are getting ready for Glen's visit with JT when Hope suddenly has faint-like flashes of white light. Bo thinks it is stress, but Hope gets the feeling that she is remembering something. As they discuss the possibilities, John and Marlena burst in with their shocking news. John reveals that he took a sample of Isaac's DNA because he was sick of Lexie lying to them, and it was time they all knew the truth. Marlena and John tell Bo and Hope that Isaac is Hope's child, but John is not the father. Bo and Hope are immediately terrified that if John is not the father, then maybe Stefano is. Marlena is able to ease their concern by telling them that she checked all of the blood types at the hospital and Stefano is not the father either. Hope's relief quickly turns to guilt because this means she may have slept with yet another person. As she ponders this, Hope has another white out. At the mansion, Lexie has a nightmare about John taking Isaac's DNA. LExie wakes up screaming, and Abe demands she tell him what is going on. Abe is outraged when Lexie confides that John tied her up and stole a DNA sample from Isaac. Abe calls the police station to have John arrested. Lexie grabs the phone from Abe and covers that it was a misunderstanding. Abe doesn't like the way Lexie has changed, and she accusses him of just not loving their son as much as she does. Abe is outraged. Lexie tells Abe that they are going to have to play much smarter to outwit John and Hope. While Abe is wary about how far Lexie is willing to go to keep Isaac, she warns him that he had better be ready to go to any length to keep their son! Sami, Austin, and Will fly back to Salem. Will is upset and thinks Sami broke her promise, but she says he got to see his daddy for one day, that was their deal. Later, Sami tells Austin that Kate set her up and they both fell into her trap. She lets Austin know that he needs to choose sides. Austin protests, but Sami is convinced that Kate is out to ruin her life. Sami points out that Will seems perfectly happy now, because he knows Sami loves him. She's the one constant in Will's life and she vows never to let anyone come between her and Will. Meanwhile, Kate is with Lucas, plotting out Sami's total destruction. When Kate tells him that Sami had to pull Will kicking and screaming out of the room, Lucas manages to say "Will" again. Kate is ecstatic and decides to bring Lucas back to Salem! She says if Will can't be here with Lucas, at least he will be in Salem with Will! At Jack and Jen's, Jack is not pleased when he hears Jennifer and Greta giggling upstairs. Abby tells his dad that they were playing upstairs. Upstairs, Jen and Greta talk and grow closer over their favorite things. Jack is less than pleased when they appear downstairs, wearing their hair in pigtails like Abby. THe girls all chase Jack around, and Abby eventually has to leave for school. Jack asks Greta if she has told Jen his secret, but she says no. Jen thinks she can guess it, but Jack is positive that she can't. The last thing Jack wants is Jennifer getting close to Greta! Jack leaves and Jennifer lays it out for Greta. He is lying, and she's determined to prove it. Greta vows that if Jack has been lying to her, she'll never forgive him.


February 21
This is from NBC, again. I apologize for doing this to you all two days in a row, but I've been fighting a nasty cold, and have had to work late 2 days in a row and am zapped by time I get home. I will attempt to update this like I did yesterday, but with the Olympics tonight, I may not get thins up till VERY late, and thats assuming I haven't zonked out!

Kate flies Lucas back to Salem and sets him up in Austin's apartment, knowing that it will drive Sami crazy! Lucas responds to his surroundings and he appears to be coming out of the coma as he whispers, "Mom". Marlena shows up at Sami's apartment with bridal magazines. Roman also drops in to see Sami and ends up comforting Marlena about the baby switch. Sami's disgusted by John's actions and advises her mother to dump him. Surprisingly, Roman defends John and Marlena. Sami shrugs it off and tells her parents she has a surprise for them. While she's gone, Roman and Marlena decide that they are going to make sure that Sami lets Will see Lucas. Sami returns with pictures of houses in Hawaii and shocks her parents by vowing that she's going to move there with Austin and Will after the wedding. Austin returns to work and Nicole is eager to hear about the catfight between Kate and Sami. Austin doesn't go into details, but he does tell Nicole that he knows his mom has hurt Sami in the past. He's not going to let Kate do it again. Nicole advises Austin to dump Sami, but Austin won't hear of it. He gets Nicole to open up about her relationship with Victor and they decide to go to lunch and continue their conversation. It's obvious that a real bond is growing between Austin and Nicole... The time for Glen's visitation with JT has come. Hope tries to be strong for JT. Glen pulls Bo aside and tells him that while he sympathizes with what Bo and Hope are going through, the reality of the situation is that JT is his son. He told Marlo a long time ago that he wanted to raise him. Meanwhile, Hope and Cameron are working on Barb. Hope implores Barb to leave JT with the only family he's known, the only family who can take care of him properly. It's obvious that Barb tends to agree with Hope, but she doesn't voice her opinions. Mickey pulls Cameron aside and asks her whose side she's on, but they are interrupted by the return of Glen and Bo. Hope reluctantly goes for JT and Bo hands him over to Glen. Glen's face lights up and he begins to tell JT that he's his father, but Bo cuts him off and asks Glen and Barb to leave. They do and a sobbing Hope collapses into Bo's arms...


February 22
At school Shawn finally faces the fact that JT isn't his biological brother, even though he is his brother in his heart. Belle asks Shawn what his mom will do about Isaac? Will she try and get him back? Shawn says he doesn't know. Belle is just glad that they didn't know about this baby thing before they started dating, because he probably would have hated her. Shawn tells Belle that he wants her to spend the rest of his life with her, and wants her to hang onto his ring no matter what. Shawn sees Jan standing in the hall behind Belle, and tells Shawn that he has to go. Shawn talks to Jan, who thinks they made a big mistake. Jan says she should have gotten the abortion, but Shawn says they did the right thing, they saved a life. Jan asks Shawn if he will be with her when she tells her parents, he's not having second thoughts about this is he? Shawn says that they are in this together, and he'll call her later. Shawn goes back to Belle, who wants to know what is going on. Shawn says he can't tell her, not yet. He promises to tell her soon though. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her with all his heart and soul, and gives her a kiss. He tells her to never forget that he loves her.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells John that Belle is going to be so relieved that he isn't the father of Hope's baby. John says and he is happy that Stefano isn't either. John and Marlena think that this will make Shawn and Belle's life much less complicated. John and Marlena talk about Belle, and John says she will come to terms with this and recapture her faith in love. Marlena is also worried about Hope's state of mind, because not only is someone trying to take JT away from her, but she may be put in the position of taking Isaac away from Abe and Lexie. Later, Belle comes home, and John and Marlena tell Belle that John is not the father of Hope's baby. Belle asks who the father is? Marlena says they don't know. Belle feels bad for Shawn, because this is never going to end for him.

At the mansion, Cameron shows up at the mansion and tells Lexie that she suspects Glen will give up custody after today's vitiation, if it goes as badly as she suspects it will. She tells them about the horrible scene that happened at Bradys, and how Glen will freak the first time JT has a health scare. Cameron says they better get ready to hand over another fifty thousand, but Rolfe says they will wait until the outcome before paying her. Suddenly, Abe walks in and wonders what Cameron is doing here, who is she really working for? Cameron says she works for the good of mankind, which makes Abe laugh. Rolfe tells Abe not to dismiss Cameron so fast, because she may be representing them in their upcoming battle to keep Isaac. Abe refuses to have Cameron's help, but Cameron says she is good at what she does. Abe says Cameron would never be on their side, but Lexie says she can help them. Lexie tries to convince Abe that Cameron is the best candidate for them, but Abe refuses to listen to this because he thinks Cameron is unethical. Cameron says she honestly thinks that JT should stay with Bo and Hope, but she will fight for Glen's rights until he wins custody of his son. She also thinks their son should stay with them, and she wants to help them. Abe doesn't believe a word out of her mouth. Cameron says she does care about children, and gives a very Whitney Huston "I believe the children are our future" speech. Cameron urges Abe to put his animosity aside and do what is right for his family. Cameron leaves, and Abe tells Lexie they are not hiring that women. Lexie says Cameron is the only one that can help them, how can he let them lose their son? Abe tells Lexie that he would do anything for Isaac, and she is not the only one suffering here. Lexie knows that, but says she doesn't understand how he can be so passive about fighting for their son. Lexie tells Abe to think long and hard about what he is doing, he may be throwing away their only chance to keep their son with them. Isaac leaves, and Rolfe tells Lexie that her father would be proud of her.

At Glen's, Barb is surprised how calm JT is with Glen. The social worker is puzzled by Barb's attitude, and asks her how it makes her feel that JT likes Glen? Barb says it did make her uncomfortable at first because it will be hard raising a special needs child. The social worker tells her not to feel guilty about being ambivalent about this. Barb tells the social worker that she loves Glen, and there is nothing in the world she wouldn't do for Glen, and seeing how much Glen loves JT, she has to stand by him no matter what. Barb says she will fully support her husband when he goes for full custody of his little boy.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope try and keep their mind off of JT. Hope, however, can't stop worrying about JT. Bo talks to Hope and says this visit isn't the only thing that has her upset, he knows finding out about Isaac also has her upset. Hope says she knows Isaac is happy, but he is her little boy and wants him living with her, his real mother. Hope then realizes she is talking about doing to Abe and Lexie what Glen is doing to them. Glen and Barb finally return JT, and Hope is thrilled. The social worker takes JT to another room and asks Bo and Hope to talk to Barb and Glen. Hope tells them she has nothing to say to them, but Glen says he wants to say something. Glen tells them this isn't about what they want, it is about what is best for JT. Hope says that is why JT should stay with them! The social worker eventually returns, and Shawn storms into the house and acts like a jerk to Glen and Barb. Glen tells Hope that he plans on seeing his son again, soon. Barb tells them that they have to accept that JT is Glen's son, but Hope refuses to accept that. Glen says he won't leave Salem without his son. Glen and Barb leave, and Hope fears that they will lose JT.

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