February 2000 Week 4


February 21
Vivian tries to convince Victor to drive up to the lodge and surprise Kate with his news. He tells her that he can't because he has to wait for Bo to call about the search for Hope, but Vivian says it will only be for one night. Victor realizes that Vivian isn't going to give up, so he agrees to go. As Vivian is driving them to the mountains, Victor asks her why she's so anxious to please Kate when she hates her? Vivian says he knows she means so much to him, but Victor thinks that perhaps she wants to show Kate how invaluable she is to him? Vivian says that is it exactly. Victor appreciates her honesty, and wants to be honest with her too. He tells her that he appreciates her friendship and support, but that is all they can be. He says that he loves Kate and they are committed to one another. Vivian asks him how he can be so sure? He tells her that Kate has made the ultimate sacrifice for him. Vivian asks him what he means? Victor tells Vivian that Kate has agreed to stay with him even though he's impotent. Vivian thinks there is medical help for that problem, but Victor says there are no guarantees for him. Victor says that is why Kate has made the ultimate sacrifice. Vivian says any woman who truly loves her man would do the same thing.

At the lodge, Kate is in her room and is working on her speech for the conference. She wonders what Nicholas will be saying, and decides to go find him. When she goes to leave, she finds that Nicholas is right behind her! She asks him what he's doing in her suite, but Nicholas says it is theirs now because it is a two bedroom suite. Kate covers herself up, she was in a slip, and Nicholas vows to have her tonight. After the dinner, the two return to their room. Nicholas tells Kate that every man in that room loved her, and it made him so jealous that he wanted to tell them all that she belonged to him. Kate says she doesn't belong to him, but Nicholas says she doesn't belong to Victor yet. Nicholas then plants a kiss on Kate. Kate pushes Nicholas away, so Nicholas puts on some music and asks her to dance. Kate fears she won't be able to leave his arms if she goes into them again, so he tells her not to leave. They begin to dance, and soon start kissing again. Clothes begin to come off,

Outside their room, Vivian and Victor arrive, and Vivian knocks on the door. Nicholas eventually answers the door, and he's wearing next to nothing.

Roman and Abe meet, and Abe gives him some of the stuff he was working on. Roman tells Abe that this is not the way he wanted it, the last thing in the world he wanted was his job. Roman also doesn't understand why Brandon is doing this to him. Later, Roman and Abe take a trip down memory lane to when they were rookies. Roman admits to Abe that he always knew he was a better cop than he was, and it drove him crazy. Abe tells him that he was the best cop, partner, and friend. Abe says they've been in a lot of bad scrapes together and always managed to get out, but not this time. Abe feels like he's been set up, but he doesn't know why. Roman tells Abe that he's sure that he will be cleared. Abe says that he just wants his job back, and he never wants to see Brandon again. Roman leaves later on, and Abe looses control. He smashes a beer bottle and damns Brandon.

Brandon meets Larry at Lady Vi's. Larry is angry with Brandon and wants to know why Brandon played him for a sucker. Brandon asks him what he's talking about? Larry shows him the paper and tells Brandon that he doesn't like being used. Brandon says he might be after Carver, but it doesn't change the fact that he screwed him over. Larry wants the truth from Brandon or he threatens to blow the whistle on him. Brandon agrees to tell LArry why he hates Abe. Brandon says that ABe destroyed his family, and his dad is still in prison because of Carver. Brandon says he's tried to put it behind him and move on, but he can't let go of the past. Brandon tells Larry that Abe set him up on phony charges, and then he humiliated him by arresting him at work. Larry asks Brandon why Abe hates him? Brandon says he has no reason why Abe hates him. However, he has vowed to fight Abe for ruining his life. Larry says that he doesn't blame Brandon for being angry. Brandon tells Larry that he wants justice for himself, and for him as well. Larry says he would like to get his folks a decent place to live, and he agrees to talk with the lawyer.

On the plane to France, Lily wakes up and begins to panic because it is too quiet. She orders some more champagne, but John insist she drink only water. Marlena tells her to take some deep breaths, but Lily fears she is going to use up all the air. John asks Marlena if she can sedate Lily, but Marlena says she can't with all the alcohol she's had to drink. Lily starts to worry about everything, and John tells her that if there was a real problem the pilots would let him know and radio for help. Marlena asks John how he knows so much about how planes work? John tells her that he's interested in aviation, that is why he bought his jet. John starts talking more about flying when Marlena looks out the window and can't see anything. He says that it is conditions like these when pilots rely on their instruments for spatial orientation. Marlena asks him how he knows so much on that subject, and John claims he read it. However, he suddenly has a memory flash of learning to fly. John gets up to stretch his legs, and goes to the cabin where he finds that nobody is flying the plane! John checks for a gas leak, but can't find any. He sees that the autopilot is on, which will by him some time, but he doesn't know how they'll land the plane without a pilot. Suddenly, John is hit with another flash of Rolfe instructing him how to fly. Rolfe's man shows up, and John orders him to bring him Bo Brady and not to tell anyone what is going on.

Eric tells Greta that he thinks this trip will be good for them because they will have some time alone without distractions. He tells her that sometimes he's not sure he knows her all that well. Greta asks Eric if he's saying that she isn't giving enough of herself to him? Eric says no, he just means that they need to be more open and honest with one another. Greta asks him if that was how it was with him and Nicole? Eric says his relationship with Nicole is anything but honest. Greta says he is talking how he knows what a good relationship is, how does he even know it exists? He tells her to look at the people on this plane, he knows it exists because he can see it.

Mimi and Belle look through some fashion catalogues, which upsets Shawn because he thinks they think this is a pleasure trip. The steward gets Bo and asks him to please go to the cockpit. Bo tells SHawn that he'll be right back, and leaves.

Lily continues to talk about plunging out of the sky. Julie becomes fed-up and wishes that Lily would just pass out! The kids, however, get a big kick out of watching the Lily Faversham Comedy Show.

In the cabin, both pilots are out cold. Rolfe and Bart are watching, and Bart says that everyone will die if someone doesn't figure out what is going on soon. Rolfe radios his man on the jet and gives him some new orders. Rolfe listens to John tell MArlena about flying, and he realizes the sleeping warrior in John is awakening. Rolfe sees John go into the cabin and discover it is pilotless, and he says it is showtime! Rolfe tells Bart that they are about to find out if John can reconnect with his past and become the cold blooded mercenary he created.

Bo arrives in the cabin with John, and John tells him to take the seat next to him so they can fly the plane. Bo tells John that he's not a pilot, but John tells him to sit down and shut up so he can do his job, which is to fly this plane! John sends out a mayday, which Rolfe responds to. Rolfe tells John that he will help John fly the plane, and asks him to read the instruments to him. John reads them to Rolfe, when suddenly the plane begins to lose altitude! Summary written by Dustin Cushman.


February 22
At Tuscany, Ivan has won the lottery and is celebrating in style. However, he is sad because he does not have his madame with him. He begins to remember back on all the wild and crazy schemes they were involved in together. Celeste shows up and calls Ivan Prince Ivan, because of his attire, and asks what they are celebrating? Ivan tells Celeste that he finally has everything he needs to make his dreams come true, but fortune has smiled on him a bit too late. Ivan shows Celeste a necklace he planned to give to Vivian, but he is giving it to her because she is such a good friend. Celeste thinks the stones are fake, and when Ivan says they are real, she just laughs at him. The waiter tells Celeste that Ivan has won the 40 million dollar lottery, which causes Celeste to spit champagne across the room. Ivan says he is wealthy beyond imagination, but alas he is still not Victor Kiriakis. Celeste tells Ivan that Vivian and Victor will never happen, but Ivan says that Vivian will never give up on him. As they talk about Vivian's schemes, they recall how Vivian had Carly Manning buried alive. Ivan tells Celeste that he's decided to leave Salem because if he can't have Madames love, it is time for him to go. He then recalls when he and Vivian had to dress up in all sorts of costumes to make money when they were poor. Celeste tells Ivan to give Vivian one more try, so he agrees as long as she comes with him. The two then leave Tuscany.

At the lodge, Vivian parks Victor a little ways away from the door so he can walk into the room. Vivian knocks on the door and Nicholas answers, and he's wearing very little. Vivian looks inside and sees that Kate is on the bed, and she is also wearing very little. Vivian goes into the room, and Nicholas closes the door behind her. Vivian tells Kate that Victor is waiting in the hall for her. Kate begs Vivian not to tell Victor about this because it would break his heart. Vivian doesn't see why she shouldn't tell Victor. Nicholas says there is one very good reason, but Vivian doesn't want to hear his reasons. Nicholas tells his aunt that he and Kate are not lovers, and despite his trying to seduce Kate, she couldn't go through with it because she still loves Victor. Kate says that what Nicholas says is true, and if she (Vivian) loves Victor than she won't hurt him by telling him about all of this. Vivian remembers Victor telling her that they could only be friends, and she agrees to believe nothing happened here tonight or ever. She tells Kate to stop standing around with her assets hanging out and put some clothes on before Victor walks in! Nicholas and Kate hurry and dress, and Vivian goes out into the hall to stall for time. They eventually go in, and Nicholas and Kate act surprised to see him. Victor asks Nicholas to light some of the candles around the room and put on some romantic music, so he does. Victor gets up out of his chair, walks over to Kate, and asks her to dance. As they dance, Kate cries and tells him that she's dreamt of this for so long. Vivian realizes that she and Victor will never be together, and Nicholas comforts his aunt. Victor says they have Vivian to thank for this, and Kate says she knows. When Victor starts speaking of loyalty, Kate begins to cry and pulls away from Victor. Victor asks her what is wrong? Kate says everything is just so wonderful and it has overwhelmed her. She can't believe that he has recovered. Victor says her and Phillip were his inspiration, and he has Vivian to thank as well. Vivian asks Victor if he is happy? Victor says he's never been happier. Vivian says she will drive back to Salem, and she tells Nicholas that he should come along with her. Kate tells Nicholas that she has some files she wants him to take home, so they go into the other room. Vivian is in tears, and Victor asks her if she is all right? She tells him that she will be now that she has made a painful, but necessary, decision. Vivian tells Victor that she has to move on now. Victor says he is confused, but Vivian says she's not. Vivian tells Victor goodbye. Victor says that goodbye sounds final, and he asks if he'll see her at Titan tomorrow? Vivian says that she just needs a few days to work out some things. Victor hugs Vivian and tells her that he has faith in her.

In the other room, Kate thanks Nicholas for what he did tonight. Nicholas says he saw the look on her face when Vivian walked in and he realized that she still loved Victor. Kate tells Nicholas that she didn't mean to lead him on, but Nicholas says she didn't. He says he knows her feelings for him are real, they just aren't strong enough for her to forget about her feelings for Victor. However, he is confident that she will eventually leave Victor and come to him. Kate tells Nicholas that what happened tonight can never happen again.

Kate and Victor eventually go down to the lobby to celebrate Victor's recovery, and Nicholas tells Vivian that what she did was very classy. Vivian knows Victor will fully recover, but he will be in Kate's bed so it doesn't really matter. However, she says that Victor will always have her heart. She also swears that if Kate ever hurts Victor then she will answer to her! Vivian drives back home and she remembers the good times she and Victor had together, such as their pseudo-wedding and when they made love. She then compares it to her marriage to Stefano, who made her do loony things thanks to an implanted tooth chip.

In the lobby, Victor toasts to his beautiful Kate and tells her that he never stopped loving her, and it means so much that she stayed so devoted and loyal to him. Kate tells Victor that she has to make a confession. She tells Victor that Vivian saved her, she saved them. Kate chickens out and tells Victor that she's been unfair to Vivian. She says that she knows Vivian is responsible for his recovery and she was there for her when she wasn't. However, Victor says it was her (Kate's) unconditional love that helped him get through things. Kate tells Victor that she's made an important decision, she wants to resign from Titan immediately. Victor refuses to let her resign from Titan because he enjoys being her partner both day and night. Kate tells Victor that she loves him, and Victor promises to make a full recovery. He kisses her and says he wants her to continue working at Titan with him, and with Nicholas.

Back in Salem, Vivian and Nicholas arrive at the townhouse, and Vivian sees the limo in the driveway and thinks they must have new neighbors. Vivian knocks on the limo door to say hello, and Celeste pops out. Celeste tells Vivian that she's helping a dear friend celebrate his newfound fortune. Vivian says she wants to meet this man, so Celeste introduces Ivan! Vivian promptly faints into Ivan's arms. Vivian comes too, and she doesn't understand how this has happened. Ivan tells her that he won the 40 million dollar lottery. She tells IVan and Celeste that she knows now it is over with Victor, and now she has to keep from falling apart. Ivan says he doesn't have to, and he invites her on a cruise around the world. Vivian wonders if this is a proposal, so Ivan gets down on one knee and asks her to do him the honor of not marrying him! However, he does propose that they share their lives as they always have, so she agrees to go away with him on the cruise. Vivian says goodbye to Nicholas, and then she gets into the limo with Ivan and drive off.


February 23
At Dot.Com, Sami and Brandon are chatting on the computers for a bit, but eventually hook up. Sami says she came here to be alone, but realized she didn't want to be. She asks Brandon if he's meeting someone here? Brandon says he was waiting for someone to show up and keep him company, but he isn't anymore. Sami tells him to stop talking like that because it is wrong. Brandon says it's not like he asked her out on a date, but he might do it. Brandon asks her if she would go out with him. Sami says she's not really alone, she's waiting for Austin because he's supposed to meet her in a few minutes. However, Sami realizes he probably knew that and came here to make her feel uncomfortable in front of everyone. BRandon knows she wanted to go out with him, but Sami says she has a boyfriend. Sami changes the subject to Brandon's lawsuit, and she wants to know what is going on with that. Brandon says that Abe is out to get him, and he is fighting back. Sami says Abe isn't like that and she offers to talk to him, though he doubts it will do any good. Brandon asks here where Austin is taking her? Sami says it is just some funky restaurant, but he wouldn't tell her the name. When he asks what is keeping him, Sami says she is a little early. She then decides to call Will and says good night to him, so she leaves.

In France, Hope realizes Stefano is still very sick and he needs another pill. He is sleeping, so she wakes him up. He says it is time for him to go, but Hope tells him not to say that. Hope goes to get him a pill, but there are none left. Suddenly, Hope feels her baby flutter inside. She is relieved because it means her baby is still alive, which she wasn't sure about. Downstairs, Kurt is dragging himself along the floor, and gets the keys to the Turret. He lets out a sinister "I'm back!" He spies on them, and learns that Stefano is very sick, and Hope is pregnant. Hope knocks on the door and asks if anyone is out there. Kurt tells himself he'll decide what to do tomorrow, and passes out.

Up in the air, the passengers aboard the plane are clueless as to the danger they are all in. Belle and Mimi are enjoying their food while Shawn looks out the window with some type of telescope. Belle and Shawn start talking about the hubble telescope, and Mimi feels left out because she doesn't know what it is, or anything about space. Belle and Shawn explain to here about space and black holes. Shawn is trying to find a blackhole, but he can't seem to locate one. Belle thinks she knows how to locate one, and start talking about swirling gasses. Suddenly, Mimi becomes a little air sick. Mimi rushes to the bathroom, and Belle and Shawn continue to talk about blackholes and grow closer.

Greta dreams of her mother calling her, and when she wakes up she sees her next to her. Gina tells Greta that it is time for her to go to see her father, and she looks up and sees her faceless father standing there. Greta wakes up from her dream, and Eric comforts her. He tells her she was dreaming and said she didn't want to look at him. He asks her who she didn't want to look at? Greta says she was dreaming about her mother, and she was urging her to do something. Eric tells her that she can tell him anything, but Greta says she has to keep this to herself until she can deal with it herself. Greta rests with her head on Eric's chest, and later he tells her about a dream he had about them in France on a picnic. Greta tells him that really happened, but Eric says he's going to make it happen again. Greta tells him it is winter in France, so Eric says they'll wear coats and drink hot chocolate. Greta then begins to think of her mother, who is all alone in the cargo hold. When Eric falls asleep, Greta tells him that she thinks she's falling in love with him.

Rolfe's man begins to worry as the word spreads among the help that there are no pilots. Marlena shows up near the cockpit to see her husband, but Rolfe's man prevents her from going in because of safety regulations limiting the number of people inside. Marlena realizes that something is very wrong onboard by the look on the man's face.

In the cockpit, John orders Bo to strap himself in and help him. John starts talking all sorts of technical mumbo jump to Rolfe about the problems. Rolfe tells Bart that John is responding to his test, it has brought out the old John Black. John tells Bo to take over the controls. When Bo asks him what he's going to do, John pulls a knife on him and tells him to just do as he's told! Bo wonders what he will do if he doesn't? John says he's just going to override the circuit controls, and he uses the knife to cut into the dashboard and splice some wires. John tells Bo to pull the yoke, and they level off. John radios Rolfe and tells him that the jet is leveling off, and Rolfe congratulates him on a job well done. One of the waiters come into the cockpit to tell John that MArlena wants to see him, but John tells him that he is not to come in here and tells him to get out! Rolfe then gives John a new place to head to in order to land. John decides to go check on his wife, and Bo radios Rolfe and asks him to stick with him since he's by himself. Rolfe tells him to relax because the autopilot is functioning, and his friend John is a man of rare abilities.

John goes to see Marlena, who tells him that she knows something is wrong. John tells her that everything is okay. However, Julie sees the expression on Marlena's face and worries. John tells Marlena that there is a problem, the pilots are unconscious and he and Bo are now flying the plane. He says that they are on their way to the nearest airport to land it. WHen Marlena tells him that he can't land this plane himself, he becomes angry and tells her that nobody is going to stop him! Marlena asks him why he's being like this? John apologizes and says he's just a bit rattled. He says that everything will be all right and she should trust him. John takes MArlena to the pilots so she can take care of them. She says they are alive, for now. Meanwhile, Rolfe's man becomes fed up and tells Rolfe that he's had enough, and he's taking over this plane. He shows up and when Marlena tells him to leave, he says he knows what's happened and he can't do that. He has brought some smelling salts for them, but Marlena says it is too late for that now.

John goes back to the cockpit, and Bo asks John to level with him. Bo tells John that he turned into someone he doesn't know, and he wants to know what is going on. John says he spaced out for a few minutes, but Bo says it was for more than a few minutes. John says whatever is happening to him it is helping him save them all, so he's going to go along with him! Bo agrees not to ask anymore questions, while they're in the air. Marlena comes into see John and Bo, and she tells them that the pilots have been drugged. Bo think this is DiMera's doing. Marlena wonders how they could have been drugged, could they have been slipped something? The waiter says they only had water, so Marlena says something must be in the vent system, which puts him in danger. John tells her that they will land this plane safely.

MEanwhile, Rolfe tells Bart that it is time for their next test, the big bang! The shot pans to the cargo hold where Princess GIna's coffin is. Inside the coffin, along with Gina, is a bomb! Rolfe radios John and tells him to clear the cabin for his final landing instructions, because it will require his full attention. John asks everyone to leave, so they do. Once they are gone, Rolfe tells John that he has a riddle for him. Rolfe reads him the riddle, which says "Open the lid, see the light, welcome aboard the big bang flight!"


February 24
Sorry this is so late! Also, it hasn't been proofed! I will try to do that later if I have time!
Austin has finally picked Sami up for their date, and they are driving in his car. Austin apologizes for being late, and Sami teases him and says if he was any later she might have gone out with the cute guy who was flirting with her. Austin asks who it was? Sami says she was just kidding and that it was Brandon. Sami admits they are becoming friends, and he is a good guy. Austin isn't so sure because of all of this business with Brandon and Abe. Sami says that is what she and Brandon where talking about actually. Austin tells her that she can tell him about it over dinner. Austin ends up taking Sami to LAdy Vi's for dinner.

Lexie and Brandon go to Lady Vi's for dinner. Lady Vi is happy to see LExie again, and she says that Abe was a customer of hers years ago. Lady Vi shows them to the table Lexie and Brandon dined at, and she tells Abe that this is Lexie's lucky spot and she sits here with all the fine men. Abe asks Lexie what Lady Vi meant by that? Lexie tells Abe that she came here to meet her medical school friend, but she canceled and she ran into BRandon. Abe is not pleased and asks why she didn't tell him this before? Lexie says it wasn't a big deal, she just had coffee with a co-worker. She tells him to let it go, but Abe says whenever he tries someone brings up Brandon's name, and it is usually her. He asks her what they talked about? Lexie says it was nothing much, but ABe continues question her. He asks if that was the day he took her to lunch, and the day he arrested Brandon? Lexie says she doesn't know, and then spots Austin and Sami and decides to say hello. Austin and Sami, who were waiting for a table, come over to see Abe and Lexie. Lexie invites them to join them. Sami asks Abe how he's doing because she just talked to Brandon. Sami says that Brandon feels bad about what happened, but Abe says that Brandon has both her and his wife fooled. Sami says that Brandon told her his story about being arrested, and it brought back some bad memories for her. She asks him to talk to Brandon to try and work things out. Abe says Brandon doesn't want to work things out, he wants to squeeze money out of the department. Austin says that Brandon is hurting, and someone did something to him a long time ago which made him into an angry guy. Sami asks Abe to try and talk to Brandon, but he refuses and walks out on all of them. Sami apologizes to Lexie, but Lexie says that Abe is upset with her, not them. She then runs after him.

Brandon pays a visit to his mom, who is very worried about him since she read about the law suit. She asks Brandon what is going on with him and the police commander, what has he done? Brandon says he did nothing wrong, Abe arrested him without a reason and humiliated him in the process. Brandon says that Abe is a bastard and he has it in for him. Brandon's mom doesn't think Abe Carver would do that. Brandon says that he thought she didn't know Abe, but now all of the sudden she remembers him. Brandon's mom, whose name is Faye, remembers a long time ago when Abe Carver showed up at her door to check up on her. Faye told him that he had caused enough trouble and he should never come back here. Brandon asks his mom what is wrong, did she remember something? Faye says she doesn't remember him, and she's only worried about him being in trouble. Brandon says that he's not in trouble, but Abe is. Faye wants Brandon to let go, but BRandon says Abe is going to finally get what is coming to him. Beside, Brandon says it is too late to stop things now. Faye is worried about Brandon, but Brandon says all he did to Abe was push him. She asks if Abe knows he remembers who he is, but Brandon doesn't think ABe has a clue. Faye thinks Brandon should come clean with Abe, which makes Brandon mad. Brandon warns his mom not to talk to Abe because Abe will learn the truth when he wants him to. When he grabs his mom, she tells him that he's hurting her. He lets go and apologizes. She remembers when they took a trip to Chicago and the wonderful time they had on that trip. Faye says that was a special day, and Brandon says its too bad that they didn't have more of those special days. Faye says those days with her children were precious to her. Brandon hugs his mom and apologizes for hurting her earlier. He asks her if she is okay, and she says she is fine and not to worry about him. Brandon tells his mom that he loves her, and then he leaves. After Brandon leaves, Faye considers talking to Abe, but tells herself that she just can't.

On the plane, ALice, Doug, Julie, and Lily play a game of poker. Lily is still being a sourpuss and is convinced they aren't going to land. Belle, Mimi, and Shawn want to play a videogame, and Belle thinks her dad will play with them. However, Marlena says that her dad is in the cockpit still. Belle jokes and says her mom better get him out of there before he starts flying the plane. MArlena tells her daughter that her father just likes finding out how things work. Marlena is invited to play poker, so Belle, SHawn, and Mimi decide to play their video games. Greta and ERic do some heavy kissing in the back of the plane, and they soon realize that Mimi is watching them. Mimi apologizes but says their kiss was soooo romantic, just like Leo and Kate. Belle comes to get Mimi to play videogames, and Eric tells Belle that Mimi caught him and Greta kissing and is a little embarrassed. Shawn shows up, and Mimi claims she was just inspired and hopes someone kisses her like that one day. Shawn realizes where this is going, so he decides to go to the cockpit to see if his dad needs him. Belle tells Mimi to stop bother her brother and his girlfriend, and they leave. Greta teases Eric that she is his girlfriend now, and they begin to kiss again.

At the poker table, Alice notices that Marlena is a tad distracted. MArlena says she was just worried about her plants, but Lily doubts that. Lily, who was drinking grape juice, decides to order a vodka martini. Belle shows up, and when Alice asks where Shawn is, Belle says he went to look for his dad. MArlena freaks when she hears this and knocks over the poker chips. Alice asks her why she has a problem with Shawn finding Bo? Marlena says she doesn't, she just got a little cold. Eric and Greta show up to play, and later Alice catches Lily cheating.

In the cockpit, Rolfe reads John the riddle, which John doesn't understand. Rolfe says he has idea what it is about, it was just given to him. He asks John if riddles have any significance for him? John has a memory of Rolfe giving him riddles in the past, so John thinks about the riddle. He finally realizes that there is a bomb on the plane! John tries to figure out where the bomb could be and starts looking around. Bo shows up, and John tells Bo that there is a bomb on t the plane! When Bo learns about the riddle, he thinks that DiMera is just messing with his mind. As they argue, Shawn shows up and spies on them and learns everything that has happened. He ends up walking in on them and offers to help them. Bo tells Shawn that he doesn't belong in here, but SHawn says he already knows everything and can't go back out there and pretend to not know about this. Bo thinks they should tell everyone, but John tells him negative. John decides to find the bomb himself, so Shawn and Bo takeover at the controls.

John goes into the cabin and begins looking through the various compartments, which upsets Lily. She demands to know what he is doing. John claims he is looking for his Swiss army knife to show the pilot. Marlena decides to help John, and John tells MArlena that Shawn is in the cockpit with Bo, and he thinks there may be a bomb onboard. Marlena screams, and John quickly hugs her. John covers and tells them all that Marlena is being a bad girl and thinks they are still on their honeymoon. John asks Marlena to distract everyone, and say a prayer. JOhn continues to think about the riddle, and eventually realizes that the bomb is in Gina's coffin. Meanwhile, Lily decides to see what John is up to in the cockpit.

John goes back to the cockpit and tells Bo and Shawn that the bomb is in Gina's coffin. Bo says that is sick, and a spying Rolfe is insulted. John tells them that the real problem is getting to the coffin without arising suspicions, and he realizes it is time to tell everyone the truth. John, Bo, and Shawn leave, and Lily screams when she finds the pilots are unconscious. John grabs Lily, shakes her, and tells her that she's not helping! When she starts crying that they are going to die, John grows cold and slaps her with the back of his hand! John tells everyone to stay calms and listen to him because their lives depend on it. John, who seems to almost be enjoying the situation, tells them all that the pilots are not dead, but won't be flying anytime soon. Doug asks who is flying the plane? John says he and Bo are, with help from the tower. John tells everyone to keep it together, because he's going to need their help. He tells them all that there is a bomb onboard. Everyone panics, and Lily faints.


February 25
In France, Kurt wakes up and remembers hearing Hope tell Stefano about her baby the night before. He realizes that Hope really is pregnant. He tells himself that he can live with keeping Hope and Stefano prisoners, but he can't risk the life of an unborn child. In the turret, Stefano is still coughing up a storm. Hope wishes she could help him, but he tells her to just look out for herself. Suddenly, Hope is struck with a feeling that Bo is in terrible danger. Stefano says she is just being ill-fated, but Hope says her entire family is in danger! Stefano doesn't see how that is possible unless an earthquake hit Salem. He tells her that she is just suffering from anxiety. However, Hope says if her feelings are true, then perhaps Gina has been discovered and they are searching for her. Stefano begins coughing again, and Hope says if Kurt is dead, they are will die soon because they are almost out of food! A spying Kurt realizes that they think he is dead, and decides to use this to his advantage. Hope and Stefano lie in bed together, and Stefano apologizes to Hope for not being able to get them out of here. He also tells her that he is truly sorry for a lot of things. Hope tells him that she knows. She says it is hard to believe what he has done when she sees him like this, and being vulnerable seems to have brought out the best in him. However, she says if they do get out of here, he'll just go back to being the same heartless bastard that he's always been. Later, Hope and Stefano sit down to share their last meal, and Hope finds out that Stefano gave her the last of the soup and is only pretending to eat. She is furious with him and refuses to let him die on her. She pours some of her soup into his bowl and tells him to eat! Meanwhile, Kurt makes it downstairs and gets the paper. He realizes that he's been unconscious for days, and they must be out of food by now. He says he doesn't give a damn about Stefano, but he can't let the sweet and beautiful Hope die. Kurt finds a gun, and begins to load it! Kurt goes upstairs to spy on them, and when he thinks they are asleep, he sneaks into the turret with the gun. He sees that they are both asleep, so he approaches Stefano and pulls the gun on him! Hope wakes up and screams "No!" Suddenly, a shot is fired!

On the plane, Bo and Shawn are still in control of the plane. Shawn is worried, but Bo assures him that they'll make it through this. Bo puts the plane on auto-pilot and tells Shawn to go back to the cabin because as long as nothing changes, there is nothing he can do.

John tells everyone that there is a bomb on the plane, and everyone panics. John tells them all to shut up and listen to him or he will strap on a parachute, jump off the plane, and leave them all to be blown to hell! Everyone shuts up at the remark, except Lily. Lily says they are going to die, and John asks if there is any way to shut that damn woman up! Marlena says she could give her a tranquilizer, but it could be dangerous. Lily insist on being given one, and she ends up taking a bunch of them! Julie asks if he is sure there is a bomb on board, and he says yes and it is in Gina's coffin. Doug asks what they can do to help?

Onboard Rolfe and Bart's plane, Rolfe says that John is a trained mercenary, and it will be entertaining to watch him tell the other passengers about the bomb! When Rolfe hears the comment about BO saying there is nothing to fear as long as nothing changes, Rolfe decides to make some changes. He turns the auto-pilot off, and the plane begins to plummet! Everyone onboard the plane screams, and John is thrown to the floor. John gets up, and everyone onboard continues to scream. In the cockpit, Bo and Shawn are trying to regain control of the plane when John shows up to save the day. Unfortunately, John seems to be unable to get control of the plane. He tells Bo to take over for him, and he searches the control panel and finds the remote control Rolfe planted. John and Bo finally steady the plane. Rolfe then tells John that he has another message for him, "If you haven't solved the riddle yet, there is less than 40 minutes left!" Shawn gives John some headphones to wear while he looks for the bomb so he can get in touch with Bo if he needs to. John and Shawn go to find the bomb, and they take Eric with them. John tells Doug to go up to the cockpit and help Bo. Mimi and Belle both tell Shawn that he is a hero, and they give him hugs for luck. John, Eric, and Shawn go down to the cargo hold, and John is lowered down there via a rope.

Marlena finds Rolfe's man talking to Rolfe on a headphone set, and she asks him who he is talking to? Rolfe's man claims he was just praying to God. Later, Rolfe's man re-contacts him and tells him that he never told him there was a bomb onboard! When he says he didn't sign on for this, Rolfe makes arrangements for him to sign off! Suddenly, the door blows open and the man is sucked out! John radios the cockpit to find out what is going on up there, and Doug tells him that they are losing cabin pressure. BArt tells Rolfe that he is nuts, which prompts Rolfe to ask if he wants out too? Bart feels bad because the remote steering is disabled, and the backup pilot is dead. Rolfe tells him that it is all up to John now. Onboard the plane, Marlena and everyone struggle to hold on to keep from being sucked out of the plane. Doug and Bo steady the plane out, and the other waiter helps Marlena and keeps her from flying out the door. They realize they have to but the door somehow, and Greta offers to do it because she is the only one without family. They tie a rope around Greta, and Marlena and Julie hold onto it. However, the force is too strong, and Greta begins to be sucked out the plane! Fortunately, Greta gets back inside, and using a fire extinguisher they are able to reach the door handle and shut it.

Back in the cargo hold, John radios the cockpit and tells them to open the cargo bay doors. John plans to unload the cargo so he can reach the bomb. Back on Rolfe's jet, Bart asks Rolfe if he can disarm the bomb? Rolfe says he can, but he won't. Bart says he will, and he grabs Rolfe's controller. As they wrestle over it, it breaks, and Rolfe tells Bart that know their lives really are in John's hands! Back in the cargo hold, John gets to the coffin, and they all work to pry the lid off to disarm the bomb. Once the open the coffin and get to the bomb, but they can't touch it because it is booby-trapped! Rolfe laughs, and when Bart asks him how to beat the booby-trap, Rolfe says there isn't any! Back on the big bang flight, everyone prays to God to save them, and Shawn tells his dad that he loves him. Down in the cargo hold, John disarms the booby-trap, fills the bomb with shaving cream, and tries to throw it out the cargo door. A watching Rolfe says there is only a minute left, they'll never get it off the plane in time! As everyone is saying the Lord's prayer, the countdown begins, and the bomb explodes! The monitor on Rolfe and BArt's plane suddenly goes black!

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