December 96 Week 3


December 16, Today's Summary by Eeyore
On Monday, Jennifer, John, and Marlena are about to leave the Blake house when Jenn sees a light on the second floor. They race upstairs, but don't discover Laura. [Jennifer is certain she saw a light, and John feels someone was there too, so they decide to search the second floor again. Instead of splitting up and verifying that every room is empty, they all go off together. Then they hear a noise coming from the first room, and rush back in. It's Celeste (who says she came in the back way),] telling everyone that she had a psychic dream in which she saw Stefano and Peter with Laura. Jennifer fears the worst. [Marlena thinks it's horse-puckey. Strange coming from her, after her experience with Eugene's 'vibes'. At Jennifer's request, Celeste describes her dream. Marlena shudders at the thought of Stefano being alive, and John reminds her that no body was found after the explosion in Aremid. It isn't unthinkable for Stefano to be alive. Celeste starts feeling 'vibrations'. Panicking, Stefano (still hiding in the secret room with Peter and Laura) calls Kristen and tells her to get these people out of the house ASAP. Kristen arrives in time to disrupt Celeste's 'vibrations', and Marlena finds it odd that Kristen came to the house, since she didn't know they were there. Kristen explains that she comes to the house a lot, since it's just like the one in Aremid where she and Peter stayed. She manages to convince them to drop the search until tomorrow, but Celeste calls Kristen later and feels she is hiding something.] Mickey wants to help Jack prepare for his murder trial, but Jack is so preoccupied that he cannot concentrate [and Mickey wants him to try to recall every detail of the evening Peter was shot.] He tells Mickey that all he can think about is Jennifer and Abby, and his responsibility to them. When Mickey urges Jack to concentrate on his defense, Jack tunes him out by recalling romantic times he shared with Jennifer. [Jenn returns to the house after not finding her mother, and she breaks down when she sees a drawing Abby made of the family - Jenn, Jack, Abby, and Laura.] Bo and Hope return to find the guard missing from outside Jill's room. When Bo spots Franco in the room, he goes ballistic, accusing Franco of having arranged for the guard to leave. Franco denies it, but Bo doesn't believe him. When the guard returns, he says there was a report about a missing patient that turned out to be a false alarm. [Bo decides to guard Jill himself, and Hope goes back to the Horton's. Shawn-Douglas is excited that they found Jill, and he thinks this means they'll be a family again. Sadly, Hope explains that may not be true, and they have to believe in whatever fate has in store for them. Hope reminisces about her almost-wedding to Bo, and Alice tries to comfort her (a slap upside the head might be more useful, Alice). Bo dozes off while sitting at Jill's bedside, and dreams that she awakens and identifies Franco as her attacker.] Once Franco is alone, he calls his boss and explains that the heat is on, and he's got to get out of town. [Bo overhears part of the conversation. He comments that Franco is on the phone an awful lot. He says it's his agent (but when's the last time we saw this guy working?). Bo asks Franco to hand over his passport,and tells a cop to keep an eye on him. Once the unwanted visitors exit the Blake house, Stefano tries to make arrangements for himself and Peter and Laura to leave. He's angry to learn that they cannot go until tomorrow evening. Peter asks Stefano to leave Laura behind, because Jennifer has been through enough pain. Stefano refuses.]


December 17
Bo comes to visit Hope at the Horton center to tell her that Jill hasn't woken up yet. In the meantime he thinks maybe that she'd want to join him and his mom and pop hang decorations at Saint Luke's, but Hope isn't to keen on the idea of going back to the church. Bo leaves and he and Shawn D. begin work at the church when Hope shows up to help. Bo and Hope go over Christmas past together and hope for more in the future.

Jack comes over to Jen's house to find her on the couch screaming while dreaming (Oh, I made a rhyme). Jen wakes up and tells Jack she had a horrible dream Laura was screaming to her for help. Jack assures Jen that everyone is working on finding Laura and he's sure she'll turn up. Jen asks why he came by and he tells Jen he's there to pick up Abby to take her to see Santa because they agreed to it awhile back. A depressed look comes over her face and when Jack asks what's wrong and she says it's the idea of Santa Claus and shopping, it seems wrong that life goes on even though her mother is missing. Jack tells her that they need to be strong and be there for Abby. He also tells her he wants to be there for her too and Jen hugs Jack. Jack and Jen take Abby down to Salem place to see Santa and Jen becomes upset when she sees a "Missing" picture of her mom. Jack tells Jen he and Mike put up posters all over the town, and John has a hotline set up at home. Jack takes Abby to see Santa and she tells Santa that she wants her Grandma back, and her mom to live with her dad.

Later Jen meets a lady who is looking at the missing picture of her mother, and the woman shares a similar story about her mother who is still missing and offers Jen help if she needs it. The woman gives Jen her card and walks away when Jack gets news that a woman matching Laura's description was spotted at a soup kitchen nearby. They go to check it out and Jen spots the woman with two policemen and thinks maybe it's her mom, but it's not. Jen suddenly remembers the women who she talked to earlier in the same situation and tracks her down and it just happens that the women is her mom.

Celeste's vision of Stefano and Laura haunts Kristen's dreams and she can't seem to shake the feeling something is wrong. Kristen calls Celeste and Celeste says she's been waiting for her call. Celeste assures Kristen something terrible is happening at the house and Kristen says she will go check it out. Celeste asks Kristen to meet her in Salem Place and there Celeste tells Kristen that she's had another vision that there is grave danger surrounding Laura, Peter, and Stefano and only she can keep a tragedy from happening.

Stefano is making the final arrangements for Laura and Peter to leave Salem by plane and he unties Laura so she can check Peter out to make sure that he's able to make a long journey. After Laura tells him she think's he can make the journey she tries to run but is caught by Stefano. After he chains her back up she begs Peter to help her but he tells her he doesn't have the strength to fight Stefano. Laura tells Peter that she doesn't know if he can redeem himself, but if he takes this first step there may be hope. Peter tells her he will release her on one condition, she has to keep silent. Laura is about to agree when Stefano comes in and says he's anxious to here her decision. Stefano says that she can go if she stays silent, and he asks what her choice is. Laura asks what about Jack and Peter tells her to forget Jack but she can't let Jack go to jail so she can't promise to keep her side of the bargain. Peter becomes angry with her and Stefano laughs and tells Peter that he knew all along Laura wouldn't accept Peter's deal, and he had no plans to let her go. All of the sudden Kristen comes over and is shocked to find Stefano still there. Stefano tries to keep Kristen out of the room but she walks in to find Laura chained to the chair. Kristen demands that Laura be set free but Stefano tells her she knows far to much about things to be let free. When Kristen says she doesn't care who gets hurt by what Laura knows Peter reveals himself to Kristen. Kristen faints upon seeing him and when she wakes back up she is glad he is alive but wants to know why he didn't tell her because he broke her heart. Kristen says that Jennifer will be so happy to see Peter is alive and her mother is okay, but Stefano tells her that's not part of the plan. Kristen looks at Stefano and asks what is his plan?


December 18
Sami's at home decorating hoping that Austin will come spend the day with her and Will. Lucas shows up in a Santa outfit to see Sami and Will, and Austin arrives shortly after him. Austin plans to take Will to the mall to see Santa with Carrie but Sami tells him no way. Austin tells her she's selfish and is denying Will a happy time, but Sami says that Will isn't strong enough to go out yet and when he is she will take him to see Santa at the mall. Carrie persuades Austin to leave and outside they run into Kate. Kate goes inside and asks Lucas to go down to her car and get Will's presents. Kate tells Sami she's a wretched human being, and Sami tells her she's holding the cards here and can't wait to ruin her sorry life. Lucas returns rather quickly and says that there is some noise coming from Carrie's apartment. Sami accuses Kate of planning something and wants to know what it is and Kate says let's go find out. They all go over to Carrie's apartment where Kate has transformed it into a Santa's workshop complete with elves and Santa. Kate starts taking pictures of Austin, Carrie, and Will and Sami pissed! Sami tells Kate she will expose her, and then to the side she tells Lucas that there must be another weapon she can use to get Austin. Lucas comments that Carrie is so good with Will, that she treats him like he's her own son and Sami says that's her ticket to stopping the annulment. Sami takes Carrie aside and tells her if she really loves Will she shouldn't make Austin choose her over Will, and that Will will hate her for this when he grows up and so will Austin.

At Salem Place Celeste thinks Laura is calling to her from beyond the grave. Caroline sees Celeste and asks what's wrong and she tells her that she senses Laura is not alone, that she is with another who has confronted evil and will suffer.

John is busy decorating when he hears someone come in. He thinks it's Kristen so he turns out the lights and grabs her and kisses her, but afterwards he finds out it's Marlena! John apologizes and says he was expecting Kristen to come in the door not Marlena. Marlena tells John she got off work early and wanted to take Belle to see Santa. John says he was about to do the same thing and they decide to go together, leaving a note behind. They go to the mall to see Santa and John runs back to a store to get a Santa hat. While John is gone Marlena asks God to let her have one night with John alone and to keep Kristen away a little while longer. John returns with a Santa hat for Marlena and the children as well. John worries were Kristen might be but Marlena says that he should focus on the children tonight because they can show him magic. John is going to take Belle and Brady to see Santa and Marlena was going to stay behind but Brady asks her not to go because they are a family. The photographer asks Marlena and John to get into the picture and asks them to kiss each other, so John figures why not. Later John gives the picture to the Marlena to keep, and notices some gloves in a store that Kristen wants so he decides to buy them. Meanwhile Susan has also bought the same pair of gloves for herself with the cash she's recently come into. When John tries to by a pair the woman in the store points to Susan and says that that woman just bought the last pair. The woman says that Susan was reluctant to buy them, so maybe John could persuade her to part with them. John decides to give it a try and approaches Susan.

Lexie and Abe show up and Lexie sees the children with Santa and wants to have a family.

Celeste later has a good vibration come over her and when Caroline sees her she says that Celeste should try going to church and get away from her psychic vibrations. Later when Marlena runs into Celeste, Celeste tells her she has a feeling Laura is in danger again. Marlena tells Celeste her feelings are silly, but Celeste says that Kristen doesn't think so, and that Kristen decided to go back to Peter's house to explore her visions.

Kristen slaps Stefano upon learning that it was he that planned Peter's death and she tells him she'll never forgive him for this. Stefano looks at Kristen with anger and says only one other person has struck him and that person will live to regret it, and if she ever touches him in anger again she will feel his wrath! Kristen calls Stefano a monster and wants to know why she had to be left out and Peter explains to her that Stefano planned it all. When she asks why Peter admits to Kristen that he went to Jennifer's house to kidnap her, and he did have the hypodermic needle. Kristen exclaims "Oh my God Jack was right" and Stefano says "Yes, and you were dead wrong." He tells her in the future she should be careful who she calls a monster. Kristen tells Stefano that she's leaving and Laura is coming with her, and Stefano informs Kristen that Laura knows her secret. Laura tells Kristen that she knows everything and that Marlena and John belong together. Stefano asks if she still wants Laura to be let go because when people found out what Kristen did she will drag the family name through mud, which Laura slyly comments "That's were it is now". Kristen asks Peter for advice and Peter says it's her call, but he's uncomfortable keeping her away from her family and life. Kristen says she knows what it's like to loose a mother and can't put Jen through that. Kristen says that maybe it wasn't meant to be, and that she can't live knowing she ruined Laura, Jen, and Abby's life. Kristen asks Stefano to let Laura go but Stefano says no because he's not going to let anything stand in the way of the future with the woman he loves. Stefano slams the door and storms off and Peter says he doesn't remember ever seeing Stefano this angry before. Kristen tries to find the key to the handcuffs but Stefano comes back to early. He tells her she's disappointed him and now he has to take matters into his own hands and settle the situation his way. Stefano then says he's going to try something he's never done before and pulls out a weird laser gun.


December 19
John is about to asks Susan about the gloves when the lady behind the counter at the store tells John they might have another pair in the back. Susan tries to slip out but John calls out to her. John says he'd like to buy the gloves off of her and she says okay. John offers a check but when he asks her name she asks for cash instead. John gives her the cash, and asks if they've ever met but Susan says no. As John is about to leave Susan's baby kicks and he looks at her and says he didn't notices she was pregnant because of her coat. He asks when she is due and she says in one month, which John thinks is remarkable since that's when Kristen is do. John asks if he can feel the baby kicking and Susan lets him. John comments that he' never felt his baby kick but he has seen his baby once at an ultrasound and Susan says "Yeah it was wonderful." John looks at her and she says she meant at her ultrasound, and John realizes it was at the doctors office he saw her. Susan says that it couldn't have been her because she goes to a doctor at another hospital, and John apologizes and lets her go.

Celeste tells Marlena that she told Kristen she had a vision that only she can prevent a tragedy from happening, and that's why she went back to the Blake House. Marlena thinks it's odd that Kristen went out to search the house because she's never been a close friend of Celeste's. They talk for a bit about Celeste's dreams and Marlena councils her on the dreams and their meanings. Marlena leaves Celeste and catches up with John in Salem place, who decide to run a few errands. As Celeste is walking she bumps into Susan, who drops a package. Susan bends down to pick the package up and Celeste holds her hand to help her up. When Celeste touches her hand she gets a vibe and exclaims "I know you!" Susan says they've never met. Celeste senses she is an actress, but Susan says Celeste is scaring her and she runs off.

Sami asks Carrie how she can come between Austin and Will. Carrie tells her she needs to wake up and realize Austin will never love her and that they are going to be together. Sami goes off calling Carrie selfish because all she cares about Austin spending time with her and not his son. Carrie and Sami watch Austin playing with Will and tell him he's loves him and Sami tells Carrie to look at Austin and Will and ask how could she keep them apart. Inside Marlena and John have come over and John comments to Austin to that these moments are precious and once they are gone you never get them back. John says that he needs to head back to finish decorating as a surprise for Christmas and Marlena tells John that Celeste said Kristen went back to Peter's house, so they decide to go over there to check it out. Carrie decides that Austin can't go with her on the trip, and Sami is overjoyed when she overhears Carrie tell him.

Stefano comes in with a laser gun that can remove short term memories and with it he can eradicate the last few days of Laura's life. Laura's has a caniption and starts spouting about how the brain is the most complex organ and one mistake could leave her paralyzes or a vegetable. Kristen says it's to dangerous and Stefano says they have two options, the laser procedure or death. Laura begs for Kristen and Peter not to let him do it but they have no choice and Laura is petrified she'll become the vegetable she was before. Laura says she'd rather they kill her than use the laser, and then begs for them to kill her. Kristen and Peter want to stop Stefano but Peter is too weak. Kristen tries to run for help but Stefano stops her. When Stefano promises her that the procedure only has a small risks she says to do it. As the doctor get's ready to zap Laura he comments that one small move will result in Laura loosing a lot more than her short term memory.


December 20
Back at the hospital Bo is waiting to see Jill when Hope arrives. Hope still thinks Franco is innocent, and she says she's afraid Bo still has feelings for Billie he doesn't recognize though. Hope also says she has a feeling that Jill will wake up and talk tonight, and Bo says that way they'll be able to be married by Christmas. The doctor tells Bo and Hope that Jill's vital has improved, but that he doesn't know when she will wake up. Bo says he wants stick around the hospital and Hope reminds him the Titan X-Mas party is tonight. Hope wants to dance there with Bo, and Bo also has the same hopes but it all depends on Jill. Hope decides to leave and Bo stays to wait for Jill.

At the penthouse Kate is getting ready for the Titan party. Billie is unsure about what to think about Jill because if she clears Franco she may have another shot with Bo. Kate tells Billie she has to fight for Bo and tell him she loves him, but Billie says she can't do that to Hope. Kate says if she wants Bo back she has to tell Bo she loves him before Jill wakes up and Bo and Hope can reconcile. Billie says she's tempted to tell Bo, but she doesn't know what Bo wants or how he feels about her.

Bo shows up at the party and he tells Hope he just couldn't miss seeing her all dressed up tonight. Billie looks over at them and tells Kate it's too late for her to go to Bo, and Kate says to herself "It's not to late as long as Jill is still unconscious." Back at the hospital Jill has woken up and the doctors call Bo. Bo, Hope, and Billie decide to go to the hospital to speak with Jill. Bo asks Jill if she remembers who it was that attacked her and she says yes, and she can ID him in a lineup.

John and Marlena are on the way to Peter's house to pick up Kristen if she is still there. At the house the doctor is getting ready to do the surgery on Laura. Peter wants to stop it but Kristen assures him this is the only answer to there problem. Laura starts moaning and Stefano assures them that she is no pain. Peter wants to stop the procedure but Stefano says it's to late now. Kristen leaves because she can't stand around and watch, and Stefano encourages Peter to go with her because this procedure could take hours. After they are gone Stefano asks the doctor how it is going truthfully, and he says it looks good so far, but that there are the risks they talked about. All of the sudden the power surges because the computer is using too much power, but Stefano assures Kristen and Peter it will not effect the procedure or Laura. Kristen and Peter recall where their relationships went wrong, and Kristen recalls Tony's trial where she doubted John but Marlena didn't. Kristen then says if John ever found out what they were letting Stefano do to Laura he'd hate her, but Peter assures her John will never find out. Little do they both know Marlena and John have just arrived and walked into the house. Kristen thinks she hears something downstairs but Peter convinces her it's probably just the wind on the shutters. Downstairs John and Marlena decide to check out the rest of the place. John gets flashes of Aremid and when Kristen doubted his innocent. Marlena tells him to forget those times, and John says something good came out of it and recalls writing the love letter to Marlena. The power surges once again and John becomes suspicious and decides to check the circuit breakers, but that check out. Upstairs Kristen looks out the window and sees John's car and panics. Stefano tells Kristen to go downstairs and stall John. Downstairs John and Marlena go back to Aremid again and John senses Marlena is holding something back on her and wants to know what it is. Marlena says maybe it's time she tells him and says she knows he loves her and she loves him, and she tells him about Kristen, but it's a fantasy. In reality Kristen comes in before Marlena can say anything. Kristen says she was just looking around but was leaving. John says he wants to check out the house because of the power surges, but Kristen makes an excuse that there is a power outage in the area. John leaves and asks Kristen and Marlena wait before coming home because he has a surprise for Kristen. After John leaves Kristen and Marlena get into it over John and the house, and Marlena thinks Kristen is hiding something from her upstairs. Marlena decides to go upstairs when the photo of John and her kissing falls out of her purse. Kristen sees it and gets upset and pretends to have a cramp so Marlena will take her home. Upstairs the doctor has come to the most important, and critical part of the surgery. Stefano says that this is the point where the readouts and computers do them no good, there is no way to know if it will be fully successful until after Laura wakes up. The procedure is eventually finished, but Stefano says they will not know if it worked because by time Laura wakes up they will be long gone from Salem. Marlena and Kristen to return home where John has the whole house decorated, and he also has a rocking cradle for the baby.

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