December 97 Week 3


December 15
Summary by Laney because Dustin has to paint rooms in the new house
The show opens with Marlena and Roman watching a movie. It ends and Marlena says "And they lived happily ever after". Roman tells her that they could have a happy ending as well. He apologizes for her jealousy earlier over the necklace and promises her no more jumping to conclusions. He talks about how honest Marlena has been with him and he wants to do the same with her (she tries to stop him, but he is like a charging bull). He tells her he will not hide his feelings with her...nothing would make him happier than to finish the wedding they had started. But, he says he will not push her...they can do it whenever SHE's ready. He tells her that John even agreed to be his best man. Marlena is a bit taken aback by this announcement. He says that John may have bought her the necklace, but he wants to buy her the ring that will go on her finger. (Marlena flashes back to her & John's conversation about the ring).

At Salem Place we find out that John is back in town. He rushes to the jewelry store to pick up the necklace, but they are closed. He runs into Eric and they argue over Marlena. Eric tells him to stay away from them. He wants a family Christmas. John tells him he may be disappointed because Marlena loves him...not Roman. Eric calls Sami (more on that later) and when he gets off the phone, John is standing there waiting to use it (What? everyone lose their cell phones today?) Eric warns him that he had better not be calling Marlena. John politely tells him to mind his own business.

Later, John hooks up with Bo and they talk about Roman and Marlena. Bo wants to know what's going on. John says they are trying to protect Roman from the truth (hooey). The conversation turns toward Billie and Bo says he knows how it is...trying to protect someone and ending up hurting them. They talk about the Jack and Jen case. Bo got some news on it (more on that later as well) and was going to tell Roman (why??) so John volunteers to do it for him. Bo can tell he was just looking for a reason to go over there.

Later, Marlena and Roman are wrapping presents (I think) and John shows up in the hallway vowing to tell Roman the truth TONIGHT! John tells them about the trip (he and Marlena cut longing looks at each Roman completely blind?) He tells them that Jack has been caught. Marlena says "What next?" and decides maybe she had better go and be with Laura. Roman hugs her (as John watches on). Marlena offers him what looks like hot chocolate and they share a touch (he caresses her hand). Marlena gets a call from the hospital and takes it in the other room. John has noticed Roman watching him. Roman questions him about the necklace and tells him that he and Marlena have talked and were very honest with each other. Now he wants EVERYTHING out in the open. Does John think Roman knows EVERYTHING? Will he unintentionally spill the beans?

In the Jungle
Peter awakes covered in blood. He can't remember a thing about what happened. He looks around and sees the dead tiger. He decides to head back to the compound. He gets confused and realizes that he is walking in circles and is lost and the headaches begin again. Finally he arrives at the compound in the middle of the storm. He is beating on the door for Rolff to let him.

At Titan
Sami and Carrie are in the middle of an argument. Carrie vows to find out what Sami is up to and stop her. Sami swears that she has changed, but Carrie isn't buying it. Sami gets a call from Eric...he is coming over with a surprise. Austin and Kate are also talking and he promises her that he will try and protect her. He gives her (obvious) hints that for Christmas, he and Carrie are planning to have her a family portrait made. Billie calls her (upset over Bo) and Kate takes off. Later, Austin comes in to Sami's office looking for Carrie. She tells him that she and Carrie had a nice chat (Really?) and that they may be on the road to reconciliation (LOL!) Eric shows up and finds Carrie in the hallway. She tells him of her suspicions that Sami is holding something over Kate and feels she is up to something. Eric says he can handle her...nothing is going to ruin the Christmas he has planned. Carrie tells Eric he did it once, could he help her expose Sami again? Sami asks Austin if he and Carrie can ever forgive her and he agrees. She hugs him just as Carrie and Eric walk in. Later Carrie questions Austin about it, but Eric and Sami come out of her office and Eric tells them to come on and go with them...he has got a surprise that includes them as well.

Bo & Billie
Bo apologizes to Billie. She wants to know if he loves her. He says he doesn't want to hurt her, but she says THAT is not enough to build a marriage on. Bo gets beeped and calls the Grand Canyon Ranger Station. They have an anonymous tip on Jack's whereabouts. Bo tells Billie he has to go. She asks him to think about it and he leaves. After he is gone, she thinks she MUST make Bo forget about Hope and love her (PLEASE turn that record over, are wearing out that side!) Billie flashes back to when she and Bo were together in Rome, when Kate comes stomping in like a wet hen. Billie asks how can she make Bo stop loving Hope. Billie is almost ready to give up on Bo. Kate pushes her and tells her it's time to knock Hope off her high horse and let her know that SHE has the upper hand. How? Billie asks. Kate says (get this!!) that she could take Sami's lead and get pregnant with Bo's child (Great advice, Kate!). Billie refuses to do that. She doesn't want Bo out of obligation to a child...she wants him to love her. Kate tells her that the obligation could lead to love (didn't work for Sami, did it Kate?) Kate blames herself for Billie's lack of self confidence and tells her that Bo is a fool if he lets her go. Billie says she can't MAKE Bo love her...he must do that on his own. Kate is disappointed and almost spills the beans saying "You mean you're just going to give up after everything that I've..." OOPS! Billie catches it and demands to know what she means. Kate stammers around, but the phone rings. Billie answers it and it's Sami. She tells her she is going to be late getting home (WHY is she telling Billie this??) She is going somewhere with Eric for a surprise.

In the Grand Canyon
Jack is STILL climbing that mountain and talking to himself (insert dialogue from last week here). He dropped something. I don't know what it was, but he seemed to get really upset over it. Finally he reaches the top of the mountain, only to get caught by a park ranger. Jack tries to explain what's going on but the ranger won't listen. (In his explanation, he refers to Travis as Trent Wallace). He begs the ranger to go to the cabin and check it out. The ranger says that the cabin has been abandoned for years and is boarded up. No one goes there, especially since the mine shaft closed (it seems that it had an elevator...A-ha! THAT's how everyone used to get there). He tells Jack he's taking him and calling the FBI...they can check it out. Back at the cabin, Jen hears a noise and hurries back upstairs. Travis has trouble with his key (giving Jen time to get back up). When he comes in, there is no Jen. She comes out of the other room wet. Tells Travis she was taking a shower. He tells her that Jack isn't coming for her...he stopped him dead. Later, we see Jen crying over Jack. Finally she composes herself and says she has to go on for Abby's sake. Travis comes out wet (with a towel wrapped around his waist) and makes it clear that he is a little on the "frisky" side. He says now, no one will interrupt what he has planned. Not so fast, Travis. Back at the ranger station, the ranger uncuffs Jack to make a call and decks him. He takes off to finder Jennifer....and the credits roll.


December 16
Summary by Tracy
Jack puts on the ranger's clothes so he can get back to Jen without being spotted. He says he is going to use the climbing gear so he can get back to Jen faster than if he takes the long way down the mountain like he and the ranger did. Jack manages to get back to the top of the mountain and spots the cabin and is on his way to get Jen. In the meantime, Travis told Jen he wants her and started chasing her around the cabin. He is about to grab her when the phone rings - it's Peter - calling to say that he was detained and told Travis he better not harm Jen in any way or he would kill him. Travis gets mad at Peter telling he what to do so he storms out of the cabin and tells Jen they will pick up where they left off when he returns. Jen knows she has to get out of there and heads to the cellar. She finds a shovel (probably the one he used to kill his parents she says) and starts working on breaking out of the cellar. She finally breaks out and is free about the time Jack makes it to the mountain top.

Sami, Eric, Carrie and Austin get all the things on their list and Eric says they have one more stop (a tree) before heading to Marlena's. Sami asks Eric if Carrie knows what they are up to and he says no and she says she sees that she is not the only one that can scheme. He says he is not hurting anyone when she asks well what about John. He doesn't have much to say as they head off to complete the adventure. John is at the penthouse thinking that Roman knows all because he said that Marlena told him everything but before John can say anything Marlena shows up and says that yes Roman knows that the necklace was a gift of friendship. John realizes that Roman still does not know about him and Doc. All of a sudden you hear laughter coming from outside and the doorbell rings. It's the gang with a tree and all the trimmings. Eric says they are going to have an old fashion Brady Christmas. He does a good job of excluding John from the happenings. Carrie looks at some of the ornaments and talks to Marlena about them when M spots the one from Sami and Eric's first Christmas. She shows Sami and Sami asks if they were happy then. Doc says yes and you can tell Sami hopes for the same this year. With everyone decorating, Carrie speaks to John and says she is sorry for him not being able to be with Marlena. John says he is not a part of this family but she says she is and hugs him. Sami and Eric don't like it but Marlena is touched by Carrie's actions. Roman fixes his famous eggnog and they all are toasting. Sami tells of her new job at Titan and Roman says that he hopes she gets all she wants to which she comments that she will. (Sami asked Austin to take Will to see Santa but when A said that Lucas should do that but she lied and said that Lucas said he didn't have time - A said he would think about it - I hope he consults with Lucas first). John is feeling really out of place and makes an excuse to leave. Roman goes to make more nog so Marlena uses the chance to scoot out into the hall before John can get on the elevator. She says she is sorry for this but John says he understands that it is important for Roman to have a good Christmas. He says he is sorry if he is not patient it just that he misses her so much. He says he loves her and she says she loves him and they share a very sweet kiss. He heads out and M heads back inside where all the decorating is done. The tree is lit and music plays as everyone gathers round the tree. Carrie and Austin are very cuddly and Sami is very jealous. Roman wishes Doc Merry Christmas and she does the same as he puts his arm around her and kisses her on her cheek. Eric and Sami seem very pleased with themselves.

At Kristen's, she is so happy to have John Jr and says it will be a good Christmas for him. She puts him down in the playpen to sleep when the doorbell rings. It's Stef and she is worried he will see the baby. She remembers the threat he gave her to leave Elvis with Susan. She tries to get him to leave but he asks her what she is hiding. She says if he must know she just wrapped his present and doesn't want he to see it (well if it's wrapped what does it matter?!). She sends him to get some eggnog (we switched from tea to nog for the holidays) and she grabs John Jr who is in the playpen behind the tree and pulls the bottle out of his mouth (that was smart) and he cries. Stef comes in when he hears the crying to see Kristen has the baby. She lies and says that she was going to have him over tomorrow to spend the day with the baby and that Susan was letting him spend the night with her. He can't believe it but Kristen says that she and Susan have been getting closer. She notices the papers and is concerned Stef will see them and he does but she grabs them from him and says they have to do with Tony's estate. Stef wants to see them but the phone rings - it's Peter. Peter got back to the compound where Rolf is making the cure into a pill form. He's can't guarantee it will work but hopes for the best. Stef tells Kristen about the jungle madness and what is going on with Peter.

Susan is wandering around Salem Place very upset that Kristen tricked her and got little Elvis from her. She remembers signing the papers and then Kristen telling her that the baby was hers now. She worries now that Kristen won't protect Elvis from Stef as she promised and she dreams of the future with Elvis, Kristen, and Stef playing poker and drinking. She arrives and tells him to stop drinking and he asks who she is. Kristen says remember I told you about your mother. He says she gave him up and tells her to get lost. Susan is so upset by all this (she is carrying Lisa Marie around and talking to her) and is going to go back to the convent but then she thinks that Sissy will be upset that she let Kristen trick her. She continues walking around and ends up down on the pier where John is also hanging out. He is thinking about Doc and is wondering if Doc will fall in love with Roman again as they spend time together but then he says no that Doc loves him and they will be together. All of a sudden he hears someone crying and looks over to see a woman (I don't think he knows it is Susan) about to jump. He rushes over just as she jumps and the credits roll.


December 17
Summary by Linda
Abby is helping put ornaments on the tree at Jen's house. Mike is concerned that Laura is going a little overboard with Christmas this year, but Mickey assures him she's just trying to compensate for Jack and Jen's absence. They comment on the great hot chocolate Maggie made (switchover from eggnog finally, I was worried abouto their arteries!). Abby said it's just like mommy's hot chocolate. Mickey gets a call saying that Jack escaped the ranger. He tells Laura that Jack would be much better off in custody as there's now a shoot to kill order on Jack (oh paleez!). Laura freaks, Abe needs to tell them to forget about Jack and concentrate on Jen and Peter. Mickey and Mike say they aren't going to forget a man who assulted one of their own, besides all they know is he is a convicted murderer. Laura asks Mike to say Abby's prayers with her, but she's going to the only other person who knows Peter is still alive besides her and Stephano. Mike pleads with her not to go to Kristens, but Laura insists. Later Mike comes down stairs and said Abby's finally asleep. If he read that story one more time, HE would have been asleep. Mike, Mickey and Mike hope Jen will be found soon. Unless someone finds Peter Blake, Jack will be back in prison.

Kristen is remembering saying Susan saying goodbye to Elvis and her. She dreams of telling John that they have their baby back and John apologizing for the way he's treated her and he's glad to be back with them. The doorbell rings and Illiana goes to get it. Kristen asks her to take the baby upstairs and she'll get the door. (don't do it Illiana, she gave away your cashmere sweater!!) Guess who's there, yup Laura. She's there to appeal to Kristen's goodness somewhere in her. Kristen said she wants Jen away from that madman too. Laura said Peter or Travis and sets Kristen off. Laura covers and appeals to Kristen again by asking if she wouldn't be doing the same thing if HER baby were in the same position if it had lived. She knows she loved Susan's baby too and we hear a baby crying. Kristen said it's Illiana's sister's baby and she's watching it while her sister is doing some Christmas shopping. Laura begs Kristen to tell her if Jen is with Peter yet and safe? Laura, remembering her professional interpersonal skills, lashes out to Kristen that both she and Stephano want Peter to have Jen, yadda yadda yadda. If Kristen helps them, John will see the good in her. Kristen is considering it.

At the pier, John runs up and finds Susan caught on the pier while she was trying to jump in the water (ROFL). He rushes over to help the lady, not realizing it's Susan (hello, how many other Salemites dress like that?) She's crying about losing her baby in the water and John panics saying ELVIS and is starting to peal off his leather jacket (can't get THAT wet), when she crys no, save her, and he asks who? She tells him Lisa Marie and he tells her to calm down and scoops her out of the water. Susan hugs the wet doll and tells John she can't lose Lisa Marie too. He thinks she's finally given up on Elvis Sr., and she said Elvis could never be the father to that devil vampire boy. She tells John she really did love him and wished her baby could grow up big and strong like him. John hugs her and comforts her. He assures her that Marlena and him would always be there for her. If anything's bothering her, she can come to them. Susan remembers Kristen telling her that the adoption was legal and she can't do anything about it. John asks her if there's anything he can do. He asks where Elvis is, and she said with someone who can protect him from evil. He tells her that they can go back to the penthouse, Belle and Brady loved having her around (hello, what right does HE have to invite her back to the penthouse)? Susan asks John about him and Marlena. He tells her it's complicated, but yeah, they are going to get together. She asked if he and Marlena don't get back together, would he go back to Kristen? He said no, and she should know more than anyone else why, because Kristen is mean, mean, mean (ROFL). Susan agrees quietly, she is mean. John tells her he's so comfortable with her and hopes she's the same way with him. She tells him her parents are dead. He tells them she has her sister and son to be with on Christmas. She says sissy is always busy feeding the homeless on Christmas. He tells her she can spend the day with him, Marlena, Belle and Brady (oh sure). John offers to take Susan back to the convent, but she said it's not that far, she'll be ok. She assures him Elvis is with someone who'll protect him and again, he figures she's talking about Sister Mary. John leaves, and Susan said she couldn't tell him because he would hate her for signing that paper for giving Elvis up. Only one person can help her now (her brother?).

Rolff finally gave Peter a new shirt and hopes the new drugs work. While Peter's hot to get back to Jen, Rolf informs him he can't leave. The airstrip is washed out and it'll be days or weeks before he can leave (how about a helicopter?) Rolff reinforces to Peter to take 2 pills every 8 hours until they're all gone, it's imperative. Instead of laying down like Rolff suggested, Peter uses the phone to call someone to pick up Jen for him. He hangs up saying Stephano won't help him. He's glad Peter is feeling better, but he's on his own. Rolff tells him he should stay there longer to make sure the medicine works. Peter calls Kristen for help with Laura in the background. Peter tells her someone has to go to the Grand Canyon and get Jen for him. Laura asks who it is. Kristen said it's a college roommate, want to talk with her, but Laura can tell something is wrong. Kristen tells Peter to call back tomorrow, but he keeps telling her he needs her help. When she asks for a phone number, Laura grabs the phone away from Kristen and asks if it's Peter. If he loves Jen as much as he says he does, tell her where Jen is! Peter doesn't say anything and hangs up. Laura figures out that Peter doesn't have Jen and questions Kristen. Kristen tells her to leave as she doesn't like her answers. Laura appeals to the pain that Kristen felt when she lost her baby and that's how Laura feels now. It's working. Kristen says she's sorry and Laura leaves. After Laura leaves, she said if John ever found out, he wouldn't have anything to do with her. She's on her way back now as she has her baby back and a great chance of getting John back now that Roman and Marlena are together. Peter goes to leave and notices a shed. He asks Rolff what's in the shed and Rolff said a plane. He didn't tell Peter about it as it's his only way out of the jungle if the natives come after him. Peter said he's taking the plane and Rolff holds up the gun saying no, you're not.

Jack is beating the bushes down looking for Jen (can't this guy do anything without grunting or groaning??). At the cabin, Jen should have just lurched out of the door after knocking the padlock off instead of talking to herself, as Travis and his gun came down and stopped her. Now he's pointing the gun at her. A helicopter is now circling over Jack with the spotlight searching for him. Jack realizes the ranger must have reported him (we TOLD you to tie him up Jack!). Jen and Travis hear the helicopter. He tells her they're probably getting Jack's body off the cliff. Jen tells Travis let's get our gear and meet Peter at the rendevous location. She looks down at the shovel on the floor and Travis sees where she's looking. He asks her if she knows and to tell him. He said the shovel was buried down there,same with the clothes. He then finds his journal. He knows she found out he killed his parents and said you reporters, always have to be looking around and digging up dirt on people. His parents were hateful people and called him a loser. They made him go to counseling (whoa, horrible people!) and deserved to die. He won't have any problems killing her or Peter if he crosses him. Travis disappointed them by never making the first team in football, but he was damn smart. He was going to disappear and change his name he was so smart. He waiting till they opened up their gifts and then he gave them their gift, the shovel. He's reading his journal with his back turned to Jen. She picks up the shovel and as he turns, whacks him in the face with it. She take the keys out of his pocket and pulls herself up into the cabin. Just as she gets up in the cabin, he pulls her leg and yanks her back into the cellar. They struggle and Jen actually rides his back while they're fighting. He falls back down on the ground and is unconscious. She takes his gun and climbs back up into the cabin. This time she puts the floor back into place and pushes a dresser over the hatch. She goes outside and closes the cellar down and puts a rod thru the handles (go Jen!!) and rushes off into the woods. Jack finally comments that the helicopters went somewhere else to search and now he can look for Jen. He gets to the cabin and finds the ropes Jen was tied up with, thinking he's too late. Jen's trying to figure out how to get off the cliff. Should she climb down or use the abandoned elevator, but she doesn't know where she is. All she knows is she has to get away from that cabin as much as possible.

Jen figures she'll have to climb down the mountain in the night and without any gear, but then trips over a log and is unconscious. Jack is in the cabin and the helicopter is circling around it. He hears pounding in the cellar and wonders if it could be Jennifer. We see Travis beating on the trap door with the shovel and the credits roll............


December 18
Summary by Tracy
In the jungle, Peter tricks Rolf into thinking he will wait for a cargo plane and when he turns his back he swings at him and gets the gun and runs off to leave in the plane. There is a storm that is slowing Peter down so he pretends to be Rolf and asks the tower for help getting through the bad weather. He finally gets through it and thanks the tower who wishes him Merry Christmas. He returns the greetings and says he will have a good one when he is back with his wife. Rolf comes to and calls Stef to tell him that Peter is on his way back to the states and he has the cure so he should be OK. Rolf tells Stef that he is stranded so Stef says he will send another plane later. Rolf goes outside the compound and sees the bottle of pills on the ground and is worried now especially for anyone that Peter gets near - he's dangerous without the pills he says.

Susan is on a train (? at first I thought it was a plane) going to Capital City for help in getting her baby back. She remembers when she gave birth and that at that point she didn't want to give her baby away. She is scared to tell anyone that Kristen tricked her but hopefully she will get help in getting little Elvis back. She falls asleep and dreams that Elvis sits by her. She says she is sorry for losing the baby. He tells her it's OK and that she has to forgive herself for what has happened. He tells her Merry Christmas and she says the same when a woman answers her. She asks if she is OK cause she heard her crying out in her sleep. Susan says yes and she just hopes the person she is going to see can help her.

At Salem Place, Lexie, Abe and John are talking about Jack and Jen when Stef shows up. He asks Lexie what she wants for Christmas and she lashes out at him that she wants Jack and Jen home safe. Stef says he has no idea where they or Peter are but Abe and John know better. Stef leaves since he can't convince them otherwise. Abe says he is going to go to Arizona to help protect Jack because of the shoot to kill order. He tells Lexie to stay away from Stef but she says she will keep trying to get the truth out of him and she will be careful around him. Marlena, Roman and Eric are also there helping Eric Christmas shop (he can't do this on his own?!). They are having something to drink (tea, hot chocolate or eggnog?) when Eric goes off to get his grandpa some new fishing tackles and John shows up. He tells Roman about the Jack/Jen situation and Roman goes to talk to Abe but not before telling her to ask John about Christmas. John uses the chance to spend when Marlena and she tells him that Roman wants to invite him and Kristen over for Christmas (he said earlier that maybe if they saw how happy the Bradys are that it will help J&K relationship). He says no way he can't put up with the charade and M says she can't bear to see K hanging all over John. He asks her when they will tell Roman and she hopes after the holidays when Mike does more blood work. He says he loves her and wants to be with her so bad. He goes over and puts his arms around her when Eric comes up and says he's glad he walked up and not Dad. He is very nasty to John and Marlena gives him this eat sh*t look. He says that if John would just leave them alone maybe things would work out for his parents. Marlena tells him that she loves Roman but she her heart is with John and wants to be with him. Too much has happened to get back with Roman. Eric is still mean to John but finally leaves. John then ask Marlena if she noticed Susan acting strange and tells her about the pier deal. Marlena tells him about what she heard Kristen say and John says K has no right to the baby but M tells him that she may think she does and says that she and Celeste think that Stef is the baby's daddy. John looks shocked to hear this.

At Kristen's, the lawyer comes by to say the paper has been filed and in a few days there will be a hearing (does Susan have to be there?) and that should be the end of it. They have some wine and talk about Kristen getting John back when Marlena stays with Roman (mighty chummy talk with your attorney). She thinks that by the time John finds out Stef is the father he will want to protect him from Stef's influences. He says he has to go but not before K tells him to keep his lips sealed about all he knows. Stef arrives as he is leaving and he says he is just doing some more on Tony's estate. Stef asks about Susan and K tells him that she went away for a few days. Stef can't believe that Susan would leave the baby but K says they have gotten closer. He tells K she better not have plans for the baby because he is to stay with Susan. Kristen acts like nothing is going on but thinks to herself that all will be good. The baby is tired (I thought you put his to bed hours ago) and Stef kisses him good night. Stef thinks to himself that the plans he has for the baby do not include Kristen. He also tells Kristen about Peter. She is wondering if Peter should take Jen from her family when Stef tells her to be loyal to her brother and to h*ll with her friends.

In the Grand Canyon, Jack moves the boards and Travis pops out. They fight and Travis says that Jen got away and Peter has not arrived yet. With a gun in his face Travis tries to convince Jack to let him help search for Jen. Jack says OK but when Travis goes to get up he hits him and throws him back into the cellar and locks him in. Jack goes out to find Jen who thinks he is dead. She dreams that Travis finds her and that wakes her from when she fell. She starts walking again and finds she is walking in circles. She turns and finds herself face to face with a coyote and throws a stick at it and it goes running off like a beat puppy (yea right). She hears more rustling and hides not realizing it's Jack looking for her. They both miss each other as they are trying to not be spotted. Jack is afraid to call out for fear it may be another ranger and not Jen. After Jack passes by she gets up and starts walking again. This time she finds some doors and figures it must be to the shaft Travis was talking about. She bangs and bangs (which Jack hears) until she gets the doors open. She steps in and falls because the shaft is empty and screams. Jack hears the screams and realizes it's Jen as the credits roll.


December 19
Summary by Linda (Dustin will be back to work on monday!)
Susan and Lisa Marie (no purse?) are walking around Capital City remembering again (is there a limit on amount of same memory flashback?) how Kristan told her the contract for the baby was legal and binding and how she pleaded for him back. She tells Lisa Marie she can't live without her baby and this is her only way to get help. Susan goes into a bar and asks the bartender for a man named Thomas. He denies knowing him, but then says no one sees Thomas without an appt., so please leave. She insists on seeing him. The bartender finally relents and comes back saying Thomas will see her. Susan sits at a table across from someone in a black hat and coat. They play eerie music. Susan tells Thomas she needs his help and how she was tricked to sign papers giving her baby away. She loves her baby and she needs his help. Thomas nods, but we can't see his face very well. She babbles on about how Kristen is so mean, mean, mean. She doesn't want anyone hurt, but she's desperate. Can he please come back to Salem with her and help her get the baby back? She just so desperate, desperate, desperate.

Marlena and John continue to talk about Susan's dilemma. John realizes that Susan was talking about her baby Elvis, not the singer, to Stephano. Marlena figured Susan left the penthouse because she was being nice, but now realizes it was because she was scared of Kristen getting the baby. John remembers the comment Susan made about Elvis couldn't be the baby's father as he is so good and her baby's father is a vampire. Marlena connected it to her calling Stephano a vampire. They connect the other things Susan said about not losing Lisa Marie TOO. Marlena said the only way they have of finding out the truth is Kristen. John figures the best way to get Kristen to confess is to pretend like he's going back to her and maybe she'll slip up. Kristen is at home rocking the baby and having another dream of her own. John walks in and she shows him the baby and how happy John is. He's happy to be back with her and John Jr. again and them as a family (dream on baby!, it AIN'T gonna happen). She tells Elvis everything will work out just fine and Stephano overhears that. He realizes she's getting too attached to the baby and his plan does not include her. Kristen puts Elvis to bed and Stephano tells her that the baby is to stay with Susan and she shouldn't mess it up with her maternal feelings. As soon as Susan returns, she needs to give the baby back. He tells her he would hate to think she would even consider anything else. After Stephano leaves, she whispers to Elvis not to worry, after the judge signs the papers he'll be hers legally (don't both parents have to sign those papers?) Later Stephano and Kristen are in the study and John walks in and is calling for Kristen. He checks the rooms downstairs and said he's going to check upstairs. Kristen tells Stephano to keep the baby quiet and goes out to John. He said Illiana let him in. He came to see Kristen as the holidays are getting to him. It looks like they're going to have to keep up the charade about being a couple being Marlena and Roman are still together. She tells him she doesn't want it to be a charade and he said they have to talk about that.

Kristen asks if John means it, that they might have a chance at a relationship again. John tells her about Eric's tree trimming party and how left out he felt :-( John tells her he left to give them some space. He doesn't blame Eric, all he wants is his family together. He realizes how hard he's been on Kristen and apologizes to her. She hugs him and said he's made her so happy. He tells her Christmas is a time for joy and he'd like to have a nice Christmas, maybe they can spend it together. She tells him about something special she has for him for Christmas morning and on cue, Elvis starts crying. John investigates the noise and when they get to the nursery and Stephano must have gotten the baby out of there as the only thing making noise is the radio. Kristen tells him it must have been a Kenny G song he heard. We see Stephano in another room with the baby. Downstairs John leaves and tells Kristen he looks forward to spending the holiday with her. She tells herself she doesn't want to ruin his gift just yet, she wants her dream to come true on Christmas morning. John walks out front saying he knows that Kristen is up to something all right!

After John left Marlena, Celeste comes up and tells Marlena she saw Susan and the baby at the convent. Susan had the flu. She found out from Chelsea where Marlena was. She tells her that her taro cards told her that Susan lost her baby. They think of it as death, not lost to Kristen. Marlena tells Celeste about Susan's adventure on the pier and what she told John there. Celeste can't figure out why she'd go to the pier if she was so sick. They agree it doesn't add up. Marlena tells Celeste John went to Kristens and they should go to the convent to check on Susan and the baby. They get to the convent and a nun agrees to get Susan for them. She comes back to tell them that Susan and the baby must have left, the closet is empty too.

Amazingly enough, Peter landed the plane (has he ever flown before?). He tells the plane mechanic that he has to take off again and fly to the Grand Canyon. Peter's stubble is beginning to sprout on his face. Peter fantasizes finding Jen and she runs into his arms (her hair wasn't that long when he left Salem, how would he know what she looks like now?). He pays the mechanic and says he's leaving now. The mechanic tells him he needs to stop one more time before the Grand Canyon.

Jen fell down the shaft, but low and behold, she grabbed the rope going down and is hanging by it. Only thing is, the rope is worn in one spot, so won't hold long. Jen starts to climb the rope, but the rope continues to split (grab one of the other 3 Jen), but she managers to pull herself up to the top of the well and crawl outside. As she's gasping to catch her breath, we see legs walking up to her, yep, it's Travis. He grabs Jen and she's able to scream Jack once before Travis puts his hand over his mouth. He continue to yell though and he tells her he's going to kill Jack. Jack runs up and drops the gun on Travis' orders. Travis points the gun at Jack and as Travis looks up at the helicopter spot light, Jen pushes Travis' arm away and he shoots the gun. Jack grabs his shoulder and falls to the ground. Travis told Jen SHE killed Jack and they have to leave before the helicopter spots them. As they're running, Travis' cellphone rings, it's Peter calling from the plane (he's talking into a radio microphone it looks like, NOT a cellphone.) Peter tells Travis he's on his way. Jack gets off the ground and checks his upper right arm where he's shot. He picks up the gun and goes after Travis and Jen. Travis points the drop off point to Jen. He's going to hand her over to Peter and neither he or Jack will ever see her again. Back to Peter who's daydreaming while flying the plane. He remembers his and Jen's first Christmas and goes to take another pill and realizes he doesn't have them The heartbeat music starts and he starts to panic.

Jack comes up with his gun pointed at Travis and they Travis knocks it away and they start fighting and fall off the edge of the cliff (Jack's a pro at that) while Jen screams. She yells to him that she's going to go get help, but is grabbed by someone, it's JACK. He landed on the ledge, but Travis fell all the way to the ground and is dead. They hug and tell each other they love each other and the credits roll.

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