February 2000 Week 1


January 30
At school, Phillip runs into Shawn, who tells Phillip the news about his mom and how she might still be alive. Phillip tells Shawn that he hates to say it, but the odds are against him. Shawn becomes angry, but Phillip says he does care about him because they are family, Bo is his half-brother. Shawn says that his dad will find his mom, but Phillip doesn't think it is likely. He says that life isn't fare, and he knows nothing. He uses his dad's stroke as an example, he was told for years his dad would be coming home, but he never did. Shawn tells Phillip that he'll find his mom, and Phillip finally wishes him good luck. Elsewhere, Mimi overhears Belle talking to Chloe about Shawn. Chloe thinks they are boyfriend and girlfriend, which shocks both Belle and Mimi. Belle says that Shawn is her friend, not her boyfriend. Mimi confronts them and she asks Belle why she's talking to ghoul girl? Belle apologizes to Chloe for Mimi's insults, and Chloe goes off to class. Shawn shows up and tells Belle the good news about his mom. She thinks it is great news and gives him a big hug! Both Mimi and Phillip see the hug, and they don't look happy about it! Belle tells Shawn that she has all of his books and assignments, and she gives it to him. Shawn has trigonometry homework that he needs help with, but Belle doesn't take trig. When she spots Chloe, who does take trig, she asks her to help Shawn with his homework. Meanwhile, Phillip and Mimi plot to break Shawn and Belle up. Mimi starts worrying about Chloe, but Phillip tells her that Shawn wouldn't fall for that looser. Belle hears this, and becomes upset. She tells them both that mean. Elsewhere, Shawn finds Chloe's Bach tape as they talk about the homework, and he is thrilled to meet someone who likes classical music. Shawn says that he plays the piano and loves Bach, but he doesn't exactly tell people around here about it. Chloe promises to keep his secret. Chloe tells Shawn that she's into classical music, and signs opera. Shawn is intrigued and offers to be her piano player at anytime.

At the morgue, the mortician tells Greta, who was saying goodbye to her mother, that she must decide whether or not to have the remains cremated or interned. Greta opts not to decide that right now. She leaves the cold stale room and runs into Eric outside. He tells her that he's sorry, and he asks if she can forgive him. Greta tells Eric there is nothing to forgive, and this is neither of their faults. She says she just wishes she was there in the end to comfort her mother. Eric tells her that she was there, she went to her mother when she called her. Eric tells her that her mother was comforted to be with her daughter during her final moments. Greta thanks Eric with a hug and tells him that he holds her together. The two then leave and head back to Nicole's place. Greta offers to make Eric some tea and tells him to have a seat. Greta leaves to make the tea, and Eric sees a copy of Bella magazine with Nicole's photo on the cover. He is flooded with memories of making love to Nicole in this very apartment. Greta brings Eric his tea and finds him with the copy of Bella, and she gives him a nasty look. She tells Eric that its obvious Nicole is getting to him. Eric swears his memories of Nicole won't be a problem.

Bo shows up at John and Marlena's penthouse and demands Marlena tell him about her sessions with Gina. Marlena says she can't do that. Bo becomes angry and tells her to save the excuses. Suddenly, John shows up and tells Bo that MArlena can't tell him anything, but he can. John tells Bo that he saw the file, and he tells Bo that GIna said things about him in the session while she was under hypnosis. Marlena blurts out "No!" John asks her what is wrong? Marlena tells him that Gina wasn't under hypnosis, she thinks she was faking it. Marlena realizes that Hope may be in danger because of Gina's actions, therefore she's obligated to say what she knows. Marlena tells Bo and John that she thinks Gina was trying to get at her for some reason, so she told her things to hurt her. Bo asks Marlena what exactly GIna said? Bo tells Marlena that he can't remember a life when they weren't friends. Marlena says she is trying to do her best and she's rethinking everything Gina said to her. Both Marlena and John say that they can't tell which things Gina told them were lies and which were truths. Bo realizes that they aren't telling him something, so they say that Gina was deeply in love with John. Bo asks why she'd marry him then? John believes that she turned to him (Bo) when she realized that he (John) wouldn't return his love. Bo asks why Stefano would send Gina to Salem to impersonate Hope in the first place? John says he doesn't know, perhaps he just hates every Brady alive. Bo asks if Gina said anything that might be significant to Hope's whereabouts? John says that Gina mentioned meeting him outside of town before his wedding to MArlena, and something about the meeting is eating at him. John wonders if Gina, not Hope, has been in Salem all along, because Gina couldn't know about that meeting. John tells them that he's not trying to scare them, he's just trying to examine it from every angle. John tells Bo that Hope may really be gone, and the woman he rescued all those years ago from Maison Blanche may have been Gina. Still, Bo refuses to believe that.

In France, Kurt has bought Hope her pregnancy test. He wonders if she is pregnant, what will he do? He realizes that she'll have to see a doctor. In the turret, Stefano tells Hope that she's not taking her antibiotics. Hope claims she is better and is saving the medicine in case she gets worse. When Stefano says "Your the one who is sick," Hope replies "I better be sick and not . . . " Stefano asks "Not what?" She makes up an excuse and says dying of malnutrition. She then begins to question Stefano about the past year of her life living as Gina. She asks if Bo was with her? Stefano says he was there some of the time. Hope asks him if they were close? Stefano tells her that he doesn't know about her and Bo, but he knows that there were other men around. Hope refuses to believe that she was unfaithful to Bo. Stefano says she is loyal to Bo, but Gina may not have been. He says that Gina was loyal to him, but she was obsessed with other men, such as John. He laughs and says that John wasn't the only one Gina seduced, and he remembers Gina seducing him on the sub as well. Hope demands Stefano tell her if Gina seduced John! She asks him if she was with John while in Salem? Stefano says he saw them together on a number of occasions, but Hope still refuses she would betray Bo, and that John would betray Marlena. Still, Stefano laughs at her and says at the Harriman Ball, Gina loved being surrounded by all the men. Hope asks him who them men were? Stefano becomes sick of playing twenty questions and returns to sending his SOS signal. Hope tells herself that it had to be Bo, she couldn't have made love to anyone else. Hope starts questioning Stefano once again, this time about his vendetta against the Brady's. Stefano laughs and says the Brady's are a paranoid bunch, and he's sick of talking. Suddenly, Kurt shows up with food and water for them. He also slips Hope her pregnancy test, even though he thinks she's faking her pregnancy to escape. Stefano wonders what Hope and Kurt are talking about, and realizes that Hope is keeping a secret from him. Hope takes her test, and awaits the results. Back downstairs, the French police begin to knock on the door and demand Kurt open up.


February 1
At the Kiriakis mansion, almost everyone has gathered for a family dinner. Everyone is waiting for Victor to return home from work, and Kate doesn't know when he'll be home. Phillip is also not attending dinner as he is out with friends. Sami stares at Nicole, and Lucas picks a fight with Sami for glaring at his wife. However, Kate breaks them up. Kate gets a call, so she excuses herself from the table. When Nicole pours herself some wine, Austin tells Nicole to try some water. Nicole tells Austin to stay out of her face. Austin then makes an announcement, he is moving back into the main mansion tonight, but Sami will remain in the guest house. Lucas blurts out "Over my dead body!" Austin says Sami will remain in the guest house, but Lucas refuses. Austin says that they aren't breaking up, he just doesn't think it is right for them to live together. When Nicole says Sami is living off this family, Sami calls Nicole the gold digger of the manor. Lucas becomes fed-up and tells Sami to pack her bags and get out of here! Austin turns to Sami and says that Lucas is right. Austin tells Lucas to go pack up Sami's things and throw her out on the street.

Kate gets a call from Nicholas, who tells Kate that he must see her tonight. He tells her to open the front door, so she does. Nicholas barges into the mansion and plants a kiss on Kate's lips! Kate pushes him away, but Nicholas tells her not to fight this. Kate tells him good night, and pushes him out the door. Kate returns to her children and learns that Austin is moving back into the main house, and he wants Sami to stay in the guest house. Kate asks to speak with Lucas privately, and Austin asks to speak with Nicole privately. Austin tells Nicole that he needs her help. Austin asks Nicole to talk to Lucas. He says that Lucas needs to know that Will needs his mother, and his parents need to get along. Nicole says no way, Will is Lucas and Sami's kid and is none of her business. Nicole says that he needs to stop trying to help all the lost causes in this house, especially her. She says that he doesn't know her and he doesn't understand her. Austin says he'd like to, if she'd open up to him and let him in. Meanwhile, Brandon tells Sami that he's sorry about Austin moving out on her, and he says that Austin obviously needs space, which is the kiss of death.

Lucas tells his mom that Austin is making him out to be the bad guy when all he's trying to do is protect Will. He thinks that Sami is overly protective and spends too much time with Will, and if she's gone he'll get to spend more time with him. Kate tells Lucas that he should let Sami stay because with Austin moving out, Sami's going to get desperate to hang onto Austin, and Austin will eventually notice this. Lucas likes this plan because in the end, Austin will be the one to ask Sami to move out. Lucas has to tend to Will when he gets out of bed, and Kate gets a call from Nicholas. Nicholas tells Kate that he left her something in her bedroom! Kate tells Lucas that she has to go upstairs, so she leaves. Kate goes up to her room, and finds that Nicholas is waiting for her. He grabs her once again and gives her a kiss! Suddenly, the two start taking off one another's clothes, and they fall to the bed. The phone ends up ringing, and Kate says she has to answer it because it could be Victor. She pushes Nicholas off of her, and it is Victor. Victor asks her if she was sleeping, but she says no. Victor tells her that he'll be home soon, and after the call, Kate tells Nicolas that he has to get out of here now! Kate then tries to sneak Nicholas out of the house.

Back downstairs, Lucas and Sami say good night to Will, and Lucas puts Will back to bed. After Lucas leaves, Sami starts crying. Brandon asks Sami if she is okay? She says she is just a little tense. She also says that her relationship with Austin is alive and well. She claims that Austin moved out to romance her, but Brandon doubts that. Lucas returns, and tells Sami, and everyone else, that he's decided to let her stay for Will's sake. Henderson arrives and announces that coffee will be served in the den. Lucas asks where his mother is, but Hendersen says she hasn't a clue. Elsewhere, Nicole catches Kate trying to sneak Nicholas out of the house. She asks Nicholas what he's doing here? Nicholas says he was bringing Kate some papers from work.

Bo and Shawn drop by Greta's new apartment to question her about her mother. Bo asks Greta to tell him everything that her mother told her about Hope. Greta tells Bo that she told him everything she knows, her mother claimed that Hope was dead. Bo refuses to believe that and says he will find Hope with her help. Bo sees the picture of Greta and her mother, and he apologizes for snapping at her. He says that he's just cranky because John and Marlena tried to convince him that Hope might not be alive. Greta tells Bo that she will do whatever she can to help him find Hope, if she is alive. Bo thanks her, and gives her a hug. Bo asks her when her mother told her that Hope died? Greta explains the entire story to them. Greta believes that her mother's need to love and be loved drove her to lie. Bo asks her if her mother told her anything about Hope when she visited her in the hospital, she didn't say anything important to her? Greta remembers her mother telling her about her father, and Bo asks Greta what her mother told her? Greta says that all her mother said was that the family needs to know the truth about Hope, so she guesses she was going to tell them the truth. That sparks one of Shawn's memories. Shawn says that Gina told him that he will get his family back, and that he would have his mother again. Bo then remembers Gina telling him that he still had Hope. He also remembers his vision of Hope asking him to save her. Bo is convinced that Hope is alive, and is in trouble. Bo tells Shawn to grab his coat, and the two of them race out of Greta's place.

In France, Stefano continues to send his SOS signal as Hope waits for the results of her pregnancy test. Stefano takes an SOS break and says he needs a good hot shower, but Hope tells him no! She tells him that she must use the bathroom because she might get sick again. Stefano feels her forehead and says there is no fever, but she's a little pale. He says this is a very odd illness she has, and then says he knows what is wrong with her. Stefano tells her that she is love sick and is pining for her Bo. She tells her that this undying love for her family will be the death of her! Hope says she will not be the self-centered narcissus he is, the people she loves are the center of her universe, and if she gets out of this alive it will be because of Bo and Shawn D's love for her. Suddenly, Hope faints in Stefano's arms. As Hope is unconscious, Stefano says he does admire Hope's pure faith and undying love for Bo. He says he would give anything for that kind of love, anything! Hope comes to, and Stefano tells her that something is very wrong with her. Hope just says that it is time.

Downstairs, Kurt lets the police inside. They tell him that a radio station is receiving an SOS signal from this area, and the officer asks if he knows of anyone who is in trouble or in need of assistance? Kurt tells them that he doesn't know anyone here, and he lives here by himself. The officers ask him if he owns this chateau? Kurt says no, and that the owner is a man living in America. The officers joke that this looks like a place where sleeping beauty lives, and perhaps he is hiding someone here. One of the officers finds some woman's clothing, but Kurt says it is the owner's wife's clothing. He tells them that the owner of the castle is a powerful man, and he wouldn't like to hear that the Jean-Darmes are interrogating his caretaker. They apologize to Kurt and leave him in peace. After they leave, Kurt tells himself that those signals better not be coming from here! Kurt goes up and spies on Hope and Stefano and sees Stefano using the radio to send SOS signals. Kurt runs off, and Stefano thinks that he heard something from behind the secret passage. Kurt realizes that he has to put an end to Stefano's SOS signals.

Hope, who was in the bathroom, comes out and Stefano asks Hope what she meant when she said it was time? Hope says she meant it was time to get out of here. Stefano tells Hope that he heard a noise, and he thinks Kurt might have saw him at the transmitter, which he is counting on! Hope asks him why? Stefano says if Kurt saw him send the signal, he'd have to come in here to take the transmitter away from them. When he does that, Stefano plans on nailing him. Hope becomes upset and says it has to work because she has to get out of here, everything is at stake! Hope runs into the bathroom and tells herself to save her strength for the baby. She then says "My God, we're going to have a baby Bo!"


February 2
Chloe, Nancy, and Craig go to the Java Cafe for breakfast to start the day off as a family. Craig and Chloe both try and get out of it, claiming they have to get to work and school, but Nancy knows both their schedules and makes them stay. Craig orders coffee for himself and Nancy, and "little miss puritan" orders an herbal tea. Craig calls Chloe that nickname, which upsets Nancy. Craig and Nancy order omelettes, but Chloe refuses to have anything to eat. Across the way, Shawn is trying to work on his trig assignment, but can't figure it out. He sees Chloe and wonders if she'd be willing to help him. Shawn approaches them and asks to talk to Chloe, who Craig is eager to get rid of. Shawn asks Chloe if she could help him with his homework, so she excuses herself to help him. Once she's gone, Nancy scolds Craig. She tells him that he just couldn't wait to get rid of Chloe, which Craig fully admits to. Craig says that Chloe is the one who is unresponsive to him, and she's just plain weird. At the other table, Shawn offers to buy Chloe a cup of coffee to show his appreciation. The waitress comes by and gives Chloe her tea, and Shawn orders the same and a bagel. Shawn asks CHloe why she's living with the Wesleys? Chloe says that her mother died and Mrs. Wesley was a friend of hers, so she took her in. Shawn talks to her about various things, and he asks her who her favorite opera singer is? Chloe starts naming her favorite singers, and she is impressed that Shawn knows some of them. Shawn admits he doesn't know too much about opera, he's just picked up things from his study of classical piano. Elsewhere, Mimi sees Chloe with Shawn and she becomes furious. Nancy overhears Mimi and her friend talking about Chloe as "Ghoul Girl," and it upsets Nancy.

Brandon and Nicole went out to Salem Place for breakfast, but Nicole thought it tasted like saw-dust. Nicole wants to go shopping, but Brandon says he has plans today. Nicole asks him what kind of plans? Brandon tells her that if he has his way it will be the end of Abe Carver! Nicole tells him to be careful, and says she has to get back to work because she's expecting a visit from Eric.

Brandon goes to a basketball court across town and finds a man named Larry, who is in a wheelchair. Some kids where throwing him a basketball so he could shoot hoops, but they had to leave for school. After they leave, Brandon offers to continue feeding Larry the ball, but Larry wants to know why? Brandon says he has no ulterior motives. Larry asks him if he's a cop, but Brandon says no, he's a pediatric counselor who is thinking of putting a center in this part of town. Larry looks at Brandon and asks him if he is a brother? Brandon remembers not being accepted by either African-Americans or whites as a kid, and he tells LArry that his birth certificate says he's Caucasian, but his father is Cuban. Larry tells Brandon to take his moca ass back uptown, but Brandon refuses to leave. Brandon offers to buy Larry a beer, but Larry says he'd rather have lunch instead. Brandon tells him that he's got a deal. Brandon and Larry go to Lady Vi's for lunch, and Lady Vi takes a liking to Brandon.

At Greta's place, Greta can't stop looking at the picture of herself and her mother. Eric drops by with some croissants and a housewarming gift. Greta opens the gift, which is a photograph of the view from her mother's chateau. Greta loves the picture, but doesn't have a clue where to hang it. Eric comments that when Nicole was here she had pictures of herself all over the place, and he suggests they hang it over on a far wall. Greta knows Eric is trying to pretend everything is all right, but he can't forget that Nicole lived here. Eric admits that he guesses he can't. However, he says that this is a great apartment and he thinks she'll be happy here. As Greta talks about the great view from the balcony, Eric remembers Nicole showing him around the place when she moved in. Greta asks Eric if something is wrong, but he says no and that he's just hungry. She offers to make get them some food and coffee, which sparks another memory of Nicole for Eric. Greta brings Eric some coffee, and she tells him that this is the first time she's been able to relax since her mother died. Eric eventually tells Greta that he has stuff to do and has to go, and Greta says she understand. Eric tells her that he's glad she found an apartment she likes, but he's more glad that she's staying in Salem. The two kiss, and as they do, Eric thinks about Nicole. Eric tells Greta that he'll see her later, and then he leaves.

Eric goes to Titan to confront Nicole. He tells her that he knows she's trying to manipulate him, and he won't let it happen! Nicole says that she was just trying to help Greta, but Eric says that she pushed Greta into taking that apartment because she knew it would make him think of her constantly. Nicole asks Eric if he's saying he still thinks of her in a passionate way? Eric goes to leave, but Nicole asks him to wait. Nicole swears to Eric that the only reason she wanted Greta to take her old apartment was to do something nice for him and Greta, but he doesn't believe that. Nicole tells Eric that she cares about his happiness because she loves him, and she always will.

At the Salem Inn, Lily calls the Duchess Harriman, and learns that her Spring Morning was stolen. Lily knew about the theft, and Duchess Harriman tells her that it was Princess Gina who stole the painting. Lily tells the Duchess that she has even more terrible news, Princess Gina is dead. The Duchess is shocked, but says she can't pretend to be heartbroken. Lily says that she knows Gina was being investigated for the theft of Spring Morning, but does she really think she stole it? The Duchess says of course she does! She says that Gina played them all for fools, including her. Lily asks the Duchess what she's implying? The Duchess tells her that Gina probably stole Garden at Twilight from her. Lily refuses to believe that, but the Duchess says that the circumstances of the two thefts are remarkably similar. Lily doesn't want to believe this because Gina was like a daughter, but the Duchess says that Gina was nothing but a liar and a thief. After the call ends, Lily begins to believe that Gina did use her to steal her painting. Greta shows up to see Lily, and finds her in tears. Lily asks Greta what she wants? Greta says she came to talk about her mother, but if now is not a good time, she can leave. Lily invites Greta in and says that it is good that she came because it is time she learned the truth about her mother. Greta asks Lily "What truth?" Lily tells her that her mother was a lying, cunning, thief! Lily tells Greta that Gina stole her painting, just like she stole the Harriman's painting. She cries that Gina was not a friend and doesn't deserve to be let back into European society. Lily picks up her phone to stop her, but Greta tells her that her mother is dead. Lily calms down and tells Greta about the conversation she had with the Duchess Harriman. Greta says her mother was a pawn of Stefano, and she knows her mother love her. Lily says her mother's love for her was probably the one genuine emotion she ever had. Greta has some questions for Lily about her mother, so Lily agrees to answer what she can. Greta asks her about her mother's reasons for marrying Bo and not John. Lily says that Gina claimed that she loved Bo, and she finally realized that John no longer loved her. Greta asks Lily if her mother ever told her who her father was? Lily says that she does know that the Prince Von Amburg was not her father. She says that after she took Gina under her wing, Gina associated only with the finest members of Europe. She says they both would protect each other from scandal. She says publicly they pretended not to know who her father was, but privately they knew. Greta asks Lily who her father was?


February 3
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Abe meets with Lexie for lunch, and Abe has prepares a centerpiece centering around babies. Abe hopes they can stop by the house after lunch and try to get that baby started. Abe tells Lexie that they are playing their song, so they should dance. Lexie says there is no dancing here, but Abe, who is in his uniform, doubts anyone would argue with him. Therefore, Lexie and Abe dance. Later, Abe and Lexie share a very rich desert. A letter is delivered to Abe, which seems to upset him. Lexie asks him what the letter is about? Abe says he will tell her, but she can't tell Brandon. Lexie asks why? Abe tells her that this is a warrant for Brandon's arrest. Lexie is angry, but Abe says that Brandon never got counseling, per their agreement. Lexie says that perhaps Brandon has been too busy helping the kids at the hospital to go to counseling. She begs Abe not to arrest Brandon. Abe says that Brandon is disregarding the law, but Lexie tells him that this is about his pride, not the law. Lexie says that Brandon is a decent guy, but Abe knows that Brandon is up to something bad.

At Lady Vi's, Violet brings Brandon and Larry their food, and she continues to flirt with Brandon. Larry wonders what Brandon wants from him, so Brandon says he wonders how he ended up in that wheel chair. Larry says that is a long story, but Brandon says he's got the time. Larry says he was born and raised in the projects, which were nice before the junkies and the dealers moved in. He says that his dad was a drunk who used to beat his wife and him. Brandon asks if his dad beat him and that is how he got paralyzed? Larry says no, he got away from him. We see flashbacks of Larry's dad beating his mom, and as he held a knife to her throat, Abe showed up with his gun drawn. Abe ordered Larry's father to drop the knife and let his wife go. Larry's dad did, but then fought with Abe over the gun. The gun went off, and Larry was shot. Larry tells Brandon that is how he got paralyzed. Brandon says that if the cop had only shot his dad, he would be walking. Larry says that if he had to chose, he would chose the same route because his dad didn't lose his life. Brandon tells Larry that he must have gotten some settlement from the Salem PD to make him so cool with all of this, but Larry says he never got any money. Brandon can't believe that and tells Larry that the cop and Salem PD owe him big time, and he can help him get it.

At Titan, Eric is shocked to learn that Nicole still loves him, especially since she's a married woman. Nicole says she knows what she is, but it doesn't stop her from loving him and wishing he was her husband. Eric says that she had a chance to marry him, but Nicole says she couldn't marry him because she wasn't right for him. However, she says Greta is. She then adds that perhaps he's not being serious about his relationships either because if he's so serious about Greta, why is he so stuck on the past? Eric says he thinks he could be serious about Greta because he likes her a lot. Nicole asks what he's waiting for then, why hasn't he slept with her? Eric asks Nicole why she's doing this? Does she want to hear him say that he can't get over her? Nicole says she's not trying to do that, and she thinks that he is feeling anger towards her and it is getting in the way of him getting on with his life. Eric asks if she is done and he can go, but Nicole is not. Nicole says that Greta is a person that his family can respect, and she can make him happy if he'd let her. Nicole asks Eric if he would have stopped Greta from taking the apartment if he knew about it? Eric says he would. She then asks him to be honest about the rest, does he think she was trying to manipulate him? Eric admits that he was wrong, and she told Greta about the apartment out of the goodness of his heart. Nicole is glad that they have settled everything, and says she has a surprise for him.

At the Salem Inn, Greta begs Lily to tell her the identity of her father because she doesn't know if she can trust what her mother told her. Lily says she sure doesn't trust anything her mother told her! Greta says she has never lied to her and has no place else to turn, but Lily doesn't think she can help her. Greta tells Lily that this is important to her, so she demands to be told who her father is. Lily refuses, so Greta decides to play process of elimination. She says it couldn't be the Prince Von Amburg, and Lily says that is correct because they had a loveless marriage and her mother married him for his title, but they never divorced. Lily says Gina continued to see other men while married to the Prince, and she remembers that Gina dated a married Baron because she hoped he'd divorce his wife and marry her. When that didn't happen, Lily says that Gina went on vacation, and when she came back, she had a baby. Lily says that Gina claimed the Prince Von Amburg was the father, but everyone else thought it was the Baron. However, Lily thinks that isn't the case, especially now. Greta begs her to tell her, but Lily says she's not sure anymore because her mother was a stranger to her. Lily says that she never pressured Gina about the truth, she just accepted that the Prince Von Amburg was her father. Greta says that her mother always said he wasn't her father, and Lily thinks that she probably told her the truth. Greta asks why she would think that? Lily says that she believes that Gina knew that her true father either had a family of his own, or couldn't be the father she deserved. Greta then asks Lily to tell her everything she knows about John Black and Stefano DiMera. Lily says that she knew Stefano as Rudolpho Meradi, and he used to escort her mother to the opera and other social functions. She says that Gina and Stefano could have been intimate, but she doesn't know. However, she does know that her mother was intimate with John. Greta says "So I could add John to my list of possible fathers . . " However, Lily advises Greta against that. Greta asks why? Lily says that her father made no effort to be a part of her life, and she doubts that her father would jump for joy to find her on his doorstep. Lily asks Greta to come to Europe with her, but Greta says she wants to stay in Salem. Lily asks if she wants to stay because of Eric, or because she thinks her father is here? Greta doesn't answer, and she looks at Lily's paper to check something. When she does, she sees the story about the mysterious SOS signal in France.

Victor, Roman, and Bo are looking at a map and trying to pinpoint Stefano. Bo wants to go to Paris, but Victor doesn't think that is a good idea. Bo thinks it is because that is the last place he saw Hope, and he's sure DiMera knows where she is. Victor thinks that Stefano could have kidnapped Hope and sent Gina to Salem to get revenge on the Brady's. When Roman says he doesn't understand why DiMera hates the Brady's, Victor says he does! Victor tells Bo and Roman that he's learned a lot about DiMera's family history. DiMera's father was as crooked as he was, and had an operation located outside of Dublin. Roman is shocked because that is where his dad was born and raised. Bo asks if the Brady's and DiMera's were in cahoots? Victor isn't sure, but suggests they look into it at a later point. They return to talking about where Stefano and Hope may be. Roman says that Stefano can't be in hiding because he hasn't tried to get in touch with Lexie. Bo think perhaps Stefano just didn't want to be found, but Victor suggests that Stefano may be dead. Bo refuses to accept that because it would mean Hope is dead as well. Roman tells Bo that he knows he wants Hope to be alive, but it is possible that Gina could have killed both Stefano and Hope, and she should prepare himself for that possibility. Bo refuses to believe that because of the mysterious messages Gina told him and his son on her death bed. Bo guarantees Roman and Victor that he and Hope will have their happy ending.

In France, Kurt tries to call Gina, but she still isn't answering her phone, cause she's dead! Kurt realizes that there is only one thing he can do now. Kurt opens up a window to the chateau, and using a rope and hook, he begins to scale the turret! In the turret, Stefano continues to send out SOS signals as Hope thinks about her baby. Stefano takes an SOS break to stretch, and Hope yells at him to keep signalling in case Kurt shows up and sees him. Stefano tells her to relax because he has a plan for when Kurt shows up. Stefano tells Hope to hide behind Kurt when he enters, he will grab Kurt and his gun, and once he has the gun, she will run and call for help. Hope says Kurt is a big guy, but Stefano thinks he can take him. Stefano also adds that if he doesn't make it, at least she will. Hope is shocked that Stefano would be so selfless, but Stefano has no intention of dying. Suddenly, the radio announcer announces that whoever is sending the SOS continue because they are tracking the signal. Hope then hears something on the roof, and Stefano realize that Kurt is probably up there and trying to rip out the antenna. Up on the roof, Kurt slips due to the rain, and ends up falling! He drops past the window, which Hope happens to be looking out of.


February 4
Sorry this is a day late, didn't have time to watch it last night!
Marlena, Mimi, and Belle go into a dress shop, and Mimi tells Marlena that she can't believe all the cool clothes she helped Belle pick out. Marlena thinks they can find some stuff for her here, so they start looking. Outside, Nancy and Chloe show up, and Nancy suggests they go inside and check out the sale because she needs some new clothes. Chloe becomes upset and tells Nancy that she's already trying to change her. Nancy convinces Chloe to go inside and look at some new things in silver, but Chloe refuses because she likes grey and black. She thinks her mom is trying to turn her into a fashion freak like Mimi. Suddenly, Chloe runs into Mimi as she moves a dress on a rack, and Mimi screams when she sees Chloe. Belle appears out of the blue, and everyone runs into one another. Belle yanks Mimi aside and asks her what is wrong with her, why is she so mean? Mimi says that face was like something out of night of the living dead. Belle tells Mimi that she's really getting tired of her being so cruel. Nancy suggests to Marlena that they have a cup of coffee and let the kids shop. Chloe looks at some dresses as Belle and Mimi stare at her. Chloe eventually sees some shoes she likes, and Belle decides to try on a top. Mimi stares at Chloe, and she asks her if she drinks blood? Belle returns and yells at Mimi to stop! Chloe says that she does drink blood, but only on high days and holidays, and never before midnight. She says if she wants she can join her, but Belle tells Mimi that she'll have to bring her own chicken. Mimi doesn't understand, so Chloe says she twists the head off the chicken and drinks away. Mimi realizes they are joking with her, and tells Chloe to come up with something more original in the future. Chloe says that she'll get a sense of humor when she gets a soul! Mimi leaves, and Belle apologizes to Chloe for Mimi's actions. Mimi tells her that people like Mimi don't bother her, nobody does. Belle suggests they try on some more clothes, and they look at what is on sale.

Nancy and Marlena go for a cup of coffee and talk. Marlena tells Nancy that she thought she senses some tension between her and Chloe. Nancy says that she probably did, and shopping wasn't a good idea. Nancy wants Chloe to pick out some new clothes because everything she wears is so drab. Marlena tells Nancy that Chloe has a need to express herself in a certain way right now, and it might change later on. Nancy thanks her for the advice and says she's not good at being a mom, correction guardian. Marlena asks her how she came to be Chloe's guardian, so Nancy tells her the story she fed to Craig. As she lies to MArlena, she begins to feel guilty. Marlena tells Nancy that there is something wrong with her story, it doesn't ring true. Nancy asks why she'd doubt her story, they aren't exactly close. Nancy says she would like to be closer to her though because she doesn't have many women friends. Marlena asks why not? Nancy thinks that perhaps it is because of her handsome husband, or perhaps she is so outgoing that it turns women off. Marlena thinks they both have handsome husbands and are outgoing, so maybe they can find some other things they have in common. Nancy says she would like that. Nancy opens up to Marlena and comes close to telling her the truth, but stops and says she can't just yet.

At Lady Vi's, Brandon tries to convince Larry that he needs retribution, but Larry says it was a long time ago and is water under the bridge. Brandon says it was only fourteen years ago, which prompts Larry to ask BRadnon how he knew that? Brandon says he knows what happened to him, and who did this to him. He says that Abe Carver, the captain of the force, did this too him. Larry says it was an accident, but Brandon says that the cops blamed Abe Carver for what happened. Brandon tells him that Abe was suspended from the force, so if they can punish him, why can't he? Brandon gives Larry a card of a lawyer in case he wants to take action against Abe in the future. Brandon says his pager number is also on the back if he wants to call him. Larry takes the card and agrees to at least think about it.

At Titan, Eric asks Nicole what the surprise she has for him is? Nicole tells Eric that he won the Peterson photography award for the photos he took of the triplets back in December. Eric asks if she is kidding, so she produces his award certificate. She hands it to him, and he just stares at it. She tells him that if he wants to try for a New York job, this could land him one. Eric says no, and asks if she's trying to get rid of an award winning photographer? Nicole says no, and that he is a wonderful photographer and gifted man. Eric says he better get going, but Nicole was hoping they could go out for a drink to celebrate. Eric doesn't think that is a good idea. Nicole asks if he is afraid he can't control his feelings for her? Eric reminds her that according to her, he only feels anger towards her. She thinks that he must care what people will think, but Eric says he doesn't, so he agrees to have one drink with her.

At the Salem Inn, Greta sees the news article in Lily's paper about the SOS article in France. Lily says that she's been following the story for some time, and she can't decide whether it is a hoax or not. Greta wonders if it could be from Hope. Lily asks Greta what she is thinking about? Greta says her imagination just ran away for a moment, and then asks if she can keep this paper? Lily says of course, and then apologizes to Greta for the way she acted when she first came in, and she is able to forgive her mother. Greta thanks her and says that is very good of her. Lily suggests to Greta that they should go out for drinks, and Greta eventually agrees.

Eric and Nicole go to the Blue Note for drinks. Nicole wants a bottle of champagne, but Eric tells her that he said a drink, not a bottle. Nicole orders a martini, and Eric eventually orders the same after Nicole teases him about ordering a beer. They talk business and Eric isn't exactly enjoying his drink, which he thinks tastes like cleaning fluid. Meanwhile, Greta and Lily show up to talk about her arrangements for her mother. Greta says that she's going to take her back to her chateau to the family plot. Back at the other table, Nicole sees Greta, and decides to take advantage of her presence. Greta excuses herself to go to the Lady's room, and when Nicole sees her coming, she pretends to have something in her eye. Eric goes to look at it, and Greta catches them together. Eric asks her to join them because he has some exciting news, which is why they are celebrating. Greta says that she is here with Lily, so she has to go. Eric sits back down, and Nicole says that she has a meeting at Titan that she can't be late for, and she's sure he wants to wait and talk to Greta. Eric tells Nicole that he brought her here, so he'll bring her back. He asks her to wait for a second and give him a chance to talk to Greta. Greta hides out in the bathroom, and Nicole tells Eric that she really has to get to her meeting. Eric says okay, and decides to leave a message with Lily. Eric asks Lily to tell Greta that he has some exciting news he wants to tell her, so he'll touch base with her later. Lily says she will pass it on. After Eric and Nicole leave, Eric tells Greta Eric's message. Greta is confuses about her relationship with Eric and wishes she had more experience with men.

In France, Hope watches as Kurt falls off of the turret roof and flies past her window. Hope screams, and she tells Stefano that Kurt just fell off the roof! Outside, Kurt lays on the ground and he has blood coming out of his mouth. Back up in the turret, Stefano thinks Kurt must be dead. Hope tells him not to say that, because if he is dead, then so are they. Stefano says they still have food that will last them a few days, and they have to stay positive and have faith. Stefano hopes that if he brought the transmitter down with him, it will keep working. Therefore, Stefano continues to send the SOS signals. Meanwhile, Hope lays down to go to rest, and a spider crawls up onto the bed with her! Stefano tells Hope to keep having hope, and Hope tells her the story of how she got her name. Stefano thinks that is an uplifting story and name, unlike his. He asks Hope what he thinks when she hears his name. She says that chills run through her. Stefano thinks her feelings are changing, but Hope says it hasn't and she's only desperate to get out of this place. Hope tells Stefano to stop rambling and keep sending the signals. Stefano sends a few SOS signals, but stops to tell her the story of the Count of Monte Cristo. Hope doesn't understand the point of his story. Stefano says that revenge for those he hated kept the count going all those years, and that is what is keeping him going. Stefano once again starts talking about names and how well they fit people. He says that her mother must have been very optimistic when she named her. Hope says that her mother was very sick with cancer, yet she refused to take drugs and treatments because it would have harmed her. Hope says that in the end, her mother sacrificed her life for her. Stefano says that is what a parent will do for a child. Suddenly, the spider crawls onto Hope's bare leg, and it bites her! Hope cries out that something bit her, and Stefano sees the spider on the floor. He stomps on it, and then looks at Hope's leg, which has a huge red splotch on it.

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