December 96 Week 4


December 23
Kristen is looking over the cradle and thinks it will symbolize that her and John can become a real family. The phone rings, and it's Stefano calling to tell her the procedure has been finished. Stefano also has called to ask Kristen to get John to get the police out of the airport so that he and Peter can escape. Kristen becomes angry, and when John comes in and sees her on the phone he grabs it and asks who's there. Stefano hangs up on John and hopes Kristen can convince John to call of the guards. John says the person hung up and Kristen said that it was just a store clerk who was giving her a hard time. John wants to call him back to yell at him but Kristen convinces him not too. Kristen worries about Laura, and John tells her she's such a caring person. Kristen decides to invite Jen and Abby over for Christmas Eve in hopes to give them a happy one.

At Jen's place Jack and Mike are waiting with Jen in hopes of hearing news on Laura. Jen fears the worse and Jack comforters her. Jack goes out to search for Laura again and Jen comments that Jack is doing this because he feels guilty, but Mike says he think Jack genuinely cares. Kristen calls and asks Jen to come over for Christmas Eve dinner, and Jen says she will be there in a bit.

Back at Peter's house as Peter and Stefano argue about what he has done over the past week Laura is begging to come to, but eventually goes back to sleep. Stefano calls a man at the airport and learns that the police have been reassigned. As they get ready to leave Kristen shows up demanding to know how the procedure went. Stefano tells her that they will not know until she wakes up, and they argue over Laura's fate and her impact on their lives if she remembers. Stefano tells Kristen that he will take Laura with him if she wants, but she refuses to do that. Stefano and Peter get ready to leave, and Peter promises to return one day to reclaim Jennifer. Kristen gets ready to go as well, but before she goes she asks where Stefano will leave Laura. Stefano laughs and says it will be someplace so obvious that even Celeste's powers will do no good.

Back at the mansion Abe and Lexie have arrived and John is puzzled as to where Kristen has disappeared to. As John worries Lexie finds a note from Kristen indicating she went out but will be back. Jennifer and Abby arrive, and John tells Jen that he's doing everything he can to find Laura. He tells her that he's pulled his men from the airport and assigned them to the bus and train depot. When Jen asks why, John says it seemed the best thing to do since Laura is afraid to fly. Jen looks at John and says her mother isn't afraid to fly and asks John where he got that idea. The "Did someone fart?" look comes over Johns face and says that Kristen told him. Just then Kristen comes in, and when they ask her why she said Laura was afraid to fly she makes up some story about misunderstanding something Peter said to her awhile back. Abe wants to put them men back at the airport but Kristen manages to convince them that without her credit cards and check book in her purse Laura won't have the money to buy a ticket to anywhere. Kristen then assures Jen Laura will be found, but Jen only says that she can't be sure of that unless Kristen knows something they don't.

As Jack searches for Laura he runs into Celeste. Celeste tells Jack she thinks she can help him locate Laura. She says that she feels Laura is caught between the forces of good and evil. She also saw clouds and wings, and that Laura was alone, but others were flying away. Jack asks if she think he should check out the airport, and Celeste tells him yes, and she thinks he should hurry. Jack makes his way to the airport and when he sees the man from the corporate terminal (flashback to when Jack, Abe, and John went to search the log books) he wonders what he's doing here. He decides to follow the man, but to do so in disguise as a janitor.

Before going to the airport Stefano brings Peter by the DiMera mansion so hecan look in on Jennifer. Kristen notices them looking in the window at them and gasps. John thinks something is happening with the baby, but Kristen manages to fake her way out of the situation. Outside Peter vows to come back for Jen, and that they will be together again.

At the pub Shawn D prays that Jill wakes up so that his parents can be together for Christmas. Bo and Hope come and tell Shawn D Jill has waken up, and Shawn D is sure his prayer has been answered. Bo tells him they will be a family for Christmas and Shawn D runs off happy. Hope becomes angry with Bo for getting Shawn D's hopes up and they get into the "Why you went to the island argument" again (AHHHH!) As they fight they get a call from a nurse at the hospital, Jill had a nightmare and woke up screaming for Bo. When they arrive at the hospital Jill tells Bo she doesn't want to have anything more to do with this and will not go to the line-up. Hope pleads for Jill to do this but Jill says Hope doesn't know how she feels. Hope assures her she knows the fear of being stalked/attacked and says the only way to overcome her fears is to face them head on. Jill eventually agrees to do the line-up because she says Bo and Hope have done so much to help her already. Later Bo thanks Hope and tells her Franco will go to jail. Bo also says that Franco is just a hired hand for someone else who wants them apart. They then go down to Salem Place to shop for Shawn D.

Meanwhile Franco makes an appointment to see his boss tonight, or the deal between them is off. He tells his boss he wants his money, and to meet him in Salem Place. As Franco meets his boss he says that if he's going down he's taking him or her with him. From a distance Bo spots Franco talking to someone behind a tree and thinks it could be the person he's working for.

The show ends with Laura cuddled in a blanket on a park bench, and Stefano and Peter making their way to the airport in a Limo.


December 24
At the pub all the Brady's have gathered to light the tree and celebrate. Austin shows up and gives Carrie and early present because he says it can't wait. Austin says that his mother's Christmas present to them is the use of the Kiriakis private jet to fly Austin back and forth to see Carrie whenever he wants. Carrie leaps into Austin's arms with joy as Sami and Lucas watch, wondering what Carrie is so happy about.

At the DiMera mansion Jennifer thanks Kristen for all she has done to help search for her mom. Abe and Lexie have to leave to go to the pub to see the Brady's as Marlena shows up to comfort Jennifer who thinks she will never see her mother again. Jen also leaves, leaving Marlena, John, and Kristen alone together. John goes off saying how happy he is and that next year he'll be celebrating Christmas with Kristen and their baby. John tells them that Caroline and Shawn are also expecting them at the pub and goes to get the kids. When John is gone Marlena tells Kristen that John was wrong, that next Christmas he'll be celebrating with her and Belle where he really belongs. After Marlena walks off Kristen says "Don't hold your breath Doc."

John, Marlena, and Kristen arrive at the pub and Carrie is so excited to tell Marlena the news. Austin goes over to tell Sami about the gift of the use of the Kiriakis jet, and she is less than thrilled. Sami starts saying that Austin will miss so many important things like Will's first steps and just as she says that Will takes his first steps towards Austin. Kristen is looking at the snow and John thinks she is missing Peter. Marlena and Lexie both notice Kristen and how she seems so tense.

At the Horton house the Hortons are decorating the tree. As Mike and Jen make their way to Alice's place they find Laura wrapped in a blanket on a bench. She is unconscious and Mike wants to take her to the hospital but Jen doesn't want her to wake up in the hospital so they take her to Alice's. Everyone is thrilled, and Jen says that someone must have taken care of her because she nice and clean and she was cuddled in a nice blanket. Laura wakes up to see everyone around her, but she doesn't speak. Mike and Jennifer take her upstairs and put her to bed so she can rest and recuperate.

Bo spots Franco talking with someone at Salem Place and goes to see what's up. Franco's Boss has already left when Bo gets there and Franco says he wasn't meeting with anyone. Bo runs after someone walking away, and finds that the person is Billie. Bo asks Billie if she was talking to Franco, and she says no that she was shopping. Franco then says he was alone, but when Hope says she saw Franco talking with someone he says decides to tell the truth. Franco says he was talking to God and asking him to watch over the woman he loved so deeply and his son. Bo tells him he's a piece of garbage to use a prayer to cover his lies and schemes. Hope manages to calm Bo down because it's Christmas Eve and Hope goes to Alice's, and Bo goes to the Brady Pub. Alice tells Hope she should be with Bo tonight, and convinces her to go be with him.

Peter and Stefano arrive at the airport and think that there are going to be no problems. Inside Jack is dressed as a janitor and is spying on Stefano's henchman. The henchman makes plans to meet with Stefano and Peter to take them to the plane, and Jack follows him. Jack stops the man and asks him what he knows about Laura. The guy tells Jack he doesn't know anything and Jack asks if he wouldn't mind if he tagged along with him to see who he was in such a hurry to meet. Around the corner Stefano and Peter hear Jack's voice and Peter becomes enraged. The man makes an excuse that he was going to meet a lady friend, and Jack gets a call that Laura has been found. Jack leaves to go check on Laura and Peter vows to return for Jennifer and to get revenge on Jack.

All the Brady's go to church. Carrie, Austin, and Sami make peace for the night and sit together, and Hope shows up to sit with Bo and Shawn D. Billie also shows up, and Franco comes but leaves because he says to himself he doesn't belong here. Marlena also shows up at church having just come from seeing Laura. John asks how Laura is, and Marlena tells them she is still unconscious but kept mumbling the word home. Marlena notices Kristen is very tense and when she asks if she's all right Kristen just says that it's all so overwhelming. The church service begins, and the Brady's all sing "Joy to the World."

Jack returns to Alice's and tells Jen he's so happy Laura has been found, and Jen thanks he for everything that he's done. Jack leaves the room and as Mike and Jennifer is about to leave Mike notices a scar on her forehead. Mike figures she'll explain it when she wakes up and they leave her to rest. Lucas shows up with his gift for Alice and Mike and Alice convince him to stay. Jen tells Lucas she hopes that the new year will bring them closer and they hug. They all take turns placing the ornaments on the tree, and even Jack still has an ornament which he places by Jen and Abby's. Jen hangs Laura's ornament by them as well, and thanks god for bringing her home. Lucas also has an ornament which he hangs, and Jen gives him Bill's ornament to hang. Last, but not least comes Tom's ornament, which Alice hangs. After all the ornaments are hung the Horton's sing "Silent Night" and then "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".

Peter and Stefano fly off in the DiMera jet, and Peter feels bad that she's the one who will have to take all the heat if the surgery didn't work and Laura remembers.

The show ends with a picture of MacDonald Carey and says "Merry Christmas Mac, We still miss you".


December 25
Carrie wakes up with Austin on Christmas Day and he gives her a present. The present is the annulment papers, Austin says Mickie has moved the date up and now they can get married before she leaves for her trip.

Sami wakes up to find Santa in her apartment, and he tells her she's been very naughty. Sami assures Santa that she's been a good girl and it is her sister Carrie who has been the naughty one. She asks Santa to give her back Austin, the man she loves and that he should give Carrie a lump of coal. Santa says okay, and then Sami wakes up and wonders whether it was a dream or not, but she thinks it's given her new hope. Austin and Carrie come over and Sami brags that Santa payed her a visit and she straightened him out about who the naughty one was. Sami spots snow on the floor where Santa was standing in her dream and thinks maybe it wasn't a dream. Carrie on the other hand thinks Sami has lost her mind.

Celeste is at the Brady pub where Wendy, Benjamin, and Jonah are opening gifts. Caroline gives Celeste an old photograph of her last Christmas in Salem long ago.

Jen and Jack open presents, but Jen's greatest present is having her mother home. Jen calls over to Alice's to check on Laura and Mike tells her she is still sleeping. Jen asks Mike to tell Alice that she'll be over for Christmas dinner soon and Alice asks Mike to tell Jen to invite Jack, which she does.

At the DiMera Mansion Kristen has a nightmare that Laura comes over on Christmas day and reveals everything to John and Marlena. Kristen wonders if it could be real and sneaks downstairs to find John and Marlena opening presents with the kids, and walks in on John giving Marlena a thank you kiss. Later when John is away Kristen accuses Marlena of trying to take what belongs to her. They get into an argument but it's cut short when Jen calls to wish Kristen a Merry Christmas. Kristen says she's glad Jen called and asks about her mom. Jen tells her that her mom is still sleeping, but it's only a matter of time before she wakes up and talks.

Jen, Jack, and Abby arrive at Alice's where the rest of the Horton's have gathered. Jen and Jack go upstairs to see Laura and Maggie tells Alice she think she knows what Alice wants from Santa. Maggie asks Alice if her wish is for Jack and Jen to get back together, and Alice doesn't deny that's what she wants. Upstairs Laura is tossing and turning in her bed but after a few minuets she wakes up and sees Jennifer and calls her name. She mumbles a few things about Christmas and then goes back to sleep. Jack tells Jen they should let Laura rest so they leave.

Back at the Brady's house Marlena, John, Sami, Carrie, and the rest of the bunch have gathered to open presents. Marlena and Sami wish each other a Merry Christmas and she says they'll be calling Eric soon (He Lives!). Carrie tells Marlena about how Kate has given Austin use of the jet and that Mickey has gotten the date for the annulment moved up and Marlena is thrilled and hugs Carrie. Meanwhile Sami stands in the background giving Carrie the evil eye as she watches her sister and Austin kiss under the mistletoe. Later when Marlena is under the mistletoe John gives Marlena a kiss as well. Caroline comments to Shawn that this must be a very special Christmas for John and Marlena. When Shawn asks "What about Kristen" Caroline says she has a feeling someone will loose, and it will be very soon.

Lexie asks Celeste if she would like to go with her and Abe to the hospital to distribute gifts to the children and she accepts. Before they go Celeste wishes Kristen all the happiness and hopes she has a merry Christmas. As she takes her hand she feels a vibration, but thinks it must be wrong since her vibes about Laura being with Stefano and Peter were wrong. Later Lexie asks Celeste what's troubling her and she says she's not sure, but she believes Laura and Kristen share something.

Marlena comments to Caroline that Kristen seems tense and Caroline says that it's just because her due date is so close. She then comments how odd it is for an eight month pregnant woman not to have gained weight in her face. Just then Kristen remembers she forgot her present for Jen so she tells John she's going to go back to the mansion to get it. Kristen goes to Alice's to see Laura, but Jen has already left. Kristen asks Maggie about Laura but Maggie tells her Laura hasn't said much of anything. Maggie goes to check the turkey and leaves Kristen in the room alone with Laura.

Jen, Abby, and Jack have joined Abe and company at the hospital to give out Christmas presents to the children. There Alice gives Mike Tom's Bible which he read from each Christmas to the Children. Mike takes the Bible and reads to the children the story of the first Christmas.


December 26
Bo and Hope are getting the lineup ready for Jill, but Hope has her doubts. Billie shows up with Jill and Bo has the men brought in for Jill to look at. After all the men have lined up, including Franco, Bo asks Jill if she sees the man. Before she can answers Hope wakes up to find it was all a dream, but that it's going to become real today. Hope goes to the pub where Shawn D has prepared a special breakfast for Hope and his father in anticipation for the day. Bo comes in and tells Hope that Jill will be released this afternoon if all goes well. Shawn D leaves them to eat and Bo has to leave get things set up. Bo is positive Jill will ID Franco and that he and Hope will be back together, but Hope thinks otherwise.

Out on the docks Billie is remembering her past with Bo when Franco shows up. Franco senses she's nervous but she tells him she believes he is innocent. Franco says she's nervous because if Jill clears him it means Bo might still love her, which Billie insists is not the case. Franco tells her that he's not guilty, and today the line-up will prove that, so she should save everyone a lot of pain and go to Bo and tell him how she feels before the line-up. Billie refuses to do it but Franco tries to convince her to. Billie eventually says that Bo has to make the first move, because then she knows what they had still means something to him and she will admit her feelings to him. As they argue Bo shows up with a summons to serve Franco, and Franco tells Bo he thinks Billie has something to say that will make day even better than this line-up. Franco leaves but watches from afar as Billie tries to brush it off, but she drops the rose Bo had given to her on one of their first dates. Bo picks up the rose and returns it and remembers giving her the rose. As Hope listens in the shadows to Billie and Bo recount their first date her heart breaks. After Hope walks off Bo then comments that was the past and his future is with Hope. Bo says that is why this line-up is so important, and when Billie asks what if the line-up doesn't go the right way and Bo says it has to or Hope will be devastated. When she realizes all Bo cares about is Hope's feeling she decides not to tell him how she really feels. Bo gets a call that Jill has been released, and he heads over to get the line-up started.

Bo and Hope meet at the station for the line-up but Hope is unsure of what will come about today. On his way over Franco bumps into Billie, who wishes him luck. Franco calls his boss after Billie has left and says he's confident it will go as they have planned. Franco sneaks into Bo's office before the line-up and places a rose on Bo's desk for Hope to find, knowing that Hope saw Bo and Billie discussing the rose on the docks. Jill arrives for the line-up and she is nervous because she knows what she says will effect Bo, Billie, and Hope for the rest of their lives.

Jen and Alice are at home when Jack arrives with a carpet cleaner to try and get Peter's blood stain out. Jen becomes upset and runs upstairs and Alice tries to comfort Jack, but it does no good. When she back comes down Jack appologizes for what happened and she says it's okay. The man gives Jack an estimate on the carpet, but says that the stain will be permanent if they wait. Jen comments that Peter's death will be a stain on all their lives forever, and runs out of the house to go over and see her mom. Jack becomes upset that Jen is shutting him out and Alice says Jen needs time. Unfortunately time is something Jack is running out of, if he doesn't find the proof that Peter's death was an accident he'll spend his life in jail.

Jack meets with Mickey in the pub to talk about his upcoming trial. Jack is positive he will find the evidence to prove Peter was guilty, but Mickey wants to flip their plan of attack and put Peter's character on trial. Jack doesn't like the idea of blaming Peter for his own death but Mickey says they don't have any other choice. Jack tells Mickey he needs to think this over but Mickey tells him he needs to think fast or he'll be convicted and spend the rest of his life in jail. Later Jack tells Mickey he's decided to plead guilty in hopes of saving Jen a lot of pain.

Kristen is back at the DiMera mansion and all she has on her mind is what's in Laura's mind. John and Marlena come into the room and when Kristen asks Marlena if Laura has said anything Marlena tells her no, but asks why she is so nervous about what Laura has to say. Kristen says she's just concerned for Laura and both John and Marlena are very interested in what she has to say about her whereabouts over the last few days. After Marlena has left Kristen tells John she wants to get married, in hopes of holding on to him in case Laura remembers everything. John thinks Kristen is behaving oddly and says he think she's in such a hurry to get married because of Peter, Stefano, and Laura. Kristen asks what he means and John tells her he thinks she's in a rush to get married because she's lost so much recently (Her mother, Peter, then Laura disappeared) but she convinces him she wants to do this for their baby. John tells her he will do it and he goes to make the flight preparations.

Upstairs in Alice's house Mike is examining Laura, who is still unconscious from the laser surgery. Jen and Marlena show up to check on Laura when Marlena notice's the mark on Laura's forehead. Jen says that she and Mike can't figure it out but they hope she'll tell them when she wakes up. Later, downstairs Marlena talks with Jen about what's troubling her and she discuses the situation with the blood stain and then moves on to the loving two men issues. Jen says that she felt guilty having fun with Jack at Christmas, and Marlena says that she thinks Jen is falling back in love with Jack again. Jen discusses the Jack issue later with Alice's, who agrees with Marlena. Jen doesn't know how she feels, but she knows she can't take anymore pain with Jack's trial coming up.

On their way to the airport John and Kristen stop by Alice's to check on Laura before they leave. Mike tells them that she hasn't woken up yet, and might not wake up for some time. Just as John and Kristen go to leave Jen runs downstairs saying that Laura awake.


December 27
Sami is at home wallowing in her grief still thinking Austin could love her if given time. Austin shows up and serves her with the annulment papers and to tell her that he and Carrie will be married as soon as possible. After they have left Sami vows not to let the annulment go through. Carrie and Austin go to the pub to give Carrie's grandparents the news about the annulment.They are thrilled and Shawn gets the champagne to celebrate while Caroline goes to get the glasses but Carrie is afraid to celebrate because Sami could be planning something.

Back at her apartment Sami calls her lawyer to stop the annulment, but her lawyer tells her she can do nothing to stop the annulment. The lawyer tells Sami to accept the alimony checks and move on because her marriage is over, but Sami refuses to let Austin go.

Caroline gives Kate a call and Kate suggests that Austin and Carrie marry at the mansion as soon as she comes back from the business trip. As they discuss the plans Sami comes in and overhears them talking. Sami hears Austin and Carrie talk about their plans to go to the Green Mountain lodge for the New Year so she steals Austin's car to prevent them from going. When Austin and Carrie return to the lot to leave the discover Austin's car has been stolen Austin decides to call the police. Meanwhile Sami is driving away when the steering goes out and she crashes the car.

Marlena, John, Kristen, Mike, and Jen go upstairs to check on Laura's condition, and Kristen recalls in her mind the events which took place over the last few days. As they watch Laura come to she keeps mumbling Kristen's name over and over, and Marlena wonders why she is calling for Kristen. Mike asks Jen, John and Kristen to go downstairs so he and Marlena can examine Laura. Mike gives her a clean bill of health, but both Mike and Marlena are confused about the mark on her forehead. When they ask Laura about the mark she says nothing because she still so tired. Marlena asks why Laura was gone so long and she says she remembers Kristen and she wants to see her. Downstairs Kristen tries to convince John to leave but John wants to wait for Laura to wake up before they leave. Kristen goes out to get some air and John follows her. Outside she asks John if he'd love her if she wasn't pregnant and he asks her how she could ask that. Kristen asks if he'd marry her if she wasn't pregnant, and John thinks for awhile and says he doesn't understand how she could ask such questions and to stop worrying. Marlena comes downstairs to update everyone and tells them Laura wants to see Kristen. They all go to go upstairs and Kristen tries to stall but Marlena insists Kristen see Laura now.

At the station Bo and Abe are preparing the lineup and try to keep Jill from seeing Franco before the lineup because it could effect the legalities of her testimony in court if a trial was to follow. Bo is sure that Jill will ID Franco today and that he and Hope will be married, but Hope and Billie feel otherwise about Franco. When Hope takes Jill to get some water Bo thanks Billie for all her help and tells her that now he and Hope can be together. Bo leaves to prepare the line-up and Billie remembers what Franco said about Bo still loving her when she notices the rose on Bo's desk. Outside Franco assures Hope that he will be cleared and the truth about why Bo went to the island will be revealed. The lineup is readied and Franco is taken away. Jill is brought in and Bo and Hope tells her all she has to do is be honest and then it will be over. Bo assures Jill she will be completely safe from her attacker if she sees him and the men are brought in. As they go through all the men Franco hesitates to step forward but eventually does so. After all the men have stepped forward Abe asks her a few questions that the defense might ask in a trial and he asks he if the man who attacked her is in the line-up says that she doesn't see her attacker among them. Bo becomes angry when she doesn't ID Franco and refuses to let her go and insist she look again.

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