December 97 Week 4


December 22
The cable man doesn't come till tomorrow and my reception is kinda crummy right now. Since I promised to write the summaries, I'll do my best!

Vivian is drinking coffee and ranting to Ivan that she needs this to help her keep Jonsey alive. Dr. Wu examines Jonsey and that Jonsey is healthier than ever! When Dr. Wu says Jonsey may outlive them all, Vivian faints! Before leaving, Dr. Wu tells Vivian she should go on the same health program she put Jonsey on because she looks like she's aged 10 years in the last month! Ivan encourages Vivian to take Jonsey off the health plan because he may relapse into his old condition. Jonsey shows up with some Christmas decorations and everyone begins to decorate. Jonsey holds some mistletoe over Vivian and expects a kiss. Jonsey starts chasing Vivey Wivey around the house and then tells Vivian they need to consummate their marriage. Suddenly Jonsey realizes he has to go to work! Vivian and Ivan are both puzzled that Jonsey has a job. Before leaving, Jonsey says tonight he and Viv will have a bubble bath together. Vivian and Ivan go to Salem Place to shop and think about what they should do about Jonsey.

Lucas is getting ready to take Will to see Santa but Sami stops him and tells him he's not taking Will anywhere! Sami tells Lucas that Austin is taking Will to see Santa, but Lucas informs Sami that he is going because he's not going to miss another milestone in his son's life.

Hope finds Bo asleep at the Horton house and asks him what he's doing here. Bo fell asleep last night after returning with Shawn D. with a Christmas tree. Alice comes down and finds out that Bo stayed all night. Alice has some shades on, which she says is an eye irritation. Bo leaves to make a call and Hope tells Alice not to get excited and tells her why Bo was here. Still, Alice takes it as a good sign.

Abe tries to call Lexie and leave a message, but she surprises him with a visit in person. Abe gets a call from Bo and tells Bo that they found the body of a male, DOA. Back at the Horton house; Alice, Bo, and Hope discuss Jack's situation. Bo tells Alice and Hope about the man's body. Alice hopes it isn't Jack, and Hope says there is nothing worse then losing the man you love. Shawn D. comes downstairs and wonders if his parents are getting back together. Hope just says we'll see and Shawn D. and Alice go into the kitchen to get some blueberry muffins.

Meanwhile Billie realizes Bo never came home and worries that he is with Hope. Billies goes over to the Horton Household and finds out that Bo spent the night there. Billie brings some presents over and invites Hope and Shawn D. over to her place for Christmas dinner. Shawn D. tells Billie that he and his mom are going to the pub. Bo leaves to go to the station and Alice asks Shawn D. to help her get some decorations down. Hope tells Billie she knows what happens and Billie tells her she'd appreciate it if she didn't tell anyone. Hope says of course and she says she also knows about the commitment Bo made to her. That makes Billie happy and says that she loves Bo very much, and Billie says he loves her too. Later, Alice and Hope look at the Horton ornaments. Thinking Billie is gone, Hope tells Alice that once Billie is better she will go after Bo. Billie, hearing this, thanks Hope and says she now knows what she needs to do to keep Bo.

Austin and Carrie are shopping in Salem Place, as are Laura and Mike. Laura says it's hard to get in the Christmas mood without Jack and Jen. Abbey shows up with Mickey and Maggie and says she found a book her mommy wanted Laura to read to her. Abbey then asks Laura why they haven't heard from mommy yet. Later, Mike almost enters a raffle but stops when he's told the prize is a red convertible. Mike asks Abbey what she wants to ask Santa for Christmas, and Abbey says he wants her mommy and daddy to come home.

Lucas shows up at Salem Place with Will to see Santa. Austin is shocked because Sami told him that Lucas was busy with meetings! Carrie blasts Sami for lying, and Sami tells her sister at least she's not lying to herself. Sami excuses herself to get a Cappuccino and hands Will to Austin. Lucas and Carrie talk and Carrie admires Lucas for standing up to Sami. Lucas says that if he could have a wish come true that it would be that Sami stops lying. Austin, Will, and Lucas pose with Santa. Sami gives a man a camera and tells him to leave Lucas out of the picture!

Stefano is also in Salem Place and he calls his man Bart to try and find out what is going on with Peter. Later, Rolfe calls Stefano at a pay phone so his calls can't be traced. Rolfe says he hasn't heard from Peter and that Peter dropped his medication before he left. Rolfe has to cut the call short when someone begins banging on his door. The man kicks in the door to the compound and demands Rolfe to tell him where Peter is!

Stefano approaches Laura in Salem Place and asks her if there is any news. Laura laughs in his face and warns him if Jack and Jen aren't returned home then she will spend the rest of her life making him pay. Later, Bo tells Laura that the man found dead in the Grand Canyon was Travis.

Peter, flying a plane, is nearing the Grand Canyon. Peter's head is pounding but he says he's too close to Jen to turn back. Peter thinks once he has Jennifer that Jen can take care of him. Back in Salme, Stefano excuses himself to make another phone call, this time to Peter. Stefano tells Peter he must return to the compound and take his medicine or face grave consequences. Peter says he's too close to turn back now and hangs up on Stefano.

Jack has a nightmare that he is caught by a ranger. Jack wakes up and he and Jen get it on. They eventually get dressed and try to find Peter when they hear something outside the cave. It's just a ranger on the phone, and Jack and Jen hear him say that Travis is dead. Jack and Jen try to leave the cave, but rangers overhead in choppers keep them from leaving. Jack tells Jen that the only way she will get home to Abbey safely is if he creates a diversion. Jack then bolts out of the cave.

Up in the air, Peter's plane starts to give out.


December 23
Laura, Maggie, and Mickey are all in Salem Place and are overjoyed with the news that Jack wasn't the body they found in the Grand Canyon. Laura gets up to leave and Stefano, who was listening in, walks away. Stefano tries to call Peter to warn him he may be walking into a trap, but Peter never answers.

Carrie runs into Mike and Abbey at Salem Place, but she's called away when Austin shouts for her. Lucas and Austin just finished taking a picture with Will. Lucas takes Will off to looks at something and Carrie senses that Austin misses Will. Carrie says one of these days they will have their own son. Sami, who was hiding in the shadows, says "not if I can help it."

Abbey asks Mike about the Minorah (I know I spelled this wrong, my apologies as I can't find a dictionary and the spellchecker is clueless) in Salem Place, and Mike tells Abbey the story of Hanukkah. Carrie shows back up again and asks Mike what is going on. Mike explains to Carrie he was telling her about Hanukkah.

John and Marlena are also in Salem Place, John was hoping they could be together for Christmas. Marlena wishes that too, and John says once Roman's fully recovered they must tell him the truth. Kristen calls John on his cell phone and asks him to please come over and have a Christmas dinner with her. John agrees and Marlena asks him to please be careful. After he leaves, Celeste shows up and talks with Marlena about what John is planning. However, even though Marlena says she loves John, she feels her loyalty should be to Roman right now.

John bumps into Stefano in Salem Place and he tells him that he's watching him. John tells Stefano that Peter will be found, in fact he almost was found at the jungle compound. Stefano says if he was to hide Peter he wouldn't do it in the compound, it's too obvious. When John tells Stefano he had an ISA agent check it out just in case, Stefano becomes worried. John wonders if Stefano is afraid that Peter will be captured at the compound, but Stefano says they won't find Peter there. John's ISA friend calls him and tells him there was no sign of Peter at the compound.

Vivian and Ivan are searching for Jonsey in Salem Place. Vivian can't figure out why Jonsey, a rich old geezer, would want to work. Vivian decides they should split up and search for Jonsey. Vivian ends up running into Sami, who is surprised to see her around. Viv asks Sami to share the blackmail info on Kate, but Sami says she is doing this on her own. When Sami says she knows exactly what she is doing, Roman shows up and asks her just exactly what she is doing. Eric shows up and Viv makes herself scarce. Sami tells her daddy that she was telling Vivian about the changes she was making in her life. Roman buys it and leaves to go shop, but Eric asks her what she's up to. Lucas shows up and Sami points out that Carrie and Mike are together again. Lucas tells her to stop dreaming because Carrie and Mike will never be together, but Sami promises Lucas that he will eat those words.

Mickey surprises Laura with the news that the Mayor chosen Laura to light the Christmas tree. Laura and Abbey light the tree together and Laura gives a speech about the tree being a symbol of hope for Jack and Jen's safe return.

Sister Mary Moira is ringing the Salvation Army Bell and Stefano makes a large donation. Mary Moira is impressed and says that she can go home now, this is more money than she's collected for the entire week. Stefano then catches up with Celeste and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Celeste says he doesn't care about Christmas, but she would like to know what he has planned for Susan and her baby. Stefano plays innocent with her, so Celeste informs him that John will learn the truth when he dines with Kristen tonight. Stefano quickly calls Kristen to tell her not to get any stupid ideas about using the baby to get John back, but Kristen just hangs up on him!

Later, Stefano bumps into Vivian and suggests they go to the ballet or opera sometime. Vivian says she is taken right now. Stefano says he'd love to meet the man who has won her heart, and Vivian replies so would I!

Later, Celeste catches Stefano with a ton of gifts. Stefano says most of them are for Lexie and Celeste warns him to stay away from Lexie. Stefano says she has no right to order him that and then he says that he has big plans for Lexie. Celeste taunts Stefano with the fact that Peter is walking into a trap at the Grand Canyon.

Roman sees Marlena, John, and the kids taking a picture (I'm not sure why John said goodbye to Marlena earlier and she told him to be careful, he never went to Kristen's!). Sami and Eric are furious, but they suggest that their family gets a picture as well. Marlena thinks it's a great idea, so she poses for another picture. Later, John is talking to a store clerk about what he is buying for the love of his life. Roman hears this and assumes he's talking about Kristen.

Everyone in Salem Place sings Oh Holy Night and lights candles for Jack and Jen's safe return. Later Eric tells Sami that dad's gift to Marlena will bring him and mom back for good. Later, Eric and Sami tell Marlena how they will take many family pictures in the future, but Marlena says that it's to late. In her hand Marlena is holding her picture with John. Roman eventually finds Marlena and tells her they are going to celebrate Christmas like they did in the old days. Roman kisses Marlena, and John sees this and it breaks his heart.

Mike and Laura take Abbey to see Santa and she asks Santa to bring her mommy and daddy home.

Thomas and Susan are driving back to Salem. Susan is talking up a storm. Susan says Mary Moira will be surprised to see him, even though she doesn't approve of his lifestyle.

Sister Mary Moira goes to see Kristen and tells her that her soul needs saving, big time! Kristen says she's expecting company and asks her to leave, but Mary Moira says she's not going anywhere missy! Mary Moira warns Kristen that she is in very big trouble with God and it is time to change her evil ways! Kristen claims she did everything for love, but Mary says she is confusing love with lust. Suddenly Susan shows up and tells Kristen she has come to get her boy. Susan walks in and before she can stop Susan, Mary stops Kristen. Susan goes upstairs and takes the baby while Mary Moira yells at Kristen. Kristen tells them Susan signed legal papers and there is nothing they can do about it. Suddenly Thomas walks in and Kristen asks him who he is. Susan and Mary says "he's our brother" and in unison all three say "we are the Banks triplets!"

Jack wants to create a diversion by letting himself be captured. Jen is furious and tells him no, when Peter is captured they can come out of hiding. Jack refuses, ties Jennifer up, and runs off. Jen gets free and runs after Jack. Jack attempts to give up peacefully, but the police are firing down at him from the choppers! Jen runs out to Jack and they end up taking shelter in the cave again. Jack asks Jen if she has a plan, but she says she has none. They then get into a fight about who loves who more, but decide to call a truce. Suddenly Jen gets an idea!

Up in the air, Peter's plane runs out of gas. Peter somehow lands the plane, but his compass is broken. Peter pulls out some binoculars and wonders where Jen and Travis could be. Peter keeps looking through the binoculars and spots that cave Jack and Jen are in. Thinking Travis might be hiding there, Peter decides to check it out. Peter finds some piece of jewelry of Jen's and realizes she was here.


December 24
At the Horton house, Mickey tells the family that there is no word of Jen or Jack in the Canyon. Laura wonders how they will tell Abbey her parents aren't coming home. Abbey thinks if she hangs her mommy and daddy's stockings then maybe they will come home. Alice wants to hang the ornaments, but Shawn D wants to wait for his dad.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate is toasting to Austin and Carrie and Bo and Billie when Sami crashes Kate's party. Kate suggest that they put their differences aside for Will's sake. Sami likes that idea because her grandma invited Kate over to the pub later. Bo tells Billie he has to go to Alice's because he promised to hang Shawn D's ornament with him. Austin, Carrie, Lucas, Sami, and Will head over to the pub. Franco shows up with some presents for everyone. Franco asks Kate if everything is calm, he saw Sami on the way in. Kate says nothing is calm with Sami around, she just hopes Sami never reveals that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Unknown to Kate, Billie was around the corner and heard EVERYTHING! Billie goes back into the room and talks with Franco.

Bo goes over to the Horton house and hangs his ornaments with all the others. Mike is glad Bo is here because the hospital beeped him with an emergency and he needs a favor.

Kim comes over to the penthouse to see Roman and the kids. Roman tells Marlena he has a big surprise for her this Christmas. Roman and Eric leave and Marlena tells Kim she hates to break Roman's heart again. Kim tells Marlena that in time Roman will understand. Kim tells Marlena that she has some surprises as well, but she needs to get going.

At the Brady pub, Kim surprises Caroline and Shawn with Andrew and Genie! Kim tells them that Kayla and Stephanie are in Germany with Phillip, Phillip is making a movie there. Celeste and Marlena show up and Celeste tells Marlena that she has this bad feeling about Susan and her baby. Marlena tells her not to worry, John has a plan.

In Salem Place, Aunty Viv runs into her nephew John and pours on the sugar. Vivian wonders if he has any plans for Christmas Eve and John tells her he's spending Christmas with Kristen. Vivian is shocked and asks why he'd want to spend Christmas with her? John leaves (never hear the end of their conversation) and Jonsey shows up. Jonsey is playing Santa! Jonsey tells Vivian that he has a big Christmas surprise for her.

At the hospital, Stefano surprises Lexie with a present. Lexie opens it up and it's some type of scarf or shaw. Stefano says it was his mother's and he'd love it if she wore it for the holiday because he won't get to spend it with her. Abe and Celeste show up, so Stefano leaves. Celeste warns Lexie that if she lets Stefano into her heart he will corrupt it.

Later, Bo reads the Christmas Story to the kids at the hospital as Billie and Franco watch. Franco tells Billie he has a great idea to win Bo back (we never hear what it is). After the reading, Roman and Eric decide to leave to get their surprise ready for Marlena. Jonsey shows up at the hospital to hand out Christmas presents. Jonsey tells Vivvy Wivvy that this is her gift, the gift of giving.

At Kristen's, Kristen is surprised to see the Banks triplets. Kristen asks what is going on, and Mary Moira says she'd like to know the answer to that as well. Mary turns to her brother and asks him what he is doing here. Mary says she prayed that their brother would change his wanted ways, but that would take a miracle. Kristen tells Mary that she demands John Jr. be given back because she has legal custody. Kristen goes to get the papers and Susan begs her brother to leave with the baby before Kristen comes back. Mary says no no no, nobody is leaving this house until she resolves this dilemma to her satisfaction. Kristen returns with the legal document and Kristen takes the baby from Thomas. Kristen asks them all to leave, but Susan refuses. Thomas tells Susan that he will take care of Kristen, but Mary yells stop! Mary says Thomas always tries to solve things with force and that he should go to midnight mass and pray for serenity. Kristen says if they don't leave she will call the cops, and Thomas says if cops are coming he has to split. Mary says they will all leave, but she warns Kristen that she will pay a price come judgement day.

Back at the pub, Stefano shows up with some gifts for everyone. Lexie tells Stefano he really should go, so her respects her wishes and leaves. Billie and Franco show up and Billie rubs Bo's love for her in Hope's face. Franco talks to Sami and says he hopes they can work together again in the future.

Stefano shows up at Kristen's place. Kristen gives Stefano the brush off and slams the door in his face! Stefano becomes angry and then realizes Kristen is using the baby to win John back. Later, John goes over to the mansion to have dinner with Kristen. Kristen give Kristen a gift, it's perfume they found in Paris that Kristen loved. John said he had it flown over from Paris just for her. Kristen starts crying and John says sometimes he wonders what might have happened if they didn't lose the baby. Kristen then brings up John Jr. and she tells him they can still have the family they always wanted. John asks what she means and Kristen tells him to wait here, she has a surprise. Kristen leaves the room and then we hear her scream! Kristen runs down and tells John that John Jr. was here. When John goes to look outside, he runs right into Stefano who is holding little Elvis. John asks him what he is up to and Kristen shows up demanding he give her back her son. Stefano whisks Elvis out of Kristen's reach though.

Susan and Thomas say goodbye and he tells her that if she needs him again to just call. After Thomas leaves, John gives Susan her little Elvis back. Back at the mansion, Kristen tells Stefano that she'll never forgive him. Stefano blasts Kristen for what she did. Stefano warns her to stay away from the baby and he leaves. Kristen says that Stefano will be sorry, he is her baby now.

Back at the Horton house, the Hortons hang their ornaments. They decide to save Jack and Jen's ornaments for last so Abbey can hang them. Alice hangs Tom's ornament and we see some flashbacks of Tom. Mickey says they should go to the pub to be with the Bradys, but Abbey says they can't leave because Mommy and Daddy might come home. Everyone goes to the pub, but Alice, Laura, and Abbey stay behind. Alice suggests they hang the ornaments up, and they do. However, before they can hang up Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen show up to do it themselves!

John shows up at the pub and asks Eric where Marlena is. Eric says Roman took her somewhere, he has a surprise for her. Everyone begins to sing Joy To The World. Meanwhile, Roman surprises Marlena with their old house, he bought it back! Marlena is touched and they kiss.


No Show


December 26
Laura calls Abe and tells him that Jen and Jack are safe and they are together. Laura tells Abe that Jen spoke with Peter and she said Peter was going to pick her up from Travis. Laura asks Abe to please find Peter and Abe says he will tell the park rangers to be on the lookout. Upstairs Jack, Jen, and Abbey are all in bed. Laura comes up and is so happy that her prayers were answered. They all go downstairs and explain to the Hortons how they hopped a freight train to get home. Laura tells them that she has notified Abe about Peter, but Jack says he is still a wanted man and faces escape and assault charges. Laura says that they will be reduced once Peter is caught. Jack doesn't want Alice or Laura to get in trouble for harboring a fugitive, but they say nobody will catch him here.

Back in the squad car, Abe and some FBI agent decide to go by Alice's place to see if Jack and Jen are hiding there. Abe rings the doorbell and Laura asks who is it. Abe identifies himself and Laura lets them in. The FBI agent asks why Laura and Abbey are staying with Alice, and Alice says they are spending the holidays with her. The FBI agent informs Alice that he is going to search her house, so Jack and Jen decide to hide. Laura takes the FBI man on a tour of the house and Alice scolds Abe for doing this because he knows Jack didn't kill Peter. Abe sympathizes but he says there is a shoot to kill order out on Jack if he gives them any resistance. Laura and the FBI agent go into the guest bedroom where Abbey is. The man talks to Abbey and asks her about her parents. Laura tries to persuade Abbey to say no to the man's questions, but Abbey tells the FBI man that her parents are hiding. Suddenly the camera pans to the floor and we see Jack and Jen hiding under the bed! Abbey says she wants to go home to see her mommy and daddy, but she can't. Laura tells the man he's upsetting her granddaughter, so Laura and the man leave. Jen and Jack come out and they tell Abbey she did a great job. Abe and the FBI man thank Laura for her cooperation, and Laura suggest they spend their time staking out Kristen and Stefano. Later, Jack asks Laura to help him with an idea he has to find Peter. We don't hear the plan, but Laura agrees to help him. Unknown to Laura, the FBI agent is having Laura tailed.

Peter is still in the Grand Canyon and is trying to find out where Travis and Jen are. Peter finally finds a paper and learns Travis is dead and deduces that Jack saved Jennifer. Suddenly Peter gets a Jungle Fever attack.

We see a flashback as to what happened at the DiMera mansion between Stefano and Kristen, and how John came about bringing Elvis back to Susan. At the Dimera Mansion, Kristen is reflecting on those memories and says "this is far from over." Stefano shows up and Kristen starts verbally attacking Stefano, she tells him that he turned his back on both her and Peter. Kristen and Stefano argue, Stefano tells Kristen that Elvis is his baby and if she doesn't stay away from Elvis then she will ruin all his plans. Stefano gets a call from Peter, who is suffering an attack. Peter begs Stefano to help him find Jennifer, who he says is with Jack. Stefano tells Peter he must leave immediately. Stefano warns Peter that rangers have been alerted to his presence and that he must go to the compound and get his medicine. Peter refuses and asks Stefano to send him a plane. Stefano says he can't do that, Abe and John are watching him like a hawk. Peter becomes angry and says he is coming to Salem, without his medication. Stefano tells Peter that if he returns to Salem, he (Stefano) can not help him in anyway. Peter says fine and hangs up. Suddenly a ranger shows up and Peter ducks into some bushes. Back at the mansion, Kristen accuses Stefano of only loving his real children and not his adopted ones. Stefano says that is not true, but if she doesn't get over this obsession it will destroy herself and his plans. Stefano than says if Peter doesn't get that medication than he will be a danger to himself and anyone near him. When Stefano leaves, Kristen says there is nothing he can do to stop her from what she intends to do.

Back at the Grand Canyon, Peter jumps the ranger and starts beating the living crap out of him! Peter passes out, and when he comes to and finds the ranger next to him. The ranger is out cold, but is alive.

John comes to see Elvis and Susan at the convent. John talks to Susan about why Kristen had Elvis and Susan says that Kristen tricked her. Susan asks how John got the baby back and John tells Susan that Stefano helped him. John asks Susan if Stefano is Elvis' father, but Susan doesn't answer him and says she just wants to concentrate on being happy with Elvis. John tells Susan that he and Marlena will do anything to help her keeps Stefano and Kristen out of her life.

At the penthouse, Marlena is still stunned that Roman bought their house back. Marlena says that Roman is hoping to make new memories there once they are married, and an excited Eric asks his mom if she is going to marry Roman again. Marlena tells Eric they have been over this a thousand times, she is in love with John. Marlena tells Eric that Roman deserves to know the truth. Eric and Marlena go through the same old argument about Marlena loving John, but she'll always love Roman in some way. Marlena tells Eric that marrying Roman out of guilt and obligation is wrong. Eric plays the "what if" game and says if John was out of her life then maybe she'd marry Roman again. John walks in and says that will never happen. Eric asks how John got in and John says he has a key. John says his children live here and he has a right to visit them whenever he wants. Marlena asks Eric to let them have some time alone, but before leaving Eric taunts John with the wonderful family Christmas they had. John tells Marlena about what happened at Kristen's place with little Elvis. John tells Marlena he's glad Susan and Elvis are safe, but he feels this is all linked to a bigger plan of Stefano's. John and Marlena talk and Marlena tells John that Roman has bought their old house back. John senses something is wrong with Marlena and he realizes that Eric is getting to her. John asks Marlena if she is having second thoughts about telling Roman the truth.

At the hospital, Roman shows up to see Mike about follow up tests. Mike says he'll try and fit him in, but he's really crammed with work. Roman tells Mike he's really happy and thinks once he is given a clean bill of health then he can marry Marlena. Mike is beeped away on an emergency and Roman tells him he will wait. Eric shows up to see his dad. Roman tells Eric that he's planning to ask Marlena to marry him tonight.

Back at the convent, a man serves Susan a subpoena and tells Susan that she must appear in court today and give the baby back to Kristen Blake.

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