December 96 Week 2


December 9
Kristen has a nightmare that Marlena exposed Susan during the ultra sound. Kristen takes the dream as a sign that something will go wrong and she calls Susan. Kristen asks Susan to meet her at Salem place as her self. She hangs up the phone as she hears a knock at the door, it's John and Marlena who have come to bring them breakfast and remind them of her appointment. Marlena offers Kristen a ride to the hospital but Kristen claims to have some errands to run. John and Marlena leave and Kristen goes to meet Susan. Kristen tells Susan to pay attention to the way she walks, talks, and acts so she can fool John. Kristen notices Susan's nails are a mess and tells her she'll need a manicure. Susan explains to Kristen thats she naws on her nails when she is nervous and Kristen says she doesn't do that sho she'll have to quit it. Kristen asks Susan to hang out in the background while she buys an outfit in a clothing store. As Kristen shops Carrie and Marlena come into the store. Kristen and Susan manage to slip out and Marlena tells Carrie that for awhile she thought that Kristen might have miscarried but that she hopes the ultra sound will solve some of her worries. As Marlena looks at one of the suits and the woman behind the counter says that it's a very popular item, and that some woman bought two of that suit and many other things today. Marlena comments on how odd that is, but that the woman must have had a twin. Back at the mansion Kristen suggests that Susan ask for the lights to be dimmed and to not speak at all whenever possible during the ultra sound. Kristen gets a call about the appointment, it's been changed from his office to the hospital. Susan panics because they don't know the way to sneak in and out of that office. As Susan bites her nails Kristen yells at her not to do that and Kristen tries to formulate a new plan, but they'll have to wing it.

Hope wakes up in the hospital and is confused about what happened, and thinks that it was Bo who saved her. Bo tells her that Franco saved her and Hope says that that proves Franco is not the man Bo claims he is. Bo tells Hope he will find Jill land prove he is right.

Franco comes to visit Hope and runs into Alice. Alice tells Franco hope has been moved to the second floor and he panics when he realizes Jill is also on the second floor.

Back in Hope's room Bo finds out that his computer search request for Jill has been rejected by Abe. Abe tells Bo that it's out of his hands now Bo pleads for 24 hours more, but Abe can't give it to him. Bo tells Abe that he will search for Jill on his own and Abe reminds him he will be suspended. Bo says he is aware of that and hands over his badge claiming that he is now a private citizen. Hope asks Bo not to do this but Bo is determined to find Jill and leaves. Outside he runs into Franco and thanks him for saving Hope but that doesn't change his mind. Franco tries to get Bo to go talk with him at a coffee shop and Bo wants to know why he's so nervous. Hope comes out and tells Bo to stop badgering Franco. Mike comes to see what the disturbance is and Hope asks when she can leave. Mike tells her he has the papers ready for her to sign at the nurses station and Hope goes to sign them. Mike asks Bo what is going on and Bo says it's just a misunderstanding. Mike tells Bo to go talk to Hope, and he eventually finds her on the terrace. Bo tells Hope he is going to keep searching for Jill because someone knows where she is. Hope tells Bo he needs to face the fact that Jill will never be found and they will never be married. Bo says he loves Hope and not Billie and will find Jill, but Hope just goes back inside without speaking.

Billie dreams about whether to tell Bo about Jill or keep silent. When she wakes up Kate comes in to check on her. Kate wants to know what her decision is and Billie says she is going to tell him. Billie says that not telling Bo will be keeping Bo and Hope apart, but Kate says that Hope is the one keeping them apart and she should let Hope live with the consequences. She says that Hope knows Bo still has feelings for Billie and that all Billie needs to do is remain quiet and let fate take it's course. Billie says that would be selfish of her but Kate says that Hope is being selfish by asking Bo to forget Billie. Kate tells her not to walk away from Bo again, and that if she's silent about Jill Bo will return to her.

Meanwhile Jill's fever has broken and she is being prepared to be transported to the long term facility. Franco watches and realizes by time Billie is ready to tell Bo it will be to late.

Billie goes to the chapel to pray to God for advice on what to do. She is torn because she doesn't know whether Bo will be happier with Hope or with her, and she fantasizes about their wedding together. She asks God if it is so impossible to think that Bo would choose her given the chance, and if Jill disappeared he'd have that chance. She says that if Bo chose her she could love him like nobody can, not even Hope and she will make him happy. Billie doesn't know if she can remain silent and knows she has to make a decision before Jill is transferred to the long term facility.

As Hope leaves for home Bo offers her a ride but says she needs to be alone. Billie approaches Bo and Bo tells her about his search for Jill being canceled. Billie is unsure she can keep quiet about Jill because Bo is hurting, but then she finds out from Mike that Jill is being boarded into an ambulance as they speak. Billie realizes Jill will be gone in a minuet and all she needs to do is be quiet for 1 minuet. Bo asks her if she thinks his search for Bo is useless and she tells him he should do what he feels is right. Billie watches as Jill is taken away and realizes what she has done. Franco says to himself Billie has solved his problems and Bo is hers for the taking.

Carrie and Austin prepare for their trip as Sami watches from across the hall. Carrie goes into her apartment to get her things and Austin talks with Sami. Sami tells him if he goes on the trip and leaves Will he is no better than his father Curtis Reid. Austin tells her never to compare him to Curtis again. Sami says that he's just as awful as his father, fooling around with one sister while married to another. Austin tells her their marriage is a joke and he loves Carrie. Sami says that babies change in 6 months and when Austin returns he won't recognize Will and Will won't recognize him. Lucas shows up and Sami says that Will will be seeing Lucas for the next six months and asks if he wants Will's role model to be a man like Lucas. Austin says he'll be Will's role model, not Lucas and that Sami is using Will to to make him feel guilty. Sami says that if he's feeling guilty it's because he should. Austin says he's not going to listen to Sami anymore and Sami says he must be prepared to live with the consequences of his decision.

Sami and Lucas go out to Salem Place and she is afraid that someone will give Austin a better reason to leave. Meanwhile Austin goes to see his mother about what to do and she tells him that she can't make that choice for him, but he should listen to his heart, not Sami. Austin meets up with Sami and tells her that he has decided to go with Carrie. Sami tells Lucas she needs to be alone to think when Kate approaches her. She tells Sami she's lost and might as well quit while she's behind.

Kristen goes to the hospital a little early in hopes of checking out the office but her plan is foiled when she runs into Marlena and John who are already there.


December 10
Jack and Jen dream that they were making love and when they wake up they are in each others arms on the couch. When Jen asks what happened Jack said they must have fell asleep waiting for Laura to get home. Jen runs upstairs to check Laura's room as Mike comes in. Mike asks what time Laura got in last night and Jen runs downstairs and says Laura's not there, that her bed hasn't even been slept in. Jen panics and Mike tries to rationalize the situation and Jack hesitates to mention the possibility of foul play. Jack and Jen see Abby off to school as Mike talks with the police. Mike says the police can't help them until 72 hours have past. Jen panics that perhaps she's walking around confused and Mike tells her as long as Laura takes her medication she'll be fine. The phone rings and Jen says that it's a lead on her mom and the three of them rush out the door. They end up at the church where the father has found her purse. When Jen finds her medication in the purse Jen panics that her mother could have a breakdown.

Stefano makes plans to take Laura and Peter out of town that night. Laura asks how long they will be away and Stefano says he and Peter will return one day, but Laura is leaving Salem for good. Stefano unties Laura and tells her that Peter's bandage needs to be changed. As she changes his bandage Laura tries to persuade Peter to change his ways and tell Jen but Peter says he can't risk loosing Jen. When Laura tells him he's lost her already Peter tells her they will be together again. When Laura notices Stefano isn't there she tries to escape but Stefano catches her. Stefano ties her back up because he can't let her escape and Laura tells Stefano that John won't be fooled today at the ultra sound by Kristen's double. She tells him that Kristen will break and will tell John Stefano is still alive and he won't stop until he hunts him down. Stefano tells her that John will not come to her rescue and makes the final arrangements for Peter and Laura to be taken away. Laura says her family will call the police but Stefano says that once her family finds her purse and prescription they'll think she's gone off the deep end. Laura panics when she realizes she doesn't have her medication but Stefano tells her he has made a prescription for her and gives her a pill, which Laura takes (I'm not going to say a word).

Hope wakes up and comes downstairs to find her grandmother there. Alice asks if anything is wrong and Hope tells her that it's over between her and Bo, that they will never be married. Hope tells Alice she has doubts about Bo's feelings for Billie, and because Bo will probably never find Jill she'll never get those answers and they'll never be married. Hope says she knows that Alice thinks she's foolish for not marrying Bo but she needs to know she is the only one in Bo's heart. Alice tells her she is stubborn and never even considered she could be wrong. Alice says that she needs to follow her heart and that love always triumphs. Hope says not always and remembers back to when she went to tell Bo that she loved him and he asked for a divorce so he could marry Billie. Hope says she needs to be alone to think and goes out for a walk.

Kate finds Billie and asks her if she's told Bo about Jill and Billie says that it's to late, she kept quiet and now Jill is gone. Billie says it is her fault that Bo and Hope are not together and Kate tells her that it isn't her fault. Kate says that if Bo and Hope are meant to be together they will be, but right now Billie has the opportunity to find out if she and Bo are meant to be together. As they argue Bo comes in on them and says he needs to talk with Billie. Kate leaves and when Billie ask what he needs to talk to her about he tells her it's about Jill and what she (Billie) has done. Billie is speechless until Bo tells her he knows she was looking for Jill last night and thanks her. As Bo goes to leave Billie stops him and says she has something to tell him but Kate bursts into the room and says there is an emergency at Titan and she needs Billie. Bo leaves and Billie scolds her mother for stopping her. Kate tells Billie that Bo never has to know about Jill.

On the docks Bo remembers back to when Hope and him were happy and asks how everything went so wrong. As he ponders over the question Hope approaches him and says she figured she'd find him here. Bo says he is still looking for Jill but Hope tells him that it's over, and goes to give back the engagement ring. As she is taking it off Billie watches from afar and says she can no longer remain silent.

At the hospital Kristen, John, and Marlena all go into the exam room as Susan stands by in disguise waiting to switch places with Kristen. Before they enter Marlena is approached by a nurse to sign some forms on a patient and Kristen tells John she wants to get a drink from a fountain around the corner. Kristen asks John and Marlena to wait out here while the doctor examines her and she'll call them in for the ultrasound. Both Kristen and Susan manage to get into the exam room and switch places when the doctor comes to examine Kristen. Kristen hides in the closet as the doctor examines Susan. When he decides to do the ultrasound Susan asks him to dim the lights because it relaxes her. The doctor does so and then goes and brings John into the room, who is all set to see their child. As John is shown Susan's child on the monitor the doctor tells him he can't tell the sex from the baby's position. Outside Marlena wonders if Kristen is faking and daydreams about John coming out and telling her Kristen isn't pregnant. Inside as the doctor tells John everything looks fine John notices something and says something is wrong. He then asks why Kristen isn't wearing his engagement ring and the doctor says that Kristen didn't need to remove the ring. John notices her hand is shaking and the doctor says there are blankets in the closet where Kristen is hiding! Before John can get the blanket the doctor says the ultra sound is over and Kristen can get dressed. As John leaves the room he says something is different about her. After John and the doctor are gone Kristen comes back and tells Susan to hurry up and get out of the disguise. Outside John tells Marlena he saw the baby and the doctor says everything checked out okay. After the doctor leaves John tells Marlena he didn't see the usual spark in Kristen. Kristen comes out before Marlena can say anything and says she feels so much better, and John says she looks better. Kristen wants to go home and celebrate and Kristen invites Marlena to join them, who seems puzzled by the invitation. John notices she had on her engagement ring and she says that she took it off without remembering she didn't need to. As they go to leave Marlena says she needs to stop by her office. As Kristen and John wait for her Kristen goes to make a phone call to Stefano to tell him the appointment was successful and she thinks Marlena will now leave her alone. What Kristen doesn't know is that Marlena spotted Susan outside her office and thought it was Kristen! When she called out Kristen Susan ignores her and keeps on walking. John shows up and says Marlena looks like she's seen a ghost. Marlena answers "I'm not sure what I saw."

Back at Stefano's hideout Stefano tells Laura that everyone has been fooled into think Kristen is pregnant, and her last chance for a rescue is now gone.


December 11
On the docks Hope tells Bo it's over and goes to hand back his engagement ring. Billie who is watching from a distance sees Hope go to give Bo's ring back and struggles with the decision what to do. Hope tries to remove the ring but it's stuck and Bo says it's a sign that it was meant to remain on her hand, and that they were meant to be. Hope says that they can't be married because he went to the island the night before their wedding to be with Billie because he cares for her. When he asks why she can't believe him when he says Billie was in danger she says it's because she doesn't believe him.

Billie continues to wonder the docks thinking when she runs into Franco. She tells Franco she knows where Jill is and she should have told Bo. Franco says if she hasn't told Bo yet then she must have a good reason. Billie tells Franco she needs to be alone and walks off. Franco then calls his boss and tells him or her that Billie is on the verge of telling Bo about Jill. The boss tells Franco something and he says he knows what to do and takes off.

Back at the docks where Bo and Hope are the two of them reminisce about their first meeting on the docks when Hope was on a date with a football player and he was hanging with some of his buds. As Bo tells Hope they were meant to be together Billie approaches them and tells them she has something to say about Jill.

Bo rushes to the hospital to find out some info on where Jane Doe is being transferred but the nurse says that the computer system is down and won't be up till tomorrow. Bo is angry but Billie remembers that the people who were going to take Jill away were from Albright Nursing Home.

At Albright Nursing Home Franco is in Jill's room and dressed in a male nurses uniform and is taking Jill away. When he is caught by a nurse she asks what he is doing and Franco claims Jill is being transferred again. The nurse says Jill can't be transferred without her signature which she won't give until after she has completed rounds later on. When Bo arrives at the nursing home Jill's room is empty. Bo asks where she is and the nurse says she doesn't know. Bo says Franco has her but Hope just wants to go home. Billie spots Jill and Bo runs to her. Jill is waking up and asks Bo if he's there. Bo says they will finally get the answers they need. Outside Franco calls his boss and says the best the could do was move Jill to another room, but if Bo finds her it's all over.

Jen is afraid for her mother and Mike tells her that he thinks something is wrong, and he says if Laura goes to long without taking her medicine there is no telling what could happen. When Jack brings up the idea of foul play again Jen becomes upset and refuses to believe that. Jack goes to call the police and Jen reminds him that they can't do anything for 72 hours. Mike points out that was before they found her purse and now Laura could be.... and Jack finishes his sentence with Laura could be in great danger.

Laura struggles in her bonds and can't believe that John was fooled by the double. She asks Stefano how he could keep Peter's condition secret from Kristen and Stefano says that he knows Kristen to well and he knows she'd tell Jen. Laura says that Mike and Jen will find her but Stefano says they will think she has gone insane and give up searching for her. Stefano tells Laura he's taking her away and that there are worse things then never seeing her family again. When she asks why he is doing this he says for love. Laura tells Stefano that Marlena and Jen hate them both and if he thinks that will change then he's the crazy one. Peter wants to know if there is any way to leave her behind but Stefano says she knows to much. Stefano leaves the room to check on the arrangements and Peter tells Laura that he never wanted it to be like this. As Peter talks to Laura he gets a pain in his chest and Stefano comes in. Stefano unties Laura to examine Peter and she tells Stefano what she'll needs. After Stefano gives her the supplies Laura checks over Peter.

John and Kristen return home with the picture of their baby from the ultrasound. Kristen comments on how nice it was having John by her side during the ultrasound and John looks at her and says that during the ultrasound he had this feeling she wasn't there. When Kristen asks what he means Marlena walks in just as John says something wasn't quite right. Kristen says that she was just nervous that the doctor would have something bad to tell her. Kristen says she's going to go talk to the cook about preparing something special and while she is gone John tells Marlena he can't shake this feeling he had that Kristen wasn't there in the exam room with him. Kristen comes downstairs dressed for dinner and John gives her a small photo album to put in her purse. The phone rings and Kristen answers it. It's Stefano and he is calling to say goodbye and good luck. He tells her that she won't be hearing from him for quite awhile but he will be back. He tells her goodbye and Kristen hangs up the phone. Kristen tells John that she want's to go get some pine cones from outside for the fire. As Marlena watches to John from the hallway she fantasizes about being with John. John is about to prepare drinks for him and Marlena when Jack, Mike, and Jack all come in worried about Laura. They tell them what they know and that Laura should have been home by know. Marlena then comments that Kristen should be back by now as well.

Kristen shows up at Stefano's place as he is about to leave and when Stefano is nervous she asks what he is hiding from him in a closed room. Stefano just says that he is running out of time and has to leave, besides John is going to miss her if she's gone to long. Back inside the room Peter is sleeping and Laura is cutting herself free with a medical tool. When Stefano finally get's rid of Kristen and returns to the room Laura is already gone.

At Sami's apartment Sami gets angry at Lucas for watching football instead of helping her think of ways to keep Austin from leaving. Lucas tells Sami it's over and she's lost Sami asks why Lucas is always hanging around with her and Lucas says that he likes her. He says even though she is bad she has some redeeming qualities. As Sami ponders how to keep Austin from leaving there is a knock at the door. When Sami opens the door it's Austin and Carrie with news for Sami. Austin says the date of their annulment has been moved up and that they will be divorced before he and Carrie leave for their trip. Austin says that once he is divorced from Sami he's seeking soul custody of Will. Sami tells him they can't do that and Carrie says they are going to Chez Vous tonight to plan there trip and perhaps they'll even get married while they were away. Austin tells her to say goodnight to Will and they both leave.

Later at Chez Vous Austin and Carrie have a romantic dinner but back at Sami's there is trouble with Will. Sami calls Austin to tell him that Will is sick and he has to come home right away. Austin thinks it's just a trick but Carrie says they should check it out. When Austin and Carrie arrive home Sami exclaims she thinks Will is dying.


December 12
Jill wakes up and looks at Bo and Bo asks Jill if she could talk to her about the man who has been attacking her. Jill hears Bo's voice over and over in her head and she says he'll kill her if she talks. As Jill is about to tell Bo about Franco a doctor comes in and says Jill is very ill and they have to leave. Jill becomes unconscious and the doctor says he needs to examine her and will talk to them later. Outside Jill's room Bo speculates that Franco was the one who moved her and goes to look for him. Franco is outside talking to his boss on the phone and says that if his boss can't keep Jill from talking he's leaving town because he isn't going to jail for anyone. Franco hangs up his phone and turns around to find Bo there. Bo tries to trick Franco in revealing himself to him by saying that Jill told him everything, but Franco doesn't buy it. Inside Hope and Billie talk about Bo's suspicions of Franco when Bo comes in with Franco. Franco says that he came here when the nurses at the hospital said Billie was here. Billie says that there is no way Franco could have gotten here before them because she never told Franco Jane Doe was Jill (Um, yes she did?). Bo says that once Jill wakes up they'll find out the truth. Later when Franco's alone he is talking to himself that he can't let Jill expose him when Billie comes up behind him and asks who he's talking to. Franco says he was just mumbling to himself. Billie tells Franco she feels guilty about not telling Bo about Jill earlier (see she did tell him) and Franco says Bo knows now and that's all that matters. Hope approaches them and asks to talk to Billie alone. Billie asks if Jill confirmed Franco's guilt and she says no, but if she does she and Bo will be married immediately. Billie then says she has something to tell Hope about Jill. Billie tells Hope that when she was in the park last night with her and Bo she didn't tell them she knew where Jill was because she was afraid Jill's story would be true and they would be married. Billie apologizes and says that Hope can slap her or never speak to her again because she deserves it but Hope tells her she knows this was difficult but that this proves to her what a good friend she. Hope also says that by not telling her about Jill immediately she realizes Billie hasn't really moved on. Later Hope tells Bo and Bo comes to talk to Billie about the situation. Bo tells her that he can't be angry with her because she's been hurt bad and that's she's human and feels things. Hope rushes over to get Bo because the doctor wants to talk with him. Bo goes to see the doctor and asks if they can talk to Jill and the doctor says that's what he needs to talk to them about. Outside Franco calls his boss again in a panic and his boss gives him some orders. Franco says if that is the only way to stop Jill then he has no choice.

Stefano manages to get rid of Kristen only to discover Laura has escaped out the window. As Laura is on the run in the woods Peter wakes up and needs some pain medication. Peter notices Laura is gone and begins to panic but Stefano assures him everything will be fine. Laura manages to stumble on to a parked car but there is no keys in it. Remembering that Vivian taught her how to hotwire a car and she manages to get it started and drive off. Laura eventually has to stop the car when a branch is in the middle of the road and she is caught by Stefano. Laura is dragged back to Peter's room where Stefano chains her to the chair and tells her he doesn't care what happens to her now. Stefano leaves to make the final arrangements for them to go to the airfield and Laura begs Peter to convince Stefano to leave her behind. Stefano comes in and tells Peter to ignore whatever she says and Peter tells her he's sorry. Stefano then informs them that everything is ready and they are all leaving now.

Jen continues to believe that Laura is fine but Mike and Jack think otherwise. Jen asks where Kristen is and John says outback collecting pinecones for the fire. When John goes to get her Marlena says she'll go so John can continue to talk with Jen. Marlena comes back and says that Kristen is nowhere on the grounds. As John wonders where she is Kristen comes in and claims to have lost track of time. When she asks why everyone is here Jen tells Kristen her mom is missing.

Austin and Carrie come in and Sami says that Will has a temperature of one hundred and four. Austin calls Mike at Kristen's about Will. Marlena and Mike rush to Austin's to check on Will. Marlena comforts Sami and tells her that Will will be okay. Mike takes Marlena aside and tells her that it could be nothing, but it could be related to the problems Will had when he was born. Austin overhears them and wants them to be straight with him but Mike says that they have to wait and see. Marlena tells Mike to go search for Laura and she'll watch Will. Mike hesitates but Marlena says she will beep him if there is a change. Marlena and Carrie go to Carrie's apartment so that Austin and Sami can be alone with Will. Will's fever begins to go down slowly and Sami and Austin are overjoyed. Back at Carrie's Carrie tells Marlena that she's afraid she'll never be with Austin because the bond Sami and Austin share with Will is too strong, but Marlena tells Carrie not to underestimate the power of love.

John, Jen, Jack, and Kristen continue to try and figure out where Laura could be. John and Jen tell Kristen to go upstairs and rest so she does when Jen says she'll be all right. Jack assures Jen they'll find Laura but Jen is afraid how she will be when they do find her. John takes Kristen upstairs and after he leaves Kristen says she's sorry she's lying to him but that she will give him a healthy baby thanks to Susan. The baby sitter calls over to Kristen's to speak with Jen. She called to say that her husband got home and notices that the lights in the house Peter built for them were on, and John wonders if Laura could be there. Jen says that Laura has been there before and that she couldn't get over the fact it looks just like the house back in Aremid. Jack says that if Laura is confused and went there she could think she's back in Aremid. Jack, Jen, and John decide to go check the house out and find the lights on. Upstairs Laura hears them come in and tries to shout but Stefano covers her mouth.


December 13
The doctor tells Bo that Jill should regain conscious soon. Bo sees Franco talking with a nurse and suspects he's up to something. Inside Jill's room Jill mumbles she has to tell Bo about Franco. Bo asks Franco what he's up to and the nurse says he was arranging for some sandwiches to be sent over, and Hope scolds Bo. They get into the exact same argument again over Franco's guilt and Hope walks off. Franco approaches Hope and she tells him that she's always trusted Bo's instinct but the is the first time she's doubted him. Franco says the problem is personal feelings, Bo's feelings for Billie to be exact. Franco tells Hope that Bo is sending Billie mixed signals, but Hope says that Bo just feels sorry for her. Meanwhile Bo tells Billie that he's not mad at her for keeping the truth from him, and she tells him she really wants him and Hope to be together. The two of them hug as Hope watches from a distance. As Bo goes to check on Jill Billie remembers back to when Bo proposed to her. Billie calls Kate to tell her she needs her mother tonight. Kate tells her she's there for her and Billie leaves. Hope suggests they all leave to get some rest but Bo refuses to leave until Jill wakes up. Bo gets a call from Abe, who tells him that the commissioner has reopened the case. In Jill's room when Franco tells Hope that it's ironic that Billie was with Jill all this time Hope recalls Celeste prophecy that Jill was with someone Bo loves. Hope runs off to be alone and Franco suggests he go after her. When a police officers shows up Bo tells him to guard Jill, especially from Franco, and then he goes off to find Hope. Bo finds Hope outside and asks her what's wrong, and Hope reminds him about Celeste's vision. Bo tells Hope she's being silly but Hope says the someone he loved was Billie. Bo tells her he will prove her and Celeste wrong.

Back inside Franco informs his boss that he will get in to see Jill. Franco walks over to Jill's door and knows he has to get past the guard and get to Jill before she talks. Franco overhears some nurses talking about an escape patient and the alarm system and sets off the alarm by opening a fire exit. The nurses convince the guard to help them track down what they think is a missing patient, and Franco manages to slip into Jill's room.

Back at Kate's Kate asks Billie why she had to hurt herself by giving up Bo again. Billie tells her mom that she love him so much and Kate says that she knows she loves him and that she thinks she made the wrong choice. Kate tells Billie that if Bo and Hope were meant to be that they would be, and her (Billie's) presence wouldn't matter, but it has. Kate asks Billie when she will take advantage of the situation and go after Bo (*cough* Franco's Boss *cough*). Kate tells Billie her and Bo belong together and swears to Billie it will be.

Austin walks out on Sami when she asks him if he can walk out on Will. Sami tries to make Austin feel guilty for walking out on Will for Carrie and as they argue Carrie and Marlena listen in on them through the door. Carrie and Marlena come in and Carrie suggests Austin rest over at her apartment. As they leave Sami tells Austin that Will will know he choose his girlfriend over his own son, and she will make sure Will hates them both for it. Marlena tells Sami that Will's fever is down but all Sami is concerned about is Austin leaving. Marlena assures Sami that she will be all right and Will probably won't remember, but Sami says she'll remember. Sami says it's not fair that she's the one who is unloved but Marlena tells her she loves her and it hurts her too see Sami acting so irresponsible. Sami says she is taking responsibility by not letting Austin leave. Marlena says that if she tries to turn Will against his father, she and the Brady's won't stand for it. Marlena says Sami has to regain her self respect by undoing the damage by doing what's best for Will, but Sami vows she will get Austin back if it's the last thing she does (Wake up, you never had Austin). Back at Carrie's place discuss their trip and Carrie assures him Will will be fine. As Carrie sleeps Austin gets up to check on Will (he just walk into Sami's place, the door wasn't even locked). Sami is on the couch sleeping and wakes up when she hears Austin. Sami starts laying the guilt trip on Austin about how much Will depends on him and needs him. She admits she would do anything to keep him but not to punish Will out of anger towards her. She reminds him he had to grow up without a father and not to do that to Will. Austin hands Will back to Sami and walks out and returns to Carrie. Back at her place Sami promises Will she will do everything she can to make it okay for him and to keep Austin from leaving.

Jen, Jack, and John show up at the new house looking for Laura. They go upstairs to check the bedrooms one by one as Stefano and Peter try to think what to do. As Jack and John come to the last room they find it empty. Stefano, Peter, and Laura have managed to hide in a secret passageway that Peter had constructed because he wanted the house to be an exact replica of the one in Aremid. As they are about to leave John sees a muddy footprint on the floor. Peter listens in on Jen commenting how she can't take any more and hears Jack comforting her. Peter becomes angry and wants Jack away from his wife. When Marlena shows up to help with the search but they find nothing and leave. Stefano comes out to make sure the way is clear, and outside Jen notices a light go on on the second floor.

Lexie and Abe bring Celeste back to their place to relax, but Celeste keeps having flashes of something terrible happening. Lexie and Abe leave her to rest and Celeste says she will never be free from Stefano's curse. As Celeste sleeps she sees Peter and Stefano laughing at her in her dreams and sees Laura's face. Lexie comes in to check on Celeste but Celeste tells her she's fine. Celeste wonders what these images could mean and goes back to sleep. She then dreams that Peter and Stefano are strangling Laura and wakes up screaming. When Abe and Lexie come in she tells them something is wrong.

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