December 01 Week 3


December 17
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At the mansion, Shawn and Belle get trapped in the secret room. Chloe and Brady realize there is no way to get them out without telling the others what they have been up to, which will get them in a lot of trouble. Shawn and Belle talk about their relationship in the secret room, and how much they mean to one another. Meanwhile, Chloe and Brady head upstairs to the party to get help.

Upstairs, John gets the chip out of Hope's head, but Hope remembers being Gina, and thinks she is Gina for a second. She grabs John and kisses him, just as Bo walks into the room. Bo flips out, thinking they are having an affair, and begins to beat the tar out of John. Hope begins remembering everything, but then turns back to Hope. She begs Bo to stop and says he doesn't understand. She tries to explain that was Gina when she kissed Bo, but Bo thinks she is blaming her affair on her alter-ego. Bo says they deserve one another, and walks out on them.

Downstairs, people here what is going on upstairs, and Lexie quickly tries to end the party and get rid of everyone. Shawn wants to continue partying because the night is young, and Sami likes that idea. Julie also wants more cake, and when Lexie says it has been put away, Julie offers to go into the kitchen and get it. However, Lexie says no, and insists that the party is over and they all go home!

Most everyone leaves, but Barb heads to the bedroom, and Marlena sticks around waiting for John. Bo comes downstairs, and Marlena asks what is going on? Bo announces that Hope and John have been having an affair! CHloe and Brady show up, and begin to listen in. Hope and John come downstairs, and John looks like he has been hit by a truck. Marlena heads to John and Hope tries to explain what happened to Bo. SHe says that John was just trying to help her, because she remembered being Gina. She then tells Lexie that she hopes to God she, as her best friend, wasn't a part of this, and this party wasn't a setup. Marlena believes John when he says nothing is going on, because she knows he loves her. Bo says even so, he knows Hope has been keeping something from him for awhile, and he wants to know what it is. Suddenly, Barb shows up and tells them all that she doesn't know what is going on with Hope, but someone here has been lying to them all!


December 18
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Just as Bo is demanding the truth, Barb pipes up, saying she doesn't know what Hope knows, but someone else in this room has been lying to them! As she opens her mouth to tell all, she's hit from behind (by Rolf) with a dart. She collapses to the ground. No one sees Rolf or the dart as Rolf instructs Lexie to remove it. Abe says that Barb needs to be taken to the hospital. Lexie, frantic to leave, says she'll go with him. Bo bitterly asks Lexie if she paid Barb off to distract them from what's happened tonight. Lexie denies and leaves as fast as she can. Bo turns again to Hope and demands the truth. He catches the looks that Hope/Marlena/John share and realizes that they are all in on it. Hope says she'll tell him the truth, but he has to promise never to tell the children. Bo finally puts it all together and demands to know if John is JT's father. Hope says yes. She begs Bo to keep the secret, but Bo won't hear of it. He calls them a bunch of lousy liars and storms off to be alone at the Pub. A crushed Hope is comforted by Marlena. John tells Hope that Bo needs time to cool off. Brady and Chloe are shocked by the revelation and move off to find Shawn and Belle. Will Brady reveal the truth about JT? Bo sits in the darkened Pub as images of Hope denying JT's paternity swirl through his head. Will he ever be able to forgive Hope? Barb starts mumbling incriminating things in the car. After they hand Barb over to the doctors, Abe demands to know what Lexie has been up to. Lexie turns on the tears and Abe softens, but is still suspicious. Lexie sees Rolf in the background and goes to talk with him. Rolf tells Lexie that it's time to silence Barb for good, but he won't do it without her permission. What will Lexie decide? Shawn and Belle follow the tunnel and emerge on the grounds. They head back to the mansion where they run into Brady and Chloe. Brady tries to keep them from going back into the mansion for their coats. John sees them coming and looks down at his blood soaked shirt. Are Belle and Shawn about to get the surprise of their lives?


December 19
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Nicole and Brandon go to the Blue Note to talk. Brandon tells Nicole that she needs to open herself up and find a real relationship. Nicole doesn't want to talk about this with him, and asks him about how his love life is going. Brandon says he likes Jen, but she just has this weird thing going on with Jen. Nicole realizes Brandon is serious about Jen, because he hasn't taken her to bed yet, which means he cares for a woman. Brandon admits he does care for her. Nicole changes the subject to Christmas. Nicole would like to see Brandon, just not their mom. They return to talking about love, and Nicole refuses to take advice from a guy who has shut himself off to falling in love. Brandon says he's dating Jen, but Nicole says they are talking about love, not dating. Brandon and Nicole then make a deal to look out for one another, just like when they were kids.

Greta and Jack are also at the Blue Note for a drink. Greta asks Jack about Oliver and his job interview. Jack begins to sulk and thinks that Greta sees him like Jen does, a bum without a job. Greta says she doesn't, she knows his dream job will come along. Greta then decides to lay it all out on the table, and begins to question if Jack is gay, because he told her that the day after Jen said she (Greta) was falling for him. Jack begins to panic, and Greta appologizes. She says that she knows he told her that he was gay, but she is begining to think he isn't. Jack claims that when he spends time with her, he doesn't feel gay. He says he is attracted to her some, and she feels better that her radar isn't totally off whack. Greta then tells Jack that sometimes she daydreams about him. Jack says he is flattered, and he feels that she is feeling that way because he is monopolizing her. He wants her to give other guys a chance. Greta tells Jack that she doesn't want anyone else, she wants him. Jack says if she insists on hanging out with him, then okay. Later, Jack and Greta see Brandon and begin spying on him to see what is going on. They soon learn he is drinking with Nicole, Jack thought he was cheating on Jen and wanted to catch him in the act. Jack and Greta makes fools of themselves, and end up running out of the place. Greta thought it was a lot of fun, and she asks Jack what he's going to do for Christmas evening? Jack doesn't know, he knows the Horton's have their thing, and he invites Greta to come with him. Greta says she would love to go. She then steps out into the street, and is almost hit by a car. Jack grabs her in time, and they get very close!

Julie takes Jen home, and decides to stay with Jen and talk about things. Doug and Mickey head home, and Julie makes Jen a cup of coffee so they can share the moments of their life. Julia asks Jen what she wants out of life, and Jen says she doesn't know. Jen talks to Julie about her sessions with Marlena, and her dates with Brandon. Jen admits to Julie that Collin Murphy is the one she followed to Ireland. Julie says she and Gran pieced that together tonight when they met him. As Jen talks about Collin, Julie realizes that Jen is still attracted to the man. Jen says that she felt like Collin could see right into her soul tonight, and she hates feeling this way. Julie thinks she is just longing for romance, and Collin is a man of mystery. Jen just wishes she could be happy with what she has, and not think about what she doesn't have. Julie talks to Jen about love, and that she sees that Jack loves her and he may have changed. Jen doubts Jack will ever stop playing games. Julie tells her that it is hard to break cycles and turn one's back on one's past, and this advice applies to Jack as well as her. Jen asks Julie if she and Jack were to remarry, could they be as happy as her and Doug are? Julie tells Jen that she needs to ask herself if she wants to be married to Jack again and live happily ever after. Jen says she knows what to expect if she married Jack, but she still has these feelings for Collin, who was yet another bad choice of hers. Julie tells Jen that she deserves to be happy, but Jen wonders if what she has now is enough, if she really needs anything more in life to be happy. Julie tells her she will find love again, and she will know when it is right.

Sami and Austin return home, and Sami can't stop staring at her ring. They talk for a bit, and Sami tells Austin to unwrap a present early, her! Afterwards, Sami talks to Austin about Nicole, and how she doesn't trust her. However, Sami does trust him. She hopes he trusts her, and she says she wants to tie him up! Later, Austin talks Sami into letting him tie her up!


December 20
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At the hospital, Abe wonders where Lexie has disappeared to, and what she is up to. Lexie is talking with Rolfe about what to do with Barb. Rolfe has a syringe he plans on administering to Barb, and he tells Lexie that it will silence her forever. Rolfe says this is the only option they have, otherwise she will lose her child. Lexie refuse to kill Barb, and says they will just pay her off. Lexie returns to Abe, who is not happy with Lexie. Abe demands Lexie explain what in the hell she is up to. Lexie says she doesn't know what he is talking about, and they need to concentrate on Barb. Lexie checks Barb's chart. Meanwhile, Rolfe plans to kill Barb without Lexie's approval! Later, Lexie talks with Rolfe, and she thinks everything is going well, Bo and Hope will be so busy repairing their marriage that they will forget about the babies.

Barb is being treated, and keeps shouting that they are trying to kill her. Glen shows up and finds Abe. He asks what he has done with her now? Abe says she is fine and with the doctor. Glen barges into the cubicle and demands they get away from her! The doctors explain what is going on to Glen. When Barb comes too, Glen tells her what she was saying. Barb says she must have been delirious, and she claims she saw some kids fighting and passed out when she saw blood. Glen insists they leave Salem now, but Barb refuses. A nurse comes to prepare Barb to go to her room, so Glen is asked to leave. As he is leaving, he catches Lexie heading to see Barb, and tells her not to even think about it! Lexie says she wanted to talk to him, not Barb. Lexie tells Glen that Barb has been harassing her, and she's sick of it. Lexie cries and asks why they are trying to destroy her life? Glen says that Barb is claiming she promised them money, but Lexie says Barb is demanding 2 million dollars from her, which she does not have! Glen is speechless, but says he'll talk to Barb. After Glen leaves, Lexie talks to Rolfe. Lexie says Barb will be furious, so they need to get her the money. Rolfe tells her to trust him, let him deal with Barb. Lexie ends up breaking down into tears, and Abe begs her to tell him what is going on. Meanwhile, Rolfe breaks into Barb's room!

At the mansion, Brady and Chloe try to convince Shawn and Belle to leave, but Belle says her coat is still inside. Shawn and Belle then get caught up in making out. In the mansion, Hope tells Marlena and John that their children must come first. The kids all come in, and Belle can't stop talking about the horrors they went through tonight. When they see the looks on their parents faces, Shawn and Belle know something is going on, and they know Brady was stalling them. Marlena and Hope say they have just been talking about how important their families are to them. Shawn knows something serious has happened, and Belle thinks everyone looks very sad. Shawn asks where dad is? Hope says he went home to rest, and Marlena says she and John will take her home. John is gone, he is washing up, and Belle asks where her dad and everyone else is? Marlena says they left, that is all. Belle knows that is not all. John finally shows up, and Belle looks at him and asks what happened to him? John says he dropped the soap and hit his head on the sink picking it up. Shawn doesn't buy any of this and demands they tell him the truth! Hope says Shawn is right, they deserve to know. Marlena stops her and says there is nothing else to know. Shawn decides to take Belle home, and they leave. Hope breaks down, and thinks that Bo will never forgive her for this. Marlena tells Hope that this is not her fault. Hope says that Bo won't see it that way. John says he will talk to Bo and try and make things right.

Brady and Chloe go back outside, and CHloe wonders what is going on. Brady explains what is going on with Hope and his father. They soon end up talking about Phillip, until Chloe changes the subject back to what they just heard. Chloe wants to tell Belle, but Brady doesn't. Chloe says nothing good comes from keeping secrets, but Brady tries to make her realize that Belle and Shawn aren't ready to handle this. Chloe hates secrets, and Brady thinks that Chloe just wants Shawn and Belle to experience some of the hurt in this world so they can see that she is right about how horrible of a world it really is. Chloe says that is unfair. Brady tells her that it isn't their place to tell Belle and Shawn, so she needs to keep her mouth shut. Later, Shawn and Belle show up, and they realize that Brady and Chloe know something. They beg them both to tell them what is going on! Brady insists that nothing is going on, and that he is just hungry. Shawn and Belle leave, and Chloe tells Brady that they have to clear something up. Chloe has things to say to him about his cruel words.

Bo heads to the pub to drink and sulk. Grandpa Shawn shows up with a bat, fearing someone had broken in, and almost clubs Bo. Shawn asks Bo what has him so upset? Bo doesn't want to talk, but Shawn thinks they should. Shawn fixes Bo some chowder, and talks to Bo. Shawn asks Bo to please tell him what is upsetting him. Bo says he just can't talk about it, Shawn says he won't judge him, he just wants to help him. Shawn says he loves him, and Bo says he knows. When Bo says his love seems like the only one he can count on right now, Shawn says what about his wonderful children and his wife? Shawn realizes something is wrong between Bo and Hope, and he tells him to go talk to Hope. Bo says he can't, he doesn't know what to say. Shawn talks to Bo about the problems he and Caroline had, her betrayal, and how he (Bo) came from it and he couldn't imagine his life without him. Shawn tells Bo to take this problem he is having with Hope and make something good come from it, let it make their love stronger. Bo decides to go talk with Hope.


December 21
Here's the deal, I started watching the soaps, then realized it was getting late, and I need to wrap my gifts before my mom gets home and catches me making a complete mess. So I watched the soap and wrote the summary while wrapping gifts, so it's not as detailed as usual. Also, still no spell check

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe is angry with Brady for the horrible things he said to her. Chloe can't believe that Brady thinks she'd actually hurt Shawn and Belle just to hurt them. Brady and CHloe go to Chloe's place to cook some food, and Brady appologizes to Chloe for hurting her. He says he just said those things to stop her from telling Belle the truth. However, he does believe, on some level, that she hates seeing people happy because she is so unhappy. Brady says he can tell her this, because he also feels this way sometimes. Brady continues telling Chloe how Belle lives in a world different from them, and he doesn't think she can handle the truth.

Abe drives Lexie and himself home. Lexie can't stop thinking about Barb's threats. Abe wonders what is going on with Lexie, and he asks her what she is hiding. Barb says she's just upset because Barb ruined her party. Abe asks her how she got involved with them? Lexie says she felt sorry for them and wanted to be nice, but she says it is over and taken care of. Abe asks what that means? Lexie says she talked with Glen, and they are going to be leaving town. Abe thinks that Lexie is sounding a lot like her father, and she asks if she has talked to him recently? Lexie says she hasn't, but she hopes to soon.

Meanwhile, Marlena talks with Hope. She thinks they need to go stop John from talking to Bo because it is too soon, but Hope thinks they need to work through this, and she says she knows Bo and John better than anyone. Marlena says "better than I know John?" Hope says she is sorry, but she became Gina for a split second tonight, and she felt all the love Gina felt for him. Marlena says that man is HER husband! Marlena and Hope continue to discuss the problem. Marlena feels the children should know the truth, but Hope doesn't. Marlena points out that Bo will not lie to the children about this after he was lied to for so many years about his own father. Hope doesn't know. Suddenly, Abe and Lexie show up, and Hope grabs Lexie and yells "what did you do to me!" Abe pulls Hope off of Lexie, and Hope continues to acusses Lexie of doing horrible things to her. Marlena talks to Lexie calmly and asks her for help figuring out what happened. Lexie plays innocent, and acts like she is the one being hurt by Hope's words. Hope tells her that she started to become Gina tonight, and she made it happen! Hope says she has been acting strange all night! Lexie swears she just wanted to make her happy, and that she loves her! Abe asks Hope to back off and give Lexie the benefit of the doubt. Hope refuses to fall for Lexie's sappy tears, and orders her to stay away from JT. Abe goes to get JT for Hope so that she can leave. Hope promises Lexie to find out what happened here tonight! Hope then remembers Barb! Hope recalls Barb said they were all being lied to, and thinks they should stop by the hospital and talk to her. Lexie says that woman is a liar, they can't believe a word she says. Abe brings JT to Hope, and Hope and Marlena leave. Abe demands Lexie tell him why Hope thinks her best friend is now her enemy? Lexie says she doesn't know, and she leaves to check on Isaac. Abe knows something is going on with his wife.

John confronts Bo, who wants to fight again. John says he is not here to fight, he wants to talk about his wife. Bo doesn't know if she is even his wife anymore, and lunges at John. John puts Bo in a choke hold, and tells Bo that he and Hope are not and have never had an affair! John says that he only wants to protect Hope, and he tells her that the whole party was a setup to turn Hope back into Gina. John explains that he was preforming a procedure on Hope to help keep her from turning into Gina, but she turned into Gina for a split second, and that is when she kissed him. Bo still says that he, and the others, lied to him over and over! John says yes, but he lied to him because he didn't think Bo would be able to love JT the way he does now, if he knew all along that he (John) was his father. Bo admits he wouldn't love him the way he does now. John says that he gave up his own flesh and blood to save both of their families, and so that JT could have the father's love he deserves and needs! Marlena and Hope show up, and Marlena and John leave so Bo and Hope can talk.

Shawn drives Belle someplace special. He drives her off into the woods, where they build a snowman. Shawn finishes the snowman by writing "I love you" on it. Shawn then tells a speechless Belle that he loves her.

At the hospital, Rolfe hides in Barb's closet until the orderly leaves. Rolfe knows even if they paid Barb off she'd still talk, so he must kill her. However, he is forced to hide once again when a nurse shows up. Later, Glen shows up, and decides to stay with Barb overnight! When Rolfe gets the chance, he slips into the room and injects a drug into Barb's IV. However, before he can finish, Glen returns, and Barb begins to wake up. Rolfe makes a quick getaway, and is not happy that he missed his chance to get rid of Barb. Glen tells Barb he loves her, she is so good, and he wants them to leave Salem. Barb says they can't go without the money, but Glen tells her to forget the money! Barb begins to cry and says she's lied to him, she's not as good as he says. As the drugs begin to knock Barb out, Barb tells Glen that the tests proved Marlo had his son, and he is in Salem.

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