February 2002 Week 2


February 11
At the rehab clinic, Austin pulls Sami off his mother and can't believe she was strangling her! Kate starts crying that she can't breath, and was so afraid Sami was going to kill her. Sami calls her a lying witch, and Austin drags Sami out of the room. Once they are gone, Kate begins laughing. Austin begins lecturing Sami, but Sami says this is all Kate's doing and she wins no matter what, either he hates her for refusing to let Will see Lucas, or she does let Will see Lucas and she helps her bring her awful alcoholic son out of his coma. Austin can't believe how selfish Sami is being. Sami warns Austin how evil his mom is, and how evil Lucas is, and when Lucas wakes up it will mean the end for them. Back in Lucas' room, Kate tells Lucas about her latest victor, and his eyes begin to blink. Will, who was sleeping, wakes up, and Kate asks him to please ask his daddy to wake up. Will asks his dad to wake up, Lucas continues to stir, and mumbles Will's name. Lucas' doctor shows up, and Lucas continues to mumble. The doctor goes to get Sami and Austin and tells them that it looks like Lucas is coming out of the coma.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are at the table and Hope is trying to pretend everything is fine. Bo tells her to just stop it, things aren't fine. Bo tells her that they must accept that JT is Glen's son, and they have to deal with this especially if things get worse. Hope says she can't face this and begins to cry. Shawn shows up and asks if something has happened, is JT sick? Bo says JT is sleeping, but there is something he needs to know. Bo tells Shawn that Glen has been allowed to visit JT, starting tomorrow. Shawn doesn't like this and starts yelling at his dad, and Hope tells him to stop it. Shawn apologizes, and Bo says right now they just have to pray that Glen leaves JT with them. Hope wants to get Shawn some dinner, but Shawn says he has something to do tonight. Bo asks him what he has to do tonight that is so important? Shawn can't tell them, because it is about Jan. Hope tells Shawn that if he can't tell them, then he can't go. Shawn says a friend is in trouble and he has to help them out. Bo tells Hope that they can trust Shawn. Hope decides to make Shawn a sandwich if he's not going to eat dinner. Shawn goes to say bye to his brother, and tells him to remember "I won't go" when that guy comes to visit him tomorrow. Later, Shawn apologizes to his dad for the nasty things he said to him. Bo says it is okay, but one thing he'll learn in life is that you never regret loving someone. Shawn has to go, but tells his dad not to worry, he's doing the right thing. Shawn goes to pack, and realizes he has to convince Jan not to do this. Meanwhile, Bo spends time with JT, who calls him da-da.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John where he is going? John says he's going to see Lexie, to talk some sense into her. Marlena asks him not to do that because it will only make things worse. Marlena notices that John has his briefcase, and he claims he was going by the office as well. MArlena is suspicious, but John says everything will be fine, and leaves. Meanwhile, Belle sits in her room and wonders what is going on between Jan and Shawn. Belle comes downstairs, and sees that her mom is a bit upset, and she wonders what her dad has done now. Marlena says that her father just had some business to take care of, and she asks her daughter what is going on with her? Belle says she is okay, but she is worried about Shawn. Belle says Shawn is really upset over the whole JT thing, and she also says he has been spending a lot of time with Jan. Belle says that Shawn claims to be helping her with something, but he won't tell her what. Marlena asks her if she thinks Shawn is lying? Belle says that she believes Shawn and doesn't know how she could have gotten through life without him. Marlena doesn't like her talking about Shawn like this, but Belle says she knows her mom thinks Shawn will just be one of many boys she will date in her life. Belle says Shawn is keeping something from her, just like dad kept something from her. Belle says that her dad may be keeping other things from her! Marlena assures Belle than everything will be okay.

At the mansion, Lexie is furious that Cameron hasn't gotten rid of the Reibers. Rolfe says that they will get rid of Glen soon enough, and he tells her not to worry because Bo, Hope, and John have no proof that Isaac is Hope's son and their lawyers will make sure they never get such proof. Later, John shows up to see LExie. Lexie tells him to just go away, but John says he is here to apologize. LExie tells John that she doesn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. John tries to tell her that they relate to one another differently than others in Salem, and she eventually agrees to let him in to talk about this. Mistake! The minute Lexie turns her back, John puts a chloroformed rag over her mouth and she passes out. John ties Lexie up, and Rolfe attempts to help Lexie by knocking John out with a bottle, but John kicks him in the chest and sends him flying across the room! Eliana shows up and thinks Rolfe is dead. John says he should have done that years ago! Eliana keeps ranting about how he has killed him! John tells her to shut up or she will be next. Isaac begins crying, and John goes after him, with her screaming at him not to hurt the baby. John takes a sample of Isaac's DNA, but Lexie says no court in the world will accept stolen DNA! John says it isn't for the court, it is for him. John says he's going to find out just whose baby this is, and he also knows she is a DiMera and DiMera's don't talk, therefore she won't breath a word about this to anyone! John leaves, Eliana unties Lexie, and Rolfe comes to. Rolfe tells Lexie that the old John is back, and their world will never be the same.

Out in the woods, Chloe ends up fainting. Phillip worries about her, but she insists she is fine, she is probably just getting the food. Phillip notices blood coming out of her nose, and she asks to just go home. At the Wesley's, Craig and Nancy are sitting on the couch reading, and soon get frisky. As they are getting it on, they hear Chloe and Phillip come in. Nancy is upset to hear Chloe with Phillip. Phillip refuses to leave until Chloe tells her parents what is going on. Nancy demands they tell them what is going on? Phillip tells Nancy and Craig that Chloe fainted, and when she came to her nose was bleeding. Chloe becomes upset and goes upstairs to lie down, while Phillip fills Craig in on what happened. Chloe heads up to her room, and once again becomes dizzy. Her nose is bleeding again, and she wonders what is wrong with her. Later, Nancy comes to check on Chloe, and finds her out cold in her bed, and bleeding again. Nancy yells for Craig to get up here.


February 12
Jack goes to the pub for a very important date, with Oliver Wentworth. Jack meets with him to discuss business strategies. Oliver tells Jack that his main problem is he becomes bored with things too easily, and uses his ex wife as an example. Oliver tells Jack that he keeps getting back with her but then wanders off, for example with this new girl. Jack says he is dating a princess now because he wanted him to have a woman on his arm. Oliver tells him that he can't throw lavish parties for their conservative clients if he is unmarried and has a kid, so he tells Jack that he's just going to have to get married. Jack says he and Greta are serious, and Oliver tells Jack that he's going to have to make a marital commitment to either Jen or to Greta, he just needs proof that he can commit to something. Meanwhile, Harlod walks by and sees Jack inside with Oliver, and thinks Jack might be on a date. Back inside, Oliver thinks Jack would be better off trying to find someone to marry instead of devoting it to his job. Jack points out that marriage takes time to, and ultimately that should be his priority. Oliver thinks Jack is maturing, and he'll see him in Vegas (This entire segment was confusing and just made my head hurt worse than it already does). Oliver ends up leaving, and arlod decides to say hi to Jack. Jack is not pleased to see Harlod, and Harold ends up realizing what a real case Jack is. Harold tells him that he feels sorry for him having to live his whole life in denial. Jack tells him that he will tell him exactly who he is! Harlod asks Jack why he thinks people's opinion of him will change if he admits he is gay? Harold says that he couldn't face living if he didn't like who he was, and he feels sorry for Jack. Harold tells Jack that he is the least admirable person he has met in a long time, and walks off.

Meanwhile, Jen begs Greta, who is getting up to leave, to stay. Greta says no, and Jen then demands she tell her Jack's secret! Greta says she can't tell her, so Jen says she'll just try and guess the secret. Jen remembers the night Greta decides to let her ask her three questions like Rumpelstiltskin. Jen and Greta continue playing these little games, and Greta refuses to tell Jen. Jen eventually figures out Jack's big secret, because Greta drops free hints accidentally, the biggest that she would marry him if it wasn't for the way he is. JEn can't believe this. Greta begins to freak out, and Jen tells her to calm down. Jen says she thought she knew JAck better than anyone, and she can't believe Jack told her that he was gay. Jen can't believe Greta believed Jack, and Greta thinks Jen is in denial. Jen assures Greta that Jack is not gay.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope is busy sewing name tags into all of JT's clothes, and Bo decides to help her. They start discussing Shawn, and what he is up to, and it worries Hope. Bo says Shawn won't be a kid much longer, he's almost 18. Hope reminds Bo how they celebrated her 18th birthday, and how her father walked in on them. She says she now knows how horrible that must have been for him. Bo then tells Hope that no matter who JT's real parents are, their love is a part of him, and he is a part of them. Bo says JT is all that matters, he sees that now, and whatever happened between her and John in the past no longer matters. Hope says they can't lose JT, he is a blessing. THen out of the blue Hope says she doesn't know if she could handle Shawn getting a girl pregnant. Bo says that would never happen, he is a smart boy. Still, Hope says this friend he is helping is a girl, and they have never met her, and why is she asking him to keep secrets? Again the topic shifts back to JT. Hope doesn't think she could bare losing JT, or if she did, if he didn't remember her. Bo tells her to think back before they had kids, and takes her on a journey down memory lane. Bo tells her that she has always been a happy person, and that will never change. Bo assures Hope that Shawn is not in trouble, and that they will raise BOTH of their sons.

Shawn and Jan head to the abortion clinic, and Shawn asks her one last time to think about this. Jan tells Shawn that if he isn't going to be here to support her, then he should just leave. Shawn just feels like he's not doing any of the right things to help her. Shawn says he's afraid what the abortion will do to her. Jan says she's more afraid of what will happen if she doesn't end it. Shawn says she can always give the baby up, and once she does this, she can't take it back. Jan and Shawn go inside, and Jan learns what she has to have done before she can even have the abortion. Jan fills out some forms and wonders why she waited so long to do this. Shawn says maybe because she wasn't sure if this is what she wanted to do. Jan says no, she must do this, she couldn't stand if everyone knew the truth. The counselor comes out to see Jan, and she refuses to allow Shawn to come with her. Jan returns later to Shawn, and is told the doctor will come for her soon. Jan is upset and sniffling, and Shawn asks if she's going to do it? Jan says nothing. Shawn tells her that she won't go through this alone, but Jan says she is alone. Jan says she's not even lucky enough to be one of the girls whose boyfriend got her pregnant. Jan says she's glad nobody has bothered to look at her long enough to figure out what is going on, and her parents don't care about her as long as she doesn't interfere with their lives. Shawn tells her that she has a baby inside of her, so she is as un-alone as any person can get. Shawn also tells Jan that if she agrees to have the baby, he'll say he is the father.


February 13
At Dot.Com, Jen assures Greta that Jack is not gay, and he is lying about this because it works for him. Jen tells Greta that if she is going to be involved with Jack, then she has to get used to the fact that everything will be Jack all the time. Greta continues to believe Jack is gay, but Jen assures her that she has been duped. Jen says that she can testify that Jack likes sex with women, and he only swings from one side of the batters box. Greta says she know realizes why Jack didn't want to tell her the truth, she can't accept him for who he really is. Jen says that she doesn't have anything against gay people, and Jack is not gay. Greta says having gay friends is much different than a gay ex-husband. Jen realizes that Greta is not getting it, but Greta says she is the one not getting it. Jen says she could get IT if she wanted it, but Greta says that isn't what she meant, and besides, Jack won't sleep with her again because he's not interested in women. Jen realizes why Jack told Greta that he was gay, but Greta says he told her because he cares about her. Greta says she fixed Jack up with a guy, and JEn knows exactly how the date went because Jack is not gay! Greta thinks Jen just hasn't gotten it, and Jack just isn't ready to come out of the closet. Jen decides to play along with Greta and claims she is understanding this all, and so many things are clear now. She promises not to breath a word of this to Jack, and mutters that she is going to have fun with this one. Jen then tells Greta that she wants Jack to live the life he deserves. Jen asks GReta for her help, and Greta says she'd love to help her.

At home, Jack reads the business column, which bores Abby. Abby wants to talk about Aunt Greta. Abby says she is happy that she is living with them, but she knows he isn't. Jack says she is a wonderful person, but Abby knows her dad still doesn't want her here. She then asks her dad when he is going to marry mommy again? Jack says he is working on it, and asks Abby to help him out. Abby agrees, and assures her dad that he can be as shrewd and calculating as him. Later, Jack thinks about what Oliver said, and he thinks Greta will pretend to be married to him in order to get this job.

At the Wesley's, Nancy finds Chloe passed out in her bed and bleeding, so she screams for Craig. Craig thinks they should take her to the hospital, but she says no and tells them to leave. Nancy tells her no way! Craig checks Chloe out and says she seems fine, and that a number of things could have caused this. Nancy still wants her to go for a check-up, but Chloe says she had a check-up before school, and she is fine. Nancy agrees to lay off Chloe, if she tells her why she was with Phillip earlier? Craig tells Nancy not to press it, but Chloe says she'd like to talk about it. Craig leaves them to talk, and Chloe explains what happened with Phillip tonight. Nancy tells CHloe that this sounds very familiar, she has told her this before, and that she told her to move on. Nancy tells her once again that neither Brady nor Phillip are good enough for her. She tells her to find someone like Shawn Brady. Chloe doesn't know, and they make a break-through when Chloe tells her that her difficulty in accepting her love is because she gave her away, not because her step-mother didn't love her. Nancy says she always believed she would go to a wonderful couple, and deluding herself that she was doing a wonderful thing for her. Chloe says they weren't bad people, but they weren't her real parents. Chloe asks for some time alone, which Nancy gives her. Nancy runs into Craig in the hall, and tells him that she's beginning to think one day she and Chloe may have a very good relationship. Back inside, CHloe combs her hair and wonders what to do about Phillip and Brady. Chloe becomes dizzy again, and wonders what is wrong with her.

At the abortion clinic, Jan is stunned by Shawn's offer to claim he is the father of her baby. Jan says she still can't have the baby, but Shawn says this way she won't have to admit she was raped, and she can give the baby up for adoption. Shawn says he'll do anything, so Jan asks him if he would marry her? Shawn says if that what it will take, then yes. Jan says she couldn't let him marry her, what about Belle. Shawn says he'll make her understand, and that this is just something he has to do. Shawn says what is right for him and Belle will only happen if he does what is right for her baby. The nurse tells Jan that it is now or never, and Shawn begs her once again not to do it. Jan tells Shawn that she's sorry, and tells the nurse that she's ready. Shawn begs her not to do it, but she says she has to do it and goes with the nurse.

At the rehab clinic, Lucas mutters Will's name, and Kate continues to urge Will to talk to Lucas. Austin urges his brother to wake up as well, and everyone is happy but Sami. The doctor realizes Lucas is getting drained, so he asks everyone to step outside and let him get some rest. Austin asks the nurse to take Will to the cafeteria and get him some ice cream. Austin then tells Sami that he knows he has been short with her, but he is happy to see Lucas getting better, and it all happened because of her. He tells her that he is thankful for that. Austin says Will never would have gotten through to Lucas if she didn't let him come here, and he thanks her again. Sami says this is exactly what his mother said would happen, it is all coming true. Sami tells Austin that he is the one who is going to ruin everything for her, he is the one who will make her lose her son because he wants to help everyone. Austin can't believe she is accusing him of this, but Sami says she's not saying that he'd do it intentionally. Sami tells Austin that if he loves her and Will they should leave Salem. Austin says that he loves Will, and he believes Will needs to be close to Kate and to Lucas. Sami tells Austin this is what she was afraid of, and if they don't leave Salem, she doesn't think they have a future together. Suddenly, Kate shows up and announces that the doctor believes Will should stay with Lucas until he recovers. She begs Austin to let Will stay, but Austin says that it is not his choice. Kate says they already know Sami's answer, so he has to make a choice!


February 14
This has NOT been proofed! I have plans with friends tonight, and am in a rush
Brady is in his room, shirtless, looking in the mirror, and lifting weights. After the minute or to of the glorification of Brady's body, he finally calls Chloe. Chloe is glad he called and says she was wondering if she'd hear from him tonight. Brady tells her not to let this go to her head. Chloe says she wanted to talk to him about what happened tonight. When she tells him about her fainting spells, he is concerned, but she says she is totally fine now and totally bored out of her mind. Brady says he was going to call it a night, but since he knows it means so much to her they can go out. Chloe tells Brady not to come to the door though, she'll watch for his car and meet him outside. After the call, Brady celebrates. Back at Chloe's, Chloe comes across a card from Phillip, telling her how much he loves her and all he wants is another chance. Chloe says she does still care about Phillip, but there is much less pressure when she is hanging out with a friend like Brady. Brady's car pulls up, and Chloe sneaks out. Chloe wants to go to Dot.Com to play videogames, so they head to Dot.Com.

Phillip meets Belle at Dot.Com to talk. Phillip tells Belle that he's very worried about Chloe. He tells her about taking Chloe down to the river, and how she fainted and got a nose bleed. Phillip feels like calling her, but Belle says Craig probably checked her out, and Phillip says she's probably also in bed. Belle then reveals her new outfit to Phillip, and he says Shawn will go nuts over it. Belle says she doesn't know if he'll even see her in it, because he doesn't know where he is. Belle is very worried about Shawn, and says he never calls her. She says she keeps waiting for him to call, but he never does. Phillip tells her that if he wants to talk to Shawn, then he should call him up. Later, Belle gets a call from Hope, who wonders is Shawn is with her, but she says he isn't. Belle and Hope both realize he must be with Jan. Belle decides to call Jan to see if she is there, and she isn't. Belle worries, but then changes the subject back to Chloe. Suddenly, Chloe and Brady walk in, and Phillip is NOT happy about it. Brady and CHloe attempt to play a videogame, but Chloe is so distracted by Phillip's angry gaze. Brady tells her to concentrate on this game, not Phillip. Meanwhile, Phillip is going berserk, and Belle tries to calm him down. Phillip says today of all days, why does she have to be with him! Belle tells her that if he keeps acting this way he'll lose Chloe for good. Phillip decides to go over there, and Belle tries to convince him not to do this.

Also at Dot.Com, Cynthia tells Mimi that they need to talk. Mimi asks about what, and Cynthia says Chloe Lane. Cynthia wants her help with a project involving Chloe, but Mimi says no way! Cynthia says she has to be curious as to what she has in store for her. Cynthia sees Phillip with Belle, and she asks Mimi if Chloe will take him back? Mimi says yes, and Cynthia says Phillip is such a jerk. Mimi says Phillip is her friend, and a good guy. Cynthia says he is a jerk, and decides to fill Mimi in on what her friend did to her. Cynthia claims that Phillip wanted her to perform a strip tease for him, he used her and took advantage of her, and now he has to pay. Mimi says that doesn't sound like Phillip, but Cynthia says after their house got broken into last year they installed cameras, she has it on tape. Mimi still refuses to help Cynthia because it will effect her friendship with Belle, so Cynthia tells her that she is and always will be just a charity case as far as Belle's concerned. Mimi then threatens to tell Belle, Phillip, and Chloe exactly what Cynthia has planned. Mimi vows to stop Cynthia, but she says she doesn't care. Cynthia vows to make Phillip pay.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope tucks JT in as Bo makes a fire. Bo tells Hope that he's proud of her for the way she's handling this visit. Hope says she has to be strong for their family. Bo then surprises Hope with a valentines gift, a silver heart-shaped locket with a picture of JT. Bo tells her no matter what happens, he'll always be in her heart. Hope soon begins worrying about Shawn and wonders where he is. Hope decides to call Belle, and learns Shawn was off with Jan tonight. Hope wonders if Jan is in some kind of trouble. Hope eventually calls Shawn later and gets him to answer. He says he'll be home soon, and assures her that everything is all right.

Marlena waits up for John, who comes home acting all mercenary like. She asks him what is wrong? He tells her that she better sit down, because he has some news for her! John says he did a DNA test on Isaac, and he learned that he is not Isaac's father! John says it is possible Isaac isn't Hope's baby either, so they need to find that out, but he'll need her help. John says they need to compare Hope's DNA to Isaac, but until they know the truth they shouldn't let Bo and Hope know what is going on. MArlena thinks they should know, but John says their plate is full now as is, and if Hope is Isaac's mother, than his father is probably Stefano! Marlena says perhaps he is right. Marlena asks how they get a sample of Hope's DNA? John says that is where she comes in, she is about to go undercover!

At the clinic, Jan tells Shawn she's sorry, and goes to see the doctor. Later Jan comes out, and Shawn tells her that he is here for her. Jan tells Shawn that she didn't go through with it, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Shawn tells her that he made the right decision. Shawn says he'll do anything to help her now, and she asks him if he will keep his promise? Shawn says he will, and he is ready to go through with this. Jan thanks him and hugs him. Shawn drives Jan home, and gets a call from his mom, whom he tells not to worry because he's on his way home. Jan talks about how their parents will react, and Shawn tells her that he'll help her deal with his parents. Jan says she doesn't know if she'll give the baby up or not, but Shawn says she has time to make that choice.


February 15
This is shorter than normal. I dumped milk all over my keyboard and it isn't working that well unfortunately! Also the end was cut off for the Ice Skating Controversy!

Shawn arrives home very late, and talks with his dad. He admits he was helping his friend Jan, who is in trouble. Bo says in his day whenever a girl was in trouble it meant she was pregnant. Shawn says that Jan is pregnant, and she was going to have an abortion until he talked her out of it. Bo tells Shawn that he's glad he cares for his friend, but he shouldn't make Jan's problem into his problem.

At Jack and Jen's, Jen and Greta come home. Jen assures Greta that she won't let Jack know that she knows his secret. Jack is envisioning them torturing him in various ways. When they begin fighting and Jen makes little comments, Jack thinks she knows the truth and is going to punish her.

At Dot.Com, Philip is livid when he sees Brady with Chloe, but Belle calms him down and reminds him how impressed Chloe was yesterday with his calmness at the skating pond. Brady decides to push it and goes over to see them, and both CHloe and Brady are shocked when Phillip is a perfect gentleman. CHloe and Phillip talk privately, and he tells her that he knows she isn't his girlfriend anymore, but he does want them to remain friends. Chloe says she does to, and begins crying. Phillip tells her that he can still see the love in her eyes. Meanwhile, BElle talks to Brady about what a good friend he is to Chloe, and how it is nice that they both want Phillip and CHloe back together. Brady blows up and says that is not what he wants. Belle finally gets to the truth, that Brady does want more from CHloe. Suddenly, Mimi shows up with gossip, and Brady decides to take off. Mimi tells Belle about Cynthia's sex tape, and Belle says this could destroy any chance Phillip and Chloe have!

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