December 98 Week 1


November 30
Sorry this is so late, class ran late and I had to watch Rudolph on TV :)

At the penthouse, Austin, Sami, and the others are celebrating Will's birthday. Shawn asks where Carrie is and Austin says she probably forgot and that it happens a lot when she's with Mike. Later, Sami is feeling down and Austin tells her to have faith in God. Austin tells Sami that she has changed a lot and he is very proud of her. Sami tells him that he's wrong, she hasn't changed at all. Austin tells her that she is just being insecure about the trial. He tells her that they reason he's supporting her is because he knows she's changed.

Ali sees Mike and Carrie in an awkward position in his office. Carrie says she had something in her eye and Mike was helping her. Ali tells Mike that Craig needs something from him. Carrie remembers Will's party and says she lost track of time. Ali tells her that Mike seems to have that effect on a lot of woman. Carrie leaves and ALi asks Mike if Carrie doesn't like her because she's jealous of her relationship with him. Mike says that Carrie is happily married and they are just long-time friends. Ali says that she just got a little jealous and says she understands. Ali tells him that being with him means more to her than any head nurse job. The two begin to kiss, but Mike stops her. She thinks it's because they are at the hospital, but she says they are behind closed doors. Mike kisses her and Ali tells him that she's made weekend plans for them at Green Mountain Lodge. Mike tells Ali that he can't go away this weekend. Mike tells her that he has too much work to do this weekend. Ali says they can do it another weekend. However, Ali locks the door and says they can still have some fun, and then she begins to seduce Mike.

Nancy and Craig are still scheming about getting Mike out of the COS office. Craig tells Nancy that they have to get Mike and Carrie's feeling out. Nancy tells Craig that she doesn't like this plan one bit because she thinks Mike will move on with Ali. Craig tells her that Mike will dump Ali and when Ali learns why Mike dumped her, she will want revenge.

Carrie shows up at the Penthouse to find Austin alone with Sami. Sami is shocked to hear that Ali wasn't chosen as head nurse. Austin decides to go tuck Will in. Once he leaves, Sami starts laying into Carrie. Sami tells her that she is jealous of Ali and to admit that she's in love with Mike. Carrie says that is not true, but Sami tells Carrie that she's in such denial. Sami says that all she's done is lie about her feelings for Mike and soon everyone will know it.

Roman shows up at Titan and asks Kate out to dinner. She accepts and Roman is happy. Roman mentions Vivian and Kate says she finds her mental decline frightening. Roman is surprised by Kate's feelings. Kate says despite her feelings for Vivian, she doesn't want to see her in an institution, and she also doesn't want to see Sami in prison. Kate asks Roman if he's made any progress with Sami's case, but Roman says he hasn't. Roman tells Kate that he needs to go pick up a toy for Will's party and Kate tells him that she'd love to tag along with him. Roman leaves for a second and Kate hopes this means Roman is off her back.

Down in the photo lab, Nicole tells Eric that she got rid of the tattoo and Jay is gone as well. She says all she can do is focus on the present and the future and asks him if he can do the same. Eric says the fact is that he lied to her. Nicole says she did it because she was ashamed of her past. Nicole says that everyone has a history and says if he lied about something that she found out about, she wouldn't hold it against him. She then says that she hardly knows anything about his life before they met. Nicole asks Eric why she didn't he return to Salem when Sami did, and why did he come when he did? She also asks if something happened in his past he's ashamed of. Eric doesn't say anything for awhile, but then tells her that she is right about the past, he shouldn't let it destroy their future. Eric apologizes and says that he tends to over react to things. As they make-out, Roman shows up and sees them.

At the hospital, Lucas is being pissy to everyone because he didn't get to see Will. Lucas demands Taylor give him the car keys, but she says "I don't think so!" Taylor tells him that if she gives him the keys she'll end up without a job because he'll end up at a bar or at Sami's, both will get him arrested. Lucas apologizes and then starts telling her how Sami hates him and will do anything to destroy him. Taylor asks what happened between them and Lucas explains how they were best friends at one time. Taylor asks why they can't be friends again. Lucas says it's too late and once Sami goes to jail, he'll sue for custody of Will. Taylor tells Lucas that Austin will fight and that if Sami is acquitted, they will fight over Will and it won't be good for Will. Lucas is positive that Sami will be convicted. Still, Taylor says that he may still battle for Will in court for years. Taylor suggests that he do something to become friends with Sami again, like going to her trial. Taylor asks Lucas if he believes Sami deserves to go to jail and Lucas says no. Kate shows up and asks what is going on. Taylor explains how she suggested to Lucas that he support Sami at her trial. Roman shows up as well and tells Lucas that he thinks if he shows support for Sami, Sami may agree to working things out. Kate becomes pissy and says that Sami doesn't deserve Lucas' support. Roman says that it may help mend the hatred, but Kate still says no. Lucas says that he doesn't want to fight court battles to see his son, so maybe he can work things out with Sami. Still, Kate tells Lucas not to make the mistake of trusting her again. Eric and Nicole show up and Eric learns his dad is having dinner with Kate. Roman confesses to Eric that he doesn't trust Kate and wants to be there when she slips up. Eric and Nicole get ready to leave and Nicole tells Eric that Lucas and Taylor are going with them to the Cheatin' Heart. She apologizes and says it was Kate's suggestion and Lucas liked it. Taylor and Lucas start talking and Lucas thinks he's going to win Nicole over tonight. Roman asks Kate why she opposed Lucas making up with Sami. Kate says that Sami's sole goal in life is to make Lucas' life hell. Roman doesn't believe that and says that he thinks she's scared of letting Lucas be alone with Sami.

John goes to the hospital to see Marlena and tells her what happened with Vivian. John says she needs help. Abe calls John back about Jonsey's taxes and Marlena asks why he's interested in Jonsey's taxes. John fills Marlena in about how Celeste found Kristen at the townhouse and he thinks Stefano and Jonsey had a connection. John shows Marlena some of Jonsey's bank deposits, all he has found are social security checks, nothing to cover the fortune he gathered over time. Marlena makes a call to have Vivian admitted to the hospital, but she is told there is no room. Marlena tells the person on the other end to make room. Marlena gets Vivian the room and John makes sure everything is legalized.

At the townhouse, Stefano agrees to marry Vivian immediately. Celeste congratulates them, but Ivan objects. Stefano leaves to start arranging things and Celeste starts telling Vivian how romantic a Christmas wedding would be. Vivian decides that would be nice and tells Stefano, who returns, that she wants to wait till Christmas to marry him. Stefano tells Vivian they are not waiting till Christmas. Vivian thinks he thinks she's going to die soon, but Stefano says that every day without her is like an eternity. Celeste suggests they wait till next weekend, but Stefano insists they marry tonight. Stefano leaves to pack and Vivian says she will be waiting for him. Celeste tells Vivian she doesn't need to rush into this, but Vivian says she is dying and refuses to die alone. Celeste and Ivan beg her to let them take her to the hospital to check her out. Celeste says that the wedding can wait just one day so Marlena can check her out. Vivian eventually agrees.

Stefano goes home and tells Rolfe that he has convinced Vivian to marry him tonight. Stefano turns on the monitor and hears Vivian agree to go to the hospital. He is about to use the control, but Rolfe tells him that it will kill Vivian. Stefano says he has no choice and flips the switch.

Back at the townhouse, Vivian grabs her chest and starts gasping. At the mansion, Rolfe says it appears that Vivian is having a heart attack. Ivan calls 911, but Vivian says she is fine now, it must have been indigestion. Rolfe warns Stefano that the next time he pushes a button, it could kill Vivian. Stefano says once he marries Vivian he won't need to use the device any longer. John and Marlena show up at Jonsey's townhouse and John tells Vivian he is taking her to the hospital tonight. Celeste and Ivan back John and Marlena. Two policemen are with John and Marlena and Vivian becomes upset and decks one of them.


December 1
I had reception problems with the soaps today, the sound kept breaking up at parts

At the hospital, Nancy congratulates Lexie on becoming the new surgical resident. Nancy tells Lexie that there has been so many promotions this week and then comments that she thought Ali would make head nurse. Lexie says that Mike chose the best woman for the job.

In Mike's office, Ali tries to seduce Mike. He doesn't think this is the proper place, but Ali says that's what makes it exciting. Ali sheds her nurses uniform and asks Mike to make love to her. Mike tells her that they can't do this because a quickie on his desk isn't right. Ali tells Mike that he's such a gentleman. She suggests they spend the night at her place tonight, when Lexie walks in to see Mike. Ali leaves and Lexie apologizes for interrupting anything. Mike says nothing happened, but Lexie doesn't understand and asks what is going on with him. Mike says he doesn't know. He says that he likes Ali, but everything changed when he kissed Carrie. Mike tells Lexie that he can't get Carrie out of her mind. Lexie tells Mike that he can't lead Ali on and Mike says he's trying to find the right time to end it.

Nancy runs into Ali and she starts telling Ali how terrible it is that she didn't get the job. Ali says she's not to bothered by it too much because she still has Mike. Nancy asks if she is going to do anything to Mike for not naming her the head nurse, but Ali says she's not because she loves Mike and wouldn't want to hurt him. Nancy asks Ali how she would feel if Mike didn't love her and wanted to break up with her. Ali asks Nancy why she thinks Mike doesn't have feelings for her? Nancy says she just doesn't think Mike is as committed to their relationship. Ali is positive that Mike won't end things.

At the townhouse, Vivian slugs one of the guards. John tells Vivian they only want to take her to the hospital for a few tests. Vivian refuses and thinks they are trying to have her committed. Vivian runs away from them, but they catch her. John asks Vivian to trust him and she agrees. She says this might be a kick and says she'd like to drive. Unfortunately they don't let her drive. She asks if champagne will be served, but they say no. She then asks them to turn on their siren. Marlena tells John that it's worse than she thought when Vivian begins to sing "Hail hail the gangs all here, what the hell do we care." When they arrive at the hospital, Vivian starts congoing. Dr. Kurt shows up and John introduces him to Vivian. Vivian hugs him and says "Stefano, your here for the wedding!"

Bart is driving Stefano over to the townhouse so he can marry Vivian. Stefano calls Rolfe and tells him he's ready to start working on the satellite, but as he does, Hope may have memory flashes of being Gina. Stefano arrives at the townhouse to pick up Vivian. Celeste and Ivan tells Stefano that Vivian is not her. He demands they tell him where she is and they tell them that John and Marlena took her to the hospital.

Stefano goes to the hospital and asks Lexie where Vivian is. Lexie says that Vivian is not here and she proves it to him by showing him the list of admissions. Stefano realizes that John and Marlena tricked him. Stefano calls Rolfe and tells him what is going on. Rolfe tells Stefano to put Vivian back in the up mood, but Stefano says that he has to keep her in an up mode to get her to marry him when he finds her. Stefano and Bart go hospital searching for Vivian.

At the penthouse, Sami tells Carrie that the thing causing problems in her marriage is the fact that she loves Mike. Sami tells Carrie that she spends more time with Mike than her husband. She asks how long she expects to carry on like this without Austin finding out? Carrie says she is just committed to her job. Sami wonders when Austin is going to find out the truth, that Mike is the man she really loves. Sami says she doesn't like her playing Austin. Carrie tells her that she is the one playing games. Sami tells Carrie she can deny it all she wants, but she is in love with Mike and dreams about him when she is in bed with Austin. Sami says Carrie doesn't need to worry because she won't tell Austin because she likes having him around for her and Will. Austin walks into the room just as Sami says she won't say a word to Austin, and Austin asks what she's not saying a word about. Carrie says that she had decided to lighten her work load to spend more time with him and it was supposed to be a surprise. Austin says he's sorry the surprise was spoiled, but he's happy to hear it. Carrie suggests she and Austin leave, but Austin wants to talk to Sami about the trial tomorrow. Austin suggests that Carrie sit for Will while he and Sami go to court. Carrie says she was just going to cut back some, not give up her job. Austin says he's not asking her to do that, he just wants her to watch Will. Carrie says she will take as much time off as she can to help with Will. Austin and Carrie say goodbye to Sami and then leave. Austin asks Carrie what she and Sami were arguing about this time, he sensed the tension between them. Carrie tells Austin that she wants to concentrate on them tonight and says she loves him so much and wants to make love.

At the Horton house, Greta is looking at the Horton family photo album when Hope walks into the room. Hope senses something is bothering Greta and she asks what is wrong. Greta says that she feels like her and Bo don't trust her after seeing her with Stefano. Hope says that they were shocked because she had told them that she was afraid of Stefano. Greta says the reason she was afraid is because of the pain her surgeries caused her. Hope tells Greta that there are many pain free surgery techniques nowadays, but Greta refuses to have any more surgery. She says she'd rather look like a freak. Hope tells her that she's a very beautiful woman, but Greta asks why everyone turns away from her? Greta tells Hope that she is a freak will never fit in. Hope tells her that she is not a freak, but Greta tells Hope about how some kids at Salem Place where making fun of her. Greta says that Billie saved her, but she can't get over her betraying her. They begin to talk about Billie and what is keeping Bo and Hope apart now, when Hope begins to hear the waltz. Greta asks Hope if she's okay. Hope snaps to and tells Greta about the waltz she keeps hearing. She asks Greta if Gina liked classical music and Greta says she loved it and used to play the piano. Hope says she wishes she could remember her time as Gina. Greta recalls being bandaged and seeing Hope at Maison Blanche and thinking she was her mom. Hope wonders what the real Princess Gina's connection was to Stefano. Greta says that the only person she knows that was friends with her mom was Father John. Hope tells Greta that she believes her mother and Stefano were up to something secret and he had to use her (Hope) to finish whatever he and the real Gina started. Greta becomes upset and says she doesn't want to talk about her mom anymore. She says she misses her mom so much. Greta tells Hope that she rarely got to see her mom, but used to dream about spending time with her mom when she grew up, but then her mom died. Hope tells Greta that her mom died saving her from getting hit by a car. Hope says that she doesn't even remember her mother at all. Greta tells Hope that being with her almost makes her feel like her dream of spending time with her mom can come true. Greta tells Hope that she feels closer to her now that she knows she lost her mom too. Greta tells Hope that she remembers some things about her mom and tells her about her 10th birthday and how her mom played a special song for her and her friends. Greta remembers watching her mom play the piano and suddenly, Hope gets up and walks over to the piano and starts playing the exact same song! Greta asks Hope how she knew that was the song.


December 2
Roman and Kate go to the Penthouse Grill for dinner. Kate tells Roman that she wonders why he's been so charming to her lately. Roman says they did call a truce, but Kate says she can't help but not trust his motives. Roman says that she is the one acting evasive about Lucas and Sami spending time together. Kate says that there is no way Lucas and Sami will ever resolve their differences. Roman thinks that she is afraid that Lucas knows something about the murder that could help Sami, but Kate just laughs. Kate tells Roman that Lucas knows nothing about the murder, Sami is the only one who knows what happened. Roman believes Sami is telling the truth, but Kate says that Sami has lied under oath about Lucas hitting Will. Roman accuses Kate of working with Lucas to get even with Sami about that, but Kate denies it. Kate gets up to leave, but Roman asks her to stay and he says he will behave himself. Roman asks Kate if he hates Sami so much, why did she give her a big job and allow her to live in her house. Kate says she did it for Will. An old acquaintance of Kate's, Harold, runs into Kate and tells Roman how lucky he is to be having dinner with Kate. Roman asks Kate how they met and Kate remembers that he was one of her men from her call-girl days. Kate tells Roman that they met years ago, professionally. Roman says that the way he looked at her was like they were more than business partners. Later, Roman takes Kate home and says that he hopes they can do this again. Roman leaves and Kate gets a call from Roberto. Kate is surprised to hear from him and he tells her that Roman was asking him questions about her. Kate tells Roberto that Roman must never know about the Moroni's and Roberto says he will never cross the Moroni family. Outside, Roman swears to learn what Kate is hiding.

Nicole, Eric, Lucas, and Taylor go to the Cheatin Heart. Lucas tells Nicole that she should forget about Eric and go out with him, a winner who can give her what she deserves. Nicole mentions Sami, but then apologizes. Lucas tells Nicole that today is his son's birthday, but Sami won't let him see him. Taylor talks with Eric about Lucas. Eric tells Taylor that he doesn't like Lucas because Lucas almost killed his nephew and then his mommy bought him out of a jail sentence. Taylor asks if this is about Lucas or Sami? Eric says that Sami goes on trial tomorrow and her chances aren't looking so great. Taylor tries to defend Lucas, but Eric won't listen to her. Taylor asks Eric to forgive Lucas like he did Nicole. Eric refuses and then goes to see Nicole. Eric tells Nicole that she doesn't need to suck up to Lucas. Nicole says she was just trying to show him a little compassion, but Eric says he doesn't deserve anything. Nicole says that it would be for the best that Sami and Lucas make peace, but Eric says that won't happen. Eric and Nicole start kissing and Taylor and Lucas watch. Both don't like what they see. Lucas tells Taylor that they should work together to get what, or who, they want. Taylor tells Lucas that neither of them are interested in them, but Lucas says he thinks he knows a way to break them up. Lucas gets up and walks over to Eric and Nicole and then collapses. Nicole catches him and Lucas thanks her. Nicole suggests they take Lucas home because Lucas claims to have sprained his ankle. This bothers Eric. However, he agrees to take Lucas home and Taylor smiles at Lucas.

Marlena and John come home to the penthouse to find Sami looking at a photo album. They were sorry to miss Will's party and tell her that they had to admit Vivian to a mental hospital under an assumed named to hide her from Stefano. Sami wonders why Stefano would want anything to do with Vivian and she wishes he could be stopped. John tells Sami that he is putting more of his past together and he will bring down Stefano. John explains everything to her and Sami tells John that he's crazy to provoke Stefano and fears he could go after their family again. John promises to protect her and the rest of the family, but Sami doubts that because Stefano is so powerful. John goes up to check on Belle and Brady and Sami tells her mom that helping John is dangerous. Sami says that Will might lose his mom, and if she goes against Stefano, Will might lose his Grandmother too. She begs her mom not to let Stefano take her away from them again. Marlena says that won't happen. Sami tells her mom that she know understands why she chose John and says that she needs to protect John and not let Stefano take him from her again.

Stefano returns home and is angry because he can't find Vivian anywhere. Rolfe tells Stefano that this is serious because he left Vivian into an up mood now and if she stays in the up mood her life could be in danger. Stefano then starts talking about getting revenge on the Brady's and turning Hope back into Gina. Rolfe mentions that they may have Gina back sooner than they think and Stefano asks what he means. Rolfe says that the computer with Gina's memories is running at the same frequency as the satellite, so Hope may have more than flashes of being Gina. Stefano asks if Hope could regain her memories of Gina. Rolfe says she'll only have flashes and she won't be able to piece them together. Stefano says perhaps they can use this to their benefit because Hope may think Greta could be causing her memory flashes and not him. Stefano laughs and says not even Bo will question it until it's too late. Stefano calls Bart to get an update on his search for Vivian, but he hasn't find her. Rolfe tells Stefano that he's worried about Greta and Stefano remembers that he promised Gina he would take care of Greta. Stefano says that Greta will trust him again once he has control of Gina again.

At the Horton house, Bo shows up to find Hope playing the piano. Greta asks Hope how she knew that was the song her mom played for her and Bo asks how she even knew how to play the piano? Hope thinks that Stefano must have given her this talent as well. Greta tells Hope that they way she was playing made her think that her mother had come back to life. Hope says she almost felt like she was Princess Gina again. Bo thinks her memories may be coming back, but Hope says she still doesn't remember anything. Greta tells Hope that her mannerisms are a lot like her mom, like when she flips her hair back when she laughs. Greta tells Bo and Hope how she has very little memory of her mom because she was sent to a boarding school in New Orleans. Greta has another memory of Father John telling her that going to school won't be so bad. John tells Greta that her mother has important work to do and he will be traveling, so she must go to school. John promises to visit her as often as he can. Greta asks her mom to take her with her, but her mom says it's not possible. Greta says she's afraid she'll never see her mom again, but her mom says they will visit for the holidays. Her mom tells her that to think of school as an adventure. Greta returns to the present and says she'd like to talk about something else. Bo wonders if Stefano told her mom to send her away and asks Greta what the name of the school was. Hope blurts out "Ms. Predwell's Academy for Girls." Bo asks how she knew that and Hope says Greta must have told her, but Greta says that she didn't tell her. Bo and Hope start asking more questions about Stefano. Greta feels like they don't trust her and runs out of the room. Bo follows her and apologizes. Bo tells her that he was a bit suspicious about her and Stefano. Greta swears to Bo that Stefano saved her life and she really was frightened him. Bo tells her that he and Hope believe her. John gives Bo a call and asks to speak with Greta. Bo gives Greta the phone and leaves her to talk. John apologizes for not spending time with her and tells her he's been having problems with Stefano. John explains his problems and Greta says he is smart not to trust him. Greta tells John that if she learns Stefano had anything to do with her mother's death, she will kill him. Bo goes back to Hope and tells her that Greta is ok. Hope tells Bo she is confused because of all these memories. She tells Bo that she's excited and scared at the same time. She fears she may lose her identity or him again. Bo tells her not to worry about that because she won't lose him. Bo promises Hope that Stefano will never tear them apart.


December 3
Austin is watching Carrie as she sleeps. He remembers Carrie telling him she wanted to try and make a baby last night. As they kissed, Carrie begans to cry and Austin said they can try for a baby another night and he just holds her. Carrie dreams about Mike, but then wakes up to see Austin. She apologizes to Austin for last night. Austin asks what got her so upset and Carrie says she feels guilty about the way she's treated him, she hasn't been there for him. Austin says that they've both been very busy lately, but what counts is that they love each other and are there for each other when it matters. Carrie gets turned on by his speech and they start kissing. They do the mattress mambo and Carrie tells Austin she hopes this takes away any doubts he might have had about her commitment to their marriage. Austin has to leave to take a shower and then go to court.

At the hospital, Nancy and Craig are surprised to see Ali in a happy mood. Ali says she may not have the job, but she still has Mike. Ali tells them she has a surprise for Mike and tells them what it is.

In his office, Mike remembers Ali catching him and Carrie in his office. Lexie comes in to see Mike and asks if he has talked to Ali yet. Mike says no, and that he hopes she'll understand that they can't have a life together like she wants. Lexie tells Mike that she thinks he's doing the right thing. Lexie asks if Carrie knows about this and Mike says no. Mike tells Lexie that he's not ready for marriage and kids, and that is what Ali wants right now. Lexie warns him that Ali may take this rejection poorly. Ali suddenly shows up and gives Mike a present. Craig and Nancy watch to see his reaction. Mike opens the gift, which is 10 different flavors of gourmet coffee. She tells him to keep digging, so he does. He pulls out a coffee mug, with Ali's picture on it, and a mug warmer. Finally, in the very bottom of the box is some sexy lingerie. Nancy, Craig, and Lexie leave to let them talk. ALi asks Mike if he liked her surprise and he says yes. Mike tells her he'd like to talk to her later, but he has a ton of calls to return. ALi leaves and Lexie returns. She knows he didn't dump Ali and he tells her that he has to dump Ali NOW! Ali returns later and Mike tells her that they have to talk about their relationship.

Carrie shows up at the hospital and learns about Ali's "surprise" for Mike from Craig and Nancy. Carrie thinks Ali is trying to hang-on to Mike and Nancy asks Carrie if she knows something about Mike's feelings towards Ali. Carrie remembers kissing Mike, but tells Ali that she doesn't know anything. Nancy says that now that Ali lost the job, she'll start focusing on her private life. She even says that the next party they have around here could be a bridal party. Carrie disagrees, but Nancy says she'd hate to see what Ali would do if she lost Mike too.

At the sanitarium, Vivian is missing from her room. Celeste and Ivan search for her, and she turns up ready to play charades with the other patients. Celeste is upset because Vivian hasn't been in a manic state like this for so long. Celeste and Ivan watch her from behind a one way mirror. Celeste gives Marlena a call to inform her about the latest on Vivian, one of her doctors has ordered an MRI. The doctor goes in to get Vivian and tells her that she needs to go have her MRI now. Vivian is taken down to the MRI lab and removes all her jewelry. She thinks that she should call Stefano to let him know where she is. Celeste tells Vivian not to call him till after the test and Vivian says she can't call him anyways because they took her cellphone.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tells Rolfe he hasn't found Vivian yet and he needs to before Marlena orders an MRI, which will erase the data in the device in Vivian's tooth. As Stefano paces and thinks, Rolfe types away on his computer. Stefano suddenly gets an idea, he asks Rolfe to make a tracking device tuned to the frequency of the device in Vivian's tooth. Rolfe goes to work and tells Stefano where she is located, which is 42 miles north of Salem. Stefano grabs a map and finds the sanitarium.

Sami has a nightmare about killing Franco. When she wakes up, she wonders if it was a dream, or what really happened? She then realizes that Kate is hiding something.

Roman drops by Marlena's penthouse and tells Marlena that he thinks Kate knows something that could help Sami, but she isn't telling whatever it is. Roman fills Marlena in about how he suspects that Roberto told Kate something important about Franco. Marlena asks if he thinks Kate is lying and Roman says he's positive. Sami comes downstairs and tells her parents that she had a horrible dream about killing Franco. Roman asks if it was a dream, or a memory? Sami says it wasn't a memory because he kept hearing Kate's voice through the dream. Roman then fills Sami in on the entire Roberto mess, which leaves Sami puzzled. Someone rings the doorbell and Sami thinks it must be Mickey. She opens the door and finds reporters. Roman grabs their camera and screams at them to get the hell out of here!

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate is listening to the radio news when Lucas comes in. Lucas is nervous that Sami will remember the truth about what really happened the night Franco was killed. Kate says that they can't control whether or not Sami remembers what happened and they just have to hope she doesn't. Kate assures Lucas that Roman doesn't have a thing to help Sami's case. Lucas asks his mom if she's seeing Roman to learn about the case and Kate says it is. Kate tells Lucas that Roman thinks she knew something about Franco that could help Sami's case. Lucas asks her if there is something and Kate says that the less he knows the better in case he has to testify. Lucas asks her what if she has to testify and Kate says she will do whatever it takes to protect him. Austin shows up and hears Kate and Lucas talking and knows it is about Sami. Austin, Lucas, and Kate begin to bicker about Sami. Lucas tells Austin that once Sami is locked up, he won't be able to stop him from seeing his son. Lucas leaves and Kate tries to persuade Austin that Sami will go to jail. Meanwhile, Lucas relives the murder. He tells himself to think about his future with Will and not Sami. Back in the living room, Kate tells Austin that if he keeps putting Sami ahead of Carrie, he'll drive her right out of his life and into Mike's arms.

Eric goes to the strip club to find Candy. He wants to talk to her, but a bouncer refuses. Eric tells him that his sister's life depends on it. Candy sees Eric and agrees to talk to him. However, when she learns who he is, she says his dad already talked to her. Candy says that she feels no pity for Sami and says it's about time a rich bitch can't buy her way out of a murder charge. Eric tries to stop her and make her listen, but the bouncer warns him that he's about to get his lights punched out. Candy talks with Eric some more and says that she can't afford to get her face on the front of newspapers. Eric tells her that if she knows something about Franco and doesn't come forward, can she afford to live with the guilt that his sister may not have had to go to jail, or worse? Eric says that Sami doesn't remember why she shot Franco and she could have done it in self defense. Eric asks her if Franco was ever violent towards her. Candy recalls Franco choking, but she simply says she's sorry and walks off.

Eric shows up at the penthouse and he brings Candy with him! Sami asks what the sleazy slut is doing here and Eric tells her that Candy knows something very important that could help her.


December 4
Stefano is on the way to Greenhaven and is talking to Rolfe on the phone. Stefano assures Rolfe that he'll normalize Vivian, but Rolfe says it will do no good if she has an MRI. Unfortunately, as he is minutes away from the hospital, Stefano is pulled over by a cop. He is given a DUI test and passes, but the officer gives him a ticket for doing 80 and having a pompous attitude. Stefano zooms off again and talks with Rolfe some more. Rolfe tells him to put Vivian into the normal mood now.

At Greenhaven, Vivian tells the doctors that she can't take lying still for the MRI. A fight follows because Vivian refuses to take off her engagement ring.

John is out walking and asks God to keep an eye on Sami and Marlena. He hopes that the judge at Sami's trial will be understanding and merciful. John senses Greta come up behind him and Greta tells him that he always could sense her presence. They talk and John tells Greta about his troubles. He explains to her about how he came to Salem and how he found out he was really Forrest Alamain. He tells Greta that his life in the seminary is sketchy and hopes she can help him. Greta tells John that he was the only father figure she had because her father died when she was young, and all she knows about him was that he was a prince. Greta tells him that she loved him like a father and recounts a memory of them on a picnic together. John is surprised that he never seems to be wearing a clerical collar in Greta's memories. Greta just says that he wore normal clothes all the time. Suddenly, John gets a call from Celeste. Celeste tells John that they need his help to calm Vivian down for an MRI. John says he will be there and asks Greta if she's up for a ride.

At the hospital, Ivan manages to get Vivian's ring. Vivian tells the doctor to watch Ivan and Celeste because they are cleptos. John shows up and Celeste assures Vivian that they won't steal her ring. Vivian goes into the MRI machine and suddenly she reverts to the normal mode, thanks to Stefano pushing the button. She leaps out of the machine and asks what is going on. John tells her to calm down and Vivian says she'll calm down when she's out of this hell hole. John tells her that it will be all right. Suddenly, Stefano shows up. He asks her if she's had the MRI yet and John asks him "so what if she has?" Stefano tells them he's taking Vivian out of here, but John says he can't do that because HE has power of attorney and has the authority to do this.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate warns Austin that he is going to drive Carrie into Mike's arms. Austin tells his mom that she's way off base. Kate tells him that he has his priorities screwed up. She tells him that Sami is not the victim here, Lucas is. They begin to argue about whether or not Lucas hit Will. Austin defends Sami. Kate tells him that while he visits Sami in prison, Carrie will have to raise Will alone and will probably go to another man for comfort. Austin doesn't want to quarrel anymore and offers his mom a ride. She leaves to get her coat and Lucas comes in and starts arguing with Austin about Sami. Lucas says that Sami is single handily destroying families in this town. Austin suggests that he forgive and forget. Lucas says he wants to, but Sami won't do that. Lucas informs his brother that he intends to reform himself and asks Austin if he does, is there any reason he shouldn't be a part of Will's life? Austin says that for now, he is going to abide by Sami's wishes, which is to keep him away from Will. Lucas says he doesn't want to see Sami die, but Austin says that he wouldn't give Sami a life preserver if Sami was drowning. Lucas tells Austin to take their mom's advice. Austin leaves and tells his mom that he'll just meet her at the courthouse. Kate tells Lucas to stay home and rest and she leaves. Lucas tells himself that he needs a drink. Lucas then proceeds to search the house for some booze. He finds the plaque from Nicole and realizes that he was about to flush all the progress he made down the toilet. He tells himself that he needs a distraction, so he turns on the TV to watch the news on Sami's trial. The newswoman says that tonight on the news they will have a special: The Gas Chamber VS Lethal Injection. Lucas tells himself that he can't let Sami die. Later, the news reports on the slow and painful death that awaits Sami in the gas chamber. Lucas can't take anymore and decides to go to the courtroom.

In Salem Place, Nancy is talking to Carrie about how she really feels about Mike and Ali. Carrie says she has more important things to think about, like her marriage and work. Carrie tries to talk about the boxing match, and Nancy says Austin is so preoccupied with Sami and the trial. Carrie says they better go back to work. Once at the hospital, Craig makes some jokes about Mike and Ali having a little love in the afternoon. That bothers Carrie and she tells him that is not what Mike and Ali are doing. Nancy has to head to the courthouse and Carrie says she has work to do. Austin shows up to see Carrie and tells her that they have to talk. Austin says that he thinks she is keeping something from him and wants to know what it is. Austin says he feels like she's not the same woman he married. Carrie tells Austin that he's right, she's not the same woman.

Mike and Ali are sitting in front of a shop in Salem Place. Ali thinks nothing is keeping them apart now, but Mike says something is. Mike says that he is standing in their way. He tells her that he doesn't see a future between them. Ali doesn't believe him and Mike tells her that he cares for her, but he's not in love with her, which is why he thinks their relationship should come to an end. Ali cries and tells him not to say that. Mike says that he owes her the truth because he doesn't want to lead her on. Ali tells Mike that she can't accept this because he hasn't come to terms with him accepting that he loves her. ALi says that she knows he wouldn't make love to her without loving her. Mike says that he cares for her, but as a friend and he hopes they can remain friends. Ali asks Mike to give them another chance, but Mike says he can't. Ali cries that he's the best thing that's ever happened to her. Mike says he wishes he could make things right and Ali says he can, take back what he said and don't give up on them.

At her penthouse, Marlena invites Candy in, but Sami blames her for everything. Eric calms Sami down and asks Candy to tell Sami the truth about Franco. Candy tells them that one night she made a joke about him marrying Sami. She says that he threatened her and started to strangle him, she feared for her life. Candy even took a photograph to document the incident. Roman says that this proves Franco was violent towards women and Sami says that Bo believed that all along. Roman asks Candy if she would testify in court and she says yes. Everyone thanks Candy. Sami hugs Eric and cries. Marlena also hugs him to thank him. Sami apologizes to Candy and she says that it is okay, they are both victims of Franco. Sami says that she's more convinced than ever she shot Franco in self-defense, but she wishes she could remember doing it.

Everyone gathers at the courthouse for the trial. Roman informs Mickey about Candy and Mickey asks him to check around to see if there were any other girls who had been roughed up by Franco in the past. Roman and calls Abe and says he may have found something that will help get Sami off. Kate, who has shown up, gasps "what!" Roman turns around and asks Kate if something he said bothered her. Roman finishes his call and then tells Kate that they have something which will turn this entire case around. Kate asks what this evidence is and Roman says he thinks it is enough to acquit Sami. Back in the court room, Sami asks Mickey where Austin is. Mickey tells her that he can't come in until he testifies. DA Palmer begins his argument and accuses Sami of premeditated murder and is seeking the death penalty.

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