December 98 Week 3


December 14
Summary by Gwa1067718
Eric encounters Taylor at Salem Place. He admits that he doesn't like Lucas because Lucas uses money to get his way. Kate tells Alec, the investigator, that she wants ammunition against Nicole to stop her from making trouble.

Rolf tells Stephano that there is no more to do for the Hope\Gina transformation until the lunar eclipse. Stephano tells Rolf that he hasn't married Vivian yet because she wanted to return for her trousseau and needed to rest. Rolf warns Stephano that he hasn't been careful using the devise and has probably driven Vivian insane.

Vivian dreams that John, Marlena, Ivan, and Celeste are going to turn her into a vegetable and are laughing at her.

Back at Marlena's office, John couldn't remember anything and fears that he never will. Greta promises that she will help him in any way that she can.

Mrs. Faversham calls Hope Gina and Bo corrects her. Hope says that it must be very difficult to believe that the real Princess Gina is dead. Hope wonders if her talents were implanted by Stephano or if she acquired them when she immersed herself in Gina's life. Mrs. Faversham says that maybe Hope is really Gina afterall.

Stephano tells Rolf that once he marries Vivian he will never have to use the devise again. He also says that he really does care for Vivian and Gina. He needs to have control over her like he had once before and that he had over Celeste last night. She needs to complete the work that she started. Vivian's nightmare continues. She calls out for Stephano to help her, but he is tied up in a straitjacket. She wakes up screaming and Stephano runs to her while Rolf says that he has driven her insane.

At Titan, Alec asks Kate why she is worried about Nicole. Kate tells him it is because Nicole is interested in Lucas and will do anything to further her career, including using Lucas.

At Salem Place, Taylor tries to convince Eric to give Lucas a second chance, but Eric refuses to listen and tells Taylor she is the one who cant see him for who he is. Lucas tells Nicole that if she stuck with him, he would make all her dreams come true. She asks him if there are any dreams she can help him make come true. Lucas tells her that they should get together one night and dream together. Eric breaks into the conversation and asks what they are talking about. Nicole tells him that she was just thanking Lucas for the flowers.

Stephano tells Vivian that she will never have to go back to the sanitarium after she marries him since their marriage will override the power of attorney. Vivian tells him that she wants Ivan and Celeste at the ceremony. Stephano says he'll see what he can do. He had the nurse give them some of the potion so now they are under his control.

Marlena asks Greta if her mother didn't tell her anything about her travels or what she did, but doesn't believe Greta's answer. When she leaves the room, Marlena admits to John that she still doesn't trust Greta. John says that Greta is the key to finding his past.

Bo tells Mrs. Faversham that Hope was born and raised in Salem so she can't be the real Gina. He asked her if she remembered what the real Gina told her she did, but Mrs. Faversham couldn't remember anything.

Eric tells Nicole that she shouldn't fall all over Lucas just because he brings her flowers. Nicole tells him that it was just a nice gesture. Eric tells her that it was because Lucas has the hots for her, which Nicole denied. They talk about how Sami's case is progressing, and Eric remarks how odd it is that Candy just happened to be the stripper who was hired for the bachelor party. Nicole says that it was just a coincidence, but Eric doesn't buy it. He thinks that someone knew about the affair and hired her on purpose. They leave to go to the photo shoot and Nicole tells Eric she will have to meet him there since she has an errand to run.

Bo and Mrs. Faversham talk about the life that Gina led and Bo finds it hard to believe that Hope led that kind of life. Hope has a memory flash of running into a man's arms.

Dr. Klein calls John and tells him that Vivian is missing. John calls Vivian's cell phone, but gets no answer. He then calls Ivan's cell and talks to a hypnotized Ivan who tells John that Vivian is with him and is going to marry Stephano before hanging up.

Kate tells Lucas to be careful about Nicole, she only wants something out of him. Lucas tells her that he has a chance because Nicole paid more attention to him than Eric. He tells Kate not to worry, he has his eyes wide open.

Nicole walks into Kate's office and Kate asks why she isn't at the photo lab yet. Is there a problem? Nicole tells Kate that she doesn't have a problem, Kate does.

A minister arrives to marry Stephano and Vivian. Vivian says that she is ready and shows Stephano that she has something new, blue, borrowed, and old. Then she gets weak and says that maybe they should wait. Stephano puts her in the "up" mode, and she suddenly feels better and ready to proceed.

Bo tells Mrs. Faversham that even though he is a beer and pretzels kind of guy and Gina is a Princess, he won't give up on Hope. Nothing is ever going to come between again. Mrs. Faversham isn't so sure. Hope has another memory flash, this time she embraces the man and then tells him that she wasn't so sure that she was going to make it this time. Hope wonders who the man is and how it will affect the second chance that she and Bo finally have.


December 15
From Tracy
The Titan Gang
We open the show with Eric and Lucas arguing about everything in general having to do with Nicole and the new Faces campaign. Eric is trying everything possible to irritate Lucas so he will leave the Photo Shoot prior to Nicole ‘s arrival but Lucas more or less tells him to like the way he runs things or leave. They get into a heated, almost physical, debate and poor Taylor has to come to the rescue on both their behalf. Lucas finally leaves to check last minute details and Taylor tries to explain again to Eric that Lucas deserves another chance. Eric explains that it is not that easy to forgive and forget just as he has not yet been able to with Nicole. Taylor is just about to give Eric the true Nicole scoop from her past when she is interrupted by Lucas’ return. Eric, then not wanting to be in the same room as Lucas excuses himself to check the prop situation out. When he returns he has a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were ordered for the Shoot that had to be rush delivered and gets onto Lucas about having to pay extra for the special service and to start being more organized if he feels the need to call Photo Shoots on such short notice. Nicole arrives and compliments Eric for his taste on the props and he gives Taylor a lot of credit to which, of course, Nicole gives one of her "if looks could kill" smiles.

Nicole has visited Kate in her office before arriving at the Photo Shoot and Kate is well prepared for this. Nicole never comes out and threatens to expose Kate, but then again, who would dare (other than SAMI). Kate sets her straight before Nicole even gets started and more or less tells her to get tips on Climbing the Social/Executive ladder from someone else, like Sami, as she does not have time to be bothered with Nicole. Kate, looking very confident, excuses Nicole as she does not want to delay the Photo Shoot. Lucas gets handed a subpoena and goes looking for Kate just after she herself has been served as well. He is in a panic and looks to her for support as she explains that they will have to tell the truth, their truth, that is.

The Hospital scene
Carrie knocks on Mike's door, who after thinking it was Ali, is relieved to find Carrie looking saucy in a fur trimmed Cardigan (Hey, I've got it on my Christmas list!). Anyway, she is a bit nervous about having to testify this morning at Sami’s trial. Mike gives his advise and support with a long, close hug that looks as if they are a million miles away. He goes to the door only to find Austin ready to knock. He has stopped by before going to the courtroom only to find that Carrie will be joining him as she has been subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution. On his way out Austin congratulates Mike on his reunion with Ali and rather than question it goes along with it although Mike knows that he and Ali have not reconciled. Carrie leaves, confused by this statement, and Mike immediately calls Linda to help locate Ali. When Linda reports that she is no where to be found Mike decides to look for her just as the infamous board members turn the corner and inform him that the Board Meeting has been moved up 30 minutes so he grabs his report and heads to the meeting. Ali then appears with a bag and heads into Mike's office after checking, first, to see that she was not spotted. She is leaving Mike's office when Craig comes up only to get chewed out about implying that Carrie and Mike were an item. Ali accuses him of trying to cause a commotion (about time someone figured that out) and defends Mike and promises they are as good as an item once again. This scene ends with Mike opening his office door with a mighty look of surprise all right, but afraid we will have to wait till tomorrow for the shock.

Sami’s Fate continues….
Sami is in the courtroom doing all possible to belittle Carrie in Roman's eyes. She lays subtle hints that Carrie is definitely not the perfect daughter Roman remembers her as. Roman wants nothing to do with this conversation. Carrie walks up just as Sami has found out that she is being called as a witness for the Prosecution. Of course Sami then implies that Carrie will do everything possible to wreck Sami’s defense. On Stand, Carrie only confirms what Austin and Commander Carver have already stated, that Sami was found unconscious next to the body of Franco holding the gun in her hand. She was then drilled by the DA about her rocky relationship with her sister. The DA goes into every juicy detail and this of course is to Nancy's delight as now she has decided this is every bit as interesting as the Mike/ Ali saga.

The Wacky Ceremony
Stephano and Vivian are making out and Viv requests music for this special moment and asks Celeste if she will do the honors. Of course she obliges as she is still under the suggestive trance. Stef, ready to get this done with, tries to hurry things along when the phone rings. His nurse from Greenhaven has called to inform him that John Black is looking for his Aunt Vivvy. He whisks the wedding party away in a limo to his private jet and offers champagne to all. Vivian is admiring Wilma's eye make up and is thinking about a make over (personally, I think Vivian looks great the way she is). Stephano is not too thrilled with the look but does not offer his opinion (unusual for him). Just as Stef thinks he has pulled this off his cell phone rings and….. guess who, John Black calling. Stephano acts as though they have a bad connection and finally hangs up on him. Detective John figures out they are headed to his private jet and makes some calls (calling on his cell phone while driving, no no!) to the right people to have all private jets grounded. Stef arrives only to be told this bit of info and is about to give up when Vivvy spots a Hot Air Balloon and decides to check it out. She finds a young couple about to take off and learns the gentleman is planning on proposing to his girlfriend while up in the Balloon. When Vivian offers him a $1000.00 he has a change of plans and next we see Stef, Vivian, and Wilma preparing to take off. John arrives at the airport to find Celeste and Ivan in their trance state but thank goodness he slaps some sense into them just in time for the two of them to see the wedding party taking off for the sky. They run and decide the only way to stop this ceremony from taking place is to stop the Balloon so they grab on for dear life with Stef soon discovering them. John is looking on just as Stef thinks he has one up on John….. as the credits roll.


December 16
This is TV Guide's Summary Mike's upset when he finds his office filled with flowers and heart- shaped balloons. He shoves them into a closet and then tells Ali that their relationship is over. Ali vows not to give up on him. Craig hears Mike complain that he can't get through to Ali. On the stand Carrie testifies that her sister does not like Lucas and does not want him to be in his son's life. She confirms that she heard Sami stare at Franco's lifeless body and announce that he deserved to die. After she states that she loves her sister, the D.A. points out that when Sami is angry, she strikes back. Carrie later tells Austin that it was his promise to Sami that they would make a loving home to Will, not her. Sami overhears Carrie tell Austin that she is not looking forward to raising Sami's son. John receives an envelope from George that reveals Jonesy's financial affairs. Using a ladder in the hot air balloon, Stefano helps rescue Celeste and Ivan as they hang from the bottom of the balloon. Vivian stops the ceremony for a moment to adjust her makeup but then the two are finally married. As the minister hands out birdseed to toss instead of rice, Vivian decides to use hers to feed the birds. As she tries to do so, Vivian falls out of the balloon.


December 17
Ali meets with Nancy in Salem Place. Nancy tells Ali that she's not dealing with reality when it comes to Mike. Ali refuses to believe that Mike is in love with Carrie. Nancy tells Ali that she believes he is because Mike wouldn't have any other reason to break up with her. Ali tells Nancy that she and Craig are in denial, she and Mike are just fine. Nancy says that Mike used her for sex and promised her the head nurse job. Ali says she and Mike are back together now and everything is cool. Ali tells Nancy she appreciated her concern, but it's not necessary. Ali leaves and Nancy says she almost feels sorry for Mike because Ali is decisional.

In Mike's office, Mike tells Craig that he can't make Ali see that they have no future. Mike says he's been completely honest with her, but Craig asks him if he has? Mike says of course he has. Craig asks if there is someone else and Mike says no, he just can't make a commitment to Ali. Craig says some women expect a commitment after your sleep with them. Mike trips himself up and says he never should have sl...... Craig tells Mike he can be honest with him. Mike says he did make love to Ali because he thought he wanted to be with her at the time. Craig tells Mike that Ali is in love with him. Mike knows, but says Ali can't accept that he doesn't love her. Craig tells Mike that if Ali didn't work here it would make his life simpler. Mike asks Craig if he's suggesting that her, but Ali shows up before he can finish his statement and asks her darling if he's ready to go to lunch. Craig tells Ali that he has to talk with Mike about a special case, so Ali says they can have dinner. However, Craig says that he and Mike have surgery tonight. ALi says she understands because it comes with the territory when your dating the COS. ALi leaves and Craig tells Mike that he has a big problem.

Carrie is in Salem Place and remembers her fight with Austin about telling Austin she isn't looking forward to raising Will. Carrie bumps into Nicole, who just bought Eric a present. Nicole senses something is wrong with Carrie and Carrie tells Nicole about her fight with Austin and her testimony. Carrie cries that she feels like she sent her sister to the gas chamber and her marriage is falling apart. Nicole tells Carrie that she should concentrate on her marriage because there are plenty of women who would love to have Austin as their husband.

At Titan, Kate and Lucas are planning to go to the courthouse to testify for the prosecution. Kate tells Lucas that they need to stick to their story. Lucas doesn't like the idea of lying under oath, but Kate tells him he better lie and lie well. Kate tells Lucas that perhaps Sami will get off without their help, thanks to Candy. Kate tells him just to focus on his story. Kate says they better go to the courthouse, so Lucas stands up. Kate is surprised by his fast recovery and Lucas says he doesn't even need his crutches anymore. However, Kate tells him to take them because it makes him seem more sympathetic.

At the courthouse, Sami is in tears and thinks Carrie hates her and Will and she doesn't want to raise Will. Austin tells Sami that Carrie was just upset about getting off the stand. Sami tells Austin that she doesn't care if Carrie hates her, but she won't let her take it out on Will. Sami cries and says her little son has no where to go now. Austin says she will always be there for Will, but Sami can't help but worry that Carrie will take things out on Will. Sami says it's obvious that Carrie doesn't want to have any children because she wants to stay at work and the real reason is...... Austin stops her and tells her and then asks "what real reason?"

Eric talks with Roman about Sami's case and how they don't believe Lucas and Kate know nothing. They start talking about Nicole again and Roman asks his son to be careful where Nicole is concerned.

Roman finds Sami before she can tell Austin about Carrie and Mike. Roman tells Sami that the trial is about to resume. Kate and Lucas show up and Sami tells Lucas it will be a cold day in hell before she lets him near Will again. Lucas tells his mom that he's ready to take the stand and God help Sami when he's done. Lucas is called to the stand and sworn in. Lucas testifies that Sami lied about the paternity of their son for years. The DA asks if it could have been a mistake, but Lucas says if it was and she found out the truth later, than she still lied and used it to get Austin to marry Sami. Lucas goes on to say that Sami accused him of hitting Will, which was a lie, to keep him away from his son. Sami stands up and yells that he did hit Will. Sami is told to be seated. Lucas continues to testify and says that he had to kidnap Will because he feared he'd never see his son again. Lucas says it was the biggest mistake of his life. The DA continues to question Lucas about Sami. Lucas says that Sami is hell bent on getting revenge and would do anything to get it. The DA asks Lucas if Sami has ever become angry towards him. Lucas says she has and that Sami tried to chock him to death in the hospital.

Austin takes Will to watch the ice skaters and he tells Will he is planning a surprise to make this Sami's best Christmas.

Up in the balloon, Vivian is throwing birdseed to a bird when she falls out of the balloon. John, who is on the ground, sees his aunt plummeting to the ground. Vivian falls in a lake and John goes in to rescue her, only to see her swimming around happily and spouting water out of her mouth and doing handstands! Up in the balloon, Stefano, Celeste, and Ivan see that Vivian has landed in the lake. Celeste tells Stefano to land the balloon and he tells her that he's trying. Back on the ground, John watches his aunt and scratches his head. Vivian tries to get out of the lake, but ends up falling back in, and this time she doesn't come back up. John jumps in after her and gets her out of the lake. Celeste, Stefano, and Ivan show up. Stefano tells John to keep his hands of his wife. John is shocked. Vivian tells John that he wanted to lock her up and tells her to stay out of her life and let her be happy. Celeste and Ivan go to the car and Vivian follows, but she is rubbing her jaw. Stefano tells John that he is Vivian's husband now, so he has no power of attorney over her anymore. John tells Stefano that he won't let him use her aunt and he will learn what he is up to and what he and Jonsey were really doing. Stefano says he loves Vivian and recommends John focus on Marlena instead.

Stefano takes Vivian home and puts her in a normal mood so he doesn't have to spend the night with her. Vivian says she's wiped out and needs to take a nap. Vivian goes to bed and begins to hear a newscast through her tooth.


December 18
Days Wasn't Shown In My Area, This Is TV Guide's Summary
While Christmas shopping, Mike runs into Carrie and they decide to have some fun in the snow during which they almost share a kiss. Craig warns Ali that Mike will never love her because he's hopelessly in love with Carrie. Austin complains to Marlena that Carrie doesn't really want Sami's son being raised in their house. Marlena later spots Carrie in Mike's arms at the mall. Bo explains to Hope that Mickey has drawn up the divorce papers to end his marriage to Billie. Getting those papers in the mail, Billie daydreams about what Christmas would have been like if her baby had lived. She then throws the papers away and warns Hope that she should not make her wedding plans just yet. Lucas testifies that Sami once tried to strangle him while in the wheelchair but Roman stopped her. He then announces that he knew Sami had a gun but didn't know where she kept it. He rocks the courtroom when he states his opinion that Sami is capable of murder. Kate takes the stand and claims that she hired Sami because she is acapable person. When Candy threatens to leave town, Eric pleads with her to remain and testify.
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