February 2002 Week 1


February 4
Not feeling well, so summary may not be as detailed as usual

At Jack and Jen's, Greta tells Jack that he has to tell Jen that he is gay, or she will, and she gives him 24 hours. Greta and Jack start arguing about what is best for Jen and Abby, and even for Greta. Jack tries to change the subject, but Greta wants to know if he is using her? Jack says of course not, and he says he told her that he was gay because he didn't want her to get hurt, and he wanted her to know that they didn't have a future. Greta tells Jack that if he wasn't gay she would want something more between them. JAck tells her that some day she'll meet the man of her dreams. Jack then says he has a new plan and he needs her help. SHe asks what she has to do? Jack says they have to let the world know that they are engaged to be married! Jack says this will help him get the job with Oliver, and then he will look like the catch again and Jen will want him back. Greta tells Jack that this is why his marriage failed the first time, why can't he just be honest with her and tells her that he loves her, has a lead on a job, and wants things to work. Jack says that he tried to be honest, and it didn't work. Jack says that is why he has to play these games, it is the only thing that works. Greta says he keeps talking about Oliver and Vegas, and she's beginning to think the guy doesn't exist! Jack calls Oliver to prove that he does, only to learn the job has been delayed. Greta tells Jack that she won't do this anymore, she is going to tell Jen that he is gay! Jack begs her for some more time, and she agrees. However, she says if he drags this out . . .but Jack says he won't. He also says he's going to take her someplace fun to thank her.

At the school, Jan tells Shawn that she needs his help really bad. Shawn asks for a few minutes with Belle. Jan says okay, wait here, and runs into the bathroom. Belle demands Shawn tell her what he is keeping from her, what is going on with him and Jan? Shawn tells Belle to just trust him, and trust that he loves her. Shawn assures her that he and Jan are only friends. In the bathroom, Chloe asks Jan if she is okay? Jan says "like you care, I'm not okay at all!" Jan runs into the stall, and Chloe asks her if she is needs help. Jan says she has to get out of here, and runs out. Jan runs up to Shawn and says she has to talk to him now! Belle says it's okay, and Jan tells Shawn that she has really bad cramps and doesn't know what it means. Shawn decides to take her to the hospital. Later, Chloe asks Belle if everything is okay with Shawn? Belle says Shawn is just being a good friend to Jan. Belle then talks to Chloe about what is going on with the babies, since she knows part of the story. Later, Belle notices Chloe looks a little pale. Chloe says she just feels a little achy.

Jen goes back to the hospital with Brandon, and she runs into Collin. Collin learns that Jen and Brandon are dating, and that she and Jack have gone there separate ways. Jen tells him that this is none of his business, and she'll see him around. As he walks off, she tells him to wait. Jen apologizes for being rude, but says this is a bad time to talk about that. Collin leaves, and Brandon asks Jen about him, what is the story? Jen says she met him in Africa, he was working with her dad. However, Brandon senses major emotional tension between them, and . . . Jen knows he's going to say sexual tension. Jen says there may be some, but it is a long story. Later, Brandon and Jen have to say goodbye, and Brandon playfully accuses her of planning for them to do this in public so he wouldn't do this . . . . Brandon leans in for a kiss, but Jen pulls away and says she's not ready yet, but he'll know when she is.

Meanwhile, Shawn brings Jan to see Dr. Murphy, and he assures her that she is family and can be trusted. Jan agrees to go with him, only if Shawn can come. They talk to Collin, who says these things are normal with a baby. Jan says it isn't a baby, and she wants it to be gone! Collin wishes Jan would tell him the whole story about what is going on. Jan won't talk, and Shawn won't betray her. Collin asks to do an ultra-sound, and Jan agrees.

At Bo and Hope's, the couple talks to Mickey about what they can do now. Hope asks Mickey if she is going to lose her baby? Mickey says the judge and the social worker won't turn JT's life upside down, they will probably let him stay here for time being. However, they should be ready for Glen to sue for custody, and to depict them as unfit parents. They talk about what will happen, and Mickey tells them to also be prepared for Glen to get visits with JT. Hope is afraid that Glen could just decide to take off with JT again. Bo asks how long these visits will be? Mickey says a few hours, but they could extend to overnight or weekends. Hope realizes these visits are meant to allow JT to bond with Glen in order for him to take him away.

At the court, Glen is positive that today is the day he gets his son. Cameron tells Glen that he has to think about other people than himself, and whether he likes it or not the Brady's love that boy and he loves them. She then warns Glen that the social worker could decide for the time being JT should stay with the parents who raised him. Later they meet with the social worker, and the social worker asks Barb how she feels about raising a special needs child in addition to her own? Barb says nothing, and Glen tells her not to blow this for him!


February 5
Brady is working at Basic Black looking for a hot model for their website, when in walks Chloe. Chloe tells Brady that she really needs to see him. Brady gets Chloe a soda, and is all smiles that Chloe came to see him. However, he soon learns that she came about Belle and JT, but Brady teases her and says that is just an excuse, she just can't stay away from him. Chloe says she is right, and pretends like she is going to kiss him, but only tickles him. The two then engage in a tickle fight. Chloe calls a truce, and Chloe tels him that she talked to Phillip. Brady tells her to just tell him the truth, how does she really feel about Phillip. Chloe hopes they can be friends, and Brady tells her that she's making a mistake. Brady thought she was back on track with her musical career, but Chloe says she needs resolution with Phillip. As they argue, Chloe gets a call from Phillip. She says she is busy right now. Brady asks what Phillip wanted? Chloe says to say that he misses her. Chloe decides to leave, but Brady tells her that he doesn't want her to go.

At the hospital, Jan and Collin convince Jan to have the ultrasound. Collin does an ultra-sound, and Jan and Shawn get to see the baby. Jan cracks a little smile and says "that's my baby." Jan soon becomes upset, and asks Shawn to please leave, so he does. Collin asks Jan if anything has changed, but she says nothing has. She says she doesn't want this baby. Collin lets her know that as a minor she can't get an abortion without parental consent. Jan says she knows that, that is why she's going to another state! Collin tries to convince her to talk to her family about this, but Jan says her life would be over if her parents find out about this! Shawn goes back to see Jan, and refuses to allow her to get rid of this baby. Shawn tells her that children are a gift, they need to be protected and cared for.

At the rehab clinic, Austin and Sami arrive with Will. Will talks with a doctor before he goes in, so she can explain about his daddy and make sure he understands everything. Sami decides to go in and see Lucas to see what he looks like, and Austin heads off to the waiting room to pick up the picture Will left in there for his dad. Sami goes in to see Lucas, and can't believe how he looks. She remembers making love with Lucas and the good times, but then she remembers the bad times. Sami then starts screaming at Lucas that she wished he had died, and he'll never wake up and get custody of Will! Suddenly, Kate grabs Sami, drags her out of the room, and asks her if she is trying to kill her son! Sami and Kate begin to argue about Lucas, and Kate tells Sami that both Austin and Roman agree that Will should see Lucas, and as Kate lectures Sami, Austin shows up and tells his mom to knock it off. Sami says this was a mistake, and accuses Austin of betraying her. Austin says he didn't know she was going to be here, and he tells his mom that she knew coming here would upset Sami. Kate says she doesn't care about Sami, she wanted to be here when Lucas saw Will in case he came too. Austin says he understands. Sami tells them both that she is taking Will and getting the hell out of here! KAte smiles, because her plan is working. As they all argue, Will sneaks in to see his dad and starts begging his dad to wake up. Sami learns Will is in with Lucas, and they all go to the room and see Lucas stirring!

Bo, Hope, and Mickey arrive at the courthouse for the custody hearing. Hope becomes upset when she learns the Reibers have already met the counselor, and she thinks they are probably trying to prejudice her against them. Hope and Bo meet with the counselor and asks them to fill out some forms for home study, and assures them that whatever best for the child will be her ruling. The hearing is about to begin, and Hope begins to break down and says she can't do this! Bo tells her that she can and she will do this! Everyone goes inside, and the judge says this court must protect the right of the child, but the rights of the father must also be protected. Hope says that is not fair, don't they get to speak too? The judge tells Hope that she is out of order, they have rules they must follows and Mr. Reiber has rights. The judge tells Hope that she has very little recourse, so for the time being Mr. Reiber has every right to see his son! The judge rules that Glen can visit his son as long as the court appointed counselor. Hope becomes upset, and keeps making outbursts. Hope ends up being thrown out of the courtroom because of her outbursts. The judge orders Mr. Horton to make preparation for Mr. Reiber to have a 2 hour visit with his son tomorrow, and they will reconvene again after the social worker gets back to her with her report. Meanwhile, Shawn calls for an update and learns that Glen is going to be able to visit JT.

At the mansion, Lexie pretends to be a good little wife to Abe, and mother to Isaac, while all along plotting to make sure nobody takes Isaac from her. She cries about how all their friends are ganging up on her, but Abe says they are just all tense. He wonders how the babies ended up being switched anyways with all the security. Lexie claims she can't imagine how or why this happened. Abe says someone knows, and they will have to explains why. Rolfe shows up later to talk to Abe and Lexie about the whole situation. Lexie says they just have to pray that Glen and Barb decide to leave JT where he is, but Abe doubts that with Cameron Reese working for Glen and Barb, and Glen is determined to get his son back. Abe also refuses to believe that Isaac is Hope's son, not without proof. Abe says they should have a DNA test done on Lexie, just to be sure. Lexie refuses, which upsets Abe. Lexie they have to make sure Bo and Hope keep JT, so they can get to keep Isaac. Abe doesn't like how Lexie is talking, and how she keeps using the phrase "whatever it takes." Rolfe gets call from Cameron, and learns that Glen has gotten a visit with JT.


February 6
I'm building on NBC's summary for today as I'm really sick, sorry!
When Will begins speaking to his dad, Lucas' eyes flutter. Everyone thinks he is about to wake up, and Kate calls for a nurse. Kate, Austin and Will are disappointed when the nurse informs them that Lucas's eyelids fluttering was a muscle spasm. Sami is visibly relieved and tells Austin that they should leave. Austin refuses, much to Kate's delight. When Will takes Sami to get something for Lucas, Kate turns to Austin and tells him that Sami wants Lucas to die. Austin doesn't believe her, so she tells him how she found Sami in here egging Lucas on. Austin reminds her about her attempts to see Sami die. Sami/Will return and Will begins to read to his father. Suddenly, Lucas's lips begin to move, giving them all hope. Sami is beside herself and leaves the room, with Austin trailing close behind. She tells him it was a mistake to come and she's afraid that she'll never marry Austin. Austin says they will be married, but Sami says no, Kate has pulled him over to her side, it is over. Meanwhile, Kate whispers to Lucas that they are going to win.

Brady decides to stop interrogating Chloe about Philip and they head to the park to go skating. Chloe has no clue how to skate, so Brady teaches her. Suddenly Winter Wonderland begins playing, and this means Brady and CHloe have to skate around singing. Everyone is in awe of their talents, and soon begin skating in a circle around them, and it turns into a big icecapades show. Jack ends up running into Brady and Chloe by accident, and knocks them over.

Elsewhere in the park, Philip runs into Belle and she fills him in about JT being her brother. Philip empathizes with Belle and talks about his own family troubles. Philip then tells her that he talked with Chloe, and he was wrong to be jealous of her spending time with Brady. When Belle asks about Cynthia, Philip admits that they went pretty far, but he only has eyes for Chloe. They hear singing and decide to check it out. Belle and Philip arrive at the pond just after the singing has finished. They find Brady and Chloe lying in each other's arms on the ice. They fell down on top of each other and almost kiss, which leaves Philip seeing red.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is stopped by Colin in the park and acts coldly towards him. Colin apologizes for his behavior in Ireland and explains that he was involved in a dangerous situation, and that is why he did what he did. He said he wanted her out of harms way. He tells her the danger is over and he'd like to be friends. Jennifer tells him that's not possible, she can't forget what he did to her. Jen walks away, leaving Colin crushed.

Jack and Greta are also at the pond, and Greta talks Jack into calling Wentworth and demanding a meeting with him. Jack takes Greta's advice, and Wentworth is impressed with Jack's sudden show of backbone and promises to hurry things along. Greta kisses Jack out of joy, and then claims she was just practicing for Vegas. Greta and Jack then do their best to skate, but Greta thinks they should stop before Jack hurts himself. Jack tells her he was only kidding around and proceeds to impress Greta by skating beautifully.

Later, Jennifer ends up at the pond and Jack and Greta stop to talk to her. Jennifer wonders if they really are in love and tries to get Greta to tell her Jack's secret, but Jack distracts them by encouraging them to join the sing along that Chloe and Brady started. It works and Jack is off the hook for now.


February 7
At the pond, Jack sees Jen is looking sad, and tries to cheer her up. However, she doesn't seem to smile at his little jokes, and he asks her what is wrong? Greta says she thinks she knows, and says fun and laughter are all well- and-good, but one also need to know when to stop. Jack and Jen begin arguing, and Jen starts talking about Jack being jobless. Jack says his job is around the corner, and points out she is not working either, and this town already has one princess! Greta supports Jack, and Jen suggests she and Greta talk alone to clear some things up. Jen talks to Greta about Jack's big secret. Jen thinks she has a right to know, especially if it will impact Abby. Greta says that it is weird, because she thought she knew the truth all along. Greta admits she wants to tell her, and she thinks she deserves to know, but she just can't betray Jack.

Nicole and Victor take a walk in the snow, and he says it was a wonderful surprise having her sneak into his room last night. Nicole begins to bitch and moan about him kicking her out, and how she thinks this the end of their affair. Victor asks if that is what she wants? Nicole says she moves back into her apartment today, so they might as well end it now. Victor thinks they can have a wonderful future, but Nicole says she sees herself getting the shaft. Nicole thinks all Victor wants from her is sex, but she wants more than that. Victor says he does have strong feelings for her, but Nicole says he still sided with his son and kicked her out! Nicole says she has packing to do, and tries to walk away, but Victor grabs her and kisses her. After the kiss Nicole says that until he can give her the fairytale, she is off limits to him. Nicole says she has to listen to her head and not her heart this time. Nicole walks off, and ends up walking into Jack. Both of them fall down, and Nicole is furious with Jack for knocking her over. Nicole and Jack begin arguing, and she pelts him with snow and storms off. Jack doesn't understand why he gets no respect from beautiful women.

Phillip and Belle catch Brady with Chloe, and Phillip thinks that Brady is seeing Chloe. Belle assures him that Brady is not dating Chloe. Belle says that they were skating and probably tripped, and she warns him not to get bent out of shape because Chloe hates that. Phillip says it does bother him, he can't deny that, so Belle tells him to fake it then and pretend it doesn't. Meanwhile, Brady tells Chloe that Phillip is over there breathing fire because they are together, and he wonders if she is going to go apologize for skating with a male other than him? Chloe says she will not appologize because she's done nothing wrong, and she also thinks that maybe she should just go home. Brady says that would be running away. Chloe says she is tired of arguing with Phillip, it is physically wearing her out. However, she agrees to go over and talk to them. Phillip remains calm and cool, or tries to, with Belle's help. Belle starts off by asking if they had fun skating together? Brady says yes, and Phillip yells "What are you doing together at all!" Brady says they are just two friends skating around. Phillip invites Chloe to go skating with him sometime, like she is out with Brady today. Chloe says that it is not the same. Phillip becomes angry and asks why she can't be alone with him, but she can with Brady. Why doesn't she want to be alone with him? Chloe says she is just feeling stressed right now. Phillip eventually calms down, and then starts talking about how wonderful of a skater Chloe is, he remembers how they skated after Shawn's parents' wedding. All the kids begin remembering when they were younger and how they used to all skate together, and they had snowball fights. Chloe says she is jealous, she has no great childhood memories. Belle says they can all make new ones, as long as they get along! Phillip says of course they can get along, they are family. They decide to call it a day, and when Chloe says she has to go to the store, Phillip offers to take her. Brady says he can do it, but Belle asks Brady to take her home because she wants a hot shower. Phillip and Chloe leave, and Brady scolds Belle for practically pushing Phillip and Chloe together.

Shawn takes Jan to Dot.Com, and continues to try and convince her to keep the baby. Jan says it isn't a baby, it isn't a person, it is the result of a rape and she is getting rid of it. She tells him that if he won't help her, she'll do this himself. Shawn talks about his brother, and how they may lose him soon; and therefore he looks at her and sees a miracle growing inside of her that she is thinking of getting rid of. Shawn explains about the baby switch, and how the courts may take his little brother away. Jan asks what she can do to help him? Shawn says it is nice she wants to help, but the only thing she can do for him is to consider keeping her baby. Shawn says that Paul was scum, but he will have nothing to do with how her baby turns out. Still, Jan says this is her body, and her decision.

At the clinic, Kate talks to Will about his dad and how much she knows he misses him. Kate tells Will that Lucas misses him too, and loves him. Meanwhile, Sami thinks she is losing Austin to KAte, but he promises her that he won't. Austin and Sami look in on Will and Lucas, and Austin tells her that she did a good thing by bringing him here. Still, Sami still believes that Kate is up to something, she wants to take Will away from her! Austin refuses to believe that, but Sami says she knows Kate, and she would do anything to ruin her life. Sami says she has played right into Kate's hands, she should never have brought him here. Back in the room, the nurse tells Kate that if Will was to stay with Lucas, Lucas could get better. Kate asks her to talk to Sami about this, because she won't accept the idea if it came from her. The nurse says she has a better idea. Sami and Austin return, and meet Lucas' doctor, who the nurse brought. The doctor learns of Will's impact on Lucas. The doctor examines Lucas and says it is possible that Lucas is recovering. The nurse makes a suggestion to the doctor, and the doctor thinks it is a good one. The doctor asks Sami to allow Will to stay with his father for a few more days. Sami says no way, but Austin talks her into it. He tells her that it would make Will feel so much better about himself if he could help his father, and Will will lover her for giving him that chance. Sami eventually agrees to let Will stay one more day.


February 8
At the clinic, Austin asks Sami to please let Will stay with his dad, it may make Lucas better and Will will feel better about himself. Sami finally caves and allows Will to stay one more day. Kate rushes them off, saying that they will miss their flight, and that Will will be fine. As they are leaving, Sami has second thoughts and refuses to leave Will here alone with Kate. Sami says she tried, but she can't leave Will alone with them. Austin says he understands, he asked too much of her too fast. Austin says he will call the hospital and see if he can get her out of work tomorrow so they can all stay another day. Meanwhile, Lucas' doctor thinks if Will would stay longer it would be more helpful to Lucas. Kate that Will will stay as long as needed, she will take care of Sami. Suddenly, Sami walk into the room! Sami tells Kate that she knew she was up to something, and there is no way in hell that she will leave her son alone with her! The doctor refuses to allow them to fight in front of Lucas or Will, so they leave the room. Sami accuses Kate of having this whole thing planned, but it blew up in her face! They sit there and argue about Austin and his love for her. Kate tells Sami that because she got Austin, she will lose Will, and she (Kate) will get everything she wants! Sami reminds Kate that she has full custody of her son, and she (Kate) only has a vegetable! Kate assures Sami that will change soon, because she picked the wrong man to marry. Kate says that Austin does love her, and Lucas, and will want Lucas to be able to see Will! Kate says she will make sure Austin lets her have regular visits with his grandmother and with Lucas, her plan is working fine and she did everything for her! Kate thanks Sami for playing right into her hands. Kate tells Sami that one day Lucas will regain full custody of Will forever. Sami says that will never happen, and she begins choking Kate! Austin pulls Sami off a smiling Kate.

At Dot.Com, Jan tells Shawn that she can't be a mother now, and she would appreciate it if he would stop making her feel guilty about getting this abortion. Jan says she has called the clinic and has made the arrangements. She says she has forged her mom's name, and got the money. Shawn tells Jan there is another option, she could give the baby up for adoption. Jan tells him that she cannot have this baby period, and decides to go to the clinic. Shawn refuses to let her do this alone, and he says he'll take her to the clinic. Jan thanks Shawn, and gives him a hug.

Belle and Brady head to Dot.Com to get some coffee, but before they go in, Belle wants Brady to give her answers about Chloe. Brady says they are just friends, and tells her to drop it. Belle wonders why this topic bothers him, but he says it doesn't. Belle then starts talking about Shawn and how wonderful love is, and how there is nothing he could do to change the way she feels about him. Belle then accuses Brady of having these same feelings for Chloe, whether he wants to admit it or not. Belle says she wants him to have someone special in his life, someone who makes him happy. Brady says men are different, they like to play the feel not be joined at the hip to some girl. Belle says not all guys are like that. Belle walks into Dot.Com, and is shocked to see Shawn and Jan in a tender moment. Belle wants to leave, but Brady tells her not to run, she needs to find out what is going on. Belle goes up to Shawn and demands they talk, NOW. Shawn tells her not to be upset, and Belle doesn't want to put anymore pressure on him right now. Belle asks Shawn why he isn't at home with his parents and JT, why is he here with Jan? Shawn says he doesn't have a choice. Belle asks him what is going on? Shawn tells Belle that he can't tell her right now. Belle asks can't or won't? Belle says she has been trying to trust and understand, but she is getting a little tired of this. Shawn says that Jan has a problem and can't deal with it alone. Belle thinks she can find someone else to help her, but Shawn says Jan is counting on him. Belle says she doesn't want him to desert Jan, but he needs to trust her and trust that she won't betray his confidence. She asks him what is going on with Jan? Shawn says he can't tell her, and Belle tells Shawn that she is worried about him and thinks Jan will try and take advantage of him and his goodness. Shawn tells Belle that she is wrong about Jan, and he loves her for being so understanding. Meanwhile, Brady looks at Jan, and realizes she is in some kind of trouble. BRady knows this has something to do with Puerto Rico, and he tells Jan that she needs professional help, Shawn won't solve all her problems. Jan says Shawn is just her friend, and tells him to leave her alone. Brady talks about the shooting, and how he was shot. Belle butts in and tells Brady that they are leaving. Before they go, Jan tells Belle she's sorry for taking up so much of Shawn's time. Belle and Brady leave, and Brady tells Belle that he thinks Shawn is just trying to help Jan out during a hard time, and he assures her that she has a great guy. Back inside, Shawn and Jan plan the trip to the clinic. Jan says she may have to stay overnight, but he doesn't have to stay with her. Shawn tells her that he won't leave her and let her go through this alone.

Phillip is supposed to be taking Chloe to the store to run errands for Nancy, but instead he takes her out into the woods for a trip down memory lane. CHloe's vision begins to blur, and she becomes dizzy, and Phillip asks her if she is okay? CHloe says she is just a little tired. Phillip takes Chloe to the tree where he carved their initials. Phillip realizes Chloe feels nothing, and he says she really doesn't love him anymore. Phillip thinks maybe she never loved him, but she says she did, but he hurt her more than anyone ever did. Chloe says part of her wishes she had never loved him because then he wouldn't have hurt her that way. Sick of hearing about the Last Blast, Phillip reminds Chloe that she accused him of rape. Chloe says they can't keep doing this, all they do is hurt one another. They continue to talk about their past and their relationship, and how he only went out with her because he lost a bet, and later decided she was pretty when she cleaned herself up. Chloe says the only thing they ever had in common was that they were each other's first loves, but nothing else. Phillip says if that is the way she really feels, then it is over. CHloe tries to talk to Phillip about what the thought of never seeing him again does to her, but she says she is scared and can't do this. Phillip tells her that she can, he doesn't care what she does or doesn't say. Phillip says he knows what they had was real, it IS real. Phillip tells Chloe all that matters is that they love each other. Phillip and Chloe end up kissing, and Chloe eventually stops and says she is doing what she doesn't want to do. Phillip says she never does what she doesn't want to do. CHloe says that is what scares her, when she is with him she doesn't know who she is. Chloe tells Phillip that she is afraid to be with him, but she is also afraid of not being with him, and what she is really afraid of is feeling the way she does. Chloe walks over to the tree, touches the carved initials, and then passes out!

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