December 98 Week 4


December 21
Ali goes to Jack and Jen's house and Laura answers. She tells Ali that Mike isn't here. Ali says she knows and asks if she can come in. Laura lets her in and they talk. Laura tells Ali that she's sorry she didn't get the head nurse job. They end up talking about Carrie and Ali asks Laura how close Mike and Carrie are. She says they grew up together and actually hoped that Mike and Carrie would marry. That ticks Ali off and she says that she hopes she can have a future with Mike. Ali says she wants to surprise Mike and asks Laura if she'll help her. Ali says she wants to surprise Mike with some R&R tonight. Ali asks Laura if Jack, Jen, and Abbey will be coming home for Christmas and Laura says no. ALi says that she would like to spend Christmas with Mike to brighten up his spirits. Laura says she thinks he'd like that. Laura says she's going upstairs to read and hopes she enjoys her time with Mike when he gets home.

Marlena finds Mike and Carrie in Salem Place and she is not pleased. Mike says he has to get back to the hospital and leaves. Marlena asks Carrie what is going on with her and Mike. Carrie says that nothing is going on. Marlena says she heard about her fight with Austin about Will. Carrie thinks that Austin and Sami should give Lucas a break. Marlena says she thinks the reason she doesn't want to take care of Will is because she doesn't want to make a commitment to her marriage when she still has feelings for Mike. Carrie says she is committed to Austin and loves him more than anything. Marlena tells Carrie to prove it to Austin by quitting her job. Carrie says she can't quit her job. Marlena tells Carrie that she is going to have to choose between her job and her marriage. Carrie says she can handle her marriage and her job and tells Marlena that she's a working mom. Marlena tells Carrie that she's not in love with her boss!

At the hospital, Craig talks with Mike about Ali. Craig says he's trying to make Ali see that pressuring Mike isn't going to make things better. Mike thanks Craig, but says he can handle Ali on his own. When Mike returns home, Ali is waiting for him with dinner. Mike asks Ali who let her in and she tells him his mom did.

Shawn D and Bo are in Salem Place talking. Shawn D. asks Bo if he and his mom will be married by New Years and Bo says maybe. Shawn D. goes to talk to a friend and Bo calls Henderson to see if any legal papers ever arrived for Billie. Henderson doesn't really know. Suddenly, Shawn D. chucks a snowball at Bo. They start having a little fight and Bo sees Hope and says they should surprise his mom.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Hope and Billie fight about Bo. Hope tells her that she's lost Bo for good. Billie says that she doesn't have Bo back yet and pretty soon he'll get tired of helping her look for her past and won't fit into her life as Gina with Lili. Billie tells Hope that she may have lost Bo, but she will make sure she and Bo never marry anytime soon. Suddenly, Billie is pelted with a snowball from Shawn D. Shawn D. apologizes and says he was aiming for his mom. Shawn D. and Hope leave Bo and Billie to talk. Bo asks Billie if she got the divorce papers, but she says she didn't. Bo tells Billie that his life is with Hope now and she needs to move on with her life without him. Bo asks her to sign the papers when she gets home. Billie walks off and pulls the papers out of the trash, but says Bo won't get rid of her that easy.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie talks with Lucas. Lucas is angry with Mickey for what he did to him in court, but Maggie says that was his job. Maggie tells Lucas they need to go to an AA meeting, but Lucas says he has other plans. Lucas tells Maggie that she is not what he needs right now. Nicole shows up to see Lucas because she says she wanted to be there for him. Maggie says hello to Nicole and Lucas tells Nicole that Maggie was just leaving. Maggie leaves and Lucas invites Nicole in and gets her a soda. Lucas says he didn't think she'd stop by and she says that his message sounded important. Lucas says he was just alone. Nicole asks about Taylor and Lucas says he gave his "driver and physical therapist" the day off. They start talking about Carrie and Nicole tells Lucas that Carrie wants him to be with Will and isn't looking forward to raising Will. They start talking about Carrie and Austin and Lucas says that Carrie doesn't belong with Austin at all. Lucas changes the subject and asks Nicole if she likes hanging out with him. Nicole says she does, so Lucas starts telling her how Eric isn't the right guy for her because he's just a kid. Lucas tells Nicole he hopes she will begin to like him as more than a friend.

Eric and Candy are driving back to the courthouse and he thanks her for staying and testifying for Sami. Candy and Eric start talking and Candy asks Eric if he has a girlfriend. Eric manages to sigh out a "sort of." Candy tells him that he better start paying attention to this girl, otherwise someone else will steal her from him.

In Court, Mickey grills Kate on the stand about how she hates Sami and would love to see her in prison. Mickey asks Kate if she hates Sami enough to lie about the night Franco was killed. Kate finally admits that she saw Franco before the wedding. Kate says that Franco was eager to leave the morning of the wedding because he wanted to meet with the stripper he was having an affair with. Kate says that Sami knew Franco was having an affair. Kate tells the court about how Sami tested Franco's fidelity to her and when she assumed he was unfaithful, she chained him to a scaffold outside the conference room on the 18th floor of the Titan building, stripped him to hi underwear, and wrote DOG on his chest. Palmer begins to question Kate about what Sami had done while Mickey asks Sami why she didn't tell him about this. Kate then says that Sami shot and killed Franco when she learned that he really did betray her. After Kate leaves, Palmer calls one more witness, an elderly nun who says that Franco was an angel of a man who used to donate money to the orphanage monthly. Everyone is shocked by the nun's testimony. Palmer asks the nun if Franco was violent, but she says he wasn't, Franco was kind and loving. She says that Franco was a saint. Sami cries that she loved Franco to and did not kill Franco.


December 22
Rolfe is working on getting the satellite into position. Stefano tells Rolfe that he can not let Bo and Hope reunite before Hope becomes Gina again. Stefano switches the subject to curing Vivian, but Rolfe says that it may be too late for Vivian. Stefano refuses to believe that and tells Rolfe to find a cure for Vivian. Stefano says he is leaving to buy a gift for Vivian and when he returns, he better have good news for him.

Bo, Hope, and Shawn D. are still in Salem Place, they just came from seeing Santa. Shawn D. sees a friend and decides to go visit with him. Bo tells Hope that John is flying Dr. Renault in to finish Greta's surgeries.

Billie is in Salem Place and is saying how Bo and Hope won't be getting what they want this Christmas, which is signed divorce papers from her. Austin runs into Billie and they talk about the trial. Austin tells Billie that he thinks Lucas and mom are hiding something that could help Sami. Austin says he doesn't want Will to grow up without his mom like they did. They then start talking about Biliie and she tells Austin about the divorce papers. Austin tells her to sign them and Billie says "And just hand Bo over to Hope without a fight?" Austin tells Billie that there is no chance for her and Bo, so she has to let him go. He tells her that all she is going to do is make Bo hate her in the long run. Billie says she doesn't know if she can let Bo go. Austin tells her that he knows she'll make the right decision. Austin tells his sister he loves her and says goodbye. Billie looks at the divorce papers and thinks.

John runs into Greta in Salem Place and tells her that Dr. Renault is flying to Salem to finish her facial surgeries. Greta panics and tells him no! Greta says she can't go through the pain of the surgeries again and that she has learned to live with who she is. John tells Greta that the techniques Dr. Rolfe probably used on her were creud compared to the ones that can be done today. Still, Greta refuses to have any more surgeries. Bo and Hope run into Greta and she tells them that she's not having the surgeries either. Stefano shows up looking for congratulations on his marriage, but finds none. Stefano tells John that he loves his aunt and only wants to make her happy. Bo tells Stefano that they will bring him down. Stefano tsk tsks Bo and tells him it is Christmas time, peace on earth and good will toward men. Bo tells Stefano that he won't let him take Hope from him again. Stefano assures Bo that he has no interest in his chaotic love life. Stefano then tells John and Hope to give up their search for their pasts, but they refuse. Stefano wishes them all a merry Christmas and an illuminating new year and leaves. Stefano storms behind some trees and gives Rolfe a call. He tells Rolfe he's running out of time and needs to transform Hope into Gina NOW. Rolfe says there is nothing he can do right now. Stefano says he has to find a way to keep Bo and Hope apart. Stefano "bumps" into Billie, who tells him she just divorced Bo. Billie cries that she has lost everything. Billie leaves and Stefano becomes even more angry. He wonders how he can keep Bo and Hope apart.

Bo talks with Greta privately and begs her to at least meet with Dr. Renault. Greta eventually agrees to at least talk to him. Meanwhile, John and Hope talk about what Stefano is up to with Vivian. John says that since Stefano is focused on his aunt, they should use this time to find out about their pasts. Later, a man delivers Bo the signed divorce papers and he shows them to Hope. John decides to go see Marlena and Greta leaves Bo and Hope to celebrate together.

Carrie informs Marlena that she is not going to quit her job because of her problems with Austin. Carrie says that she and Mike are just friends. Marlena says she knows Mike broke up with Ali and it is because he still thinks there could be a chance for them. Marlena tells Carrie that she is being selfish and cruel towards Mike. Carrie says she cares and respects Mike and would not be cruel to him because he has been there for her. Marlena says that the words she is using to describe Mike should be the ones she should be using to describe her husband. Carrie says she can talk to Mike, she only fights with Austin. Marlena says she knows that, and Austin does as well. Carrie says that Mike wants her to commit to Austin and raise Will and Marlena tells Carrie that is very noble of Mike. Still, Marlena feels that Carrie is going overboard with her job just to spend time with Mike. Marlena tells Carrie that if she keeps spending time with Mike, she will end up kissing him again, or more. She tells her she has to make a choice, her husband, or her job and a forbidden relationship with Mike. Carrie says she isn't the only one at fault and that Austin spends every waking moment with Sami. Marlena says the difference is that Austin loves her and thinks she is committed to this marriage. Marlena tells Carrie to quit her job, commit to her marriage, and have nothing more to do with Mike. Carrie tells Marlena to back off and stop worrying about her life. Carrie tells Marlena to worry about Sami because she is the screw up. Carrie storms off right into Austin. Austin asks her why she is yelling at Marlena?

Mike is stunned to find that Ali has prepared a romantic dinner for him at his home. Ali says that this is just a "friendly" dinner because he said he wanted them to be friends. Mike eventually just gives up arguing with her and has dinner. Ali tells Mike how she talked with Laura, who was hoping that he would have married Carrie. Ali says that his mom wants him to be happy and she thinks his mother wants him to be with her. Ali says everyone thinks they should be together, everyone but him. She asks him why that is. Mike tells Ali that it's getting late and she should go. Ali says she will, but wants to dance first. Mike tells her one dance and then she has to go. As they dance, Ali tells Mike she still thinks there is a chance for them. Mike looks at her and tells her "It's not going to happen!" ALi says "Never say never!" Mike tells her that whatever her future holds, she is not apart of it. ALi thinks he is afraid of making a commitment, and then she kisses him.

At the courthouse, Sami says that she loved Franco and never could have killed Franco. The judge starts slamming his gavel and warning Sami that he's going to hold her in contempt. One of the jurors is sympathetic towards Sami and Nancy gives him an "Oh Paleze! Don't tell me you fell for that!" Palmer rests his case and now it is up to Mickey to do his work. Before the nun leaves the stand, she says that Samantha Brady will burn in hell for killing Saint Franco. The judge adjourns court until after Christmas. Roman asks Sami if she remembered anything and she says no, but she did love Franco and she knows she couldn't have killed Franco. Sami confronts Kate and tells her that she must be pleased with herself. Sami says she knows she knows something and isn't telling the truth. Kate tells Sami that she knows nothing about that night. Roman pulls Sami off of Kate and says they can't force Kate to admit anything. He tells her to stay cool and don't do anything stupid. Roman leaves to talk to Mickey and Sami wonders how she can get the truth out of Kate. Roman asks Mickey if he is going to put Sami on the stand, but Mickey says he can't because the DA will tear her to pieces. They both agree that it doesn't look good. Roman looks around and realizes that he's lost Sami.

Meanwhile, Candy tells Eric that she has no plans to stick around till after Christmas to testify. Eric begs her not to go because she is Sami's only hope. Candy says she has to get to this show tonight and leaves. Candy gets ready to leave, but Eric stops her. He tells her that he'll have her flied back and forth on John's plane if she agrees to return and testify. Candy agrees.

Kate is at home celebrating Sami's downfall when Sami shows up. Sami says that she will make Kate tell her the truth, no matter what she has to do!


December 22
Celeste comes to see Vivian, who is in bed. Vivian tells Celeste that she thinks she is dying. Celeste tells Vivian to check herself into the hospital, but Vivian says she wants to die with dignity. Vivian tells Celeste that she wants her to help her write out a will. Celeste gets Vivian some paper and a pen so she can write out her Will. Vivian Alamain Jones DiMera begins to write the legal mumbo jumbo of her will. She tells Celeste that she wants to divide Jonsey's art treasures up between her, Ivan, and John, and she asks Celeste to pick a painting she wants. Celeste says she doesn't want anything other than her to fight to live. Celeste tells Vivian she's going to go make them a pot of tea. Vivian is touched by how much Celeste genuinely cares for her. Vivian rests and suddenly starts picking up the weather report through her tooth. Celeste returns with tea and Vivian tells Celeste that she is hearing voices like her father did, which means she is near the end. Vivian asks Celeste once again what painting she wants and Celeste chooses one because Vivian wants her to. She finishes her will and asks Celeste to take it to her attorney to have it typed up tonight. Celeste leaves and Vivian picks up a rock station on her tooth. When she begins to hear Hallelujah, she fears the angels are coming for her.

Stefano arrives home and tells Rolfe that Billie is giving Bo a divorce, so they must turn Hope back into Gina before Bo can marry her. Stefano starts rambling on about how Jonsey betrayed him and left his masterpieces to Vivian. Stefano fears that Vivian could die and leave all his paintings to charity, which is why Stefano says he must get Gina back. Stefano says Gina is the only one who can protect his treasures. However, Stefano fears Hope is going to go off to Europe to search for her past, which is why they must keep her in Salem and away from Ms. Faversham. Rolfe begins to work on some new experimental sirum for Vivian, but tells Stefano that this cure isn't guaranteed to work. Stefano looks at one of the paintings, the one Celeste chose to have, and wishes he could see his Garden at Twighlight again. Rolfe laughs and tells Stefano he has a surprise. Rolfe pulls out a weird raygun and points it at the painting, which makes it reveal the painting underneath so he can see his paintings. Stefano laughs and says that Lilly has no idea that the Gina she loves actually stole her masterpieces and painted over them. Stefano says that as soon as he gets Gina back, he will have her copy the current paintings to replace them, so he can take the ones with the masterpieces underneath.

Bo and Hope are celebrating in Salem Place, and Lucille and Lilly see them together. Lilly is happy to see "Gina" so happy. Lilly wants to go shopping, but Bo says he has plans for Hope tonight. However, Lilly decides to treat them to an expresso before she and Bo go off. Lilly asks Hope if she's remembered anything else and Hope says she hasn't, but she fears whatever she did for Stefano was criminal. Bo tells her even if it was, she wasn't in control of herself and isn't responsible for what she did. Bo questions Lilly about "Rudolpho." Lilly says that Rudolpho was such a charming man, who often stayed at his home and was enchanted by her collection of Renets. Bo asks her if she's learned anything new about her paintings, but Lilly says no and thinks they are gone from the face of the earth.

Nancy and Craig meet up in Salem Place to discuss Mike and Carrie. Nancy sees Santa and wants to have her picture taken with him because she claims it's brought her luck the past 10 years she's done it. Nancy wants Craig to join him and makes him sit on Santa's lap with her.

Austin asks Carrie why she lashed out at Marlena. Carrie says they had a difference of opinion. Austin says he asked Marlena to talk to her because all they ever seem to do is argue. Austin remembers how last Christmas was such a wonderful Christmas. Carrie says that perhaps they can put their problems away tonight and focus on being happy. Carrie buys Will a book and tells Austin that she will raise Will with him if need be, but she doesn't have to be happy about it. Austin wishes she wouldn't look down on Sami, but Carrie says that everything Sami has done is her own fault. Carrie tells Austin they are drifting apart, and soon they may drift too far apart. Austin tells her that they will make this work because they are committed to each other. Carrie tells Austin that he never has to doubt her commitment to him and they hug. Nancy and Craig see them and panic. Nancy tells Craig that they have to nip this in the bud.

At Jen's place, Mike pushes ALi off of his lips. Mike tells ALi that she has to stop this. ALi says that if he gives her a chance to make him happy, he won't regret it. Mike tells her that he cannot give her what she wants and he wants her to find someone who makes her happy. Ali says that he makes her happy and doesn't understand what went wrong. Mike says he realized it wouldn't work. ALi tells Mike she needs to know the truth. Mike tells her that when Robin broke up with him he wondered if he'd ever love anyone again. He says that he thought he was ready for a relationship, but realized it was wrong. Ali asks what she did wrong, but he tells her she did nothing, it was him who was wrong. Ali says that is glad his reluctance to make a commitment to her isn't because he loves Carrie. Mike asks her where she got that idea and Ali says Craig told her. Mike tells Ali that Craig is wrong and is sorry he upset her so much. Ali says it was her fault for trusting him. Mike tells Ali that he has to get to the hospital. Mike thanks her for the dinner and wishes her a merry Christmas, and then Ali leaves. Mike calls to speak with Craig, but he's not in. Mike grabs his jacket and takes off. Ali is hiding in the bushes and sees him leave. Mike finds Craig in Salem Place, calls him a bastard, and asks him what he told Ali. Meanwhile, Ali breaks into Jen's place.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson is leaving for the holidays, but agrees to make Kate a martini so she can celebrate Sami's downfall. Suddenly, Sami shows up, but Kate slams the door in her face. Sami makes her way inside and Henderson leaves after giving Kate her drink. Sami sees Kate's martini and asks Kate if she's celebrating her testimony? Kate said she was obliged to tell the truth. Sami tells Kate that she doesn't plan on going down without a fight because she knows she didn't shoot Franco in cold blood. Sami tells Kate that she needs to try and remember what happened that night. Kate tells her to do it on someone else's time and tells her to leave. Sami begs Kate to let her stay to remember what happened. Kate gives Sami the chance to try to remember one more time, but she is never to come back. Sami starts going through the actions of that night and she asks Kate to pretend to be Franco. Kate refuses, but Sami talks her into it. Suddenly, Sami says that something else happened here the night Franco died and she (Kate) it, but now she (Sami) knows it too! Sami says that she shot Franco to protect herself and accuses Kate of hearing them argue. Kate tells Sami that she is finally going to get what she deserves, and when she is sitting in her cell, she will know how Lucas, Carrie, and she felt as a result of all her schemes. Kate tells Sami it's payback time, but then she says no, it's justice! Kate tells Sami to get out, but Sami refuses and pulls a gun on her. Sami tells Kate that she better not lie to her, because she has nothing left to lose!


December 24
In Salem Place, Mike grabs Craig and asks him why he told Ali he was in love with Carrie. Craig says he said no such thing and Nancy says that Ali is unstable. Craig says that neither he nor Nancy are gossips and that Ali must have decided the reason he dumped her was because of Carrie. Craig asks Mike why he even saw Ali tonight and Mike says that he found Ali waiting for him at his house this evening. Nancy tells Mike that Ali is obsessed with him. Nancy tells Mike that he may have to fire Ali, but Mike doesn't know about that. Mike apologizes to them and says he needs time to figure out what he's going to do. Mike leaves and Craig tells Nancy that she put on a good show. Nancy says if Mike fires ALi, she'll have an airtight case against him.

At Jen's place, Ali goes through a family photo album and refuses to believe what Craig said is true. Laura shows up and asks Ali what she is doing. Ali says that Mike got a page but asked her to wait for him. She tells Laura that she was just looking through the family album. Ali tells Laura that she hopes she approves of her dating Mike because they have a very close relationship. Laura is surprised because Mike never spoke about her. Laura asks how serious things are between them and Ali says Mike is the only man in her life and they get along beautifully. Laura asks when Mike will be back and Ali says she doesn't know. Laura says she has to get to bed and only came down to lock up. Ali says she can do that because she promised Mike that she would wait up for him. Laura thanks her, says goodnight, and then goes upstairs. Ali says she plans to have a very good night. Later, Mike returns home and looks at a Christmas card with Austin and Carrie's picture on it. Mike gets undressed and goes up to bed, only to have Ali sneak out of his closet in some sexy lingerie.

John and Marlena get their tree set up and Marlena tells John she heard about the plastic surgeon he contacted for Greta. Marlena tells John that she's concerned about his obsession. John says he just wants to help Greta, but Marlena says she can't help but wonder about Stefano's warning about his past. John says knowledge is power and he intends to pay DiMera back. Austin and Carrie stop by to see Will and Austin tells Carrie that he wants to make this the best Christmas ever for Sami and Will. Carrie and Marlena both apologize to one another for the fight they had. They go into the kitchen to get some cookies and they end up fighting about Mike again. Marlena tells Carrie that she is in love with Mike and this job is endangering her marriage. Marlena tells Carrie to quit her job and raise Will. Carrie says she will raise Will, but she won't give up her career. Carrie assures Marlena that she has everything under control, she doesn't have to play shrink with her. Marlena tells Carrie that she's sorry, but she can't stand by and watch her destroy her marriage. Out in the living room, John tells Austin that he admires his commitment to Will. Austin says he doesn't want Will to grow up without a mom like he did. Austin tells john that Roman thinks Kate and Lucas are hiding something about the murder. Austin doesn't want to believe his mom would lie, but he wouldn't put it past Lucas. Carrie and Marlena serve cookies and eggnog to everyone. John and Austin continue to talk and John tells Austin that all couples have issues they don't see eye-to-eye on.

Roman finds Billie in Salem Place. Billie tells Roman how she planned to spend Christmas with Bo and Georgia and she tells Roman that she knows he was planning to be with MArlena. Billie tells Roman that she signed divorce papers and Roman tells her that he's glad she signed them. Billie asks him how he is and he says he's not good, Kate and Lucas painted a very bad picture of Sami on the stand. Billie asks Roman to stop picking on her mom, but Roman says he thinks Kate and Lucas know more than they are letting on. Roman asks Billie what she knows about her mom's past and Billie says not much. Roman says that Vivian believes Sami knows secrets about Kate's past. Billie says that Vivian is nuts! She tells Roman to drop this line of investigation, but Roman refuses. Billie tells him not to count on her help and goes to walk off, but Roman stops her and apologizes. Billie says if her mom could help Sami then she would.

At Jonsey's place, Celeste confronts Stefano and tells him that she thinks he is responsible for Vivian believing she is dying. Stefano denies her accusation. Celeste tells Stefano if he cares for her than he should take her to the hospital. Stefano asks her why she is not doing anything to help, but Celeste says she is, she's taking Vivian's new will to her attorney. Stefano sneaks a peak at the will and says "my god, she's leaving all my paintings to John, Ivan, and Celeste!" Stefano says he can't let this will be filed. Later, Celeste tells Stefano that she has to change something in Vivian's will and then take it to the lawyer. Celeste tells Steano that Vivian is hearing voices. Celeste informs Stefano that he should take her to hospital as soon as possible because fears that Vivian will not live to sign her new will if he doesn't take her to the hospital now. Celeste leaves and Stefano tells Rolfe that he is running out of time. Stefano tells Rolfe about Vivian's new will. Rolfe says he will do what he can, but if Vivian dies before they get Gina back, all their work getting these treasures back will have been for nothing.

Upstairs, the hallelujahs in Vivian's head stop and she thanks God she's not dead yet because she still has time to repent, which she says will be hard to do because of all the evil things she did to Kate. Vivian starts picking up radio commercials. One is for a telephone company and Vivian decides to call Kate to apologize, but nobody picks up because of the Sami situation. Vivian pretties herself up so she'll look nice when she is found. Vivian picks up Hamlet in her tooth and thinks she is close to the end. Stefano comes to see Vivian and finds her standing out on the ledge of the window. She tells him that she's dying and wants to go while she can leave in style. Stefano tells her that he loves and needs her, but Vivian says she can't bare hearing all these voices. Vivian says it's too late and jumps.

Sami pulls a gun on Kate at the Kiriakis mansion and demands Kate tell her what happened that night, or she'll end up dead like Franco. Kate says she is not hiding anything, but Sami says yeah right. Sami accuses Kate of helping Lucas kidnap Will. Lucas shows up and sees what is going on and tries to save his mom, but fails. Sami demands that they both tell her what happened the night Franco died and they should remember that she has nothing to lose. Sami says she knows they were planning to kidnap Will and were in the house when Franco was shot. Sami tells Kate that she knew Franco was being deported and was only marrying her to get a greencard. Sami demands Kate tells her the truth, but Kate says she knows nothing. Sami tells Kate she will kill her if she doesn't stop lying. Kate says she's bluffing, but Lucas thinks Sami is dead serious and tells his mom to tell Sami the truth. Sami fires off a shot and says she's not bluffing. Lucas tells his mom if she doesn't tell her the truth, he will. Kate says she will tell her, maybe Franco did threaten her and there was a struggle and the gun went off. Sami screams at Kate to stop lying! Lucas tries to get the gun again, but Sami tells him nice try. Sami once again demands they tell the truth. Kate says she has told her and tells her to put the gun down before she buys a ticket to death row. Sami aims the gun straight at Kate and says "Merry Christmas you lying deceitful bitch!" As she is about to pull the trigger, Lucas shouts that he'll tell her everything! Sami starts firing the gun at objects. Lucas jumps Sami and they struggle. Roman and Billie arrive and hear the gunshots and screaming and wonder what is going on.


December 25
At the penthouse, Marlena gets the kids ready for Christmas Eve. Carrie and Austin have left to decorate their tree and John says he hasn't seen them this happy in a long time. Marlena says she hopes it lasts and John asks her what she means. Marlena says that Carrie just has a lot of responsibilities and now she may have to take care of Will. John knows it is something more and asks what she's keeping from him. Marlena says that she just feels Carrie's work is causing problems for her marriage. John says that Austin and Carrie love each other and he has faith in them. Greta calls John to wish him a Merry Christmas. John says he was just thinking of her and invites her, on both his and Marlena's behalf, to join them for Christmas mass. Greta tells John that she'd love to because this will be her first real Christmas since her mother died. John tells her he's looking forward to seeing her and says goodbye. Marlena tells John that she wishes he had asked her first and John says he was about to when the phone rang. John says he was hoping the holidays would bring them closer. Marlena just says maybe.

Austin and Carrie are decorating their own tree. Austin tells Carrie that it meant a lot to him when she helped Will hang the ornament he made on the tree. Carrie says that she has always loved Will, that was never an issue. Austin tells her that she is a natural mom and he loves her. As Austin kisses her, Carrie imagines kissing Mike. Austin then asks Carrie if Will does come to live with them, will she consider cutting back on her work? Carrie asks if he is asking her to quit. Austin says no, he just wants her to cut back. Carrie apologizes and suggests they wait till after Sami's trial to figure out what is best for Will. Austin and Carrie return to decorating their tree and Carrie continues to see Mike in Austin's place.

Ali sneaks into bed with Mike at Jen's place. Mike is busy dreaming about Carrie and kisses Ali back when she kisses him. Ali tells Mike that she loves him and Mike, who is thinking of Carrie, tells Ali that he loves her too. Mike finally wakes up and asks Ali what she is doing? Ali says she was surprising him, but she's surprised by his beautiful kiss. Mike says he was only taking a nap because he has to go to church. Ali tells him that she understands and was leaving as well. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and leaves.

At the Horton house, Bo asks Hope what is on her mind. She says the same old thing, what she did for Stefano while she was Gina. Bo doesn't understand why Lilly can't help her. Hope says that perhaps Gina never revealed anything to anyone. Shawn D. shows up and tells his dad they have to go wrap mom's present, so they leave. Later, the Hortons gather and hang their ornaments. Bo and Hope hang theirs next to one another. Laura and Mike hang their ornaments, as well as Jack, Jen, Abbey, and Jeremy's. Laura tells Mike that she hopes he will be with someone special next year. Maggie and Mickey hang their ornaments, as well as Lucas and Will's. ALice goes last and hangs her and Tom's ornaments. They then leave for Christmas Mass to support Sami and be with the Bradys.

Eric runs into Taylor in Salem Place and she gives him a Christmas gift. Eric tells her she didn't have to do that, but he happens to have something for her as well. Eric asks if she is with Lucas and Taylor says Lucas gave her the holiday off. She then mentions that she doesn't know what Lucas is doing, but she knows he'd rather spend time with Nicole. Taylor tells Eric to open her gift, which is an old time photographer statuette/carving. Nicole shows up and Eric thanks Taylor. Eric invents her to attend midnight mass with them and she joins them because Nicole doesn't mind. Taylor says she has to go give mom some gifts and Nicole says she'll see her there because she has gifts for mom too. Taylor leaves and Eric tells Nicole she's been spending a lot of time with Lucas lately. Nicole asks him if he is jealous. Eric asks should he be? Nicole tells him of course no and he should never doubt her feelings for him. Nicole tells Eric she can't wait to give him her gift and he says he has a gift for her right now, and then he kisses her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate tries to reason with Sami. Sami demands Lucas tell her what he knows and starts firing the gun. Lucas jumps Sami when Roman and Billie arrive, hear a gunshot, and Kate scream. When they run inside they find Kate hovering over Lucas crying his name. Lucas gets up and says he just had the wind knocked out of him. Roman realizes that Sami has his gun and she says she stole it because she was desperate to learn the truth. Roman asks her how she could do this and Sami says it was the only way to get the truth out of them. Kate tells Roman that if he doesn't call Abe about this, she will. Roman apologizes for Sami, but Kate says Sami should be apologizing. Roman asks Kate to forget what happened tonight for Will's sake and promises that nothing like this will never happen again. Kate tells Roman that he needs to open his eyes and realize that Sami is irresponsible, unstable, and dangerous. Once again, Roman gives her his word that this will never happen again. Kate asks how she can trust him when he thinks she's withholding information too. However, Kate agrees not to say anything, for a price. Kate asks him her price is that he leaves her alone and he and Sami stay away from her family. Roman tells her it is a deal. Lucas is not pleased with this bargain. Roman and Sami leave and Billie asks Kate why she let Sami go? Kate asks Billie to please make her some tea. After Billie leaves the room, Kate tells Lucas she won't press charges against Sami because now Roman owes her. Outside, Roman lectures Sami about threatening people with a gun. Sami tells Roman that when she held the gun on Kate, Lucas told his mom they had to tell her the truth.

Kate, Lucas, and Philip driving away. Kate tells Lucas that Sami is dangerous and doesn't want her to trap him again, which is why they have to leave and hide out till after the trial. Lucas tells his mom that Sami could remember she didn't shoot Franco on her own.

Carrie and Austin go to church and run into Sami. Sami goes over to the nativity scene and prays for a Christmas miracle. Mike and Laura show up and Carrie hugs Laura. Laura goes in to see Marlena and Mike wishes Carrie a Merry Christmas. He asks how things are going and she tells him that she and Austin have worked things out. Eric and Nicole show up, as well as Roman and Abe. Roman tells Abe to pick up Lucas for questioning about the murder, but Billie shows up and says "it's too late." Roman asks what she means and Billie says that Kate, Philip, and Lucas all walked out on her without wishing her a Merry Christmas. Bo, Hope, and Shawn D arrive at the church. Hope tells Bo that overtime she communes here she remembers how they were supposed t get married. Hope apologizes for not trusting him then, but she trusts him now. Hope hugs Bo and has a memory flash of running into the mystery man in the alley. She tells him that now that he's here she knows she's loved and protected, and then hugs him. Later she has a very different vision, in this one she seems angry to see the mystery man and simply says "it's you!" John, Marlena, and Greta arrive. Greta asks John if he'll ever be a priest again, but John says Marlena and the kids are his life now. Hope is so happy to see Greta, who thanks her for all she's done. Greta and John then decide to go light a candle for Greta's mom. All the Hortons tell Marlena and the Brady's that they are praying to God to answer their prayers and help Sami. Mass starts and everyone takes their seats. Alice says to Tom that she hopes he stays in all their hearts and help them through the new year. As the priest gives his sermon, Sami has visions of burning in hell for killing Franco. She then remembers finding Franco already dead and then fainting. Sami stands up and shouts that Franco was already dead, she didn't kill Franco! Sami cries and thanks God for helping her remember.

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