December 01 Week 2


December 10
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Craig, Nancy, and Chloe all get ready to head off to the party, but Chloe is being a mope as she thinks about Phillip and Brady. Outside of the Wesley's house, Brady waits for Chloe. Back inside, the phone rings, and Chloe hopes it is Phillip. However, it is Brady, who wants to work things out with her because he doesn't like how they left things. Neither does Chloe, so Brady goes in to see her and talk. Chloe decides to go to the party with Brady, so Nancy and Chloe take off. Chloe then tries to convince Brady to stay here for awhile and talk. Brady agrees that there are some things they need to straighten out before going anywhere. Brady tells Chloe that he can't cover up his feelings for her anymore. Brady tells Chloe that he cares about her. He says that he has noticed that lately she has bailed on her talent and herself for Phillip. Chloe says singing is still the most important thing to her, but Brady doesn't believe her. He says that if she is going to self destruct then he is not going to stick around, their friendship will be over.

Nicole shows up at Phillip's door and says his dad is waiting, is he ready? Phillip has gotten dressed to crash Lexie's party. Phillip says he doesn't want to watch a movie tonight, and Nicole wonders what is going on. She goes into his room, and realize that Phillip is planning to crash the party to see Chloe. She warns him not to screw around with the DiMera's just to see Chloe. Phillip says Chloe loves him, she belongs to him, she is part of him. Nicole tells Phillip that his acting like a love sick fool will backfire on him.

Shawn and Belle stop at Buddy's Burgers so SHawn can get some food before the party. Belle doesn't want to stuff that junk into her body, besides there will be food at the party. Belle is glad CHloe and Brady will be there, and Shawn just hopes that she won't be in one of her moods tonight.

At the party, Sami can't wait to announce her engagement to Austin. John continues to watch Lexie, which makes MArlena nervous. Austin and John end up going to get some champagne for their ladies. Sami talks to Marlena about Brandon and Jen, and how wrong they are for each other. Marlena points out that is what everyone said about her and Austin. John and Austin return.

Jen spots someone at the party, and panics. Jack notices that something is wrong with Jen and wants to rescue her. Greta, however, is too preoccupied with finding Collin to listen to Jack's mumbling. Elizabeth realizes she has misplaced her purse, so she and Collin leave to get it. We soon learn that Jen did not spot Collin, but Glen and Barb! Hope has also spotted them, and is not happy. Bo asks Abe why they are here? Abe says Lexie says she is taking care of it.

John asks Lexie who she was talking to? Lexie says no one, but John is not buying her answer. He demands to know what she has planned for Hope tonight. Lexie says she is just concerned for Hope because Barb and Glen are here tonight.

Rolfe transmits more memories of Gina to Hope. Hope begins to remember the submarine seduction! Hope becomes dizzy, and Abe suggests that she go upstairs and rest. Rolfe says this can't happen! Hope insists she is okay, and that she just needs to eat. Bo thinks Glen and Barb are who are upsetting Hope. Abe says he'll take care of it. Rolfe messages Lexie and tells her that he is getting through to Hope, and she needs to keep John away from her because his suspicions will ruin everything.

Lexie then gathers everyone attention and thanks them for all coming her to honor their goodfriend Hope. Lexie explains the reason Glen and Barb are here, it is because she invited them. Lexie hopes that everyone realizes that even though they took JT, they brought him back, so she invited them in the spirit of unity and forgiveness. She says if anyone represents the spirit of kindness and forgiveness it is Hope. Everyone applauds, and Barb says she would like to thank Hope for forgiving them when they accidentally took her son, because she knows she wouldn't be able to forgive or forget if ANYONE took her child again. Jen also follows with a toast to the mother of the year, Hope Brady. Meanhwile, Bo, Hope, and Abe talk about the Reibers. Abe says something isn't right, Lexie looked surprised when they showed up, and Hope wonders what Barb meant by saying if someone took her baby away from her again.

Lexie steals Brandon away from Jen, and Sami accesses Jen of using Brandon to make Jack jealous. Jen says she is not using anyone, and Austin tells Sami to back off. He begs Sami not to upset anyone tonight. Sami tells Austin that she makes him a better woman. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Brandon that he is supposed to be watching Hope. Brandon says he doesn't like this, this is a dangerous game and it could backfire. Lexie begs Brandon not to back out on her now. Brandon says he can't do this, so he is leaving. Lexie says she thought he was her friend? Brandon says he is, and when this is over she will need him to help her pick up the pieces. Brandon leaves, which puzzles Jen, but pleases Jack and Sami. Later, Jen and Collin spot one another across the dance floor!

Elsewhere, John realizes this party is a setup, and tells Bo to get Hope out of here now. Bo asks what is going on? Hope tells John to stop this, so he tells her to walk out that door now! Bo tells John that this place is safe, Abe will protect them, and that he will take care of trouble if it arises. Marlena begs John to listen to Bo. John walks off, and Bo tells Marlena that John has gone over the edge. Bo warns Hope that this party is a dud, and if one more thing goes wrong, they are out of here. Hope assures Bo that John is trying to help, and not to let this spoil their friendship with John and Marlena. Bo wonders why Hope is defending John. Meanwhile, Marlena tells John that Bo is angry and suspicious, and he needs to let Hope's husband take care of her. Later, when Hope is alone, Rolfe blasts her with more memories. Rolfe decides to make Hope Gina totally, instead of just giving her Gina's memories.


December 11
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At the Wesley's, Brady tells Chloe that if she is going to be self-destructive, he is not going to hang around and watch, their friendship will be over. Chloe thinks Brady no longer respects her, but Brady says she isn't taking care of the things most important to her. Chloe says she can't sing right now, she has become paralyzed since confronting her feelings. CHloe thinks maybe she isn't meant to be an artist, because she is beginning to realize she has no talent. Chloe says the reason she is feeling this way is because she is confused about Phillip. Chloe begs Brady to be patient with her and not desert her like everyone else in her life has. Brady says he's not going to desert her. Chloe is also glad that he opened up to her and was honest with her. Brady suggests they go party now, so they leave.

Outside the mansion, Phillip shows up, but hides when a giggling Shawn and Belle arrive. Marlena meets them, and they all head inside, where security checks their invitations. Phillip wonders how he will get past security. Later, Phillip is caught sneaking around outside by a security guard. When Phillip reaches for his wallet to pay them off, they tell him to freeze and get his hands where they can see them. When Phillip sees Chloe arrive, he says his girlfriend is over there, and runs to her.

At the party, Jen and Collin star at one another across the room. Meanwhile, Alice, Mickey, and Maggie all sit in the garden sipping champagne. Jen goes over to them, and they wonder what is bothering her. Maggie asks Jen if she wants to talk? Jen thanks her but says no. Maggie decides to get them some desert to cheer Jen up, and make them feel better. Eventually, Collin and Jen come face to face. Furthermore, the song they are playing is one they once danced to! Jen ends up running off out of fear, and Elizabeth returns.

Chloe and Brady meet up with Belle and Shawn, and they decide to dance. As the kids hang out together, Phillip spies on them.

Barb corners Lexie, and demands her money now or else she will spill the truth! John asks if there is a problem here? Lexie says no, and that she and Barb were just exchanging recipes. Later, Barb runs into Craig and Nancy and chit-chats with them.

MEanwhile, Hope collapses in pain as Rolfe floods her head with images. Hope finally regains control of herself, but wonders what is happening to her. She goes to Bo, and hugs him when he asks her what is wrong? Bo wonders if Hope is pregnant, but she says she isn't. MEanwhile, in the control room, Bart argues with Rolfe, because Bart thinks he is going to kill Hope with that machine. Rolfe says the only person he will kill is him if he doesn't back off! Suddenly, Lexie bursts in, and Rolfe pulls a gun and almost shoots her! Lexie calls him nuts, and tells Rolfe that Barb is blackmailing her still, she thought he was going to take care of her! Rolfe says he will, and tells Lexie to get back to the party. Rolfe grabs his gun and vows to destroy both John and Barb!

Back at the party, Hope goes to freshen up, but really goes to find John and ask for his help. Hope doesn't know what is going on, but she keeps having flashes, distorted images. John says they need to get her out of her right now, but Hope insists she is okay. Hope wonders if she might just be pregnant. John begs her to leave, but Marlena and Bo show up. MArlena notices that Hope looks pale as well, but she says a dance with Bo will make her feel much better. As they all dance, John tells Marlena that Hope is having memory flashes. Marlena says perhaps it is just the power of suggestion effecting Hope. MEanwhile, as Hope dances with Bo, she remembers more. When she tells Bo what she remembers, dancing with Bo at a ball, Bo says that did happen when she thought she was Gina, so he is getting her the hell out of here! After the dance, John watches Lexie and badmouths her to Marlena, which shocks her. Belle shows up and asks her dad to dance with her, but he's too preoccupied with watching Lexie. Lexie has been pages by Rolfe, who tells her that Hope is leaving, so she must stop her. Meanwhile, Phillip attempts to sneak in a window, and winds up setting off an alarm, which disrupts the entire party!


December 12
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Lexie decides to head off Bo and Hope instead of seeing to the alarm. Bo insists that something is wrong with that house and they never should have come. Rolfe tells Lexie that she cannot let Hope leave. Lexie turns on the waterworks to convince Hope to stay. Lexie begs Hope to not leave before they cut the cake, and says she is her dearest friend and would never hurt her. Hope then realizes that she left JT behind! Lexie uses this to her advantage and finally Hope agrees to return to the party. Bo tells her it is okay, mom and Pop are watching him. Hope refuses and says she wants to take JT home with them. Lexie tells Hope that if she had some of her cake, maybe she'd feel better. Hope goes inside and begins eating, and does feel better. She later tells Bo, John and Marlena that it wouldn't kill her to stay at the party for another hour.

Barb is relentless in her demands for money and Lexie freaks out. The walls are closing in on her and Rolf is barking orders in her ear. She screams for them to stop! Barb picks up on the plural and Lexie covers, saying she meant Barb and Glen. Lexie then orders Bart to get the money. Rolf tells Bart to forget it, he'll deal with Barb later. Right now he needs Bart's help. One more jolt and welcome back Princess Gina!

Philip makes the mistake of swinging at a guard and they attack him. He screams for Chloe who hears him and rushes out with the gang on her tail. Phillip screams that is his girlfriend, and as he tries to go to her, he gets a knuckle sandwhich. Chloe begs them not to hurt him. Abe arrives on the scene and demands to know what's going on. Philip says it's all because he loves Chloe. A mortified Chloe turns to Brady and asks why is Philip doing this to her? Brady replies that it's her fault for not letting Philip go. Chloe says she wants Phillip to love her, just not like this.

Austin gets a call from Nicole regarding a business emergency with a client. Austin has a file the client needs, and he says he'll bring it to her. Nicole smiles, knowing she has ruined Sami's evening. Austin leaves an apoplectic Sami behind at the party. Sami vows revenge on Nicole for ruining her big night.

When Nancy and Craig introduce Colin to Alice Horton, Alice and Julie realize this is Jennifer's mystery man!

Victor invites Kate over to discuss Philip's problems. Kate is hard to deal with, and Vitor tells her that this is about their son, not their relationship. Things get heated but Victor is adamant that while he'll do what it takes to help Philip, Kate will NOT be moving back in. Kate sulks that she knows she hasn't been there for Phillip, and Lucas' life is over because of her. In a rare moment of honesty, Victor admits that he is partly responsible for Lucas's current state because he was the one who drugged Kate, and he tells her the entire story about what really happened that night.


December 13
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At Victor's, Kate is furious with Victor's admission, and says it is all his and Nicole's fault that Lucas is where he is now! Victor feels bad, and agrees to pay for any treatment for Lucas, and to fly her to the hospital in his jet whenever she wants to see him. Kate thanks him, and they agree to attempt to put their differences aside for Lucas and Phillip's sake. While she's on a roll, Kate tries to convince Victor to kick Nicole out. Victor says he will consider it, and then gives Kate a check to get rid of her.

Austin shows up to see Nicole, and they go up to her room to work. After finishing work, Nicole probs Austin for information about Sami. Later, Austin and Nicole run into Kate, and Kate wonders what her son is doing with Nicole. Austin says he and Nicole were having a business meeting, but Kate isn't so sure. Austin asks his mom why she is here? Kate says taking care of business as well.

At the party, Marlena asks Sami if something is wrong, Austin left in a hurry. Sami says it is work related, and she tells her mom that Austin proposed.

Outside, Lexie is furious and demands Phillip, whom she calls a rich spoiled brat, be arrested. Abe refuses, and Lexie thanks him for his usual lack of support as a husband and chief of police! LExie returns to her party, only to be blackmailed by BArb. Lexie blows up, as she's had it up to her eyeballs with the problems going on. She tells Barb to shut up and get the hell out of her face! Glen fetches Barb, and says he hates it here and is leaving. Barb begs him to stay, but he says no. BArb tells Glen that she'll meet him back at the room in a bit. Later, Bart tells Lexie that Rolfe is ready to blast Hope with more memories.

Back outside, Abe refuses to allow Phillip to be taken downtown, and tells the armed security guards to leave for the night. Phillip apologizes to Abe, but he says there is someone else he should apologize to. Phillip and Chloe are left alone to talk,

Back in the party, John continues to try and convince Hope to get out of here, but Bo says he will protect Hope if she needs protecting. Lexie goes to check on Hope, and is glad that she looks better. Lexie then announces that it is time to cut the cake, and it is brought out. The cake is HUGE and covered in candles. Suddenly, Hope is zapped with more memories of Gina and John. Hope becomes confused, and grabs onto Lexie. As everyone praises Hope, Lexie acts like Hope's clinging to her is just her being overwhelmed by everyone's words. John, however, realizes something is wrong. Later, Hope finds John and begs him to help her now! Elsewhere, Rolfe tells Bart that the transfer is nearly complete!


December 14
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At the party, Chloe wants to go after Phillip. Brady tells her that if she does, he is not the person he thought she was. Chloe says she has to go to him, and runs off. Nancy tells Brady that she is so sorry. Chloe meets up with Phillip and tells him that if he doesn't stop this craziness, they can no longer be friends. Phillip says he doesn't want to be her friend, he wants to marry her! Chloe says "can't you take no for an answer?" Phillip says no, and he doesn't think she wants him to. Phillip begs her to at least take a walk with him and talk. Chloe refuses, and returns to Brady. Brady, however, is upset and cold towards CHloe, and walks away from her to find some food. Later, Nancy argues with Chloe about Phillip. Craig stops them from fighting and takes Nancy home, because he says it is getting late and they have work. Chloe finds Brady, and tries to work things out with him. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Belle that they should have a look around! Chloe decides to go with them, and dares Brady to follow. They all head down to the basement, and begin exploring. Brady looks for the secret room his dad told him about, and he finds it. One by one, the kids head in, and the door begins to close! They try and run out, but Shawn and Belle end up trapped!

Phillip runs into Nancy and Craig as they are leaving and tries to talk to them. He warns them that if they think he is bad for Chloe, then Brady will wreck her life! Nancy and CHloe urge Phillip to do the right thing and leave Chloe alone. Phillip thinks this is all Brady's fault for coming back.

Barb tells Lexie that she is going to blow her out of the water! Barb grabs Abe and says they need to talk about his wife. Lexie interrupts them before BArb can spill the beans. Fortunately, Mickey grabs Abe and drags him off for a picture. Lexie then tells Barb to leave and not come back, she'll get her money tomorrow. Barb says that isn't enough, she wants something. BArb demands a fancy vase she likes, but Lexie says no! WHen Maggie shows up, Barb introduces herself and says she is blackmailing Lexie, ask her why! Lexie says Barb is just kidding around, she's threatening to tell her real age. Maggie laughs, and leaves. BArb notices something stuck to Lexie's dress, and thinks it is some kind of walkie talkie. Lexie says it is just an earplug. Meanwhile, Rolfe and Bart see that Hope is trying to leave, and is John, and they try to contact Lexie and tell her to stop them, but for some reason they can't get through to her. Lexie puts her earpiece back in, and tells Rolfe she will stop them. BArb catches her and wonders who she is talking to. Lexie says she's trying to keep this party under control!

Julie catches Jen searching for someone, and tells Jen that Dr. Murphy left. Julie deduces that he is the man she fell in love with in Africa. Jen says it doesn't matter, he is engaged, and he never cared about her.

Austin returns to the party, and Sami wants to announce their engagement. However, Austin says that this party is about Hope, so Sami suggests they individually tell everyone. However, Sami can't hold it in for long, and begins flashing her ring to large groups of people. Maggie is appalled that Sami is grabbing center stage on Hope's special night. Later, Sami catches Barb trying to steal the vase she's had her eye on.

Meanwhile, as Lexie is trying to stall Bo, and to find Hope, Julie shows up and asks Lexie what is up with this Barb character? Bo heads upstairs, and checks on the nursery, where Hope said she was headed. Bo checks on JT, and wonders where Hope is. Bo tells JT that he loves him, and is proud to be his papa. Back downstairs, Sami drags Barb the thief to Lexie and tells her that this woman is stealing! Lexie says Barb is her friend, and she gave her these things. Sami and Julie aren't convinced. Barb tells Lexie tells that if she doesn't get her the money tomorrow, she will blow her out of the water! Elsewhere, Jen confronts Sami and tells her now that she is engaged, she should get over her little crush on Brandon!

John calms Hope down and tells her that he will help her. Suddenly, Shawn decides they should all sing a song for Hope! They all begin to sing, and Hope continues to transform into Gina. Hope begs John to help her, take the chip out! John tells Hope to make an excuse to slip away and meet him upstairs. Julie then announces that Doug would like to sing a song to his daughter. After the song, Bo tells Hope they should leave, but Hope says no, she wants to stay. Hope says she wants to check on JT, and leaves. John and Hope go up to a room upstairs, and John pulls out a pocket knife to cut the chip out of her head! As John goes to extract the chip, Hope panics and begs him not to do it. Hope thinks something might go wrong, but when she begins to remember sub-sex, she tells him to take the chip out. Meanwhile, Rolfe realizes John is attempting to take the chip out, so there is only one thing left for them to do, kill Hope! Rolfe turns up the power to the chip in an attempt to kill her. At the same time, John works to take the chip out. Hope begins flinching in pain as John works on her. Suddenly, Hope becomes a mindless zombie, and down in the control room, all of Rolfe's machines have flatlines on them! Later the vital signs for Hope come back, and Rolfe says that either Hope or Gina has conquered the other in Hope's mind. Back upstairs, Hope looks at John. Meanwhile, Bo shows up, and is about to walk in on them.

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