December 2001 Week 4


December 24
Still no spell check. Merry Christmas Eve!
Outside in the snow, Shawn tells Belle that he does love her. Belle tells shawn that she loves him too. Belle and Shawn kiss, and Belle tells Shawn that this is the best Christmas gift she could ever get. Shawn then gives Belle his class ring so she can wear it. Belle is stunned. Shawn says that this ring is a like a promise, but he doesn't want everyone to think that he is claiming her. Belle says she is happy that she is officially taken. Shawn puts the ring on Belle, and they hug. Belle and shawn get back into Shawn's dad's truck, and continue talking. They promise to remain friends for always, no matter what, and kiss again.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie sneaks out of bed, and Abe knows this. Lexie meets up with Rolfe, who assures Lexie that tomorrow morning they will be through with Barb once and for all. Rolfe tells Lexie that he's going to kill Barb. Lexie tells him no way, then this will never end. Suddenly, Abe shows up and and demands to know what is going on. Lexie tells Abe a half truth, that Barb is blackmailing her, but she says that Barb thinks she and her father blew up the lab to hide the DNA results. Abe asks her if she is guilty? Abe says he's always known there was evil here, and now he is looking at it! Lexie can't believe that Abe is calling her evil for trying to protect her own son. Lexie tells Abe that she will always protect Isaac, and she'll never let him make her feel like doing that is sick and wrong! Lexie runs up to her room and locks herself if.

At the hospital, Glen is stunned to learn that his son is alive. Barb says their baby is fine, but Glen says she said Marlo's baby, and demands to know what she knows. Barb tells him that the baby Bo and Hope are are raising is his son. Glen doesn't understand how this could be, Abe and Lexie adopted Marlo's baby. Barb says there was a mistake at the hospital, and the babies were switched. She explains everything to Glen, and says she is sorry. Glen is furious, and says he's going to get his son! Barb begs him not to go, and she says she has a plan to get his son back, for good!

At Bo and Hope's, John and Marlena leave Bo and Hope to talk. Marlena hopes Bo knows what it means to love someone so much you can't imagine not forgiving them, because that is what she says it will take for them to get through this. Bo and Hope go inside, and Hope puts JT down. Bo looks at a photo of himself and JT, and remembers when their family was happy. Hope returns and tells Bo that she is so sorry, but feels relieved that the secret is out. Bo tells Hope that everything they had together ended tonight, for good! Bo tells Hope that he thinks he's never known the real her at all. Bo is upset that she went to John tonight for help, and not him. Hope asks Bo if he is going to leave her? Bo asks her if she really think he would walk away from the committment he's made to their family and marriage? Hope says she doesn't want him to stay becuase he feels obligated. Bo tells her not to push him, because he knows now that he can never trust her again. Bo then walks out the door! Hope follows Bo, and tries to talk to him. Bo says he is glad to be JT's father, but he cannot go back to being the Bo he was before tonight. Bo asks Hope are there others who know that are laughing at him behind his back. Hope says that Lexie knows, she figured it out. Bo asks why she didn't convince Lexie that she was wrong, like she did when he thought he figured it out! Bo thinks maybe she only lies to her husband. Hope says that he wanted to kill the man who did this to her, and she also knew that if he knew he wouldn't love JT. Bo says that he was able to love JT because part of him from her. Bo says he will keep loving JT as if he was his own, but he will never forgive her for always wondering "what if I can't!" Hope goes back inside and breaks into tears. Shawn returns home and asks her what happened. Hope says that she and his dad just had a fight, and he is upset with her now. She assures him that it has nothing to do with him, and that they will work through this. Shawn goes up to see JT, and tells him how happy he is. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo go to bed, and Bo turns his back to Hope.

John and Marlena go home, and drink some eggnog. They discuss protecting their children. Marlena asks John if they should continue lying to their children in order to protect them. Suddenly, Belle returns. Belle asks to talk to her mom alone, so John leaves. Belle tells her mom that Shawn told her that he loved her tonight, and she is happy for him. Belle says that their parents have tought them so much about what love is and how relationships should work, and she thanks Marlena fore being her mom. Marlena tells Belle that she hopes she and Shawn will always be as happy as they are tonight. Later, Belle calls Mimi to tell her the good news, and how everything is perfect.


December 25
Merry Christmas!
The show begins with a clip of Mickey coming home with Christmas gifts for his mom and dad. Tom is at work, so Mickey and Alice place the gifts under the tree. We then see Francis Ried and John Clarke talking about the clip, which was from 1965, the first Days of Our Lives Christmas. They tell the viewers that this will be a special episode of past Christmas memories. We then see the original opening shot of the hourglass, which morphs into the one used today. Deidre and Drake then introduce some of their christmas clips, as do Kristian and Peter. We get to see Bo and Hope's very first Christmas together. We get to see Bo and Hope hanging an ornament on the tree for their unborn baby, and then clips of their latest wedding. Flash forward to Dot.Com, where the teens are hanging out. We then see some of the teen flashback from sooooooooo long ago, remember last year when Brady got his christmas miracle and could walk. We then head over to the Horton house to see some of Jack and Jen's memories of Christmas. We see when Jack broke through the Horton window to be with Jen on Christmas. It was the christmas when he was on the run, and after receiving a kiss from Jen, he geys a black eye from her! We see another christmas when Jack dressed up as Santa and proposed to Jen. We then see their wedding. We then see Maggie and Mickey's memories, such as the Christmas after Maggie had her car accident. Next we see Doug and Julie's first Christmas together with baby Hope. Alice then tells her story, which is of Tom telling reading the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital. We then see Alice reading the story, after Tom had passed. Finally, we see a clip of when Tom told the story to Marie for the first time on the show. Later, the cast talks about the tradition of hanging the ornaments, and we get to see the first time the ornaments were hung. Near the end of the show, the cast relfects on the tragedy of September 11th. The cast then hand American flag ornaments on the tree in honor of those who were lost, and the rescue workers. Later, the actors have a magic moment and transform into their characters for the end of the show. Then we have to watch Chloe and Brady sing Silent Night, and the show ends with the whole cast singing.


December 26
Shawn wakes up and tickles JT, who slept over in his room. Meanwhile, in Bo and Hope's room, Bo and Hope are awake, but their backs are towards one another. We take a trip back through time, and see the first time Bo and Hope made love. Hope tries to reach over to Bo, but he pulls away from her. Hope asks Bo if he really believes things can never be the same? Bo rolls over and looks at Hope, but says nothing. He sits up and continues ignoring Hope, and eventually goes into the bathroom. Bo and Hope think about the birth of JT, their wedding in the hospital room, and finally JT's christening. Later we see Bo and Hope's first meeting when Bo drove a high-school Hope home, and their first kiss at the kissing booth. We then see when Bo kindapped Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch, and their own wedding in England. Back in real time, Bo looks into the mirror and says "who knew forever would end last night." Meanwhile, Hope looks at an old anniversary card she gave Bo, and then flashes back to the time they were stranded on an island for one of their anniversaries, and the year Bo gave Hope a new tookie bear. We continues to see various Bo and Hope flashbacks through the show, including when they bought their bought and sailed around the world. Later, we see when Bo divorced Hope so he could be with Billie. Hope hears Bo get in the shower, so she decides to try and seduce him by jumping in the shower with him. After a cold shower, Bo takes off, and Hope cries. Bo goes up to JT's room, and continues to think about his future with Hope. Hope finds Bo and he says he is leaving, he'll be back later. Hope begs Bo not to leave her, and to please forgive her, to give them another chance. Bo tells Hope that he still loves her, and walks out the door. Bo runs into Shawn and JT, and gives them a hug. Hope watches and cries.


December 27
Victor shows up at Titan, and he's upset about an article in the paper that has something to to do with Nicole. An important call comes through for Victor, so he takes it in his office. Meanwhile, Nicole sees the article Victor was looking at, and she buzzes the secretary and asks for Austin. The secretary tells Nicole that Austin hasn't come in yet.

At Austin's, Austin lays in bed and Sami looks at her ring. She remembers Austin's proposal, and eventually wakes Austin up. He is upset because it is late, and he has to go to work. Austin jumps in the shower, and Sami answers the phone when it rings. It is Nicole calling, and Nicole is on the phone. Nicole talks to Austin, who jumps out of the shower. The company Austin suggested they invest in just made Titan a ton of money, which excites Austin. Austin says he'll be in to work ASAP, which doesn't please Sami.

At the hospital, Glen finds Barb packing up her stuff and getting ready to leave. She insists she is fine now. Glen tells Barb that he has something cooking to get his son back. Barb tells Glen that they need to focus on getting the money for their baby instead of the kid, but Glen says no way. Glen says that is his kid and he wants to take care of him. Barb says that kid is sick, and they will need a lot of money to take care of him. Barb says they have to be smart about this, they should get the money before they snatch the kid. Glen doesn't care about the money, but Barb does. Barb convinces her what they can do with the money, such as send their kids to college. She claims they wouldn't be doing this for them, they'd do it for their kids. Glen, however, refuses, and says it is too late. Cameron Reese, the lawyer Glen hired, shows up and says she will do everything she can to get Glen's son back. Barb says this is great, how are they going to pay for her services. Cameron understands how Barb feels, but she assures her that they will get Glen's little boy back.

At the mansion, Abe catches Lexie and Rolfe consipiring once again, and he wonders what they are up to. Lexie says that Rolfe was just going to run and errand for her. Rolfe leaves, and Abe knows Lexie is lying to him. Lexie says she isn't not lying, Barb and Glen are blackmailing her because they think she and her father blew up the DNA lab. Abe knows she is lying and wants the truth, so Lexie admits that is not why she is being blackmailed. She then lies AGAIN and says that they are blackmailing her because they somehow found out that John is the father of Hope's baby. Abe is shocked, because he didn't know, and he asks her how she knows this? Lexie says that she overheard Marlena and Hope talking, and John confirmed it. She says that Bo just found out last night, that is what the uproar was about. Abe then wonders why Barb is blackmailing her instead of Bo and Hope? Lexie says she was trying to protect their friends. Abe is not happy and wants to arrest Glen and Barb for blackmail, but Lexie says he can't do that. Abe says blackmail is a crime, but Lexie says that Bo and Hope's marriage is at stake, and she thinks that she can convince Barb to stop blackmailing her if she lets them know he was going to arrest them. Abe agrees to look the other way, for now, for Bo and Hope. Abe appologizes to Lexie for accusing her of lying, and Lexie says she's sorry too.

Marlena comes to see Hope, who fears her marriage to Bo is over. Hope says that Bo is giving her the silent treatement, and she is worried about their marriage. Marlena says Bo will realize why they did what they did in time.Hope says even if Bo stays with her, their marriage will never be the same again. Marlena says no, it won't. They continue to talk, and Marlena tries to make Hope realize that her marriage can survive this. Marlena encourages Hope to call Bo and tell him that she loves him and is thinking of him. Hope does as Marlena says, but Bo is cold to her. Bo tells Hope not to expect him home tonight, and hangs up on her! JT begins crying, and Hope knows that Bo would never leave JT, he may be the only hope for her and Bo staying together. Marlena tells Hope that she must find a way to gather up the strength to understand what Bo is going through, and take what he dishes out. Marlena says that in time, their love will heal these wounds.

Bo goes to the station and takes his anger out on the officers there. Roman tells Bo that they need to talk, and hauls him into his office. Bo breaks away from Roman and tells him to get his damn hands off him! Roman threatens to take Bo off duty if they don't talk, so Bo agrees to talk, only so he doesn't have to go home. Bo tells Roman that Hope lied to him, she played him for a damn fool. Bo says he's thinking about leaving Hope, and explains that Hope lied to him and he doesn't know if he can get through this. Roman thinks he can, because Hope loves him and their children. Sami shows up to talk to Roman, but Roman says he can't talk now. Bo says he can, and leaves them to talk. Sami does everything she can to get her dad to notice her engagement ring, and he pretends to be clueless. He eventually congradulates her when he sees that she is becoming frustrated. Roman says he is happy for her, and she thanks him. She is suprised he is supportive of this. Roman says after all she and Austin have gone through, he has stuck by her, so it must be meant to be. LAter, Bo continues storming through the office. Roman tells Sami not to concern herself with Bo, and they continue talking about Sami's wedding plans. Meanwhile, Bo becomes upset when he thinks about Hope, John, and JT; so he decides to go talk to Hope and put an end to this once and for all.

At the office, Nicole sees Austin and Sami's engagement announcement and is fuming over it. Austin eventually shows up, and she starts telling Austin how invaluable he is becoming to her. Austin has more advice for her. Victor shows up and congradualtes them both on a job well done with the stocks. Unfortunately, Victor also brings bad news, a mascara guy they have been courting is thinking of selling his make-up to Basic Black! Victor says that if Basic Black wins this account, it will guarentee their success as a company. Victor tells Nicole to get to work on this, and curses Kate. Austin asks Nicole what his mother has to do with this? Nicole tells him that Kate is working for Basic Black now. Nicole switches the subject and asks when he was going to tell her that he and Sami were engaged? Austin says she knew he was buying the ring for Sami. Nicole says she still would have liked to have heard it from him rather than having to read about it. Austin says he didn't thinks she'd care. Nicole says she does hate Sami, but she says he does deserve to be happy. Austin and Nicole then get to work on the new account. Later, Victor invites Nicole to dinner, but she says she can't because she and Austin will be working late on the new account. Victor is troubled by this, and wonders what is going on between Austin and Nicole.


December 28
Typed after I saw the show, so shorter than normal.
At the station, Sami talks to Roman about the wedding she wants. Roman tells her that she needs to invite Kate, but Sami refuses. Roman says like it or not Kate is family. Sami says Kate will never be family. Roman tells Sami that she has done some pretty horrible things, but she has changed, so shouldn't they give Kate the chance to change? Sami says she will never forgive Kate for the things she did to her!

At Titan, Nicole talks to Austin about the mascara account. Austin says they have a problem, the inventor of the mascara they want to buy happens to have the hots for Kate. Nicole says this could ruin everything, and she orders Austin to keep his mother from winning this account. Austin leaves to see his mother, and Sami shows up to see Austin. Nicole goats Sami, trying to get a fight started, but Sami says this job means a lot to Austin, so she's not going to blow it for him by getting into a fight with his boss.

Meanwhile, Kate gets a call from John, who tells her that if she can get Basic Black the Perma-Lash account, she has the job. Kate is thrilled, and calls the guy up to arrange a busines lunch. Later, Austin shows up and tries to get Kate to come to his wedding. She refuses, and he tells her that she needs to start acting like a mother to him and a grandma to Will. Kate wants to be part of Will's life, but refuses to have anything to do with Sami, or give him her blessing to marry her. Austin says he doesn't need her blessing.

At the Black's, Brady catches Marlena and John discussing what to do about the kids. Brady lets them know that he knows about JT, and Chloe does to, and very soon Belle will end up finding out. Brady is furious with his father for screwing Hope and screwing up the small chance they all had of being the perfect family. John tells Brady that he doesn't understand what is really going on here, he just hopes he can forgive him for what he's done. They discuss how to tell Belle, and BRady tells them she will need all of them to help her through this, and that it is better she hear it from them than someone else. Marlena says that Brady is right, so John picks up the phone.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo returns home and checks on JT, but ignores Hope. When he finally talks to Hope, he warns her that he's libel to say hurtful things to her. She says that is better than his silence. Bo does hurt her, over and over again. He tells her that he can never trust her again, and he's very close to hating her. He also says it makes him sick to think that she remembers what it was like to make love to John, to conceive JT. He's also sick of her blaming everything on Princess Gina. Hope finally gets tired of Bo's abuse, and throws what he did with Billie in his face. Hope says that was all him, no split personalities, and when things didn't work out, she forgave him and took him back! JT begins crying, and Hope says she's going to go check on him, and she hopes her husband is her when she returns. While she's gone, John calls Bo and he says they need to talk. Bo says when he is ready to talk, if that is ever, he will let him no. Bo hangs the phone up, wrips it out of the wall, and throws it across the room.

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