February 2000 Week 2


February 7
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Kate is at her office at Titan and sees the stuffed dog Nicholas gave her for Christmas sitting on her desk. She also remembers the kiss they shared that day. She wonders why she can't stop thinking about Nicholas, and she has a fantasy of Nicholas coming into her office wearing only a towel. Kate tells Nicholas that he is in very good shape, and she likes a strong and virile man. She begins rubbing his chest, and takes his towel off. She then starts kissing him all over, and the two go at it! Kate comes back to reality and looks at a photo of Victor. She tells herself that she has to stop thinking of Nicholas, and she throws his stuffed dog away. However, she still hears Nicholas telling her that he can satisfy her, and she continues fantasizing about making love to Nicholas on her desk. As they make love, Kate knocks the picture of Victor off of her desk.

In his office, Victor is yelling at someone on the phone to find Hope and Stefano. Vivian comes in and applauds his performance. Vivian came because she heard he had some news for her, so he asks her not to keep her in suspense. Victor says he'll only tell her if she keeps it a secret, so she agrees. Victor gets out of his chair, and takes a few steps! Vivian is so proud of Victor, and he is proud of himself. He tells Vivian that he could not have done this without her, and he thanks her from the bottom of his heart. Victor says that Kate and the children will be so happy, and Vivian can't believe he has all those children living in his house. Vivian then dishes the latest gossip to Victor, Austin has moved back into the main house and Lucas has given Sami permission to remain in the guest house. Victor is furious and wonders what in the hell Kate is thinking. Victor excuses himself to settle this business with Kate, and Vivian tells him that there is no need to hurry back. As he leaves, Vivian smiles and says that Kate is in for a bumpy ride.

Victor goes into Kate's office and interrupts her fantasy about making love to Nicholas. He asks her what in God's name does she think she's doing? Kate says she was just distracted by work, and she asks him what is wrong? Victor says he's just learned that Austin is moving into the main house, and Lucas gave Sami permission to stay in his guest house. He says that he expects to be consulted about who lives in his house. Kate asks what the problem is, they have enough food and room. Victor says he has a large number of adults living in his house believing that they have every right to be fed and sheltered by him. Victor tells Kate that it is time for Lucas and Nicole to move out, and he tells Kate to kick Lucas out! Kate says if he wants her children to leave, then she is leaving as well. She picks up the phone and decides to call Henderson and tell him to pack up her things. Victor orders Kate to hang up the phone. He says he doesn't want her to move out, but he does expect to have the final word on what goes on in his house. Victor asks if she is feeling all right, she looks a little flush? Kate says it is just so hot in this building. Kate suggests they go out for a bite to eat, but Victor says that he has to work late helping Bo. Kate is angry that it is okay for Victor to help his son, but it isn't okay for her to help her son. They end up getting into a huge fight.

Outside, Nicholas runs into his aunt, who is in a very good mood. Nicholas wonders what his aunt is up to, and thinks it has something to do with making Victor angry with Kate. Nicholas and Vivian hear Kate and Victor arguing, which makes Vivian happy. However, Nicholas is upset by it, and barges into Kate's office to help her. Kate tells Nicholas that she and Victor were talking, but Victor says they are through and leaves. Kate scolds Nicholas and tells him to just leave her alone. Nicholas says the last thing she needs is to be alone, but she asks him once again to leave. Nicholas leaves, or so she thinks. When she sits down, Nicholas has his puppy dog doll on her desk and is talking for him. "The Dog" tells her that he is her best friend, and after the day she just had, she needs him. Nicholas tells Kate that she can keep throwing him out, but he'll just keep coming back. He sits on her desk, and begins to rub her leg.

Victor returns to his office and vents his anger to Vivian. Victor says that Kate is turning his house into a low class motel and has no intention of stopping! Vivian has a suggestion for him, but before she tells him what it is, she reminds him that she's only thinking of him. Vivian suggests that he not marry Kate.

Roman goes to the station to see Abe. Before they can talk, Lexie calls Abe and asks him for a favor, but she doesn't want him to get upset. Lexie asks Abe if she's changed his mind about arresting Brandon? Abe says that he's just following procedure, and he refuses to give Brandon another chance. Lexie says this is not like him, but Abe says he is doing his job as best he can. Abe tells Lexie to stay away from Brandon, and makes Lexie promise not to tell BRandon what he is planning. Lexie promises, and asks if there is any word on her father? Abe says so far there is no word about him, but he'll page her as soon as he gets word. Later, Roman and Abe discuss a domestic abuse case. The case angers Abe, and he starts to explode. Roman asks Abe if he's thinking of the kid that ended up paralyzed? Roman read the file and says that the gun went off accidentally, but Abe says that the kid was paralyzed because of him. Roman says that what happened was a tragedy, but he is a good cop and has more medals and citations than any man in this department. He tells Abe to give himself a break, but Abe says that he never told the boy how sorry he was. Abe tells Roman how everything happen, and how he only pulled his gun out to scare the guy. However, the guy attacked him, and the gun went off and hit the son. Abe says that he totally forgot that the kid was present, and if he had only followed procedure then that kid might be okay. Roman tells Abe to let it go because there isn't a cop in this department that doesn't respect him. Abe says that someone who has no respect for anyone if Brandon Walker, and now he plans to arrest him. Back at the hospital, Lexie asks a nurse if Brandon is scheduled to work tonight? The nurse says no, but that he always checks in with his patients.

At Lady Vi's, Brandon gives Larry a card of an attorney he should call, and Brandon has included his pager number on the card in case he wants to let him know about his plans. Larry agrees to think about it. BRandon gets up to leave, but Larry tells him that they aren't done yet. Larry tells Brandon that he's thought it over and doesn't want to do this. Brandon tries to change his mind and tells him that he deserves to know the truth about Abe Carver. Larry says that he hadn't thought about the shooting until he brought it up. Suddenly, a man comes in in a business suit, and Violet gives him a warm welcome. Brandon seems intrigued, and Larry asks him what is up? Brandon says he has things to do and has to split. Brandon splits out the back way, and we see that Lexie is with the man who just came in. Lexie is at Violet's to meet an old friend from medical school. Meanwhile, Brandon finds that the backdoor is locked, so he is trapped! Brandon sees Lexie with her friend, so he tries to sneak out unnoticed. However, Lexie spots him, and she asks him why he's here?

In France, Hope's vision begins to blur. Stefano works to suck the venom out of Hope's leg and he yells at her to be still. She can't see what he is doing, so he tells her that he's trying to remove the poison from her system before she dies! After sucking the poison out, he puts a tourniquet on her leg. He then sterilizes a paint spackle in a candle flame, and makes a cut in her leg so the poison can drain out. Stefano tries to get Hope to take the antibiotics Kurt brought her, but she refuses and says that she can't loose her baby. Stefano thinks she is delirious and decides to apply a compress to her leg. He goes into the bathroom to get a compress, and ends up finding the pregnancy test. He confronts Hope with the test, and he asks her if she is pregnant? Hope tells him that she's pregnant.


February 8
At Lady Vi's, Lexie realizes that BRandon was trying to avoid her, and she wants to know why. Brandon says he was here to do counseling and he was busy thinking about his client, and he just didn't see her. Lexie tells him that she doesn't believe him. She asks if he's avoiding her because of Abe? He asks why she assumes that Abe is involved? Lady Vi tells Lexie that her friend called and she can't make it, but she sees that Lexie has already found a replacement. Brandon says that he knows Lexie from the hospital. When Lady Vi asks about Larry, Brandon signals to her to keep quiet about that topic. Lexie and Brandon decide to sit down for lunch and to talk. They both think about their secrets, and keep them from one another for the time being. Brandon asks her if she comes here often? Lexie says she discovered this place long ago, but she wouldn't expect to see him here. Brandon says he's not all white, his father is Cuban. He says that a lot of people think he is part black, until they see Nicole. Brandon says he learned to downplay his Cuban heritage, which upsets Lexie. Lexie tells Brandon that she learned a few years ago that her biological father was white, and she knew growing up that something was different about her, but she didn't know what. Brandon understands how she felt as a kid. Lexie asks if he wants to talk about it, but he says no. Suddenly, everyone in Lady Vi's starts dancing, so Brandon suggests they dance too. Lexie does want to, so Brandon pulls her onto the floor. After the dance, Lexie opens up to Brandon about something she's been holding back from him. Lexie tells Brandon that plans on arresting him for not going to counseling sessions. Lexie is beeped by the hospital and she excuses herself to take the call.

At the dress shop, Belle and Chloe are shopping. Belle puts on a black skirt which she says she likes because it makes her look sophisticated. Chloe thinks her friends will give her a hard time, but Belle says that she doesn't care. Belle is impressed that she doesn't let those other kids get to her. Chloe says there is one person who gets to her, but not in a bad way. Belle realizes that she's talking about a guy. Belle thinks it is someone goes to Salem High, but it turns out that it is Mozart. Chloe says that Mozart is the reason she gets up every morning, and that his music is as close to heaven on earth as we can get. Belle envies her passions for music and she wishes she could feel that way about something.

On the basketball court, Shawn is venting his anger. He tells Phillip that he wants to kill Stefano for stealing his mom. Phillip tells Shawn that his dad is on the case, and if anyone can find Stefano DiMera and his mom it is Victor Kiriakis. The two then play a game of one on one. Belle and Chloe show up, and Phillip blames his loss on Chloe. He says her baying at the moon threw him off, but Belle and Shawn stick up for her. Chloe grabs the basketball and makes a great shot with it, and she offers to give Phil some pointers. When a stray dog shows up, Phillip tells Chloe that her boyfriend has arrived. Shawn asks Phillip why he's being such a jerk to Chloe? Phillip says that she is a reject! Shawn tells him that he's been hanging out in that mansion for way too long. Meanwhile, Chloe puts Phillip's leather jacket on the fire hydrant, and the stray dog pees on it! Phillip is not pleased when he learns what Chloe has done, but Shawn and Belle think it is a riot.

At Titan, Nicholas tells Kate that she can keep throwing him out, but he'll keep coming back. He starts rubbing her leg, and the two of them touch one another's cheeks. As the pull into kiss one another, Marlena walks in on them! Lucky for them, Marlena didn't catch them, so Nicholas leaves. Marlena has dropped by to help Kate plan her wedding. She brought a wedding album that John has been putting together. She tells Kate that her wedding day was a changing point for her and John, and it will be for her and Victor too. Kate cries that it won't, and that things will never be the same. Marlena wants to talk to Kate about her relationship with Victor, but Kate says talking won't help. Marlena asks her to try. Kate says that she's stuck in a situation that she can't get out of, and she thinks about all her close calls with Nicholas. Marlena tells her that she can confide in her. Kate says she wants to be with "him," but it can't happen. Marlena asks her who she is taking about? Kate lies and says she's talking about Victor. She tells Marlena that Victor hasn't fully recovered, and he doesn't think they will ever fully get back what they once had. She says that because of what he's told her, she has made some big mistakes. MArlena tells Kate that she understands what is going on. Kate asks her how she could know? Marlena says she's figured it all out, Victor is impotent.

In Victor's office, Vivian suggests to Victor that he not marry Kate. Victor says that he and Kate may have their misunderstandings, but she's reading too much into it. Vivian knows something is wrong, and she asks him what is wrong. Victor thinks about his impotency, and tells Vivian that he and Kate are getting married and things will work out. When Vivian asks how he can be so sure, he says because he loves her. Later, Vivian leaves and Victor calls his doctor and asks him to fax him some records. He then starts walking, and Nicholas walks in and catches him. Victor says it is only a few steps, not a full recovery yet. He tells Nicholas that if there is something he wants in life he should go after it, and fight to keep it. He tells him that is how he got everything he had, and he's had to fight to keep it. Victor asks Nicholas what he wants in the grand scheme of things. Nicholas says he wants a lot of things, so Victor tells him to go after them now and never let them go. Nicholas asks what if it would hurt someone else? Victor tells him that it depends on who and what is involved, but if the goal is important enough to him, all his guilt will disappear. Nicholas thanks Victor for the advice. Victor has to leave his office for a moment to make a call, and a fax comes in for Victor from his doctor. Nicholas sneaks a peak at the fax, and he learns that he is impotent.

Vivian goes back to her office and opens up a letter and finds out about a business retreat at Green Mountain Lodge. She learns that she and Victor are invited to speak there, and she thinks this is just what she needs. Suddenly, Ivan shows up. Vivian gives him a hug and thinks that fate has sent him to her. She tells him that she needs his help getting to paradise. Ivan asks where paradise is? She says it is where Victor will tell her that he loves her. Vivian and Ivan go shopping in Salem Place, and Vivian tells Ivan that she plans to seduce Victor at Green Mountain lodge and then she'll have everything she ever wanted. When Vivian goes to buy some pantyhose for her trip, Ivan decides to buy a lotto ticket which could be worth 40 million dollars.

In France, poor Kurt is still lying on the ground outside the chateau with blood coming out of his nose and mouth, we don't know if he is dead or alive. However, near the end of the show, Kurt begins to stir! In the turret, Hope admits to Stefano that she is pregnant. Stefano promises to take care of her and her baby. He asks her how far along she is, but she doesn't know. Stefano tells her that it is very important that he knows when she conceived the child. Hope doesn't know, and she doesn't know why Stefano cares. Hope says that the first time she got sick was at the fisherman's cottage, so she and Bo must have conceived the child during the summer. Stefano mumbles "so much happened then," which Hope hears. She asks him what happened? Stefano says it is not important, but Hope says it was important. She starts mumbling that Bo will be so happy to learn they are expecting, and she eventually drifts off to sleep. Stefano remembers the events on the sub, and when Gina/Hope seduced him. He wonders if it is possible if the baby is his.


February 9
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Vivian continues her shopping spree in Salem Place. She buys all sorts of accessories to use in her plan to seduce Victor, like some sexy lingerie. Lexie has coffee with her mom and the two talk. Lexie worries about Brandon and Abe, and Hope and Stefano. Lexie fears Stefano and Hope might be dead, but Celeste says that she would know if her father is dead because of a special parent-child bond. Later, Vivian and Ivan meet up with Celeste, and Vivian tells Celeste her dream of a future with Victor. Brandon gets a call from Larry, who has made arrangements to meet with the lawyer and talk to him about Abe. Later, Brandon goes to the hospital and makes an appointment with Marlena. While there, Abe arrests him. Greta shows Lily her new apartment. They soon end up arguing about Greta's mother. Greta defends her mother and says that she was Stefano's pawn. Eric shows up at Greta's with a housewarming gift, but Greta is still angry about what she saw at the Blue Note. She tells Eric that she has decided that they should only be friends. After Eric leaves, Greta regrets her decision to dump Eric. At Titan, Kate admits to Marlena that Victor is impotent, but it doesn't matter to her. However, Marlena doesn't feel that Kate should marry Victor if it is possible that he'll never recover his sexual abilities.


February 10
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Abe brings Brandon into the station, and Lexie follows begging him not to do this. Brandon demands to call his lawyer, so while he does, Abe drags Lexie into his office and tells her to stay out of this. Lexie says that Brandon is her friend, but he is more like a stranger to her nowadays. Lexie tells her husband that Brandon's little push has turned him into a madman. Abe says that Brandon is a madman and broke the rules, and he can't bend the rules. Lexie accuses Abe of hiding behind police procedure, which prompts Abe to ask his wife if she thinks he is just a hard nosed cop without feelings? Lexie doesn't think Brandon will hurt anyone, but Abe says she can't be sure of that.

Brandon calls his lawyer, who asks Brandon if he made the appointment? Brandon says yes, so the lawyer, Benny, tells Brandon that he's on his way to the station. Benny shows up to see Brandon and says that when they are through with Abe Carver, he'll be standing in the unemployment line. Benny tells Brandon that he'll have him out in no time, and then asks him what the real story between him and Carver is? Brandon says that he is just angry at him for trying to avenge his pride on him, but Benny has a feeling that there is a lot more going on. Still, Benny says he's waited a lot of years to see Abe Carver go down. Brandon heard that Benny was once a cop, and he says that was before he became a lawyer.

Benny goes to see Abe about Brandon, and he hears Lexie defending Brandon. Benny is glad that Abe's wife agrees that Brandon does not belong in jail. When Abe sees Benny, he lets out a "you!" Lexie seems to know who Benny is too, and she leaves. Benny asks Abe to release Brandon because he had no right to arrest him. Abe says he did if he read the rules, and he can't stand people like him because while he was on the force he put a lot of his fellow cops in danger while making up his own rules. Abe tells Benny that he might be wearing an expensive suit, but he is still garbage. Benny tells Abe that he has made a very big mistake, and he's about to be run-over for it!

Lexie goes to see Brandon and asks him if he told Benny that Abe was going to arrest him? Brandon says that he didn't break her confidence. She then asks Brandon how he knows Benny? Brandon says that Benny was the best lawyer he could find. Lexie asks if he knows anything about his background? Brandon says he knows Benny was on the force, and didn't get along with his fellow cops. Brandon says that is why he hired Benny, he thought that he'd work harder for a guy who has been railroaded. Lexie reminds Brandon that he did break their deal, but Brandon says Abe was wrong.

Eric goes back to Greta's place and refuses to leave until she opens the door. Greta, who is crying, opens the door, and Eric plants a big kiss on her. Greta pushes him away and says she just wants to be friends, but Eric says he doesn't want to break up. Greta says she's explained this too him, she doesn't think she's the right woman for him. Eric thinks she is and wants to prove it to her. Greta doesn't think he can, and she asks him to respect her feelings and give her time alone. Eric says okay and he lays down on the couch to take a nap. He tells her that when she's done spending time alone, she should wake him up. Greta says it will take a lot longer than that, she has traveling arrangements to make and she has to pack. Eric is surprised that she is going somewhere. Greta tells him that she's going to Europe. Eric asks if she's moving back there to be with Nathan and take after her mom? Greta says that she is going to take her mother's body back to the chateau to be buried. Eric apologizes and says he didn't know. Eric asks to go with her, in fact he begs her to allow him to go with her. He jokes that he thinks she liked him better when they were in France anyways. Greta smiles and tells Eric that she likes him a lot. Eric is glad to hear that, and he tells her that there is no contest between her and Nicole, and it is over between them. Eric asks Greta to just give them a chance, and that if they realize it isn't right then they can end it. Greta asks Eric if he would really go with her to France, and he says he'd do anything for her.

Bo, Roman, and Shawn meet with Victor to compare their latest notes on Stefano and Hope. Bo has learned that Stefano and someone matching Gina's description got off the plane in France and into a limo. Roman says that the limo driver dropped them off at the Arc De Triumph, and that was the last he saw of them. Victor says he has learned some interesting new information as well. He says that Stefano always leaves someone else in charge of his business when he goes underground, and the guy he left in charge has been in charge for weeks! Shawn says that he has asked someone else who might have a few more answers to come talk to them, so he invites Lily Faversham in. Bo says he doesn't want to upset her, but he does have questions to ask her about Stefano and her friend. Lily says that Gina was no friend of hers, and she tells them that it was Gina who stole her Renet. Lily cries that Gina used her to gain entrance to her circle of friends just so she could steal their works of arts. Roman asks Lily when she learned Gina wasn't Hope? Lily says she learned immediately, and she said she came to Salem to renew her relationship with John. However, when she learned that she couldn't lure John away from Marlena, she set her sights on Bo when she fell in love with him. However, she says that Gina remained hostile towards Shawn until the end. Bo asks Lily if Stefano knew she was Gina? Lily says that he eventually figured it out, but after returned from her trip to Paris, she assures her that Stefano wouldn't be a problem. Bo asks her what Gina told her about Hope? Lily says that Hope was cruel and ruthless for trying to take over her life, and that Hope had vanished. Bo says that Gina told Greta that Hope was dead, but Lily believes that Hope is alive. Bo asks her why she believes that? Lily says that if Gina killed Hope and Stefano then she would have shared all the gory details with her, which she didn't. Roman asks Lily if she has any idea whatsoever where Stefano might be? Lily says no, but if they can find Stefano they will probably find Hope.

Rolfe is working in the lab looking at the chip that was in John's head. He tells Bart that he fears they have a huge problem on their hands. Rolfe says that there is a short circuit in the chip, which means that John could remember everything from his past and they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. As they talk about Gina and Hope, Rolfe thinks that Stefano had to have known Gina was pretending to be Hope. However, Bart thinks that perhaps Gina was crazier than anyone knew, and she got her revenge on Stefano and Hope, and that is why they are missing. Rolfe doesn't agree and he thinks that if Stefano wanted to be found, they would know. Besides, Rolfe says having Stefano away gives him time to deal with this latest problem involving John. Bart asks him how he will deal with John? Rolfe says first he has to determine whether John's past memories are returning to him.

At the penthouse, John begins to have flashes of his times with Princess Gina as Stefano's mercenary, mixed with sub-sex memories. A delivery man shows up with packages that Belle has boughten, so John signs for them. Suddenly, John remembers when Stefano assigned him his cover as a priest. He wonders why he is remembering all of this now? John tells himself that he has to go because Victor and the rest are waiting for him. As he grabs his keys, John remembers stealing a painting for Stefano in the past, and he used his fake credentials from the Vatican to get it. John tells himself that it can't be! As Stefano told John about one of his assignments, Stefano told him that he loved him and that they were like family. Afterwards, John returned to his room to enjoy some wine and opera. John told himself that he would acquire all the Renets for Stefano because he couldn't disappoint his best friend. Back in the present, John is sickened by these memories.

In France, Hope wakes up and wonders where they are. Stefano tells Hope that they are locked in the turret, and she was bitten by a spider, which is why she has a fever and is lapsing in and out of consciousness. Hope remembers what has happened, and she asks if there is any sign of Kurt? Stefano says no, and it is unlikely that he survived. Hope thinks that the only other person who knows they are here is Princess GIna, but Stefano knows that Rolfe knows about this castle, so why hasn't he found them? Stefano takes care of Hope. Hope tells Stefano that she had a dream that Bo rescued them, and when she told him about the baby, Bo told her they conceived it while in France. Stefano remembers Hope seducing him, and isn't so sure if Bo is the father of her child.


February 11
At the station, Lexie continues to talk with Brandon. She is furious with Abe for doing this to Brandon, and she's angry at Brandon for letting him do this. She says that all he had to do was make an appointment with Marlena. BRandon says that thanks to her warning, he made an appointment with Marlena. Lexie asks why he didn't tell that to Abe? Brandon says that Abe should have asked, but he didn't because he got enjoyment out of arresting him. LExie is angry with Brandon and says that he made a fool out of her! Brandon says he never wanted her to get caught in the crossfire. However, he says that Abe shouldn't be a cop. Lexie tells him that he has no right to make that judgement! Brandon says that he didn't want this to happen, and Lexie tells him that she will go talk to Abe now. She tells him not to worry because she's sure he'll be released. After she leaves, Brandon says he's not worried, but Abe should be.

In his office, Abe and Benny continue their heated discussion. Benny tells Abe that he will lose this battle, and the war. Abe says there is nothing he can do, Walker has been booked and can't be arraigned until tomorrow, so he has to spend the night in jail. Benny doubts that, and hands Abe the appointment card Brandon got from Marlena's office. Abe says it could be fake, so he calls Marlena's office to find out. However, he learns that the appointment is real. Abe agrees to release Brandon, but he will be monitoring his client very carefully. He says that one counseling sessions won't cut it. Benny tells Abe that he seems to have forgotten that he humiliated his client at his place of work. Abe tells Benny to give him a break, but Benny says lawyers live for this kind of thing and when he gets through with him, there won't be anything left to mop up! Abe calls an officer and tells him that Brandon Walker's lawyer will be down to sign his release papers. Before leaving, Benny advises Abe to get his own lawyer.

Benny has Brandon released, and Lexie goes to talk to Abe. Abe tells Lexie that this whole thing is far from over. She asks him what he means? Abe says that Brandon is determined to make trouble for him. Lexie says that is not true, he was going to tell him about his appointment. However, Abe says he didn't because she told him not to talk without a lawyer. Abe is angry that she put Brandon ahead of him. He also can't figure out why Brandon made that appointment today? Lexie tells Abe that she thinks Brandon will drop all of this and let it go, and the two of them can move on with their lives. Back down in the cell block, Benny and Brandon makes plans to move onto step two of their plan for Abe, Larry Morris.

Nicholas and Vivian are having coffee, and Vivian is telling him about her plans for Victor at the weekend retreat they are going to. She thinks everything will be perfect once she tells Victor what Kate has been up to behind his back. Nicholas tells his aunt "Like hell you will!" Nicholas tells her that his parents had nothing but awful things to say about her, and he used to defend her. However, he's beginning to think that they were right. Nicholas tells his aunt that perhaps Victor could love her for her, and not due to her scheming to get him. Vivian says that is her dream, but she doesn't know if it will happen. Nicholas asks his aunt if she wants Victor when he is on the rebound? Wouldn't she prefer to have him fully and completely? He says that is the only way he wants to snag Kate Vivian says that loving him and having these horrible feelings for Kate have caused her to be insensitive. However, she tells Nicholas that if he really wants to make inroads with Kate, wouldn't it make more sense to do it someplace where they can be alone. Nicholas admits that would be nice. Vivian decides to try and help them both get what they want by stirring up a little trouble.

Eric and Greta go out for coffee to talk. Eric tells her that he is glad that she's allowing him to come with her to France. Eric says he knows she still has reservations about them. Greta says she wants him to go with her, but she needs time to figure out whether they are friends or a couple. Eric smiles and is confident about them, and he tells her that she needs to know that guys don't express their emotions like girls do. He says that guys don't talk, they "do." He says that guys like to do things to show a woman how they feel about her. He decides to show her an example, and he kisses her. Greta smiles, and Eric decides to go to Titan to arrange for some time off so he can go to France with her.

At Titan, Bo tells everyone that he believes Lily, Hope is alive and is probably with DiMera. John shows up and overhears Lily talking about how angry she is with Gina for stealing her paintings, and she hopes there is someone who can help her retrieve them. John remembers vowing to acquire all the Renets for his best friend Stefano. John goes into the room where they are all talking, and learns what they have all found out. Lily says that wherever they are, Stefano probably has her paintings. John says he knows, which causes them all to ask if he knows where the paintings are? John says that he knows Gina has a castle in France, perhaps the paintings are hidden there underground somewhere. Bo says he thought of the castle, but it seemed too obvious at the time. However, now he thinks John could be right. Victor decides to have his people check it out right away. As they continue to talk, Lily remembers the story about the SOS coming from France. Lily tells Bo about the story, and shows him the paper on the SOS signal, which has suddenly stopped. Bo remembers Hope using an SOS signal to call for help in the South Pacific, and he thinks that this could be Hope trying to get in touch with them. Bo decides to go to France, and he allows Shawn to come with him. Roman says he will go too, and John offers them his jet. Bo tells John that he could be a big help to them if he could remember his past with Gina. Victors secretary interrupts and says she needs to have a word with him in private, so the Salemites leave. Outside Victor's office, Greta and Eric run into everyone. Greta tells Lily that they have to talk because she finally made a decision. Greta tells Lily that she's taking her mother's body back to France. John says that he's headed for Paris anyways, so he offers to fly them. When Lily learns that Eric is going, she decides to go as well. Bo thinks this is great, and Shawn says that he knows one thing, he's not coming back without his mother. Back in his office, Victor learns about the seminar he is to speak at, but he says he can't and orders Kate to go.

Bart tells Rolfe that he has stationed a man at the airport to find out whether John plans to use his plane, but he asks why they care? Rolfe says that he has no way of telling whether John will remember his past due to the chip flaw, but if he stops snooping around his past, they will stop him dead in his tracks! Later, Bart gets a call from his man at the airport and learns that John has filed a flight plan to France!

In France, Stefano continues to sit by Hope's bedside. He tries to get her to drink some water, but she says she wants to rest. However, he tells her that she must keep fluids in her body in order to flush out the poison from the spider. Stefano gets up to make Hope something to eat, when he is suddenly overcome with a bad cough. Hope asks Stefano if he is all right? Stefano says that he is fine, he is just coughing from breathing in all the dust. Stefano goes to check their food supply, which is down to a can of soup and a box of crackers. Stefano takes the food to Hope and insists she eat and drink. Hope finally drinks something. Stefano walks over to a desk, and begins to cough even harder. Hope asks if he is okay, but he insists that he is fine.

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