February 2000 Week 3


February 14
This was typed hours after seeing the show, so it is shorter than usual
At Titan, Phillip shows up to borrow some money from Vivian in order to buy back the watch he sold to pay off his gambling debts. Vivian makes him an offer, if he can get his mother to write him a check, she'll write him one for five thousand dollars. Phillip decides to give it a try.

In Kate's office, Nicholas shows up to give Kate her valentines day present, a stuffed female dog to go along with the stuffed male dog he gave her awhile back. Nicholas sweet talks Kate, and eventually the two lean in and kiss. Suddenly, Phillip walks in! However, Kate claims she was just smelling CW's new men's cologne line. Nicholas leaves, and Phillip talks his mom into give him a check for one thousand dollars, which he claims is for new skis.

Meanwhile, Vivian goes to see Victor and give him some chocolates for Valentines day. They start talking about Stefano, and Vivian tells Victor that she'd like to work with him to bring Stefano down.

At the airport, Bart and Rolfe listen in on John and Bo's conversation with an airline representative via a bug. John makes arrangements for a private jet to fly him and half of Salem to France. The current passenger list included John, Roman, Bo, Shawn, Lily, Greta, Eric; and now Marlena, Belle, and Mrs. Horton have been added. Later, Rolfe tells Bart that he is going to sabotage the jet as the ultimate test for John in order to see how much he remembers from his mercenary days.

Bo goes to see Mrs. Horton to try and talk her out of coming to France, but she refuses to cave. Bo eventually agrees to let her come. Meanwhile, John goes to the church to ask God to watch over his family during this trip. As he kneels at the alter, he has a memory of Stefano coming up behind him in a church once. When Father Jansen shows up, John looses it and grabs him. He eventually regains control of himself, and then confesses his sins to Father Jansen. He tells him about making love to Hope, and never being a real priest.

In France, Kurt is alive, and his cell phone begins to ring. By the time he finally gathers the strength to answer it, its batteries die. In the turret, Stefano is now wearing a mask because he fears he has pneumonia and doesn't want Hope to catch it. Hope doesn't want him to die and leave her alone, so she makes a deal with him. She agrees to eat some soup if he will take her antibiotics.


February 15
At Dot.Com, Shawn beats some kid at a videogame, and Mimi cheers him on. She talks to him about his mom and how tough it must be for both him and his mom. Shawn tells Mimi that he knows his mom is alive, and that he will find her. Shawn plays the guy again, and wins for the second time. After the guy leaves, Shawn teaches Mimi how to play the game. Meanwhile, Belle is working on her homework when Phillip orders her an ice cream sundae as a peace offering. Belle asks what the offering is for? He says it is for giving Chloe a hard time. Belle tells Phillip that he should apologize to Chloe, not her. Chloe is listening to music across the room, and Belle tells Phillip to take her the ice cream and apologize to her. Phillip says no way, and that she owes him an apology for what she did to his jacket. Belle tells him that he deserved that. Phillip asks Belle why she likes Chloe so much, and Belle says she is a nice person. When Phillip says that everyone in school is talking about how she is a devil worshipper and casts spells, Belle says that they are wrong. She then tells Phillip that she's the one who casts spells, she can give people the shivers!. Phillip is curious about this talent, so Belle displays it for him. She dumps the ice cream sundae on his head! Phillip says he will get her for this, and storms out of the place. Belle goes to see Chloe, and she tells her that she feels terrible for stooping to Phillips level. Shawn comes to see them and asks Belle if she has joined the boy scouts because it looks like someone has tied rope knots in her hair. Belle tells him that if he ever read a magazine then he'd know that this is an in style. Shawn tells Belle that he was just kidding. Belle says that is what Phillip always says when he makes fun of people, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. Belle and Shawn get into an argument, and Belle says that he and Phillip seem to have a lot in common. She thinks that hanging out with those rich kids in that boarding school changed him, and perhaps he should go back there. Shawn leaves, and Belle tells Chloe that she is sick of guys with attitudes. She then asks Chloe how everything at Chez Wesley is. CHloe says she is having a problem with Nancy. Chloe says that Nancy is obsessed with making sure she is happy. Belle says that she remembers when her mom was on one of those togetherness kicks. Chloe asks her how she handled it? Belle says she talked to her and was honest with her. Belle decides to go to the library, and Chloe decides to stay behind and check out some more CDs.

At Titan in Victor's office, Vivian is upset to learn that Victor isn't going to the lodge because he needs to spearhead the search for Hope and Stefano from Salem. Vivian tells Victor that it is important that he go because the future of the company depends on it. Victor tells Vivian not to lie to him, he knows this is not about business. Vivian assures him it is, and he says nevertheless he can't let Bo down because this is the first time in years he's asked for his help. Victor's phone rings, so he takes the call. Later, Victor tells Vivian that he's sending Kate in his place, and he's very proud to have her and Kate representing him at this meeting. Once Victor leaves, Vivian looses it. Philip shows up and tells Vivian about the check he got his mom to write, and that perks her up.

Nicholas tells Marie that he needs to see Kate, and he learns her schedule for the day. Nicholas goes into see Kate and claims he just needs a file. Kate tells him to come in and close the door. He does, and Phillip says he wants to pick up where they left off before her son interrupted them. Kate tells Nicholas that from now on their relationship is strictly business. She gives him the file, and he starts telling her that he doesn't think he can be near her without wanting to touch or kiss her. When she tells him to work on it, Nicholas says maybe he should go back to Europe. Kate tells him that maybe he should! Nicholas doesn't understand how she can dismiss her feelings for him so easily. Kate says that the only man she wants in her life is Victor. Nicholas tells Kate that he knows she and Victor are sleeping in the same bed again, and he asks her if he satisfies her? Kate becomes upset and tells Nicholas that there is a lot more to a relationship besides sex! She orders Nicholas to take his file and leave, which he does. Victor then comes to see Kate and tells her that she is going to the conference in his place. Kate agrees to go, until she learns that Vivian is going. She tells Victor that there is no way that Vivian is going to that conference! Back in Vivian's office, Vivian tells Nicholas that he's going on a ski trip with Kate!

Greta, Eric, and John are trying to get Princess Gina's body released, but Greta is told that they can't release the body to her. The man says that the French Authorities are asking them to wait a few more days. Greta tells John that he should leave with the others and she and Eric can take a commercial flight in a few days. John refuses and says that they are going to France tomorrow!

John goes to Marlena's office to talk to her about coming to Paris with him. Marlena has made arrangements to have another doctor handle her patient load. She then talks to John about why he wants to go to France. She says that he knows the purpose is to find Hope, but is he hoping to find his past too? John claims he's not going back there, and he kisses Marlena to make her stop questioning him about his past. He assures her that he will make sure his past does not come back to haunt them by getting Bo and Hope back together, and sending Stefano to prison.

Eric and Greta go for a walk through the park. Greta tells Eric that she's decided not to sell the chateau since her mom will be buried there, and she wants to ask Kurt to stay on as caretaker. She then remembers going to a park with her mother once after a long day of shopping. Eric and Greta sit on the swings, and Greta tells him about her mom. Greta says that her mom used to tell her that when she was with her, her life made sense. She begins to cry when she says that her mom said that she was her one great accomplishment in life. Eric comforts her and tells her that there will come a day when she can talk about her mom without tears. The two then kiss.

Rolfe and Bart, dressed as mechanics, sneak onto the plane John has leased. Suddenly, a real mechanic catches them and asks them what in the hell they are doing on this plane! Rolfe says that Mr. Black hired them to do a private inspection of the plane because he is afraid of terrorists. Rolfe shows him some phony paperwork, and the mechanic buys it. The real mechanic leaves, and Rolfe and Bart get to work. Later, Bart questions Rolfe about John and Stefano creating him. This upsets Rolfe because he says that he created John, not Stefano. When Bart asks why Stefano gets all the credit, Rolfe says it is a long story and he assures him that he will get his reward someday. Bart jokes with Rolfe and tells him that perhaps he could put a chip in his brain to attract chips, or perhaps he should give himself a sense of humor. Rolfe says this is no joking matter! BArt then tells Dr. Know-It-All that there is a big hole in his plan to rule the world. Bart says if John doesn't remember the past, everyone on this plane will die because John won't know how to save them. Rolfe asks what the problem with that is, and then he laughs.

In Paris, Stefano is coughing up a storm as Hope sleeps. In her dream, Hope is walking through the woods when a spider begins to crawl up her leg. However, Stefano comes to her rescue! He gets rid of the spider, picks her up, and tells her that he is here to protect her. As they walk towards the castle, a giant spider is crawling over the doorway! Hope eventually wakes up screaming. Stefano rushes to her side and comforts her. Hope fears she is going to die. Stefano tells her that she needs to have faith and trust that everything will work out. Stefano brings Hope some more broth, and she thanks him. She also agrees to keep the faith. Stefano jokes that when they get out of here they can write a book about it and call it the Alice Horton rule. When Stefano coughs and wheezes, she tells him perhaps he should take some more medicine. Suddenly, Hope has a seizure. Hope recovers and asks what happened? Stefano says that she had a seizure, but she is better now. Hope thanks Stefano for saving her life, he held her head still. Stefano brings Hope some powdered milk to keep up her strength. Hope wishes she knew how far along she was. She says she dreamed she conceived the baby with Bo in Paris, but when she thinks about it, she can't even remember being with Bo. Stefano then recalls Hope seducing both him and John.


February 16
At Titan, Nicholas refuses to go to the lodge in her place because he doesn't want to deceive Kate. The secretary brings Vivian the accounting reports for the day, and Vivian highlights the check Kate wrote to Phillip. She gives it to the secretary and tells her that Victor really wants to see the report. After the secretary leaves, Vivian continues to try and convince Nicholas to go to the lodge with Kate. They start talking about Victor and Kate sharing a bed, and Vivian believes that they are sleeping together. However, Nicholas knows the truth, that Victor is impotent. He asks Vivian if she is sure Victor and Kate are sleeping together? Vivian lets out an "Oh my God, it couldn't be!" Nicholas asks her what? Vivian thinks that Nicholas is afraid he won't measure up to Victor, but Nicholas says that is not it at all. Vivian tells him he shouldn't be embarrassed, because youth isn't everything. Nicholas becomes upset and decides to go on that trip with Kate after all. Vivian is pleased and tells him to be on his merry way because she can't wait to see what happens.

Vivian and Ivan go shopping, and Vivian tells Ivan about the change of plans for the conference. Vivian plans on getting Victor up to the lodge to catch Kate and Nicholas in bed together! Ivan asks if Nicholas knows about this? Vivian says he only knows about the part that pertains to him. Ivan wonders how she could do this to her nephew. Vivian says her plan is perfect because Nicholas will have Kate, and she will have Victor.

Nicholas begins to wonder if he did the right thing by letting his aunt talk him into going to this conference. When he thinks about Kate, he knows that she wants him and he says he'll see her at the lodge.

In Victor's office, the secretary brings Victor the accounting report and he sees the check Kate wrote to Phillip. He calls Kate and demands she come to his office immediately. Kate comes to see Victor, and he confronts her about the check that she wrote to Phillip for one thousand dollars. Kate explains to Victor that Phillip needed the money for new skis, and it is only a thousand dollars. Victor says "Only a thousand dollars, no wonder the boy needs to learn the value of a dollar!" Kate tells Victor that this isn't about the money, it is about him using this as an excuse to question her every move. She says that they used to be a team at one time, and if he doesn't see them that way again, then she doesn't see them together at all. Victor tells her not to be so melodramatic. Kate asks if there is anything else he'd like to criticize her about, her hair perhaps? Victor gets buzzed about a conference call, so he tells Kate that they'll have to finish this tonight. Kate tells him that they can't because she has to go to the lodge. Victor thinks it is just as well because it will give them time to reflect on what has happened here today.

At Salem Place, Nancy and Craig have just finished a shopping spree at Balistix. Marlena shows up to talk to Craig, and Nancy grabs the boxes and runs after Chloe. When she catches Chloe, she tells her that she has some surprises for her! Chloe sees that the boxes are from Balistix, and Nancy shows her that she's bought her all new clothes! Chloe doesn't like them at all and says at least she knows where to return them, which upsets Nancy. Nancy tells Chloe that she is trying to do something nice for her, but since she doesn't want them, she'll return them for her! Nancy storms off to Balistix to return to clothes. Marlena talks with Craig and tells him about the trip she's talking with John and Belle. Craig asks Marlena about kids, and why (people have them?)? Marlena tells Craig that things will get better, but Craig says that all Nancy does is obsess about this kid. Marlena says that obsessing is a strong word, but Craig says that Nancy is doing everything to get that kid to love them. Marlena and Craig see Nancy storm away from Chloe, and Marlena decides to talk to Nancy while Craig talks with Chloe. Craig confronts Chloe and is angry at her for hurting Nancy. Chloe says she doesn't need them to provide for her like normal parents do for their children. Craig tells her that she can push Nancy's buttons all she likes, but he won't let her push his. He also says that she wouldn't want him to push her buttons, because she'd hate how it feels. Chloe tells Craig that he can't get to her, and he never will. Craig tells Chloe that she reminds him a lot of Mimi, which upsets Chloe. Craig tells her "Gottcha!" Craig says he was referring to Mimi from La Boem, not that wretched candy striper.

Marlena and Nancy go to the Java Cafe for a cup of coffee. Nancy says she knows all of CHloe's dislikes, but none of her likes. Nancy says that Chloe is ungrateful, spiteful, and just plain mean. Marlena says that Chloe is just protecting herself because others have reached out to help her before and have only hurt her. Nancy says that is her fault as well, but Marlena tells her that she's trying to make it right now. Nancy admits to Marlena that she was right to doubt her story earlier, there is a lot more going on that meets the eye. Nancy wants to tell Marlena the truth, but she stops herself and says she can't go there just yet. Marlena tells her that her door is always open if she want to talk. Nancy says she'd like that because she could really use a quiet place to talk to her. Marlena tells her that she's going out of town, but when she gets back she is welcomed to drop by anytime.

Nicole and Lucas are dining at Tuscany. Lucas is talking up a storm about Will, but Nicole really could care less. Eric and Greta walk in, and Nicole says hello to them. She tells Lucas that she was at the office and noticed that Eric took himself off the schedule for a few days, and she asks Lucas if he knows anything about that? Lucas says no, so Nicole asks him to explain himself. Eric tells her that he's leaving for Europe tomorrow with Greta, and asks if that is a problem? Nicole tells Eric that it is a problem. Nicole tells Eric that she has back to back photo shoots set up for him next week, and now she doesn't have a photographer. Greta decides to go to the ladies room, and Nicole continues to chew Eric out. Eric tells Nicole to fire him if she wants, so Lucas butts in. He tells Eric to sit down so they can work this out. Nicole excuses herself, and goes into the ladies room to confront Greta. She asks Greta how her bachelorette pad is? Greta tells her to tell "her friend" that she loves it. Nicole admits to lying, and says she can tear up the lease if it is a problem because she doesn't need her hassling her like Eric did. Greta is surprised that Eric talked to her about the apartment. Nicole is surprised that Eric didn't tell her about it. Nicole says that Eric just confronted her about the lie she told, but everything seems to has worked out. Nicole then tries to get Greta to open up to her and suggests that perhaps they could be friends. Nicole wants to talk about Paris and she thinks she can give her a few pointers on how to make the most of her time with Eric. Greta becomes upset and tells Nicole that she is not going to Paris to sleep with Eric, she is going to bury her mother. Furthermore, Greta tells Nicole that she has no plans to sleep with Eric or anyone else until she is married. Greta then storms out of the ladies room. Nicole tells herself that this is going to be easier than she thought. Back at the table, Lucas and Eric talk. Lucas is glad that Greta is going to Europe with the man of her dreams. Eric tells him not that it is any of his business, but they are going to Europe to bury Greta's mother. Lucas is shocked and says he is sorry. Eric explains everything to him about Gina and what happened. Greta, and Nicole, return to the table and Greta asks them what they are talking about? Lucas tells her that Eric was just giving him the details of why they are going to Paris. Lucas decides to make a 10,000 dollar donation in her and her mother's name to the anti-smoking campaign, which Greta thanks him for.

At the station, Abe is given the cold shoulder by the cops. Roman comes into Abe's office with a paper and shows it to Abe. Abe is on the cover and the headlines read "Abe Carver Charged with False Arrest and Harassment!" Abe reads the article and is furious because he has been made out to be the bad guy. He also wonders how Lexie feels about her good friend Brandon Walker now. Roman tells Abe that he's afraid that he could be punished for this. Abe knows he messed up, and Brandon was betting on that. After a phone call, Abe tells Roman that he has to meet with the commissioner tomorrow. Roman says that he has to go out of town, but to keep him posted. Roman tells Abe to hang in there, and then he leaves.

At the hospital, Lexie sees the paper and is furious with Brandon. She confronts him and asks him how he could do this to Abe and to her? She tells him that she went again her husband to help him, and she used their friendship to turn this around on Abe. Brandon says that he only hired Benny to keep him from having a mark on his permanent record, and he swears that he did not know that the press would have gotten a hold of the story. Brandon tells Lexie that he doesn't belong in jail because he is not in the wrong. He also tells her that she did nothing wrong, and the only one who did anything wrong was Abe. Lexie says if Abe ever finds out what she did . . . BRandon promises her that it is there secret, and it will stay that way. Lexie is paged to the ER, so she has to leave. Before she does, Brandon assures her that everything will be okay. After she's gone, Brandon apologizes for lying to Lexie. He says that Abe Carver ruined his family, so now it is his turn to know what it feels like to be ruined, and LExie will help him more than she knows.


February 17
Greta and Lily have finished packing, and Eric shows up to pick them up. However, Lily announces that she's changed her mind and isn't going. Lily says that she has a fear of flying, but Eric tells her that John has rented a jumbo jet and she won't even notice they are flying. He says he's even hired some chefs from Tuscany to cater the flight. Greta asks Lily to please come with them, so she agrees. Eric, Lily, and Greta then leave for the airport.

At the penthouse, Marlena was just about to ask Belle about the trip when John calls. John is at the pub, and he asks Marlena to bring his pocket knife with her, so she says she'll look for it. Suddenly, Mimi shows up to meet Belle. Mimi tells Belle that she's here to get the scoop on the ice cream sundae incident. Belle says she was just trying to shut Phillip up because he was teasing Chloe. Mimi asks how Shawn feels about all of this because she wouldn't do anything without his approval, since she's obsessed with him. Belle tells Mimi that she is the one obsessed with Shawn, and to her Shawn is nothing more than an obnoxious jerk. Mimi doesn't believe her, but Belle says she is angry at Shawn because he made fun of her hair. Belle doesn't want to talk about Shawn because she wants to go shopping. Mimi says they do need to find outfits for that dance party this weekend. Marlena, who was upstairs, returns and tells them that they won't be going to that party, either of them. Belle asks if they are in trouble? Marlena says no, and she tells Belle that she is going to Paris with her and her father. Belle is ecstatic and hugs Mimi. Marlena tells Belle who all is going, and Mimi can't believe Belle gets to go to Paris with Shawn. Mimi says she would die to go to Paris, but Marlena says that she doesn't have to. Marlena says Mimi is invited as well, and Mimi is thrilled that she gets to go. Marlena tells her that her mother has packed all her things, and Mimi thanks her. Marlena tells them they have to head to the airport, but Belle says they can't go yet. Belle says that they can't leave until she fixes her hair, and she runs upstairs to do just that.

At the Horton house, Shawn, Doug, Julie, and Alice are all getting ready for the trip. However, Shawn, Doug, and Julie were unaware that Alice is going with them. Doug and Julie try to talk ALice out of going, but she refuses to allow them to succeed. Doug tells her that they might be going up against Stefano, but Alice doesn't care. She says that Hope means everything to her, and she wants to be there for her. Alice asks Shawn who he agrees with, and Shawn says he agrees with his Gran. Doug says he's calling Bo about this, but Alice says that Bo already tried to talk her out of this, and he failed.

At the pub, John, Roman, and Bo are discussing the trip. ROman has spoken to Shane, and the ISA was unable to locate the source of the SOS signal. They discuss the properties Gina owns, and where DiMera and Hope might be. Bo believes that if DiMera was holding Hope someplace, it wouldn't be anyplace connected to Gina. Bo says that Gina knew where DiMera was hiding Hope, that is what she was trying to tell him. John reminds him that it is possible that Gina was pretending to be Hope the whole time, but Bo knows that the woman he held in Paris was his Hope. He believes the switch was made between the time he left Paris, and Gina showed up in Salem. John remembers the sub sex, and realizes he was with Hope on his honeymoon, not Gina. He says that out loud, which shocks Bo. John says he meant on his wedding day. John has to head out, so he leaves. Outside, John is upset that he made love to Hope on his honeymoon. John goes back to the church to pray to God. John says he is confused and frightened about his past, but he knows his love for Marlena has kept him from becoming the man he once was. He also asks God to allow them to find Hope, and put these demons from his past to rest so he can find happiness.

At the airport, Rolfe and Bart are waiting for the Salemites to board the plane. Rolfe has a suitcase from which they can control the action. He says that if John can remember his past, he'll know enough to save himself and the others. Bart tells Rolfe that if John does remember, Mr D. will have his head on a platter because of the faulty chip. Rolfe thinks that Stefano will regard him as a hero for working to protect Stefano's interest. Later, the members of the flight begin to gather in the lounge. Lily apologizes to everyone for the pain Gina inflicted on Hope and the rest of them. She says she knows she might not be welcomed, but she wants to be there for Greta when she buries her mother. Doug asks Greta if she has made arrangement for her mother's burial? Greta says she's been trying to call the caretaker, but he won't answer. A man shows up with papers for Greta to sign before her mother's coffin can be placed onboard. As the passengers talk about talking off, Lily decides to take a boat and meet her there, but Greta tells her that it will be okay. Bart and Rolfe watch them, and Bart feels bad that all those people may die. However, Rolfe says one of the waiters is one of Stefano's men, a trained pilot who will save the day if John fails the test. As Gina's body is being wheeled out to the plane, Bart claims to be from the funeral home and says he assured the family that he'd check the body before it was loaded to make sure everything was fine. After he inspects the body and checks back with Rolfe. Unfortunately, he is caught by John later, who wants to know who he is and what he was doing on his plane.

In France, Stefano is growing sicker. Hope asks him if he is still taking the antibiotics? He claims he is, but says they aren't helping. Stefano decides to fix Hope something to eat, and he realizes that they are almost out of food. Hope realizes that Stefano is sicker then he's telling her, and she says that soon their rations will be all gone. She tells Stefano that she envies Kurt, because at least he died quickly. Stefano tells Hope that he doesn't want to hear her talk like that because they are not going to die. Stefano gives Hope some soup and tells her to eat. However, she doesn't seem to have the strength to lift the spoon, so he feeds her. Hope notices that Stefano isn't eating, but he claims he will eat when she is finished. Hope also wonders why he is being so kind to her. He says that he will do whatever is necessary to save her and her baby. Hope says she is grateful, but then again she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her. After Hope finishes the soup, she tells Stefano to eat. There is little left, so he just pretends to eat. He tells himself that the rations will last twice as long if he doesn't eat, and his life is slipping away anyways.

Outside the chateau, Kurt begins to stir once more. He manages to sit up, but is in terrible pain as he moves. He gets to his phone, but the batteries are dead. Kurt manages to crawl back into the chateau.


February 18
At the airport lounge, the passengers enjoy champagne and food while they wait to board the plane. A man tells Greta that everything is in order regarding her mother's casket. Bo wonders where John and Marlena are because he's anxious to leave. Roman hates leaving Abe alone at the time like this, and Bo feels for Abe.

John finds Bart and demands to know who he is and what he was doing on his plane. Bart gives him a card and says he is from the pinecrest funeral home and was just making sure everything with the casket checked out. John, who was holding him by the collar, lets Bart go. After Bart leaves, John finds the ear-piece Bart was wearing in his ear to communicate with Rolfe. Marlena, Belle, and Mimi show up, and they decide to board the plane.

John meets up with Bo and apologizes for being late. Bo tells Marlena that he's glad she's coming on this trip. Marlena says they are family, and Bo says he regrets some of the things he said to her when he thought Hope had died. Bo apologizes for blaming her for "Hope's" death. Marlena and Bo share a hug, and Marlena tells him that all any of them want is to see him and Hope together again. Shawn is upset to learn that Belle and Mimi are going to Paris because this trip is supposed to be about finding his mother. Marlena says that Belle and Mimi know that, and they will do what they can to help. Shawn confronts Belle and Mimi about taking advantage of the trip. Belle says it is a big plane and they can stay away from one another, and she drags Mimi off.

Rolfe, who is in the cockpit of his own plane, is watching the pilots of John's plane on a monitor. Rolfe flips some switches, and watches various scenes around the plane and airport. Rolfe sees John, after his encounter with Bart, and wonders what he's staring at. Bart goes to the plane where Rolfe is, and Bart realizes he dropped his ear-piece. Rolfe radios his man at the airport and tells him to get Bart's ear-piece back from John Black immediately! Rolfe's man gets the ear-piece from John by claiming it is his and he uses it to communicate with the cockpit.

Everyone boards the plane and prepares to take off as Rolfe and Bart watch them from their monitor. Alice asks God to grant them a safe fight and allow them to find Hope. Roman and Bo look at a map and discuss where to search. Roman has noticed that the SOS signal was coming from the same location as Princess Gina's castle, and he thinks they should start there. As the plane is about to take off, the pilots abort it and the passengers worry and the plane bounces around. Meanwhile, Rolfe realizes there is a malfunction with the backup switch, so he fixes it from his computer to keep the pilots from finding out about his additions to the cockpit controls. Back in the cockpit, the cops show up and tell Roman that the Commissioner has put Abe on paid leave and he has been appointed acting Commander. Roman refuses and tells them to tell the Commissioner to find someone else! However, Roman's request is denied, and he is forced to leave. Later, the plane takes off, and Lily falls asleep. Doug, Julie, and Alice sing Frera Jacquez (I know I spelled it wrong). Marlena tells John to sleep for a bit, so he does, and Bo looks out the window and tells Hope to hang on. Back in their own plane, Rolfe flips a switch causes gasses to emit from the headset and knock the pilot out. The co-pilot decides to land at Kennedy airport, but Bart panics because that isn't part of the plan, and he flips a switch which knocks the co-pilot out! Rolfe calls Bart an idiot and tells him that both pilots are now unconscious!

Abe and Lexie meet with the Commissioner, who tells Abe that he's being relieved of his duties for the time being. Abe is furious because he says that Brandon and Benny are getting exactly what they are after! The Commissioner says he has no choice, and that Abe will be put on paid leave pending the outcome of the lawsuit. Later, Abe begins to pack up his personal belongings from his office. Roman shows up and Abe is shocked to learn that he's taking over his job while he's on leave. Abe is furious and wants to go see Benny, but Roman tells him not to do that. He warns him that if he goes after Benny or Brandon, he'll be signing early retirement papers. Abe agrees not to do anything stupid, but he vows to find out why Brandon is hell bent on destroying him.

At the hospital, Benny talks with Brandon about the case. Benny fears Brandon wants to drop the case, but Brandon says that nothing will stop him from nailing Abe. Lexie shows up after Benny leaves and she demands Brandon to drop these charges against her husband! Brandon says it is out of his hands, but Brandon says it is out of his hands. Lexie doesn't believe him and says that Abe never harassed him, in fact, he is harassing and embarrassing Abe! Lexie says that Abe doesn't deserve this. She tells him that she did him a favor by warning him about Abe's arrest, so he owes her a favor. She tells him to get her husband off the hook. Brandon refuses and says that Abe is getting exactly what he deserved. Lexie tells Brandon that he succeeded in embarrassing her husband, what else does he want? She wants to know why he's being so vindictive? Brandon claims he just wants to see justice done, and he says he's going to fight Abe all the way to the finish. Lexie leaves, and Brandon says that she'll thank him for this one day.

At the lodge, Kate is swimming in the pool when Nicholas shows up in his speedo and joins her for a swim. He ends up surprising her and gives her a kiss. She is shocked and wonders why he is here? Nicholas says that his aunt sent him because she couldn't bare being alone with her. Nicholas wants to have some fun, but Kate tells him to take it easy because she can't swim. Nicholas picks her up and starts carrying her around the pool. When she starts laughing, he ups the stakes. He tells her since they are alone, there is no need for swimsuits! He takes his off, tosses it on deck. Kate tells him to put his suit back on because she does not find this funny! When he doesn't, Kate decides to go take a shower and she tells him that she'll see him at lunch. Nicholas puts his suit back on, and goes into the showers where Kate is. He tells her that nobody will disturb them because he locked the door. Kate doesn't have any shampoo, but Nicholas does, so he lets her use his. Actually, he shampoos her hair for her, and later he asks her to scrub his back. She does, and later turns the water to cold and runs off. After Kate leaves, Nicholas gets a call from his Aunty Viv, who wants to know how things are going? Nicholas says that he and Kate are having a swimming time, and the fun is going to continue!

At Titan, Vivian talks with Victor. She tells him that she has a reason for sending Nicholas in her place, she wanted to share today with him because she knows how important it is to him. Victor and Vivian go out to Tuscany to celebrate his walking, and Victor walks to his table. Everyone in the restaurant is thrilled to see Victor walking. Later, Victor talks to Vivian about the tension between him and Kate. After a call to Nicholas, Vivian tells Victor that they should go up to Green Mountain lodge and he should surprise Kate with the fact that he can walk.

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