December 96 Week 1


December 2
Billie visits Jill and has brought with her some flowers to brighten up her room. When she notices there is no vase to place them in she leaves to get one. Franco uses the time to slip into the room and check on Jill's condition. Out in the hall Billie bumps into Hope and she asks how her Thanksgiving was. When Hope tells Billie she wants her, Bo, and Shawn D to be a family again Hope says that won't happen until she and Bo are married. Bo shows up behind them and tells Hope they will be married. Billie leaves to let the two of them talk and almost catches Franco in with Jill, but is stalled by a nurse from finding him in the room. Franco manages to slip out pretends to bump into Billie. From Billie he learns that Jill has pneumonia and could die, but that Mike says she could also wake up and recover any minuet. Franco asks Billie to dinner but she says she has to go to Peter's funeral and was just going to drop some flowers in Jill's room and leave. Meanwhile Hope tells Bo she will not marry him until she is sure he is over Billie. Hope says she thinks Bo still loves Billie and is jealous of Franco, and Bo says that the only reason he is after Franco is because he is dangerous (If I have to hear this conversation one more time I'll scream!). Bo shows Hope a picture of Jill and tells her that all the cops are looking out for this woman and when they find her she'll prove he is right about Franco. He tells her he is going to drop by the station and see if there is any news then will head over to the church for the funeral. Hope runs into Mrs. Horton and she asks where Billie is because she was going to offer her a ride. Mrs. Horton tells Hope that Billie is visiting with the Jane Doe and points her to the room. Hope goes to the room and almost walks in when Billie comes out. Hope offers Billie a ride to the funeral but Billie says she has her own car. Hope leaves to get her Grandmother and head over to the funeral and Billie says goodbye to Jill and promises to come back. After they are gone Franco calls his boss and tells him or her they must find a way to get Jill out of Salem now. Franco's boss manages to donate a large sum of money to the hospital to move patients without insurance elsewhere to free up beds. Meanwhile Jill has woken up, and the first thing she sees is Franco. Franco tells her he was hoping she wouldn't have woken up until after she'd been moved, but now that she's awake he must make sure she doesn't talk.

Stefano comes to see Peter at the church where he is lying in his casket. He tells Peter everything will be okay and when he hears someone coming he hides. Celeste comes in to see Peter and tells him that yesterday in the morgue she sensed he wasn't dead, but now she feels no life force from him. She tells him she hopes he has found peace and then leaves.

Kristen is getting ready for the funeral and Marlena and John are worried that the stress might be bad for the baby. John says he'll feel a lot better after he hears the baby's heartbeat at the doctors tomorrow. Just then the phone rings and Kristen answers it, it's Susan. Susan tells Kristen she doesn't think she can pull the appointment off tomorrow and fool John and that the deal is off. Kristen tells Marlena and John that it was Jennifer and she wants her to meet her because she is upset. Kristen then goes over to see Stefano who promises to take care of Susan. She then tells him she now has to call Jen and meet her because she lied to John once again. Kristen says her life is becoming one lie after another and that she's in to deep to get out now. Stefano tells her she is so close to getting what she wants and that she must do whatever she has to to get it. Kristen tells Stefano that's what Peter did, and now he's dead.

Laura pops a pill and comes downstairs to comfort Jen. Jen tells her she doesn't understand how all this could have happened and Laura tells her that Jack was just trying to defend her and Abby, but Jen is unsure about Jack's intentions. All of the sudden there is a knock at the door, it's Abe and Lexie. They came to give her their condolences and to tell her that bail has been set but Jack can't afford to pay it. He tells her that if Jen and jack both put up their halves of the house as collateral they could afford the bail. Jen is unsure about making Jacks bail but when Abby runs downstairs hoping it was Jack at the door Jen decides to make bail for Abby's sake. After Abe and Lexie leave Jen gets a call from Kristen asking her to meet her at the park by the church. Jen and Kristen meet and talk then go their separate ways.

Back at the DiMera Mansion Marlena asks John if he thinks Kristen is nervous about having him at the appointment tomorrow and he just says she is just grieving. Still Marlena suspects something is up and asks John when the last time he felt the baby kick and he tells her in Paris. John gets a call from Kristen who asks him to meet her in the park so they can go to church together. As John leaves Laura shows up to see Marlena. Laura says she came over to see Marlena because Jen got a call to meet Kristen. Marlena looks at her and says Jen called Kristen, but Laura says she was there when Kristen called Jen. Marlena tells Laura her suspicions of Kristen and when Laura asks what Marlena is going to do about it Marlena decides to have Kristen's records from Paris faxed to her. After they arrive Marlena discovers that at all Kristen's checkups before Paris Kristen had elevated blood pressure, but after Paris her blood pressure dropped and has remained constant. Laura comments on how odd that is because that usually happens after a mother has given birth. Marlena says she's one step closer to discovering the truth about Kristen and her baby.

In jail Jack goes over the night of the shooting in his head and remembers that Peter put a syringe in his pocket, not a gift for Jen. Abe shows up and tells Jack Jen posted his bail for him. He tells Abe about the syringe then runs to the church to catch Jen. At the church he thanks Jen for posting his bail and tells her about the syringe. Jen becomes upset and wants to know why Jack had to tell her this now. Jack says he doesn't want Jen going in to see Peter thinking Jack killed him in cold blood and make Peter out to be some kind of martyr. Jack asks Jen if she believes him and waits for an answer.

Stefano meets with Susan and tells her she will honor their deal and will go to that appointment tomorrow. When she asks how she will fool John Stefano assures her he has everything under control. Stefano then gives Kristen a call and tells her everything has been taken care of.

Bo meets up with Abe on the way to the church and Abe tells him that he is going to have to take the officers off the search for Jill because the brass is coming down on him about it. Abe suggests he have Celeste use her psychic powers to help him, so Bo gives her a picture of Jill. At first Celeste senses nothing but then tells him that she senses someone he loves has talked to Jill recently.

As everyone assembles at the church for the funeral Stefano shows before they enter and tells Peter he wouldn't miss this service for the world.


December 3
Jack tells Jen that Peter went to her house to kidnap her and Abby and that he didn't mean to kill Peter. He asks her if he believes that he didn't kill Peter in cold blood but Jen is still confused. She tells him that she doesn't believe he is capable of killing in cold blood but she also doesn't believe that Peter was going to kidnap her. Jack tells her that Peter is an evil person and she knows he (Jack) is not an evil person. Jen becomes angry with him and says that she is going to concentrate on his good qualities today and not his faults. She tells Jack if he can't understand that he can leave, and she walks off. Jack tells himself he must find away to make her see Peter like he does.

Hope tells Mrs. Horton she can't marry Bo until she knows he is the only person in his heart. Mrs. Horton tells Hope that Bo will find Jill, and Hope says so much depends on him finding Jill. Mrs. Horton asks her if Bo finds Jill and she confirms his suspicions about Franco will she believe Bo and Hope says yes, but she doubts he will ever find Jill. Hope says if Jill isn't found the information will be lost with her. Hope and Mrs. Horton then go into the church, unaware that Shawn D overheard everything they said.

Jill wakes up and hears Bo talking with Billie outside her room. She tries to yell to him but Franco covers her mouth. Outside Bo tells Billie that going back to the church today is bound to bring up memories of the wedding day for Hope. Bo tells Billie he will find Jill. Inside the room Jill manages to knock over a tray on the dresser next to her. Billie runs into the room (Bo is stopped by Marlena who asks if he's found Jill) and notices the tray on the floor and wonders if she is coming to. When Jill doesn't seem to answer her Billie thinks the tray probably fell. She tells Jill she'll come visit her one more time before she is transferred and then leaves. After Billie has left Franco steps out from behind the curtain and says Billie won't be talking to Jill again because she is going far away taking their secret with her.

Laura tells Marlena that there could be other explanations to explain Kristen's medical records but Marlena says she knows there is a pattern of deceit emerging and she will find out. Laura tries to rationalize the inconsistencies but Marlena says there are to many unanswered questions. Laura tells Marlena Kristen isn't going to tell her anything and Marlena decides to go see Dr. Robins for answers before going to the funeral. Laura tags along with Marlena to the hospital. At the hospital Laura asks Marlena that the Dr. would have noticed the inconsistencies but Marlena says that Kristen never told him everything about her case, including her miscarriage. A nurse eventually tells them Dr. Robins was called away on an emergency and Laura and Marlena leave to go to the service.

Kristen visits with Peter before the service begins. She says that she and Peter were so close and confided everything to each other. John tells Kristen she can confide in him and he is there for her. Kristen thanks John and tells him she saw a priest go into a confessional earlier and decides to have her confessions heard. Kristen goes into the confessional and is unaware the priest is actually Stefano. Kristen tells the priest (Stefano) about the terrible things she's done and how she thinks that Peter's death is her fault. She says that she does not feel worthy to talk to God herself and asks the priest (Stefano) to ask God to let Peter rest in peace. Stefano tells her that he is the priest and to not blame herself for Peter's death. He tells her to go be with John but Kristen asks how Susan will pull off the appointment tomorrow. Stefano tells her not to worry, that everything will be fine and he tells her to go, which she does. When she returns to John he comments on how pale she looks and asks if she wants to see a doctor, but Kristen says she is fine. People begin to enter the church and give their condolences to Kristen. Celeste senses a presence far worse then death but Lexie points out there is only good in church.

Outside Jack runs into Mickey and Maggie and Mickey says Jack really shouldn't be here today. Jack says he only came to talk to Jen, and Jen tells him they've talked now he should go. As Jack walks off he says he will find a way to convince Jen that Peter was up to no good. Stefano steps out of the shadows and vows not to let Jack do that and that he will make Jack pay for what he has done.

Bo and Shawn D go into the church and find Hope standing there busy remembering her wedding day. Shawn D asks if his dad will sit with them and Hope says of course he will, they still love each other very much and that will never change. They take their seats as Kristen begins to speak about Peter. She tells them that she hopes that if anything good can happen from this tragedy it is that they don't take the ones they love for granite. Marlena says that Kristen's speech sounded like a confession of guilt and Laura looks at Marlena and says that she is beginning to believe Marlena because the speech sounded like she was hiding something. Bo looks at Hope and tells her he won't let them loose their chance at happiness. Jen gets up and speaks about Peter and also gives touching words about the value of love. As everyone is speaking Celeste still can't shake the feeling something is going on. Little does anyone know Stefano has pulled up in a white van outside the church and is preparing his next move. After the service everyone leaves to go over to the cemetery. As Jen leaves the church Jack calls to her and she tells him that he should leave. Kristen comes out and spots him and slaps him. She tells Jack that he will pay for what he's done. Jack says that he shot Peter in self defense and it was an accident but Kristen says he planned it. Kristen's padding slips and says she needs to be alone and goes around the corner and fixes it. Little does she know that Laura was watching her!

Hope and Bo leave the church and decide to go over to the cemetery with Shawn D as a family in order to make him feel better about their situation. When they notice Shawn D is nowhere to be found Mickey says he saw Shawn D over by the Garden. They find him praying at a statue of Mary, he is asking God to help his father find Jill.

Meanwhile, inside the church Stefano has arrived along with two other men. He looks at Peter's body and says how said it is that everyone is there to pay respect to a man who is not dead. He then looks over to a pew and Peter is sitting there, looking very weak and frail but very much alive!

At the hospital Franco watches as Jill is taken away by EMT's.


December 4
Inside the church Stefano promises Peter he will get the best care possible, and when he is strong and healthy again he will come back and reclaim everything he ever wanted. Peter doesn't understand what's happening, the last thing he remembers is the doctors saying they were loosing him and looking at Jen before blacking out. Stefano tells Peter he gave him an injection to make him appear dead. When Peter asks who is in the coffin Stefano pulls back a mask to reveal Daniel!

After spotting Kristen adjusting her baby Laura heads back to the church for her purse then plans to go to tell Marlena everything. On the way in she runs into Maggie and asks her to relay a message to Jen that she's not feeling well and has decided to go home. Maggie tells Laura she will give Jen the message. Laura goes into the church and finds Stefano and Peter there. She is shocked to see Peter alive and demands to know what's going on. She asks who is in the coffin and Stefano tells her she is in no position to be making demands. Laura walks by them and sees Daniel in the coffin and calls Stefano a bastard. She then looks at Peter and asks him how he could do this to Jen. Peter tells her he had nothing to do with this and she calls him a liar, just like Kristen who is faking her pregnancy (Can't shut up can you Laura?). When Peter isn't shocked by that bit of news she figures out that he already knew and wonders if she knows he's not really dead. Laura says she's not going to let them get away with this and runs for the door but is grabbed by Stefano. He tells her she is not going to tell anyone anything.

Outside Jen asks where her mother is and Maggie relays Laura's message about going home. Jack shows back up and when Jen asks him what he is doing back he says he wanted to be there for her and to give her a ride to the cemetery. Jen then realizes she left her program in the church and Jack says he'll get it for her. Jack runs into the church, but Laura, Stefano, and Peter are already gone. He finds Jen's program on the pew but fails to spot Laura's purse on the floor. When he gives Jen her program she asks him if he wants to help to go home and check on her mother for him. He tells her he will do that and leaves.

Bo and Hope watch Shawn D from afar as he prays to God to help his father find Jill. When he finishes he walks towards them and asks if they are going to the cemetery now. Bo tells him not yet and asks him to go check on his Grandma Horton first. Bo tells Hope he will find Jill and make their son's dream come true. When Shawn D returns he tells his parents he's a little bit hungry and Hope says they'll get a bite to eat before going to the cemetery but Bo won't be coming because he needs to get back to work.

At the hospital Jill is loaded into the ambulance, but is stopped when a nurse wants to make one last vitals check on her before they leave. When she notices Jill is warm she tells them to bring her back in and calls Mike. Mike was just about to leave for the cemetery when he gets the call about Jill. Billie overhears him talking about Jill and becomes concerned. Jen notices Billie's concern and thanks her for being there but that she thinks she should go be with her friend at the hospital. Before Billie leaves she runs into Bo who was just about to leave for the station. He thanks her for being such a kind person and she says her pain doesn't come close to Kristen or Jen's. Before she leaves Bo hands her a picture of Jill, he says he's handing them out to many people in hopes they will recognize her. Billie takes the picture and puts it in her purse without looking at it, and begins to wonder if her and Bo would be together if she hadn't left Salem. Billie then tells herself Bo has made his choice and she needs to accept it, then leaves for the hospital.

Back at the hospital Mike has decided to keep Jill there a little while longer because she is sick again and she needs time to accept some new antibiotics. Franco becomes angry and calls his boss to tell them their plan is unraveling before their eyes. Billie shows up and talks with Mike about Jill. She asks if she may go sit with her and Mike says he thinks it will do her good. She goes into sit with Jill and begins wondering about Bo again. She then catches a glimpse of the photo of Jill sticking out from her purse and realizes Jane Doe is Jill. Outside of the room Franco sees Billie looking at the photo and realizes Billie knows exactly who she is.

Meanwhile Hope returns to the station to find Bo hard at work on finding Jill before his deadline on this case is up. Hope tells him he's heading for a let down but Bo assures her he will find Jill and they will be married.

Back at the funeral Jen reads a poem and everyone says there goodbyes. After everyone is gone Jen bows down beside the casket and says that she'll never really know what happened that night he was shot, and she'll never know which man she misjudged more. Jack then shows up and Jen asks what he's doing back. He tells her that he went home to check on Laura, but she was not there.

Stefano has taken Peter and Laura to the some hideaway house where he has a bed a medical team ready to take care of Peter. Laura is bound to a chair and demands to know what Stefano has in mind and he tells her that after Peter is better he will return to Salem to reclaim Jennifer's love. Laura laughs and says Jen will never accept Peter's love just like Marlena wouldn't accept his. Stefano tells her that with Jack in Jail for murder, and her mother missing Jennifer will be so devastated she will run into Peter's arms. Laura then asks if Stefano plans to kill her, and he tells her she knows to much and must be silenced permanently.


December 5
Jen asks Jack if she sure her mother isn't home and Jack tells her the baby sitter said Laura never came home. Jen says Laura may be at the hospital and she'll go look for her. When Jack says he'll come with her she tells him no because she think Laura might be embarrassed to be around Jack because of her feelings for him. Jen stops by the hospital but they haven't seen Laura. Jen then calls the house and asks if the baby sitter has heard from her mom and she tells her she hasn't. Worried about her mother Jen pages Mike and tells him what's up. Mike tells her not to worry about it and that she probably went for a walk to clear her head. Jack shows up and tells Jen that he went back to the church and Laura's car is still in the parking lot. Jen thinks they should call the police but Jack says that maybe Laura just wanted to be alone and Mike agrees with him. Jen says that she'll go home and be with Abby and Mike assures her that he'll check by the church later to see if her car is still there. Jack says that he'll go home with Jen and they can wait for Laura together. When they arrive home Abby is happy to see Jack and asks Jack if he is going to stay the night, but he tells her he can't but will read her a story and tuck her in. When Abby asks where Grandma is Jen says she's still working. Jen begins to worry and pages Laura, whose beeper is still in her purse back at the church. Mike shows up and says he found no sign of her and Jen becomes even more convinced that something is wrong.

At his hideaway house Stefano tells Laura if he lets her go everyone will find out about his children's lies. Laura tells him his evil children will be found out but Stefano tells her that will never happen. Stefano leaves the room to make preparations for Laura. Peter wakes up and says "Oh my god it's not a dream". Laura tells Peter that Jen is devastated over this because she thinks her husband is dead and her daughters father is going to jail. Peter says he doesn't care about Jack only Jen. He says he tried to separate himself from Stefano, and it was Stefano who arranged all this. Laura tells him if what he says is true then he should tell Jen he is alive. Peter says he will do that right now and then tries to get out of bed. Stefano comes in and tells him to get back in bed and Peter says he has to tell Jen he is alive. Stefano convinces Peter that he need not worry because all the evidence is gone, including the needle. He tells Peter he had to do this otherwise the police would have eventually proved Peter was trying to kidnap Jen. Laura is appalled and tells Stefano that he's molded Peter in his image. Stefano says he did what he thought was best and Peter says he'll go along with the plan because it's the only chance he has of getting Jen back. Laura tells Peter that he has hurt Jen over and over and he has lost her and suggests he forget her. Peter says he loves Jennifer more than his life and he can't let her go. Laura says his love is destructive, and that she now realizes Jack and Jen belong together. Peter says she's still in love with Jen and Laura says it's true, but her love for Jen is more important so she will bury her feelings. Peter says Jen's happiness means everything to him and Laura then pleads that he let her go and leave Jen in peace and begs him not to let Stefano destroy any more lives. Stefano tells Peter to trust him because he knows what is best, and can he let Jen be in Jack's arms and Jack's bed, and Peter tells Laura he can't let Jack have him. Laura tells him Jack's love is pure and his selfish, but Stefano tells her she's wasting his breath because Peter will have Jen no matter what it takes. Peter blames this is all on Jack but Laura says his evil side would have eventually surfaced. Peter claims Jen's love changed him and Laura says drugging and kidnapping her isn't exactly the signs of a changed man. Laura says she will not let Jack go to prison, she won't let Peter have Jen, and she won't be taken away from Jen. Stefano tells her all she has managed to do with her words is to convince him she is a danger to his plans and family and her speech has sealed her fate. She asks if he is going to kill her and he says he'll do what he always does when there is a threat to DiMera family, remove it.

At the station Bo can't find any sign of Jill but her car is still parked at her apartment so if she left town he is stumped on how she did it. Bo tells Hope he will find Jill and prove to Hope she's the only woman he loves. Bo calls in an officer to organize a search party but the officer tells him Abe's pulled everyone off the case. Bo says he knows one of the best cops who can help him and Abe won't mind, Hope. Hope doesn't seem to thrilled about helping him and he says he understands why she doesn't want to help. Him before Bo leaves she tells him she has to give him a chance to prove his theory. She still doesn't believe Franco is a bad man but she will help him.

Billie examines the photo of Jill and wonders if Jane Doe could be Jill. She is unaware that Franco is watching her from outside the room. Franco calls his boss and tells him or HER Billie knows about Jill, and before he hangs up he tells his boss he'll take care of Billie. Billie realizes Jane Doe is Jill and she must tell Bo. She leaves the room and Franco approaches her and asks her to lunch. She tells him he must find Bo and Franco says he probably went home and she should wait until tomorrow. Billie tells Franco she must find Bo now because she has something urgent to tell him. Billie calls the station but is told that Bo is out with Hope looking for Jill. Franco tells her she should just wait at her house for his call, but when Billie insists she look for Bo and Hope Franco says he will help her and won't take no for an answer.

Bo and Hope stop by the pub and tell Caroline their plans to search for Jill. Caroline asks Bo if he's still thinks Franco is behind all of this trouble and Bo says yes. She tells him she agrees with Hope that Franco is not a bad person but Bo says they have been fooled. He shows Caroline the picture of Jill and when she tells him she hasn't seen him he wonders about Celeste's prediction and who the "someone" he loves that has spoken with Jill is. Determined to find Jill Bo and Hope search through the pouring rain.

Meanwhile Billie and Franco are searching for Bo and Hope at the park. Billie wants to check the pub but Franco tells her Bo is so determined to find Jill he wouldn't bother going there, and Billie thinks he's right. As they look Franco keeps bringing up memories of Bo and Billie and how much they loved each other. Eventually Billie and Franco end up at the pub and when Bo and Hope are nowhere Franco tells her he told her they wouldn't be there. As Billie looks around she has flashbacks of Bo. Caroline comes out and tells them that Bo and Hope are still searching, and despite Franco's attempts to get her to stay inside she insists on searching, so he goes with her to prevent her from finding Jill or Bo and Hope. As they search Franco says he's sure that Bo will find Jill they are just waisting there time. Franco tells her that all that is keeping them apart if not finding Jill, and a pondering look comes over Billie's face as if she was having second thoughts about finding Jill. Billie says that even if Bo does find Jill she (being Jill) will clear Franco's name and Bo and Hope probably won't work it out but Franco says he thinks Hope and Bo will get past this eventually, and his feelings for her (Billie) will go unresolved. He tells her the only reason he moved on is because Billie left town, and Billie flashback to the goodbye scene between her and Bo. As they are about to leave they run into Bo and Hope on the docks and Bo wants to know what Franco thinks he's doing.


December 6
At the DiMera Mansion Marlena walks into the living room to find Kristen upset and notices Kristen's medical records are lying on the table. Marlena quickly snatches them up and walks away. John comes into the room and comforts Kristen. Kristen says that Peter was all the family she had left and John tells her that he and the baby are her family now, and that tomorrow at the ultra sound they'll find out whether their child is a boy or a girl. Mike then comes to the door and is shown in, he is frantic and looking for Laura. Marlena says that she's been doing just fine and that she's probably with a patient. Mike gets beeped and has to run and Kristen asks John to call Abe about Laura because something is not right. He tells her he will and she goes upstairs to bed because she is exhausted. After she is gone John asks Marlena if she thinks something is wrong with Laura and she tells him she's not worried.

Peter is getting worse and Laura tells Stefano "Peter needs to be in an hospital or he could hemorrhage you idiot!". Stefano says "The nurse is monitoring Peter carefully, idiot!" Laura spouts off about how there must have been some good in Peter or Jen would not have married him, and that he needs to find that goodness and stop all of this. Stefano tells Laura to "Shut Up!". Laura tells Stefano that Kristen will be caught by Marlena but Stefano tells her that he made everyone think Peter is dead and that everyone will think Kristen had her baby. Laura then figures out that Stefano has a woman playing Kristen. Laura says that John will catch onto the double at the appointment and that Kristen is so devastated she will probably will confess everything. All of the sudden Kristen shows up looking for Stefano and Stefano quickly covers Laura's mouth with a gag. Stefano leaves the room and Kristen tells him that she's terrified of the appointment tomorrow. She says that John knows her body and he will know that's not her, but Stefano says that John hasn't seen her unclothed sense Paris and that he will be to busy watching the ultrasound. As Kristen expresses her grief Laura struggles to get free. When she eventually gets free she runs for the hall, but Kristen has already gone and she is caught by Stefano. Laura tells Stefano that he may have succeeded in keeping her away from Kristen tonight, but that everything will be exposed eventually and he will lose.

Back at the mansion John stumbles upon Kristen's medical records that Marlena had sent to her. John wonders why Kristen has her medical records but Marlena said she asked for them. John asks if something is wrong and Marlena says there are some inconsistancies that will be solved tomorrow at the ultrasound. John and Marlena then hear a sound from the backyard. Marlena goes upstairs to check on Kristen and John checks the locks. John comes upstairs where Marlena has found a wet leaf outside Kristen's room. John tells her that the maid probably just took the trash out and he then opens the door to Kristen's room to find Kristen lying in bed. John tells Marlena he can't wait for tomorrow, and Marlena says in her mind neither can she, cause they will finally learn the truth about Kristen.

In the hospital Jill is tossing in her bed and finally wakes up to find that Franco is gone. She says she has to go find Bo and gets up out of bed.

Bo and Hope tell Franco and Billie they are looking for Jill and asks Franco if he knows where she is. Franco says he has not seen her since he went to her apartment that night he went to talk with her. Bo goes off spotting and Billie thinks back to the hospital but says nothing. As she and Franco are about to leave Billie says she has something to tell Bo. Just then Bo gets a call about a woman on the pier that could be Jill. Bo and Hope run off and Billie follows, even though Franco tried to stop her. Franco calls his boss and tells him he's going to follow Billie and make sure she doesn't tell Bo about Jill.

Billie goes to Kate's and cries that she is the most horrible person in the world. She tells Kate she lied to Bo and Kate asks about what. She explains to Kate about the Jill Stevens situation and that she knows where she is but hasn't told Bo. Billie says that while her and Franco were looking for Bo everywhere they went brought back feelings of Bo. Kate says that maybe Billie should keep quiet and Billie says she doesn't want Bo this way, she is not Sami! Billie gets up and calls the police station to ask for Bo but Kate hangs up the phone. She tells Billie she won't let her make a mistake, and that maybe Franco did assault Jill. Billie says if that's true then Bo and Hope have the right to be together and she wished they were because then she could move on. Kate tells Billie that if they were meant to be married they would be, but right now she now has a chance to get back with Bo. Billie says she couldn't be with Bo knowing that she was dishonest with him, and Kate tells her if she is honest she'll lose Bo, possibly for good. Kate tells her that Bo is the love of her life and shows her some old photographs of her and Bo together and says "Aren't these two people who love each other, two people who belong together?" She urges Billie not to give up her chance at happiness with Bo, and Billie asks if there is another reason she doesn't want Bo to know about Jill (Yeah, she's Franco's boss. It's pretty obvious now). Kate says that she doesn't want to her make the same mistake twice. She tells Billie that Hope hasn't married Bo because she knows he still loves her, but Billie would never turn her back on Bo like that. She urges Billie to think about what Bo means to her and the happiness they could share, and then she can make the right decision.

Meanwhile Bo and Hope search the docks to no avail. Bo tells Hope to go home because she's cold a wet and Bo continues searching. As Hope makes her way home she wonders if they will ever get back together. Unfortunately for Hope she slips on some rocks and falls into the icy river. Franco is there to hear her screams and jumps in after her. Bo sees the situation and Franco hands Hope to her. She is alive but unconscious and needs to be taken to the hospital.

Back in the hospital Jill is wandering the halls and manages to get out of the hospital only to almost be hit by a car. A couple gets out of the car and the man thinks he's hit her but the woman says she just past out.

Both Jill and Hope are brought into the hospital and placed on carts literally within feet from each other! Hope wakes up but Jill remains unconscious and mumbling in her sleep, though while doctors are around she never says the name Bo or Franco. Bo thanks Franco for saving her and he asks what Franco was doing. Franco claims that he was taking a walk in the rain and he asks Bo if he found Jill. Bo tells Franco no, but that he will and she will tell him everything. Behind Bo's back Jill is wheeled upstairs.

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