December 01 Week 1


December 3
This is from NBC. I only saw the last 20 minutes of the show due to my train being late. I will be back writting summaries tomorrow!

Philip runs after a distraught Chloe and they finally have it out. Philip admits he figured that if he made out with Cynthia, Chloe would hate him and then he could stop trying to win her back. Philip tells Chloe that she made him a better person and without her he's just lost. Chloe remains silent until Philip warns her against seeing Brady. Chloe turns to leave, but Philip asks her what to do about Cynthia. Chloe tells him to try being honest for once. Belle and Shawn are worried about their friends but it's obvious that Belle is on Chloe's side and Shawn is on Philip's. Belle is really upset until Shawn assures her that he would never do that to her. They decide to attend Lexie's party together. John wants nothing to do with Lexie or her party and tells Marlena so. Brady overhears and tells his dad to stay home and they'll have a guy's night. John is tempted but remembers Hope and knows he has to watch out for her. John asks Brady to the party and we see he's intrigued, privately hoping Chloe will be there. Sami shows up and spars with Brady until John intercedes. Sami then goes on to tell her mother about Austin and the ring. Marlena is thrilled that Sami's dreams are finally coming true. Earlier, Austin is waylaid on his way to work by a persistent Sami. Meanwhile at Titan, Nicole is upset because she hasn't been able to reach Austin. She mentions this to Victor who suggests firing him. Nicole defends Austin, saying he's the best researcher she's ever had. Victor points out that maybe Nicole prefers Austin because he doesn't have an Ivy League degree either. Nicole says she doesn't need a college degree when she has Victor. This does not please Victor. His displeasure grows when Kate flounces into his office and states that they need to get along for Philip's sake. Victor is adamant that he will NOT marry Kate. Austin finally shows up and presents Nicole with the research she needs. This appeases Nicole and things seem to be going Austin's way until he tries to tell his mom about Sami. Kate tells Austin that if he's going to marry Sami, he's out of his mind.


December 4
This hasn't been proofed, I have a headache and am extremely stressed out over school (crunch time)
Phillip goes to talk with his dad. Phillip says his life is over, which Victor doesn't believe. Victor asks Phillip what it is he wants? What can he do to help him? Phillip says he needs him to work things out with mom, he needs his family back. Victor says there are reasons they aren't together, but Phillip says he's heard all the reasons. Phillip argues with his dad and says he needs his family back. Phillip says when he got out of the hospital, he was mean and cold to his mom, and that hurt her and him. Victor says there was a reason, so Phillip asks what reason. Victor says when he came home from the hospital he was impotent. Phillip says he didn't know. He then switches the conversation to Chloe, and breaks down. Victor holds his son and comforts him. Phillip changes the conversation back to his parents eventually, but Victor says he can't make any promises. After Phillip leaves, Victor calls Kate and says they have to talk.

Sami calls her mom and tells her that she's decided to take her advice, she's not going to pressure Austin and let him propose on his own time. Marlena was out shopping for a gift for Lexie when Sami called. Austin shows up, so Sami says she has to go. Sami is dressed in a nice red dress, and Austin walks in in his PJ's! Sami says she thought they were going out tonight? Austin says that he fell asleep after getting home from work. Austin says he's kinda beat, and thinks they should stay home and watch some TV. He says they could watch one of Will's videos with him and make a family night of it. Austin calls out to Will, who comes running. Austin asks Will if he wants to watch a movie with them, and he says he does. Sami eventually agrees, and decides to get grungy looking like them so she can be comfortable. Austin tells Sami that he thinks that is a good idea. A heartbroken Sami goes to change, and later returns. Austin then tells Sami he has a very important question to ask her . . . . about a baseball card. Sami asks if this is a sick joke? Sami calls it a stupid card, but Austin says it is a Mickey Mantel in mint condition, and this will help pay Will's way into college. Sami thinks that is really sweet. Sami asks Austin what the question he wanted to ask is? Austin says it's actually more a question for Will. Austin gives Will the baseball card, and a stick of gum, and then asks Will a question. Austin asks Will if it would be okay if he asked her mommy to get married. Will says sure, and tells his mommy to marry him. Austin gets down on one knee, and Will accompanies him. Austin produces the ring Sami wanted, and asks her to marry him. She accepts, and they all hug. Austin then tells Sami to get dressed so they can go celebrate! Sami can't believe Austin had this planned the whole time.

Chloe arrives at the penthouse to do homework with Belle. Chloe wonders if they are alone? Belle doesn't know, so she yells "Is anyone home!" Brady is in the shower singing opera, and doesn't know anyone is home. Chloe talks to Belle about Phillip, and how he apologized to her. Belle tells Chloe that things are different this time, Phillip didn't just call her ghoul girl, he betrayed her with another girl. Chloe says that she realizes now that Phillip is nothing special and his actions have proved it. Belle can't imagine what she would do if Shawn looked at another girl. Chloe points out that she and Belle are together, she and Phillip aren't. Meanwhile, Brady gets out of the shower, and realizes the towels are all dirty because it is laundry day. Thinking he is alone, he runs down to the laundry room, and right into Belle and Chloe! Brady explains what is going on, and Chloe gives him a pillow to cover up. Brady runs back upstairs, and Chloe and Belle giggle. Marlena shows up and asks what is going on here? They giggle again. Later, a dressed Brady comes down, and Chloe tells Brady that he is a true friend for saving her. Brady knows Chloe is holding back about Phillip, and she eventually breaks down into his arms. Chloe admits to Brady that she can't forget Phillip, she can't stop thinking about him. She says she doesn't know why she still has feelings for him. Brady is not happy to hear this, and tells Chloe that she needs to stop making excuses for Phillip because he is no damn good for her. Brady says Phillip will keep hurting her over and over again because he doesn't know who she really is. Chloe, who is in tears, says he doesn't understand, and runs off to find Phillip.

Meanwhile, Belle invites Marlena up to her room, which MArlena calls the inner- sanctum, and the two have a talk. Belle tells her mom that she knows she only wants the best for her, but she sometimes feel if she tells her too much she will revert to being a little girl again. Belle tells her mom that she's ready to talk to her now, about her sex life! Belle tells her mom that Shawn made her realize they weren't ready for sex, and she is the one who has been pressuring Shawn to have sex. Belle tells her mom about what happened the other night between them. Belle says she wanted to have sex last night, but Shawn talked her out of it.


December 5
This is shorter than usual because (A) it was typed after I saw the show, (B) it was typed in a hurry, and (C) I was working on my dissertation proposal, which is due Friday, as I was watching the show.

At Dot.Com, all the kids are hanging out. Cynthia is all over Phillip, and he doesn't like it. Cynthia the super-slut then runs into Shawn and invites him and Phillip over to her house for a private party for three! Both Shawn and Phillip dis Cynthia. Later, Mimi confronts Cynthia about what happened between her and Phillip, and she alludes that they went all the way. Later, we learn that two years ago Cynthia and Shawn had a little thing going. However, Cynthia tells Shawn she is no longer interested in him, she is going after Phillip! Meanwhile, Brady shows up and warns Phillip to stay away from Chloe. Phillip tells Brady that Chloe hates him enough as is, but then wonders why Brady is warning him to stay away from her. Phillip begins to think that Chloe has said something that is scaring Brady, because Phillip knows Brady has eyes for Chloe.

At the penthouse, Brady tells Belle that Chloe left to find Phillip because she is still in love with him. Later, Mimi shows up and tells Belle what Cynthia is saying about her night with Phillip. Belle can't believe Phillip is doing this to Chloe.

Chloe heads home, where Nancy is sitting on the couch. Chloe talks to Nancy about what happened between Phillip and Cynthia. Nancy and Chloe have a heart to heart, and Nancy tells Chloe that she needs to forget about Phillip, because he does nothing for her but make her cry. Chloe says she loves him, but Nancy says love is a two way street, both have to give to receive, and both have to be able to take care of themselves before they can love. Nancy brings up the party she and Craig are going to tonight, and asks her to come along. Chloe doesn't know, so Nancy says Brady might be there.

At the mansion, Lexie prepares everything for the party. John shows up to see Lexie, and he warns her that he will be at the party watching everything going down tonight. Lexie says nothing is going to go down, this is a party for her best friend. When John says he'd hate to see what she'd do if she didn't like Hope. Lexie tells John to get out, which reminds John of Stefano. John warns Lexie that he won't let her reactivate Gina's memories. Lexie wonders why John is standing in the way of Hope remembering, which is what she wants. Lexie eventually tells John that she can't deal with this now, and tells him to get out. After John leaves, Lexie tells Rolfe that they can't do this, but Rolfe says they must turn Hope back into Gina tonight. Lexie says she knows, and this will mean the end of two of the finest marriages she knows. Lexie then wonders what if Barb shows up? Rolfe assures Lexie that if Barb shows up, he'll take care of her. Lexie realizes Rolfe likes getting his hands dirty. Rolfe says keeping Stefano's hands clean was a source of pride to him, and he wants to make sure her hands stay clean as well.

Bo runs into Hope at the pub after her shopping spree. Later, John shows up and tells Bo and Hope not to go to this party Lexie is throwing for them. Hope says she has to go. Bo asks what is this about, is DiMera back in town? John says Stefano has his hands in this, but Bo and Hope are confident that Lexie and Abe would not let anything happen to anyone. John says he fears Stefano is planning to turn Hope back into Gina tonight, and Lexie has a hand in it. Bo assures John that he will not let anything happen to Hope, and if Stefano does show up, he will squeeze the life out of him.


December 6
This has NOT been proofed. I took a dissertation proposal break to watch the soaps and do this summary
At the Devereaux house, Jack and Jen argue over blow drying hair. Abby is thrilled to see her parents acting this way, because they used to act this way when they were married and getting ready to go out together. Jen tells Abby that they are going to the party together, and asks her to go get her shoes. Jack asks why she lied to Abby? Jen says she just didn't want Abby's hopes dashed tonight. Jack has a flashback from a time he and Jen were getting ready to go out once before, and how Jen put on fake eyelashes. Jack told her she was beautiful without them, and she told him that he hadn't told her she was beautiful in a long time.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope, Shawn D, and JT are all ready, but Bo has yet to get dressed, which Hope nags hims about. Hope thinks Bo is trying to ruin her evening, but he says he is not. He says he just doesn't want to wear a monkey suit all evening, but for her he will suffer. Bo then rushes upstairs to get ready. After he is ready, he admits to Hope that he really was dragging his feet earlier because he really didn't want to go to the party tonight, and he feels bad about that because the party is important to her. However, Bo does agree with John about them not going tonight.

At the penthouse, Brady and Belle get ready for the party. Brady, who it appears is trying to grow lamb chops, tells Belle about his talk with Phillip earlier tonight. Meanwhile, Marlena ties John's bow-tie. John is not looking forward to the party, and he feels Hope shouldn't be going tonight. Marlena thinks it is only a party, but John knows it is much more. John says that he thinks LExie is trying to turn Hope back into Gina. Suddenly, Brady and Belle show up, and overhear what John said and asks what is going on? John quickly changes the subject and asks her if that is what she is wearing? Belle says yes, and the bicker jokingly with one another over what Belle should wear. Brady and BElle both say it would be lame to go with their parents, so BRady leaves first. John then wants to know why Marlena referred to Belle as mature and responsible earlier? Marlena tries to keep it private, but Belle comes out and says mom asked earlier if she and Shawn were making mad passionate love. John freaks out, and Belle says she was trying to be laid back about the subject, but made a mistake. She assures her dad that everything is cool. Shawn shows up to pick up Belle, and John tries to convince them to come with them tonight. Marlena, however, tells John she'd like to be alone with him, so Shawn and Belle skip off together. John then asks Marlena to promise him whatever happens tonight, he wants her to promise that she always believes he loves her.

At the Wesley's, Chloe tells Nancy that she has changed her mind, she's not going to this party. Nancy tries to convince Chloe to go to the party because she doesn't have to be Phillip's boyfriend to have a good time, she is a beautiful and special person on her own. Brady shows up to see Chloe and asks if she talked to Phillip. She says no, so he says he talked to him for her and told Phillip to stay away from her. CHloe is not pleased with Brady, and Brady is not pleased that CHloe is talking like she wants to take Phillip back. When she says she can't just throw away what they had, Brady says they have nothing more to say to one another. Chloe stops him from leaving, and they make up. Brady tells Chleo that he'll see her at the party, and takes off.

At the Kiriakis place, Phillip is still referring to Chloe as his girlfriend, who he thinks will be at the party tonight, along with Brady. Phillip gets ready, and plans to crash the party and see Chloe.

At Lexie's, Lexie directs the setting up of the party. She is going nuts yelling at the staff. Abe tells Lexie to relax, this is just a party. Lexie says nothing can go wrong, tonight is too important! Abe asks Lexie what tonight is really about? We never hear her answer. Meanwhile, Rolfe and Bart are in the operations room making sure everything is in readiness to turn Gina back into Hope. Later, Bart asks Rolfe who Henrietta Capshaw is. Rolfe flips out and demands to know what he knows? Bart says he knows she was involved in early tests of this machine, and he asks what happened to her. Rolfe asks if he really wants to know? Lexie shows up and says she wants to know! Rolfe claims that she mis-heard Bart, but Lexie doesn't believe him. Lexie tells Rolfe not to bring back Gina unless he can convince her that it is safe. Rolfe says okay, and then order Rolfe to sit in a chair. Rolfe points the laser at Rolfe, and zaps him! Bart passes out, and Lexie thinks he is dead. Rolfe doesn't understand what happened, but it turns out that Rolfe faked the whole thing. Rolfe zaps Bart again, and Bart becomes a Shakespeare genius and acts out Henry V. Lexie is convinced that nothing bad will happen to Hope. However, it turns out that Rolfe and Bart staged the whole thing! Bart knows that Rolfe isn't sure if this beam will work or not. Rolfe says that is why he has men ready to take out anyone he asks to be taken out! Rolfe says that tonight they will find out what Lexie is really made of, will she remain a Carver, or accepts her rightful place as a DiMera? Meanwhile, Lexie receives an emerald necklace from her father as a gift. LExie originally thinks it is from Abe, but Rolfe tells her it is from her father and tells her to hold it to the light. Inside the gem is a phoenix symbol! Rolfe tells the panicking Lexie that what her father can do, she can do too. Later, guests begin to arrive!

MEanwhile, Barb and Glen get ready to crash Lexie's party!


December 7
Bo and Hope, who are taking Jen with them, are headed to the party. Hope can't stop worrying about John's warning. Jen is worried about Jack being there. Meanwhile, Jack is driving Greta to the party, and she is distant. Greta doesn't like the idea of going to the DiMera mansion and seeing people from her past. Jack pulls up along side of Bo's car, and begins honking at them. Jen becomes annoyed with Jack, but Hope says there will be plenty of people at the party to keep her mind off of Jack. Jen asks Bo if his cousin Collin will be at this party? Bo doesn't think Lexie even knows him, which Jen says is good.

Meanwhile, Collin and Elizabeth get ready for the party, Collin has shaved and now has a pencil thin mustache. Elizabeth can't wait to walk into that party with him because all the women of Salem will be envious of her.

Rofle and Bart are in the control room fiddling with the machine that will turn Hope back into Gina and spying on the guests. Meanwhile, guests begin to arrive at the party. Marlena and John arrive, and John begins surveying the place. Rolfe realizes they will have to keep an eye on him. Mickey is at the party with Maggie and Alice. Alice tells Lexie and Abe that it is strange seeing them living in this house. Lexie says they are still the same people they have always been. Doug and Julie show up, as do Sami and Austin. Brandon shows up and runs into Sami and Austin kissing. Sami asks Brandon if he is here alone, or with Jen? Brandon says she told him, as he recalled, that he wasn't good enough to be with a Horton. Austin is shocked, but Sami says that isn't what she meant. Sami says she just meant that Jen seems wrong for him, and she didn't mean to insult him. Brandon asks Sami why she cares so much? Meanwhile, Shawn shows up and gives Abe a bottle of Irish Whiskey. As they chit-chat, Rolfe tells Bart that is the infamous Shawn Brady, the man who started it all. Bart wonders what Shawn could have done to make Stefano hate all the Brady's. Lexie is not pleased to see Sami, but Sami says all of her family was invited. LExie says it is fine, and Sami hands her a housewarming gift. Sami and Austin work the room, and Lexie sees Brandon. She tells him that she needs his help, he has to keep his eye on Hope. Hope, Bo, JT, Jen, Jack, and Greta show up at the party. JT is taken upstairs to play with Isaac. Later, Barb shows up, and security tells her that she can't come in. Barb says she is going no where, and begins making a fuss. Lexie hears this, as does Abe. Abe wants to handle this, but LExie says she will. Lexie tells Barb to act like a lady for once in her life and get out of here! Glen does not like Lexie talking trash about his wife. LExie apologizes, and says they should work this out some other time. Barb tells Lexie that she wants her 50,000 now, or else! Lexie tells Barb to wait here, and asks Rolfe, through her micro-communicator, what she should do about Barb? Rolfe says he will take care of Barb. Lexie asks what he means, is he going to get her the money? Rolfe says yes yes, he just give him a few minutes. Lexie returns to Barb, and says she'll need some time to get the money. Barb says no money, no deal, and tries to go into the party. Lexie stops her, and Barb points out that she could easily scream the truth from here! Lexie begs Barb to understand, but Barb says she doesn't have to do anything! Barb blackmails Lexie into allowing them to join the party.

Meanwhile, John tries to remember how to take the chip out of Hope. He flashes back to the days he was a mercenary and was trained to do so. As he is thinking about it, MArlena asks John what he is thinking about. John tells her that he can stop this from happening to Hope. John grabs Hope and tells her that he is convinced that Lexie is planning on turning Hope back into Gina, tonight! Hope refuses to believe that Lexie would allow anyone to hurt her, and even if Stefano was up to no good, she doubts he would do it here in the middle of a party. John begs Hope to let him remove the chip from her head! Suddenly, Rolfe begins transmitting memories to Hope, and she flashes in and out of a Gina like state/vocabulary. Gina asks John why he is looking at her in the way he is? John gasps, and says "Hope?" Hope says she is fine, but begins to have more flashes of Gina. However, she thinks that John is putting ideas in her head, and refuses to believe anything is wrong. Hope returns to Bo and her family, and panics when she sees Barb and Glen are here.

Elsewhere, Jen meets up with Brandon, and runs into Jack and Greta. Jack fumes, and vows never to give up on Jen. Greta sighs. Meanwhile, Collin and Elizabeth show up at the mansion, and Collin sees people he doesn't want to run into. He think maybe they shouldn't stay too long, which puzzles Elizabeth. Elizabeth loves the party, and Lexie's home. Collin, however can't take his eyes off of Jennifer!

As the show comes to an end, Rolfe orders Lexie to go to Hope and see if she looks like she recognizes anything. As she tells Rolfe she can't get to Hope because of Bo, John shows up and wonders who Lexie could be talking to.

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