December 98 Week 2


December 7
I had the antenna set wrong for the soap today and didn't realize it until the show was almost over because I had the TV off and was working on a paper. This is TVGuide's summary, but if anyone wants to take the time to type up something I'd be happy to replace this summary with it

Ali blasts Mike for using her and asks why he had sex with her if he didn't love her. Embarrassed, Mike doesn't know what to say but does claim that he never meant to use her. Craig sees how upset Ali is and learns that Mike ended things with her. Craig assures her that if she needs someone to talk with, he's there for her. As Sami's trial begins, Austin confirms that he heard Sami say she was going "to kill the bastard" with regards to Franco the night he was killed but calls her a good person and a good mother. He insists that she could never commit murder. Roman reveals to Kate about Candy the stripper. Kate declares to Roman that she never saw a violent side to Franco. With no one around to drive him to the courthouse, Lucas decides to drive himself. Later, Kate is surprised to see him enter the courtroom. Lily calls Hope and finally confesses how depressed she is in Europe. Hope invites her to fly to Salem and spend the holidays with her.


December 8
The first 5 minutes were not shown, the station messed up and started with Sunset Beach, switched to Another World, and then after the first commercial break started showing Days in progress

In the courtroom, Lucas bursts into the room and asks to address the court. As he is about to tell the court why he has come, Lucas passes out. Everyone is very concerned. Shawn and Caroline think they should call Maggie and Eric asks if they think Lucas is drinking again. Sami says of course he is and Austin says that if he is, Will is out of Lucas' life for good. Marlena decides to leave during the recess and Sami thanks her for her support. Kate and Roman help Lucas. Kate asks where Taylor is and Lucas says he drove himself. Roman says that whatever he has to say must be important because he broke his probation. Sami says that he probably came to tell everyone how she belongs on death row. Lucas looks at Sami and tells her that she doesn't know a damn thing. They start arguing and Lucas tries to tell her to shut up and listen, but Sami won't. Sami then possibly ruins her only chance by telling Lucas and Kate that Candy is going to testify that Franco attacked her, which means Franco could have been violent toward her when she "killed him." Lucas remembers Franco about to kill his mother when he shot him. Kate tells Lucas that this is amazing, Sami may go free after all, hinting to him not to confess. Roman asks Lucas what he came here to say and Lucas says he had to come down here to be with Sami because they share a son and he wanted to offer her his support. Sami thinks that he's feeding her a load of bull. Mickey asks Sami to calm down and gather herself together. Meanwhile, Kate asks Lucas if he's crazy? She tells him that if he tells the truth they will be the ones who end up in jail. Lucas says he was just watching a report on the gas chamber and didn't want Sami to go through it. Kate tells him that Sami might go free now, so it's out of there hands. Mickey asks Lucas if he plans to address the court and Lucas says no. Mickey informs Lucas that Roman will speak to him later about his parole violation. Court resumes and Mickey apologizes for Lucas and says he no longer wishes to address the court. Austin is called back to the stand and the DA starts grilling him about how vindictive Sami is. Sami talks with Eric about Lucas and wonders what he is after. She thinks Lucas might know something that could help her and she plans to find out what. Meanwhile, Roman find Lucas and tells him that he's taking him down to the station.

At the sanitarium, Stefano requests time alone with Vivian and demands Ivan to give him the engagement ring, and then tells him to leave. Vivian and Stefano know the others are watching and he says he has no ulterior motives towards Vivian or Greta. Stefano puts the ring back on her hand and tells her that he loves her. Vivian says she wants to leave now.

In the other room, Celeste tells Greta how Stefano has the need to control people. Marlena calls John to ask about the MRI and he tells her it didn't happen because Stefano showed up. John asks her if she gets a break from the trial to stop by. Marlena says that she'll try. John asks the doctor how long it will take to get his aunt committed. The doctor says it will probably be tomorrow, but John asks him to try and speed it up. Celeste hopes they can get her admitted today because once Stefano gets a hold of someone, he never lets them go. This upset Greta. Marlena shows up and is surprised to see Greta. She then subtly accuses her of telling Stefano about Vivian. Greta says that she did no such thing. John tells Marlena that DiMera has spies and informants everywhere. John and Marlena go in to see Vivian and Vivian tells Marlena "how dare you show up after what you did to me!" Vivian wants to leave, but John tells her no way. Marlena asks the doctor how soon he can reschedule Vivian's MRI and he tells Marlena that he already did. Vivian refuses, but the doctor says they just want to help her. He tells her that she'll have the MRI tomorrow, but she should go rest. Stefano tells Vivian she should rest and that he'll take her back to her room. John wonders what is going on with Stefano and Marlena whispers that she can't help but think Greta is tied into it somehow. Meanwhile, Vivian tells Stefano that she wants to leave, but Stefano says it's impossible to get her out right now, but he does have a plan to break her out. Stefano asks her to trust him and she says she trusts him with his life.

In Salem Place, Ali is angry because she thinks everyone in the hospital knew how Mike was using her. Craig gets a call from Nancy, who tells him about what happened in court. Craig tells her that drama is nothing compared to the one going on here, Mike dumped Ali. After the call, Ali asks Craig if he knew Mike was going to dump her. Craig says of course he didn't. Ali says that she always falls for guys who don't love her, but she thought Mike was different, especially after the things he said to her. Craig tells her that Mike shouldn't have promised her the job. Ali says he may have meant it at the time, but Carrie changed his mind. Ali says that she thinks Carrie must have badmouthed her to Mike, but Craig doubts that. Ali says that she had something special with Mike and she won't let anyone get in between them. Ali says that she can forgive Mike and thinks that maybe Mike is afraid of commitment after the way Robin left him. Craig tries to tell her that she shouldn't let Mike do this to her, but Ali says she can convince Mike to give them another shot. Ali decides to go find Mike, but Craig tells her that he can't let her do that. Craig tells her that she's only setting herself up for another fall and that she deserves someone better. Ali says that there is no one better and she could never love anyone more than she loves Mike. Ali says she doesn't give a damn about the job, she just wants to be with Mike. Ali says she has no other choice, but Craig tells her that he has a different idea. Ali tells him that she should get even with Mike and punish him before he uses another woman.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Carrie tells Mike that the hospital board needs his budget by morning. Mike totally forgot and says he should go work on it. Carrie senses that he's upset and says if he needs to talk then she'll be there for him. Mike says he'll probably be at the hospital all night, and Carrie replies "then so will I." Mike looks puzzled and Carrie says she wants to help him finish the budget. Carrie asks Mike about Ali and Mike tells her that he broke up with her. Mike feels bad and thinks he lead her on, but Carrie says that he's not that type of guy and it wasn't like he was intimate with her. Mike says he cares about Ali, just not like he cares about . . . . Carrie tells Mike that he did the right thing by breaking it off before they got more involved.


December 9
At the sanitarium, John and Company are still trying to keep Stefano from taking Vivian. Greta is feeling down and Marlena apologizes for being harsh with her. Greta knows that Marlena thinks she's a liar and she tells Marlena that she would never help Stefano do something evil. Marlena says that John speaks so highly about her, but Greta tells Marlena that no matter what Father John says, she (Marlena) still doesn't trust her. Greta swears to Marlena that she is telling the truth and says that they both share one thing in common, they both love John. Greta says she wants to help John discover the truth because she doesn't know much about her mother, including how she died. Greta swears that she is not involved with Stefano and she can believe her or not. Meanwhile, John convinces the doctor to give Vivian her MRI today.

Stefano walks Vivian back to her room. Vivian wants to leave and Stefano tells her that he has a plan, but she must do as he says. Stefano tells Vivian that he will return tonight to get her out, but she must not tell anyone. John and Company show up to see Vivian and Stefano begins to push the buttons randomly so they don't think she can handle taking a test today. The doctor tells John that Vivian cannot undergo an MRI in this condition, it must wait until tomorrow. Celeste helps Vivian get into bed and John asks Stefano what he wants from his aunt. Stefano says that he only loves Vivian and wants to marry her. John tells Stefano that while Vivian is recovering, he is not to visit her. Stefano says very well, but in the long run Vivian will be with him. Stefano offers to help Greta remove the rest of her scars, but Marlena tells Stefano that Bo is taking care of that. Stefano leaves and Marlena asks Ivan to take Greta back to the Horton house. Ivan and Greta leave and John asks Marlena what it's going to take for her to trust Greta. Marlena tells John that she can't help but think Greta is Stefano's pawn and she tells John it's not like him to be so gullible.

Outside, Stefano calls someone and tells them Vivian won't be in Greenhaven much longer and they are to get the potion ready.

Ali and Craig go to the Cheatin Heart and drink. Ali is heartbroken and Craig tells her not to get upset, get even. Craig tells her that Mike convinced her she would get the head nurse job to get her into bed, but Ali says that is not how it happened. Ali tells Craig that once things settle down, Mike will realize he loves her. Craig says that won't happen because Mike is one of the type of guys who uses woman as sex objects. Ali asks Craig why he is doing this, what's in it for him? Craig says he just doesn't want to see her hurt. Ali says she loves Mike and will get him back, so she's not going to sue him. Ali says that Mike has just been under a lot of stress because of the job and Carrie is trying to turn Mike against him. However, Ali says that she'll get him back when she proves Carrie is a back-stabbing little bitch. Craig tells Ali that Mike dumped her because he doesn't love her, but hints that there could be someone else. Ali asks Craig if he knows something he's not telling her. Craig tells her that Mike could never love her because he loves Carrie. Craig admits that he made up the lie about Mike only caring about his career to spare her the pain. Ali tells Craig he is wrong and he will prove it. Ali walks out and Nancy shows up to see Craig. Craig tells Nancy that he told Ali that Mike loves Carrie.

Mike and Carrie arrive at the hospital and Carrie offers to stay the night with him to help him with the budget. Mike doesn't think Austin would like that, but Carrie says Austin will be out late with Sami. Judy runs into Mike and she thanks Mike for giving her this wonderful job and thanks Carrie for the flattering press release. Judy asks Carrie if she can talk with Mike alone, so Carrie leaves. Judy tells Mike that Ali hasn't shown up for work and she hasn't called, which isn't like her. Mike tells Judy not to worry about Ali just yet. Carrie asks Mike if there is a problem and he tells Carrie that he's just worried about Ali. Mike says that he thought he could commit to Ali, but he just wasn't ready. Carrie tells him that one day he'll find the right woman who will make him happy. Mike tells Carrie that he couldn't lie to Ali about his feelings, he couldn't be with her just because he couldn't be with . . . . . Mike says it was just a mistake. Carrie says he's right, she never thought Ali was the right one for him. As they both reach for a notepad, they come very close (lip wise). Suddenly, Ali shows up and is right outside of Mike's office door.

At the courthouse, the DA grills Austin about the day of the murder and how Sami threatened to kill Franco and later he found her by Franco with the gun in her hand. The DA asks him if there is any doubt in his mind that Sami killed Franco. Austin says no, but . . . . However, the DA cuts him off.

Outside the courtroom, Roman tells Kate that if Lucas cooperates by not with withholding evidence, then he won't prosecute him for violating his probation. Kate says this is preposterous, but Roman says if Lucas helps Sami, he will help Lucas. Abe shows up and asks to talk to Roman in private. Lucas tells Kate that he thinks he'll take Roman's deal, but Kate says that this is a trap and they may not need their help thanks to Candy. Abe talks to Roman and tells him that he has to testify, but doesn't want to hurt Sami. Roman tells Abe that he understands he has to do his job. Abe is then called into the courtroom. Roman returns to Kate and Lucas and asks Lucas if he's ready to tell the truth. Kate and Roman argue and Lucas says that he never meant to hurt Sami. Lucas says he always wanted to do the right thing and Roman adds that Kate is keeping him from doing that. Roman tells Lucas that as much as he hates Sami, could he allow Will to lose his mother? Lucas says he doesn't want that to happen, so Roman tells him to come clean. Lucas says he'll tell him everything that happened that night. Lucas tells Roman that he went into the house and got Will, but went back into the house to get Will's teddy bear. Roman asks if he saw Sami and Franco fighting, but he says no. Lucas then has this premonition of going to prison and his mom scolding him when they are both old and grey. Lucas tells Roman that he didn't see anybody or anything. Roman doesn't believe him because Will's teddy bear wasn't found in the car wreckage, so something stopped him from getting it. Lucas said it was just too big of a risk. Roman tells Lucas that later they'll take a little trip to the station. Roman goes into the courtroom and Kate tells Lucas that he did the right thing.

Abe is sworn in and talks about the murder. He says that the first things Sami said when she regained consciousness was "oh my God, what have I done." He goes on to say that Sami said "you lying bastard, you deserved to die." He also says that there was no sign of struggle and the only prints on the gun where Sami's. Furthermore, Abe confirms that Sami hid the weapon in a locked drawer and nobody else knew where it was. The DA asks Abe that is there is any doubt in his mind that this was anything but premeditated murder, and Abe says no.

When court is adjourned, Roman tells Mickey that Lucas knows more than he's admitting and if he is put on the stand, Lucas could crack. Later, Kate tries to get Abe to cut Lucas some slack, but Lucas says he deserves to be punished. Roman commends him, but says it's too bad he isn't man enough to help Sami. Kate tells Roman that she may be able to help Sami by testifying for the defense. Back in the courtroom, Eric tells Sami that he may know how to help Sami get her memory back.


December 10
Stefano goes home and asks Rolfe for the potion. Rolfe doesn't like this idea, but Stefano says they have to stop Vivian from getting the MRI. Rolfe says maybe it would be for the best because the device is close to killing Vivian. Stefano refuses and demands Rolfe give him the potion, so he does. Roberta, a nurse Stefano has hired, shows up to take care of Vivian for Stefano. This nurse happens to work at Greenhaven.

Vivian is lying in her bed at the sanitarium waiting for Stefano to come rescue her. Celeste comes to visit Celeste and she tells her that she needs to stay here to get well and that John loves her. Vivian says this is her life and she doesn't need to be protected from Stefano. Celeste tells her that Stefano is just manipulating her, but Vivian believes Stefano loves her and wants to help her. Celeste says he does care for her, but has an ulterior motive. Celeste asks Vivian to trust John because he only wants what is best for him. Stefano's nurse shows up and gives Celeste some tea, which is drugged with the potion. Celeste falls into a trance.

Rolfe and Stefano are on their way to Greenhaven. Rolfe gives Stefano a microphone that is connected to the device in her tooth. Stefano speaks to her and tells her that she needs to get ready because he's coming. Vivian thinks she's so connected to Stefano that he's speaking through her. Stefano tells Vivian to have Celeste bring her a wheelchair. Celeste does it because of the trance she's in. Celeste wheels Vivian through the hall and follows Vivian's direction. As they near the door, they are stopped by a nurse. Vivian tells the nurse that her friend was just taking her out to the terrace. Vivian eventually has to hide in a laundry cart to escape. Stefano tells Celeste to go upstairs and sleep in Vivian's bed, and when she wakes up she'll remember none of this.

John returns to the penthouse to see Marlena. John tells her that Greta is not playing him for a fool. Marlena apologizes for calling him gullible and says she was just worried about him because he's so focused on his search for his past. They begin to argue about Greta and Marlena says she wonders if John really believes that Greta isn't working for Stefano. John is positive she isn't. John tells Marlena that he wants her to try this new hypnosis technique on him so he can recover his life and be happy. Marlena asks if they aren't happy now. John says of course they are, but he wants to be able to give her and the kids more. John asks Marlena what she's afraid of and Marlena says she fears he might learn something horrible about his past. Marlena tells John that Stefano warned her what might happen if he learned the truth. John says it's obviously a ploy, but Marlena says "what if it's not?" Marlena tells John, what if he learns something so horrible that he can't live with himself? John doesn't think that would happen, but Marlena knows he's such a good and noble man and wouldn't be able to live with himself if he had done something awful. John tells her that as long as he has her, he can live with anything. John asks her to please put aside her fears and help him, and she agrees. John says he wants the hypnosis to start tomorrow.

At the station, Kate tells Roman that she wants to testify for the defense because she can prove that Franco was a con-man and a player. Roman just can't help but wonder what she's up to. Roman begins to flirt with Kate and tells her that he'll talk to Mickey about her testifying.

Lucas meets with his parole officer and is told that he has to go to jail. Lucas said he just had to be there for Sami, so the officer lets it slide, but adds six months to his probation. Lucas goes out and sees his mom with Roman. Roman tells Lucas that Kate is going to testify on Sami's behalf, which shocks Lucas.

Eric takes Sami to the Kiriakis Mansion to try and recreate what happened the day Franco was murdered. Eric and Sami start talking and try and recreate what could have happened. Eric suggests that Franco became angry and started threatening her when she wanted to call off the wedding. He began to attack her and so she shot him. Eric asks Sami if it helped, does she remember what happened? Roman, Kate, and Lucas come home and asks what is going on. Eric tells them and unfortunately, Sami doesn't remember a thing. She says that nothing Eric told her seemed real. Roman tells Sami that Kate has offered to testify on her behalf. Sami says it's obviously a trick because Kate wants her to go to jail. Roman says Kate wants to help her, but Sami doesn't believe that and says they want her in jail so they can get Will. Roman tells Sami that he'll take her home. Roman asks Sami if nothing seemed familiar, but Sami says she doesn't remember a thing. After they leave, Kate and Lucas continue to plot against Sami. Lucas wants to know how he's going to help Sami. Kate says she will help Sami, she'll help her go strait to prison.

Ali arrives at the hospital and says she has to find out if Mike loves Carrie. Austin shows up and asks if she's seen Carrie and Ali says no, unless she's with Mike. Austin thanks Ali for everything she did for Will. Ali is upset and tells Austin she heard something upsetting and doesn't know what to make of it. Austin asks her to tell him because maybe he could help. Ali tells him that it's hard to talk about. Ali asks Austin if it bothers him how much time Carrie and Mike spend together. Austin says it did bother him, but it doesn't now. Austin says Mike is a good friend and he trusts him. Austin is puzzled that Ali asked him if he trusts Mike with Carrie. Austin tells her that before he married Carrie he was worried about Mike and Carrie, but now there is nothing to worry about and he tells her that he's sure Mike has eyes for her.

In Mike's office, Carrie and Mike come very close to kissing, but stop before their lips touch. They then go back to what they were supposed to be working on, the budget. Mike tells Carrie that she can go home if she wants, but she says she wants to stay with him. She just wishes she had some popcorn because she used to eat it in college when she had to stay up for an all nighter. Mike tells her that he can arrange that and calls the cafeteria. Austin and Ali show up and Austin asks Mike if he can take Carrie home. Carrie says they have a lot of work to do, but Mike tells her to go home. Ali says perhaps Mike doesn't love Carrie, so there may be a chance for them. Mike and Ali talk and Ali says that she knows he's not ready for a committed relationship. Ali tells him that she is willing to wait until he's ready. She tells him that she loves him and always will. She then jokes that she thought he dumped her because he loved Carrie.

Austin tells Carrie about his chat with Ali and Carrie is surprised that Ali didn't tell her that Mike dumped her. Austin is shocked, and then tells Carrie that she did ask him if he was bothered by home much time she spends with Mike.


December 11
Marlena goes looking for John in Salem Place and when she finds him he has a beard and is still a priest. Marlena asks him what has happened to him, but he doesn't even know her! She fears Stefano has turned him back into the pawn. Greta shows up and tells Father John she has something wonderful to show him. John leaves with Greta and Marlena wakes up from her nightmare screaming John's name. When she looks over to John, he's not in bed. She shouts to him. John is downstairs and calls Greta to ask her to come to the hypnosis session today. Greta says she will be there, despite Marlena not trusting her. Marlena rushes downstairs and leaps into John's arms. She tells him about the dream she had and wants to call the hypnosis session off. Chelsea takes the kids to school and Marlena fears that she and the kids may lose him again. John tells her nobody will take him from them. Marlena begs John to call off the session, but he says he can't. Marlena says she knows, but had to ask.

Rolfe is looking at his satellite in orbit and is typing away on his PC. Stefano calls Rofle and tells him that he has Vivian someplace where John will never find her. Stefano asks how things are going with Gina, and Rolfe tells him at the next lunar eclipse, Hope will cease to exist. Stefano says that his plan for the future depends on Gina because she will help him get his art treasures back and accumulate more if needed. Rolfe tells him that there is nothing to fear, it is all scientific and will work out perfectly. Stefano tells Rolfe to just make sure Hope doesn't remember too much information before the transformation occurs. Rolfe continues working on the satellite and says that this time, Hope will lose her identity for good.

At the Horton house, Bo finds Hope playing the piano again and it causes him to have eerie feelings. Hope is troubled by it too and she feels like she's out of control. She tells him that she's very scared. Bo holds her and tells her he won't let anything happen to her. Bo tells her that as soon as the holidays are over they will go to Europe and investigate her past. Shawn D. shows up and asks his dad if he's ready to go. Hope wants to know what is going on and Bo just smiles at her. Shawn D. mentions getting a tool box and Hope realizes they are building something. Bo and Shawn D. sneak away and Hope talks with Greta. Greta tells Hope that even if she doesn't find the answers she's looking for, she still has a family that loves and supports her. Hope tells Greta that she is so right. Greta leaves and later, Lily rings Hope's doorbell. Unfortunately, Lucille has followed Lily. Hope tells her that they have so much to catch up on and Lucille just sighs. Hope and Lily go into the living room to talk and Lily asks Lucille to take their things to the hotel and get them settled in. Lucille leaves and Lily asks Hope how things are going. Hope says things have been good and not so good, but the future looks better than ever. Hope tells Lily that she thinks she and Bo will get back together, which bothers Lily. Lily says Bo has hurt her so much, but Hope says everything is better now and that she and Bo are soulmates. Lily asks Hope if she's learned anything else about Stefano, but Hope says she hasn't. However, she says she has Bo and John to help her. Lily tells Hope that she'll always think of her as Gina and still believes she could have just been programmed to be Hope. Hope says that's not possible, so Lily asks how she explains the birthmark? Hope says that she can't, but Stefano might have given it to her to convince people she was Gina, because the real Gina died. This upsets Lily. Hope tells Lily that the real Gina died shortly before he made Hope into Gina to continue his agenda.

Shawn D. and Bo go to Salem Place and Shawn D. meets up with an old friend of his, who has been away at Radcliff. Bo picks up that Shawn D. would like to go there, but Bo says he wants him around as much as possible because they've been separated as a family for so much time.

Bo and Shawn D. return home and meet Lily. Hope asks them what they are up to, but the keep their secret. Suddenly, Hope remembers running through the streets of Lugano. Bo asks her what is wrong and Hope says she doesn't know.

Marlena, John, and Greta meet in Marlena's office to put John under hypnosis. Marlena tells Greta that she will act as the trigger to help John. Marlena tells Greta to explain a memory to John that he should be able to remember. Greta tells John about a villa her mom rented one spring and how she and Father John were having a personable and memorable conversation. Greta continues to tells John how he and Gina were going on a trip and she talked with him about a boy she liked and about his own life. Flashback time, Greta asks John why he doesn't talk about his own life? John asks what she wants to know and Greta asks him if he regrets being a priest? John asks why she'd ask that and Greta says that he's such a great father figure, but he'd never get to have children. John tells her in french that he has no regrets. Back in the present, John seems to remember the conversation and says "Je ne regret." Back to the past, Gina comes to see Greta to say goodbye to her because she and John are going away. However, Gina has a surprise and gives her the music to the Nutcracker Suite duet. Gina tells Greta to practice and when she returns, they will play it on Christmas morning. John tells Gina that they must go and he says goodbye to Greta as well. Back to the present, Greta says they did return for Christmas and the played the Nutcracker on Christmas morning. Marlena decides to bring John back and tells him he will remember everything. John wakes up and asks what happened. Marlena tells him that he seemed to remember and event Greta talked about, IF it was even real. Greta says she didn't make it up and asks John if he remembers.

Eric meets Nicole in Salem Place. He tells her that they have a job to do today. Nicole is shocked by how much work Lucas is giving her, but Eric isn't and tells her that Lucas has a thing for her. Nicole says she didn't mean to lead Lucas on if that is what she did, but he is their boss. Eric could care less and hates Lucas and his mom for what they've done to Sami. Eric says he's positive that Kate is hiding something that could help Sami's case. Nicole is confused because Kate is going to testify for Sami, but Eric says she just has a hidden agenda. Nicole recalls Kate warning her that she hired the stripper for Franco's bachelor party.

A reporter from the spectator catches Kate in Salem Place and asks if he can do an article on Sami's trial. Kate tells him he can.

Roman finds Sami and Will in Salem Place enjoying themselves. Sami tells her dad that she wants to make this the best Christmas for Will because it may be her last. Roman tells her that he will prove her innocent and is positive that Kate is withholding information. Roman asks Sami what has gone down between her and Kate, he needs to know for her as well as Will's sake. Sami tells her dad there is nothing, but Roman knows she's holding back something. Sami remembers Kate's warning that she'd lose her father and Austin's respect if she tells the truth. Sami tells her dad there is nothing. Suddenly, a man starts snapping photographs of Sami and Will. Roman yells at the photographer to get the hell away from his daughter and grandson. Chelsea shows up with Belle and Brady to pick up Will, she has something special planned for them all. Sami cries on Roman's shoulder and he promises that he'll do everything in his power to help her.

Sami and Roman meet up with Eric and Nicole. Nicole becomes uncomfortable as they all talk about Kate and excuses herself. Nicole knows Kate hired Candy and wonders if it could help Sami and if she should tell Eric.

Taylor and Lucas go to the gym to conduct Lucas' physical therapy. Taylor doesn't understand why he risked everything to go to the courthouse. Lucas tells Taylor that he was just taking her advice, but Sami rejected his support. Lucas says he hates what Sami is going through, but a stripper might be able to testify that Franco was a violent person. Taylor asks Lucas if saw any of Franco's violent attacks and Lucas said he did. Suddenly, Kate shows up and tells Lucas that he's wrong. Taylor leaves them to talk and Kate scolds Lucas. Lucas tells his mom that he doesn't understand her sometimes and asks how she can be so damn cold? Kate says she doesn't feel any sympathy for Sami at all. Kate says all she has done is protect her son. Lucas knows she's looking out for his best interests, and Kate tells him that is why he has to stay strong. Kate warns him not to cloud his head with thoughts about Nicole and romance. Lucas tells his mom that she was the one who told him he needed some motivation. Lucas asks Taylor to help him get to the car and says he wants to stop by the mall to pick something up for Nicole.

Lucas finds Nicole in Salem Place and gives her a HUGE bouquet. Back at Titan, Kate hires a PI to investigate Nicole.

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