December 96 Week 5


December 30
As Marlena, John, Jen, and Kristen go upstairs to see Laura Kristen tries to make excuses to get out of seeing her. Marlena becomes angry with Kristen because she is so hesitant, but Kristen eventually agrees to go up to see her. They all enter the room where Laura is resting and Mike is sitting next to her. John notices the read mark on Laura's head and Mike says it seems to be a burn of some kind. Marlena wakes Laura up and tells her Kristen is here and asks why she wanted to see Kristen so badly. Laura tries to remember but she can't, and when she tries she says it hurts her head terribly. As they go to leave Laura suddenly blurts out that Kristen was in the room with her when it happened. When they ask Laura what she means Laura says she was here with her on Christmas day, and Kristen says that she was there to bring a present to Jennifer. Kristen then says that the thing that happened must have been when she woke up, and Laura says that must have been it. As they go to leave once more this time Laura blurts out she remembers that Peter was in the room with her as well. When Jen's says she couldn't possibly have seen Peter Laura says she saw him in church in his coffin, and that is the last thing she remembers. She continues to complain about her head hurting so Mike gives her some pills and they leave her alone. John suggests maybe Peter's funeral caused this but Marlena thinks something so traumatic happened that she repressed the memories. Marlena says that the memories could return with therapy or just in time, but Kristen is positive the surgery works and says "I win, you lose Doc." Kristen manages to convince John to run off and get married, even though John is uncomfortable with keeping it from everyone. However, as the go to leave Marlena spots them and asks them where they are heading of to.

Austin calls the police to report his car as stolen as Sami is speeding away in it. Unfortunately for Sami the car skids out of control and Sami hits her head on the steering wheel and is knocked out. Austin and Carrie return to the pub to tell Caroline and Shawn who offer to let them celebrate the new years at the pub with them. All of the sudden a police officer comes into the pub and says they found Austin's car and the person who stole it. Behind him Sami is brought in in cuffs, but she says she's innocent. Everyone is angry and ashamed at her and when they ask what happened Sami claims there is something terribly wrong with his car and it is dangerous. When Carrie asks why she had the car Sami claims she took the keys to run an errand. Austin is furious and tells the police to throw her in jail, but Carrie convinces him that Will shouldn't be punished for Sami's crimes so he drops the charges. Sami thanks Austin but he tells her she should thank Carrie because he would have let her wrot in jail. Austin leaves to get his car from the impound so they can go to the lodge but Sami tries to stop him because she says the car is dangerous.

At the line-up Jill says she does not see her attacker but Bo won't accept that she won't name Franco. He convinces her to have one more look but she still says she doesn't see the man and Hope tells Bo to face the fact that it's over. Bo and Hope get into an argument about the island and Billie and why Bo went out there and Hope tells him their relationship is over. After Hope runs off Jill approaches Billie and encourages her to go to Bo because he could love her too, but Billie doesn't believe that. Bo returns and becomes angry and begins harassing Jill and Franco but Abe warns him to back off. Franco comes out and Bo asks Jill to look into his eyes and say she's never seen him before and she says she's never seen him before today, and Abe lets her and Franco go. Before Franco leaves Bo tells Franco he will prove he's the one who attacked her, but Franco just smirks at him. Billie offers to help Bo but Bo says he has to find Hope to take away some of the pain, and he leaves to find her. Franco returns to see Billie and tells her that today proved that Bo came to the island because he loved her, not to protect her. Billie tells her he's wrong but Franco insists Bo was after him because he was dating her and that Hope knows Bo's heart is divided between the two of them. He encourages Billie to go after Bo but Billie says she's only doing what she thinks is right for Bo. Franco says that Bo and Hope are over, and if she goes and tells Bo how she feels she could be with him.

Hope goes to the pier and remembers when Bo asked her for the divorce so he could marry Billie. Hope also recalls when Bo told her he loved her for the first time since she came back from the dead, when he proposed to her for the second time, and finding Bo and Billie on the island together. Tearful, Hope tries to removes the engagement ring and say she and Bo can never be together now. Bo finds Hope still trying to pull the ring off and he tells her that the ring won't come off because it's meant to be there. They argue and Hope tells him he still loves Billie and it's over. Bo puts his arms around Hope and tells him he loves her, and either she believes him or she doesn't, Franco has nothing to do with it. The show ends with Bo asking Hope if she loves him enough to give him more time to prove she is the only woman in his heart.


December 31
At the pub Sami warns Austin that his car is too dangerous to drive but Austin doesn't believe her. Sami tries to tell Austin he needs to have it checked but neither one believes her because last time she tried this the car was fine. Austin leaves to bring the car back to the pub and nobody believes poor Sami, not even her grandparents.

Later the Brady's all toast their various family members as Sami worries about Austin's safety. Determined to do something to stop him Sami puts on her jacket and leaves for the impound. Sami gets to the police impound as Austin is about to get into the car. Sami tries to convince Austin something is wrong with the car but Austin won't believe her, and he tells her this is all about trying to get him to love her, which won't happen. Sami says that he has to love her and Austin tells her it will never happen, and the site of her makes him sick. He goes on to tell her that Will is only here because she drugged him, and even though he loves Will the thought of them sleeping together makes him sick. Austin gets into his car and goes to leave when the car jerks out of control and hits Sami!

As Kristen and John try to leave Marlena stops them and asks them to stay to ring in the new years with them. John wants to stay, but Kristen insists they can't and Marlena wants to know what she has planned that is so exiting. Kristen says that it's nothing big but they just wanted to ring in the New Year alone. When Mike insists they stay for Alice's sake John says they can stay till the New Years much to Kristen's dismay. Lexie, Abe, and Celeste show up to join the other Hortons to ring in the New Years and Lexie and Celeste tell Marlena that Celeste has had visions that Laura is or was in danger. Marlena suggests that Celeste go see Laura because maybe she could trigger some memories so they do so.

Upstairs Laura is having terrible nightmares but when she wakes up she can't remember what it was. Marlena and Celeste come into the room to see Laura and she has a vision of Laura being watched by Peter and Stefano and a bright light, and when Celeste takes Laura hand they both begin to scream with pain and Laura shouts she remembers. Marlena runs to get Mike and tells him Laura is beginning to remember and Kristen drops her glass and it shatters on the floor! Everyone rushes upstairs but Laura can't get the memories to come. Celeste tells them that she was the cause of it and Kristen scolds Celeste, which only makes Marlena more suspicious. Everyone decides to leave and Kristen thinks she has won.

Upstairs Mike and Marlena discuss Laura's condition and the are puzzled by her symptoms and the mark on her forehead. While they talk Laura dreams of Peter and Stefano and the laser surgery and starts screaming for them to turn off the light. Mike panics and decides to call the hospital to take her in. Everyone comes to the hospital out of concern for Laura and after Laura is resting comfortably Lexie and Abe offer to ring in the New Year with Marlena so she won't be alone. Marlena says she won't be alone beacuse John and Kristen are at the mansion, but Lexie tells Marlena that she heard Kristen talking about flying somewhere with John tonight.

John and Kristen have boarded a plane and are getting ready to take off to be married. As the plane is about to take off Marlena shows up on the plane to stop them. Marlena tells Kristen she knows what she's up to and she won't let her get away with it.

Franco tries to persuade Billie that Hope and Bo are over but Billie still thinks they can work it out. Franco tells Billie that Hope now knows Bo's heart is divided , and that Hope is to stubborn and proud to accept half his heart. Franco says that Billie needs to take the chance and go tell Bo she loves him but Billie is unsure on what to do because if Franco is wrong she can't take loosing Bo again.

Hope tells Bo that it's over between them and that love just isn't enough this time. Hope tells him they just can't get past the fact that in his heart Bo still loves Billie and she'll never have his whole heart. Bo tells Hope that Jill must have lied and Hope tells him he's grasping at straws but Bo begins to think that Jill and Franco were working together to break them. Hope tells Bo that he never really got over Billie and maybe never will but Bo insists it's over. Hope says if that was true why would he remember their second date and why the flower was on his desk and Bo says that doesn't mean anything, but Hope feels it does and walks off. Bo wonders how things could have gone so wrong and as he ponders Franco watches from afar and says to himself this is only the beginning.

Hope goes to see Jill about the night Bo went out to Smith Island. She asks Jill why Bo went out to the island and Jill says she feels Bo went to the because he was concerned about Billie but she can't say why. Hope is disappointed Jill can't help and she goes to leave but Jill stops and says she may be able to help her after all.

Billie runs into Celeste on the docks and she asks for another future prediction and Celeste says she sees a turning point for Billie tonight and recounts the legend about being with love of your new year at midnight. As Billie walks off she runs into Bo, at the stroke of midnight!


No Show


January 2
In the garage Austin goes to leave and hits Sami twice, the first time she is just shaken but the second time he beams her right in the head. Carrie comes into the garage and finds Austin kneeling over Sami and he yells at her to go get an ambulance. The paramedics arrive and they take Sami to the hospital where Mike is waiting for her. At the hospital Shawn and Caroline are waiting and Austin begins blaming himself, but Carrie assures him they all know it was an accident and Sami will pull through.

Bo is on the docks telling Billie his frustrations about the situation and how he is helpless. Bo is positive that his relationship with Hope has been sabotaged by Franco but Billie doesn't still doesn't believe Franco's guilty. They sit down and talk and Billie tells Bo that she thinks Hope is afraid that he's going choose her (Billie) over Hope again, but Bo tells Billie that won't happen because he loves Hope now. Billie assures Bo that he only came out to the island because he thought she was in danger and that she is sure Hope will see that. Bo recalls back to the night before the wedding and his decision and hopes Hope will understand. Bo is sure that Franco is guilty and he will find the proof, so Billie leaves Bo to think. As Billie walks away Austin calls Billie and informs her about the accident and that he needs her support. Bo continues to walk the docks and remembers back to his first wedding and other moments with Hope.

At Jill's place Jill stops Hope to help her answer her question. Jill hesitates to say anything but Hope convinces her to tells her anything about what happened that night because she needs to make a decision about Bo, and it will be a final decision. Hope recalls everything about her history with Bo and why it's so important she uncover Bo's true feelings for Billie because she wants to be the only woman in Bo's heart. She tells Jill her future with Bo depends on what she tells her and Jill tells Hope that Bo was concerned about Billie that night. Jill says that Bo thought hard about what to do that night and she felt he was acting like a man consumed with jealousy. Hope is shocked by Jill's statement and says she feared jealousy was what drove Bo out to the island that night. Jill says she wishes she could take it back but Hope says she can't take back the truth that Bo loves Billie. Hope tells Jill she has to trust what she is saying as the truth because Jill has no reason to lie to her, and Hope leaves to be alone. Hope goes to the docks and remembers her life with Bo when Bo sees her and approaches her.

Back at Jill's apartment Jill is feeling guilty about lying to Hope and decides that she has to tell Hope the truth, but Franco jumps out of the closet to prevent her from doing that.

Marlena shows up on the plane to stop John and Kristen from eloping. Marlena tells Kristen she knows what she's up to and this time she's gone to far, and Marlena is not letting her get away with it. When John asks what's she's talking about and Marlena says she doesn't think Kristen should be flying so far along in her pregnancy. John says that Kristen already checked with her doctor who said it would be okay and they discuss the situation. Marlena then asks Kristen where they were planning on going and John was about to tell her the truth when Kristen butts in and says they were taking a little rest and relaxation trip. Marlena continues to express her concern and John leaves to call Kristen's doctor to double check on his feelings about the situation. Marlena and Kristen begin to bicker about what each is trying to pull and Marlena tells her she is not going anywhere with John and that is final. Kristen begins to fake pregnancy pains and says that Marlena is going to kill her baby. Marlena suggest that Kristen cancel the flight if her baby is in jeopardy but Kristen claims that John and her have been planning this for some time and he will be suspicious if she calls it off. John returns and says that the doctor okay'd the flight as long as it was under two hours and he asks Marlena if she is okay with that diagnosis. Just then Marlena gets a call from Carrie about Sami's accident, and both Marlena and John rush to the hospital to see Sami.

At the hospital Austin is overcome with grief about Sami and despite Carries reassuring words he can't get idea of telling Will his own father killed his mother. Billie, Marlena, and John arrive at the hospital and Austin has to explain to them that he hit Sami. Mike comes out and explains Sami's situation, she has head trauma, internal bleeding, and spinal injuries. Mike also says it appears she was hit twice, and Austin explains to them he hit her twice, and that Sami is dying because of him. Kristen offers to call Maggie to watch the children, and when she returns she sees John comforting Marlena. Carrie tries to comfort Austin, but he refuses and says he needs to be by himself.


January 3
At Jills apartment Franco tells Jill she can't tell Hope the truth. Jill says she sick of lying and wants to quit, but Franco says she can't quit and has to keep working for him until he's sure Bo and Hope are never going to get back together. Jill tells Franco she hates destroying peoples live like this and Franco says the money he's paying her will make her feel better. Franco tries to ease Jill's conscious by saying that Bo really could love Billie more than Hope, and all she did was tell Hope the truth. Jill doesn't believe that but Franco tells her that his employer knows everything about Bo so he knows what he's doing. He then tells Jill she is to much of a risk and that she has to leave town for good. Jill thinks that will look too suspicious but Franco says that she can claim she wants to make a new life for herself. Jill says that might work, but she doesn't have the money so Franco pulls out some money for her. Jill looks at the money and comments it won't be enough for her to live off of, and then decides to blackmail Franco for more money. Franco calls his employer and gets the cash Jill wanted so she agrees to leave town immediately.

On the docks Hope tells Bo to face the facts that Franco is innocent, but Bo can't do that because it means he'll lose Hope forever. Bo thinks Jill lied at the lineup but Hope tells Bo she had no reason to lie, and that she thinks Jill has a very good idea why Bo went to the island that night. Bo tells Hope he went out to the island to protect Billie, but Hope tells him to face the truth that he went there because he loves Billie. Hope tells Bo she won't take half his heart and is angry that he accepts her to accept anything less. Bo argues with her and she tells him she's seen the chemistry between them and no matter what Bo says it's not in the past. Hope says he went to the island that night out of jealousy so Bo recommends they go talk to Jill because she knows how Bo was feeling that night. Hope tells him she knows exactly how he was feeling because she's already been to see Jill. Bo think Jill told Hope the truth, but Hope tells him that Jill said Bo went to the island out of jealousy, and Bo says that this proves she lying and working for Franco. Bo tries to convince her Franco and Jill are working together and wants to prove the truth to her and asks Hope not to throw away their relationship. Hope is reluctant so Bo asks her to do it for Shawn D and she says she'll do anything for their son.

Bo and Hope show up at Jill's while she and Franco are still in the apartment, and Bo threatens to break the door down if Jill doesn't answer. Jill answers the door in a robe, and says she was sleeping. Bo demands to know why she is lyning and where she is hiding Franco. Jill plays innocent to everything, which angers Bo more. What Bo doesn't know is that Franco's is in Jill's closet!

At the hospital Kate comes to comfort Austin, who is racked with guilt over hitting Sami. Later Kate takes Billie aside and tells her that she feels Sami brought this upon herself. Kate remembers being blackmailed, but she says she does hope Sami pulls through for Austin's sake. Kate also asks Billie about her whereabouts at midnight, and when Billie says she was with Bo Kate gets her hopes up, but Billie straightens her out. Billie tells Kate about the lineup and Kate tells her to take advantage of this new opportunity while it's still available. Billie leaves to go see Sami and Kate notices Lynn at the nurses station. When Lynn asks if Sami got what she deserved Kate has to tell her about Sami's accident. When Kate asks why Lynn is back Lynn tells Kate she had to come back because a man swindled her. Lynn tells Kate she has to go check on Laura and as she fills Kate in on the Laura situation Kristen eavesdrops on them.

Lucas shows up at the hospital and attacks Austin but John breaks them up. Lucas blames Austin for trying to kill Sami on purpose but Carrie tells him it was an accident. Mike comes out and says he can't control the swelling and has to take Sami into surgery, and he asks everyone to please donate blood, because Sami will need it (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?). Austin goes to donate blood and he wants to donate more but the nurses won't let him. Carrie begs Austin to stop torturing himself but Austin can't get over what he's done.

John goes to Marlena to support her and he tells her that he still thinks of Sami as his little girl. Marlena comments that some feelings never change and John agrees. Marlena then asks John about where he and Kristen were going, but before he can answer a nurse comes to get Marlena. The nurse takes Marlena out to see Abe, who has checked Austin's car out and found the gear shifts were faulty. Abe comments that it's to bad he didn't know about it before and when Austin doesn't say anything Lucas blames Austin for knowing before hand. Marlena says that it's not Austin's fault and it was an accident, but Lucas can't understand how she can keep her calm. Austin goes over everything that he did and said to Sami before hitting her and he says that Sami's accident is his fault. Everyone tells Austin that it's not his fault but Lucas assures him that if Sami dies he'll make the whole world know Austin killed her. Kate scolds Lucas for saying such things about his brother, but Lucas just goes into his bratty you love Austin more than me routine.

John eventually looks around and notices Kristen is gone and wonders where she has gone off too. Meanwhile Kristen is upstairs in Laura's room when the phone rings. Kristen answers it to find Stefano on the other end. She tells Stefano she needs help because she doesn't think the surgery worked, however we never get to hear what Stefano tells her in return.

Carrie goes to Marlena and talks to her and she comments about how John hasn't left his side till now (he went to find Kristen). Carrie says he must love her a lot, but Marlena isn't sure about his love anymore because he was planning of going away for Kristen and wouldn't talk to her about it. John returns because he couldn't find Kristen, and Mike approaches with the news that they have to operate. Mike asks for Lynn to assist and Marlena says she will go get Lynn after Kate mentions seeing Lynn earlier. Mike also needs Austin to sign the consent to operate form because he's still Sami's husband. Carrie says she thinks she knows where he is and Carrie finds Austin in the chapel praying to God to spare Sami's life. Austin returns and John tells Austin that Marlena feels the surgery is the only option so he signs the consent forms.

Marlena goes up to see Lynn to ask for her help in Sami's surgery, and sees Kristen in Laura's room on the phone!

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